Regarding Jiang Wei Jiang Shu, there are two different versions, one is in his own biography and the other is in Wei Lue. First of all, let’s talk about what Chen Shou wrote in “The Story of Three Kingdoms: Jiang Wei Biography”: “When Tianshui prefecture went out of the case, the defender Cao Liangxu, the master book Yin Shang, and the master recorder Liang Qian followed. The prefect heard that the army of Shu came down, and The counties responded and suspected that Wei, etc. were all disagreeable, so he died at night to save him. Wei and others went to the prefecture and chased after him until the city gate. The city gate was closed and refused to accept it. Wei. Wei et al. Zhuge Liang. Wei et al. return to hope, but hope does not enter Wei. Wei et al. Yi Zhuge Liang. Hui Ma Di is defeated at the street pavilion, and Liang pulls back thousands of families in Xixian County and Wei et al. Wei Sui and his mother lost each other.” In this version, Jiang Wei and several of his colleagues went out on business with the Tianshui Prefect. With the beginning of Zhuge Liang’s Northern Expedition, almost all counties under the jurisdiction of Tianshui betrayed. The prefect suspected Jiang Wei, so A person ran to the Liangzhou government office at that time. Jiang Wei and others found that it was too late to chase the past, and they were blocked at the gate of the city. They didn’t accept them when they wanted to go back to Ji County, so there was no way. A group of people were abandoned and had to go to Zhuge Liang. After that, because Ma Di was defeated in Jieting, Zhuge Liang led the main force to withdraw, taking away more than a thousand families in Xixian County, Jiang Wei and others also left with him. Therefore, Jiang Wei separated from his mother. The second version is written by Pei Songzhi in his notes, quoting the words in “Wei Lue”, here to mention, “Wei Lue” is a private history book written by Wei Guolang Zhong Yu Yu to record the era of Cao Wei, a rough description It is as follows: Tianshui prefect Ma Zun will maintain the officials and follow the Yongzhou governor Guo Huaiou from the west to Luomen. Huiwen Liang has arrived in Qishan, and Huai Gu Zun said: “It’s a bad desire!” Sui Qidong also went to Ji. Zunnian ruled Ji county in the west, and feared that the officials and the people would be happy, so he also followed the Huai River. Shi Wei said that Zun said: “Ming Mansion should return to Ji.” Zun Wei waited and said: “Everyone in the Qing replied, all thieves.” Wei is not as good as Zunhe, and his family is in Hebei, so he and the county official Shangguan Zixiu wait for the hope. Seeing Wei et al.’s overjoy, the officials in Jizhong pushed forward the order to see Liang. The two of them are not satisfied, but they are both bright. See you, Joy. Before dispatching to meet the people in Jizhong, Huiliang’s forward was defeated by Zhang Yun, Fei Yao, etc., and then Weiwei was shrunk. Unable to pay it back, he went to Shu. When all the army attacked Hebei, they all got the wife of the mother of the Victorian mother. They also thought that Weibo had no intention of going there, so they did not have a family, but they were protected by the official to extend it. “The two statements are roughly equivalent, but Wei Lue’s version adds some characters and dialogues. Another difference is whether Jixian rejected Jiang Wei and others. And Wei Lue’s version is sorted out, it is roughly like this. : In 228 AD, Zhuge Liang defeated Cao Wei in the north, but Wei Guo was unprepared. At the same time, Liangzhou governor Guo Huai was summoning Tianshui prefect Ma Zunhe to a meeting. At the time of the meeting, he got news of the Shu army attack. Guo Huai felt that it was possible. If something bad happened, he immediately returned to Shangyu to take charge of military affairs, but Ma Zun was a bully, afraid that something went wrong with his own management, so he did not dare to return to Jixian, (even because of fear, he directly tore with Jiang Wei and others. He turned his face: “All the people of the Qing confessed to the letter, all thieves.” In this sentence, the distrust of Jiang Wei and others is very obvious. Jiang Wei’s father, Jiang Wei, is Cao Wei’s loyal martyr. Jun Gong Cao was in the Qiang and Rong rebellion, defending the county generals, and was not on the battlefield.) Therefore, Jiang Wei can be innocent and the roots are