My wife is one year older than me. We are colleagues in a unit. At that time, we failed to pursue a girl. (The university did not succeed in pursuing a few girls). The whole person was a little lost. I was admitted to my hometown from the original unit and worked. I didn’t adapt to the school, and people were even more mournful. There were several girls who entered the exam with me, my wife was one of them. When I saw her for the first time, she wore white fur. She felt that she was gentle, petite and cute. Later, she accidentally discovered the iPhone she was using. Around 2010, she was very poor and naive, and her salary was not high. Yue couldn’t buy an apple, and felt that she was not worthy of her. Later, I learned from an acquaintance that she was a down-to-earth girl and encouraged me to chase her. I added her QQ in the name of work, and then we talked about it. , And then we started dating, and then we completed all the activities for couples, eating, watching movies, and shopping. During the interaction, I found out that she was really a down-to-earth girl. On my first date, I went to the next county town and went shopping together. She refused to buy anything, nor let me buy it for her. Later, I forced her to buy it. I bought a bag of 260. She carried this bag for a long time. Then she went shopping again. She saw a pair of 400 or so shoes. She liked it very much, but she was reluctant to buy it. After I came back, I ran back and took it. Buy it and give it to her. She blames me for spending money. Every time I go shopping, she sits on my motorcycle. The wind blows very hard and her hair is messed up when she comes down. She never dislikes me and hugs me tightly. With me, I really enjoyed that feeling. At that time, I felt my world was sitting behind! When I watched a movie together for the first time, I didn’t even bother to watch the movie. I watched her all the time and she realized it. Later, I kissed each other, and I was full of Guangliang’s first time. She likes my singing very much and the way I am serious at work. Whenever she looks at me, her eyes are always full of light, but she is a light in my life. Slowly we are going to talk about marriage and getting married. She always looks at me worriedly. She knows that marriage requires a certain material basis, but I don’t. Sure enough, I received a seal from my mother-in-law. In the process, my emotional intelligence I got a lot of exercise, learned to listen to what I said, and learned to reflect on my own words. (I suffered a lot of wrong words in the middle), we had quarrels, but every time I went to her house to ask her out, she always Come out with me in spite of everything, in fact, just wander around. One time it was rainy and snowy, we quarreled again, and then I ran to her house again, she came out with a distressed expression, and finally went to the street wearing a raincoat and riding a motorcycle with me. Now, can you imagine, it rains and snows on the street in winter, we didn’t hold an umbrella, strolling around in the street, and we were happy! Later, I raised money, bought a house, got married, and she took out a little of her savings to buy furniture. We finally had a home of our own, and immediately had a lovely daughter. A few years before we got married, in order to pay off the debt and raise a baby, we tightened our clothes and food. Her quality of life has dropped a lot, and she didn’t buy a few clothes. All of them are Taobao goods. In recent years, our lives have gradually improved. She couldn’t bear her wish to have a son. As a result, she gave birth to a lovely daughter. I like my daughter. She is insecure and loves sons. We bought a car and had a small deposit. At the end of the previous year, I had a stomachache, and then I was diagnosed with lymphoma (the best malignant tumor). After we got the news, we washed our face with tears almost every day. Later, after chemotherapy and transplantation, the condition was controlled. During the treatment, she delayed two. She has to work and be a parent, and she has to overcome her fears and comfort me. She is getting stronger and stronger. The results of the review at the beginning of this year were very bad. The pre-treatment has already spent a lot of money. Many chemotherapy drugs are not reimbursed. She usually reduces a lot of expenses and is more economical. This summer, she did not buy a piece of clothing. Although life is very difficult, she always Very firmly expressed that treatment is needed at all costs. I sometimes want to give up, not wanting to hurt her and her daughter, but I can’t bear it. I hope that one day I can return to her and protect her! My best wife!


