The three brands are very different. If the electric vehicle market matures, the products of the three brands will not become the core competitive relationship. However, when electric vehicles are not mature enough and the products are not rich enough, they will inevitably be compared together. 1. The brand’s vision and mission are different. It should be Aitekang @张防防. The vision mentioned in his answer is different. In fact, the different visions and missions of different companies will have different effects on the shaping of brand image and the creation of product direction. Tesla’s vision: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla’s mission: to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles. Therefore, it can be seen from Tesla’s vision and mission that Tesla’s purpose is not to build a luxury brand, but to drive the transformation of electric vehicles. So if you want to achieve this goal, you must increase sales and lower prices. Weilai’s vision: to create a community that starts with cars, a community that shares joy and grows together. Weilai’s mission: to create a pleasant lifestyle for users. From the vision and mission of Weilai, it can be concluded that Weilai is more people-oriented, focusing on lifestyle, not new energy, and not just automotive products. I remember that for Weilai, many people said that Weilai is China’s Tesla, the Apple in the car, and I think it is the Starbucks in the car. The focus is on creating a pleasant lifestyle, aiming to build a community. Therefore, it can be seen that Weilai operates NIO House in scenic spots, core business districts and other places, releases many NIO’s life products, creates apps with good experience, and establishes a complete service system, etc., all around this. Xiaomi’s vision: Let everyone enjoy the fun of technology and make friends with users, and be the coolest company in users’ hearts. Xiaomi’s mission: always insist on making good products that move people’s hearts and are at reasonable prices. Xiaomi’s vision: to use high-quality smart electric vehicles to allow global users to enjoy ubiquitous smart life. As for whether Xiaomi will stick to this vision and mission, it is still difficult to know. However, under the influence of the Xiaomi Group, and as of the release of the car-making information by Xiaomi, what everyone expects is based on the existing impression that Xiaomi has left, technology and high cost-effectiveness. So based on this, at least from the current performance of Xiaomi, focusing on users as the core, insisting on making cost-effective products, etc., have left a deep imprint on everyone. However, I would like to say one more thing here. For Xiaomi’s high cost performance expectations, I don’t think that products like Hongguang MINI should be made. At least the product direction does not fit Xiaomi’s brand image and positioning. If it is said that Hongguang MINI, everyone only sees the low price, but does not see the high cost performance and technology. Judging from the first mobile phone released by Xiaomi, it is priced at 1499 yuan. Xiaomi Auto is not a cheap car, but a high cost-effective balance between technology and price, and will still retain its technological attributes. 2. The positioning of the brand is different. The description of the brand is not limited to the conventional visibility, premium rate, image and other dimensions that everyone knows. In fact, there are also brand loyalty and brand equity (uniqueness, relevance, popularity). And quality, etc.) and so on. From the description of the brand’s vision and mission above, we can actually see that the three brands have different directions for brand positioning and product positioning. As mentioned at the beginning, if electric vehicles are mature, the three brands Products will not form a direct competitive relationship. However, it is worth emphasizing that Tesla and Xiaomi will overlap in certain directions. After all, one is aimed at accelerating the transformation of the world to sustainable development, and the other is aimed at letting Xiaomi cars go to the streets. Therefore, from the current performance and the prediction of the future, from the high-end level of positioning: Tesla ≥ Weilai> Xiaomi. So in terms of uniqueness, that is also Tesla’s strongest. However, from the perspective of brand equity, I would think that Xiaomi has the most advantage. 3. Different brand advantages The three brands have different visions and missions, and different positioning. Based on the current brand advantages, there are still big differences. For things like building brands and products, long boards are very important. It is vital that users first think of your brand when buying a car, and put it in their own basket when making a car purchase. Tesla’s advantages: data collection and development of autonomous driving; existing product layout; hard-core technology. As for the brand, Musk’s personal charm, etc., it’s not easy to talk about the advantages of NIO: unique user service branding. Product layout, existing users, accumulation of existing technologies, accumulation of existing users’ word of mouth, Li Bin’s personal charm, Xiaomi’s advantages: a complete smart ecology, to achieve a closed loop of smart phone/band-car-home/office; Internet thinking as a physical phone Experience can be copied; existing software + hardware integration capabilities; successful business model; existing sales network can be borrowed; rice noodles! User-centered concept, user-driven Xiaomi’s own media attributes, Lei Jun’s personality charm, Xiaomi’s existing brand assets, Xiaomi Group’s resources, and cash flow. . For today’s car companies, they are facing the contradiction between consumers’ increasing functional demands and cost pressures. They aim to transform bicycle benefits to life cycle benefits through innovative business models and OTA technology, and increase the proportion of software benefits. But in fact, this form currently has a very big impact on the existing financial model and business model, and it is difficult to fully implement it. And Xiaomi, relying on the Internet thinking to make Xiaomi mobile phones, it is through light hardware gross profit margin, pay attention to software benefits and business ecological benefits, to achieve overall benefits. But in fact, for existing auto companies, the current transformation is still very difficult. Finally, I would like to ask, add something and highlight it: Do you want to hire a product manager? The kind of millet noodles. Love smart home and appreciate Xiaomi culture. Have 0 to 1 new brand profile and new product planning experience, 1 to 100 car brand product planning experience, and product marketing experience for brand new models. Beijing registered permanent residence is stable. Is Xiaomi’s HRBP available? Consider it.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

