I haven’t studied hard in four years of university, and I have missed too many subjects. Now I don’t have a graduation certificate in my senior year. I once asked the instructor if I could graduate by some other means. The instructor said no, no

But I don’t want to give up, I want to go to university, what else can I do?

Because my situation is similar to yours, of course I don’t have as many hangs as you. It can be said that this loss can last a lifetime. My sophomore year and junior year were out of courses, and I didn’t work hard when I was lazy, so I got dissatisfied with the credits in my senior year. At that time, young and vigorous, and influenced by various chicken soups, I felt that the most important thing was that the ability was not a certificate, so I packed up my baggage and went out to work. The parents didn’t know it at the time, and they couldn’t help it if they couldn’t hide it after a few years. As for going back to school in three years and getting a certificate of completion, that’s something to be said. In the days of part-time work, there are indeed many jobs that do not depend on academic qualifications, but a little higher grade is needed. Or if I had the ability of Bill Gates, it’s a pity that I don’t have it. When I was looking for a job, every time I took out my graduation certificate, I could only explain it cheeky. How many of these opportunities are lost due to this influence? I can’t be sure, but I guess it won’t be less. After being beaten up by society for more than ten years, my income is still reasonable. But besides looking for a job, there are more or less troubles with me. The most annoying thing is: no matter what the requirements for a graduation certificate or a notice are written, the possibility of a graduation certificate will not be considered. I can’t tell if I don’t meet the requirements or I can fool it. Even if you ask the relevant staff, they may not know, maybe I don’t see many strange things like me. The certificate of completion is used to prove that I have indeed studied in school for several years, but it cannot be equated to a diploma. Many environments are not even as good as a college diploma. I once encountered a situation where I had to choose one of the academic qualifications. People only agreed to give me a “high school graduation” because the latter “undergraduate graduation” did not meet the requirements. In addition to finding a job, there are also household registration in Guangzhou and the second construction test, which are all limited by this. If there is nothing to pursue in this life, it can pass. I have only recently started to see if I can get an undergraduate certificate through self-examination or online education. What is more annoying is that I consulted a few companies. Final advice: If the school allows these subjects and credits to be graduated within a certain time limit, work harder. It takes a year or two to get a diploma. Don’t think about going to the society. Generally, schools don’t make it impossible to graduate. If it’s so unkind, grandpa and grandma should go to various leaders to get it done. Still the same sentence: After studying for a few years without a graduation certificate, this loss will be for a lifetime!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

At first glance, 32 credits, nothing is okay, little things, few courses, work hard to get it done in the last half year. Take a closer look, 32 The little brother is your true genius. It should be useless to find a high-level school leader for this matter. The big leaders don’t care about your shit. Hurry up and handle the postponement. If you post a year, you can work hard to strengthen 32 subjects. If there are more professional courses, they are all their own professional teachers and they are more familiar. Tell them and give more. It’s still very good in normal times. Our school warns once for less than 15 credits in a semester, and dismisses it after two warnings. I used to think it was useless, but it is still useful now. At least it can prevent you from happening. . . Think about it when I dropped a subject in the freshman year, and then I had to pay 160 for the make-up exam. Seeing that I was so expensive, I wouldn’t dare to drop a subject in the future. We have 80 credits per credit, and a course usually costs 2 credits, which is 160. If you have 32 subjects, if you have 2 credits, it will cost 5120 yuan. If there are more credits such as higher numbers, wouldn’t it be more expensive. Think about the classes in my university that I bought at my own expense, and I don’t want to skip classes.

8 months ago

When people move forward with inertia, it’s like falling into a trap and can’t get out of it. Until the complete end, or the loss of everything, will I remember how absurd I was at the beginning. There are two methods: the first one does not work if I don’t know it. After all, I went to school ten years ago. There was a classmate who was about the same as you. He applied for repetition, stayed for two levels, and took all courses again and completed the credits. Finally graduated. The second one is not a solution, but just a suggestion. I suggest taking a ditch and gaining wisdom. Although university is important, this paper diploma is also very important, but it is not impossible. There is really no way, and there is no need to despair too much. You can find a job first, know your shame and then be brave. In the work, through self-examination, on-the-job undergraduate way to continue to study. I remember that some universities can also apply for postgraduate self-examination.