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6 months ago

Many years ago, I fell in love. When I was just in my freshman year, I fell in love with our class instructors during the military training session. Generally, class instructors are senior elder sisters, who are very gentle and beautiful women. Then I chased it for a semester. At that time, I knew that she was her first love. When she was young, she was more playful and disheartened. Every day she asked me to have breakfast early in the morning, and then went to the cafeteria to have dinner together at noon, as well as dinner, day after day, year after year, and it lasted for more than a year. The two often went out to play together. Later, she did a part-time job as a tutor at university, and then seldom spent time together at night. Every time I was on vacation, I would go out and play around and never go back. She often takes me to play. In fact, I don’t want to play together in my heart. I always like to be alone, but she often wants me to play together, so she has no choice but to accompany me. But I never ask me to go shopping with her, but I often ask me to accompany her to elective courses, which often makes me stunned. She loves learning but I don’t love it. So I refused, but the relationship was always very good. Until she went to an internship and went to another city, it was not very convenient to go back and forth, but I would still go to her every month and play with her for a few days. So she brought it up, but she didn’t mention that I would still accompany her until one day I was stunned. Her particularly good roommate suddenly sent a message and told me that she was actually a homosexual, and I didn’t believe it at the time. . I didn’t tell her, but chose to block black and delete her roommate. This kind of person is not worthy of me, has a wrong heart and destroys other people’s feelings. Because I have been in love for a few years, I haven’t noticed it at all, but her roommate said that there was a rigorous past. Although I said nothing was wrong, there was still a gap in my heart. In addition, I also worked, got busy, and gradually alienated, but then the relationship recovered again, because I finally ran to her city. I take me to exercise every day. I am actually a relatively lazy man. He takes me to cook and cook. This waste of me, who doesn’t know how to cook, can only eat, learns all kinds of dishes, and often actively teaches My other things. She is three years older than me. As the saying goes, she is a junior, holding gold bricks, but it is also a burden. She always feels like I have become her son, taking care of me in everything. Later, I talked about marriage. At first, I was reluctant. I saw my parents later. Both parents were satisfied that we were together, and they were ready to book a date. But when it was time to book a day, she was unwilling, and then she had conflicts with me every day. I wondered if she was someone outside, and I was wrong. Later, she moved out and lived there. At that time, I was grown up and sensible, and I really fell in love with her, and I fell in love to death, because she has been integrated into my world for so many years. Although she ignored me, she greeted my mother in two or three days. My mother didn’t know anything, and I didn’t say what happened to us. It was so deserted for more than a year. The promised engagement was also lost. My brother-in-law beat me up. I didn’t know anything, and didn’t ask me. My brother-in-law was drunk and told me that I knew she was sick. I heard this news in the advanced stage of esophageal cancer, and I really cried for a long, long time. I realized why she stayed away from me and ignored me. Then I knew. I asked the doctors everywhere if they could perform the operation, and they said that the time had passed. I asked my parents to borrow money, and my relatives borrowed money to help her go abroad to see a doctor. When I borrowed money, many relatives didn’t borrow money, and they all told me what was wrong with the daughter-in-law who hadn’t passed the door. I asked my parents and my parents that they had lent me the money, and then they shied away for more than a month. I realized that it was my sister-in-law who refused to let my parents lend it to me and had a quarrel with my brother, but my parents quietly gave me one hundred thousand. I don’t blame them, human nature is like this, and my parents have to consider my brother’s family. After a year and a half, she still left. She told me I’m sorry and I’m sorry. I was also uncomfortable looking at her. I said it wasn’t you who was sorry for me, but I was sorry for you. I resisted crying and stayed at their house for two weeks. Every night I went to the bathroom to cry quietly. My father-in-law said it was over and they didn’t cry. I know that he is comforting me. I often hear my father-in-law crying in the room, but my life will continue and I will live. I left their home. I work every day and work hard. I visit her every year, and visit her family, which is also my family. There are also girls who pursue me, but I am afraid when I look at them. Contradictory, I understand what I am afraid of, and I don’t understand what I am afraid of. I often slap myself. Why do I be immature and prudent, do not love her earlier, but let her love you and take care of you. Why? They all say that there is no pure love in the 21st century, and they all say that today’s society does not meet innocent and kind women. I have all met, but unfortunately I did not grasp the time. I think you can also meet, but it hasn’t appeared in front of you for the time being. Abandon all desires and have a clean love. You will find that the world’s true love is always by our side. Both of us are especially longing for the love of our fathers, simple and pure, happy and healthy, but God is not beautiful, and taking my wife with me is fate and not fate. I saw a woman on the high-speed train some time ago that looked very similar to her. I stared at her for a long time and was in a daze, not knowing what I was in, until I got off the station.

