It is stated before the article that the income in the article only means that personal income is always changing. What remains unchanged is the deflated pockets. This is the status quo of ordinary people. But for us nail users on the Internet, the lack of wind has always been because of us. It is the duck in the spring river. It has been swimming in the water. It is light-asset, systematic, reproducible, and easy to spread. These four words are my understanding of good projects. A good project must involve ordinary people. , Otherwise it’s not that for an ordinary person, one has no resources, two has no contacts, and three has no funds, entrepreneurship is not a good thing! I always suggest that the best business starts with a sideline! I have been engaged in the sideline business of light assets, because I think this is the venture with the least risk, and it may become the main business one day! Today is the era of 5g Internet. I believe that many friends want to start businesses through the Internet. Of course, many friends may have made the first pot of gold in their lives through the Internet. In such an era, we must have Internet thinking and do business on the Internet. Asset-light business projects. Many articles have mentioned asset-light entrepreneurship. Now many friends ask me, what exactly is asset-light business? What are the aspects of light asset startup projects? Here, I think I can probably share this knowledge with my friends. As its name says, “light assets” is relative to “heavy assets”. We can understand that land, plant, equipment, raw materials, inventory goods, etc., can all be understood as heavy assets, so light assets are resources. , Process, brand, technology, service, etc., can also be understood as “light assets” means intangible assets. Having figured out the concept of light assets, then, what are the light asset startup projects? It is recommended that you study in five directions. First, self-media is the most typical asset-light entrepreneurial method. Our knowledge, expertise, experience, etc. are all products. Major portals are platform providers, and readers are consumers. We can learn from the platform. Get advertising share, or get income through courses, etc. There is no need for any other investment, all we spend is time, this is “made from scratch”. If you want to get good income, we media people must first focus. Many people enter we media and post A field today and B field tomorrow. This is not only low in revenue, but also weak in fan attraction, so we must focus. For example, I write about travel. These things; the second is originality, only after a period of continuous original output, can it pass the original certification. Only through the original certification can you enjoy better traffic and price support. In addition, some self-matchers always have the naive idea of ​​”winning by quantity”. A hot article can make money, far more than a hundred ordinary articles can make. Therefore, as a self-media person, don’t hold on to the idea of ​​winning by quantity. Regarding how to explode, I will write a special article in the future, in short: it is to resonate with readers. (The income in the statement only represents my personal income) It is actually quite tiring to do this. After the core technology is mastered, I don’t do much. If you are interested, you can go and read it. There are not a few articles but the income is good! …Second, online sales. Online sales refer to the sale of products through the Internet, and its essence is to use the Internet as a sales tool. Like many emerging disciplines, “network marketing” does not have a well-recognized and comprehensive definition. Broadly speaking, any marketing activities that use network marketing as the main means to achieve a certain marketing purpose can be called network marketing. , That is, network marketing runs through the entire process of the enterprise’s online operations. In fact, it is what we call e-commerce. We sell our products through online stores. There are many kinds of products in this area, such as online stores, micro stores, sharing economy, community marketing, etc. We are all like this, we don’t need to produce The product does not require logistics inventory, we only need a computer or even a mobile phone. For example, in the current micro-business industry, a large number of successful people with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan have emerged. Their micro-shops do not have to be opened in physical stores, and even higher than those of ordinary manufacturing companies. I haven’t done much about WeChat business. I have done a good recommendation from Zhihu before, and the rebate link is the legendary Taoke! These articles still have income, I will update the link every few months (I am lazy!)! Just flip through the article and just look at what I know! …Third, partners looking for partners to start a business can not only reduce the pressure on venture capital and talents, but also build teams better and faster. It is also a typical feature of current asset-light entrepreneurship. Everyone is doing what they are good at. You are an entrepreneur. You only need an idea or a design, which is simplified to a business plan. The funding is done by partners or angels. The investment is responsible, and the marketing outsourcing company is responsible. In fact, there are many such successful precedents. Jack Ma is the 500,000 start-up funds raised by eighteen arhats. At the beginning, partner resources are more suitable for the following situations: 1. Colleagues who have worked with for a long time 2. University students who have been familiar with for a long time 3. Teachers and brothers or very familiar middle school buddies. Among the three sources, the quality of partners is the highest and the values ​​are The simplest and consistent, most suitable for ordinary people. The following two situations are not suitable: 1. If you are not Lei Jun, it is difficult to recruit people; 2. If you have a good relationship with a friend, please carefully invite him to start a business together, because you are likely to lose. friend. This is a project I like to do recently. If I understand the secrets of traffic, let him grow naturally. I’m too lazy. I could still zoom in, but my mobility is limited! Fourth, agent sales. Generally speaking, distribution is the agreement between distributors and manufacturers or suppliers to purchase and sell designated goods within a specified time and area. In the case of distribution, there is a buying and selling relationship between the supplier and the distributor. As far as the legal relationship is concerned, the supplier and the distributor are the relationship between me and me. The distributor buys goods in his own name and resells them in the specified area, which is also done in his own name. The price of goods fluctuates. Such business risks shall be borne by the distributors themselves. Sales can be divided into general sales and exclusive sales. In the case of exclusive sales, the dealer’s minimum transaction quantity is generally stipulated, and other suppliers cannot sell competing products. It is the simplest asset-light entrepreneurial model. According to one’s own resources and environment, find a suitable product as a regional agent or general distributor. Of course, cooperative manufacturers must be reliable and the supply chain must be complete. This kind of entrepreneurship The method is suitable for entrepreneurs who have worked in the market for a long time, mastered channels and network resources, and have certain financial strength. Whether you want to learn from zero to do network sideline technology, become a professional network sideliner, or want to make quick money and engage in a little bit of pocket welfare, we will teach you. The picture above is a product, or a program, yes Last year, this student, who was popular last year, could collect several thousand in one day for this project! (The income in the statement only represents my personal income)… Fifth, training and consultation. Maybe your first reaction will feel that you are the boss, or the CEO, or the investor. In fact, it’s all wrong… It’s easy to be a boss. Open a store and you seem to be the boss, but a store must survive. It’s easy. 99% of bosses are harder than employees, but he didn’t say… Maybe you think the CEO of a company is the number one, very smart. In fact, it is not easy to become the CEO of a large company. It is also rare to be such a person, because Most of the competitors are a group of top figures fighting in all directions~. If there is no significant improvement in performance or major incidents occur, the CEO is the first to be fired…what about investors? It seems very comfortable. In fact, 99% of investors have been fooled and lost money because there are too many good projects to come up for them to invest, but? Can I make money by investing money? Not necessarily. According to reports from the investment industry, no more than 5% of people can make a big investment in the investment industry. Most of them are losing money, either by investing in the wrong project or the project is gone. No matter which type of person is mentioned above, it is not easy. As a boss, you need to invest money, energy, and contacts. As a CEO, you need to manage internally on the one hand, and face external competition on the other. There are also investors. Making money and losing money is only determined in an instant, and most projects have a high probability of going bad. You have to bet on the founder’s character, team spirit, and project possibilities. These are not all yours. ? So, is there a profession that can make money easily without facing great pressure, and can continue to make more and more money, and the more accumulated, the more valuable it is? The answer is simple: industry consultants! I don’t mean that you may already understand this. I won’t go into details here. It’s not that I’m lazy, but I don’t want an article to take up too much time for everyone. Time is wealth. All of the above are asset-light entrepreneurship. Of course, there are many other types of entrepreneurship. I’m just here to offer some suggestions. In the final analysis, the core of asset-light entrepreneurship is resource integration, which is the direction of future economic and social entrepreneurship. Just share, thanks for reading. I am Brother Xiaofei, I have helped many Xiaobai find their place on the Internet? How to choose a project? How to make money with light assets? I am most obsessed with the sentence “Which big brother is not Xiaobai?”