innocent, but he has been treated like this. It is estimated that no one can accept the replacement. Right.) Abandoned the official Jiang Wei and others, and fled to Shangyu alone. Then Jiang Wei and others returned to Ji County. After the people in the city discussed with them, they asked Jiang Wei and Shangguan Zixiu to meet Zhuge Liang as representatives. , Surrendered to the Shu army. And at this time, Ma Di was defeated in Jieting. Before everyone had time to pick up his relatives, Zhuge Liang immediately took Jiang Wei and others back to Hanzhong. The mother and wife were scattered, but Wei was more kind. , Did not embarrass them. ② After the first attack, Cao Wei carried out post-war responsibilities. The prefects of Nan’an and Tianshui counties were given heavy sentences, while You Chu was awarded the title of Liehou with meritorious service in defending the city. Both were rewarded. (Nan’an and Tianshui both sat down, Ying Liang was ruined, the guards of the two counties received heavy sentences, and Chu was awarded Liehou with merit, and Changshi’s all belonged to him.) You Chu became a model and positive figure, and the others The two great codes have become negative teaching materials. Therefore, combined with the above text, to a certain extent, because the court felt that surrendering was not Jiang Wei’s own intention, it did not hold his family members accountable. Instead, they took responsibility for these matters. Let Ma Zun bear the burden. (But it is indeed his mistake) ③ After Cao Wei abandoned Jiang Wei, Ji Han accepted him and reused him. Zhuge Liang appointed Jiang Wei as Cang Cao Yue and added him as General Feng Yi. Feng Dangyang Tinghou, this year, Jiang Wei was twenty-seven years old, but he had already worshipped him. In addition, Zhuge Liang also wrote to Jiang Wan, thinking that Jiang Wei was a “Liangzhou sergeant” with courage. And let Jiang Wei command the five or six thousand tiger infantry army. Later he was promoted to Jiang Wei as the general of the Central Supervision Army. The five or six thousand army is already a lot, and it is still an elite unit. It can be seen that he is really training him very sincerely. It is now, and there is also a platform of its own. (Liang Piwei served as Cang Cao Yue, added Fengyi General, and Feng Dangyang Tinghou, the year was twenty-seven. Liang and the governor Shi Zhang Yi, joined the army Jiang Wan said: “Bo Jiang About Zhongqin’s current affairs, careful consideration, and all of them, Yongnan and Jichang are inferior to them. His person is Liangzhou sergeant.” He also said: “You must first teach five or six thousand Chinese tiger infantry. Jiang Boyue Very agile in the military, with courage and righteousness, and a deep understanding of the military will. This person has the Han Dynasty in his heart, but he is also a man. After teaching the military, he should be sent. Palace, see the Lord. “Later moved to the Central Supervision Army to conquer the generals of the West.) In Jihan, Jiang Wei was very popular, and eventually became a general, a high-ranking official who recorded Shangshushi. But with Cao Wei, he was just a county in the army. My father used to be a county hero, during the Qiang and Rong rebellion, defending the county general, not on the battlefield, and gave the Uyghur official Zhonglang to join the military in the county.) In contrast, it is really a big difference. Perhaps it is because In this way, Jiang Wei inherited Zhuge Wuhou’s legacy. In order to rejuvenate the Han Dynasty, he made many northern expeditions, and even to rejuvenate the country, he did not hesitate to use his own life to “scheme against the three sages”. ④ Jiang Wei’s ending is this sentence : The Uygur history all went to Shu, Liang Xuguan to Dahongxu, Yin Shang held Jinwu, Liang Qian made a long fall, and all died in Shu. Liang Xu, Liang Qian, and Yin Shang all followed Jiang Wei in the same year. Zhuge Liang’s people, three of them. They are all very useful, from county-level officials to Jiuqing-level high-ranking officials. However, these three eventually died before the fall of the Shu Han, and all those who came with him died. What a sadness ahead of him, but only he persisted to the end. The last general of Ji Han is admirable.