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Nowadays, some naive martial arts novels can never write the charm of Jin Yong’s novels. It is because many writers’ heroes do not attract the heroine with their personality, but with money, power, status, and martial arts power to attract the heroine. . But Jin Yong’s novels are awesome. It will always strip off the things the protagonist relies on most, and let the heroine go to like him because of the hero’s bravery, perseverance, hard work, patriotism, justice and other qualities. You Duan Yu is the eldest son of Dali, right to the entire Dali, right? I will let you become a poor scholar, go to a river and lake that your power can’t cover at all, let you meet Mu Wanqing and other girls, and let them like you. You, Qiao Feng, are the top gang leader, right? I will let you be designed and lose all power, and then let Azhu come in contact with you and fall in love with you. If your martial arts are strong, the author will let a stronger enemy appear, and then test whether the protagonist will continue to be chivalrous and righteous, stick to his heart. Zhong Asi testified that Hu Fei wanted to help him get justice and kill Feng Nantian. The author used money, power and beauty to seduce Hu Fei to test whether he really wanted to be a chivalrous man. There are many similar passages in Jin Yong’s novels, so I won’t give more examples. Besides, I can’t remember it very well. However, what I want to say is that the charm of Jin Yong’s novels never lies in the bizarre martial arts moves, but in the repeated tests of the protagonist’s sincerity and the test of the love between the hero and the hero. In many cases, when the protagonist’s martial arts is low and low, he will be coerced by those with high martial arts to choose justice and death. When martial arts become stronger, there will be stronger people, and diseases and incurable diseases to test the protagonist. The protagonist has proved his original intention from time and time again. The so-called: giving up one’s life for righteousness Jin Yong’s novels are called adult fairy tales, which can spread all over the Chinese world and are not blown out indiscriminately. In its bones, what flows through is the most fundamental “wind of benevolence” in the entire Chinese culture, and it is the spirit of the “chivalrous man” who “sacrifices his life for righteousness.” Attached is Mencius’s “Fish What I Want”: fish is what I want; bear paw is also what I want. If these two things cannot be obtained at the same time, then I have to give up fish and choose bear paw. Life is what I want. Morality is what I want. If these two things cannot be obtained at the same time, then I have to sacrifice my life and choose morality and justice. Life is what I love, but what I love is still something that surpasses life, so I don’t do anything that is surreptitious; death is what I hate. There are things that I hate that are worse than death, so there are disasters. I don’t hide. If the things that people love do not exceed life, then what can not be used by all means that can be used to survive? If the things that people hate do not exceed death, then all the bad things that can be used to escape disaster, What can’t be done? A certain method can be used to survive, but some people refuse to use it; a certain method can avoid disasters, but some people refuse to use it. It can be seen that what they love is something more precious than life (that is, “righteousness”); what they hate is something more powerful than death. Not only wise men have this kind of nature, but everyone has it, but there are talents. People are not lost. A bowl of rice, a bowl of soup, you can live if you eat it, you will starve to death if you don’t get it. If you yell to him impolitely, hungry pedestrians are unwilling to accept it; if you kick it to others, beggars also refuse to accept it because of contempt. The high-ranking officials accepted it without discerning whether it was in accordance with propriety and justice. In this way, what good will the high-ranking officials do to me? Is it for the magnificence of the house, the service of wives and concubines, and the poor people who are acquainted with me thank me? In the past (someone) died for (morality) (preferring) to die rather than accepting (other people’s charity), but they accepted it for the splendor of the house; in the past (someone) died for (moral) (preferring) death rather than accepting (others) Now (someone) accepts it for the service of their wives and concubines; in the past (someone) died for (morality) (preferring) to die rather than accepting (other people’s charity), now (someone) wants to make what they know poor The poor are grateful for their kindness and accept it. Can’t this (behavior) stop? This is called losing the inherent nature of human beings.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I don’t know if the person who answered has read the original. It just so happened that I saw Zhang Wuji growing up in the valley a few days ago. At that time, I really felt that such a good character, I don’t know who has been hacking him all these years. Zhang Wuji was probably a teenager when he was in Butterfly Valley, but he is still a junior high school student today. He promised a woman who was almost a stranger to send her daughter to a strange place five thousand miles away, where the girl’s father is said to be there. In fact, he doesn’t necessarily know whether the girl’s father wants her or not. (Memory is blurred) Don’t worry, what else was going on in this task? It was Zhang Wuji who had cold poison himself, and he might not be able to live long. It wasn’t over yet, the world was in chaos at the time, and cannibalism happened from time to time. And this child made a promise and sent Yang Buhui to Kunlun for thousands of miles. Do you know what’s the best? He didn’t even want to ask anyone for anything in return. This kind of realm, how can ordinary people feel a little bit of it. As for the martial arts you mentioned, do you think if a man possesses such extraordinary aspirations, does he need martial arts? Substitute it in. You can live for a few months if you have cancer. When the sister of your three big moms died on the roadside, there was a child by her side. Before you die, please take out all your belongings and take this child to a place you never Wherever you have been, there are wealthy wolves and beasts along the way. You are only ten years old. You dare? If you can do it, you need tens of millions of fortunes to gild you, do you need your father to be weighted by Li Gang~~” The two walked for more than half a day, and they left the Butterfly Valley. Yang Bugui had short steps and couldn’t walk anymore. After a long rest, I hurried again. I couldn’t find anyone in the inn on the first night. I walked until dark, and I still wandered around in the deserted mountains and wolves. She was so scared that Yang Buhui couldn’t help crying. Zhang Wuji was also very scared. Seeing a cave beside the road, he dragged Yang Buhui to hide in the cave, hugged her in his arms, stretched out his hand to hold her ears, and made her I couldn’t hear the roar of the hungry beast. This night the two children were hungry and scared, and suffered all night. They picked some wild fruits in the mountains the next morning and ate them. They walked along the mountain road for a while and took a break. They went until noon. At that time, Yang Buhui suddenly yelled and pointed to a big tree on the side of the road. Zhang Wuji took a look and saw two mummy hanging on the tree, and he was so scared that he turned her head and ran.”— —Eight Dragon Slaying: Seeing Zhongshan Wolf in the Road