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The idea of ​​the tuyere itself is not very correct, and the idea of ​​the world-class tuyere is even more wrong! After 8 years of making money from online entrepreneurship, I found that many people have a wrong understanding of entrepreneurship, and they don’t know anything about entrepreneurship. For us ordinary grassroots, entrepreneurship is not about doing tall things, or doing some small things to make money. You don’t have to think about changing the world. That is not what we ordinary entrepreneurs do. Doing some small things well is enough for ordinary people to live a life of chic life. It’s just that many people don’t know it. They think they’re going to do those vigorous things. What to do? Satisfying the small needs in the society, solving the small problems in the society, or following the development of the so-called tuyere, can independently operate the tuyere, that is not what most ordinary entrepreneurs can do. Just find a product or service in a niche area that is in demand to sell it. For example, selling just-needed products. Impotence, weight loss, body odor, acne… It’s just different from the Internet era, using different promotion methods. When the self-media platform is popular, use the self-media platform to sell; now that the video platform is very popular, use the video platform to sell. The essence is the same, but the method is slightly improved. Another example is selling accounts, resources, software, and skills. The XX number can only be replaced by XX. Now the selling number seems to be getting stricter and stricter. Many things have to go deep in order to discover business opportunities, instead of standing far away and waiting for the wind. Skills: ps skills, video editing skills, website building skills, data collection skills… There are too many things that can make money on the Internet. Slowly immerse yourself in it. After a long time, naturally there will be the so-called grasp of the wind Ability, otherwise it will have nothing to do with ordinary people. Another example is service-oriented projects. Psychological consultation, emotional recovery, Tarot astrology, Feng Shui Bazi, marketing consultation, promotion services… There are too many similar projects, and they can be started immediately. The so-called tuyere also needs ability to play, ordinary people The so-called entrepreneurship is just about making money, not about changing the world like Jobs.

