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Hades panicked, because the fight defeated the Buddha and died.The cause of death is very simple, he was killed by the monster king.And the fight between the two people is nothing more than because the Jade Emperor Lao Er always thinks about unifying the three realms and sending fights to defeat the Buddha everywhere.After several decades of crusade, the demon world can’t be defeated.” I didn’t expect that this battle of power accumulation would have caused Douzhan Buddha to lose his life.That’s Monkey King, the Monkey King who made a riot in the Heavenly Palace thousands of years ago, and didn’t even look at the Heavenly Court.As a result, wearing an armor with the word “Buddha”, he died in front of the Demon King. The Demon King also left a sentence: This is it? That’s it.All the immortals who played in the battle panicked, and the underworld panicked. The list of dead in battle has always been counted by the underworld, but who would dare to write the name of Monkey King for the Jade Emperor? That wouldn’t have Long Yan furious. And once this fight defeated the Buddha’s death, Heavenly Court’s military spirit was over. Not only that, the Demon Realm and the Demon Realm might even take the opportunity to invade. The king of Yama thought of this, and he suffered from insomnia all night, and finally rushed to the nineteenth hell early in the morning. Because he thought of the only way. Please come out the monkey.As soon as the door opened, the chains with fire were everywhere, and finally concentrated on the flint in the middle, and the chain was locked by a red-haired monkey.Hades approached: Great Sage, I have come to invite you.The monkey raised his eyes: Why, the tomboy outside is dead?Yan Wang: You know everything like a god.Monkey: His magic is not as good as my monkey hair, and death will happen sooner or later.Yan Wang: Can you go out? What I mean is to defeat the Buddha by fighting.   Monkey disdain: Grandpa, I am very comfortable here.Yan Wang: Oh, yes, the bull demon was caught during the previous wars and locked up in the eighteenth hell. I mean, your good brother, the bull demon. When he was out of hell, the king repeatedly confessed that he must not let others see the flaws, especially the Jade Emperor.The monkey nodded. 2. Returning from fighting against the Buddha, Zhu Bajie, the envoy of the altar, holding a plate of bananas, came to his temple to chatter.entered the door, but saw him squatting on a golden chair playing with a string of red lanterns hanging there, and his armor was thrown all over the floor.Jingtan messenger: Brother Monkey? Monkey: Idiot, what to do with bananas, bring flat peaches. The Envoy of Jingtan felt a little lost in a moment.The monkey jumped down and patted him: What are you looking at? The Envoy of Jingtan recovered: Brother Monkey, you haven’t called me a idiot for a long time. Monkey: Then what do I usually call you.Jingtan Envoy: Call me the Jingtan Envoy.stopped, he said again: And you like to eat flat peaches again? Didn’t you say that bananas are more delicious? Junior Brother Sha and I went to steal flat peaches. You still said that you don’t want to go.The monkey scratched his head. This fake monkey, I don’t know if he really likes to eat bananas, or he doesn’t have the guts to steal Lao Jade’s flat peaches.Monkey: Idiot, we have known each other for thousands of years.Jingtan Envoy: Yes, starting from Gao Laozhuang. Monkey: I must have lived in the nineteenth hell for several years. Thinking about it now, life is really hard.Jingtan Envoy: Yes, fortunately, the Jade Emperor believed in his words. In the end, he really sealed the Buddha for us and let me marry Chang’e. The monkey sneered. There is faith in words? This is not the Jade Emperor. 