Because not everyone thought it was headwind. For example: after a wave of teamfights was destroyed in 25 minutes, your top laner alligator initiated a surrender. At this time, your top laner alligator 6/4, opposite laner Shen 1/5, mid laner Yasuo 5/5, the opposite mid laner Xerath 0/5, your jungler mantis 4/2, the opposite jungler Amumu 3/5, your AD Kaisha 2/3, the auxiliary Pike 5/1, the opposite AD girl Police 11/2, assisted Bullhead 1/5, and the overall head-to-head ratio was 22:16. But everyone else said that they could still fight. The female policeman on the opposite side would do an output. The mid-laner Xerath did not die and became a dog. There was no threat. The others were all fleshy. Just make some meat and start a group. Crocodile: Amumu is too meaty. Shen has a three-piece suit. I can’t even move three-and-a-half pieces. Bullhead can also play, and Xerath’s skills are also accurate. The opposite vision is also very good. Policewomen can beat me with a five-piece suit with two blows. Sea-Monster endless speed shoes Yasuo: You flashed past and fainted or I got close to the policewoman for a second, and left to fight casually. Curtain Blade Collector Armor Shoes Praying Mantis: My set of policewoman is only a second. Once the policewoman died, there was no output left. Five-speed Shoes Parker, Curtain Blade Collector: I’ll go first and hook it up. Siren Collector Water Drop Attack Speed ​​Shoes Kai’Sa: Protect me, my output is high. Four objections. Then the dragon was about to brush, and the other side was on the road clearing the line. The middle road soldiers were fighting in the middle. The policewoman was gone. Niu Tau and Amumu went into your field area to go to the bushes and make eyes while Xerath followed. Your party, Kai’Sa, is clearing troops near the wreckage of the second tower on the lower road. Your Yasuo Mantis Pike just entered the black field area and ran into the opposite Nosuke middle trio. Pike watched for a long time, and found that the hook could only hit the bull’s head or Amumu, so he stuck with your middle wild back and forth. Moving, your Kaisha Qingwan soldiers came from the other side, at the edge POKE, the crocodile hid in ambush in the grass on the side of the river in the middle road. Then Xerath in Luden’s straw shoes POKE for half a minute, pressing all four of you to half blood. At this time, the crocodile squatted to the policewoman who had just finished the fight, and ambushed the disabled first. Policewoman E plus flashed back and shot the crocodile with two shots. Shen R, the policewoman landed, and the crocodile walked flashed to the policewoman for a second, and then the blood remained. Was carefully accepted. Here Amumu found the opportunity, R stayed four, the four of you flashed to run away, three of the remaining blood returned to the city, half-blood Pike went over to watch them finish fighting the dragon, dragged and insisted until you come over, the opposite Mumu covered the other people’s retreat Yes, you chased up and found the policewoman coming over, all of them only half-blooded, so they went home again. The Alligator clicked again, and the four objected. Opposite Shen with single belt, four-piece crocodile guards, watching the soldiers line can only wait for soldiers to enter the tower, cautiously push the line into the tower E up to fight the tower and fight against the tower, the crocodile EQ red rage ER red rage WA, cautiously walk out of the tower At first glance, Shen returned 4/5 blood. Over there, the Amumu Bullhead Xerath policewoman pushed forward in a group, and the praying mantis was lying in ambush in the wild area, watching Bullhead come and look around, but can only run, Yasopek Kasha guards the tower, and was driven by Xerath POKE without clearing the two soldiers. Open, the policewoman finished a few times, and then demolished the high ground. Parker was not convinced, and went up to try to hook, but was maimed by the policewoman with a headshot. Xerath opened R and took the head to 1/5. Then the high ground in the middle road was broken, and they reposted it on the road. They demolished the high ground in the same steps, then retreated and beat the dragon to go home and pushed down the road, taking the little dragon back to the middle road for a wave. At the end of 37 minutes, I looked at both sides at 24:25. What’s the next ten minutes? They are all coming out of spring water, watching their own tower clearing soldiers, returning to spring water to replenish blood, clearing ground soldiers, watching their own tower clearing soldiers, returning to spring water to replenish blood, clearing ground soldiers…knowing that there is no tower and no base is over. PS: Last night, I was the crocodile. In the first two TPs, Kai’Sa and Pike have been pressed down and never looked at the defensive tower. I can only use the defensive tower in the two TPs. I grabbed the opponent to neutralize the jungler a few times, and I didn’t get a red from the opponent jungler. At level three, I went to grab his red. Our side Yasuo pressed the line, and the grass on the side of the middle road was always unclear. I probably marked that it had not been removed for ten minutes. In the end, I did it in the past. In that 30 minutes, Parker’s field of vision was 20 points, I was 32, and Nakano scored about ten. Nakano is also very strong out of the scan. But never used it to sweep the soldiers.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Some people think that they are 0/2 even if they are against the wind. They can open the chat box and write 15 and some people think that the economy is 10,000 behind. If the opposite side does not advance, the game is still broken and the game is broken for more than one game. There are up to 10 people, the forest is big and there are all kinds of birds. Do you know who kneels here to hold the fire all day? Do you know anyone who is too sleepy to open his eyes waiting to finish sleeping? Do you know who hung up his girlfriend’s 3 phone calls and is already annoying? Do you know who was caught in the game and the mentality exploded. They are all hitting the mouse right now? You know that your teammate played a wave of 1 for 2 in the bottom lane and was happy to see that the top lane 1/1 sent a 15 sentence, are you wondering? Do you know that your support saw you choose vn and waited to save you to the late stage, but how awkward you were to give up in the 8th minute? How professional a passerby game can be. You are at a disadvantage with early mistakes. He made mistakes in the later stage and turned back. You may be in the early 200s in 40 minutes of a game, but there are dozens of people on both sides of the game, and the winners and losers are all A wave of things made a mistake at position c on the opposite side, or squatted to the opposite side and a single player, attrition 4 to 5, turned over the late 30 to 40 seconds of resurrection time, as long as the enemy is in the half of the area, from a tower to push the capital. There is hope that a wave of take away, there is nothing that must be lost, only teammates who give up hope, and division of opponents (non-derogatory)