A brief analysis of some existing things. 1. The budding stage and growth stage If these companies are described as saplings, it is obviously that Xiaomi is only in its budding stage. In the early stage, Xiaomi veiled and vehemently denied building a car. Now that it has not been researched for a long time, it has announced that it will enter the market. Then he is not doing anything budding. Another key point is that after all, he has not yet come out of the car, and even the “concept” like Evergrande hasn’t even existed yet. Many people are also speculating whether the first car is “the first car of young people” or ” High-end intelligent electric”. And there is no need to say more about Weilai Tesla, now it can definitely be regarded as the rhythm of the two “oiran” in the electric field. 2. Millet has “friends of Peng” who know that Rebs and Xiaopeng’s He Xiaopeng are “brothers.” There was a brother who went to sea to explore the road, and now there is a big brother who crosses the river hand in hand. The younger brother has accumulated so much experience in his hands, so why don’t the older brothers have much support when he comes. The mature supply chain Pengyou can directly recommend and use them. Together, the prices of the two companies may be easier to negotiate. 3. With grain in hand, don’t panic in his heart. Mr. Lei’s 1080 billion cash reserves in his hand. I think he doesn’t necessarily want to use the money, but tells everyone that I am really rich and I am very rich. There is a future, investors can rest assured to invest in me, and the money you invest in me will never lose money. Given that Xiaomi wants to be wholly-owned by itself, it can give investors a signal to buy shares of Xiaomi’s parent company, although it does not directly invest in cars, it is considered an indirect investment. Unlike Weilai, Xiaopeng, and Weimar before, although these bosses are rich, they should not be as rich as Lei boss. It is more expensive to spend investors’ money or bank loans than to spend your own money. What I have in my hand here is that Boss Lei, through his own parent company, coupled with the accumulated relationship, is probably too easy to obtain financing or loan money. It feels a bit like the boss Ma Yilong, thinking that Yilong is relying on his mouth, but in fact, others still have the strength. 4. Summary In conclusion, Boss Lei’s venture this time, both in terms of the overall environment and in terms of his own conditions, is much better than before. If you have money, you have leisure, there are people, you have policies, and you should do it well. Let’s ask Mr. Lei again, is there a shortage of people in your place? Many years of vehicle testing experience, please recruit me.

