First of all, I would like to thank all the tankers for their support for the Tank 300. Since its launch, the average daily order of the tank 300 has continued to be high, and the monthly order volume has continuously exceeded 10,000 units. Due to the accumulation of orders, the waiting period for delivery of many tankers has reached more than 3 months. .

In order to fundamentally solve the problem of long waiting periods and provide a better car buying experience, we have decided to “stop production and improve production” of the factory to provide guarantee for subsequent production increases. This increase in production capacity will add more than 50 production line robots for the improvement and transformation of production cycle, and break through the bottleneck of production capacity.

At the same time, we will go all out to speed up the production, shipping, and delivery schedules for users who have ordered cars, and provide more diverse and valuable user experience services for everyone. “Suspension of production and upgrading” is expected to begin on March 29, and production line transformation and commissioning are expected to be completed on April 10.

Starting at 24:00 on March 28, 2021, WEY APP will suspend receiving new orders. According to the factory’s capacity improvement progress, we will dynamically evaluate the restart date of the tank 300 order. The opening date will be subject to subsequent official announcements.

I think it’s all because of cheapness? This thing is the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV in the off-road vehicle, just like the Wuling Hongguang MINI ev. Is it because its performance is too good and too luxurious? Of course not, because it is a real car produced by a car factory, and the price is 30,000 yuan, and it can still be green. Isn’t the Tank 300 finally a real off-road vehicle made by a normal car company, and it has achieved 200,000. The off-road vehicles that have been straightened before, like the Pajero Prado Wrangler, are too expensive. The cheap thing is the unreliable thing like the Beijing Jeep, which is like an old man. Before all the domestic off-road vehicle sales are added together, it is estimated that there will be less than 10,000 units in a month, right? The appearance of this thing has made some owners who only dared to think about it before, have the courage to try an off-road vehicle, and Great Wall probably did not expect this thing to sell so well. After all, Wei Jianjun dared not dare to rank the production capacity of a product like the tank 300 like the Haval H6, right?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

