Can’t! But many people are envious, jealous, and coveted by others, but they don’t have the talent at all. What is talent? Talent is just a special characteristic that most people don’t have; those who have a talent for singing? If, assuming that everyone sings well, 1, goodness may no longer be good, but the drake voice + pentatonic loss may be an alternative beauty; 2, everyone sings well, and singing well is no longer a talent. Athletic talent? Everyone runs as fast as Bolt. Without competition, sport is not a talent. So talent, this is a minority. Are things expensive? At the same time, talents are considered to be rare and special things that people want to have; just like the examples just mentioned, singing, sports, mathematics, literature, art, economic acumen, etc. are all very beautiful, or After owning it, it can be distinguished from others by being recognized and appreciated by others, and there can be so-called “things” for success. Then why is farting sound considered as a talent? Can sleep for a long time and sleep for 18 hours continuously as a gift? Talents are all good skills that have been glorified. You have to choose him and compare him. Nothing means nothing. Let’s talk about talent: talented people don’t necessarily develop this talent, talented people don’t necessarily work very hard, and talented and hardworking people get the harvest of hard work and blessing. Well, say hard work: hard work is based on one’s own wishes (sometimes helpless hard work, forced hard work, in fact, it is also self-oriented), willing to give more time and experience to do something. More, just relative to yourself, not to others. In the process of hard work, we find that some people are more talented than you. With little effort or hard work, you can get a height that you can’t reach no matter how hard you work. We will feel extremely imbalanced, uncomfortable, and feel. My own efforts are not in place or in vain. Parallel is okay, especially in some things that require competition. When encountering so-called talented opponents, it is inevitable that you will question your efforts. Then, these are not two things at all. There is no need to put them together to fight. Edison said: Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. Do the talents and hard work that many people say come from here? If it is, then I think it is a misunderstanding of the original text. That is another meaning of writing. If there are children who want to discuss in depth, please leave a message. We will discuss this sentence and its evolution later. If not, then let me tell you that effort and talent are not the same thing at all, and there is no need to make up for talent with effort. Not to say that there is no need to work hard, but to forget those so-called talents. Just like cyclists and motorcycle riders; those who ride motorcycles are talented, and motorcycles are his talent; for the same 1 km, those who ride bicycles work hard. Can they replace motorcycles? Tell you, no. But if the biker doesn’t work hard, he can still be surpassed by the biker. So, please find a few other bikers to compare and see who works harder. Or, change the bicycle to a motorcycle? It seems that you want to be cruel to yourself~ Thank you for seeing here.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

No matter how hard you work the day after tomorrow, a man with a drake voice and a lack of five voices will not be able to compete with someone who is born with a good voice and sings beautifully!
Everyone has advantages and disadvantages!
It’s just that some people are really talented, you can’t compare them!
Even if your qualifications are mediocre, there are always things you like and are good at. That is your longboard!
Please try your best to maximize your longboard!