6 months ago

The difference is quite big, and listen to me one by one. 1. Xiaomi has a strong parent company to support. Xiaomi is not like Weilai. It needs to raise money everywhere. All Xiaomi’s money is paid by itself. Investors have given many solutions, but they have been rejected because they believe that all the mobile phones and ecological chains can be connected to provide a better experience for rice noodles. Weilai started from scratch. It has been so successful so far. It is very difficult and difficult. Among them, it almost couldn’t survive at the end of 2018, the funds were tight, and the staff were laid off. This is what Li Bin said later. Xiaomi has a huge ecological empire. From mobile phones to mature home appliances, it has ample cash flow and can provide a steady stream of blood transfusions for Xiaomi’s cars. 108 billion in cash is enough to build several cars. 2. Electric car market-the predecessors planted trees, and future generations took the cool off. Xiaomi would like to thank Tesla, NIO, an American electric car giant, and relying on its own efforts and the American halo, to pull up the world’s electric car atmosphere, one He is the leader of China’s electric vehicles and has cultivated China’s electric vehicle market. The reason why we are discussing electric vehicles every day is because of them, the leaders. When consumers are accustomed to electric cars and accept to buy an electric car, after the market has been cultivated, it is much easier to enter at this time. Xiaomi would like to thank Tesla and Weilai. 3. Xiaomi does not need to start brand building from scratch. Unlike a new brand like Weilai, Xiaomi needs to start from scratch to tell consumers that we are an electric car, a luxury brand, and the quality is very good. You can buy it. And Xiaomi does not need to be like this. From the Moments last night, you can see that as long as Xiaomi builds a car, it hardly needs publicity, and it can attract onlookers. Xiaomi has a unique mass base and brand image. In terms of brand image and publicity, Xiaomi really has a huge advantage. Xiaomi has a large number of loyal fans and consumers who trust Xiaomi products (of course, there are also people who think Xiaomi’s quality is average). Xiaomi cars have not yet come out. Discussed product too. 4. Standing on the shoulders of giants, this giant is like Tesla NIO. Tesla NIO’s products have given Xiaomi a lot of inspiration. It is easy to get information on what price car is built, what kind of smart cockpit, what level of autopilot, how many sensors and cameras are used. Xiaomi decided to build a car in only more than 80 days. This is thanks to the success and failure of electric car products that have already appeared on the market, which gave Xiaomi a lot of inspiration. Therefore, I am optimistic about Xiaomi making cars!

6 months ago

Tesla and Weilai entered the market early when the cost of electric vehicles has not yet come down, they can only take high-end positioning, improve their compelling feelings, create a product halo to support the price, and wait until now that electric vehicles appear scale efficiency and the cost has begun to decrease before going down. The mass market and the Xiaomi brand itself is a popular positioning. It chooses to enter the market at this time. It should choose the role of the best price killer and directly create a popular consumer-grade electric car.

6 months ago

I guess Xiaomi will still implement the “young people’s first xxx” idea to make products, stacking materials in conspicuous places to increase the parameters, while controlling costs in other places, to make products that are cost-effective and technological. This is fundamentally different from Weilai. Weilai builds a luxury brand “personal design”. According to the information of some car dismantling videos, it has also placed costs in many invisible places, and the design of NVH, after-sales service, and community are all deepening step by step. The moat of NIO strengthens NIO’s own brand characteristics. Compared with Tesla, it seems that Xiaomi and Tesla both have a “geek fan”, but you can compare it carefully. Tesla’s geek fan is created with breakthrough engineering design and Elon Musk’s own halo. Yes, Xiaomi’s “extreme performance” under the premise of “high cost performance” in exchange for high core parameters + control of supply chain costs, is still fundamentally different. This nature determines that Tesla can continuously reduce prices without reducing its word-of-mouth sales, and I guess that Xiaomi’s listing is “cost-effective” and there is no room for price reduction.