8 months ago

meeting. Looking at Zhang Cuishan, does your father have any martial arts? No. Look at how his mother Yin Susu slapped his dad forcibly. Hey~ the section in the original book is quite exciting and exciting~ the young Zhang Cuishan’s martial arts is weak in front of Xie Xun like a chicken. Xie Xun dared not beat him, for fear that he would accidentally be beaten to death. As for Xie Xun, there are many masters. With Yin Susu’s experience, is it possible to be subdued by Zhang Cuishan’s strength? nonexistent. The reason Yin Susu first fell in love with Zhang Cuishan was very simple. It’s because of being handsome. Otherwise, referring to Yu Laosan who is not handsome, he will be delivered directly to the door by express delivery. The handsome Zhang Cuishan was decisively abducted to Binghuo Island for a lot of money. The same brothers who live together. The gap between people is so big. Men and women tears silently. Then we look at each version of the TV series. In many versions, Zhang Cuishan and Zhang Wuji are both performed by themselves. It shows that Zhang Wuji has inherited his father’s face value. So it will be sooner or later that he is begged heavily for a child. It has no relationship with Geshi Wugong.

8 months ago

Here I am talking about a rather funny thing, that is, Su Youpeng’s version of “The Legend of the Dragon Slayer” has a magical change that perfectly breaks this problem. How did you change it? That is to say, Zhang Wuji was the first to practice the Nine Suns Magic Technique, and he completed it. Then he was going back to Wudang, but Zhu Jiuzhen was bitten by a dog. Then go to Zhu Jiuzhen’s current person. In the end, he was willingly beaten by Zhu Jiuzhen + cousin. This paragraph is really a lot of laughter, and I feel that the screenwriter should have absorbed the scenes of You Tanzhi and Azi to some extent, turning Zhang Wuji into a fool who is willing to lick others even if he is a masterpiece. At the same time, he also answered the question of the subject. Even if he has martial arts, Zhu Jiuzhen still likes his cousin. This may be the worst loss between Geshi Wugong and Zhang Wuji.