3. The Jade Emperor has not summoned the defeated fighting to defeat the Buddha for the time being. The monkey was free and went to read the history books of the Heavenly Court.There is a chapter of “Journey to the West”, and the monkey watching it smiles. Monkey King, Pig Ba Jie, Sha Wu Jing, White Dragon and Horse, sent Tang Sanzang to learn from each other, killing demons all the way. This omission is more than one point or two. At that time, he was making trouble in the Heavenly Palace, and he was surrendered by the Buddha, but he was not the one who pressed down to the foot of Wuzhi Mountain. is a monkey exactly the same as Monkey King, I heard it was made by the Jade Emperor. And Monkey King was directly pressed into the nineteenth hell. The Buddha did not know this, nor did the others in the heavenly court, only the Jade Emperor and the Hades knew.You need to know that he made trouble in the palace and almost overthrew the Jade Emperor’s throne. How could this old man with grudges let him stay at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain. It’s just that the Jade Emperor didn’t expect that the Buddha would arrange the monkeys at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain to protect Tang Seng. So, the king came out and thought of a way. Puppetry. This is the housekeeping skill of Yama, as long as you cast a spell on two people, you can make people in different places make the same actions. So, Monkey King was carrying chains in the nineteenth floor of hell, looking at the monsters in the phantom, and fighting for most of his way.And the one who was fighting outside was just a muddy fake monkey.   As for why he didn’t let the monkey go out, how dare the Jade Emperor, one is the accusation of deceiving the Buddha with his own selfish desires, and the other is that he couldn’t stop it. First, he dared not use it.This is why Monkey King can make trouble in the heavenly palace, but sometimes can’t beat the monsters-Monkey King in the nineteenth hell sometimes takes a nap and doesn’t care about the life and death of the monkey outside. In fact, Monkey King didn’t agree to this unreasonable request at first. But Yan Wang said: Think about the group of monkeys in Huaguoshan. Okay, just take it to pass the boring time.was quite boring, but then it was lively for a while.Because the pig demon Pig Bajie has also come to the nineteenth hell.Like the monkey, he is also responsible for directing the pig puppet outside to fight the monster. Two people often drink and chat together.And Monkey King also found out the reason why he was imprisoned. Zhu Bajie and Chang’e fell in love with each other, but the Jade Emperor also fell in love with Chang’e, so he secretly shot him down to heaven. Who knew that the Buddha even asked him to protect Tang Seng to learn the scriptures. In order not to expose the matter, he could only repeat his tricks.Halfway through the study, the Jade Emperor sent someone to say: If two people really repent, let them go out, protect Tang Sang truly, and eventually become a Buddha, and even allow Zhu Bajie to marry Chang’e.The monkey didn’t think it mattered, but Zhu Bajie seemed to believe it and tried harder to fight the monsters.Unexpectedly, the Jade Emperor really let two people out.  The monkey started by himself and beat several monsters, but then he learned a piece of news by accident.   Chang’e is dead.Because he didn’t want to go to the Jade Emperor and wanted to wait for Zhu Bajie to return, he was given to death.   Few people know about this, because the Jade Emperor pinched a fake Chang’e afterwards, and perfunctorily. The monkey couldn’t bear to tell Zhu Bajie the truth, but he became murderous towards the Jade Emperor.This kind of person shouldn’t be alive. But this idea was not hidden in the end, the Jade Emperor knew about it, and took the initiative to solve him. As for how to solve it. Six-eared macaque. The Jade Emperor God unwittingly replaced Monkey King with a puppet again, and he was sent back to the nineteenth hell. Even Zhu Bajie didn’t notice this, and always thought that the fake monkey was the Monkey King who had been with him in the underworld. After the monkey went back, he was no longer willing to be a puppet commander, so the monkeys after the true and false Monkey King were obviously not so good. is really ridiculous.The monkey ate a bunch of flat peaches and fell asleep. 4. The Jade Emperor sent a fight to defeat the Buddha to conquer the demon world again. Dou Zhan Sheng Buddha asked to go to the underworld to drink before the expedition, and the Jade Emperor agreed. When he arrived at the underworld, the monkey asked Hades to take him to see the bull demon.The King of Yama opened the door, and a figure under the boulder appeared in the line of sight. The monkey clenched his fist. I heard that the bull demon was caught by the fighting and defeating Buddha himself. Relying on the heavenly soldiers, he surrounded the cave house of the bull demon in three layers and outside. Princess Iron Fan knelt down and begged for mercy. Niu Mo