6 months ago

Simply put, success requires the right time, the right place, and the harmony of people. Tesla did not occupy the sky when it started, so the road was relatively bumpy. Tesla occupies two advantages. One is the technological advantage of the United States. The second is the geographical advantage after production in China. In addition, it relies on Musk’s personal charm and The technology concept, Mars brain interface rocket, etc., plus the electric vehicles with the extreme performance acceleration in the early days are very shocking, attracting a large number of fans, very cool, and forming a human. Timing is very important. Take advantage of one step earlier. It is easy to become a pioneer two steps early. Weilai is one and a half steps early, and the intermediate capital chain almost broke. Fortunately, it has survived, and the times are running, relying on continuous investment in services to build Renhe has formed a reputation, but the cost is very, very high. Due to the high cost of this piece, he can only do high-end, and the market space is limited. At present, batteries and special engines are constantly iterating. Whether it is pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles like Honda hybrid, BYD dmi, or Great Wall Lemon, they can already challenge all fuel vehicles. Except for Tesla, there is no particularly strong brand. When is the time to enter and wait? It can be said that Xiaomi has the advantage in terms of timing. Needless to say, China is the most important market for electric vehicles. Coupled with the drive of the entire industrial chain after Tesla’s entry, almost all important pits in the field of electric vehicle investment have been flattened. The predecessors planted trees and descendants. Taking advantage of the cold, Xiaomi has done a good job in the integration of the industrial chain, and its specialized capabilities have been proven by mobile phone experience. As for Renhe, Xiaomi has won everyone’s recognition with his consistent cost-effective and high-quality style, which has great advantages in this respect. Just take a look at Xiaomi just announced its entry into electric vehicles. It’s so popular on Zhihu. Of course, Lei Jun made Xiaomi to make money, but its business model is indeed very inclusive. We Chinese have a simple concept that good people should be rewarded, those who win the way help more, and those who fail. Perhaps looking back ten years later, the money made by making mobile phones is limited, but these ten years have built his reputation and won the approval of most people. In seizing the opportunity to enter the field of electric vehicles, it will be better than traditional cars. The field, including the new forces of car-making, has more advantages. To put it the simplest and the most powerful in the market, NIO can only do high-end products with limited volume. BYD wants to be a high-end brand and cannot afford it. There is only Xiaomi, which makes 100,000, or 150,000 or 200,000? Everyone thinks it’s possible, everybody can accept it, and subconsciously think that it is worth the money. Which brand has this ability?

