In fact, I want to ask what behaviors can be used to judge the opposite sex to behave and treat others.

A girl’s perspective: if she loves you, everything you do will not lose the price; if she does not love you, whatever you do, she thinks you will lose the price. Boys’ perspective: If you love her, don’t think about falling prices for anything you do; if you don’t love her, you can’t talk about falling prices for nothing. From God’s perspective: There are no fragrant grass anywhere in the world, and fish everywhere in the sea. Men are not slaves or cattle in the slave market. Women should not break their teeth. Comments are short and long—a man is just as good as he is. Don’t let a woman next to you point out “you should do this, you should do that”. A woman is a rib on a man’s body. What a man has to do is to find his lost rib, and then love her well-but only if she is your rib, don’t admit the wrong person.

I want to say to some boys: When you chase a girl, can you stop being immersed in the world where I am an affectionate and good man? What happened to the girl who refused you, chasing down people who hinder other people’s lives and do not consider their feelings, the low burst! I have a female friend who has a pretty good relationship. She is very beautiful. At the beginning of her freshman year, a boy threatened to chase her, and then went on to work. This boy is also good enough, at least in their circle, it is a popular item, but it does not meet the preferences of the girl, so the girl refused at once, and she was firm every time she confessed. (Note that there is no shyness and no implicitness. They are all directly saying that it is impossible that you are not my food, and you directly refuse, and you will hold back if you say that the girl is wrong.) But considering that you can’t see you and see you down, the girl is not right. His face is too bad. However, the sister underestimated the degree of persistence of this gentleman: he got the contact information of all her relatives and friends, and told them how and how he liked her, and the argument was that she was actually not very good, chasing me a lot, better than her A lot of good-looking, but I just like her, so I rejected them all. The listener was sad and the listener cried. Such a good man fell in love with a woman who “does not know what is good or bad”. Under his intentional or unintentional “vigorous propaganda”, his friend has since become ridden with bad reviews, and has become a woman who “hangs a man with her own opinion” – they are in a department and often meet. Not to mention the suitors of this boy, who almost hated her. At the school meeting, because my friend is a key figure in the department, she often has to contact other people, so she can be seen walking with the opposite sex from time to time (note that it is not a hook and a back, the girl is very self-loving and deliberately leaves a distance) , When the girls saw it, they began to viciously say that the girl’s relationship between men and women is chaotic, like messing around, sleeping with other men, and so on. What is ridiculous is that the boy’s first reaction was not to speak for the girl, but to ask the girl about her relationship with those boys. Obviously they were in the same department, and he didn’t know the girl’s job, but by this time he still suspected that I was completely drunk at the time. I took the phone and called him without saying anything, and told him to find other innocent women to get out of me. He didn’t say anything, and sent a text message to my friend, which roughly means: You all hate me so much, so I won’t show up in front of you. I just like her. I didn’t do anything else. Although I was wronged, alas… I was so angry that I wanted to scold my mother, but my friend said it’s fine. I hope he really doesn’t bother himself. She is just about rumors. Feeling that the clearer is self-clear, he doesn’t care too much. That’s how it was in my senior year. During the period I talked to my friend’s classmate, she was also very indignant, so she intentionally or unintentionally helped her friend block the person—yes, he was still pestering. However, there was no major incident, and it was considered safe and sound. It wasn’t until I was about to graduate, and after my friend worked, one day she cried and called me (note, my friend is a very open-minded type, I haven’t cried for a few years), I heard that the buddy made trouble for my friend again: She was unwell. After going to the hospital, the doctor said that it might be a serious illness and needed an examination. The past few days have been in trepidation, but at this moment, this buddy sent her WeChat and said: My friend said you go to the gynecology department for abortion? When I asked, I found out that a girl saw her sister go to the gynecology department, so viciously spread rumors that she was pregnant and was an abortion. The friend collapsed completely. She was very sad when she was sick, but there were people who arranged herself with such malicious words, and she didn’t know what to do for a while. I was so angry that I called and asked him: Who is that person? Don’t you like my friend? Haven’t you known her for four years? Don’t you know how much she loves herself? You actually doubt her too? Don’t you know that she is sick? Even if she is sick, what position do you have for doubting others’ private affairs? But do you know how he did it? He actually protects the girl who spread the rumors, because that girl likes him. He said that he scolded that girl, and refused to call me life and death. When I saw that I refused to compromise, he must make a public statement. He said grimly: Why have you been targeting me and my friends? I just like your girlfriends. what’s happenin? I asked in the opposite direction: Touching your conscience, dare you say you haven’t said anything to your friends? If not, why is she hated by your circles? Neither my friend nor his friend know each other! (Actually, I knew what he said at that time. After all, my friend didn’t know what it was, but he just liked her. I heard it countless times.) Even if you like her, what have you done for her? Don’t trust or help, just keep making trouble. If you have nothing to do with the person who spread the rumors, why don’t you scold them directly? He is an argument: I like her, is it wrong? Yes, there is a mistake. It is wrong for you to hinder others’ lives. I hung up the phone and persuaded the girl to block all his contact information. Before that, he sent another text message to his friend: So you hate me so much, then I, an annoying person, will leave your life forever, balabala, I almost laughed, but this will be gone. The mood of scolding is directly blackened. Regardless of men and women, it is important to consider others. Feelings are a matter of two people, and everyone knows that they are embarrassed? When people don’t like you, they just talk badly, arrange bad things about each other, and even bring troubles to others’ lives, which is very low. If you still have a glass heart, then you should be thankful that you did not meet me. I have no sympathy and will shoot you to death on the spot. Don’t use everything I like her as an excuse. Affectionate is innocent, but it is guilty to hinder others.


