Does this plot constitute a fraud? How is it determined?
Recently, when a 53-year-old man Yang and Ms. Zhang got engaged in Taizhou, Zhejiang, he offered 1,314,520 yuan as a gift, which means “love for life.” Ms. Zhang did not open the box to check, and even took 131,452 yuan from the bank in return. That night, Ms. Zhang discovered that the box was full of cash counters. The police recovered more than 130,000 yuan from Ms. Zhang, and Yang was detained on suspicion of fraud. (Jiangsu News)

No boxing, no favoritism, and add a few details in the video that other respondents did not mention (legal issues, Gao Zan’s answer is very clear): 1. Yang (male) actively mentioned “according to their customs “You cannot take part of the gift money as a return gift.” That is to say, the man deliberately uses the cash coupon to cover real money and silver when he knows it is a cash coupon. In other words, the man deliberately deceives. 2. Yang (male) took the initiative to propose the amount of gift money, and moved the woman with the meaning of a lifetime. That is to say, unlike the protagonist of the previous victimization incident, the man set the amount of gift money. As for why the bride price was set so high and what the picture was, I went to the prison to explain it slowly. 3. Ms. Zhang (female) only found out that night, and immediately called the police, and the police carried out the law through thunder. The amount of 13w, in a province like Zhejiang that got rich first, is a big or small amount, and Ms. Zhang went to the bank to withdraw it on the spot. It is speculated that Ms. Zhang’s family is relatively rich, not waiting for a gift to buy oil. Buy salt. If this family background, coupled with Ms. Zhang is a face-loving person, getting married and having such a big oolong, you might choose to suffer a dumb loss. If the police uncle hadn’t been so fast, Yang might have escaped. 4. In the next three lectures, the man is 53 years old and is an adult with a lot of life experience, so he should fully consider human nature, and the two parties should also understand the woman’s personality and family environment to the extent that they can discuss marriage. So Yang’s self-directed and self-acted performance of such a farce can only be said to have been fully considered, and it is necessary to bear relevant legal responsibilities. In other words, Yang should be actively scamming, so the police recovered the stolen money as soon as possible. However, using marriage as a child’s play and using cash-counting coupons as a betrothal scam is still eye-opening. Sure enough, how bold people are and how productive they are. All the ways to get rich overnight are written in the criminal law!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It is suspected of fraud. The old “Prince Charming” defrauded the engaged woman really complied with the old saying that no one would do a lost business and someone would do a decapitation business. There may be three points involved in fraud: First, it is the man’s behavior. A normal person in his fifties still uses fake gift certificates to defraud real money. He is not here to find someone. He always makes a wave of quick money based on the local custom of returning gifts. This behavior of the man, taking away the gift, is obviously a model of fraud. Normal people are targeted. Those who send a huge wave of fake gifts for money bombing are not people who are passing by. If you can’t give it, you should pay less. What you don’t want to give is not such a trick. But what is interesting is why the woman didn’t take a look, it seems that the story of chasing a girl and relying on deception is involved again. Second, it is the local special situation that there is this custom of receiving the betrothal in return, which is also a custom. It’s just that the woman didn’t expect that what she was looking for was not a real big money, but a real liar. Since the man dared to give such a big fake bride price, on the one hand, it was to coax the woman, and on the other hand, it was estimated that the tide would rise, and there would be more gifts in return. Third, for the big money, true love must keep their eyes open. Similar to this kind of big money throwing a million-dollar gift in one go, the second generation of rich people who confuse the person in a daze, the suitors still have to keep their eyes open. After all, they may not be thinking about people, but about quick harvesting.

8 months ago

The so-called fraud, for the purpose of illegal possession, fictitious facts make others fall into a misunderstanding and voluntarily deliver property. To be honest, in this case, neither the man’s confession nor other objective evidence can be seen. It is really difficult to judge whether it is a fraud or not. Possible situations: 1. If the man’s purpose is to marry a daughter-in-law, but because he can’t pay out the gift money, he can only give money to count the coins. I am afraid of being exposed afterwards, so I thought about it and felt that the money was given. If you make a room with raw rice and turn it into cooked rice, the marriage can be completed, and the return gift will be returned to the woman at that time. Then there is no purpose of illegal possession and it is difficult to constitute a fraud. 2. If we say that this man is a professional liar, we have discussed with the woman before, and he gave out 1.3 million as a gift, and the woman is also 130,000. This man also wants to run away that night when he gets the money, then there is nothing to say. A liar. Constitutes a crime of fraud. 3. If the man felt that he wanted to pretend to be forced, he gave 1.3 million cash coupons on the spot, but the woman came on a whim and said on the spot that she would pay 130,000 in gift. This man is not easy to expose his lies face to face. , It will be collected, it is difficult to determine that others have the purpose of illegal possession. After all, when you give money, who knows that you have to pay back the gift, this can be regarded as a major civil misunderstanding at best.

