On the 31st, H&M Group’s official website issued an announcement stating that the company’s long-term commitment to the Chinese market is “still firm” and that it hopes to be a “responsible purchaser, whether in China or other parts of the world”. However, the statement did not respond to the “Xinjiang cotton” issue that Chinese consumers are most concerned about.

The statement was divided into 4 paragraphs. The first part mentioned the importance of the Chinese market to H&M in terms of consumption, innovation and technology, and stated that the company is “developing a forward-looking strategy and actively carrying out the next step of procurement.”

But in the old statement that H&M caused anger from all walks of life in China, the company once declared that it “will not cooperate with any local garment manufacturing factory in Xinjiang, nor will it purchase products and raw materials from the region”. In this statement, H&M also did not clearly state whether the so-called “procurement plan” will modify its previous mistakes.

At the end of this paragraph, H&M mentioned that the company is communicating and cooperating with all relevant parties, hoping to find solutions to jointly build a sustainable fashion industry. According to the relevant introduction of H&M Group, the company previously accused Xinjiang of the existence of so-called “forced labor”, which was included in the third part of its “sustainable development model”.

CCTV Online Review H&M Statement: Why bother?

H&M has just issued a statement stating that it remains firm in the Chinese market and is committed to regaining the trust of Chinese consumers.

This nearly 500-word statement was twisted and evasive. As far as the left and right were concerned, he was basically a second-rate public relations essay full of empty words and lack of sincerity.

Why doesn’t H&M apologize openly to consumers? Recently, these foreign brands are following the trend of manipulating Xinjiang issues. Since they are willing to believe lies and turn black and white, they have to accept the response of Chinese consumers.

China’s door is open, and China’s market is open! If you really want to regain trust and keep the market, you have to show sincerity and have a stand and attitude on the key issues that you are provoking. Wrong is wrong, what are you doing with twists and turns? Please be less routine and more sincere!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

A statement of a few hundred words can only extract three words “want to make money” in the end, H&M changed its name to H¥M. We are working with our colleagues in China to do everything we can to meet current challenges and find a way forward. We are working with our Chinese colleagues to do everything we can to resolve China’s resistance and look for ways to continue to make money. China is a very important market for us, and our long-term commitment to China remains firm. China is where we make the most money, and we still want the goal of making money in China has not changed. After more than 30 years of development in China, we have witnessed the remarkable progress of China’s textile industry. As the forefront of innovation and technology, China will obviously continue to play an important role in the further development of the entire industry. After earning more than 30 years of money in China, our business is expanding step by step, and our performance is growing every year. As the largest market for textiles, China can still make a lot of money. We are proud that our suppliers can participate in this development, and we hope to continue to contribute to the advancement of the industry with our partners and stakeholders in China. Our suppliers have also been making money from China, but now they can’t make money, so we hope to continue to make money with Chinese agents. We hope to become a responsible purchaser in China and other places. We are currently formulating a forward-looking strategy and actively carry out the next step of material procurement. We hope that we can continue to do business in China, and we are currently thinking of ways, but we have not yet thought of how to treat Xinjiang cotton. We hope to work with all relevant stakeholders to become part of the solution and jointly create a more sustainable fashion industry. If you want to continue to make money in China with us, don’t look at it, and try to find a way. If we have money, we can make it together! As a global company, we comply with local laws and regulatory frameworks in all markets in which we operate. So we only make defamatory statements abroad. Our company values ​​are based on trust, respect, integrity and dialogue. Do you see this ruler? We want to focus on our core business and what we do best-bringing fashion and design to customers all over the world. Stop talking about politics with us, okay? We are just merchants who make clothes. Wouldn’t it be fine if we sell you to buy? We are committed to regaining the trust and confidence of Chinese consumers, colleagues and business partners. Wash and sleep, you have everything in your dreams. We believe that through joint efforts with stakeholders and partners, we can take steps in developing the fashion industry, serving customers and respecting customers. Modify the words of Director Yang to send you: China firmly opposes H&M’s slander of China’s internal affairs and will continue to respond firmly. H&M is not qualified to speak to China, and the Chinese do not eat this set.