To conclude directly, hunger marketing is not enough, it should be caused by the “chip shortage”.
Recently, many industries are short of cores, and the shortage of cores in the automotive industry has gradually become prominent. The following is the suspension table of some international car companies, which is also affected in China, but there is no clear statistical table yet.
Mobile phones, home appliances, and automobiles are all sweeping goods around the world for chips. Next, let’s talk about the causes and consequences of the lack of cores in cars. The lack of cores is a problem. Related to this, an incident that happened some time ago was that a factory of automotive chip maker Renesas Electronics accidentally caught fire in Japan, triggering a production shutdown crisis. As a major customer of Renesas Electronics, Toyota Motor is evaluating the impact of chip production. However, the “Renesas fire” is only the tip of the iceberg of the car core lack event. The “chip shortage” affects more than just one Toyota car company, but spreads all over the world. The lack of core leads to a reduction in car production, and the pain will continue. Why is there a shortage of automotive chips? First of all, make it clear that the car lacks core, what kind of chip is it lacking? The answer is MCU, not high computing power chips for smart cockpits and autonomous driving. MCUs, also called microcontrollers, are widely distributed in automobiles. For example, engine control, steering control, body stability control, air conditioning, wipers, etc., may all use MCU. Counting down, an ordinary car may need dozens to hundreds of MCUs. In fact, there are too many MCU applications. In life, some children’s toys that can sing and dance also use MCU, and missile rockets in the military also have MCUs, but the specifications are different. When it comes to MCUs used in automobiles, the reliability requirements are very high, endurance tests are required, and extreme environments must be challenged. However, if compared with electronic consumer-grade chips, the computing power requirements of automotive MCUs are not high. Therefore, in the eyes of chip manufacturers, automotive MCUs are a very unique market. Only a few fixed suppliers focus on this for a long time, and they need to be deeply tied up with car manufacturers. This kind of MCU audience market is too narrow. Last year, affected by the epidemic, factories were shut down. Most car companies were pessimistic about sales, and chip demand was predicted to decline. However, what I did not expect is that the epidemic has caused a substantial increase in electronic consumer products, and the demand for chips has soared. As a result, many semiconductor manufacturers are more inclined to supply electronic consumer products. There has even been a wave of “grabbing chips”. Both ends are in a state of tension, and it is no longer realistic for automotive chips to go back and expand their production capacity. At the same time, various natural disasters followed one after another at the end of the year. The earthquake in Japan and the snowstorm in Texas continued to be affected by the epidemic, which made the shortage of automotive chips worse.
It can be said that many industries are short of chips, while the lack of cores in automobiles is more typical. It is also an industry problem that affects the world and has no direct relationship with US sanctions. However, from the perspective of the security of China’s automotive industry supply chain, automotive chips still face the problem of “stuck neck”, because 90% of the chips of domestically manufactured cars rely on foreign imports, and local self-developed only account for 10%. The key supply chain is not in the hands of the Chinese, and if the foreign supply chain is broken, the entire domestic automobile market will also be affected. What are the losses caused by the lack of cores in cars? According to the latest forecast data from Auto Forecast Solutions, as of March 22, 2021, at the international level, the production capacity of automobiles lost due to chip shortages reached 1.1 million units. Among them, the loss in North America exceeded 380,000 vehicles, and the loss in Europe was even more serious. (There is no clear loss report in China) The car is a complex collection of parts and components. The lack of any key parts will cause the vehicle to be unable to go on the road normally. However, the bitter days of lack of core have to survive. There are no more than several solutions. Either temporarily shut down the production line to clarify a wave of inventory, or choose to produce certain models and provide limited chips to the most needed products. There are a few examples reported recently. Affected by the shortage of chips, Honda Motor has temporarily shut down its Mexican plant. Next, most of the factories in the United States and Canada will be shut down one after another. Ford Motor plans to produce some F-150 pickups and Edge crossovers without specific MCUs. This is also a way to solve the problem, but Ford did not continue to implement it in the end, but to keep these cars until the chips are normally supplied, and then go on sale after installation. General Motors was more decisive and directly produced a pickup truck without a fuel management module. The price paid is that the increased fuel consumption of the model means that it will run about 500 meters less per liter of fuel. This car will go on sale, but it will give buyers a certain amount of financial compensation. As for domestic automakers, Weilai Motors has announced that it will suspend production for a week. Others have not been announced, but the impact must be there. Most of the feedback is that the chip supply has indeed been under certain pressure, but it is claimed that the problem is not serious and that it is still within the scope of normal operation. Indeed, the lack of cores in automobiles is a global imbalance between supply and demand, and it is difficult for any car company to deal with it alone. Chip demand is increasing, what should we do? According to the China Automobile Association, by the third quarter of this year, the supply and demand of automotive chips will enter a stage of equilibrium. In other words, in the second half of this year, the “chip shortage” will be completely alleviated. When everyone is talking about electrification and intelligence, this is already a big trend. What are the three core technologies of smart electric vehicles? Power battery, chip and software. In the power battery field, we don’t need to worry, CATL and BYD occupy the leading position in the power battery market. However, the foundation of our car chip is very weak, and the software system is also being explored. As the architecture of automotive electronics and electrical appliances shifts from distributed to centralized, the demand for traditional chips will be appropriately reduced, but high-process domain controllers and processor chips will increase rapidly. This will be a very potential incremental market, but it is still mainly monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises. Here is the distribution map of the global traditional automotive chip competition in 2019. We can see that Infineon tops the list, followed by NXP, and then Renesas Electronics. There are almost no traces of domestic enterprises in the rankings. What is gratifying is that in the field of chips required for electric vehicles, China’s power is slowly rising. For example, domestic BYD, CRRC, and Huawei have all deployed IGBTs, but the giant with more than half of the market is still Infineon. Looking at the higher-end chip field, at the level of autonomous driving, Intel and Nvidia are mainly competing for hegemony. Intel acquired Mobileye. Among them, the installed capacity of Mobileye Q3 and Q4 series chips is very considerable. The Q5 chip launched last year has attracted more attention, which can support L4 and L5 level automatic driving. Nvidia has launched two autonomous driving chips, Xavier and Orin. NIO, Ideal and Xiaopeng, which are newly built cars in China, plan to carry Nvidia chips on the next-generation autonomous driving platform. Tesla is special, using self-developed FSD chips. Domestic Huawei plans to launch the Shengteng system AI chip, seeking to provide auto companies with full-scenario services for autonomous driving. At present, the lack of cores in automobiles is only a short-term pain, but the greater hidden crisis behind the lack of cores should not be ignored. In the future, smart electric vehicles will gradually become popular, and automotive chips with higher specifications and more difficult may face a greater gap. This small chip should not choke our industrial throat. Technical matters, of course, are solved in a technical way.