6 months ago

I feel that hard work is worthless in front of talent. Since childhood, the teacher taught us Edison’s famous saying “Genius needs 1% inspiration and 99% sweat” to tell us that we want to succeed and work hard is an indispensable factor. But almost no teacher told us the second half of this famous saying-but the 1% inspiration is the most important, even more important than the 99% sweat. When we were young, our parents told us the story of the tortoise and the hare. The persevering tortoise eventually defeated the dozing hare, telling us that as long as we never give up, one day we will succeed. But at that time we never thought that this kind of result will only happen when the rabbit is dozing. If the rabbit does not underestimate the enemy, the tortoise will never be able to beat the rabbit. Effort seems pitiful in the face of talent. When I was taking the postgraduate entrance examination, I once studied with a schoolmaster, and that period of time was simply doubtful of life. At that time, Xueba and I were not in the same major, and I didn’t know that Xueba was a Xueba. During the time I was preparing for the exam, I went to the library every day before the library opened, and then left after the library closed. But Xueba was late until nine o’clock, and had to go back to take a nap at noon, and went back to the bedroom to wash up and go to bed to watch the football game early in the evening. I once doubted the learning attitude of Xueba very much, and thought that with the heart of an old mother, I urged Xueba to study: You should study for a few more hours. You will not be admitted to the graduate school for such a short study time every day! Xueba waved his hands again and again after hearing this: No, no, no, the chair has been sitting for a long time and my back hurts. I hate that iron cannot be made into steel, and I seem to have seen his final bleak result. But then I found out that I was wrong. I found that the content of a chapter that I spent four or five days to learn can be completed in two days by the master; while I was scratching the head for the basic questions, the master can do advanced questions; and I did the same set of papers with the master. Xueba’s accuracy rate is always higher than mine. Until later, I couldn’t see Xueba in the library for several days. I sent a WeChat greeting to Xueba: Why didn’t you come to the library? Could it be that you gave up the postgraduate entrance examination? Xueba replied: No, I’m undergraduate. ? Is there any reason for this? I realized that I was not only wrong, but also very wrong. I always feel that good people are born good. Just like the male gods and goddesses on campus, they often perform well in singing, dancing and presiding over 18 martial arts when they have excellent academic performance. Someone might say: Don’t these specialties you can learn as long as you keep learning? However, what is really difficult is not to learn one kind, but to learn each one in a limited time. May I ask which of us did not learn one or two specialties when we were young? But as we grow up a little bit, we often give up on the excuse of heavy academic work. We are not smart and talented. We can’t have both fish and bear’s paws in a limited time. We can’t take care of both schoolwork and hobbies. We can only give up hobbies that are relatively unimportant to learning. And some people are smart, talented, and have enough time and energy to support them while maintaining good academic performance while also taking care of their specialties and hobbies. During the postgraduate entrance examination, I read a lot of postgraduate entrance examination experience posts, and countless experiences warned us that we must master the learning method and we must not blindly study hard like a headless fly. You think you have worked hard for 14 hours a day, but that It doesn’t mean you can pass the exam. Effort is the least important one of the necessary conditions for success. But hard work is also the most indispensable one. After all, talented people are still in the minority, and people like us must work hard if they want to succeed. Just like the tortoise in the story of the tortoise and the hare, even if it knows that it will never catch up with the hare, it still tries its best to crawl forward, slowly and firmly.

6 months ago

I am ranked in the top five among 200,000 candidates. Entered Peking University to receive a freshman scholarship. As for talent, everyone has it, and there is no ceiling. Everyone knows how to work hard, and there is no ceiling. No one can guarantee that he is the most talented, and he can never guarantee that he is the hardest. But only cognition can control talent and effort. Only cognition can show one’s talents and efforts, and produce unimaginable nuclear fusion. Looking back at the high school years. After reading a PhD, going to work, and then looking back at high school and the college entrance examination, there are several cognitions that need to be broken. 0. I have no talent. Talent is a curse. Those who believe that they have no talent will fall into the abyss; those who believe that they are gifted will work harder. So is there any talent? In today’s world, among those who study how experts in various fields develop their skills, psychologist Anders Ericsson is the most famous and influential one. Until 2016, Erik Senben published the original “deliberate practice” monograph. This book has just been published in Chinese. It is titled “Deliberate Practice: How to From Novice to Master”. In this book, Eriksson has spent decades of research on thousands of top experts in various industries, and he has come to a different understanding of the past. Erickson said that the so-called “genius” was trained. The clear signal from decades of research is that no matter what role genetic inheritance may play in the achievements of “geniuses”, these people have the same important talents as all of us. In other words, they, like us, have adaptability in their brains and bodies, but they use that ability more than we do. If you talk to those outstanding people, you will find that they all understand this to some extent. Erickson said to remind people: We have greater power to control our lives, but we have never realized it before. Since ancient times, people have generally believed that a person’s potential in any particular industry or field is inevitably limited by natural talents. …But we now know that this pre-determined ability does not exist. The brain is adaptable, and training can create skills that we didn’t have before. This is a subversive point of view, because today’s learning has become a way of creativity, rather than enabling people to learn to make the most of their inner talents. In this new world, the idea that people are born with some fixed potential is no longer tenable; on the contrary, potential is like an extensible blood vessel, which can be created through various things that we experience in our lives. Learning is no longer a way to tap someone’s potential, but a way to develop this potential. We can create our own potential.