8 months ago

Quite simply, the scumbag deceives sex and affection. Inferior means almost succeeded. As for whether to cheat money, it depends on what he said. It is hard to say that this should be classified as a fraud. See if he has done similar frauds in the past. If not, he just wants to marry her. Because he can’t get the gift, he wants to use the cash voucher to get through the customs. When the banquet is completed, the marriage certificate is obtained and the bridal chamber enters. Think of a way to explain. As for the woman’s response, he didn’t expect that he had no choice but to hold it first, which would not constitute a fraud. If he said that he knew that the woman would return the gift, and agreed early in the morning how many gifts and how much the woman would return, then this is a proper scam. Then this IQ is still a bit anxious to cheat. Now this social telecommunication scam has gone abroad. Do you dare to defraud face to face because you think the woman will not call the police, or think the police can’t catch him? Using the cash counting roll as a gift, it’s impossible for others to go home without watching so much money. What do you want to do when you’re in your fifties, just jump for a snack? I’m playing well now, maybe it’s sixty. The man’s IQ was so anxious that he was about to give the bride price and was about to get married, but the woman didn’t even notice it. She was so stupid that she had caught a rich old man. Fortunately, this man didn’t run away, the money hasn’t been squandered, and he can still get it back. Otherwise, he’s really lost and he’s got his feelings. Auntie, you can have a snack next time you talk about love in the evening. .

8 months ago

I searched for the details of the case. This man was deliberately defrauding. I didn’t read all the news in the answers below, right? The man himself had to give more than 1.3 million, and the man asked the woman to return more than 130,000 in return, but he asked the woman to get the cash back. After receiving the cash, the man ran away. What is this not a fraud? You can say that this woman is greedy, but so many people sympathize with a fraudster, and think that her behavior is reasonable and not a fraud? It’s really ruining the Three Views! After reading Gao Zan’s answer, I was a bit disgusted. Everything has to be related to gender. Some men’s assumptions about women as a whole group are full of questions. I don’t know how this kind of view has turned into Zhihu over the past few years. Mainstream. Whether it is male to female or female to male, it is now full of stereotypes. Are the opposite sexes around you just like what you have in your mouth? If you really resent so much, just chant it by yourself and spread negative energies and extreme opinions. The issue of dowry highlights that equality of power is indeed a long way to go. The mainstream society is still a patriarchal society. When real equality is achieved, these social problems may not be resolved, but they should be weakened a lot. Look forward to that day.

8 months ago

For the crime of fraud, put on a gift hat. . Can it be washed white.
Take the initiative to give cash coupons
At the same time ask for a gift
And the return gift can’t be paid out of the money given
The most important thing is that the whole thing happened on the day of the engagement,
Give no time to react at all
Such an obvious scam
Just because the man said it was a bride price. .
Will it be whitewashed by netizens?

8 months ago

I think it deserves it, knowing that what I gave was a cash counter, and the other party gave the real money in return, you dare to accept it… If you don’t accept it, it won’t happen… Is it true that the crime is convicted and can be disputed? For example, if the money is left intact, it can be explained that it is good to face and dare not say it. If you save yourself, it will be troublesome. If it has been spent, then… why this kind of problem will attack the woman, the other party will get some points. Could it be her fault that the banknotes lied to her? I hurried to get the gift back without seeing the money on the spot. Why not return more than one million yuan. It is normal that there is no money… If you really want to make money, can you return the gift without checking it on the spot? And after watching the video again, the man said that according to the custom, he can’t get the gift money from the man’s side. It sounds like the man asked for it on his own initiative. Then this might be a professional liar, don’t guess…

8 months ago

This is the use of counterfeit currency, use counterfeit currency + fraud. The answer above is really stunned. You don’t need to pay the sky-high price gift. You can not marry a woman who wants a house or a car. If you think the price of marriage is low, you can choose not to marry. There will always be a like-minded person of the opposite sex. Now, why should we applaud this illegal behavior? You have reached the point where you feel happy when a woman is deceived? And it’s not just one or two answers. It’s a whole piece of answer that is waving the flag. In this age of gender antagonism, it is safer for boys to play with boys, and for girls to play with girls. Finished. Let me add a little bit more. I don’t know how you count it. We return a gift here, a dowry is a dowry, and a return gift is a return. After we have given the dowry, we take a little bit out of the middle as a return gift. For example, when the bride price is given to 3w8 in person, the parent draws 2,000 to 5,000 from it and returns it to the man’s house, or takes a few thousand back to the husband’s house by himself. It is not necessarily drawn from it. This is called a return gift. The dowry is calculated separately during the marriage. It’s a dowry. I accompanied him at the wedding.