caught the credit. The monkey looked at the bull demon and only said one sentence: It’s not me. Niu Demon looked up: I know.5. The netherworld came to report that the king of Yama was dead. The Jade Emperor was shocked, and hurriedly summoned the heavenly soldiers to protect himself, but it was too late. The same sentence as thousands of years ago came from outside: I am the Monkey King, Monkey King. heavily clouded. The first stick knocked away the pillars of the palace.The second stick broke the jade chair.The third stick hit the Jade Emperor’s head directly. The heavenly soldiers kneeled down and begged for mercy, and then came the Bull Demon, the Bajie, and the Demon King.The Demon King waved his hand, and there were countless little demons, directly causing the entire heavenly court to become lively.Monkey King stepped on the body of the Jade Emperor and ate the flat peaches.originally didn’t want to play, since he invited him with all his heart, he played it again.Thousands of years, this position should be replaced. 2. Wukong: I can only run a reincarnation, a tragedy, and a scene in the palm of the Tathagata. 1. On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, Ba Jie died. Ba Jie died in a Buddhist altar in the world. The altar is located in the depths of hundreds of flowers, and it is inaccessible. When the heavenly soldiers found his body, there was still half a chicken leg hanging from his pig teeth. But his chest is already blooming like a hundred flowers. When the news came to me, I did not know how many hands had been changed. Some people said it was because of the death of duty, and some people said it was a brutal murder. But no matter which kind, it makes me feel complicated. In the Guanghan Palace in the twelfth lunar month, the moonlight is as cold as snow. The burning knife is hot and hot, and Ba Jie holds up the glass cup. “Nezha, my old pig is going to do something big.” “What big thing?” Ba Jie sneered at me a few times. “Buddha said, don’t say it.” Then he drank the wine in his glass and drank loudly. “Fairy Chang’e, warm wine!” 2. Ba Jie’s ashes were scattered in the Guanghan Palace, Chang’e was wearing hemp and filial piety for it, and the dust in his hands was as cold as a moon shadow, falling with the cold wind. The sound of Xuanzang’s Buddha horn shook the sky, and the cry of Monk Sha was in the same sorrow. Only the monkey, like a okay person, is humming an unknown tune against the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in Guanghan Palace. “Monkey, your junior is dead.” I reminded him. The monkey froze for a moment, then nodded blankly. “Yes, it’s dead, but everything will die.” “But that’s your brother Bajie!” I said a little sullenly. “The Eight Precepts are also everything.” The monkey said seriously. After he said this, he no longer argued with me, but continued to look at the golden leaves on the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, rubbing the thick and cracked bark with his hands. After the monkey became a Buddha, his temperament has changed a lot. The last time I saw a monkey was in Flame Mountain. At that time, the bull demon king had boundless mana, and the monkey couldn’t bring him down. The gods and Buddhas set up a net of heaven and earth, and the wheels were entangled. In the end, the demon king who was beyond his power turned into a scalper, whose horns were smashed by my hot wheels. The Bull Demon shouted: “Don’t hurt my life!” With that shout, I clearly saw the monkey crying. The monkey fell next to the seriously injured Bull Demon King, his eyes gloomy, and he touched the Bull Demon’s broken horn. “Lao Niu Lao Niu, don’t blame me, I am also compelled.” I know that the monkey has an old favor with him, but the magical soldier is in front, so it is not appropriate to say it after all. I approached the monkey and pulled at his tiger skin skirt. “Monkey, speak carefully.” The old cow tried his best to open his eyes to look at the monkey, and finally closed desperately. The monkey sighed and looked at me. “Thank you.” I knew he was thanking me for not being a killer, and I shook my head. “Brother, go on the road early, and after taking the scriptures, you will really be a brother.” The monkey said nothing. On the day the monkey became a Buddha, I was happier than the monkey. I flew to the thirty-sixth heaven and set foot on the palace of the heavens. I saw the figure of a monkey in the intersecting