6 months ago

I have a younger brother, so behaved, too easy to be shy, can’t take the initiative at all! I can say anything on the Internet. Every day my sister and sister call me, my heart feels sore. As soon as I leave and return to the bedroom, I send a message saying “I miss you”. It sounds enthusiastic to me, but…In reality, there are totally two kinds of people meeting each other! If you don’t get close, you can’t hear it at all! As long as there are people next to him, he starts to be shy and unwilling to talk… He wants to be by your side all the time, and he doesn’t take the initiative to speak very much, just like a wood, but with an innocent face, you have no temper with him… …He is just one year younger than me, but his mind feels too much younger than me, and he is obedient and sticky. Unlike other brothers who are a little wolf dog, who actively chased her sister, my family is too pure, little milk dog, if you don’t tell you any love words, he will follow you in a naive way… I always want to go to class with me ( We’re still in university), go if you don’t understand, look at me next to me without doing anything (?), wait for me outside even when I go to the toilet (??) Quite speechless… as a new era of independence Women are really not used to it. So, I let him reflect on his own…Speaking of which, the relationship between sister and brother is not insisting on who takes the initiative. Love is a matter of two people. Both parties have to try to move forward. You can’t always wait for one to take the initiative. Then this relationship is not. It will be long. And watching the person speak, like me, a pure and well-behaved little milk dog, then you can only be more active, tease him more, teach him badly step by step, it is also a very interesting process. I answered it casually, I didn’t expect to receive so many likes, thank you for your likes, then I’ll update it again~ Seeing that he is a master in the comment area, he was deliberate… how to say it, such as People drink water and know how warm or cold they are. I can still tell if it is true or not. Don’t say anything about what he pretended to be, let’s be more kind and loving to this kind of obedient. As for the relationship or something, it is not something that should be considered at this stage. My younger brother is now shy from holding a hand. I am embarrassed to do so, so I have to take it slowly…but! The contrast between online and offline my brother is really big… On the surface, he looks obedient, and he speaks very quietly. If the topic is a little deeper, he will be shy and unable to talk… As a result… Send me a message when you return to the bedroom. An aggrieved analysis of my own heart: “I think I should take the initiative.” “But every time I’m with you, I’ll be counseled…” “I don’t know why…” “I am very shy in reality.” “I like your sister very much, I just don’t know how to express it.” Ouch! I really… my heart is crunching. The younger brother is really sultry without knowing it, so cute! However, since he has chosen such a little milk dog, he must be patient and slowly guide him to let go and let him take the initiative. After all, he is a boy, and the dominance should be appropriately handed over to him. Although it is a long time, it is actually a very beautiful process… Therefore, I still have to appease him, “Be good, take your time, we are not in a hurry.” ~Sneak off the clock, I’ll update it again. I didn’t expect that so many people would listen to me for some daily trivial things, thank you first! It feels like I’ve been off topic when I’m talking, but let’s talk a little bit more, it’s a kind of memory to see it. I have carefully read everyone’s comments and private messages. Some say that he is a scumbag, some seriously persuade me, and um, I only noticed that the future is long (I want to say that when I wrote it, I didn’t expect this to be your letter) but big Most of them are very kind, although there is no reply one by one, thank you very much for your blessings! Let’s talk about a few more things before and my brother. In fact, he and I had a break for a while, and I also mentioned in the previous answer that “let him reflect” is not a joke. His wife is