6 months ago

What is talent is to have faster learning efficiency, stronger adaptability, and a higher starting point. . . Even barriers that cannot be crossed. For example: You learn a physics model at the same time, and it takes you an hour to figure out a problem, it may be solved in less than a minute, or even faster; you start playing a game at the same time, and you play it for a month. Jin, feels that he is okay, he is already a king; for the same fitness person, if you practice for 2 years, your body fat and muscle mass may be blown out by a newcomer who has just been exercising for half a year; these are still achievable by working hard. At the level, there are some that are very desperate, such as Wittgenstein and Einstein, you don’t know how to work hard if you want to work hard. Efforts can stimulate talents and make talented people reach higher heights. Efforts can also make people without talents achieve achievements in a certain field, but hard work can not eliminate the gap between talents and even shorten the gap in some fields. The distance of talent can not be achieved. Fortunately or unfortunately, the reality is that there are very few people with talents or talents beyond ordinary people, so for most of us, working hard is an effective way to change the status quo and become the industry or the elite of society. If you let me choose, I would like to be a talented person and spend a relatively small amount of time to accomplish the goals that others desire, instead of working hard every day. Of course, if I happen to be interested in talented things, I will also Willing to spend more time and at the same time reach a higher height and become the spire in this field. Effort and suffering are sometimes interlinked. Suffering can make me better, but we should not be grateful for suffering. If we don’t experience suffering, we can get happiness. Why suffering is so, we should thank ourselves. The process of hard work is hard. We should not be thankful for our hard work. We work hard because we can’t achieve what we want if we don’t work hard. If we don’t work hard, we can achieve it. Why should we work hard? Of course, this involves some complex speculative questions and will not start (here to explain, students spend half an hour studying and then playing hard, hard work refers to hard work or doing things beyond their comfort zone Part is called effort)