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The fetters between the people and the country during the Han and Wei dynasties were not as deep as we are now, and the geographical relationship is more important for the township party and the prefecture; local officials pay more attention to the prefectures and prefects. The relationship between the monarch governing ministers, ministers governing officials, and officials governing the people is closer, and those who are not adjacent will be weaker. Jiang Wei was the county chief and Shizhou county, and because of his father’s death, he was a lang, and joined the military in this county. Lang is not an official position, but an alternate official official. Jiang Wei is an official and participating in the military is his authority. His direct officials were Tianshui Prefect Ma Zun and Zhou Shi Shi, and it was Tianshui Prefect and Zhou Shi Shi who concluded the righteousness of monarchs and ministers. “Three Kingdoms”: The design is undecided, Song is the capital of the capital, the emperor is an official of Song, the emperor’s minister, and the general is the official. When the king is the king, Song keeps the order of the emperor, and righteousness cannot be restored to the death of a general. Only the general rethinks, no burden. Han Song said this very clearly. If the emperor is a false official, he is the emperor’s minister. Conversely, if he does not pretend to be an official, he is only the emperor’s citizen, and there is no need to keep the emperor’s life. Why do people enter into relations with the country? It is not that you are the king and I must be your people, but there is a process of absorption. And this absorption process mainly relies on official career and protection. We cannot use today’s close relationship and strong centripetal force between the country and its citizens to consider and demand the ancients of 1,900 years ago. This is unrealistic and meaningless. And what did Jiang Wei’s direct officer Ma Zun do? “Three Kingdoms”: The prefect heard the arrival of the Shu army, but the counties responded, suspected and others were dissatisfied, so they died at night to save Shang Jun. Wei waited for the prefect to go and chased after him late, until the gate of the city was closed and he couldn’t accept it. The peace rate of the dimension is still hope, but the Ji also does not enter the dimension. “Three Kingdoms”: Shi Wei said that Zun said: “Ming Mansion should return to Ji.” Zun Wei and others said: “Qing people reply to the letter, all thieves.” Wei could not return Fang Yuliang. This was the majesty Ma Zun’s minister Jiang Wei, not Jiang Wei’s abandonment of Ma Zun first, so Jiang Wei did not need to die for the monarch, and had the freedom to choose another country. This so-called last resort is simply Wei Guofang’s loss. Because it is indeed your prefecture and county governor who defeated Jiang Wei first. And Jiang is one of the four surnames in Tianshui. If you directly blame a felony, on the one hand, there may be a lot of involvement, and on the other hand, there will be a very bad influence: that is, Wei Tuan and Min, who are similar to Jiang Wei’s situation, are killed because of Jiang Wei. Re-employment will never return to China when the same situation occurs. Since Jiang Wei followed Han’s example, he chose another regime under the view of destiny. Wei was not regarded as his mother country, but an enemy country. Han Song will no longer die for Liu Biao, and Jiang Wei has no need to miss the emperor whose relationship is not as close as that of the prefects and prefects. Liu Chan and Zhuge Liang treat them very well and have a better career. What reason does he have not to repay this kind of acquaintance? The scholar died for the confidant, Jiang Wei’s life perfectly embodies this sentence. Supplement: You Chu once said to the officials of the county: The prefecture was originally the national guardian of the prefecture, righteousness must die, and the people of Qing can take the prefecture’s head and hold on to it. I have referred to this sentence and thought that only the local guards, the commander and others, “righteousness must die.” The officials and people below do not have this obligation. Wei Zhi, who guards tribes and foreign officials and officials, and accepts quality duties, and those who have family members who should be served will be the guards. I may have misunderstood the relationship between Jiang Wei and the emperor, but I don’t think that Jiang Wei is ashamed of it.

