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Most of the answers are noble, pretending, and afraid of static electricity. It’s not right. The reason is simple. At that time, the machine room was wired underground, and there were threads under the floor, so there was no way to mop the floor with a wet mop. And the floor is piece by piece, which is particularly difficult to drag. The most important thing was that it was not as clean as it is now. Many students’ shoes are dirty. If you don’t wear shoe covers, you will have to mop the floor after a class. So getting shoe covers became the easiest way. As for those who say they are afraid of static electricity, I guess I haven’t seen how they repaired computers in the computer room in that era. Around 1999, our township elementary school set up a computer classroom. As one of the few people in the town who knew computers, my cousin became the first computer teacher. I stay with him whenever I have time. In 2001, he said to give me a computer. As for how to deliver it? He called the after-sales service of Inspur and said that a computer was broken. Inspur’s after-sales service drove a small truck, and when I lifted it up, two computers were thrown into the car. The piles were full of broken computers. Then my uncle took the man and said to invite him to dinner. He dragged and dragged him to the primary school canteen. I grabbed a screwdriver and climbed into the car. I removed the motherboard in the east, the floppy drive in the west, the network card in the south, and the memory in the north. Finally, my uncle gave me a waste box and a broken monitor, and my first computer became. Remember it should be MⅡ CPU, 16M memory, 8G hard disk, independent 2M graphics card. Therefore, there is no such thing as being afraid of being broken or repaired by static electricity. It’s just that it’s simple and not mopping…


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Shoe covers are mainly dust-proof. On the one hand, the previous computers were relatively expensive, with high purchase and maintenance costs, and a long scrapping cycle. On the other hand, due to technical limitations, the anti-static ability was not very good. In order to protect the equipment, an overhead anti-static floor is generally used in the equipment room, and the wiring is buried under the floor. Every piece of this kind of floor can be lifted up. In other words, there are seams everywhere in the middle, and the dust is easy to run down, and it is not suitable for frequent cleaning with water. Of course, there is no sweeping robot that can solve the problem easily and happily. So the simplest solution is shoe covers.

8 months ago

Not only when I was young, but after I went to college, I still had to wear shoe covers every time I went to the computer room. To be honest, I am wondering why. Some people on the Internet say that it is because there is a lot of air static in the computer room, and there may be a lot of dust on the shoes. Wearing shoe covers is to prevent static electricity from attracting dust and causing damage to the equipment. Some people say that it is for better protection of the floor, because the floor of the computer room is specially made for anti-static, so this material is relatively fragile. If you often enter the computer room without shoe covers, it will cause damage to the floor of the computer room. In this respect, there is really nothing wrong with it. However, some people feel that the reason why you are asked to wear shoe covers is to make you feel that this is different from the outside. The equipment here is all eight thousand, all of them are tall and tall. I don’t really agree with this statement. On thousands of devices, the game can only play minesweeper, and the browser is the oldest. Play a Hulai Three Kingdoms Metropolis Card, and raise a pet penguin and sometimes drop the connection. I don’t know where Gaoda is.

8 months ago

In the past, computers were very expensive. When I was in middle school, it was a private middle school with the most luxurious facilities in the province. In computer teaching, there is only one three-handed VAX 750 with 25 terminals. This kind of machine is like a small refrigerator with only 2 megabytes of memory and 20 megabytes of hard drive. They were all very precious at the time. Central air-conditioning and purification air supply dedicated to the computer room. Anti-static floor, automatic fire fighting. A computer with such a low profile cost 800,000 RMB at the time. Getting on the machine is more than just shoe covers, you have to wear a full set of lab coats and white lab coats. There is also a domestically-made DJS110 computer that looks good and uses punched paper tape. Having two computers, it is written in the school brochure to show how awesome it is. Although it is a middle school, the teaching hardware facilities are comparable to those of universities. There are also facilities that are now full of cabbage, which were rare in the 1990s: for example, the Great Hall and the Audiovisual Education Hall had American Bell 35mm projectors. The language classroom has AT&T voice system. Audio-visual education station has a complete set of Sony acquisition, editing and broadcasting system. This is a newly established (Singapore Overseas Chinese Investment) private secondary school integrated in 1984. It is normal to have a computer in 1984.