6 months ago

This is a prophecy post, please read it again in 3 years. The first industry is about consumables and what are consumables. Let me explain to everyone. The disposable products used in daily life industry, such as catering consumables. Now the disposable office consumables used for takeaways, office consumables have more content. I Feel free to distance. It is the printing paper, pen and ink cartridges, whiteboards, etc. used in the office. Some products may overlap with learning consumables. There are too many consumables for printers. I will tell you about the industry leaders. Chenguang stationery, learning consumables, the industry’s number one is still Chenguang hotel consumables, this industry is very special. Disposable toothpaste, toothbrushes, slippers, towels, bath towels and other second-most convenient dishes. This is a word I just think of. With the new take-out, I see that many restaurants do not have chefs, and directly buy the factory’s semi-finished dishes and microwave heating. Adding an egg and a dish is a takeaway, including steamed buns, fried dough sticks, etc. It is a derivative of instant noodles, which should replace instant noodles, so everyone can start a business in this area, do well in the four aspects of craftsmanship, hygiene, taste and convenience. It is a leading product, both B and C. Third, the e-sports industry in the cultural industry. With the country opening up to the game industry, game products will sweep the world. The e-sports industry chain is very long and can be studied further. The fourth air outlet, catering for breakfast. KFC is currently doing a good job in the breakfast industry, but Chinese group meals have not yet been developed in China. In the future, there will be giant struggles for breakfast. Let’s just look at it in 3 years. Oh, yes, adult products will usher in a secondary industrial upgrade, and more scenarios will be gradually applied. In addition, the FMCG industry will also usher in a new channel reorganization, with a decisive battle for three years. See how the channel is laid. In view of the fact that many people are chasing changes, I will sort out my understanding of several projects in this post around May, and update project descriptions. Welcome

6 months ago

In the skin care industry, I feel that with the improvement of living standards, everyone pays more and more attention to their appearance, and will invest more in makeup and improving their skin. This is the reason why beauty products were very popular some time ago. Skin care requires long-term persistence and investment. It is not as immediate as beauty makeup, so skin care is a bit later than beauty makeup, but I believe that the skin care industry will soon have a leap-forward development like beauty makeup, and compared to makeup , Skin care is needed by almost everyone, so the market for skin care is bigger than beauty makeup. In addition, with the improvement of the level of popular culture, the flickering marketing of beauty salons in the past is becoming more and more impractical. Scientific skin care/personalized precision skin care will be the future development trend.