6 months ago

The reason is very simple. This is a game played by five people of different levels. Speaking of the most vulgar difference, a silver of 500 games and a silver of 5,000 games, the understanding of the game is different… So in the face of the same situation, everyone’s understanding of the heart is different, so the result is inevitable. different. The big four-way upwind was all down, and it was a teammate mentality that didn’t point. This kind of situation is common, and we can only scold our mother in our hearts. In addition, there are several situations that are not very common. A certain road still has an advantage, and this advantage road thinks it can save the world, so it doesn’t point it. This is indeed possible, and we can also believe in this advantageous path and stick to it. After all, I have really seen a sword demon that was chopped up with a beating of five gods descending to the earth. One road collapsed and raised a fatherless father, other roads were destroyed by the fatherless father, and his teammates initiated surrender. Just this blood collapsed person does not order, please greet his family automatically. Furthermore, it seems that there is a disadvantage, but in fact the advantage of the lineup has not been played out, or it has not reached the stage of force, etc. This is a matter of benevolent people, wise people see wisdom, so it is normal not to point. Having said so much, it’s actually because of different understandings. Naturally, when you want to vote, he doesn’t vote. Then you can only put yourself a pain mask.

6 months ago

Surrender is fine, but whoever initiates the surrender can be said! Suppose you play the top lane. At 15 minutes, you kill the opponent twice and get caught once. If you go to the top lane, tp goes down and the opposing ad ends up at the same time. The record is 3-2-0. The team has a total record of 5-20 and a mediocre lineup. It can be said that all ten people know that there is no hope of a comeback. At this time, your mid laner is 0-5. He is aggressive. He was caught twice by the opponent’s jungler and once by the opponent on the road. Then he was single killed twice. He initiated an early surrender. Then type: 15, no sm! It’s really bad luck to meet you fw. Have you encountered this kind of game in your gaming career? Then, as the top order, what will you do at this time? A: Quietly click to surrender B: Quietly click No C: While clicking No, greet the female relatives in the middle road D: While clicking No, greet the female relatives of the remaining four people in turn E: Click No, and then never join the group again , Boring to play with the soldiers alone. F: No, then patiently calm the emotions of teammates.