8 months ago

I can be regarded as one of the earliest Internet users in small cities in China. It is estimated that many people have never heard of the words 163, 169, cat, dos, win32, and Wucunpan. Back then, my dad bought me a 486 multimedia computer with 4m of memory, 260m of hard disk, decompression card, and it cost 13,000 (let me learn to use it, let him down); before, our family bought a three-bedroom 80 square meters. House, 18,000. At that time, let alone changing shoe covers, you had to be careful when you pressed a switch. If you buy a luxury product that is equivalent to 2/3 of the house price for your home, do you have to be careful? It seems that age has been exposed. The lesson of blood is to buy a house instead of consumer electronics.

8 months ago

Because the previous computers were sophisticated equipment and very expensive equipment. Unlike nowadays, if the computer is broken, take it to the computer shop for repair, and various accessories are also available, which are not expensive. Computers are most afraid of dust and static electricity, so in the past, computers used special floors and shoe covers. In fact, not only computers, but many home appliances also have covers before, so you have to cover them if you don’t use them. Many modern computer rooms are also equipped with various protections. Although shoe covers are no longer required, there are still various requirements.

8 months ago

This is the tradition when technology is backward. The source of the bug is that a bug flew into the computer of the tube and caused a malfunction. Before the large-scale integrated circuit, computers were very fragile. The previous electronic components are far less reliable than today. Therefore, put the computer in a place with constant temperature and humidity, with dust-proof measures, which will help reduce the failure rate of the computer. Extend the life of the computer. Later, with the advancement of technology, the integration of computers became higher and higher, and CPUs were all packaged. Components are getting smaller and smaller, and reliability is getting higher and higher. The environmental requirements are not so high. If the temperature is too high or too low, it won’t work. If the radiation is too strong, it doesn’t matter if there is dust. In addition, now that the office conditions are better, the city is cleaner, and there is fresh air in ordinary indoors, so the dust is not big. There is no point in requiring shoe covers.

8 months ago

Regarding this question, I remember it quite clearly, probably because the conclusions of the year were too unreasonable… I first learned to use computers in elementary school. At that time, computer classes were not called “computer classes”, but “microcomputer classes”. Well, this is a very old name, and it is also a very awkward name. The strange thing is that after I went to middle school, I never heard this name again. I changed it to “computer class”. When we first took the computer class, the students were very excited. The teacher asked us to prepare the shoe covers in advance, saying that they would be used during the class. I remember that we bought the shoe covers from the school store. The color I haven’t forgotten until now is that it’s a bit darker than the blue that I know, and the same color as the towel used when washing the car… Then every time I take a microcomputer class, Before class, a bunch of people lined up in front of the computer classroom to wear shoe covers. I remember that when we first started learning to use computers, we learned typing. After getting familiar with it, some students started to draw pictures. At the time, if anyone could draw a good-looking portrait in a class, then he was the most beautiful boy in the class. It’s a pity that I’m a scumbag, so I never had a chance to show off… Later, after I became more familiar with computers, some of my classmates picked out the ball under the mouse and played. Then he was found by the teacher, and he stood in the forefront. It was really miserable. Haha… After everyone’s freshness with computers passed, suddenly one day, a classmate asked the ultimate question in his heart-Wei Mao Do I need to wear shoe covers in computer class? Good guy, once this question was raised, it instantly detonated the whole class. All the students are in full interest. Can you imagine a bunch of elementary school students trying to break their scalp over this problem? At that time, this question deeply troubled our little brains who were struggling to find scientific answers. At that time, this problem was our most important scientific research object besides daily study. At that time, there was light in our eyes. Finally, a certain classmate couldn’t help but consult an adult, and then came back to tell us the answer-there are many muddy shoes and many viruses, and not wearing shoe covers will make the computer virus! Not wearing shoe covers will make your computer virus! Not wearing shoe covers will make your computer virus! Not wearing shoe covers will make your computer virus! Oh~ I understand~ So that’s how it is. The scientific problems that have plagued us for so many days have finally been solved! Solve the fart! Back then, I really suffered an uncultured loss! (Covering his face…) So, which black-hearted adult told us the answer? Too wicked! Why don’t you say that a virus in your computer will have a runny nose! There is a virus on the feet! Is it athlete’s foot? …No more, no more, let’s not talk about it, the past is unbearable, let it go… As for the real reason why shoe covers are worn, it is probably because the computers were expensive and not easy to maintain. The frequent entry and exit of students in the classroom and the dust on their feet can easily shorten the keyboard and heat dissipation life, so some protective measures must be taken.

