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First of all, I don’t think the county has no future. (1) The country’s strategy is to develop a balanced development of large, medium and small cities. After all, large cities have limited population carrying capacity, and urbanization has reached a high level. Urbanization centered on county towns and regional cities as the leader will drive surrounding small and medium-sized cities. The urban agglomeration of urban development is the next focus. (2) Not all counties are underdeveloped, otherwise how did the top 100 counties come from? The development of county towns is also tailored to local conditions, with strong industry developing industry, strong agriculture developing agriculture, strong tourism resources developing tourism, and livable development of the elderly care industry. In addition to arranging the transfer of agricultural population nearby, the county can also undertake the transfer of part of the urban middle-aged and elderly population in the future. After all, some people like to return to their roots, some want to return to their hometowns to start a business, and some want to find a beautiful place for the elderly. (3) With the introduction of the equalization of national public services, some counties are transformed into a district of the city, and some counties are merged. In short, living conditions and working conditions will be improved. 2. Regarding the number of building floors in the county seat, it is not recommended to make a one-size-fits-all approach. It should be based on the local geographical conditions and the future planning and positioning of the county seat, and specific problems should be analyzed in detail, and a suitable plan should be formulated. For example, in counties that are more affected by earthquakes (such as the county in Sichuan) or other natural disasters, the number of buildings should not exceed multiple. For example, in a county with an underdeveloped economy but suitable for the development of the elderly care industry, considering that the per capita living area is large enough and the residents are mainly elderly people, the number of building floors should not be more than multi-storey, and the driveways, sidewalks, and stairs need to be designed specifically . For example, counties with developed economy, dense population, and hope to develop into large and medium-sized cities in the future (such as the counties of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong) can have more buildings.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

One size fits all may not work, but the starting point is good. Some friends mentioned the issue of fire protection. The fire protection capacity of the county is relatively weak. Maybe a county can form a team capable of extinguishing high-level fires. Therefore, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development also requires high-level personnel not to exceed 25%, which is just right. Let’s talk about it, high-levels need to have supporting facilities, but supporting facilities can’t be done once and for all after a one-time investment. The maintenance of elevators after the age limit, the maintenance of high-level water supply, power supply and launching, and the maintenance of high-level insulation layers are painful in terms of the income of first- and second-tier cities. Many people in the county may not be able to accept it. What happens when everyone refuses to pay maintenance fees after 20 years? If the property has no money to repair the elevator, can the common people go to the government gate to pull the banner? But this part of the multi-storey building will be very good. The property fee will be cheaper than the high-rise building (even if the property fee is cheaper in the county town, it may be one of the reasons why the local people choose the community). The low plot ratio will prevent the population from being too dense, and the nearby roads will be narrow. The points will not be congested, the maintenance cost is also low, and the supporting facilities near the community, including the traffic hospital and school, will also be less stressful. As for the inability to cut across the board, it is the coastal cities mentioned by Zhiyou, but the administrative level is the county seat, and the actual economic population has long been the level of the third- and fourth-tier cities. According to this standard, it is estimated that the area of ​​the county seat will be expanded tenfold. It is connected with prefecture-level cities, and then the counties will be removed and districts will be established. That is another topic.

8 months ago

Another thunder was buried. The aging of the future is a prominent problem. Now it has been very difficult to install elevators in the 6-story old quarters of the city. Newly built residential buildings in the county are dominated by 6 floors, and the proportion of residential buildings with 6 floors and below should not be less than 75%. The highest number of newly-built residential buildings in the county town does not exceed 18 floors. The installation of elevators in these 6-storey and below residences in the county town is also a big problem. Since domestic villas like those in Europe and the United States cannot be achieved in China, then, compromise and build a 10-story elevator room. If a large number of six-story houses without elevators are built, it will be a big test for the elderly and children.

8 months ago

The county seat refers to the town where the county is located, or the county-level administrative district, including county-level cities and counties, and the town where the banner is located? If the latter is the case, why should the county’s newly built residential buildings be mainly 6-storey, and the highest is no more than 18-storey? The top 100 counties in Kunshan, Jiangyin and Zhangjiagang must do this? On the contrary, some prefecture-level cities or states, leagues, and regions in poverty-stricken areas, such as Fuyang, Suzhou, and Yushu, can build high-rise buildings at will? The new residences in the county are mainly 6 floors, and the highest is no more than 18 floors, which means that most of the county residences cannot be installed with elevators (generally, elevators are only installed above 7 floors), so if you live in the county, or you are now in a prefecture-level city or above Working and living in the city, living in high-rise residential buildings with elevators, and returning to the county town for retirement in the future, if you are on the 3rd-6th floors, especially the top floors, you will struggle to climb the stairs to go home every day. No matter how old you are, with inconvenience in your legs and feet, you have to stay at home for a long time until the person is completely abolished. Of course, most of the meat-eaters who have been proposed live in elevator rooms in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, or provincial capitals, and prefecture-level cities. Even if they return to the county for retirement, they basically live in a small number of high-rise elevator rooms. So there is no trouble in this regard.

8 months ago

I feel that any policy on the house will be conspiracy theories. How can there be so many big moves to spread common sense. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is in charge of the construction quality of the house, and the one responsible for the sale of land is the land. The starting point of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is actually very easy to understand. If something happens to the house, it will hit itself. In fact, counties really shouldn’t build too many buildings. High-rise buildings obviously have a higher level of control over building quality, and the pressure of fire protection is also greater. How many county builders in the country have a higher quality than the big developers? How many counties have the financial resources to be equipped with a 100-meter ladder and rescue helicopter? Do you have to solve this problem after a few major accidents? In fact, it will be more terrible if this opinion is not passed, indicating that the price of land has begun to make people ignore human lives.