6 months ago

What are the responsibilities? Responsible. A few days ago, did you cancel the order for 7,000 tons of knitted fabrics in China? According to the cheapest cotton knitted jersey, the value of one ton of 30,000 is estimated to exceed 200 million. Has the deposit been given? No. Orders of this kind are placed on a sheet of paper. Do half of the part, the order is cancelled, and the authentic fabrics can only be sold as garbage in inventory. I don’t know if the boss can hold it without jumping off the building. Advise everyone in the industry, you must be cautious when taking orders at this time, and the risk control of payment is different from last month. I myself received a call from a customer three days ago and clearly stated that Xinjiang cotton should not be used. These brands are all the same, none of them are innocent, so what can I do? Salad, your brand can tell which cotton I give you? BCI can’t tell whether it’s good or not. When global brands reject Xinjiang cotton, I still cram Xinjiang cotton to ship to them. Is that very insulting? There is no harm to our own domestic textile industry. This is the right way to resist. Rather than you dare to make these dogleg brand orders, you are not patriotic. Finally, I give HM a trick. The only thing that can save you now is to jump out and sell your teammate BCI, saying that the BCI investigation is not strict. At the same time, I declare that Chinese suppliers are welcome to use Xinjiang cotton 4,000-character dry goods, BCI mechanism In-depth analysis. The comment area mentioned the issue of liquidated damages. I happened to have so few experiences. When I made US AF orders in the early years, I was fortunate enough to pretend to be a colleague of a certain Hong Kong first-hand designated fabric supplier (I am their supplier), and Hong Kong AF The employees of the QA (Quality Assurence) department held a meeting together. At this meeting, I mentioned a fabric that I had cancelled at the time. It was more than 20,000 meters worth of 300,000 yuan. The plan given by the brand is an existing plan and treats all suppliers equally: they will keep the canceled orders for 6 months or will not compensate for the orders in the state of grey fabrics (almost uniformly regulated by the industry). Printed canceled fabrics are changed and digested, and if they are not used for 6 months for different styles of clothes, they will be destroyed in situ and provide evidence of destruction. Full payment will be made after 6 months. If I were not a first-hand supplier, I would most likely be stabbed by the customer on the fourth item. The customer took the full compensation, and I couldn’t get a penny. At that time, I waited for the order of 20,000 meters for 3 months, and finally the clothes were changed, but they were still used up. But then another cancellation order worth 10,000 U.S. dollars, I waited for a year and didn’t receive it. The Hong Kong customer’s order revealed to me that they had received the full payment, and the Korean boss refused to give it. Later, I gave up, and at the same time gave up the customer. Last year, because of the epidemic, a certain European brand customer also canceled some orders. The domestic garment factory and I have a good relationship. When applying for compensation, I helped me fill in the payment and hand it to the brand. Finally, I also received the payment. They also don’t want them, I will take care of them by myself. And many second-hand third-hand suppliers who do these brands do not know that there are these compensation regulations. The compensation is likely to be swallowed at some point. As a digression, the domestic brand is the worst in canceling unilaterally, and the worst in the industry is a certain Shanghai women’s clothing brand. The deduction is also super powerful. The courage and strength are not enough, or stay away from the brand to save your life.