6 months ago

In 2020, the biggest trend of China’s Internet, community group buying will inevitably occupy a place. On the one side of the coin, Internet giants are pouring in simultaneously; on the other side, the regulatory agencies have introduced relevant policies and regulations. Community group buying small and medium entrepreneurs are facing the “three big mountains” of giants’ subsidy wars, grabbing battles, and public opinion wars. Small and medium community group buying entrepreneurs are gradually becoming marginal people in the industry from the former leader. As a result, among small and medium-sized community group buying entrepreneurs, some have begun to embrace Internet giants to survive, some have begun to transform and seek development, and some have closed their platforms. Faced with the brutal competition of Internet giants, is there still room for small and medium-sized community group buying platforms to survive in 2021? As a senior observer of community group buying, the author communicated with many small and medium community group buying practitioners, trying to find a path suitable for the survival and development of small and medium community group buying in 2021, and summed up the following points of view, hoping to cooperate with other practitioners in the industry Discuss together. 01. Differentiation of categories and establishment of core users. Currently, the main categories of major community group buying platforms are basically concentrated in fresh food. Some industry insiders pointed out that fresh products accounted for 70% of the platform’s SKUs, daily necessities accounted for 20% of the platform, and other products accounted for 10%. Therefore, group buying platforms in small and medium communities used to revolve around fresh products as their main categories. In the face of the subsidy war of Internet giants, the author believes that in the SKU planning of small and medium community group buying platforms in 2021, the fresh products category should be gradually reduced, or even directly abandoned. Some practitioners said to the author that fresh food is used as a platform to drain products. The lack of fresh food will reduce the number of times users log on to the platform. If you reduce or abandon the fresh food category, it will indirectly reduce traffic. Without the support of traffic, all products will be sold. stay home. The second question is that users’ perception of community group buying is basically the concept of the online vegetable market. If the proportion of fresh food is reduced, then what is the positioning of community group buying for users. When answering the above questions, the author first raises a question. For small and medium-sized community group buying entrepreneurs, is the community group buying project you are engaged in platform thinking or retail thinking? If it is a platform thinking, just like an Internet giant, it needs a lot of capital, resources, and manpower as ammunition. The competitors you are facing are Internet giants. What Internet giants want is platform development. It is impossible and not allowed for the development and survival of other small and medium-sized platforms in the region. If talking about retail thinking, for small and medium-sized community group buying entrepreneurs, the most important thing is to satisfy service users, so as to provide users with cost-effective products and earn the intermediate service price difference, not the product price difference. The platform-based thinking mainly earns the difference in commodity prices, through direct procurement and warehouse distribution efficiency to reduce costs, thereby earning profits. But for group buying in small and medium-sized communities, the competitiveness in the upstream supply chain and warehousing is not enough to compete with giants. If you want to survive and develop among the giants, you need to differentiate from the giants in category and serve the differentiated people. Build your own core user group, not the mass group. For example, some community group buying regional platforms serve high-end groups, focusing on low-SKU, high-quality products. For users in high-end communities, their demand is not a few cents of vegetables and a few dollars of fruits. For this part of users, the current community group buying platform is equivalent to Tmall users not going to shop on Pinduoduo platform. The author believes that the small and medium community group buying platform must be different from the giants in the core category. Through category differences, establish your own differentiated core users. Practitioners will certainly ask which categories are differentiated categories. I think that categories that users trust you are differentiated categories, and users who only approve services without comparing prices are your core users. 02. Cooperate more with the property and provide community services. As mentioned above, the small and medium community group buying platform is more of a retail thinking rather than a platform thinking. The premise of retail thinking is to get closer to users. How to get closer to users is something that needs to be reconsidered by group buying platforms in small and medium-sized communities. The author visited a number of community group buying platforms and found that the interaction between the platform and the property can increase users’ recognition of the platform. For example, in addition to providing basic security and cleaning, the properties of many residential communities are decorated during holidays to enhance the festive atmosphere, and there are basically no corresponding activities. Community group buying can be used to carry out corresponding community activities with community properties. The author has learned that relevant practitioners and community properties have carried out tree-planting activities to attract 170 new users. On the same day, the community’s online orders increased by 300, and GMV reached a new high. A good relationship has been formed with the property through related activities, and various offline activities can be held continuously with the community in the later period. Some practitioners will ask why they should cooperate with the property. The author’s point of view is that community group buying can no longer just stop at online product display, without offline product interaction. For example, community group buying wants to do a new product tasting activity, which can only be picked up by online users, and then mailed to users to taste and participate. For the platform, user participation is limited, which prevents promotion. If you can go deep into the community for tasting activities, you can cover multiple household users in the community through an offline tasting, which will not only promote the finished product, but also complete the recruitment of new users. Secondly, in terms of community service, the current community group buying platform provides physical products, but lacks corresponding community service products. For example, dry cleaning services, cleaning services, etc. Taking the Shaanxi Shenli convenience store as an example, according to Wang Jianming, the founder of Shenli convenience store, the convenience store is the nearest life service station to consumers. Collecting clothes through stores, and then concentrating them to a central laundry room in a low-cost property, is actually a profitable business as a whole-that is, Shenli’s second business growth project outside of convenience stores. Shenli is based in offline convenience stores, so community group purchases can be based on the leader of the group. Provide corresponding services through the head of the delegation, thus forming a service site. Enhance interaction with users through the form of community services, thereby enhancing users’ trust and experience, and also improving the profitability of the platform and the group leader. Based on the above, in 2021, are there still opportunities for community group buying and entrepreneurship? For group buying entrepreneurs in small and medium communities, service value is the core competitiveness. Without the competitiveness of service value, they can only become the ants of Internet giants.