8 months ago

Good fellow, I’m direct good fellow! Brother, you are really awesome! Do you know what is the concept of 32 subjects hanging in the university? This means that you have dropped half or more of the courses in the university! Moreover, there are make-up exams after the missed subjects, and I have not retaken the make-up exams. I really don’t understand how careless you are to reach the senior year and still have 32 subjects hanging? Don’t you know that the university has cancelled the exam? How dare you leave 32 students to drop off subjects to the senior year? What did you do in four years of university? Now I came to know if there is a shortcut? ? ? Brother, let me tell you this, unless you have a great background, don’t even think about getting your graduation certificate. As for going to school leaders… Tsinghua students were dismissed due to serious academic failures and were persuaded to find out? You ask yourself, are you worthy of your parents’ hard work and hard-earned money for four years in college?

8 months ago

Having reached this point, we still seriously think about how to solve the problem, mainly at 3 points. First, ask your shop assistant! Ask him if there is any way to get you a double certificate (at least a graduation certificate), whether it is the method mentioned in the comments or other answers, such as postponed, it is not a school, after all, it is your assistant who knows it. What is your school’s policies and circumstances, if you want to postpone it, you can’t avoid him. So go to your shop assistant! Secondly, if your school has relevant policies, there is one level you can’t go around, your teacher of 32 subjects. So, begging for them, yes, begging for them! Since you can hang up so many classes, your teachers must at least have no good impression of you. Let them make things difficult for you, so you can do whatever you want (the experience of an answerer below is worth learning from!) You can basically find all the teachers in your class from the academic committee and shop instructors. the way. Finally, and most importantly, attitude issues! If you still hold the mentality of “Is there any shortcuts” now, you will be sure of it when the time comes. There may be shortcuts, but are you going up? You really have the conditions and opportunities to take shortcuts and you don’t need to know how to ask. At this time, An An Anxin is better than anything else! Whether your instructor and class teacher will help you get through is mainly based on your attitude. PS: Even if it can be postponed, do you think about how to tell your parents that you are going to postpone it? How do you want to convince your parents to postpone you? This is all, but I’m sorry, I can’t help but want to say something else. In fact, everyone knows that it is really common in universities. There are a lot of people who hang around and there are many people who don’t. But in fact, most of these people are very sober. They know what their situation is, so they will have a bottom line, that is, they must at least securely get the diploma and degree certificate. So they will make up the exam if they fail the exam, and they will retake the exam if they fail the exam, and they will never delay to the senior year! (I guess there are a lot of hangs in the comments or other answers, but the examples that successfully get the evidence should be similar to this situation) and the subject seems to be a very small number (because if it is the above situation, you don’t need to know about it. It’s fine to apply for the exam before the door has passed.) In addition, I’ll repeat it again. There’s one question I don’t know if the subject has thought about it in the first three years of college. What does it mean if you can’t get a diploma? It means that the cost of your parents for your studies in the past four years and your four years have all been lost! In four years, you have nothing, nothing! Have you ever thought about how heartbroken your parents knew you would be in this situation! How disappointed! How sad? That’s why I said you have to be heartless to get to this situation. In short, in any case, you still have to bless the subject, and hope that the subject can get the graduation certificate smoothly, and give your parents a result that at least does not make them sad! the above!

8 months ago

You may not know the concept of hanging from freshman to senior year. We generally only use two words to describe this kind of person: Hang Bi. I often say one sentence: Back then, Chen Daozai used 20 yuan to win 37 million. It was not a problem for me to get xxx from the freshman year to the senior year to ambush him. This credit cannot be taken. I don’t need to go to this course, I’ve booked it. A super absenteeism on the backhand and a deep sleep. Teachers don’t call their names? But don’t be afraid, I don’t have to go to the final exam. Marx’s Principles, Probability Theory, these courses are very awesome. If I change this open-book exam to a closed-book exam, my credits will be a killer, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to change it. Just pass a physical education class, oh no, get the two credits directly, take a blank paper to top him, the teacher hurry up the teacher. Teacher, don’t you want any test papers? Teacher, hurry up, don’t ditch it. Hand in the paper in half an hour, staggered, it should be handed in in 15 minutes. Pour a cup of tea for the teacher. Okay, pour a cup of tea for the teacher. The teacher pours you a cappuccino. Start your rollover show! Hang me Hang me, beautiful! You can let me pass, can you let me pass? If you open a root sign today and multiply it by ten, let me pass my xxx on the spot, and eat this classroom!