6 months ago

HM means: I am not wrong, and I want to stand to make this money. They are playing a trick of cheating at both ends. Using this statement is to fool us, and then show the same statement to Europeans and Americans: You see, I adhered to the principle and did not change my position of boycotting Xinjiang cotton. Looking at their statement, the whole text is full of function words such as “trust, respect, integrity” and “work together”, and there is no substantive apology or repentance. Anyway, I just want to use empty words to stun you, and then forgive them. Sorry, this statement just makes me want to hammer them to death even more. Such a statement, in fact, still reveals their arrogance in their bones. The key problem is that the Chinese market is very fragrant to them, but the proportion is not large enough. According to the 2020 financial report, China is only HM’s fourth largest sales market, with total sales of SEK 9.75 billion, while its total sales are SEK 187 billion. As far as HM is concerned, it likes China very much. This is true. Of course, small money is fragrant. However, it didn’t like it to the point of breaking with its big benefactor. So, it just wants to fool it a little bit, just make a statement, and it will be over at a glance, and then it will continue to make our money. The abacus is very precise, but unfortunately it is still wrong. HM’s main business area is in Europe, but what is the current situation in Europe? The epidemic is severely out of control, and most of the stores are out of control. This is why in the latest 2021 financial quarterly report, their pre-tax loss is 1.39 billion Swedish krona (equivalent to 1.04 billion yuan). In the current epidemic, HM’s hope for profit lies in these 445 stores in mainland China. Therefore, they are also very anxious, wanting to make a painless statement as soon as possible and fool around as soon as possible. It’s a pity that you have to jump out of the pit you dug yourself. As a clothing company, I didn’t know how to mix politics, kicked us, then smiled and said: Oh, your health is so good, let’s not care about it. Now I want us not to worry about it. Sorry, I can’t allow you to stand up and make this money. If you don’t kneel down this time, I really won’t let you make money. As the previous paragraph said, we are not very demanding, just let them kneel on the ground and sing “Conquer.”

6 months ago

Speaking more shallowly, this is called standing and standing again, and in the end, you can’t stand up if you can’t be. On a deeper level, this is the consistent attitude of the West and the world kidnapped by the West towards infidels and barbarians: I am a noble man in the free world. , I look down on you savages inside the red high wall, but your market is too big, so I will reluctantly pull down my face and give you a statement to reassure you. This attitude is completely a mirror image of the Romans’ view of the Germanic barbarians: Although I am in a terrible condition and need a barbarian army to help me guard the border, I am still a noble Roman and qualified to arrogantly stand in front of the barbarians. It is this attitude that has made Rome lose faith in Visigoths many times, and it is this attitude that has caused us to encounter so many incidents of discrimination. Can the conscientious service of the Germans in exchange for the equal treatment of the Romans? Except for the poisonous praise of Tacitus, nothing can be exchanged. Can we open the door to Xinjiang and cesarean to earn fans from the West in exchange for the objective and fairness of the West? It can’t be exchanged. The Romans did not dare to despise the Visigoths, not the latter assisting the empire to defend its borders, but the Battle of Adriatic Fort in 378 and the Roman Massacre in 410. Similarly, what keeps the West from despising us is not grateful for their arrogant statements, but to tear down the fig leaf of the North American slave-owners genocide and anti-human bandits like Alaric did. The gang has left Hono to elect, and they are also persecuting the Stilicos. We can’t stay still, right?

6 months ago

To be ugly, isn’t this just being a ** and wanting to set up a torii? It is better to express your position openly. This act of standing and standing is too inconsistent with the demeanor of an international enterprise. Twitching and dare not to speak out about his actions because of political factors, but he is unwilling to bear any losses… But are there such good things in the world? While clarifying that political factors are discriminating against Chinese cotton, on the other hand, it is delusional that Chinese consumers will not resist because of this anger. To put it bluntly, the key is still an industrial issue. If you are a truly critical industry, what China does not have and must require you, such as the chip industry, then China really has nothing to do with such companies. But isn’t HM? But it’s nothing more than an enterprise that makes a fortune with the IQ tax on imported goods.

6 months ago

Then use H&M’s PR draft to give them a wave of Chinese consumer statements. TO H&M: We are working with Chinese consumers to make every effort to meet the current challenges and find a way for your company to no longer appear in China. International public opinion is a very important place for us, and our trust in Xinjiang Cotton remains firm. Xinjiang Cotton has developed for more than 30 years and we have witnessed the remarkable progress of China’s textile industry. As the forefront of innovation and technology, Xinjiang Cotton will obviously continue to play an important role in the further development of the entire industry. We are proud that our consumers can resist H&M’s products, and we hope to continue to work with other international partners and stakeholders to contribute to the advancement of the industry. We hope to become a standard builder internationally and elsewhere. We are currently formulating a forward-looking strategy and actively carry out the next step of Xinjiang cotton procurement. We hope to work with all relevant stakeholders to become part of the solution and jointly create a health industry that is more sustainable and free of political hierarchies. As Chinese consumers, we believe that any company marketing in China must respect basic facts and stay away from political prejudices. The so-called forced labor in Xinjiang is a political lie fabricated by Western media. The values ​​of our consumers are based on trust, respect, integrity and dialogue. We hope to focus on the development of domestic brands-and bring better quality Xinjiang cotton to customers all over the world. We are committed to uniting the trust and confidence of Chinese consumers, celebrity spokespersons and business partners. We believe that through the standardization of standards and policies, we can make your company and companies similar to yours completely disappear in China.