6 months ago

Ever since Lei Junzhi and his ilk said, “To start a business is to find a vent, and when you arrive at the vent, the pig will fly”, all entrepreneurs have regarded “finding a vent” as the first creed for successful entrepreneurship. The term “wind mouth” is gradually being held up to the altar. It seems that I only need to find the right vent. The eight-year unemployed next door can be instantly transformed into a golden bachelor with left hand and right hand Cadillac, who has been unemployed for eight years. Later he inherited his family business. Yes, the tuyere does make pigs fly, let alone pigs, even elephants and whales can fly. But flying is one thing, not falling to death is another.

6 months ago

There are many entrepreneurial outlets, and the key is also many fake outlets. If you are not careful, the outlet will become a pit. The pigs on the tuyere can fly, but after the tuyere, there is definitely a place of chicken feathers. To see whether a project can develop, the most important thing is profit, prospects, whether the market is big or not, the big market decides whether it can continue to be profitable, and whether it can make a formal decision whether it can grow bigger and stronger. Doubt, choosing Internet entrepreneurship is a good advantage. Most popular entrepreneurship appears in the Internet industry. Internet entrepreneurship is mostly chosen because of its several advantages: low starting capital, easy operation, easy control, and importantly, it can be developed. The project can be large or small, but the project is not 100% successful. There are certain risks, and the risk of capital investment is something that many people don’t want to face, so starting from an early age is still very stable

6 months ago

There will be many business opportunities in any field. There is no need to chase the wind, a very ordinary and inconspicuous small business is done, and it is very profitable. China will always leave a step of class leaping, which is determined by the system of the socialist country. Therefore, you will see that the government will strictly supervise the solidification of classes in the education field, and always give the people at the bottom a channel to rise, rather than let the rich and powerful monopolize educational resources, otherwise the society will be very unstable. Many people can change their destiny by relying on education and reading. The same is true for entrepreneurship. China has a large population, and any vertical field, deep cultivation, will have a huge market. Entrepreneurship is also one of the best ways for many ordinary people to achieve class leap. No one will tell you where the next vent is, but as long as you sink your heart and explore slowly, everyone will find their own vent. Today, I was sitting with a friend who started a business and drank coffee. Although his income is not high, it is no problem for him to make a net profit of 200,000 yuan every year, and he can eat enough. The specific industry will not be disclosed. There are many sub-fields that you can’t think of, and there are many people working on them, and a considerable number of people can make money. It is not necessary to chase the wind. Only pigs need to chase the wind. The eagle flies against the wind.

6 months ago

Situational growth training improves the possibility of an individual becoming a human being. Of course, you can’t be so naked in the publicity. In other words, you can make everyone better. The mobile Internet era allows us to see more of the lives we yearn for, but they happen to others, which gives us a rough idea of ​​where we are in society. According to the Twenty-Eight Rule, the dominant group only accounts for one-fifth, so most of us live in the anxiety of subordinates. Related to cutting leeks have long been there, such and such reading clubs, such and such thinking, and various growth public accounts. Do they have dry goods? Of course there is, but why cut the leeks. Because most of their audiences have listened to classes for a few years or read tweets for a few years, and their lives have not undergone qualitative changes; what has changed is mostly because they are already excellent. These courses are just icing on the cake. The growth of a person takes place in real situations, and the various sensory stimulations and the influence of his popularity field make it difficult to use the skills learned online. For example, you have accumulated a lot of hit-up skills, and when you meet beautiful women, you are still too timid to say a word. As for how to be bold, either the person who wrote you these skills also doesn’t know how to be bold; or they are born bold and think that being bold is a very simple thing, so they have not studied how to be bold. Athletes with talents are not necessarily good coaches. Learn to be bold. Don’t learn from people who are born bold. Learn from people who are first cowardly and then bold. They sharpen themselves in reality, and never just listen to them online. The course grows. Therefore, the training method of melodrama is very powerful: as a student, what if you are short, ugly, poor, poor in academic performance, etc.? How to deal with common conflicts between classmates? As a worker, how do you handle the relationship with the team leader? What kind of self can be favored by leaders? As a white-collar worker, how to deal with office politics and not fall into the pit? How do you attract your ideal opposite sex as a man/woman? As a person, how to master social mechanics and control the field in interpersonal communication? You can develop scripts for work in all walks of life or various social scenes, what do you want, what do you fear, let us fix them in sitcoms. The organization method is similar to the script killing, but the threshold is higher: the script writer must have a certain psychological foundation and have a sufficient understanding of the profession written; the host of each drama needs to have a qualification certificate of psychological counseling technology. This is not a new thing. The form of melodrama has long been used in psychological counseling to treat patients. Then the innovation lies in how to make it Internet, make the best use of the mobile Internet, and reduce the cost of customer participation, such as: 1. No professional actors are needed, so the cost is too high, so that the customers participating in the training will come to each other and provide them with certain Performance training; 2. No specific venue is required, and a cooperative relationship with various hotels, inns, fast food restaurants or commercial plazas is established, and the venue is provided by them; 3. There is no need to hire full-time psychological counselors, and psychological counselors across the country can vouch for Register on the platform and get the tasks recommended by the platform; 4. The platform needs to strictly review the participating personnel, and if possible, cooperate with the public security department to ensure the safety of personnel; 5. Establish its own cultural community and create a cultural brand that is fully trained. Perhaps, in the near future, performance will become as popular as motor vehicle driving skills, English, and computer-based operations. I don’t know how many people have an impression of Yuan Lang in the soldier’s assault performed by Duan Yihong. Performance technology can turn a person who is originally introverted and inferior into a male god, even if it is performed, whether there is anything that makes people really change, it is worth exploring.