8 months ago

Zhang Wuji’s character and personality are the reasons why his peach girls like him, but martial arts are the stepping stone. It seems that many boys only like the beautiful soul under the beautiful appearance of girls. The fact is that before his martial arts success, Zhu Jiuzhen disgusted him, and Yang Buhui only regarded him as his brother. I guess Zhou Zhiruo only regarded him as a childhood acquaintance and would protect him, but he might not like him. Without restraining the entire Mingjiao and even the martial arts in the world, it is basically impossible to come into contact with Zhao Min and Xiaozhao, although these two really love him behind. What Yin Li liked was not Zhang Wuji, but the white moonlight in his heart.

8 months ago

In fact, all of Zhang Wuji’s martial arts are based on Jiuyang Divine Art. If he hadn’t learned the Jiuyang martial arts, he would have died because of Xuanming God’s palm, and he would not be able to meet Xiao Zhao Zhao Min Yang without regret. Naturally, there are not so many girls who like him, but Zhou Zhiruo and Yin Li still like him. If it refers to the exclusion of martial arts high-strength under the same experience, I think it is also very hanging. It’s not that Zhao Min Xiaozhao doesn’t like Zhang Wuji, but Zhang Wuji’s martial arts are not high enough to reach the threshold of contacting them, and it is difficult to change their original concepts, especially Zhao Min. Assuming that Zhang Wuji could not be the leader of Mingjiao without martial arts, he would not be able to save the scene when he besieged Guangmingding and Zhao Min led people to hit the scene, nor could he ask Zhao Min to use the antidote to save people, nor could he solve the disputes related to the Emei Sect. Zhou Zhiruo’s red string… can’t unlock their love route, and even Zhang Wuji can’t forgive them. How can you talk about falling in love? If it only refers to whether she likes Zhang Wuji when she treats girls as ordinary people, the answer is of course yes.

8 months ago

of course
Yin Li likes Wuji is a young man Wuji is stubborn and unyielding
Empathize with part of her growth experience
Xiao Zhao likes Wuji is the son who helps her when she is stupid and ugly and completely unfamiliar.
Protect her without abandoning her
Zhao Min likes Wuji because he sees Wuji’s kindness and bravery
And Wuji’s difficulties are weak
The last Wuji does not have the name of the famous martial arts leader
There is no more
“Plot Tool Man”

8 months ago

Causally, if Zhang Wuji had no peerless martial arts, he would not have a relationship with Xiao Zhao, Zhao Min, or even Zhou Zhiruo. Because his experience is too closely related to martial arts, I personally think that Xiao Zhao will still fall in love with Zhang Wuji who does not have martial arts, and Zhao Min is half and half. Must look down on Zhang Wuji who has no martial arts. The last of Simei is Spider. From the beginning, she liked Zhang Wuji, who has no martial arts. Zhang Wuji’s traits, martial arts representing status and status, character representing personality qualities, and some heroic spirits require both. In Butterfly Valley, the spirit of chivalry can be brought out even when sending thousands of miles without regrets, but Guangming tops the six major factions. This kind of heroic behavior cannot be done without martial arts. He is not a hero, but a reckless man. If Wugong Zhang is called “Master Zhang”, and spiritual Zhang is called “Zhang Wuji”, what Spider loves 100% “Zhang Wuji”, and she has never loved the glamorous “Master Zhang” Xiao Zhao’s love is 28. In fact, she admires the heroic spirit of “Jiaozhu Zhang”, and she also admires the gentle chivalry of “Zhang Wuji”. The two who want to add are her sons. Zhao Min’s influence is between 37 and 46. Although she finally chose to go to the desert with Zhang Wuji and said that “Zhang Wuji” no longer exists, she still loves “Zhang Wuji”. But, everyone knows, if “Jiaozhu Zhang” had never existed, would Zhao Min still fall in love with “Zhang Wuji”? Zhao Min’s deepest love may still be in the personality of “Zhang Wuji”, but without the “Jiaozhu Zhang”, she can’t see this “Zhang Wuji”. This is the beauty of the two people’s fate. Zhou Zhiruo, she loves 100% “Master Zhang”, so she doesn’t need to say much. Conclusion: Zhang Wuji did not rely on his status and status to get the love of thousands of women. He himself is very charming. However, if he does not have martial arts, his relationship with the “beauties” will change, or he may have a new relationship instead.