6 months ago

Translate the latest report in the English version of the Global Times, I think it is a good answer. Article source: Chinese consumers blast H&M statement, more stores may close Chinese consumers stated that they did not accept H&M’s new statement on Wednesday. Some of them called H&M a “speculator” in the market. Previously, the company claimed to be “responsible” Buyers”, and refused to apologize or start purchasing Xinjiang cotton. . Market observers warn that such a statement will hardly win the forgiveness of the Chinese, and that the group may face more store closures in the next few days due to the loss of consumers. “Shut up. H&M doesn’t understand what Chinese consumers really think,” a white-collar worker surnamed Liang in Beijing told the Global Times. “The company is biased.” “A lot of nonsense, there is no statement saying that H&M will support Xinjiang Cotton.” Netizens commented: “No apology? I will continue to boycott the brand.” http://CCTV.com commented that such a statement. Full of empty words, lack of sincerity. It said: “If you really want to regain trust and maintain the market, you must show sincerity to the key issues that arouse.” H&M made such a comment after saying on Wednesday that “China is a very important market” and that its commitment to China is “still firm.” This is a new announcement. The Swedish clothing brand has suffered a fierce boycott in China that lasted for more than a week. Previously, the company said it would stop purchasing cotton grown in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Northwest China. The reason was a man-made lie: Xinjiang was picking cotton. “Forced labor” is used in. H&M’s statement stated that it is committed to restoring the trust and confidence of its customers, colleagues and business partners in China. The statement said: “We comply with local laws and regulatory frameworks in all markets we operate. We want to be a responsible buyer in China and other regions.” However, Zhang Yi, CEO of iiMedia Research Institute, a mobile internet consulting firm, said In an interview with the Global Times, he said: “The statement is not sincere, and it does not help to restore the business of Chinese stores.” He warned that as some stores in Xinjiang and other regions are reported to have closed, the group may face in the next few days. More stores closed in China, one of the world’s largest markets. I saw very few customers in some H&M stores in Beijing and Shanghai. The day when H&M released its latest announcement was the same day the group released its latest financial report. Reuters reported on Wednesday that H&M reported that its pre-tax loss between December and February was SEK 1.39 billion (approximately $159 million), compared with a profit of SEK 2.5 billion in the same period last year. H&M has 53 online markets in its 74 markets. According to the website, as of the end of February, H&M had 502 stores in China, ranking third in total, second only to the United States and Germany. In 2020, China accounted for 5.2% of H&M’s total sales, making it the fourth largest market after Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. When asked whether the Chinese government is pushing Chinese netizens to boycott companies like H&M, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on Tuesday that Chinese people and consumers have the right to make their own choices. Xu Guixiang, a spokesman for the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Government, said at a briefing on Monday that Chinese companies should avoid politicizing business affairs like H&M.