6 months ago

Watching Ma Weidu’s “Guanfu Dudu” program, he put forward the view that “talent is life, potential is luck”, he believes that talent is innate, God appreciates food and eats, and potential requires each of us to work hard downwards. Excavated. He said that there are too many destructive views in our culture, such as “knowing the difficulties”, such as “knowing that there are tigers in the mountains, and walking towards the tiger mountains”, but if you are Wu Song can do this, if you are an ordinary person, go up It’s just a piece of meat. In the 1980s, when Ma Weidu was a literary editor at a publishing house, he took over a large number of young people’s contributions. From this he also came to the conclusion that many people really have a lot of enthusiasm and are completely unsuitable for literary creation. Some editors are tireless, and because they are embarrassed to refuse others, they let some untalented young people live in the guest house near the publishing house, and they lived while changing. The longest stayed for three full years. This is not the case for Ma Weidu. Once he discovered that the person had no talents, he did not hesitate to persuade him to do other things and not waste his time in the field of literature, which is extremely demanding of talents. Speaking of this, Ma Weidu sighed: “Especially in the field of art, experienced teachers focus on your feelings, not skills, because everyone can learn skills. If your skills exceed your feelings, then you can’t do it, it’s not suitable. If you are interested, you can’t do this.” However, he also emphasized that talent only accounts for 30%, and the rest requires hard work (of course, as you know, every 10% difference in the art industry is a huge gap). There are a lot of discussions about talent and hard work on Zhihu, so let’s try to summarize, what factors depend on a person’s ultimate achievement in a certain industry? Here, I arbitrarily give my own formula: Achievement = talent × “fitness” × effort level × method × luck First of all, let’s talk about talent and talent. As the name suggests, the endowment given by God is nothing but deliberate practice or high. Learned by people guiding the way. In the field of art, some people are extremely sensitive to color, and some can hear sounds that others cannot hear. These are all manifestations of talent. In the sports world, the innate conditions of athletes are regarded by coaches as an important basis for judging whether they can be trained. For example, the star of the swimming world, “Flying Fish” Phelps, because of its unusually large upper body, relatively short lower body, and large feet and other physical characteristics, it looks like a fish when it flops in the water, and it is extremely rare among athletes. Lactic acid recovery ability makes him invincible on the court, no one can match. Arts and sports, science, is the field that best reflects personal talent. Ding Junhui was shocked when he was eight years old when he played for the first time; when Gauss was three years old, he could discover his father’s mistakes in accounting; Mozart could compose music when he was four years old; Bill Gates was obsessed with computers when he was twelve years old, and he can be called a little computer genius… Einstein said that the reason why he didn’t go to business or study medicine was because he “has a special feeling for physics.” Regardless of whether the feeling here is inherited or tempered, at least Einstein has a physical “tension” in his mind, and it is extremely keen. On the contrary, in pragmatic politics and business circles, talent is relatively less important. Luck, emotional intelligence, overall outlook, hard work and other factors are more important. In addition to luck, it can be controlled and self-improved. Another reason is that there is only one universal factor for achieving success in the literary, sports and scientific fields, that is, having the talent in this area, and the evaluation criteria are very single. However, there are many factors for the success of politics and business, and it can be done in cooperation with others. If this ability is missing, other qualities and cooperation can be used to make up for it. For example, Yu Minhong, Li Yanhong and Ma Huateng, although they showed the characteristics of being smart, capable, good at learning, and hardworking at an earlier time, did they see the shadow of doing business when they were young? No, it’s more like a technologist or scholar. Of course, it would be better if you can show your business talents early. For example, Liu Qiangdong and Ma Yun are both born with leadership skills. All in all, talent is very important, there is no doubt about it. Regarding talent, there are several points to note: First, talent is separated from effort. Talent is talent, which is “a quality that is innate and cannot be deliberately practiced.” Second, the talent may be hidden in someone, but he has not yet noticed it. It is possible. Therefore, it is necessary to actively explore. Third, the importance of talent varies with different industries, but it is undoubtedly a factor that determines the ultimate height of the career. Without talent, it is almost impossible to become a master (but may become a second-rate master). After talking about talents, let’s talk about “fitness”. In my opinion, fit is the most important factor in determining career height. What is appropriateness? It is a feeling when you are engaged in this profession, whether you are suitable for this profession or not. When you are engaged in this job, you usually have a stronger feeling in your heart. This feeling determines whether you can continue in this industry in the future. . So what determines the suitability? I think it is determined by values ​​and personality. To give a simple example, there is a student who is clever and sharp, has good science grades, and is talented as a scientist. But he is impatient and obsessed with money and power, so he may not tolerate the slowness of basic science, that is, he can’t sit down on a cold bench, and instead resolutely plunges into the torrent of the market and becomes a “trendr” of an era. “. And another classmate is a little dull, but also loves science, and can bear the temperament to do research, then he will be able to achieve more outstanding achievements in the scientific career. The word “interest” is mentioned here. When it comes to “interest”, we generally think of the sprouting of a whim, but if we incorporate a profession into our own interests, then interest mainly refers to the profession “suitable” “I, that is, my own personality and values ​​meet the requirements of this profession. Regarding “fitness”, there are several explanations: 1. Personality is about 50% affected by nature, 50% acquired, and values ​​are at least 80% affected by acquired. After conversion, fitness is about 65% affected by acquired. Therefore, acquired training is also very important. 2. There is a conclusion that I don’t know whether it is happy or sad, that is, at the age of 20, personality has been basically stereotyped, at least values ​​are like this. If you forcibly change your values ​​and personality, you will feel very awkward. Therefore, rather than reluctantly, it is better to take advantage of the situation, to torture deeply what you are suitable for, find the direction that suits you, and then adjust your own personality and values ​​in the actual process. 