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For looking at loneliness, Marquez. I don’t think many people can understand loneliness better than him. With vivid brushstrokes, Marquez portrays many characters with distinctive personalities, depicting the lonely spirit of this family. In this family, there is no emotional communication, lack of trust and understanding between husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, and brothers and sisters. Although many people have made various arduous explorations to break loneliness, they all ended in failure because they could not find an effective way to unify the scattered forces. This loneliness not only pervades the Buendia family and the town of Macondo, but also infiltrates narrow thinking and becomes a major burden that hinders the progress of the nation and the country. The “loneliness” of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” is the loneliness of the Buendia family and the loneliness of people outside the Buendia family, that is, the loneliness of everyone. “The past is fake. Memories are a path with no return. All the past springs cannot be restored. Even the most fanatical and steadfast love, in the final analysis, is nothing but a fleeting reality, only loneliness and eternity.” How Looking at loneliness, I think these whispers will become the epitaph of many people. “What is really important in life is not what you have encountered, but what you remember and how you remember it.” “We tend to walk on this ancient journey of life, running through ups and downs, Nirvana in frustration, and sorrow. All over the body, the pain is floating all over the place. We are tired, but we can’t stop; we are suffering, but we can’t avoid it.” “Everyone seems very lonely. They use their own ways to get rid of loneliness, but in fact they continue to continue. Loneliness. Loneliness is the curse of gregarious people, and loneliness is the only outlet for loneliness.” “Life has never left loneliness and exists independently. Whether it is our birth, our growth, our love, or our success and failure, until the very end, Loneliness exists in a corner of life like a shadow.” After taking a look and reading, we found out what qualifications do we have to talk about and look at loneliness. This is a product of civilization that has been screened through time and history. It is a “loneliness” that is worth reading at least once in a lifetime. Hugo “Les Miserables” “It is the human heart that releases infinite light, and it is also the human heart that creates boundless darkness. Light and darkness are intertwined and fight together. This is the human world for which civilization is nostalgic and helpless.” “I would rather rely on myself. The power of humanity opens up my future, and I do not want the powerful to favor it.” “Not being heard is not a reason for silence.” “People can survive only when they have material; people can talk about life when they have ideals.” Charlotte TiBronte “Jane Eyre” “The more lonely I am, the less friends, the less support I have, the more respect I have to be.” “I am poor, humble, and not beautiful, but when our souls pass through the grave When we come to God, we are all equal.” “In your future life, you will often find that you can’t help but be regarded as a confidant and listen to the secrets of your acquaintances. Your brilliance does not lie in talking about yourself. , But to listen to others talking about yourself.” Just yesterday, I was listening to a video of Professor Chen Guo from Fudan University, talking about some points of view on how to know myself. Among them is a very famous philosopher, Nietzsche. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche how she talked about Nietzsche, how did she talk about Nietzsche’s loneliness. Nietzsche is a person who is not recognized by the public. Nietzsche said this when he was alive, he said, I am speaking to ears two hundred years later. No one of Nietzsche’s contemporaries understood Nietzsche. Nietzsche’s mouth is for ears two hundred years later. He was a person living in the darkness around him, and that darkness was not a loneliness for Nietzsche at the time. No one can read him. Not many people can understand the path he chose, and Nietzsche spent his later years in the mountains. Why, because he said, when I write philosophical works, I want soil under my feet and blue sky above my head. During his life, Nietzsche wanted to make friends, but not many people could understand him, so that Nietzsche often said nothing for two weeks, because no one could speak, and then he wrote about him in the mountains and forests. Philosophy. One day, a handful of Nietzsche’s friends went to see him. At that time, Nietzsche’s body was very old and very old. Because he lived in the mountains, he would send his friends far, far away, one mountain over another, why Well, because he himself doesn’t know when the next dialogue will be. This is loneliness. Nietzsche was so lonely that he was almost mad, and finally please be alone in his madness. When Nietzsche entered the city once, he saw someone beating his horse on the road frantically, and then Nietzsche rushed up and hugged the horse’s neck directly, like his own relatives, and then cried bitterly until he fainted. When he woke up, he was crazy. Later in the hospital, the doctor wrote on Nietzsche’s case: He tried to hug everyone who passed by him. . . . I will be silent for a few minutes, and I suddenly feel that I understand Nietzsche and loneliness, but it is already more than a hundred years later.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Solitude is a person’s carnival. When a person stays in an all-white world, the tentacles of depression, irritability, anger, and desire spread from the heart. You want to destroy the white boringness and start to graffiti wantonly in this monotonous world. The messy colors release your dissatisfaction with the world and tell your inner carnival. This carnival is not about pleasure, but about madness. When the madness returns to calm, he squeezes his face, shows a professional smile, and faces the disgusted person. Loneliness will strike again. Repeating this time and again is a lonely reincarnation again and again. . Sincere friends and partners are the nemesis of loneliness, I hope everyone will not sink into loneliness.