6 months ago

As a Boyo fan, I thought that this question didn’t need to be answered at all, but it appeared too many times and couldn’t help but speak for Jiang Wei. First of all, Cao Wei is not the mother country in the strict sense, but the most effective camp. Jiang Wei was born in 202, and Cao Pi was proclaimed emperor by Zen in 220, which means that before he was 18 years old, Boyue had been a Han Chinese and suddenly became Wei Ren, it is estimated that Boyue, who has studied Confucianism and martial arts from elementary school, is also dumbfounded. After Jiang Wei descended to Shu, Zhuge Liang also commented on him. He was born in Han and loyal to Han, which is normal. Secondly, I also think that among the three generations of Xuan-Liang-Wei, there is a strong sense of destiny. The 47-year-old Liu Xuande met 27-year-old Kong Ming, and the 47-year-old Kong Ming met 27-year-old in Tianshui. Jiang Boyue, when we first met, Kong Ming should have thought of the self-motivated self. Jiang Wei had never met Liu Bei, and the only thing the three of them had in common was the revival of the Han Dynasty. It is even more far-fetched to say that Jiang Wei’s personal prospects for the sake of high-ranking officials are far-fetched, and it is speculation from a secular perspective. Jiang was a big family in Tianshui County, and he was particularly interested in Cao Wei, who was born as a celebrity. He originally had a good platform for his development in Cao Wei. However, when he went to Shu, Chen Shou wrote very clearly that he was a foreigner. Liangzhou people, when the “Jingzhou faction” and the “Yizhou faction” were pulling the mountain tops, they couldn’t get in anywhere. They were promoted by Zhuge Kongming in the early stage, and they were promoted very quickly. However, after the death of Kongming, Fei Yi, an anti-war warrior, did not support Jiang. During the Northern Expedition, Jiang Wei at this time didn’t care about the future of the official position. He only remembered that the prime minister “the king’s industry was not partial,” he worked hard in his position, and attacked the Wei army with a small amount of troops from time to time to expand the territory of the Kingdom of Shu little by little. After he came to power, Jiang Wei demoted himself to the fourth rank because of “Hu Ji’s loss of time”, and he still did not forget his original intention of the Northern Expedition. And Jiang Weichuan also wrote that Jiang Wei didn’t own any property at all. He became the largest official of the Shu Han. He had a simple house and a frugal life. He didn’t have any vocal beauty in his family. After the Lord surrendered, he didn’t even give up. He provoked Zhonghui and Deng Ai to fight for each other’s merits, hoping to revive the Han Dynasty. This strategy was really an abyss, and finally failed miserably. If it was just for fame and fortune, he wouldn’t have to lose his life. In the final analysis, like Kong Ming, he is an idealist who is grateful for the gift of knowledge and intends to help the world, and the leader of this idealism is Liu Xuande. As the last general of the Han, Jiang Wei died and Han died.

6 months ago

Because when Jiang Wei was born, he was still a big man in name, so Jiang Wei’s home country was Han, not Wei, Shuwu. At this time, it’s just which of the separatist forces it belongs to. If he is not trusted by Wei, he will naturally go to Shu. Furthermore, it is precisely that Jiang Wei is not a half-hearted person, either does not surrender, or surrenders for a lifetime. How can you force you to surrender today, and go back tomorrow whenever you have a chance? Before you surrender, others did not trust you, and after you surrender, they look down on you even more. In your case, you are dedicated to helping you well, so do you value your Shu country? Or go back to the State of Wei who excludes you, doesn’t trust you, will look down on you and mock you? You are your home country when you are someone, but you don’t think you are a son. It is true that I was waiting for the moon in my heart, but the moon illuminates the ditch. I remember a similar Xiahouba. It was not shameful to surrender at that time, and it was even normal to surrender and surrender. Surrender is possible, but repeated horizontal jumps are not advisable.

