As an education practitioner, I see that under this problem, many people think that the original intention of such a teacher is to let the children write norms only, and the writing norms should be the best and the best, so we are strict. There is nothing excessive to ask. However, I personally feel that encountering a teacher like this, coupled with parents who appreciate this kind of education, may be a disaster for the child. Because they may not know what obsessive-compulsive disorder is, or the anxiety caused by compulsive behavior. I used to post my hand-made noodles in Zhihu. Some people may remember. That’s right, this is this one, and many people marvel at its roundness. Yes, it is really round, just like measuring it with a compass. Not only is my hand-rolled surface so round, my handwritten characters are also very neat, and the pictures I made when I was in school are even comparable to the printed version. When I did my homework when I was a child, I made a mistake. I would tear up the entire sheet and write it again from beginning to end, because I couldn’t bear any smearing on the homework. The pursuit of neatness is as if carved into my bones, and it is not only the pursuit of neatness, but I also seem to have a great pursuit of perfection. When I go to school to recite the text, even if I only need to recite one paragraph, I will memorize the entire article. Come down, because let me start from one of the paragraphs, I can’t do it, I must start from the beginning and end the text. Such behavior allowed me to pass the entrance exam to 211 University from the extremely harsh northwestern rural area. I don’t know if it’s my nature or education. I just remember that when I was six or seven years old, I started doing housework. I got up in the morning to sweep the floor and wipe the table. Basically, I needed to do it three times, because every time I did it, my mother would do it. I will check it once and find that the corners are not cleaned, so I will clean again until it is clean. Moreover, I still remember that when I was just learning how to roll noodles, one time when I did not roll noodles well, my parents stood beside me, one on each side, cursing while teaching, and cursing on my side. I cried bitterly as I rolled the noodles until I rolled the noodles to a full circle. At that time, I was not tall enough to reach the chopping board, and I needed to step on a stool to roll the noodles. Also, the Chinese teacher in my elementary school checked our homework and found that the mistakes were either beaten up or torn up and rewritten. Generally, writing essays should be typed three or four times on the draft paper until there is no need to modify it. The homework is up…and she has taught me for six years. She is the most rigorous teacher in our school. She has also taught students from two key universities, one is me. It stands to reason that I should be grateful to my parents and teachers. In fact, I do thank them. Without them, I would not be admitted to university. I would not have the achievements I have made today. I can earn more than many people by relying on codewords. However, they don’t know, what have I paid for this over the years? My unit sent me out to study on Thursday last week. I need to leave at 5 o’clock in the morning. I woke up at 2 o’clock that morning, because as long as there is something slightly more important the next day, I can’t sleep well. I went to bed more than 12 o’clock the night before, and I couldn’t fall asleep even after tossing and turning. I got up and took melatonin and finally fell asleep, but I woke up again at three or four in the middle of the night. You have to ask me what’s the next day. Today I can’t even remember what it is, there must be something, but it’s certainly not a very important thing. Also, when I went out, I obviously locked the door, but when I came downstairs, I felt that the door was not locked, and I kept thinking about it again and again along the way. Besides, everything in the house must be placed in its original place. Yes, everything in my house has its place, even hanging clothes in the closet. Each piece of clothing has its own position. Such behavior causes others to do anything. When I go to my house, it is neat and tidy. Maybe many people think that having such a woman in the family is happy? My men certainly don’t think so. Because he kept a lot of men’s stinky socks casually thrown away, opened drawers and won’t close, clothes won’t shake and other habits. As a Homo sapiens, I must know that these behaviors are harmless, but people’s emotions are not controlled by intelligence. Very often, as long as he is at home, I will definitely blow up my hair when I get home. Yes, just like a cat, all the chaos will make me angry. I can’t control the anger. We quarreled countless times about this, but fortunately he didn’t spend much time at home, thank goodness. Possibly, in my subconscious, the reason why I looked for him was because he was not at home for a long time, so I didn’t have to get along with him every day. I know I can’t live with any human for a long time. To me, others are hell, and perhaps to others, I am also hell. But even so, many times now, I not only take melatonin orally, but also take vitamin B. Because of anxiety, I also suffer from neurodermatitis. When anxiety breaks out, dermatitis will follow up immediately. So, do you want a kid like me? If you want, then writing a division sign is better than writing a ruler. One day, not only will he always have a ruler under his hands, but he will always have a ruler in his mind. The person with the ruler is more sad than the person in the case.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Then ask the teacher to correct the homework, the four ends of the cross must be connected to a standard square, the angle of the tick must be vertical, and the length ratio of the left and right line segments must meet the golden ratio, and the accuracy must be accurate. Three digits after the decimal point, so it looks better. After all, respect is mutual. If you ask me this way, I will also make a little request, but it’s not too much. Besides, the teacher should set an example to be a good example. Closer to home, I think such a rigid requirement is very outrageous, this is not an excessive level. In my opinion, this teacher’s request is considered unreasonable. Is it possible that my straight line is slightly offset, you don’t recognize this symbol? Since you don’t matter how you write it, it’s just a division sign in the end. This requirement is not only helpless for learning, but also has nothing to do with habit formation. Spending a lot of time just to write a symbol, isn’t it just a waste of time? What is the significance of this request? I don’t know, maybe it’s just to satisfy the teacher’s desire for control. Ah, there seem to be more people watching. Then I will do it again. Mainly answer the opinions of some people. Some people say that it is reasonable to do so, and some elementary school students have bad habits, and the purpose is to develop good habits. To be honest, I dare not agree with this view. If you say that the teacher thinks that the students’ writing is poor and asks the students to copy one by one according to the standard on the copybook, and standardize the writing requirements, then I will support it with all four limbs. To develop a good habit, there are more ways to go, and there are not many better ways than this, right? Why can’t you get through the non-and-divide sign? Besides, isn’t it a matter of two dots and one horizontal line when you write a division sign? Maybe it’s not a good idea. I’m really racking my brains and I can’t think of any practical significance in doing so. In fact, most people say that they haven’t seen the division sign since they were in high school. The requirement to write the division sign is basically useless. This is true, I basically can’t see it in junior high school, almost all of it is expressed in the form of scores. But I want to say that if you replace the division sign with a plus sign and a minus sign, I still feel that this requires ten separate spectra. It does not depend on whether you will use this symbol frequently in the future, but on whether this requirement is reasonable. I don’t believe that there are still a little more normal students who can write a plus or minus sign to the extent that they don’t even know others, and this kind of “training” is necessary. The above are all within the scope of normal discussion. As for another person who can raise the problem to “liberalism” and the international situation…presumably your reading comprehension is a perfect score every time.