8 months ago

I think people need to be lonely. When you are alone, you don’t care about anyone, you just need to pay attention to yourself. You can think about many things quietly, astronomy, geography and philosophy, feel the peace of mind in your own heart, and put a couple of seconds. The first song you like, you will find that happiness is nothing but that. As a person, you can have a clear understanding of yourself and imagine countless ways you can try in the future

8 months ago

People must have experienced a lonely time, which will make you better settle yourself. Let me talk about my own thing. I failed in the high school entrance examination and missed the high school. Under all consideration, I did not choose to repeat the course, but went to the secondary school. It may be because I was able to go to high school, my heart is too far apart, I think how can I get here (I thought at the beginning, and then I made a lot of very very good friends in school, did not say that the technical secondary school is bad Means, it’s just that there were a lot of bad people in the school at that time). So the first student is more emmm and doesn’t know how to say it, so be alone, don’t like to be in touch with others, it doesn’t matter what kind of classmates, they eat everything by themselves. And because of some conflicts with the monitor, the classmates didn’t want to mix up, so they also alienated me intentionally or unintentionally. But because I was boring, I just studied and got the second place in the class in the final exam. After the school started, some classmates said that the test was really good or something, and because I liked the same idol group, I made my first friend (also one of the technical secondary school students who have been in contact so far, really very good friends). I also want to open a technical secondary school. It’s not important where you are, but what you think is important. (Later, I was admitted to an undergraduate course. Although it was three books, it was quite satisfactory except that the tuition was slightly expensive. Ah, the secondary school to the undergraduate and the people are quite satisfied, although I regret that I did not have a second book) In fact, thinking about that period of time, it is nothing, on the contrary, I still feel that during that period of time I have settled down, and I have adapted to the lonely life in advance. . So, I think there is nothing bad about being alone, there are things you need to experience in every time period. Take the opportunity to settle yourself and pay more attention to the people around you. Spread goodwill and accept goodwill.

8 months ago

When I was in elementary school, I went to the elementary school my mother taught. It is not the elementary school in our district. It is far away from my home. I have many classmates, but there is no one who can go home together. When I was in junior high school, I went straight from elementary school to junior high school. It was not a junior high school in our district. There were many classmates, but few could go home together. When I was in high school, my situation was a little better, but I was rarely able to go home together. As an Inner Mongolian, I went to university in Shanxi. There were 8 people in the university dormitory, except for me. All of them were from Shanxi… After work, my social circle became smaller, and I went home alone. It seems that from the beginning of my impressions, on my journey, whether I go out or go home, I am mostly alone on the road. Today, I saw a group of people in the university dormitory chatting. They were all in Taiyuan, but I was in Beijing and suddenly felt very lonely. As for the perception: this is an emotion, negative, inevitable, pull away from it, and continue to live.

8 months ago

Seeing your question, the first thing I thought of in my mind was a sentence I saw in middle school more than ten years ago. It was Shakespeare’s “In all the voices and fanaticism, there is nothing in it.” I realized that This sentence brought me a deep shadow. To be honest, I regret that I saw this sentence prematurely when I was immature. On many occasions, I will think of this sentence, speaking on stage, drinking with friends, singing ktv, club activities, traveling with friends,,, as long as the occasion is noisy, I seem to have a second personality standing in the corner of the occasion, with indifference My eyes looked at everyone on the field, I looked at my performance on this occasion, and looked at the role of everyone on the field. Some people showed their true feelings, and some smirked perfunctorily. Scientifically speaking, loneliness is subjective and negative. When I am deep in it and linger outside, I can still see that loneliness has a positive side. Being lonely makes people uncomfortable, but it also prevents you from falsehood. Even if your judgment is wrong, you will stick to what you think. Loneliness gradually makes people indifferent, but it also makes you a referee. Many times you will cross the legal and moral standards and look at the problem from another angle. I cannot use “right” and “wrong” to determine this angle, but that kind of The fresh taste in the way of thinking is really attractive, like the devil in mythology that causes people to fall. The reason why I use “devil” and “fallen” is not my derogatory meaning of this matter, but in the eyes of others, you That’s it, like a lunatic. Loneliness makes people stubborn and paranoid gradually, always believing that others are wrong, or downplaying the rest of their lives, or making a blockbuster. Looking at a hundred human historical figures, it seems that there is no successful character, only a successful personality. I think loneliness is great, but it makes you one of the hundred outstanding people, and the loss is very heavy. If you are willing, it is your own choice, not being tied by loneliness. This is very important! I am “a person” because I am willing and I choose, rather than being forced to be “a person” by others, my life, and my family. Talking nonsense with my friends is an effective way to get out of loneliness. The most lonely person What he doesn’t like is nonsense, idioms, and social talk, because he will be scrutinized by his own personality: this is a waste of time, it is hypocritical and meaningless. Talking nonsense has different kinds of fun, and drinking tea has different kinds. Thinking, fishing has a different value, travel has a different mood, true feelings reveal a different distance, a perfunctory smile has a different feeling, voice and fanaticism have a different touch. The attraction of these things is actually No worse than loneliness, some of the demons I have experienced are also demons who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the devil.