6 months ago

Except that the products are all electric vehicles, Xiaomi and these two basically have no similarities. First of all, the brand background is completely different. Tesla, as the first brand to enter the entire automotive industry, is basically at the top level of the industry regardless of experience or understanding of the electric vehicle industry. It can be said that Tesla is a pioneer and leader in the current energy structure transformation. And so far, Tesla also has a relatively complete model layout. Compared with other new power brands, it is already a fairly mature first-line brand, and its reputation and market are currently in a state of double harvest. And with the support of Ma Yilong’s philosophy, Tesla’s future development route is also very optimistic. Therefore, we can give Tesla the next label, which is the current industry giant. And Weilai, although its global influence is not far-reaching, it is indeed a phenomenon for Chinese consumers. Brand. Whether it is the positioning of its luxury brand, the price of self-owned electric vehicles for the first time to exceed 500,000 yuan, or the policy’s inclination to the battery swap mode and the brand’s former Newbei’s fastest EP9, it is the first among domestic consumers. Unseen. And these changes brought to our consumer psychology, in short, “Do independent brands really have to rely on pure electric corners to overtake?” So, if we want to say that Tesla is the leader in the global electric vehicle field, then NIO is the vane of the domestic new energy industry: brands, markets, and policies are all available. Then let’s take a look at Xiaomi, did Mr. Lei have any relationship with the car before? Apart from acquiring an EP9 after taking a stake in Weilai, we seem to be unable to say anything about his connection with electric vehicles. And Xiaomi’s corporate culture is well known, and it is daily electronic products that focus on cost-effectiveness. I won’t mention the mobile phone. After all, the 11th generation has reached the standard of quasi-flagship in terms of hardware level and system optimization. Although it is no longer the Xiaomi that is always priced in 1999, there are still countless fans who have enough conscience for it. The pricing pays. In addition to mobile phones, in the field of smart life including smart home, smart office and smart travel, Xiaomi has basically become the brand that “you can’t go wrong if you choose it” with its cost-effective strategy and good design level. And Xiaomi, therefore, became the youngest Fortune 500 company at that time after ten years of establishment. But even so, in the eyes of most people, Xiaomi is actually a mobile phone brand. Build a car? Emm…Not so sure about that. The second is that the brand’s target customer base is completely different. Li Bin said before that Tesla’s goal is to become the Ford of the electric car industry, while Weilai wants to become BMW. In fact, this is not bad, and the meaning is not that Weilai is higher-end than Tesla as everyone thinks, but that the customer groups of the two are different. At that time, Ford made everyone realize the charm of internal combustion engines through Model T cars. Today, everyone in Tesla has seen it. Through Model 3, everyone knows how to write the words “brake failure”. Electric vehicles have a very bright and extensive range. Development prospects. Therefore, Tesla’s task is to steal the fire Prometheus, and spread the electric fire to the world. But at the same time, it needs to maintain a certain tone, so I think it is more appropriate to use the traditional brand analogy of Ford, which is positioned in the mid-range. But NIO’s goal has always been high-end users since its inception. Whether it is the first ES8 or the subsequent ES6. EC6 and ET7, we can find that they basically do not touch the budget range of general users. The reason why users who want to buy Tesla Model 3 would not consider Weilai is not because they look down on it, it is probably because they really can’t afford it. However, although a new power brand’s high-end positioning sounds a bit arrogant, but fortunately, whether it is product quality or user reputation, Weilai has basically reached the level that a luxury brand should have, so it can be determined that Weilai’s luxury route is at least It will not change in the future that can be met. And its user group, naturally, has enough economic strength to recognize Weilai’s brand concept and a small number of high-end users who are willing to contribute to the evolution of the Weilai brand (manual dog head). Looking back at Xiaomi, recalling Xiaomi’s slogan a few years ago: To be the first mobile phone for young people, we can clearly see that the audience of Xiaomi’s brand will have several obvious labels: young, insufficient budget, focus on practicality and cost-effectiveness. Rather than brand value, a more precise one might be students or young people who have just entered society. Therefore, whether it is a mobile phone or a smart appliance, Xiaomi’s solution is to integrate the simplest solution, extremely compress the design and production cost to reduce the final terminal price, and obtain such consumers by improving the functionality, reliability and cost performance. Favor. And this concept, I think there is a high probability that it will continue to be used in car building. And the reason why Mr. Lei chose the electric vehicle industry instead of the traditional diesel locomotive, a large part of the reason is precisely because the core components involved in electric vehicles currently have quite complete and mature solutions: the battery is undoubtedly the yyds of the Ningde era. For motors, there are countless manufacturers and solutions that can be selected, and it is sufficient to use suppliers from SAIC and GAC. The only electronic control and car machine that may need to invest effort should be no problem for MIUI developers. So, will Xiaomi choose to follow the route of Weilai or Wuling Hongguang? I think most likely it is the latter. How optimistic about Xiaomi making cars? With a full score of 10, I scored 8 points. The new car-building forces that have sprung up like bamboo shoots two years ago have basically disappeared. The reason is just three words, no one buys it. The main reason why no one buys it is that the brand has not been heard. Therefore, the greatest effort those new forces made in the initial stage of promotion and financing is to tell stories. We have feelings, we also have strength, and we have a future. These words may be favored by investors in the early stage, but they will be out of the question as soon as they are released and listed. We consumers are not stupid, we can tell at a glance whether there is anything. However, Xiaomi has a buff that these new forces desperately want but will never be able to possess: there is a story. Start-up companies, under the shadow of the iPhone, used Android to break out of the siege, becoming the world’s top 500 in ten years, and an absolute first-line brand that can stand shoulder to shoulder with Huawei in China. At the same time, Xiaomi also has a huge user base, which is almost a household name brand name and ultimately, the extremely strong economic strength accumulated over the past ten years and the financing capabilities that can be obtained by relying on the first two. Looking at these factors alone, for a new brand that is about to start a car manufacturing route, it can almost be regarded as a starting point. So, look forward to Xiaomi’s first car to see us soon. Think about the scene where every time Xiaomi releases a new car in the future, Mr. Lei announces the price at the press conference, and the audience applauds and cheers. There is still some expectation.

6 months ago

1. Xiaomi has only officially announced that it has entered the game. There is no effective information about any models. Tesla Weilai has a total of 7 models on sale, and at least Model 2 (tentative) and ET7 are planning models. 2. According to Xiaomi’s usual thinking, the first model will be set at a relatively affordable price range, but whether it can attract praise depends on Xiaomi’s ability to integrate bargaining. The mobile phone has at least Qualcomm’s blessing. Whether the supply chain story can be told well at this stage of the chip supply crisis is a test. 3. Tesla emphasizes returning to the driving attributes of the vehicle itself, Wei looks at the service, Xiaopeng is talking about automatic driving, each has its own entry point, Xiaomi’s most ideal point should be in the intelligent ecology, like that car Like RVs, add as many of their own products as possible, and zoom in on the points that other brands have not promoted, such as head-up display and interior purification. 4. Without announcing its partners, it’s hard to expect Xiaomi to have a technical king explosion. It is more likely to redefine the standard configuration of electric vehicles and build a bucket car that costs less, but it is certain that Xiaomi’s Entry into the electric vehicle industry and even the entire automobile manufacturing industry must be positive.