time. The monkey had no golden hoop, no stick, a robed robe, and a Buddha’s name. All the words were Zen, and the guests were all moved. It is a happy thing for a monkey to become a Buddha, but when I saw his Vino look that day, I had an idea for no reason: he gained a lot and lost more. 3. In the end, I didn’t understand what the so-called major events of Ba Jie meant. I have visited the Buddhist altar. It is located in Aolai Kingdom. It is just an ordinary Buddhist altar. There are no residents, no monks, and no one who built it. The Tianjiang investigating the case said that it was Ba Jie who had eaten something bad, and his appetite burst into death. This statement is ridiculous, what can eat a pig’s stomach? After returning to Tiangong, Xiao Si and I reported that a bearded monk was looking for me half an hour ago, looking in a hurry, as if there was something urgent. “What does the monk look like?” “Bearded and holding a lamp stick.” I was stunned for a moment. I knew that it was not a lamp stick, but a magic stick, and the person who came was the golden body Arhat Bodhisattva Sha Wujing. “What about the others?” “When you disappear, you will leave first.” The young man reported truthfully. He took out a purple scroll from his arms, and a ring was looming on the scroll, which was obviously sealed by some kind. “This is left to you by the guest, so I must hand it over to you.” I took the picture scroll, and after a brief look, I couldn’t see the sealed doorway. I put away the picture scroll, and when I returned to my room to study it carefully, I heard footsteps coming from outside the house. I got up to greet me, but saw the heavenly soldiers and generals blocking my mansion. The head of the man was my father Li Jing, and he looked at me with furrowed brows. “Boy, have you ever seen the golden body Arhat Bodhisattva Sha Wujing?” I knew I could not hide from him, so I told the truth, but in my story, I concealed the purple scroll. After Li Jing heard this, there was no doubt. He said solemnly. “My boy, if you see Sha Wujing later, don’t be merciful, you must arrest him!” “Father, why?” I curiously asked. Li Jing showed fear on his face. “He stole the treasure of the Jade Emperor, and it is hard to redeem it… In short, if you encounter him, you don’t have to report it to the killer.” I was shocked: It was such a big fault? I thought that when I smashed the palace’s precious glazed glaze, it was only reborn in the world, this time he should be destroyed? 4. The heavenly soldiers and generals are dispatched collectively, but the body of the Drifting Bodhisattva can’t resist it. I personally visited the scene where the Drifting Monk was captured, and the gods and Buddhas all over the sky shot at the same time, smashing the Drifting Bodhisattva to pieces. When he was dying, he didn’t look at me, but screamed from the sky. “Big Brother!” After he shouted these words, I looked at the fighting and defeating Buddha Sun Wukong beside me. He was expressionless, and fell from the sky, smashing the sand monk’s heavenly cover with one palm. In the two days I returned to the mansion, I was also in a state of anxiety. Looking at the purple scroll in my hand, I suddenly had a hunch: This is the treasure stolen by the monk. My little servant is very loyal, and after several tortures by the immortals, he finally hid the secret. Why did the Drift give me this thing? What can I help him? I looked at the purple seal on the scroll, without a clue. This seal was obviously added by Sha Wujing to the picture scroll. As for the specific reason, I am afraid that the seal reminds me of some secret things. What does he want to remind me? There are very few things related to this honest monk, and it seems that there is only an image of hard work and grievance on the westward road. Somehow, I suddenly thought of Sha Wujing’s cry when he was dying. “Big brother!…” But he knew that his big brother would not save him, and his big brother was already a Buddha who had jumped out of the Three Realms. Or, that sentence was not said to him. My inspiration flashed, and my whole body was trembling with this thought. Maybe this sentence was meant for me? Holding the purple scroll in my hand, I slowly muttered: “Big brother…” The purple light flashed, and the seal was broken. After learning the scriptures and becoming a Buddha, the Eight Precepts were killed, and Monkey King was no longer the Monkey King…