6 months ago

Teacher’s perspective: What’s the matter with these children, the multiplication symbol is written well, the division symbol is written like a plus sign, and the horizontal lines are crooked. No, forming a habit is not easy to correct. It is still stipulated that if the writing is not standardized, the horizontal ruler should be compared with the writing, and the two points must be round. Other people’s perspective: Isn’t it just a division sign, it just doesn’t matter if you can recognize it. In this way, can Chinese and English teachers require that they be the same as printed text, and can physical chemistry teachers require that the size and proportion of your text and symbols must be the same as those printed in the textbook? It’s not too much, it really depends on the position. If it is a student involved, it is estimated that it will be done. It will not be unreasonable at all, and what the teacher said is reasonable; if it is a teacher, it will not be too much. You must be standardized when you start, and of course, when the energy allows, it is still less Uniform regulations and more personalized guidance. If it’s someone else, I think it’s too much, too unnecessary, and too rigid. If the program goes online, it can also rise to the point that the teacher kills the student’s personality, or the teacher’s desire to control. I don’t know if people who have gone through the student stage have thought about it, that adult’s free will actually benefit from the strict requirements of childhood. But because you are full when you eat the fifth loaf, you feel that the first four loaves are actually redundant. This is the embarrassment of education compared with medicine. In the field of education, almost everyone is an expert.

6 months ago

When my child was in elementary school, I thought so too
A bit too late, right? Comparing with a ruler? Have to draw a circle? Does this teacher have a brain problem?
Now I look at my child’s workbook, just want to travel back to the year, slap me twice, and say to me back then
Listen to the teacher! That’s right! You are not for education! You rarely interfere with the teacher’s education!

6 months ago

Students can be asked to write more neatly and not too scribbled, but it is too much to ask for a ruler. By the way…I have really heard of a similar situation:
A teacher is similar to what the subject said, a ruler must be used for the division sign;
Another teacher asked for the line-segment diagram of the word problem, not to mention using a ruler, it involves segmentation, each segment must be 1cm long…

6 months ago

As a parent who once thought this was excessive, I would like to say that this request is very correct. Someone said that as long as the children write neatly, it is enough. The problem is that for a child, he does not understand what is called neat, so the teacher must propose a standard. When standards need to be established, if the requirements are lowered, children will write in a mess. Anyway, my kid’s current handwriting is really ugly. So I think that as a parent, we still have to understand and support some of the teachers’ requirements, after all, they are professional. I know that this answer is not politically correct, but I still want to talk about it so as not to delay the child of the subject.