8 months ago

Can you afford tens of millions? Donate money to build a teaching building, so graduation is not a problem! Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, are useless. The school teachers only earn one or two years of income. It is not worth the risk of ruining the future for one or two years. Otherwise, it might be useful to find a leader who is much higher than the principal to coordinate. But if they are not relatives, why should others come out? Money? Look at the third paragraph above. Honestly, make a postponement (postponed graduation, one to two years), and strive to pass the test.

8 months ago

How did you do it? . Good guy, I’m just a good guy! . At some level, this is simply a “miracle”! Well, the surprise is over. Back to the topic. It is useless to criticize you now. After all, the most important thing in Zhihu is to be criticized. Moreover, so many respondents in the front row have criticized them, so I won’t talk nonsense. Besides, a passer-by I have never met has no standpoint to criticize you. First, see if you can delay graduation, and then seize the time to make up the course. Just as you fought for the “college entrance examination” for the second time. What’s more, now is the time to pay the three years you owe. If not, re-enter high school? . In this case, don’t think of any shortcuts, unless you have the ability to make money. Because the banknote ability is the only shortcut.

8 months ago

Brother, if you don’t study, how can you keep the missing subjects to 32 subjects? 32 subjects basically means that you have a lot of subjects missed in almost every semester of four years of university and you have failed the make-up exams! If this is the case, it is very rare not to be persuaded by the school in advance. Of course, there are also solutions. Try not to think about whether you can get a diploma. You can’t get it in this situation. It’s impossible to say that it’s impossible. First of all, ask if the school can transfer, even to three books. After all, a diploma is also a major event in life. Three books have an undergraduate diploma, and there have been many examples of one or two transfers to three or junior colleges. In a situation like yours, I guess it will be difficult for you to make any progress when you go back and repeat (I even doubt if you have received any major stimuli). It is better to transfer schools earlier and take down your graduation certificate. Find a few transfer announcements, brothers, you can refer to them. Go ahead and go to the new school where you graduated better. Maybe you can get back to life.