6 months ago

What is hopelessness? The singles on the opposite side of the Silver and Gold Game are crispy in seconds. The Murder Book has 25 floors. The outer tower has fallen out in more than 20 minutes. The economy is 4k-1w. Is this a hopeless turnaround? No, what you pay attention to is always that you were seconded by the opposite little mage qr, but you don’t know that even if he has a 25-story book, in the later period, your Kassadin just needs to cut in from the side. What you are concerned about is that Lucian’s beating on the other side is very painful, and EAQAWA is gone, but you can’t think that your ad is an ez wheel mom Jinx can guard the tower and poke. You complain that your family Nunu will never catch people in the wild and always die, but the blind man on the other side is like a monk. But I never thought that if the blind man failed to cut the back row in a group, Nunu would be able to divide the battlefield by standing in front of the big one, and let his own back row first gather the fire to get rid of the blind man. If the rank is higher, the Platinum Diamond Board. (In a personally experienced game, Shadow Stream drilled three diamonds and two rounds.) On the opposite side, Kai’Sa broke through the sky with fat, assisted by bull head protection, poke with Jace, forced open with Prince Jace, and the three dragons were in hand for 20 minutes. The nightmare of one’s own mid-lane broke down, and he couldn’t beat Kai’Sa in heads-up. Thresh couldn’t protect vn at all, and it couldn’t resist the team and melt instantly. The vn output environment was very poor, and it could not beat Bullhead and Kled. Balanced but unable to fight head-on, the jungler Ike was crushed by the prince by two levels and his equipment was mediocre. How to win? If you change me, I will feel that I can’t win. It is really difficult to win, but is it really hopeless? No, wait for the other person to make a mistake. Kai’Sa follow up. I am the Kai’Sa. I was overturned. It was painful and unacceptable. At the end of 30 minutes, the economy was still six thousand ahead. We hit the fourth dragon in the twenty-fourth minute. Halfway through, the opposing nightmare started directly. I leaned back when I was playing dragon, because I knew it was a desperate fight from the opposite side. As soon as it got dark, I realized that I should be driving me, and I walked back. Bull’s head was protecting me, but I underestimated the opposite. vn came over from the bottom road and cut me directly, together with the nightmare, the bull’s head couldn’t protect me. Ike went into the dragon circle and found our house Jess, the sword demon and Thresh rushed over from the opening near the middle road, our Klie and the prince were close to the top, unable to see me, we fought with the sword demon. In the end, even though I tried my best to operate, I was still caught in seconds. Even if the Resurrection A stood up, it was quickly solved. Then vn solved the bull’s head. The Thresh died, but the prince and Kled couldn’t kill the sword demon. Ike, has also been harvested by vn. The group was defeated, and the high ground and front teeth were retreated all the way by the middle road, leaving a naked crystal, and I returned the resurrection armor. After this wave, our family realized that they wanted to keep me in the fight, but it was too late. The peak period of my strongest equipment had passed. The shortcomings of the front row of the prince Klein Tau three also came out, not flexible enough, and not enough output. , And can’t protect me very well. Because I couldn’t go out waiting for the crystal to resurrect, I took the dragon from the other side, and then our family died chronically. The economic deficit of at least 10,000 in 22 minutes was overturned. It is so difficult for a professional player to make a comeback with a 10,000 economic deficit, not to mention ordinary players like us, but we have been turned over. In fact, the higher the rank, you will find that whether this game can be won or not has little to do with the lineup. Any lineup has its advantages and disadvantages, and there are different ways to win. Whether you can really win depends on the fact that the opponent makes no mistakes and is not given a chance. The reason I lost in that game was because I had too much advantage and my teammates were too careless. No one but the bulls were protecting me, so I lost. If you often go to watch live broadcasts, such as high-segment players, Wang Jichao, the pattern, Xiaochaomeng, etc., you will find that when the disadvantages are great, they will often say this: “Look at the opposite side to give you no chance. Okay, wait for them to get sick.” Or, for example, “The sword demon is too fat. Find a way to kill it.” “The opposing team is too strong, let’s catch the individual first.” “We can’t fight head-on, let’s push it separately.” Hero Does the league have any hope of a comeback in the absolute sense? Most of the hopelessness of a comeback is generally decided within ten minutes. On the opposite side, the rock sparrow spider historical song twelve minutes 8/0, his own four-line full jump, or someone hangs up, the high ground has fallen, and the next canyon is estimated to be pushed flat. This is called a hopeless turn. And the hopelessness in the eyes of most players is not the hopelessness at all. It’s just that I don’t look for an opportunity to come back, and I don’t want to patiently wait for the other side to make a mistake. The charm of e-sports is that before the last moment, I really don’t know who will win in the end. Everything is possible. League of Legends, never give up!