too clingy, and when he is not in class, he can’t wait to be tied to me, wherever I go, and I want to follow it no matter what class I have. Sometimes when the class seat is really tight, I will persuade him not to go and leave the place to those who need it. He looks at me pitifully. I don’t waver, he just looks back and reluctantly returns to the dormitory one step at a time. Hey, I can’t help him. …One time he sat next to me when he met a group discussion, surrounded by people in the same group, he seemed particularly abrupt, and then after I finished speaking, the group leader suddenly asked him to talk about his opinions, and he was caught off guard. Just froze there, I was suffocating a smile and looked at him without speaking. It wasn’t until he looked at me for help and quietly pulled the corner of my clothes under the table, I said to help him out: “He is here to listen, don’t worry about him.” He kept nodding from the side, expressing his approval. When he left after class, the group leader still enthusiastically stopped him: “Come to listen more in the future, this class is really good.” After speaking, he smiled suggestively at me. He answered vaguely, and when he walked behind, I saw his ears were red…How could he be so obedient! Okay, let’s improve his image first. It’s not as complicated as some people say, it’s really a particularly cute boy! Then I have to come back to the reality. In my opinion, a benign relationship should not be stuck together at all times, but should have a personal independent space. And he can be seen how clingy he is. I have said several times that he hangs out with friends more often, and promotes himself more when he has time. He obediently responded… and then! Sticky isn’t that sticky anymore, it just started the news bombing… Going out to have a hot pot, sing a song, where to go to play, and kept telling me, even if the sky is cooling down, I have to complain… I was really irritable at the time, tell He shouldn’t be so naive, just reflect on it, and don’t contact him for now. Then I didn’t contact him for a long time. Later, I saw some encouragement in the comment area. I felt that I should be more patient, so I went to him again… After considering for a long time, I sent a sentence: “I miss you a little bit?” He The second reply, “Really?” “I miss you so much every day…” “But I dare not send messages to you, for fear that you dislike me…” “I can only turn to the previous chat, but I find that I miss you more “…” “I don’t even dare to say that I like you now, I’m afraid you always think I’m naive…” “I’m so afraid that I don’t have you…” Messages one after another, aggrieved little tone, to be honest, really I was moved, and after many days, I once again realized what it feels like to lose my heart… I coaxed him unconsciously. We will solve the naive problem slowly, as long as we are willing to change. I know that he is trying… When we come out of the library at night, we will always walk along the road with few people, stepping on the shadow of the street lamp, and slowly walking back to the bedroom. Along the way, all the way, silent or occasionally talk, he gradually relaxed from the initial tense tension, and was able to notice my small movements occasionally… Once, because the bag was a bit heavy, I unconsciously pulled it up. After several times, he looked at me a few times and said in a slightly shy tone, “Why don’t I help you carry it?” I gave a puzzled hum. At first, he didn’t react, but after a few seconds, he reacted. I didn’t want to correct it, and deliberately teased him: “What on your back? Are you going to carry my bag?” He hummed, “I think your bag seems to be quite heavy.” “You are not afraid of people making jokes if you carry two bags by yourself?” He took me directly and said, “No one saw it anyway. Even if he did, he envied me.” The voice became smaller and smaller, and I heard everything haha. To be honest, it’s a bit funny to see him carrying a bag on his back, but my heart is still warm… He tried to change, slowly being considerate, and gradually getting busy with his own affairs, socializing with people, and participating. Various activities, but the only constant is the dependence on me…