6 months ago

I talk about production lines and factory construction. (1) The tank 300 is more accurate in terms of name, appearance, and product positioning, so the sales volume is bullish and the trend is good; (2) The production plant of this car is the Great Wall Motors Chongqing Yongchuan plant, which has a design capacity of 16 10,000 units per year, but in fact, the Great Wall Cannon has already occupied nearly 120,000 units per year, and the remaining 40,000 units per year are obviously unable to support the sales trend of the tank 300; (3) The production capacity of large-scale automobile manufacturing plants is mainly limited by the welding production line. Generally, auto factories will use the off-season sales from June to August to carry out production line transformation and capacity expansion. However, the original production line transformation can only increase the production capacity of 10,000 to 30,000 vehicles/year. If it wants to increase significantly, only build new ones. Welding production line. The cycle of building a new welding production line is 5 to 8 months. (4) If it is a small renovation and the improvement is not large, it is expected to be completed in one month, and we can continue to observe. If it is new construction, it is still very early, but the biggest possibility is that new construction and renovation will be carried out simultaneously, and finally a production capacity of 100,000 to 120,000 per year will be formed.

6 months ago

This is not hunger marketing, repeat, this is not hunger marketing. Comrades, we also want to hit the Yangtze River today and liberate the whole of China tomorrow, but it won’t work. We are retreating in great strides today for the purpose of striding forward tomorrow-“Red Sun” tank 300 is selling, the real reason is: after the current living standards improve, people’s increasing demand for nature is cheaper than the current off-road vehicles. The contradiction between the status quo that cannot be afforded by the expensive ones has become the main contradiction in the off-road vehicle market. The emergence of Tank 300 just solved this problem. A 100,000-200,000 off-road vehicle, designed and built by a veteran off-road manufacturer, and produced by the manufacturer’s independent luxury brand with high standards. Its overall performance and quality are the best in the same level, and it is also the current market. A product that has never appeared on the previous page. And we all know that the sales of off-road vehicles in China have been tepid, and some brands can sell hundreds of units a month, even if they are thankful. Even if it is a veteran off-road vehicle manufacturer like Great Wall, its off-road vehicle production capacity is limited, and the Great Wall tank platform must take into account other models, and the production capacity left for the tank 300 is actually not much. There are too many orders for the Tank 300 now, and the monthly increase in the number makes people feel like they are looking at the sales of an urban household SUV. Therefore, it is urgent to expand the production line and increase production capacity. This is the important reason for the suspension of orders. Believe me, if you don’t stop taking orders to expand the production line, you may not be able to drive your newly purchased tank 300 to the world in the next three big holidays if you buy a car right now.

6 months ago

It is unlikely to be a starvation marketing. Of course, it is not necessarily a production line transformation. It is also possible that insufficient supply of materials (vehicle chips) may cause production capacity to fail to keep up. During the recent period, the shortage of automotive chip supply across the country has become increasingly serious. According to the respondent’s knowledge, a considerable number of large domestic car companies have shut down some production lines due to insufficient chip supply. During the shutdown period, it is easy to modernize the old production lines by the way. Of course, directly saying that there is a problem in their supply chain will have a partial negative impact on the confidence of the market. Therefore, most car companies will not publicly promote the problem of their car chip supply. In contrast, describe it from another perspective. , Said that the ongoing production line maintenance and transformation will have a much smaller impact on market confidence, and in some cases can even boost market confidence. Of course, the above is just a guess made by the respondent based on the current status of the industry. It does not mean that the relevant car companies are indeed the case. All the official announcements of the car companies shall prevail. Also attached is a public news report on the recent shortage of automotive chips from the perspective of the competent government department. Among them, “the parties at the meeting had an in-depth exchange of views on the current supply of automotive chips” is a very typical diplomatic rhetoric, which is translated into the vernacular…