8 months ago

1. Because it was really expensive at first. How expensive is it? Around 1995, when the monthly salary was more than 100 yuan, a computer started at 8k. I looked scared. 2. Computers were still very rare that year, how rare? Buying a computer in a county requires special approval. Importing a model from abroad can be discussed in the newspaper for three months. I saw several issues of old newspapers in the archives before, and it was noisy for half a year to introduce a machine. 3. Because it is rare, no one will toss, and will not repair it if it is broken. It takes at least half a month to call the provincial capital for repairs and it is too expensive. Even if it’s just dust accumulation, please ask an engineer from a provincial city who can clean up the dust. It will cost ordinary people a month’s salary and have to wait in line for more than half a month from the beginning of the call. This is not a big deal compared to wearing a shoe cover. Up. Just like many people choose not to drive on a rainy day today, it’s 50 yuan for a car wash. Fourth, crashes were also common back then, and the operating system was not well protected. It was common for a command to crash directly after hitting it, which made it even more awe-inspiring. Even though there are still rm -rf scripts now, in fact, most current operating systems no longer allow default execution of the rm command. 5. Computers were still high-end productivity tools that year, and the future direction of technological development. As for production tools, humanization is secondary, and stability is the first priority. Now many factories have to change shoes when entering a production workshop, which is almost the same.

8 months ago

There may be two reasons for this. One is that the previous computers were mostly bulky “large devices” such as mainframes and minicomputers, which consumed a lot of power and were relatively fragile, and were equivalent to precision instruments. According to the principle of using this type of equipment, basically a highly clean and even constant temperature and humidity environment is required. The personal home computers we are talking about are microcomputers. When Bill Gates was in college, microcomputers were not popular, and he was able to use computers frequently by relying on his family’s relationship with IBM, the top computer company at the time. It is ridiculous that many people still learn that he dropped out of school to start a business. People who drop out of school can get better learning and financing opportunities. If you drop out, you will lose the best learning and financing opportunities you can get. This is a handan toddler on the surface, but in fact it is totally different. At the beginning of the popularization of microcomputers, they were mainly introduced and used by industrial enterprises and related units, basically referring to the maintenance principles of microcomputers. Second, at that time Western companies often used technological advantages to obtain wicked profits. For example, there is a story where an iron plate on a server is sold for $10,000. Said it can adjust the airflow. Replacement can only buy imported original packaging. There is no warranty if you change it yourself. Later, we also built a server, this board also cost 10,000 yuan, they said that the board is actually not useful. This story is probably not true, but this face should be true, because Western companies do often engage in such monopolistic profits. Therefore, the seller of the microcomputer at that time was likely to adopt a similar sales method. The end result is that most companies that used microcomputers in the early days built an air-conditioned room specifically for the microcomputer, which maintained a constant temperature of 16 degrees Celsius all year round, and had to wear shoe covers or even a headgear when entering and exiting, and then arranged for a little girl to freeze it inside. The same is true for many server rooms. Of course, the current computer room will also control the temperature, but the scale is large, and it will not be said that a personal computer is equipped with a constant temperature room. This collocation method greatly increases the cost of use, and the key is that there is still a lot more.

8 months ago

I took a look at the answers to this question. The big guys mainly said that 1. Because the computer room is wired underground, I am afraid of mopping the floor with wet water. 2. Computers were expensive at that time. 3. Fear of static electricity. 4. Let children have a sense of awe for computers. In my opinion, there are three main reasons: 1. As a child, it is relatively easy to manage. The teacher said that if you want to wear shoe covers, you have to wear shoe covers. The consequence of not wearing it is simple, that is, where to go back and forth. Take a look at the current company or the company’s computer room, there are a few that let you wear shoe covers in, but it’s not troublesome enough. 2. Do you remember the bricks under the computer room at that time? The white ones are not of good quality. I was afraid that the “good shoes” we wore would ruin him. 3. There is no need to invite a special aunt to clean up. When I was young, the school did not ask an aunt to clean up. It was cleaned every week, and the free labor was unnecessary. Besides, half of the computer teachers were not class teachers. He asks you to help clean up, the head teacher asks you to clean up in the teacher, how do you choose. How to say? I’m not a square jungler, how can I be busy! Does the teacher still have to force me to perform the meal operation?

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