6 months ago

Because everyone’s voting rights are in their own hands. If you don’t want to fight anymore, you can click, you can hang up, you can go out to report your teammates, you can also return to play the trumpet, you can even hang up to recite CET-4 or CET-6 English words, and accept the corresponding punishment. Anyway, Tencent hangs up and the title is not strict. . But I’m sorry, you just can’t hold down someone else’s mouse to make someone surrender. Wouldn’t people really be shameless, making their own choices, and want to interfere with other people’s decisions, right? No one thinks that the United Nations has the ability to interfere with China’s veto power according to its own ideas by voting in the five permanent members of the United Nations. Everyone has their own understanding of the game, and even has their own understanding of winning. The cf team competes even if they win by themselves. Who cares about the 98/99 above? When the OMG base has 50 blood, you can also understand that it is hopeless to come back; when XPeke Kassadin’s teammates are completely wiped out, you can also understand it as hopeless to come back; skt is changed from 0 to 4, and Ma’s head is borrowed from the sky for another 22 seconds. , You can also understand it as hopeless. But some people just have their own understanding and want to fight hard. If you click your surrender, they can continue to fight their own and try to comeback. Yes, League of Legends is a team game, but when a person does not want to play, he does not belong to a team whose goal is to win. Of course, those who choose to surrender also have their own right to choose. Surrender is a right and decision within the rules of the game, and it is not shameful. But for some of the comments made by teammates against the wind. To put it nicely, you think that your teammates are wasting ten minutes without surrendering. Teammates also have the right to think that you are not playing well and wasting 25 minutes of his serious game. To put it hard, some people come to play games to play, and some people come to play games to rush to reincarnate. One or two years old, my brain didn’t grow well, it doesn’t matter if I post it all my life.

6 months ago

If playing the game itself does not make you happy, and you have to win the game to be happy, I recommend you to play stand-alone games, ai is silly, you can win as much as you want-Civilization 6 is easy without racing, and the stars are normal 2400 In the later stage, 25 times the natural disasters are not difficult. It takes more time to get 300-level trades and high-priced equipment components. You can buy up the entire continent with money. The Elder Scrolls 5 practice a three gods and you are more than Umu. Like BOSS, I don’t know how many other single-player masterpieces are more playable than LOL. Why play a low-efficiency game where you only spend about half of your time getting happiness and the other half of your time? Personally, winning or losing does not affect my fun. Waiting for a few minutes at the beginning of the game does not affect my happiness. Extending the average time of the game will help reduce the proportion of waiting time in the entire game time and increase my passing LOL. The efficiency of gaining happiness, why should I surrender? Or, are you going to convince me to increase your efficiency at the expense of my own happiness? Then you have to say a lot of good things, so that the happiness I get from helping others outweighs the loss I suffer from shortening the duration of the game.

6 months ago

Practice the operation and practice the mentality. In fact, the definition of “hopeless against the wind” is different for everyone. Some people want to hang up and surrender after seeing their teammates 0-5. I think it is wrong, because the overall economic gap is about 3,000 to 5,000. At least I have a very clear definition of “no hope of turning back against the wind”, that is, if the overall economy is less than 10,000, then it cannot be said to be “completely impossible.” The economic difference is less than 10,000, and you won in the end. It really is not a turnaround, it is really a headwind. But as long as the overall economic gap is 10,000, you will basically be unable to recover. This “basically” can be understood as 90% of you are definitely kneeling, even if there are some mistakes on the other side… from In a sense, it can be understood that the power gap between you and the opponent is too great. If the economy is worse than 15,000, that would be a devastation…. Many people have an inaccurate understanding of the economic gap, which often leads to disagreements on the matter of surrender. Unless it is cursing, and others want to disgust you, there is no way.