6 months ago

It is indeed a bit overkill~ But first of all, we must understand that the teacher’s starting point is good. After all, for elementary school students, 40% of the requirements made by the teacher are fulfilled and I am very happy~ I think you support the teacher’s work, this matter It won’t last long~ It won’t take a month for the students to form a habit, and the teacher will naturally not hold on to this matter! You can ask your child to draw a line on the notebook (do ten vertical arithmetic problems, and you will understand why the teacher asked for it). If the habit is not formed in the early stage, it will be too late to regret it! Simply put: Putting aside the quality of the words, it is that some children’s homework looks clear, and some are messy, why? Because writing is irregular! The line of writing is crooked, the previous one is the next~the last one? Because of the ugly words in the college entrance examination, five or six points were lost for composition and five or six points for short answer questions. You say you regret it! There was a prestigious school before that required students to practice calligraphy (English), exactly the same as in the textbook! It is also criticized~ (The book is printed in print, and the characters are not standardized when written) But why is it still implemented in the school? Because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages! ! ! So, if you can listen to what I said, relax and communicate with the teacher before making a decision! If you really care about your child’s development, don’t criticize the teacher for the first time when something happens! Calm down and communicate! And don’t let the children know all this! Even if the teacher is a scumbag, you have to maintain his authority in front of your children! (For details, you can go to the principal and the Education Bureau! But don’t let your children know about this!!!)

6 months ago

It depends on how you understand it. Compared with pure knowledge learning, exam-oriented education has its most important feature in standardized expression. That is to say, any content reflected in homework and test papers has a set of standard paradigms, which reflect the student’s learning level to a considerable extent, not just the degree of understanding of knowledge. For example, the [solution] when doing math homework. I have never figured out why this solution must be written for mathematical application problems. Even if the whole idea of ​​solving the problem, the process and the answer are correct, one or two points must be deducted if you don’t write this solution. But later, when I understood this truth, my Chinese performance began to rise linearly, because the internal logic of this learning mechanism contradicted our cognitive inertia of [learning] to a considerable extent. In my opinion, the teacher’s method of asking children to write symbols using this standard is a bit simple and rude, but the original intention of this requirement is at least in line with the principle of examination. And the sooner you can let your children understand the principles of test-taking, you can save your children from detours in the future—unless you really think that school is just a place to watch and teach children. But obviously, few parents have such requirements for schools. Otherwise, what is the significance of the test ranking? After all, not every child is a favorite of heaven. Every child can simply master knowledge and absorb understanding. By writing neatly and standardly, he can get scores that many sloppy children can’t get. It will only benefit the child in the future. . Of course, you can say that the teacher is not humane, and arbitrarily increase the weight, which will increase the burden of learning for the child. You can ask your child not to listen to the teacher, as long as you think it doesn’t matter if your child loses points on this issue in the future.

6 months ago

When I was in elementary school, my teacher asked me to use a ruler for equating, but it took me a year. There is no problem with this requirement in the lower grades, but at most one or two years, don’t force the ruler to be required when the child develops a habit. I think the teacher at that time should be afraid that our equal signs are not parallel, and it is easy to be seen by the scoring teacher as a <or> sign~ Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to make strict requirements for beginners. We cannot use the already proficient mathematical symbols or even An adult who has forgotten how to learn these symbols sees the problem from the perspective of an adult. Why do you say that? A square character becomes a villain in the end. If the child doesn’t strictly require the de-sign when he first learns, who knows what will be written in the end? This is really inaccurate. It cannot be said that most of us have not learned crookedly, which means that strict requirements of teachers are unnecessary. Set rules for beginners. After the right habit is formed, it is natural to relax the restrictions. At least I have drawn the equal signs in parallel so far. I think it is worthwhile to draw the equal signs for a year with a ruler when I was young.