6 months ago

I think there is no need for hunger marketing. The Tank 300 was very successful, and it was not accidental. This time, Great Wall used its own technical strengths to position itself very accurately. Among the original choices on the market, many people do not need or accept large and expensive vehicles (Pajero, etc.), pure off-road vehicles (Wrangler), etc. These cars have their own positioning and market space, but many people, including myself, would not buy them. A certain degree of stronger passing performance is occasionally used to increase safety and selectivity during travel, but at the same time, the comfort, convenience, etc. required for most of the time must be considered. The Tank 300 just meets the needs of most of these people, and the price is right. These alone have been supported by a large group of people, but the tanks are more than that. The configuration and intelligence, comfort (smoothness, good sound, seats, sound insulation) and exquisiteness of those assisted driving far surpass other products of the same type. , And it’s what many people want. From the moment I walked into the driver’s seat of the tank, I was impressed by the caring and sincerity of Great Wall. My use requires a family of 5 people for long-distance travel, so this car is too small for me, or I will buy it if I have a good chance. I am currently driving the Jeep Freelight Ultimate Edition. I am very satisfied in all aspects, but it is always the product of 2 years ago. The level of intelligence is incomparable with the Tank 300. I now choose the car’s assisted driving function will be a big consideration. Free light has some elementary functions. I already feel that it can greatly improve safety and reduce fatigue, so I must make good use of technology to serve myself. Individual design is also a success factor. Compared with the modest, low-key, unassuming, sporty appearance, technological sense, etc. of most mainstream models, the tank takes a unique path, and there are not many choices in this regard. Let me explain here that I have no derogatory meaning to moderation and low-key, which is even what most people want. Take myself as an example. If I don’t find a design that matches my personality, I will choose a low-key design. In terms of marketing, the Great Wall also focuses on women this time, which is really smart. I think this car can really match the personal styles of many women and help break the stereotypes of women. I think this time is really as simple as the official said, it is necessary to upgrade the production line to increase the output.

6 months ago


It should be that there are real sales, and it is unlikely to be hungry for marketing. The Great Wall has no history of playing monkeys. The reason for the high sales of the Tank 300 is mainly because of its comprehensiveness. You have to say how professional he is off-road. To be honest, there must be a gap compared to those off-road vehicles that move between 500,000 and 600,000 and 1.8 million. But how many owners can spend hundreds of thousands or even millions to buy a purebred off-road toy? Now we have spent a price that our people can afford (a little over 200,000), and the 300 tank we bought can get the following points: 1. The passability of this car can definitely guarantee the road that our non-professional off-road players can think of. It can pass, and those very challenging road conditions, come on, for me who occasionally go out and wander around, my car is average, and I am not brave enough to drive a real tank. I will not go. 2. This car has an interior that is extremely incompatible with the appearance. How to say it, before you see it, it is difficult to imagine that the interior of an off-road vehicle is in such a comfortable state. The design of the central control and the seats are all different. This is a kind of interior material. Just looking at the interior of the car, you will think that this is a comfortable SUV, which is also OK for home use. This is difficult for many off-road vehicles, or disdain to do it. 3. The comprehensive fuel consumption is 10.5L. This is the fuel consumption level I found from the reputation of many car owners in the car home. The 2.0T machine, the zf8AT gearbox, drives a 2.1-ton off-road vehicle with a beam. The fuel consumption is really pretty good. Of course, if you go to Huoche, the fuel consumption is definitely not guaranteed. 4. Higher configuration, 200,000 early can give you a more comprehensive active and passive safety configuration, adaptive cruise, two locks, seat heating and ventilation massage, Yanfei Lishi 9 audio and chassis perspective, which is relatively practical The function is really comfortable to use. 5. As a car with a beam, the internal space of this car is still OK. Copying the data from Car House, 1.73 testers have 1 punch and 3 fingers in the front head space; three punches in the back leg space, head The space can reach 2 punches. 6. Let’s talk about the appearance. This is a matter of different people’s opinions, but in an off-road vehicle, this hard-core style, retro design, and jump-off color scheme are quite pleasing if you consider off-road vehicles. . Based on the above six points, the audience portrait of this tank 300 is very obvious: young office workers can afford 200,000 cars, but they can only buy one. They are busy with work and have no time to waste, but yearning. Nature, when buying a car, you should consider the comfort of your family, but you also have to take care of your own stars and the sea. Not willing to be mediocre, but having to be mediocre, I had to find some color in the mediocrity. Good guy, isn’t it just me waiting to hit the workers? Punch after punch, punch to the flesh, hit the key, hit the key of this largest consumer group, it is not surprising that the sales are booming. Therefore, hunger marketing should not exist, after all, it is a new car, so how can there be so many production lines in preparation. Of course, all cars have shortcomings. Rolls Royce can’t find the shortcomings, but there is also a fatal shortcoming that I can’t afford it. Isn’t it that this car is so good? No shortcomings? It’s just that at this price, he just has what you need, and you don’t care about his shortcomings. However, I still suggest that you wait for an order and look at the market feedback. A new car must be tested by the market first. The above advantages can only be established if the quality is reliable. It is not easy for anyone to make money. You cannot take your hard-earned money back improperly. thing.