6 months ago

Cao Wei abandoned Jiang Wei, but Ji Han accepted Jiang Wei-“Three Kingdoms: Jiang Wei Biography”: In the sixth year of Jianxing, the prime minister Zhuge Liang’s army went to Qishan, when the Tianshui prefect Shi went out to protect the merits of Cao Liangxu, the master book Yin Shang, The main note is Liang Qian and so on. The prefect heard that the Shu army came down, and the counties responded, suspected and others were dissatisfied, so he died at night to save him. Wei waited for the prefect to go and chased after him late, until the gate of the city was closed and he couldn’t accept it. The dimensionality of the dimension is still hopeful, but the Ji also not enter the dimension. Wei et al. Zhuge Liang. By the way, take a look at Zhuge Liang’s evaluation of Jiang Wei at the time-“Three Kingdoms·Jiang Wei Biography”: Liang Piwei was named Cang Cao Ye, and Fengyi was added as General Fengyi, and he was named Dangyang Tinghou, at the age of twenty-seven. Liang and the governor Shi Zhang Yi, and Jiang Wan, who joined the army, said: “Jiang Boyue is loyal to current affairs, thinks carefully, and considers all of them. Yongnan and Jichang are inferior to them. Their person is Liangzhou sergeant.” Again:” You must first teach five or six thousand Chinese Tiger Infantry. Jiang Boyue is very sensitive to the military, with courage and understanding of the military. This person has the Han Dynasty in his heart, but he is also a man. After teaching the military, he should be sent to the palace. Seeing the Lord.” Zhuge Liang believed that Jiang Wei was a “Liangzhou sergeant” and planned to train him into a talent for the rejuvenation of the Han Dynasty. Cao Wei treated him as an abandoned son. After that, Ji Han treated him as a state scholar. After that, Jiang Wei was re-elected as a senior official in Ji Han. , When he arrived at the general, and at Cao Wei’s place, he was only a member of the army in a county-“Three Kingdoms·Jiang Wei Chuan”: Later moved to the Central Supervisor Army to conquer the generals of the West. In twelve years, Liang died, Wei returned to Chengdu, assisted the Han generals in the Youjian Army, ruled the army, and advanced to Feng Pingxiang Hou… In six years, moved to the town of the generals of the west and led the Liangzhou governor. In ten years, he moved the general to Wei, and recorded the book affairs with the general Fei Yi… In the spring of 19 years, he moved to Wei Wei as a general. In Cao Wei, Jiang Wei had almost nothing; in Ji Han, Jiang Wei had his own platform to build and establish business. Ji Han, as a government full of justice, is very attractive to Jiang Wei. It is not difficult to explain why Jiang Wei inherited Zhuge Liang. A legacy, several Northern Expeditions, and even a plan to restore the country