6 months ago

The same question: Why do people play competitive games without fighting spirit, and surrender at the slightest headwind. This question has always been controversial. Should you surrender in the game? My answer is no ‍♂️. But not stubborn, torturing himself also tortures teammates. What I said below, I hope you don’t rush to spray me, and use your brain to think about the rationality. First of all, surrender is generally a problem, so if I think I can fight, I will refuse, but the teammate surrenders, maybe the teammate has lost the fighting spirit, if there is a quarrel, then you need to agree, because there is no way to win a quarrel. Yes, the advantage is not here, and you need to agree, because you can no longer do anything meaningful for victory. Secondly, if it is me who surrendered, then naturally I can’t continue to fight. It doesn’t make any sense to continue. Then it depends on how the teammates deal with it. If the teammate refuses, then they do something very important, such as fighting. If a team on the opposite side is destroyed, then we have to reassess the situation on the field, what is the key to winning the team battle just now, whether there is a chance to seize it again, and then think about where the breakthrough point is if we want to come back. Then you may experience another wave or several waves of team battles. If you have the hope of victory, please don’t give up, because after the victory, you are really encouraged. If there is no hope, there are people who insist on repeatedly. Then I suggest you calm your mind and you can’t bear it. Then do something that is not conducive to the victory, but it is not to give heads, or you may use fewer skills in team battles, edge obs, etc., because everyone does not feel so good about giving heads, and it is possible for you to send heads directly. Stimulate the fighting spirit of your teammates and cause a tug of war, but you can’t win it because you are sending it. The best way to deal with it is actually paddling. After paddling, you will find that the opponent’s offensive rhythm is actually a bit sharp and fierce. Even if your teammates are strong, they will not be able to recover, and they will not be because of your paddling. When I feel bad, I will think more about how to deal with it next time. This is a more positive way to end.

6 months ago

I have encountered many such situations recently, so I changed my attitude directly and did some yin and yang work. First of all, does the bad situation have anything to do with you? If it is your disadvantage and the advantage of your teammates, then just keep playing it honestly, maybe you can really win. If it’s the disadvantage caused by teammates sending randomly, don’t be polite, and just start spraying: when giving heads: games, entertainment. When refusing to surrender: Have a competitive spirit. After these two sentences, the lethality will come. If you want to have the face to play, you are a double-standard war dog. The point is here: just quit the game and don’t give this kind of people a chance to get mixed up. Anyway, they might be the same without you. You can’t hold on for a minute, just push it flatly, and the penalty mechanism of quitting the game can’t handle you. If your teammates really start to play, let them experience the feeling of hard work and failure. Anyway, I have a lot of numbers, so I will replace it with another one. It is really foolish to play games if it is affected by this kind of person.

6 months ago

More than 90% of the people in this game didn’t know if they could have played before fighting and teaming. They knew that I would go up and play. If I win, I will win. If I lose, I will lose. Can you see it clearly? Can’t see clearly. So you can often see some people who go up and fight when they die, and go up and fight again when they die. The final record is usually 2-10. If you play against him, he will say, I’m almost fucking him. I’m dead, I’m just one second away from q, if I bring it to ignite, etc., what they don’t understand is that the operation is within milliseconds. This is what they don’t understand. They think it’s bad luck. They can change or kill in one second. They don’t even know if they can fight the opponent. However, this kind of people stand for the most part. When a game reaches the point where they can’t be played, they don’t look at resource control and gaps. The degree of disparity, what they see is, we play a wave, try our luck, if we ever fight, that’s it, so we often don’t surrender. Novice and Great God’s perspectives of playing games are different. For any competitive game, the novice’s perspective is narrow. Let me give you two examples. One is the League and the other is the League of Chickens. It is completely subconscious to watch the blood bar of teammates, you don’t need to deliberately. On the basis of these, look at the opponent’s outfit, make up the knife, and find the enemy’s flaws. The fights are all carried out at the same time. The brain is running at high speed, and the rookie, look One glance at the small map may lose a pawn. I don’t understand that I’ve been beaten and I’m not able to see the small map. I don’t know if I’m playing in the wild to help. Situation, when walking automatically to the bunker, there are people playing in the southeast, northwest and northwest of the routine and need to hide (do not consider the bunker to jump around 100% is to hang, it is recognized that the anchor is to hang on the chicken) while considering the trajectory of the action, whether there is a destination People, the winning rate of encounters, whether you fight or go, these are really all working in the brain at the same time. For the rookie teammates who eat chicken, they are the babies in certain games, headless flies run around and help you make up a few shots. , Grab your bag of killing people, expose your whereabouts, don’t use your mind, the most annoying thing is to put your own food as the opposite. The most important thing is to cook without knowing it. The league’s dishes can be blamed on the teammates, and the chicken dishes can be blamed on the opposite side. I really don’t want to play with them, but they are my brothers. (And I am not a great god, the great god thinks a lot, I just compare what I know)

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