6 months ago

Feel like him. My little boyfriend and I are siblings. I am four years older than him. When I was about to graduate, I was busy with my graduation design every day, and then revising and revising it. I was always running between the tutor’s office and the printing shop. I was really tired. After the change that day, it felt like it was really too hot. Outside, I watched a handsome boy riding a small electric donkey at the door, so I stopped him. “Hello handsome, can you take me to the print shop?” “Uh, do we know each other??” (A beautiful woman like me, he still hesitates to ask?) “I am a new trainee teacher, classmate Which one of you is professional, I may teach you. “”It’s the print shop next to the East Restaurant.” “Anyway.” So I successfully got on his little eDonkey. When I printed it out, I ran into it again. He came out of the small supermarket on the side with water, and was about to leave again. You said it was a coincidence? ? ? Once I was a student and I was familiar again, so in the name of the intern teacher, I asked him to send me to the teaching building. “Teacher, you can add me a vx, next time in case you teach me” “Ah…but…you can.” Anyway, you can block the circle of friends, who is afraid of whom. That night, he sent me a WeChat: “Sister, next time you want to use the trolley, just call me on WeChat.” “Is it so good? Wait, how do you know that I am a senior?” “Your paper The instructor is also my teacher. I am your direct school brother. “It’s over, the blind cat ran into a dead mouse, and it hurt. In the next few days, he would always talk to me, and even skip class to send me off when I needed a small tram, which made me feel very embarrassed. I also find that I often meet him in restaurants, supermarkets, and playgrounds. It’s really a coincidence. (Later I learned that all the coincidences were his deliberate arrangements.) Until the day before I was leaving for graduation, he said that he was looking for me downstairs in the dormitory. I thought it would not be asking me to pay the taxi fare for this period of time. Well, he finally confessed to me. I admit that when I promised to be together, I didn’t like him that much. In fact, I had a playful attitude. After graduation, although I was in the same city, I was busy with work and he didn’t have time to attend classes, so I met on both weekends. Soon, the gap between the ages became apparent, and I went to work when he was in class. Every time I was busy going around, he still angered me, saying why I didn’t reply to his information, and he couldn’t put forward some constructive opinions when I had troubles at work, and he would only say some useless and crooked words, even Once I was outside to receive customers on Saturday, and he kept calling me. I hung up and hung up and hit again. I was really annoyed, so I hung up directly. I told him to break up in the evening. Sure enough, at a young age, many things will be naive, and the pace of life will not be synchronized. It’s been almost a month, and his roommate called me suddenly. “Senior sister, I shouldn’t have checked the affairs between Hao and you, but I think you’ve gone too far. Those days, Hao stayed up all night and all night to make up packages for you, just to give you a chance on your anniversary. I’m giving you this surprise, and you dumped him without seeing him. Now you are also breaking up. I just want to tell you these things. I don’t want Hao to be dumped back.” Suddenly, a guilt arose. It turned out that I had misunderstood him, and it turned out that he was paying me silently. I want to find him to reconcile, but I am afraid that there are other people around him now, or there is no predestined relationship between us, so I go to the master we know, and the master said: “You two have more complementary personalities. The horoscopes can also be in harmony, which is the right relationship between each other. Don’t worry, he doesn’t have a peach blossom by his side now, and he is very dedicated and will not cheat. Although you are a few years old, it’s not a problem. I was still a one-on-one before. 12 Year-old Zhengyuan, they also had a very good time. “After hearing the words of the master, I mustered up the courage, invited a day’s class, and went to his school to find him. The result… smooth and good. Now in getting along with each other day by day, I gradually find that he has changed, and he is very good at taking care of others. Every day reminds me how the weather is today and pay attention to dressing; there are several days a week, he will ride a small electric donkey to pick me up from get off work, take me to eat delicious food; even I encountered problems at work, he also Will be very sincere to help me put forward opinions, he will go to Zhihu if he doesn’t understand, Baidu search and learn. Now my little boyfriend is about to graduate, and our relationship is getting more and more stable~ I am very grateful for the guidance given to me by the master at that time. So you don’t need to worry about your age when you meet the right predestined relationship, you’ll be done with it~

6 months ago

Nowadays, sibling love is a big trend, but sibling love will inevitably have some problems. There is a topic that can never be avoided, that is, I don’t know how to face my parents, whether it is the male parent or the female parent, the pressure on both sides is not small. One is the brainwashing of the old ideas in the past. We are so different in age, or are we girls and boys, how can we let our parents accept this? There are several important points in front of the parents. First, the man needs to let his parents know that he is well taken care of by the woman. Under the same conditions, why would you choose an older girl? There must be some aspects that girls of the same age or younger than you can’t do. When the man shows that he is well taken care of by this woman every day, what would the man’s parents think? Sure enough, girls should be older and older girls can take better care of them, and the big notoriety of girls will be ruled out. This is the first step to change the big impression of girls. In the second aspect, what does it mean for the man to instill good views of women, men and children every day? There is a scientific concept. You can search for this scientific concept on the Internet. It is that the children born to girls and boys are particularly good. You don’t care whether it is true or not. It doesn’t matter whether the things posted in the circle of friends every day are true or not. Scientists found that the IQ of three-year-old girls increased by a percentage point. Tomorrow they found that the lifespan of two-year-old girls increased by 20 years. The day after tomorrow, they discovered that the graduates of Peking University and Tsinghua University found that their mothers were older than their own fathers. I don’t know what the truth is, right? Listen to your parents every day. In the end, the father and mother of the man will have such thoughts. Oh, you must find a daughter-in-law who is older than the son, so that the child is good. As far as parents are concerned, it doesn’t matter whether the girl looks good or not, it doesn’t matter if the child is good enough.