6 months ago

To know why Jiang Wei was so loyal to the Shu Han and returned to his home country, one had to analyze it from many aspects. 1. It is almost universally acknowledged that Jiang Wei has great ambitions, whether it is before or after entering Shu, it is consistent. This point has been evaluated by people and historical records in the same period. [Fu Zi said: Weiwei people [good meritorious service], Yin raises the dead, and does not repair the commoner industry. 】【Jiang Wei is a literary and martial artist who is determined to make a name for himself. 】【Hundred hectares of fertile fields, not one acre, but with Polygala, not in Angelica. 】A person who has been determined to build a big business since childhood will naturally choose a platform that is more suitable for him. Jiang Wei was a strategist in Wei, and as soon as he arrived in Shuhan, he was named general Fengyi, and his status was greatly improved when he became a pavilion in Yang. Compared with Ma Zun’s distrust and abandonment, Zhuge Liang, Jiang Wan, and others’ smart eyes and knowledge are even more valuable to Jiang Wei. 2. Jiang Wei’s attitude towards Wei Jiang Wei is actually not very cold towards Wei. This can be seen from Zhuge Liang’s evaluation and his tenure. [This person has the Han room in his heart. 】【Weijia is in this clothes, and he doesn’t want to be a general. 】Jiang Wei likes Zheng Xuan’s doctrines, and he is fascinated by it. This may make his own thoughts and behaviors more or less contaminated with the concepts in the book, so he may not be cold with the Wei state who came out of the “remit”. At that time, the county planned to let Jiang Wei take up the post as a general, but Jiang Wei pushed him down as a family member. Obviously this was just an excuse, because after entering Shu, the thing he did the most was to lead troops to fight as a general. This is very different from his initial refusal. In the court hall many years later, he himself also expressed that he has the ability to be a general. [Also lose its talents. Perhaps it is this thought that led to Ma Zun’s distrust of him. After all, there is a person who is not at heart with him, and it is inevitable that he will be jealous. [All doubts and others have disagreements] 3. Chilling superiors As mentioned above, Ma Zun may be because of concerns about Jiang Wei’s usual words and deeds, but this directly led to the result that Jiang Wei finally had to go to Shu. But was Jiang Wei really what Jiang Wei thought at the beginning? This is not necessarily. Whether it is the original biography of the Three Kingdoms, or Wei Lue added by Pei Songzhi. Both of them wrote obviously, Jiang Wei and others didn’t plan to descend to Shu in the beginning. [Wei waited for the prefect to go, and chased after him late, until the gate of the city was closed, and he couldn’t accept it. The dimensionality of the dimension is still hopeful, but the Ji also not enter the dimension. 】【Wei is not as good as Zunhe, but the family is in Hebei, so he and the county official Shangguan Zixiu waited for the hope. Seeing Wei et al.’s overjoy, the officials in Jizhong pushed forward the order to see Liang. The two were unhappy. [Three Kingdoms] said that after learning that Ma Zun had run away, Jiang Wei and others chose to chase, but did not catch up, and then returned to Ji County and refused to let in, and finally chose to see Zhuge Liang. Wei Lue said that after Jiang Wei returned to Ji County, he was taken to Zhuge Liang’s side together, and the two of them had no choice but to see Zhuge Liang. Although there are discrepancies between these two records, they both express three characters and are forced. After learning that Ma Zun had run away, Jiang Wei’s first reaction was to chase, instead of directly surrendering. It wasn’t until there were no more places to go, and after everyone’s discussion, did he choose to take refuge in Zhuge. Wei Lue directly wrote that he was unacceptable, so he won’t make more complaints. Therefore, no matter which version, Jiang Wei and others always had the idea of ​​[intentionally] at first, but in the end they could only choose to join the army of Shu. 4. After consolidating his position and entering Shu, Jiang Wei transformed himself into a star general in Shu. Whether it is Zhuge’s [five or six thousand Chinese tiger infantry], Jiang Wan’s Liangzhou governor, or a general given by Liu Chan, all of this is obtained by Jiang Wei with his [outstanding military talent]. After all, it depends on war. Whether Zhuge Liang, Jiang Wan, or Liu Chan is true, they reuse Jiang Wei because of his military strategy, that is, war. If Jiang Wei wants to preserve his rights or improve his prestige or status, he can only rely on launching war. Regarding this, one can learn from the promotion process of Jiang Wei. Jiang Wei descended to Shu, Zhuge valued Jiang Wei’s military talent. [Liang Piwei served as Cang Cao Ye, added Fengyi General, and Feng Dangyang Tinghou] [Five or six thousand Chinese tiger infantry must be taught first. Jiang Boyue is very sensitive to the military, with courage and righteousness, and a deep understanding of military intentions. ] Zhuge Liang died, Jiang Wei frightened Sima Yi away. Political reshuffle + military merits [Liang died, Wei returned to Chengdu, assisted the Han generals for the right guard army, unified the army, and entered Feng Ping Xianghou. 】【Jiang Wei Lingyi counters the flag and honks the drum, if he declares the king, the king dare not force it. After the Lord ordered Jiang Wan to settle in Hanzhong to seek opportunities for the Northern Expedition, Jiang Wan ordered Jiang Wei to send troops to the west for several times. [Wan moved to Da Sima and took Wei as Sima, and the number of troops moved westward. 】Jiang Wan is ill and intends to let Jiang Wei lead his army into the west, as his successor. [In six years, moved to the town of General West, led Liangzhou governor. 】【According to the important points of Liangzhou Husai, advance and retreat are rich, and thieves cherish; and Qiang and Hu Nai are thirsty for the Han, and they used to join the army in Qiang, Guo Huai broke away, count the length, think it is the first thing, it is advisable Take Jiang Wei as the governor of Liangzhou. If Wei Zhengxing, he holds the title of Heyou, the minister will be the commander of the army as Weizhen’s successor. ] Jiang Wan died of illness and political reshuffle. As Jiang Wan’s re-used general, Jiang Wei naturally received more attention. [Winter, October and January, Da Sima Wan died, and the posthumous posthumous title was Gonghou. Shang Shu ordered Dong Yun to die. Lu Yi, the prefect of Shu County, Nanyang, was moved to the prefecture of Shu County, and Jiang Wei was appointed as General Wei, and he and General Yi recorded Shangshu. ] Fei Yi died, and Liu Chan began a large-scale northern expedition. Give Jiang Wei more military command. [He died in the spring of sixteen years. 】【Next year, the Chinese and foreign military will be governed. 】Jiang Wei broke the King’s Scriptures with great power. Liu Chan was named General Jiang Wei. [Fu and Cheqi General Xia Houba and others all came out of Di Dao, breaking the Wei Yongzhou Governor’s Sutra in Taoxi, and tens of thousands of people died. ] [In the spring of nineteen years, he moved to Wei Wei as a general. ] Jiang Wei and Deng Ai confronted the Great Wall. After returning to Chengdu, Liu Chan took the opportunity to restore Jiang Wei’s rights. 【In the first year of Jing Yao, Weiwen Birth was ruined and returned to Chengdu. Worship the general again. To sum up, Jiang Wei will be loyal to the Shu Han and will tirelessly attack his former home country because of many reasons. His own ambitions, coincidences, and consolidation of his position are all indispensable. If Jiang Wei fails to achieve his position in the Shu Han by military service or cannot realize his ideals, he will most likely hide behind the scenes like Liang Qian and Yin Shang. Right.