8 months ago

High-rise buildings require long-term continuous maintenance. Many counties do not have such objective conditions. Take the high-rise fire-fighting facility maintenance industry as an example. Most companies can only survive in provincial capitals. A prefecture-level city with a population of 5 million at the national average level can only feed one or two enterprises. The market in county towns is too small, and there is often no room for local enterprises to survive. The maintenance of fire-fighting facilities requires a large amount of basic labor, a large number of skilled workers, a considerable number of engineers, and supporting enterprise administrators, which are very expensive. There is a lack of local enterprises, and the cost of enterprise operation is even greater. Compared with large cities, the number of high-rise buildings in county towns is not much, the project volume is not large, and the quotation is low. Many reasons make it difficult to maintain the fire-fighting facilities of high-rise buildings in communities and shopping malls for many reasons. Even the fire-fighting facilities of government agencies, hospitals and schools may not be well maintained.

8 months ago

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is very good. Due to the siphon effect of big cities, the attractiveness of county towns is getting lower and lower, and the talents that can be retained are very limited. In comparison, its advantages are relatively low housing prices, low-density communities, and a good livable environment. If even this advantage is lost, there is really no future. The starting point of this opinion is to create a batch of green, low-carbon and livable county towns. As ordinary people, I still hope that some state department will check the problem of illegal occupation of the roof! Regardless of the 6th, 11th and 18th floors, it is impossible for the owner to go up to the top of the building to see the scenery at night! Isn’t it possible that our owners have also paid for the area of the shared pool? Not only occupied, but also directly locked! What if there is a fire? What should I do if the sun room built privately is windy, the decoration is scraped, and the owner of the community below it? There are casualties that affect the housing prices of the community? Who will be responsible? It is useless to respond to individual departments. I don’t know if it should be rectified? Don’t know who is responsible? Is it also in your county?

8 months ago

I feel that in the future, our small counties will also develop into small towns in developed countries abroad. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued a notice: The highest floor in newly built houses in the county should not exceed 18 floors, and the proportion of houses below 6 floors must exceed 75%. This means that most houses in small county towns in the future will still be 6-story houses. Lord, there will be fewer and fewer high-levels. In fact, Uncle Peng felt that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued this regulation, partly because of learning from developed countries. Another very important reason should be that they will be built into high-rise buildings in the future. Then the maintenance costs will be so high in the future, and those living in small county towns People don’t have much money, and the maintenance fees they have to pay are about the same as those of high-rise buildings in big cities, so in order to avoid this, the high-rise buildings in small county towns were reduced in advance. After all, in the future, the maintenance cost of houses below 6 floors will still be very different from the maintenance cost of those high-rise buildings.

8 months ago

Let me show you a place. (Internet transmission infringement and deletion) Baimotun, Poyue Village, Bama County, Guangxi belongs to Poyue Village, Bama Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi, with a population of about 100 households. The houses you see are all built on the basis of homesteads. Most are over the 10th floor. 60% of these houses are over 8 floors. For a village with a registered population of only over 12,000, the construction of such a high floor has brought a large number of people to settle in, and during the peak period, about 10,000 to 20,000 people moved here. , Formed a small bazaar (selling vegetables and meat), small shops. They are all elderly people who rent houses for long-term health preservation, usually buying vegetables and cooking without doing anything. Because it is a homestead, the illegal construction (the local forced demolition has been carried out several times cannot continue) the government cannot receive enough taxes. However, for a place with 10,000 or 20,000 people, electricity, water, sewage, and medical care are all financially borne. For the locals, the fat is the pockets of the local aborigines, and they earn a lot of money from rent. For local employment, taxation does not benefit much. As a poor county, Bama also needs to embezzle money that should be given to other poorer areas for poverty alleviation to build water pipelines, sewage treatment plants (mainly to protect the Panyang River), transform power transmission, and station special police stations. Medical unit. So you have to ask me if I support it, I must support it! After all, the country’s finances are controlled by the people. Hey, the subject didn’t ask about finances. Am I going too far? No, I mean, any policy issued by the state must be made for the interests of this region. If you have vested interests, you will definitely oppose it. The country looks at long-term interests.

8 months ago

Support, the most important thing for the county at this stage is to expand its administrative area before the population declines. Originally, the town quickly expanded into a county, and the county expanded to a city. This is the last chance, so that we can survive during the demographic decline. It seems very cost-effective to build a high-level office. We can sell it slowly. Unfortunately, the time of decline is not waiting for anyone. The leaders of some counties are not clear. I really think that the land in Xiaopo County is a treasure, and we can sell dozens of them. year. At that time, first-line blood-sucking second-line, second-line blood-sucking third-line, third-line blood-sucking county. The small county wants to suck blood. It is a dream in the countryside. The rest of the countryside can’t be left. Those who can go have already left, and the small county can only slowly die away. I suspect that this window period is not even 10 years.

8 months ago

Calculate a simple number. Each high-rise building has 29 floors. If it is built with 6 floors, it means that a high-rise building needs the floor area of nearly 5 6-story buildings. Suppose the total area of a high-rise community is 50 acres. To become a 6-story community, the area of the entire community must be expanded by at least 3 to 4 times. This is because the area of the house will be expanded by nearly 5 times, the area of roads in the community must be expanded by 3 to 4 times, and the greening must be expanded by at least 2 to 3 times. Therefore, the corresponding 6-story plot area is 150 mu to 200 mu. The land cost will increase by 3 to 4 times. Is it just the increase in land cost? more than. Due to the increase in the area of plots required to build residential houses, the county town will have larger stalls. Paving larger stalls means infrastructure: three links and one leveling. Is it really green and low-carbon to increase so much cost and increase so much land?

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