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8 months ago

You have to tell him, “My child, even if your father is strong enough to catch the thief, he still has to ask the police uncle to come when he meets the thief. This is called a rule.” “My child, it’s great to be able to move in to rescue soldiers. If he doesn’t Great, who will help him? This is called interpersonal.” “Child, although you can run fast, isn’t it more convenient to take a bus? This is called wisdom.” “Child, although you can beat one A little mouse, but the cat still has to do the catching of mice. This is called a duty.” “Child, it’s easy for you to fight flies and mosquitoes, but you often can’t fight him, so you need fly paper and mosquito coils.” “Child, you may hate one of your classmates. He often provokes you, and you can beat him. But if you beat him to tears, the teacher will make trouble for you. This is called a rat avoidance device.” “Child, if you are in class to prove that you are good, you often beat others to the ground. There will always be classmates who will not convince you, so other classmates will unite against you and isolate you. Teachers will also think that you are an easy mess. Children, so the teacher will worry about you, care about you, and get tired of you. This is human nature.”

8 months ago

Sun Wukong did wrong and was crushed by Tathagata Buddha at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain for 500 years. During these 500 years, he could not eat, eat, move, and move. It was worse than imprisonment, so that spells and martial arts were ruined. Moreover, in the past 500 years, other monsters have been learning and progressing. Only Monkey King is standing still or even regressing. How can you say that he can beat them after he comes out of jail? The times are evolving, but you are still standing still. You must be lagging behind others. Therefore, children, we must pay more attention to eating and sleeping well, and we must maintain continuous learning. We must not waste our studies and lead to abandonment of our previous work. ps: The following 6K like answers are dedicated to you. Why did Monkey King encounter monsters in “Journey to the West” every time he called for help?

8 months ago

This is a good question. Although monkeys were great before, they were never in the mainstream society. why? Because he is the antagonist of mainstream society. Only when he becomes a member of mainstream society can he meet the same powerful opponents as him. This is what Zhou said. Everyone in it is talented, and they speak nicely. It’s normal to meet opponents, and you cannot do social division of labor and cooperation on your own. Only by knowing how to ask for help can we truly integrate into this world. Children must understand that society is already very large and developed… to learn more like other people and learn to integrate into society.

8 months ago

What we have to do is to solve the problem, not to solve the problem. This is my answer. Monkey King has great magical powers. If he wanted to make a big noise in the Heavenly Palace back then, all the gods would not be able to surrender, let alone the mounts of these mere gods. In the end, I had to invite the Tathagata out and personally press him under the Wuzhi Mountain, and then the riots in the Tiangong were quelled. Everyone remembers the classic section of “Three Beats of White Bone Spirits”. The original work is called “The Three Devils and Three Plays of Tang Sanzang”. As the first monster to be killed, so many moths appeared. From Tang Seng’s perspective, this may be a team trust issue. But from Wukong’s point of view, this is definitely not the case. As a grassroots monster, he can’t beat him, he even has piercing eyes, and he can see through cause and effect at a glance, but what about it? He killed the monster again and again, thinking that he was carrying out a mission and he was protecting the master. I don’t know, this has not solved the problem, but deepened the misunderstanding. Moreover, as later, the identity of the monster became more and more complicated. He also became more and more in vain that “the problem cannot be solved by hitting.” The eighty-one difficulties in Journey to the West are like knots one after another, with cause and effect intertwined. It is necessary to straighten out all the causes and effects in order to return a right path. If you just cut off the dead knot, then more knots will appear later, treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. If you explain to your child, you can stop here. When we came to see Monkey King later, he always seemed to be moving rescue soldiers. He gave up the simple and rude solution by force, but instead used a cumbersome and complicated method. This was definitely not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it showed his power from the heart to the behavior. Analyzing the whole process, we can find out. He started thinking about the problem from his own point of view. Later, he will carefully analyze the cause and effect of this monster, and propose a solution, and finally find the key person to solve the problem. The whole logical analysis is clear and in place. The depth and breadth of the strategy is incomparable with the riots in the Heavenly Palace. From the great sage that everyone shouts and fights and refuses to obey, to the fight and victory over Buddha that everyone admires, only Wukong can understand the mental journey.

8 months ago

Monkey King has great abilities. Monsters are afraid, magic treasures. Purple gourd can earn people. I can’t answer when I call my name. Monkey King, there is no way. Find the owner and confiscate it. Banana fan, blowing gale. Flame Mountain, can’t pass. Monkey King, think of a way. Dingfeng Dan, look for Bodhisattva Take the Western Classics, everyone, help. Work hard to bring down the demons. Monsters and ghosts are so annoying, like little mad dogs on the roadside. Adults don’t dare to bite when they pass by, so they bully children. The immortal master roared, and immediately admitted to slip home. If you bite and bark and are not obedient, you will definitely be beaten when you go home. Thanks invite. I made it up by myself, I don’t know if it can be used to teach children