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6 months ago

Maybe the description was not clear before, and many people misunderstood the way we get along-the initiative is indeed my initiative. Because the other person has something that attracts me very much. Although the boy is fair and beautiful (the year), he has a down-to-earth personality. I really eat this kind of contrast and cuteness, so I can’t help but go hooking up and chasing… really get along. On the contrary, he is more mature. Although I am making up many things, he is the person who protects me from behind. I am 2 years older than him, so I can barely count as a sibling relationship. We were both under 30 at the time. But I fell in love with him at first sight and took the initiative. And I said at the beginning, I want to be your girlfriend. Taking the initiative is not a shame, and taking the initiative can control the rhythm. Two years older is also older, and more than two years of experience will have a natural advantage. Sister chasing younger brother, not chasing, but flirting. Brother hesitated for a while? It doesn’t matter, it is fun if there is a challenge. Put on the split suspender skirt, kick up the stiletto sandals, spray the black Y piece of perfume, and roll up the big waves. Driving a certain BBA SUV to pick up my brother to and from get off work on a date, in a word, Beier has a face. After get off work, pick a quiet moment every day, incarnate as a confidant sister, voice + video, and talk about life and ideals. I don’t engage in HuangSe. I am serious about chasing you. Those girls who have just graduated and wear board shoes and back shoulders, except for their age, what do they compare with their older sisters? As for the families of both parties, a better solution. Show your appearance as a elder sister, and let the other parents feel that if you give your son a hundred rest assured, finding you is like finding a mother again. Parents all over the world think the same way. Of course, the premise is that this man is not Mommy, has a sense of responsibility, and is willing to give. What’s more difficult to solve this point? As a sister, age is not your shortcoming, but your experienced and financially independent capital. Often the less self-confident, the more cringe, and the more humble you are, the more picky others will be. Give generously and fight blatantly. Show absolute self-confidence, that kind of aura will affect the judgment of people around you.

6 months ago

How long does it last? Is it three to five years in a lifetime? Whether it can last depends on whether the views of the two sides are mostly consistent. It is not a problem how old they are. I haven’t actually talked about long-term relationships. Most of them ended rashly in three or four months. It may be too small a problem. The current boyfriend is more than one year younger than me, and I am one term older than him, but we have all graduated. He has strong job stability and is studious. He is a very good and motivated person. I may be a little bit close. My job is more ordinary, my stability is not strong, and I like to follow stars and watch handsome guys. I have a lot of fun but I haven’t spent the energy to develop. I’m currently watching… We are together and soon, I am very honored to have a good boyfriend to urge me to make progress. Both want to go further, and he is a straight man, but he is very willing to listen to my thoughts, and we are still trying to understand each other. By the way, we are in a long-distance relationship. Don’t fight overnight. Our two small quarrels are resolved immediately. Although I am also a very arrogant type, but I want to cherish him so I take the initiative to step down every time, it is a small problem. I wish you sweet love. The most important point: falling in love makes oneself happy. If you are not happy, communicate with him. Don’t be wronged, don’t think about it~