3. Although “fitness” is not as amazing as talent, it is actually a more important factor. If a person is very “fit” for this profession, then he will devote himself to it, thereby greatly enhancing his sensitivity to this profession In the long run, such a person will outperform many talented and good seedlings. 4. If people in an industry are divided into mixed rice, skilled hands, elites, masters, and top masters, then becoming a master basically requires a certain talent, but people with high suitability can be “elite” through hard work. This level. People with low suitability… Basically it is unlikely to stay in this industry for a long time, so the most achievements are mixed, and talented are not good. Then talk about the “degree of effort” and “effort” are a particularly respected word in Eastern culture. The so-called “suffering from bitterness, one is the best”, “the sword is sharpened and the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the bitter cold”, Everyone especially admires people who are good at enduring hardships and hard work. Correspondingly, geniuses are more respected in western culture, and the culture is also biased towards “smart work” and “exploiting personal talents.” Some people even think that many qualities are innate. Looking at the popular personality and career matching tests, many people think that some people are born to be suitable leaders and some people are suitable to be technical experts. So, which theory is correct? The answer is that both make sense. For a person who is pursuing a trendy player of the time, the first thing he needs to recognize is where his talent is. If this thing is there, it is there, and if it is not, it is not. However, for most of the general public who do not pursue and cannot reach the level of “master”, the culture of “hard work” may be more suitable. To become a master often requires special endowments, but becoming an elite expert in this industry does not need it. It’s just day after day, brain training and labor. A genius has an innate acumen for a certain industry, and this acuity can be honed by training acquired, but there is not necessarily a genius so sharp. Regarding “effort”, although the word has been criticized in Zhihu, and people who promote hard work have been labeled as “poisonous chicken soup masters”, I still believe that hard work is indispensable. Effort can surpass genius, when genius does not work hard. Regarding effort, you need to pay attention to the following points: 1. The upper limit of pure effort is elite experts, not reaching the level of masters. 2. Pay attention to methods and methods when working hard, make arrangements according to your own physical and mental conditions, and avoid overwork and death. 3. Effort does not mean simply repetitive work, active learning, and good use of brains. 4. When working hard, you must constantly challenge high goals and stimulate your own potential capabilities (this is not a talent, but a sharpness honed by the day after tomorrow) 5 Efforts are still more important than talents. Geniuses who don’t work hard can only reach the level of “mixed eating” in an industry. No one denies the importance of methods. Even middle school teachers who are no longer learning and skillful will never forget. Call on everyone to seriously summarize the learning methods. The fact is that human beings have developed to the point where they are today. Whether it is business, politics, learning or artistic creation, all walks of life have gathered sufficient and sufficient wisdom of predecessors. A truly smart person must be good at learning and mastering these laws. , Which is the so-called “shortcut” person. Method is a particularly vague term. Every industry has different methods for different things, but you must master the correct method to do things, otherwise it will only waste your effort. This is especially important. Regarding the method, you need to pay attention to several points: 1. Don’t work behind closed doors, be good at learning from the experience and wisdom of the predecessors, and ask for advice from experienced people. Of course, you need to make your own decision. 2. Although the method of self-summarization is a little slower, it helps to train your thinking and improve your understanding of things, so it is also indispensable. 3. The mastery of methods belongs to the only way for everyone who wants to achieve something, and it does not belong to the category of talent. 4. Even if you are learning the same thing and doing the same thing, everyone uses different methods. The so-called “writing has no definitive text, no law has no definite method”. Finally, let’s talk about luck. When it comes to luck, knowing that er may be about to climax at this time. After all, everyone is living in an era of accelerating class consolidation, and the myths of the previous generation can no longer be copied. The younger generation studied and worked hard, but in the end they couldn’t even afford the down payment for the house. This is really…they said, “No one asks about ten years of cold windows, and they become famous in one fell swoop”? Can’t even afford a cold window in the end? However, just because of class consolidation, can all the upward remarks be regarded as “poisonous chicken soup” and “pseudo-successful studies”? Is luck really decisive? My conclusion is also very simple: For people who want to achieve small achievements, luck needs to have, but not much; for people who want to achieve big achievements, luck is particularly important. This is especially true in the political and business circles that emphasize opportunity. Luck is sometimes more important than talent. Even in the cultural and scientific circles where personal abilities are the most important, if we look at their lives, we will find that most of them have some relatively rare Adventure. Ding Junhui, Lang Lang’s father’s way of education, belonged to a very different kind of parent. Luck, like talent, is more important as you go up. The so-called “small rich depend on diligence, big rich depend on fate”, this is also the reason why those dignitaries are willing to cultivate Taoism and believe in Buddhism. It’s not that they don’t believe in their own abilities. It is the society too. Fuck, the more you go up, the more you need the power of “metaphysics”. Regarding destiny, we need to pay attention to several points: 1. Destiny exists objectively, and denying destiny is meaningless. Life is like this, and you may turn around inadvertently, and you will go on another path. 2. The practice of destiny is to do things reverently while accumulating good destiny. Those who have ideals in mind and contribute to society are more likely to succeed than those who work hard just for enjoyment. 3. To be too superstitious at the mercy of fate is not advisable, and one should firmly believe in the strength of one’s own struggle. The above is my analysis of all factors. Among them, “fitness” determines whether you will take a certain path and how long you will walk on this path. Fit is the most important. Efforts and methods are an important magic weapon for your success, and most people are involved (although there may be problems with imperfect methods and insufficient effort), which determine how fast you can go. Talent and luck determine how high you can go, and partly affect how fast you can go. Of course I know that there is the possibility of cross-influence among these factors. For example, the character in “fitness” will directly affect the degree of effort. However, in order to make the thinking clearer and analyze the influencing factors more accurately, it is necessary to list them one by one. .