6 months ago

I took a test drive and liked it very much. The performance was also strong, so I immediately arranged it. But waiting is really tormenting. I placed an order in February, within 20,000 yuan, but there was no production until mid-March! ! ! In addition, my license plate index is about to expire, I can’t afford to bet! ! Can only reluctantly cut love and turned and plunged into Honda’s embrace. So, it’s really not tank hunger marketing, it should be the model’s popularity that caused an order run, but this buddy can’t make it! ! ! As for the tank, there is a chance to own it again in the future.

6 months ago

Judging from the official release, it probably means that the order volume has exceeded expectations. Consumers who have ordered the 300 tank to pick up the car have reached more than 3 months. In order to increase production capacity and upgrade the factory, it is decided to suspend the pickup today. The order is expected to be completed on April 10! From the time point of view, it is only about 10 days. It is not too long. Everyone can wait. It is better than waiting for 3 months, right? However, Great Wall’s approach has received crazy praise from domestic consumers. The reason is simple. It does not want to delay or owe consumers, and it does not want to play hunger marketing. The Great Wall tells you straightforwardly that my production capacity can’t keep up. , But I also don’t want to take too many orders to show how popular and popular my models are, which causes consumers to be unable to get their beloved models for a long time, and I don’t want consumers to feel that Great Wall’s service attitude is very high. The difference. Why is the Great Wall Tank 300 so popular? Stop taking orders because of too many orders. This is the first time in China! In fact, the reason is very simple. The spread of the Internet is very fast now. Consumers who have already obtained the tank 300 have done a lot of tests. The results after the test are very good, whether it is off-road or high-speed. Non-paved roads, mud and sand, etc., have a good performance in the car environment. It has proved that it is worth the money to buy a tank for 300! This is the power of word-of-mouth. If in the test, its word-of-mouth is not good. If one says that this is not good and that is not good, it will be empty. Will there be so many people buying it in the future? The car is a good car and the price is fair. Great Wall’s approach is more heart-warming. It not only wins sales but also wins word of mouth. We hope that Great Wall can step up its production capacity and let these consumers who like the Tank 300 get their beloved models as soon as possible. We also wish the Tank 300. It can sell well, and it can create a source of brilliance:

6 months ago

No car was seen on the road. He said, “What is the current level of Great Wall Motors? Just a few models. You are doing high-end products in the Wei school. Can he do it? Can’t do it! Do you know if you don’t have this ability? If you go down, you will lose Chang’an. If you lose Dongfeng again, no one will lose the Tank 300 next? Oh, thank goodness, thank goodness, you don’t have a solid foundation for a car like this. Be more pragmatic. I urge you to understand the concept of my own car first, trucks. It’s pretty good. Why did you change him?

6 months ago

It should not be hunger marketing. The Great Wall has not yet reached the level of global influence that Toyota has. Originally, this kind of pure off-road vehicle positioning is a small number of people. When this model was launched, the manufacturer did not expect to have such a good sales volume. Therefore, the layout of the production line, the selection of suppliers, the deployment of internal resources, etc. All aspects have certain limitations, which ultimately leads to insufficient production capacity.

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