6 months ago

1. Starting point: Tesla started building a car from scratch, no, it started from a pit. The electric car was invented no later than the petrol car, but it all failed. In 2014, Lei Jun asked Musk whether the risk of building an electric car is big. Musk said, ah, it’s a few meters away from the graveyard that used to make this game. I can’t make this game. I don’t make it. Others do more. Can’t make it. Weilai has better conditions for making cars. Although Tesla has published patents, it is difficult to have patents without industry support. Weilai spends a lot of money on self-developed platforms and motors. Although the money is not less, Wei After all, there is a Tesla before coming. If you don’t understand it, please learn from it. Xiaomi now has a complete set of basic electric equipment for making cars, and even real estate developers dare to build cars. This difficulty factor is really about the same as making mobile phones. Besides, Xiaomi hasn’t built a car before. The Xiaomi battery car is not good, and it can be modified into a small kart. The starting point for these three carmakers is high. 2. Business model Tesla, you think he sells cars, but he actually sells software, you think he sells software, but actually he sells energy, you think he sells energy, in fact he sells it Martian dream… Wei Lai, you think he sells cars, but he actually sells skins (the surroundings sell better than cars); you think he sells skins, but he actually sells club members (recharged members send cars) ); You think he sells members, but he actually sells religion (Xin Weijiao, drive a good car) Xiaomi, you think he sells cars, but actually he sells advertisements (start the car and watch the advertisement for 5 minutes) , Do you think he sells advertisements, but in fact he sells advertisements (watch enough 50 hours of advertisements a month, and autopilots send them for free~~), we all know that he sells advertisements, and he sells advertisements to him ( Because you don’t have enough time to watch the advertisement this month, the brake function is temporarily unavailable) 3. The product route Tesla, give rich man-made cars, use the money of the rich to build cars for the middle class, and use the money from the middle class to give the poor man-made cars to accelerate The world is transforming to electric vehicles, and occasionally, there are rich man-made cars, and I will not lower the price of others; for more money man-made cars that are more expensive, by the way, they have to remove the battery and charge a monthly service fee for self-driving. It seems that the price has not been increased; Xiaomi, to build a cheap car for DS, the first car for young people; use the money earned from DS to build a more expensive car for DS who thinks it is not DS, Xiaomi Auto PRO ; With the money earned from the DS that I thought was not a DS, I made a more expensive car, the Xiaomi Ultra, for the DS that I never thought I was a DS.

6 months ago

This question is reminiscent of eleven other questions. The United States and Europe are deceiving China strategically on new energy vehicles: they will not follow when China is fully engaged in transformation. What will happen? Is the United States and Europe credible? Will China and the US compete unscrupulously? 1. China’s new energy vehicles, if the United States and Europe do not follow, can they be returned? 2. If the United States and Europe do not follow, can China’s new energy vehicles compete with traditional vehicles? 3. If the world does not follow up with new energy vehicles, will China’s auto industry be isolated and isolated? 4. The transformation of China’s new energy vehicles and the industrial chain has led to the transformation of the entire economic structure. How big will the input cost be? 5. With conventional development of traditional cars, can China compete with the United States, Europe and Japan? Especially the engine. 6. If China wins for new energy vehicles, why should the United States, Europe and Japan confirm your dominant position instead of continuing with traditional vehicles? 7. Since it is called strategic deception. After China has invested huge resources in new energy vehicles, what if the United States, Europe and Japan do not follow suit? 8. Why can’t the United States, Europe and Japan deceive? Why don’t you fool around? Why should we agree with new energy vehicles and confirm China’s lead? 9. Turning hands for the cloud and turning hands for the rain, why should the United States, Europe and Japan deploy new energy and carbon emissions, and if China is leading, they can’t overthrow it?

6 months ago

I think the difference between the three of them is the strength of their respective parent companies. I think relatively speaking, the industrial strength of Tesla and Weilai will be stronger than that of Xiaomi. Of course, it is only in terms of automobile manufacturing. The common point of the three is that cars with new energy and new materials are already ahead of the rest of the world. I think they should be mutually integrated and developed together.

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