6 months ago

After I raised this question two months ago, I got a lot of opinions from the main answerer and benefited a lot. Several respondents have questioned the term “mother country” I used, and I feel that it is not very appropriate, but I have never thought of a suitable alternative. In the past few days, I suddenly felt that maybe the “homeland” would be a little better? Jiang Wei’s merits and demerits have been debated for nearly two thousand years, and it is estimated that it will be difficult to tell if he argues for another two thousand years… Later generations will praise him strongly, and his treatment will be comparable to Qin Shihuang. As one of the most devout admirers of Boyue, I often chant this couplet at Jiangeguan in a whisper, so as to think about the most amazing General Pingxianghou in my heart. “Xiongguan high pavilion is magnificent and beautiful, holding out passion and boldness; the remaining water and the remaining mountains and the setting sun, imaginatively cherish long-term aspirations, send angelica in empty.”

6 months ago

This is about the relationship between Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei. The relationship between the ancients is like this: the scholar died for the confidant. Not to mention the story of the high mountains and the flowing water meeting the soulmates, but the story of Liu Zhengfeng of the Songshan School in the Swordsman and the Mojiao Quyang is the most appropriate analogy. The different camps see it right away, admire each, never leave, even if they all ruin their homes and kill them both, it is a good story. It is increasingly difficult for modern people to understand such a relationship, for example, the relationship between my own brother and his brothers. It was a bunch of old cannons. In that savage age, more than a dozen students from Faa’s primary school knocked their heads together. They were brothers. There are simply too many stories. You can find the true form among them. There is an older brother named “Zhang Zhi” who has passed away for more than ten years. Every year on the second day of the first lunar month, all members of the staff will go to Brother Zhi’s house to accompany his parents for dinner. Even though Brother Zhi’s mother has been overly sad and mentally disordered, she still recognizes them today. Prepare a table for them on the second day of the first month of every year. There is an older brother named “Sheng’er” who is addicted to gambling and owes usury. All the brothers helped him to pay off his debts. Everyone paid 50,000 to 60,000 yuan. He never mentioned it. His parents, who were touched, gave his son’s brothers. Kneel down to thank you, and even sell the house to pay back. There is another brother who is more sensitive and does not nominate. He has been sentenced for more than ten years. The case is very serious. Everyone must distinguish between him and avoid being involved. The brothers still retain his place in the WeChat group. These brothers are five or six years older than me, but they seem to be a generation away from me. There is basically no such relationship at this time. This is the so-called “people’s heart is not ancient”, right? Not to mention, Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei, Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, Liu Zhengfeng and Qu Yang, can only be passed on as good words for future generations to pay their respects.