6 months ago

Hello, the next venture is likely to be the gaming industry! According to the “China Game Industry Report 2020”, in 2020, the number of game users in my country was 665 million, an increase of 3.7% year-on-year. The actual sales revenue of the Chinese game market was 278.687 billion yuan, an increase of 20.71% year-on-year, and the growth rate increased by 13.05 year-on-year. Percentage points. The game industry in my country continues to develop vigorously. Although the growth of game users has slowed down, the game market sales revenue has increased substantially. In 2020, the actual sales revenue of China’s mobile game market was 209.676 billion yuan, an increase of 51.565 billion yuan from 2019, a year-on-year increase of 32.61%, and the number of users reached 654 million. (Data source: “China Game Industry Report 2020” issued by the Game Working Committee of China Music and Digital Association (GPC) and China Game Industry Research Institute) It is foreseeable that the sales revenue of the Chinese game market will continue to grow in the future. According to the company’s investment report, in 2020, Internet giants such as Tencent, Alibaba, ByteDance, Station B, Kuaishou, Xiaomi, and Baidu will focus on the entertainment industry in terms of investment, including gaming investment. Almost half of the investment in the entertainment industry, the major Internet giants are almost all raising their bets wildly, and the investment trends of the giants often represent the industry outlet, and this also indicates that the future of the game industry is promising. More and more people are also forming their own teams and setting up game studios to enter the game circle in order to get a share of the game industry. As we all know, the game guild’s ability to attract money is very strong. From the launch of game products to the operation and promotion, with the improvement of game player experience and the emergence of diverse gameplay, the flow of game guilds is also increasing year by year. Although the monetization model of guilds is mature, most of them are only small workshops. In some cities, there are many guilds with hundreds of people, but there is a common problem, that is, the management of the team is not systematic and professional. Over time, some management problems will appear: for example, the growth of team members, but there are no practical management tools; the guild flow and member performance are difficult to count in real time; the changes of guild personnel directly cause the loss of guild players; information transmission and feedback are difficult, and information Wrong and so on.

6 months ago

I don’t dare to comment on what the next outlet is, but I personally think that it may appear in the following industries: 1. The service industry or more in detail will be in the traditional physical service industry; 1. The rapid development of the Internet in recent years has been It has never stopped. Now the comprehensive factors of economy, ZZ and other aspects will slow down the development of the global cooperation of the Internet. This should also be a digestion period of the accumulation of the Internet in the early stage; 2. During the development of the Internet, it is actually correct. The physical industry has caused a certain impact, and many physical industries have changed or even shuffled. Under the current circumstances, a certain amount of support or encouragement for the physical industry should be what the general environment and the people need; 3. The current material life has been It is very rich, and on this basis, people have a new standard for service needs or requirements. Only by winning customers can we win the market. 2. The epidemic situation in the food and food industry has caused the food and food industry to continuously upgrade the standards for testing, packaging, and transportation. In view of this, standard-level service providers (groups) may appear in this industry for a period of time in the future, and they may take the lead in the industry and expand more markets and consumer groups.

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