8 months ago

The key to determining the crime of fraud lies in judging whether it has the purpose of illegal possession. Illegal possession here refers to the possession of other people’s property, not including the body, not including the soul, not including love… Does taking 1.3 million fake money as a gift constitute a fraud? The premise of this question is not enough to answer. What is the real purpose of getting 1.3 million gift as a gift? Answer A: In order to defraud the dowry of 130,000. → Fraud Answer B: In order to deceive the other party to marry me, at the same time cheating some dowry. → Fraud Answer C: Just to deceive the other party to marry me. → I am sorry that it does not constitute a crime. As I mentioned in the answer to the following question, what happens if the law requires dating and marriage to be registered? Laws, even so-called personal laws such as marriage laws, in the final analysis mainly adjust the property relationship between people.

8 months ago

It’s silly to show me, I can only say that I dare not act like this in the movie. But what is the specific purpose of this man, is to swindle money, whether to go through a process to recharge large sums or something else. It is temporarily impossible to judge, so we can’t make a final decision. Whether the structure constitutes a fraud or not, we need to analyze the specific circumstances. . If the man did not intend to marry the woman from the beginning, the so-called 1314520 betrothal gift involved in the case is just a cover. His real purpose is to defraud money, and he will directly take away the more than 130,000 yuan given by the woman after the incident. Then we can say that the man’s behavior indeed constitutes the crime of fraud. But if the man really wants to get married and the two people have agreed to give a dowry, although the money is not enough, this “special method” is only adopted for the sake of face, and he did not embezzle the hundreds of thousands of dollars given by the woman afterwards. Then it cannot be simply defined as fraud. Again, the current facts are not clear. Before the investigation results come out, we can only judge various possibilities through assumptions. Finally, one more thing that has nothing to do with the law. In recent years, the dowry turmoil has been endless, and it has something to do with the improvement of women’s social status and the awakening of women’s self-protection consciousness. Women can gain a firm foothold from the economic aspect, giving themselves more choices: she can Choose to get married, or choose not to get married. After all, some marriages are deceived, and some marriages are more like helping the poor. After all, no one is willing to pay the price of youth in exchange for a consequence of lowering the quality of life. Marriage has changed from a kind of “strong binding” in the past (the woman married by a man and a woman seems to be sold to a man) into a contract, and the spirit of contract is more about the pursuit of freedom and equality. No matter from any angle, it is a good thing. Returning to the topic, in any case, there are tens of millions of men and women chasing love, from falling in love to entering the palace of marriage, you need to be careful and careful. From the age of 50 to 60, to boys and girls, liars do not distinguish between gender and age. Kind and sincere people still have to keep their eyes open. The “ruler” and “zhang” of “devil” and “dao” are always changing one after the other. Although the money was finally retrieved, no matter whether the man constituted a fraud or not, for the woman, the past feelings were finally paid wrong.

8 months ago

The crime of fraud can still be used like this! So cool! What about prohibiting sky-high price gifts? Is this over 1 million considered a sky-high price? Send more than 1 million to accompany more than 100,000, my god, is this equality? Don’t say anything about taking the initiative. How many explicit hints do you give to force a man to ‘take the initiative’ to pay the lottery with cash counters? The promised betrothal gift will be returned with the dowry and will be used for the small family? Isn’t these over one million cash counting coupons just going back to their own home? The actual victim is my own small family. Am I defrauding myself? This criminal detention can only prove one thing. Fighting the sky-high price gift is fake, and it is true that Guo Nan pays the money in the name of the sky-high price gift. vomit. The issue of the betrothal gift that was forced to be torn off in the past can be ended. If you can’t give money and go through the process with cash coupons, you will be guilty of fraud. This can be analogized, borrowing the bridge money to go through the process, and returning the money back is also a fraud. But borrowing money from relatives and friends to give beauties, which can be repaid slowly by men alone, is the atmosphere of encouragement. The man gave the bride price, and the dowry returned to a bed with three quilts. It was the patriarchal society oppressing women. It’s really ugly to eat. The conviction of this crime of fraud, Nao Nan’s marriage and the robbery, are so difficult, I really don’t understand why you don’t move toward an area without a betrothal gift. Unified reply in the comment area. It turns out that men’s exchange of money-counting coupons, such low-value items, with women’s 131,452 yuan currency is a fraud, and the amount of fraud is more than 130,000 yuan. So if the man is taking real money, 1,314,520 yuan in cash is exchanged for 131,452 cash, the amount of fraud is as high as 1.18 million yuan, isn’t it a huge fraud?

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