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9 months ago

The first thing to understand is that not all girls can be suppressed. Some people have just come into contact with the suppression and saw the PUA news on the Internet, and found that suppression is so easy to use. It looks down on the surface, but is actually interested. After understanding a little bit, he began to operate on girls. In his eyes, no matter what problems arise in the process of getting along with girls, the solution is to suppress. Then you can get a high-scoring girl and win the praise of friends around you, and you will soon become the center of social interaction. In fact, whether you can use suppression on girls depends on whether you are of high value. If you are a particularly low person, do you still suppress others? ? Isn’t this making people laugh? ?

9 months ago

Suppression does not directly attack the opponent’s weaknesses, why are you so dark! You little blind man! Haha Damn you, a girl who is still bald, laughs so hard at me! This is no longer in the scope of suppression, but has risen to the level of personal attacks. At this time, if you don’t drop the price, who will drop the price. At the same time, the severity of the suppression is also divided into occasions, and is also related to the closeness of your previous relationship. In public, you must be cautious about suppressing in front of your friends. As the saying goes, cursing people do not reveal shortcomings, especially in front of friends, everyone values their social evaluation. You opened your mouth in front of everyone and said, I found that so-and-so you are so narcissistic and stinky, most girls will not like you to say this in public, and it is not easy to answer you. But if you want to chat with her privately on WeChat, she might reply to you. My sister is so narcissistic. In the same sentence, the atmosphere is completely different. The former is unhappy and uncomfortable, while the latter is a bit flirting. Everyone understands it by themselves.

9 months ago

Everyone who pursues girls now understands that not licking dogs, licking dogs is very priceless, and feel that they have to talk about themselves with girls. After all, always paying attention to girls is also a kind of dog licking behavior. Ever since, chatting and chatting, Liaocheng over-exhibited one sentence, how about me, how about me, how I was in the past, almost every sentence has been [I] at the beginning, everyone must be clear about the continuous high-frame meeting It feels tiring to let girls communicate with you. People can’t say a few words when they chat with you, or if a girl just said that you would snatch others’ words, and don’t know how to listen. This kind of communication is an invalid chat. The self-healing addictive behavior itself is very low price. Originally showing themselves to girls appropriately, it is a high-value display, but excessively showing oneself is low value. Such behavior is very low-value.

9 months ago

This is definitely one of the price drop behaviors that Wannian has been on the list. One question after another, the two met on a blind date: you asked, “How did you come here?” I came by electric bike, “Then what did you ride? A brand of electric car?” XX brand, “Oh, how much battery does your electric car have?”…Many people have no choice but to break the atmosphere and find topics by asking questions because they don’t know what to talk about. But continuous questioning is to ask for value from the other party, which fully exposes your own sense of need. The behavior of asking hard questions to convey to the other party is that I am very interested in you, and we will not pay attention to people who are not interested in people who do not like them.