8 months ago

The following is only a personal point of view. Loneliness is a state of personal self-closing that is alienated from others and subconsciously refuses to communicate with others. One is the loneliness in the limitation of self-thought, and the other is the loneliness in the realm! The loneliness that most people generally refer to are some of their own problems, or some life obstacles that need to be overcome by themselves, that is, loneliness in the limitations of self-thinking. The other is that people have reached a certain height in certain fields and things, and their ideological level is no longer at the same height as most people. This is realm loneliness! The loneliness of the former comes from the relationship between self and social life, the relationship with things and things! For example, someone said: After being tired for so long, I can finally rest tomorrow. Seeing so many people on the Internet show this fun and that fun, I must go out and have fun tomorrow! So the next day I got up early with joy, dressed up and carrying a bag, and suddenly a bunch of thoughts popped up in my mind when I went out… It’s so boring to go alone! Is it a bit embarrassing to play alone? Is it fun? Should I go with someone? …Wait for a series of refutations, and then walked around the door and returned home! Sitting in the room thinking about not being able to find a playmate in a big city! The loneliness at this time comes from personal social problems, and some people are usually very good to colleagues, friends, and people around them. Basically, they are responsive. They never refuse other people’s requests. In the end, when others have nothing to do for leisure and entertainment. But I was still busy, and the last thing I got was a painless compliment! But what I leave behind is a lonely back, I feel sad to think about it I am still complaining that no one understands myself! But obviously I don’t want to, but I still won’t refuse! When your gentleness is overwhelming, everything you do will be taken for granted! Life is not for compromise, but you should compromise! The loneliness that no one understands at this time also comes from myself! This kind of people can read more books, exercise more, and do more things they like. It’s best to make a plan to enrich their lives, and don’t blindly immerse themselves in work or be in a state of doing nothing! Realm of loneliness. This kind of person is helping others when they are with others, teaching others how to do, and they can’t experience the help of others at all! I don’t want to be helped by others or disdain for others! It’s too cold in the heights, I want to find an equal opponent but I can’t find it, and then I am immersed in my own world to try to find and overcome new problems! Personal thoughts, I hope you guys can comment and advise

8 months ago

According to Hundred Years of Solitude, life has never left loneliness and exists independently. Whether it is our birth, our growth, our love, or our success or failure, until the very end, loneliness exists in a corner of life like a shadow. Perhaps, we have been playing this lonely person in our lives. We don’t have to be too sad about it. What we need to do is to enjoy loneliness. Sometimes, by living alone, we can really see the different beauty in life.

8 months ago

Everyone is a lonely person when they come to this world. The first time they open their eyes and see two adults welcoming you, then we grow up a little bit, the age difference between us and our parents will never be able to understand each other, parents feel We are stupid and innocent, and we think they are cheap and nagging. When we are older, we feel that we are living a normal modern life. Parents do not play social networks and teach them to grab red envelopes. When they are happy, we feel that they are a little bit pitiful. But who is not alone? I can chat with my friends every day, thinking that this lively and safe time will never pass, but the restaurant will be closed, the cafe will be closed, and even the bus and subway will have the last bus. In the end, we also left this world alone.

8 months ago

1. Loneliness is the normal state of people. The time spent alone is far more than when someone is with you, not only physically/spatially, but also psychologically alone. 2. The closest people can’t get into your loneliness, they may not realize it, or even do it. 3. The best way to overcome loneliness is to set a goal, cultivate a hobby, and persevere. Only by playing with yourself can you overcome loneliness. Such as writing, drawing, and studying. This is very difficult. Countless people choose to open timi or live entertainment because they can’t stand loneliness. In fact, this will only make themselves more lonely. 4. Raising a small animal can better help you relieve loneliness. 5. Face loneliness and treat loneliness as a friend, and you will find that you prefer to be alone more and more. Having your own time and your own space is a very happy thing. 6. What should I do if a boy gets lonely late at night? I do not reject the use of alcohol and pornographic methods to make myself fall asleep quickly. Is it good to be physically and mentally happy? Think less of the useless, and do more of the useful.

8 months ago

Uncontrolled free time, called lonely and controlled free time, ask a self-disciplined girlfriend to go out for an internship for 3 months. Friends to go with the team. Another friend is a little far away from me. My girlfriend just left, I just broke the seal and played games. I played all night, went out to eat all kinds of supper, bought a lot of games I like slowly, the games are boring, I don’t want to eat for a lot of time, but I don’t know what to do, I go home from work at night, I’m alone, like A rope, tightly strangling my neck can beat the lonely, it should be self-discipline, I started to lose weight, began to exercise, began to manage myself to abstain from rice, sugar, and only chicken breast, eggs, steak, vegetables every day. Run 5 kilometers every day and read books every night to enrich yourself. One month later, my weight has dropped by 15 kilograms, I am more energetic, and my girlfriend is coming back soon. Loneliness and self-discipline only lie in your control of time. If you let yourself, during this period of time, think wildly, you will be lonely, constantly filling yourself, and will be self-disciplined. I want to eat grilled grilled fish with grilled meat on a dry pot, another glass of German beer or sugary Coca-Cola, and a cup of milk tea.

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