6 months ago

It is difficult to have results, because this matter is niche or even counterinstinctive. Some people say well that to get something that few people get, you have to pay more than the average person. Both siblings have to pay more. To put it simply, in the traditional concept, partners pay attention to the appearance of men and women. Analysis means that men have the ability to make money and women have high-quality genes (prepared for future generations). The two work together to pass on the genes. Of course, there must be some people who say that they can’t be together for love. Alas, the concept of love hasn’t been born for less than a hundred years… But without our ancestors who have been passionate about gene transmission for generations, there would be no us. Although men and women now have the opportunity and right to pursue their ideals with wealth and freedom, reproduction is still very positive for individuals and the country. The society has different views on men and women. For example, when we listen to nursery rhymes, we have formed a personality counterpart of brave fathers and gentle mothers, and men who do not make money have a lower social status than women in the same situation, and women who do not have good looks. It is lower than that of men in the same situation (I don’t think this is correct, but this is an objective phenomenon. People have never asked whether pigs are happy when they eat pork. Pork provides human nutrition and it is a fact that pigs are eaten every day). Women are educated from an early age to look for men who can support their families indomitably. Men’s income cannot be lower than themselves, and everyone around them also thinks so. If a woman chooses to be a partner with a brother whose earning power is not as good as that of a man of the same age, she must accept how much she wants. The breadwinner faces the problem alone. He is more mature than her husband and tolerant of her husband. He has to be treated differently by the people around him, such as the unsupportiveness of his relatives. Years later, his husband Fenghua Zhengmao was coveted by girls of his age and he was already old. The same is true for the man. When he finds his sister, his sister may put a lot of pressure on him to make money. The sister urges her to have a baby and he obviously can play for two more years. Comparing people find that their classmate’s wife is young and beautiful. In addition, Find a more attractive little sister and the wife is getting more and more suspicious because she is getting older. Siblings who can survive the wind and rain understand the above problems and can overcome them. If you look at the scarcity of successful cases around, you will know the difficulty. I can’t say that this difficulty is instinctive. For a sibling relationship to be successful, the elder sister needs to maintain her beauty all the time, and perhaps maintain the man’s peer level. She needs to have a certain earning power to be able to live at the same standard of living as other women who have found men of the same age as her. At the same time, there must be no grievances. You must always treat your partner gently. While paying more, you must continue to appreciate the man’s growth and protect the man’s inferiority complex. Looking at the above requirements again, I found that if you want to make money, you must have a good temper, and be beautiful, once these advantages are concentrated on a girl, you are basically an all-rounder. Only by forming such a strong barrier, can he become the most special one in the crowd while he gets old, without being replaced by a younger girl. Is this easy? This is too difficult. So now to answer the question asked by the title, the relationship between sister and brother is either unsuccessful or very difficult. If you are sure to embark on this road, you must understand how difficult this road is. Good luck to everyone.