9 months ago

Most people make this mistake, thinking that when two people go to chat, they must tell each other everything about themselves. It was also to meet frankly and sincerely, hoping that the girls would understand themselves more quickly, so they madly expressed that they wanted to tell each other about their seven aunts and eight aunts, which had the opposite effect. Although I have always said that two people should get along sincerely, this behavior is obviously a misunderstanding of sincerity. The content that you revealed in the conversation is completely beyond your own relationship. At the same time, you tell the other party what you have. People were originally curious about you, but when you look at Ou, your mystery is gone. Girls are not curious about you, so naturally they will not be interested in you. At the same time, girls will be extinct. I am not so familiar with you. I don’t want to know so much about you! It’s good for two people to chat in moderation, don’t express your feelings too strongly, it will scare girls away. Such behavior is very cheap

9 months ago

Too much nonsense and random comments on what is nonsense, that is, useless words, very disgusting words, such as: beauty, you are so beautiful, what are you doing? This is all nonsense for girls, what else I am particularly upset about today, because I met a silly x, this kind of remark has nothing to do with girls in the early chat, you want to express your trivial life like a girl In fact, girls really don’t care about things that have nothing to do with them. There is also to evaluate other people’s things at will, and to evaluate other people’s emotions, willingness, ability, personality, and roles involuntarily based on their own subjective judgments. This kind of behavior is called a straight man if it sounds good, and it is her freedom to not respect what others do. You have no right to evaluate other people’s lives. If you blindly comment on your own ideas, you are actually living. Poor man in his own world. Let’s write so much first, and the rest will be added slowly when you have time, and also about opening sex too early

9 months ago

Seeing this question, the first reaction is that you can read my predecessor’s ID number directly. I’m not old, but I’ve come across a lot of the best. A certain ex may not accept me as his girlfriend because of his younger age and strong possessiveness. I wear shorts/skirts in summer and have a low neckline. A scourge, but I am a person who eats soft but not hard. Now he may have found this girl who is full of him.

9 months ago

I hate the smell of cigarettes. The boy promised me that he would not smoke after being together. Later, just because he smoked repeatedly, we had a fight. I (it was angry at the time): “Your friend tells you to smoke, just smoke? If you can’t be a friend without smoking this cigarette, then I will smoke with you. Which glass of wine can’t stop me from drinking with you” He said:” I think smoking is nothing, but you are a girl, you can’t smoke, girls have to love themselves, how can you drink, how can you smoke?” Let’s go to the field to stay, I smoke your gh box. Summarize the above various behaviors, such as things, serious male chauvinism, lack of credit, beware of uneducated, straightforward, affectionate, and other behaviors are devaluation, not only boys, but people who do it are devaluation, but I am generous in love and pay for every relationship, because I run a charity organization and like to pick up boyfriends from the trash.

9 months ago

When a boy cares about what a girl is thinking, he will definitely drop the price. Take Gao Zan’s “excellent communication”, you can think about why boys say those strange things to girls? Is it because these boys are naturally weird? Then you have never seen dozens of phone calls a day bombarding boys and calling husband’s female “wonderful flowers” in public. Girls get crazy, you are even more scared. So this is not a gender issue, and it may not be the way these people usually do. But because I couldn’t ask for it, my mentality collapsed. These people want a response from each other too much. But they felt that they were not worthy of it. Under this ambivalence, they will try to know what the other person is thinking. Any small action of the other party, they can look at it with a magnifying glass for a long time. For example, one day a girl sent a message saying “I miss yesterday’s milk tea”, some boys may mutter, she may want to drink milk tea, I have to express!

9 months ago

It is “talking simple and deep”, the two are not yet familiar with each other, some people have already started to be mothers for each other. At the beginning of this problem, boys were too concerned about what girls were thinking. Once they care too much about what the other person is thinking, they will become anxious. In order to eliminate anxiety, they will try to do something. Such a deliberate approach will often divorce from the reality and be perverse in words and deeds, making them look like “wonders.” In fact, most of them are not like this. We have a saying, “They didn’t be themselves in front of girls”, that’s what we mean. Some boys asked me what this girl meant by this. I always tell them that it’s not important, you can understand it literally. It’s actually that simple.

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