6 months ago

To put it simply, talent is the ability of talent. It is born different from ordinary people. You don’t need to learn or learn it right away. In a short period of time, you can reach a height that ordinary people can hardly reach. The efficiency is amazing. Confucius also said this. People are at the highest level. For people whose goal is to achieve a normal level, talents can be either absent or low. At this time, competition talents are not used yet. Heavenly rewards for diligence and diligence to make up for one’s weaknesses are still within the scope of application. For example, a frail mouse may pass through. Grinding (optimization of food, enhancement of physique, etc.) has defeated the mice that were stronger than it before; if you are pursuing the ultimate level, you must have or even high talent. At this time, only hard work is basically not useful. Talent becomes a decisive factor. For example, no matter how strong a mouse is, no matter how hard it is, it can’t beat the tiger. The tiger is actually something in another world. Among Chinese universities, which school has the biggest gap among students? It is not a general science college, nor is it 211985, nor is it Fudan, Zhejiang University or the like, but Qingbei. Because in Qingbei, there are both ordinary people who are able to enter through hard work (most of them belong to this category), and there are also talented people who easily enter by virtue of their own talents (a small number). Within the framework of the college entrance examination, it seems that I can’t detect that there is much difference between them, but once the difficulty of the assessment is increased, the gap between them is immediately revealed, and it is so large that the effort can’t make up for it. To sum up, ordinary people basically don’t need to compete for talent, hard work is effective. The elites basically don’t need to compare who works harder, a little difference in talent level may open a huge gap, so big that hard work hardly has any obvious effect. Of course, if the talents are equal, the level of effort will again become one of the decisive factors. Therefore, in many cases, the meaning of hard work is to defeat the self in the past, rather than to compare with others in the present.

6 months ago

Effort is also very important. Most people can surpass it through hard work. After all, geniuses are a minority, and they are all perverts. Just try to catch up, don’t try to surpass it. Moreover, you can learn the way of thinking of genius and form a method that suits you. I think this is a very good way. Take my own example, which is slightly longer. Written and sent it with feelings. My high school is a very good key high school. Tsinghua University and Peking University admits more than 30 people every year, and the one-book rate should be more than 1,600 students every year. The competition is fierce. My deskmate, X classmate’s science is so strong that it’s probably too strong. About two 100s in Chinese and English, the ranking can be in the top 20 because he is the only full score in mathematics, and his theory is stable above 290. I think he doesn’t study very much. He skips classes and plays lol, goes to bed in class, takes time off and gets sick, and finds reasons to play. I was really bad at maths. The head teacher taught maths and called me over and told me not to learn from classmate x. He said that he was very talented, but more importantly, people had already done the problems in our high school market. When it’s over, don’t watch him play every day, you should follow along. When they go back, they will finish their homework. When I was in my second year of high school, this sentence had a huge impact on me. When did he do it, he also worked very hard. It turned out that I couldn’t see it. So I also started to adjust. To be honest, I am not stupid. Those who can enter this super middle school are a little emboldened. I also bought a lot of materials. I consulted classmate x, but I didn’t know how to tell me. I taught him to play lol during the holiday (the only place that is better than him.) classmate x gladly accepted and started to instruct me. Slowly, I was able to take the 130 exam. Although I was not as good as his, 270 was average, and sometimes 280 came out. By this time it was already on the eve of the college entrance examination. I understand that this has almost reached my upper limit, but I don’t regret it. My hard work has also brought a very good return. Student x is still very stable and can replace the physics teacher in the later stage to give lectures. The college entrance examination is over. I invited x to dinner and got drunk. I said, old x, you study so hard at night, why don’t you study in the classroom during the day, and rest well at night so that you don’t sleep in class during the day and listen to classes. Can take the test better. x When I listened, say, who did you listen to, I haven’t handed in math homework until now. I learned a shit and then I got together in class. I held my old class, and my face was flushed with drinks and said, you’re not so good. Talent, so I just said this at the beginning. At that moment, I drank two glasses of liquor and burst into tears. I thanked the old class for his good intentions. Later, I worked hard, and after my hard work, I learned the thinking and way of x, and I had my own learning method. When I arrived at university, I met all kinds of people, both talented and bad, especially my roommates. They are studying very hard. At 7 o’clock, I am lying in bed and writing Zhihu. An hour ago, I had already set out to study on my own. However, their grades were not as good as mine. Last semester, I was very impressed with an automated test. The three of them worked very hard from the beginning of the semester. Because I was busy going abroad to take the TOEFL test and prepare the materials, I didn’t have much time to read it. Two days before the exam, I read a day and a half of books, and I have half a day left to answer questions for people in the class, especially roommates. In the end, I scored 92 points alone. . . For some science subjects, I can always find a shadow in my high school studies, using the old x way, no, to think. I can get a score of more than 90 in two or three days, which shocked the students and felt that I was so talented. Suddenly received a frank statement last night, saying that I would solve the Mathematical Olympiad problems in minutes, which made me sigh. I’m not a genius, but I have learned the thinking of genius, combined with my own way, and more importantly, the large amount of practice and solid foundation in my high school can make me comfortable in college courses. Summary: Talent is useful and useful, but don’t be envious. Through your own hard work, you will also have your own achievements. Only with special hard work can you look effortless and you can also become the god of others. Not only learning, but also living, you work hard to find your own way.