6 months ago

one year later. It was raining outside, I thought of him for no reason. I have been away from him for a year, and I dare not think whether he is alive or crazy. That day, he gave me a chance to escape, and I did what I expected to open the door with the key under the bed. I escaped downstairs extremely easily. Before I could get some fresh air, I ran into the crowd. I was afraid that he would regret it, so he would take me back. I was wearing a white nightdress and looked flustered. I looked back every time I ran, for fear that he would appear in the crowd at any time. I overestimated my physique, and soon I couldn’t breathe. There were double images in front of me, and I couldn’t tell whether it was true or not. The strong desire to survive has been supporting me. I’m so angry: “Help me…” My eyes are black… When I open my eyes again, it’s in the hospital again. The difference is that he is no longer there. I was so excited, I finally got rid of him. After a brief ecstasy, I was more at a loss. After came out, I realized that the long imprisonment was actually only two months. When I bought a new mobile phone and connected to the world again, I discovered something more sad. It turns out that I have no friends, and the world has evaporated for two months. Except for some insignificant information, no one has looked for me, and no one cares if I am missing. No one even called the police or something! In my business, whether it is family affection, love or friendship, they all take it lightly, and they are optional. Knowing that this is true, I still feel uncomfortable. I want to live a clean life and live well for myself. Later, I moved to a neighboring small city, and I used my savings to build a small shop and sold milk tea. I never saw him again. In the beginning, I was very uncomfortable. When I heated the back of my hand when I was serving hot water, I subconsciously called out his name. After I looked up and saw the empty room, I realized that I had lost him. A burst of sorrow and grief hit the bottom of my heart, it turns out that my heart will hurt too. Time is a good medicine. I have been relieved a lot. I no longer resist him as much as I did at the beginning. I also start to miss him in my spare time. Like now, I miss him. He said he loves me, but he doesn’t love anyone at all. The raindrops are getting bigger and bigger, and high water splashes on the ground. The heavy rain in midsummer is coming so fiercely, many people have been showered all over, and they have quickened their pace. When was shaking the gods, there was a tall and thin figure in the rushing crowd. He walked very slowly, as if the heavy rain did not affect him. is particularly abrupt. Without even thinking about it, I grabbed the umbrella and rushed out of the counter. I was suddenly awakened by the rain dripping from the curtain. The wind and rain were very heavy. I hurried back and took a closer look. There were no young people in the crowd who had been soaked in the rain. Looking down at the umbrella in his hand again, he couldn’t help feeling too absurd. The rain was so heavy and there was no business, so I simply closed the door. I was so distracted by this incident that I had no idea what to do. This is a small third-tier city, and the pace of life is slow. After dinner, I will also go to the alleys. It is covered with bluestone bricks, and on both sides are Xiaoqing bars of different styles, the willow leaves are slowly, the sunset is slanting, it is very quiet and very beautiful. There are many young people drinking here in their leisure time. In order to attract customers, some clear bars will invite singers in residence. Today is no exception, the slow guitar sounded, and the clean Su Shuang male voice pierced through the speakers of Qingba. “Maybe to give up to get close to you. I don’t see you again, and you will remember me. Time accumulates, the fruit of this midsummer. The lonely fragrance of memories. I will try to leave you and stop thinking about you. Although this is not the case I meant to…” The voice of made me feel cold all over, and my hairs were standing upright. I was bewitched by this voice and involuntarily looked for the source of the sound. opened the door. are just a few simple tables and chairs, not many people, three or two. The store is not big, I directly saw the boy holding a guitar and singing. He is wearing a simple white shirt, slender fingers plucking chords, and slowly sing: “You said that you will love me forever. Maybe promise, but because you’re not sure. Don’t use silence, go cover up. When the result is It was so naked. thought you would say something before leaving me. You just turned your head and didn’t look at me.” I felt like he was too much like him.

6 months ago

The situation is similar to that of the host. My wife is 5 years older than me. She received the certificate on March 14. It was three years ago. First of all, what you have to make sure is whether you can accept sibling love? If you can’t even accept it yourself, do you think others can accept it? Second, you have to determine whether your target is acceptable. Some things need to be expressed in words, not by guessing. One person will not know what another person is thinking, not even the closest person. Third, if you and your partner can accept siblings, don’t get too entangled in other people’s ideas. A thousand people have a thousand copies of Hamlet (it seems like this, forgive me for my low level of education). Everyone’s views and thoughts on the same thing in this world are different. It’s very tiring to live under other people’s ideas all the time. I just insist on living out of myself. Fourth, there will definitely be conflicts and differences between two people living together, and it depends on how you handle them. If you have any thoughts, grievances, or upsets, you can talk to your partner, because he is your target. When my wife and I met, it was because of xing. In the beginning, we only had xing because we thought that each other was suitable. At that time I was also an internet addict, playing games every day at work and sleep. But my wife will ask me to play less games and accompany her more. After dinner every day, I have to accompany her to go shopping for an hour, and then go home and play games and watch TV. At first, I was a little uncomfortable, but after dinner I would also actively ask her if she wanted to go out for a stroll. When there is a conflict, I will ask for everything, and she will treat it as nothing happened the next day. No one is right or wrong in love, and no one loves anyone more. Don’t use your own thoughts to see things. Change the angle, change the direction, change the role, it may look different.

6 months ago

This depends on personal acceptance. In real life, there are too many teenagers. There are many couples of celebrities. They all live happily. As long as you meet the right person, age is not a problem. My current boyfriend is six years old from me. We have been together for more than two years, and our relationship is very stable. There are very few quarrels. At most, we just quarrel. There must be tolerance, understanding, mutual humility, and less carelessness between the two! As long as the two are comfortable and happy! Although he is young, he is very stable and decisive in handling things! I have a high EQ. In contrast, I seem to be naive. He is making decisions about many things, which is good!

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