8 months ago

I didn’t make up for repeating grades. Spicy Li is a real horrible appetite. I studied electrical, and I had a total of more than a dozen subjects, and I owed more than 30 credits at most. I have stayed a grade, and I think I am qualified to answer this question. The mentality of the repeaters is similar. One year after I repeat, the school once assigned me to a dormitory shared by 5 repeaters in the same class, the grade sewer. I have exchanged experiences with my dormitory brothers. At the beginning, I owed a few subjects. Maybe it was because I usually played too high. Fortunately, I imagined that I could make up all the lessons two weeks before the exam. But you find that you can’t make it up, and you don’t dare to cheat, you still hang up. This kind of negative feedback will make you fall into a vicious circle of doubting your own abilities. Why do you seem to be surrounded by people who don’t learn to assault before the exam, but why do you fail so much? You will suspect that your learning ability is poor, and you can’t listen to relatively simple classes and hang up, so you will doubt yourself even more. In the later stage of Kodo, the whole person looks very decadent. Others don’t seem anxious, and they don’t seem anxious. If there are more lice, it doesn’t itch, but is that true? In fact, I was very flustered. At the end of the semester, a few days before I decided to repeat the grade, I was so upset that I couldn’t even play the usual stand-alone games. Stand-alone games are both brain-intensive and can only play the simplest elimination. Play games, seek that kind of immediate positive feedback, get up early and play until dark. At this time, what you need most is someone to confirm you. I’m lucky, and the family didn’t scold me much. Although the attitude was strict, it always made me feel at ease to repeat the grade and slowly make up for the failed classes. If the attitude of the family is surprisingly bad at this time, some people can’t afford to commit suicide. Having said that, your first step should be to seek forgiveness and help from your family. Just like detoxification, as long as the family doesn’t push you out, it’s no big deal to let you know that it’s not a big deal to fail too many subjects. Slowly make up for it or find another way out. Then you are half the battle. When you repeat the grade to the next term, you are unlikely to stick to class and become a good student. In fact, you will still be very depressed and don’t want to meet people. But autism is autistic, so I must go to self-study. I went there two months before the final exam. I went there by myself every day, holding the printed old test papers and doing it over and over again. Your second step is to restart your learning process and let the shame return to you. It doesn’t matter if you are aware of your poor learning ability. Learn early, the stupid bird will fly first. The college physics I failed has passed the 93 test at this stage. It was during my university period. The only one is over 90, and I originally thought that the physics was not good. After missing a short test, I passed the circuit test of 73 and passed the test smoothly. Such a victory can give you a positive incentive, and gradually break down the inferiority that you think you are not good at. The third step is unscrupulous, whether physics or high math, it is a basic university course, not the hardest part. You have won a simple victory, but mathematics, analog electricity, electromagnetic field, power system analysis are very difficult courses. What should I do if I have not developed the habit of attending classes and failed the self-study exam? Isn’t this a waste of all previous efforts? At this stage, you must use all the means you can use. Whether you find a good student to give you a topic, find a teacher to focus on the key, or use the “you know what to do” method, you must get this time. victory! At this stage, I had painful re-departures and certain repetitions, but I used my brains to help each other with a repeater. You can see the dawn of graduation after the most difficult courses, and you will be finished if you fail to pass the exam. I believe you will make a judgment. The fourth step is to prepare for graduation and find your way in the future. At this stage, I am also lucky. I have arranged my work and home. If you don’t have this advantage, you must shape yourself. Although repetition is a taint, it is not fatal. Yes, you have the ability to find a relatively good job and will be more motivated to fill up all the courses. If the work at this stage is not settled, it will have an impact on your remaining courses, and you may even get into trouble again and even affect graduation. Not every school has cleared or even cleared exams. As for going abroad for postgraduate entrance exams, you can talk about it after finishing the class. During the repetition, I knew about 6 repeaters, one in the building next door. One year after I repeat, I committed suicide by jumping off the building. It is said that I stayed two grades and couldn’t graduate. Half an hour before he jumped from the building, I went to self-study and came back and passed by his building. . A person in the same dormitory who stayed in the same dormitory dropped out and returned home after a short period of time. Another student in the same dormitory also stayed for two levels, but graduated successfully. . . stop? Because he stayed for my next term, but he was in good condition and started to study by himself. He should be able to graduate. The remaining three of us helped each other to graduate successfully. In the dormitory, there is a great god who cross-professionals relying on his undergraduate grades and passed the entrance examination of Tsinghua Microelectronics. I don’t know why we were put together, but he just slept in the dormitory, and his self-control is also an important factor that motivates us to scum. Although it is a bad thing to fail a grade and repeat a grade, if you successfully surpass it, it will become a great wealth in your life, and it will cost a lot of money. You will no longer be afraid of small setbacks, no matter how difficult it is, can it be difficult to pass the course? Maybe you are not willing to touch difficult subjects for many years after graduation due to too many missed subjects. Maybe you will spend more time studying in the face of exams. Maybe you will recall the panic of failing subjects in your dreams after many years, but Regardless of him, the most important thing for you now is graduation! graduation! graduation! good luck

8 months ago

At first glance I thought it was 32 points, and at the second glance I found that 32 doors were hanging. The subject, for your question, I specifically ran to log in to the educational administration system of my alma mater (I am currently studying for the first year), and checked “How many courses are there for four-year undergraduates”: compulsory, special selection, school selection, practice, The internship and thesis are counted on the calculator page above. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in translation. This professional course is more and generally more subdivided. There are second foreign requirements, so I passed 79 courses in four years before graduating. There are about 75 pure class reading. Considering that the undergraduate courses of some majors may not be subdivided, undergraduates need to pass 60 to 80 courses on average to graduate. Subject of the question, congratulations to you for hanging up half of all undergraduate courses… It is recommended to go back to your hometown, re-enter the college entrance examination, and re-study undergraduate. The reasons are as follows: 1. The senior year is a very sensitive time. During this period of time, many schools neither allow students to retake nor to apply for postponement (except for physical reasons), and do not recommend graduation grades to enlist in the army. Moreover, the “clear examination” has long been cancelled by the state’s unified requirements…2, the subject of the question is too big, and the favor is almost completely unreasonable. It is said to ask the teacher of those 32 courses to give it to him. This kind of thinking… is obvious, too naive. Not to mention the size of the teacher’s authority, whether there is a record of attendance. A student has dropped 32 courses in four years in college. This matter is very, very big, and there should not be a second one in the country. In the school of the subject, all the senior management should now know. Why is there no person to protect the subject, don’t you understand? Such a large-scale favoritism may be known from the above. It can’t be kept at all, who dares to keep it unless it doesn’t want to do it anymore. Who will delay oneself for the worthless subject? 3. I heard that the college entrance examination system will be strictly controlled again in the future, and things like re-examination and re-examination may not be available in a few years. If the subject still wants to get an undergraduate diploma, he can only start as early as possible.

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