6 months ago

Please don’t either black or white, or either. People’s psychological activities are very complicated. Zhuge Liang said that Jiang Wei “has his heart in the Han room.” If it’s not for inaccurate vision or lie (I think these two possibilities are relatively small), then Jiang Wei’s heart to the Shuhan regime There should be some recognition. As for Jiang Wei’s “have no choice” to surrender, it does not conflict with the “heart-storing Han Shi”. In fact, the Han Dynasty has ruled for hundreds of years. At least in name, it is not a king’s land in the world, and the three legs have only stood for the last two decades. The State of Wei was still far from reaching the point where the Han Dynasty was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It turned his back to Wei and turned to Shu. This moral burden is far from today’s treason. Jiang Wei will not take the initiative to surrender when there is still a way to go, but when he has nowhere to go, he will not die for Wei. This is obviously a normal practice, what are you struggling with? There are also attacks on the home country, the subject of murder and condemnation. Indeed, in our opinion, this may not be appropriate. If you surrender, then surrender. It would be too much to help the new master beat the old folks. But you have to consider that Jiang Wei also wants a future. Could it be that he will be mediocre to farm till his death? Jiang Wei might not be reconciled. It’s okay to be born in modern society and be a fart and wait to die. Life is still fun. How bitter did the people in ancient times live? Not to mention that Jiang Wei also had an official and a half post when he was in Wei State, so he was demoted. Can he be willing? So don’t think of Jiang Wei too noble, and don’t think of him too dirty. Jiang Wei is an ordinary person who wants to realize his own value, and wants to have a good future just like us. But in his later years, Jiang Wei was loyal to the Shu Han and wanted to steal a wave of towers on the premise of Liu Chan’s order of surrender, so he had to give him a thumbs up.

6 months ago

Many people explain the antecedents, but I will talk about the latter. Jiang Wei received the highest position in the Shuhan as a general. This kind of power corresponds to Sima Zhao, the general, and Jiashizhong of the enemy country at the same time, supervising the Chinese and foreign armies, and recording and writing affairs. Or, like Sun Jun of the State of Wu, he concurrently served as prime minister and general (maybe as a general military general), supervised the military at home and abroad, awarded Fu Festival, and named Fuchunhou. Although Jiang Wei failed to take the imperial power like Sima Zhao and Sun Jun, he was on the same level as Sima Zhao and Sun Jun in terms of status. Just as Zhuge Liang, Lu Xun, and Sima Yi had different powers in the past, in general, the three of them can be treated at the same level. Jiang Weiruo was in the Wei state, and it was impossible for him to achieve such an achievement in his entire life. This power was the path that Cao Shuang, Xia Houxuan, He Yan, Sima Shi, Zhong Hui, and Chen Tai had the opportunity to take. Lofty ambitions do not necessarily break the earth and conquer kings. It is no longer a commoner’s business to command a country’s military and political affairs like this. In the past, Liangzhou scholars attacked Ma Chao. At the cost of the death of his mother and son, eleven people were appointed as marquis. Among them was Jiang Xu, the family of Jiang Wei (the father of Jiang Wei was mistakenly remembered as Jiang Yu). Only Yang Fu has biographies, but also the official officialdom, Guanneihou. How active Jiang Wei is at the border is probably just another Jiang Xu. In many cases, platforms and channels are far more important than actual talents. The platform that Shu Han gave to Jiang Wei is indeed enough to make him loyal. As for whether Renhong will return to Wei in the future, Wei Guoguo may be kind to him, but he must only be given a false position. When he was put under house arrest, he looked at the mood of those in power, like fish on an anvil. This is inconsistent with the ambitious people’s setting, so choosing this one will not go back one day. Jiang Wei’s problem has always been that of great ambition and lack of talent, uncontrollable warlikeness, not repairing defenses, and planting the foreshadowing of the death of Shu. Failed to bear the responsibility of the general and the record of book affairs.

6 months ago

Because Shuhan is a melting pot, the appeal of everyone is too dazzling. As long as you join in, you will unconsciously work in the same direction and want to realize everyone’s common aspiration. Those who like Cao Wei like the advisers like clouds and fierce generals like rain, and those who like sweeping the world swallow thousands of miles. This kind of person is the overlord. People who like Soochow, like being handsome, handsome, and beautiful, and like those who are majestic and enviable. Such people are poets. What about people who like Shuhan? What I like is the dream that I am pursuing desperately, what I like is the loyalty that never regrets, what I like is the belief that I will shine even if I burn up. This kind of person is each of us. Maybe, there is no Jiang Wei in this world, or every one of us is Jiang Wei.

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