8 months ago

of course not! ! Wugong is equivalent to the wealth of today’s society. Zhang Wuji, the world’s number one in martial arts, is compared to today’s richest man in China……. The result, you can imagine…Hahaha , A boy can only fascinate a little girl who is ignorant. The time is very short. It can really make more outstanding beauties admire you. In addition to the appearance, identity, personal ability…that is money ! Don’t deny it. After all, there are very few cases. Those who don’t care about money don’t mean that they don’t love money. When a man is the richest man in the world, even the richest women will be the first to think about it because they are right. ….. This is still human nature! Don’t use a single example to overthrow the truth… (some people in the province laugh with a few examples) Zhang Wuji, a respected status, his father is the most beloved apprentice of Zhang Sanfeng, the head of Wudang, and his mother is Jianghu The prestigious Miss Tianying Gang, master Zhang Sanfeng, grandfather Baimei Eagle King, that is really an absolute scary background, not to mention the foster father, the Golden Retriever Lion King, and the identity of the Mingjiao leader……… .. Wugong is almost No. 1 in the world (in fact, it is also). Such a well-known man with rich second-generation, second-generation official, and group president is the richest man in the world. He looks like a jade tree and faces the wind, and his character is also pure in heart. …….Oh, it’s a perfect man, can you not like it if you say that you are a woman? From Zhou Zhiruo to the Mongolian princess Zhao Min to the little maid Xiaozhao…and then to the cousin…not to mention those girls who secretly sent Qiubo… .. Zhang Wuji is not only good at martial arts, his overall strength is top, so it is destined to find a girl to like it, in this world throughout the ages, which is not a man to look at a woman’s appearance, status…Women look at a man Worth, appearance and background…? Therefore, Zhang Wuji could not be without peerless martial arts. Secondly, even when Zhang Wuji was not enough martial arts to break his legs, his cousin was still moved by Zhang Wuji, unconsciously fell in love with Zhang Wuji, and his love was dying to live, but this was only because his cousin was at the time. The face was ruined, and it was caused by thousands of poisonous hands. If it is a normal girl, such as many female disciples of the Emei school, when you don’t know that Zhang Wuji is Zhang Wuji himself, everyone sees Zhang Wuji and sees. No woman is tempted by Zhang Wuji. ………

8 months ago

When Zhang Wuji didn’t have martial arts, but he had a good family background, his grandfather was Zhang Sanfeng. I was wrong, it was Master. There should be beautiful girls who like it, the second generation of power and wealth, not dude, and kind. If the advantage of family background is also removed, only personality traits are used to attract girls. Zhang Wuji also learned the medical skills of the Butterfly Valley Medical Immortal, which is also a unique skill. There should still be beautiful girls who like it. Can’t do it anymore…If you remove the skills that are close to your body, you will only have a kind character and a good-looking skin. With Zhang Wuji’s IQ, he should still have it. But he is not Zhang Wuji. Either a dead person or an ordinary person.

8 months ago

With just the TV series adapted from various versions, let’s take a look at how we met with these children: I met Zhou Zhiruo in Hanshui, Zhou Zhiruo had a meal with him; I met Yinli in Butterfly Valley, biting Yinli’s back in his hand; I met Xiaozhao at Guangmingding and saved her who was still disfigured in Yang Buhui’s hands; met Yang Buhui in Butterfly Valley, and was entrusted by Ji Xiaofu to Yang Xiao in Kunlun Mountain on his deathbed; and Zhao Min When I met at Luliu Villa, the Mingjiao people were poisoned by him. Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min dealt with each other to get medicine to save. That is to say, Zhang Wuji met them at different stages of life, and stories happened. Some met in childhood, some Knowing each other at the time of success and fame, these people all have different meanings to him: Zhou Zhiruo is an unforgettable childhood friend and a childhood sweetheart; Yin Li is from him, is compassion, is a relative; Xiao Zhao is grateful to him, yes Reluctant to give up; Yang did not regret him, it was a promise, a brother and sister; only Zhao Min, when they met each other, was evenly matched. As he continued to understand later, he found that the two people’s attitudes towards life and the view of the world are so consistent. These two people will eventually come together. If he did not have peerless martial arts, then he might not have met Yin Li, Xiaozhao, Yang Buhui, and Zhao Min. Perhaps by the banks of the Han River, the girl who was gracious with a meal would be his ultimate destination in this life. Up.

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