6 months ago

This is a misunderstanding or over-interpretation of the teacher. When the elementary school first started to learn division, the teacher asked the children to write the ÷ standard not excessively. At the beginning, the teacher will be stricter, but at the end of the semester, it will not be very good at the end of the semester. As long as the standard looks clear, it will do. The teacher really approves the homework and papers, and will not measure with a ruler. If the batch assignments and papers are not straight or round because the ÷ line in the formula is not straight, it will be considered excessive. The children in the second grade are generally weak in holding pens. They just start writing ÷ signs. It is normal to write poorly. The teacher teaches children to write well ÷ with the help of a ruler. After all, for children of this age, you only tell them that it’s really useless to write ÷ as a standard. They will write a crooked ÷ that looks like +, and they think it’s pretty standard. Some habits really need to be cultivated from an early age, such as writing standards, clean and tidy rolls, and reasonable distribution of answering areas. Although these habits will not add points to the exam, they can effectively prevent the teacher from deducting the answers because they can’t see clearly and can’t find answers. Minute. (Is it really worthwhile to lose points in the high school entrance examination for this kind of trivial matter?) It is recommended that parents have questions to communicate with their teachers calmly and rationally. In 985, many students have the habit of using a straightedge to draw long semicolons and long root signs, which did not affect everyone’s enthusiasm for mathematics, and it did not delay everyone from going to a good university.

6 months ago

It’s a bit too much. But… tell you my story. In the first three grades of elementary school I experienced, the teacher had similar requirements. At that time, my head teacher taught Chinese and mathematics, and from time to time it was not very consistent. I was more impressed, such as Pinyin ü. When the teacher first taught me, I clearly remembered those two points that the teacher asked to be hollow, which was different from the enlightenment my mother had given me before. But my mother told me early on that I should follow the teacher’s teaching in my study, so I wrote in the hollow circle, but you know that the two small circles on the pinyin of the pinyin grid book are difficult to write and look good, and the big ones are not round. It was very ugly. My mother was very strict with me at that time, so she erased it and asked me to rewrite it. I said that the teacher taught that way, and then handed in the next day there were three pages of very nice small circles, which was really exhausting. Great effort. As a result, the teacher taught us during class, saying that most of the classmates actually wrote the two points on ü in a circle, and they are all good students who usually look at the obedient balabala… very angry, very hard, and very speechless, but… ours A few circled classmates are very sympathetic and regretful…There is also this kind of, = the grid ruler cannot be misaligned up and down. I remember that the standard at the time was probably “spacing one millimeter, length three millimeters”; requirements and questions It is similar to each other, but because of ü’s lessons learned, the class became crazy to draw dots as circles, so the teacher dare not ask for two dots. We only asked us not to be invisible and not too large, which was rather vague. 8 must not be round, open the upper right side, the start and end points of 7 must be on the same vertical line, and the two verticals of 4 must be parallel and slanted… and so on. But there are many things that the teacher didn’t actually teach. For example, when I practiced typing later, I realized that “beaming” was a bit of tongue and “tangle”. It was wrong for a long time, and the teacher didn’t point it out. Maybe the teacher didn’t. know. I am a very lazy but dogmatic person. I am not willing to toss with my teachers and parents, so I wrote honestly and according to the rules during those three years. Everyone said I was slow, and the teacher scolded me for it, but nobody Can pick out what is wrong with my homework. Then I changed teachers in the fourth grade because I didn’t like to talk to people (it seems that many people like to talk about one hundred, if I do homework slowly, even if I write slowly, even if my brain is slow, even if I do everything slowly, I talk to classmates If you think it’s wrong, laugh at me for speaking slowly. The new head teacher also thinks that I’m not learning well, and I don’t take the initiative to speak in class. will not”. But my brain development was really slow at that time. When I heard what the teacher said in my ears, it became “Those rules are useless, you can ignore them.” Um, at the same time, my mother was afraid that I would suffer from slow writing, so I was allowed to scribble and must finish the paper. Hey hey this is very easy to let me go ~ and then the teacher said that I “learned in disorder and poor and can’t speak”. But it’s not important. It’s interesting that I can read the miscellaneous books at home when I save time on homework. Then, in the mid-term exam, the highest score in the class except me was 257 (three subjects other than language and mathematics), and I got 300 points. Although it was only a mid-term exam in the fourth grade of elementary school, there was nothing to be proud of in life, but the teacher looked at the report card and found that I was the only person who could make her exaggerate in front of her colleagues, kind of smiling and a little guilty I also felt that I didn’t have much of my tone before, so it was very interesting. Then in the process of flying all the way, I began to feel the benefits of those three years. Because I’m used to writing such laborious and well-regulated characters, no matter how scribbled it is, it won’t make people obscure, and how to release it, there are excessively strict rules that drag me. My inertia is very strong, but at the same time I am relatively honest. I always love how to relax and how to be happy, and when I can’t relax and cannot be happy, I have had three years of “hardship” experience of “I didn’t know at the time”, and I was almost able to sustain it. past. Just… the story is over.

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