6 months ago

There was a particularly simple way to solve the current problem, but H&M dared not do it. Since H&M wants to be a “responsible purchaser”, the headquarter executives personally led a team to inspect Xinjiang. Both the Chinese central government and Xinjiang local government welcome all parties. They came to the conclusion themselves, and there was nothing to say in all respects. Is it difficult to do this? For these large multinational companies, how much can it cost to send a few people to Xinjiang for a few months? In order to establish the torii of “responsible purchasers”, they should do so, and they are capable of doing so. However, they claim to be responsible on the one hand, and on the other hand they tend to draw conclusions easily without investigating themselves. Is this a responsible attitude? Is it a responsible approach? Don’t H&M know how much influence this attitude and practice have on their market in China? Of course they know, but they still won’t go to Xinjiang for inspections. They dare not. They are afraid that the results of the field inspections are inconsistent with the set reported by FAKE NEWS, or even completely opposite. So how can they explain to the European and American governments and populists? The Xinjiang government has been inviting EU representatives in China to visit Xinjiang. However, they have repeatedly postponed them, shirks in every possible way, and found various reasons not to go, and they have to say everywhere that the Chinese government does not allow them to go. In fact, they didn’t dare to go. They knew what was going on in Xinjiang. How could they talk nonsense with their eyes open when they went? To quote the Xinjiang Daily: “We have invited EU envoys to China to visit Xinjiang on many occasions, but they have delayed in every possible way for various reasons and even made unreasonable demands. To put it bluntly, they dare not face the real Xinjiang and fear the stable development of Xinjiang’s society. The prosperous scene of the people living and working in peace and contentment exposes their lies.” The opposite of European and American countries is the Arab Muslim countries. Their envoys visited Xinjiang and positively commented on Xinjiang’s development. After they inspected it, they knew that the measures we took were to counter terrorism and combat extremism. They also suffered from it and understood and supported us better. Unlike the superior “human rights teachers” in Europe and America who use human rights as an excuse to put pressure on our country , To gain political benefits, and never really cared about human rights. Foreign Minister Wang visited several Arab countries recently, and they continue to support our Xinjiang policy. Originally, business affairs were all done quietly and quietly, but in the end they insisted on forcibly disgusting people. By now, all Chinese people should clearly see the ugly faces of European and American governments and these companies, and don’t have any unrealistic illusions about them. No matter what they say or do on this issue in the future, they will only make money. It can neither prove that they have reformed and respected the Chinese people, nor can they change the fact that they slander, slander, and disgust the Chinese people.

6 months ago

The official rhetoric is the deadliest. It’s like practicing Tai Chi, and everyone who has learned Tai Chi knows it. The whole reply is illogical, twisted, avoiding the important and neglecting, as far as the left and right are concerned, he did not mention the Xinjiang cotton incident at all. Is it difficult for you to come out generously and apologize? What I want to express in the whole article is: I don’t recognize Xinjiang cotton, but I want to have bad money in China? I think you are dreaming? ? ? Which beautiful empire did you learn from this ability? Today’s China is not Iraq, nor Syria, nor is it the late Qing under the iron feet of the Eight-Power Allied Forces. Our domestic products are excellent and abundant enough to meet our consumer needs. If HM does not really want our market, we will never cooperate with him again.

6 months ago

The H&M Group has always upheld the principles of openness and transparency in managing our global supply chain, ensuring that suppliers around the world comply with our sustainability commitments such as the OECD Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct (OECD Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct), It does not represent any political position. H&M Group purchases more sustainable cotton through a globally certified third party. The purpose is to support cotton farmers around the world to adopt more sustainable methods to grow cotton. H&M Group does not purchase cotton directly from any supplier. H&M Group respects Chinese consumers as always. We are committed to long-term investment and development in China. Currently, we are cooperating with more than 350 manufacturers in China to provide Chinese and global consumers with apparel products that comply with the principles of sustainable development. ——H&M “The purpose is to support cotton farmers all over the world to adopt more sustainable planting methods to grow cotton.” We decide whether it is sustainable. I’m right. I don’t want to apologize. I want to continue to make money in China. “The H&M Group does not purchase cotton directly from any supplier.” Cotton is not directly purchased by us. This pot is really beautiful for me. I still want to continue to make money in China. “Currently, we are cooperating with more than 350 manufacturers in China.” You have 350 manufacturers relying on me for food, and I want to continue to make money in China. HM’s public relations are so good, Xinjiang cotton is not mentioned throughout, but every sentence tells you, I’m right, I don’t want to apologize, I still want to continue to make money in China. HM can leave smoothly.

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