8 months ago

See how acceptable your child is. . My son is 2.5 years old this year. Most of the time, he will accept everything I say. But in some fields, he is already a little knowledgeable, and he is an expert. For example, he thinks that only a green light can go, and a red light must stop. So even if the red light had nothing to do with him, he would stop. If I force him to go, he will mutter. He must be told that the red light has nothing to do with us, it manages another road. He will be thoughtful, and walk with you with peace of mind like this. . Although the child is very young, he already wants to know the truth of this world. It’s better to tell the truth as much as possible. Of course, this has a lot to do with the age of the child. Sometimes it is too complicated for the child to understand. Especially works of art, there are many angles of interpretation. Back to the question. If the child asks me, why does Monkey King ask for help if he is so good. I will tell him from the perspective of the original work, that’s how the author wrote. The author is not very good. There are loopholes in the character design. Because he is not good enough

8 months ago

It fully shows that the level of personal force is not a decisive factor for a big cause. This is really a good opportunity for life education. It is never the right way to educate children to be prosperous from an early age. It is invincible to integrate into the system and use the system to convince talented people. Monkey King is so powerful that he is able to move soldiers, is qualified to move soldiers, and can be transferred. Rescuing soldiers, his own strength is very high, just icing on the cake. The life path is wrong. No matter how powerful an individual is, it can’t beat the system. The system’s military resources are unlimited. No matter where the eldest brother is, he will be a fart in front of the County Industrial Safety Bureau. It is a dead end to rely on the value of personal force to determine life.

8 months ago

1. The golden hoop on Monkey King’s head is an ability suppressor, which limits Wukong’s ability to a range that Buddha thinks is reasonable. 2. Because Monkey King wanted to consider the safety of Tang Seng, he could no longer fight ten thousand one at a time like he did in the past, so he must be scrupulous. (Someone’s servant or somebody’s mount grabbed Tang Seng to eat. As the master, you can’t look at it. There is one mistake and two mistakes. I can tell you the first time. If something goes wrong, the organization will see how you explain it. , This sentence depends on the explanation of the situation) 3. Tell the children that the road to the truth is full of difficulties and obstacles. This is a systematic project involving multiple people. It is extremely difficult. You cannot engage in individual heroism and rely on collective strength. Newcomers can work together to do this well. 4. Tell your children that everyone has their own opinions about the same thing. Now tell your children that it is only the understanding of their parents. Encourage children to read more books and think hard. When they grow up and have their own understanding of Journey to the West, welcome him to discuss with his parents. After all, the actual adult’s interpretation of Journey to the West is too different from what he told the children. While preserving the beauty of childhood, it also leaves room for the future so as not to hurt the children.

8 months ago

Tell him that no matter how good a person is, he can’t solve all the problems. One-on-one Sun Wukong may be possible, but the fairy may not only run into three powerful groups like Shituoling at a time. Can you solve it alone? Others in your own team may not be as good as you, so you need to ask for help. Tell your child that you don’t have to be alone to ask for help if you have something. Cooperation and win-win are not ashamed. Encourage him to make more like-minded friends. Help each other

8 months ago

This is a great explanation, and you can also educate children by the way. I have encountered a similar question before, and now I will tell you how I answered it. First, we affirm that Monkey King’s supernatural powers are vast. Seventy-two changes, with Douyun, avatar technique, law of heaven and earth, wow, don’t want it so powerful. Second, ask the child, do you think your father is super good? He will drive you to play, take you to climb mountains, tell you stories, and take you to play ball. And he jumps long, runs fast, and resists hard. Even your mother, I can resist running (cross out the last sentence) This kind of inexperienced kid will generally say yes. Third, Dad knows so many things, but who will lead you to do the handicrafts, who will lead you to read English, etc. The child said it was his mother. Then you can tell the children that everyone is not omnipotent, even if Dad is not as powerful as Monkey King. You see, the Monkey King in the story is not. So we are studying as hard as Monkey King, and in addition to striving to be self-improving, we must also learn to cooperate and learn to ask for help. Of course, if the baby is too big, it may not be suitable. But my family’s is still acceptable for the time being.

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