6 months ago

In fact, effort and talent are two wheels. Of course, you can play with a wheelbarrow, but you have to sacrifice stability and speed. For example, during the same period, many people in the world worked harder in learning or studying physics than Einstein. However, only Einstein can put forward the theory of relativity and destroy the edifice of classical physics. This is talent. If Einstein had nothing to do since he was a child and didn’t learn or know nothing, then it is not Einstein either. This is hard work. For another example, there is only one champion among thousands of (single) competitive athletes in the world. Although all top players work the same. Efforts can make up for the lack of talent, rather than make up for the talent. Saying this does not negate the meaning of hard work. “Zhongyong” in ancient China had only talent and no later efforts. Therefore, “all the people are stunned.” Efforts are as important as talents, and the talents of ordinary people are almost the same. Therefore, our efforts are even more important. Of course, I would not even consider running “Bolt” in 100 meters. Therefore, each of us must have a clear positioning, find a good direction, and then work towards the established goal!

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Diligence can make up for one’s weakness, but hard work can’t make up for talent! Effort and talent are two completely different concepts. Effort is the difference in quantity and degree, while talent is the difference in nature. The ability that can be obtained through hard work is not called a talent, but the ability that is born naturally is called a talent. Such a talent can be met but not sought. If hard work can make up for talent, then the people who work hardest will all become geniuses. Is this possible? I am afraid it is totally unrealistic. No matter how hard the tortoise is, it cannot have the running talent of the rabbit, and no matter how hard the rabbit is, it is impossible to have the flying talent of the eagle. Everyone is more or less talented, but 99% of people can’t find their talents, so no matter how hard they work, they are at the level of quantitative change, which means that at most they can be the best among ordinary people. The tortoise has the gift of longevity, his efforts can make it long enough; the rabbit has the gift of running, its hard work can make it run fastest; the eagle has the gift of flying, its hard work can make it become the sky king! Effort is hard work, and talent is talent. Let the tortoise learn to run and become a snail at most; let the rabbit learn to fly, and sooner or later it will fall to death. Found that talent is more important than persistence. Han Yu wrote in “Horse Talk”: “There is Bole in the world, and then there are Chollima. Chollima is often present, but Bole is not often.” The value of Bole is that he can discover Chollima and treat its talent well, otherwise he will not be full.” How to travel thousands of miles every day? Without the talent of a Maxima, no matter how you insist on running, it will always be a normal horse. If you have talent, you should make good use of it. Otherwise, you will recognize your ordinaryness and strive to be the best among ordinary people. After all, 99% of us can’t be geniuses. Of course, I am not denying that I work hard. I have to do my best to obey the destiny (not to accept the fate, but to respect the objective laws)!

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Talent is innate, and hard work is the result of hard work. This depends on talent, and you should not look down on others because of talent. Although he has talent, he does not continuously improve himself, and he will be surpassed by efforts. Some people because Talent is too small to look down on others, unwilling to learn, exercise and grow. People without talent can only rely on hard work and continue to learn and surpass, so that they have the opportunity to stand on top of talented people. If talented people learn well, It is difficult for ordinary people who work hard to surpass.

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