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Don’t feel free to look at and evaluate how others discipline your own children. A two-month-old baby must reach out and hold it, but a two-year-old child is already sensible and has the ability to play well. It doesn’t make any sense to hold out if you want to hold it. There is no such thing as a lack of love if you don’t hold it, you will be psychologically traumatized. . Only the parents of the child can tell whether the child is really sad and comforted if he wants to hold it, if he is really tired to hold it, or if it is just hypocritical. My child has just turned two years old. Sometimes I have to hug it soon after I go out. Sometimes I have to hug it after walking for more than an hour. Sometimes I don’t want to get up when I fall slightly. Sometimes it’s really painful to fall. , Certainly can not be generalized. I usually use a double stroller to push them out. They like to stand up and crawl but don’t want to sit down. Others seem to feel quite unsafe. But I am willing to make them more comfortable. I don’t want to be too confined to them. I just remind them to hold on, and I will push more slowly. Even if I fall, there will be no problems. And it’s not bad for them to have a long memory when they fall down. It’s more effective than talking about safety ten thousand times and forcing them to sit down. In fact, I rarely fall down, and I have a long memory of falling down. There are often good-hearted people reminding me to pay attention to their safety. I can understand and don’t mind, but some people don’t remind me, but accuse me, saying that fathers are so careless when they bring their children. I am especially annoyed by this self-righteous view and evaluation of others. people. If the subject is that your child kneels on the ground and stretches out his hand to hold, he doesn’t know how to deal with it, so let’s talk about it. 1. Knowing your children is a prerequisite. If you are a parent and cannot understand the motives and thoughts behind your children’s appeals, then you will not care about it! 2. Reason must overcome emotions, and you can’t bear it blindly! Don’t think about it, if you don’t hold it now, you won’t have a chance. Is raising a child to hold more? Don’t think that the child is only two years old and there is no need to make rules. This is just trying to find an excuse for laziness and inaction! The consequences of this excuse will have to be repaid by parents and children in the future! I can understand that Bao Ma is soft-hearted and can’t look down on the child to cry, but this kind of emotionalization has too many drawbacks to the true heart of the child. It is understandable but not worthy of praise. Our Jiabao mother is also the same model. When the child cries, she feels pitiful. As a result, she can’t take the child well. She doesn’t want to eat by herself. She refuses to get down when she rides in the cradle. She will go to the supermarket and lie down if she doesn’t buy snacks. When I cry on the ground…it’s completely different when I bring it. I climb into the dining chair by myself, shake the cart and sit down once after I’ve gotten a meal. If I don’t see the supermarket, I will go in. Even if I go in and get some snacks, I still put it down… So now I take my two babies in my family, and Momma can do the small business she has always wanted to do with peace of mind. Don’t think that setting rules for the child will make the child unhappy. The two babies in our family are happier than other children. The neighbors said that they were excited about going out to play. In fact, the same is true at home. Happy, I told her that there is nothing wrong, this is the norm! The formation of rules is a habit, children are born with a sense of order, and it is a happy thing to observe the established order. The procedure for our baby to eat is to sit in a dining chair, wash hands, put on a meal, and start a meal. Sometimes I forget to put on a meal pocket in a hurry, and they will pat their breasts to remind me! In fact, holding a child as soon as he stretches out his hand is the easiest, most trouble-free and the most irresponsible way to temporarily soothe the emotions of the child and the parents. It is the most irresponsible way to understand your child, grasp the degree, and improve the ability of the parents to deal with it reasonably. Difficult. Too many parents try to save the worry temporarily, avoid the importance, and use all kinds of names! Raising children is a self-cultivation, and it is inevitable!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

My son is 15 months old, do you know what he can do? He can walk, run, climb stairs and slide slides by himself; he will quietly approach other children, and then unexpectedly snatch toys from other children. He will hold something and feed it into your mouth, and he will put it into his own mouth when you open his mouth, smiling forward and backward. Will lower your head when you blame him, then secretly glance at you, and smirk at you when you see your expression relaxed. Will climb to the table to find the remote control, and then turn on the TV by himself. If you have something to throw away, tell him, throw it in the trash can. If he wants to, he will take the thing, open the trash can, and throw the trash into it. When you refuse his unreasonable request, you will cry and make a lot of noise, but you will immediately stop halfway to the “confinement room” and look at you innocently. You will bully his mother vigorously, order her to do this and that, and cry and make a lot of noise when she feels unsatisfactory, but don’t cry or make trouble in front of me, obediently obedient. In order not to sleep, I can stand up against me and stand on the bed for more than an hour, staring at me with wide-eyed eyes, leaning on his father and making my legs sore. … I don’t know what the Lord said about the two-year-old child, but as a father with a baby, my real name opposes the question of “what does the child do not understand”, “the child will not deceive”, ” It is certainly not so small. My son is less than two years old from 15 months old. He will deceive people, be good at telling things, meet the dishes and get the dishes, meet the windshield, and even he will be more ruthless than me! Can you believe me? Such a small person will stand for an hour as soon as he is standing, staring at you without crying or making trouble, and if he doesn’t accept it, can you believe it? I have been a well-known ruthless character since I was a child, but according to my old mother, I only mastered the skills of staying in place for more than an hour after I was three years old! The little bastard can get through without a teacher in 15 months! So you young people who haven’t raised a baby, don’t be there to masturbate yourself as a mother, and try to raise a baby before criticizing others. It’s not the kind of helping to bring children for a few hours occasionally, but raising one by yourself. Feel the irregular crying in the middle of the night and the ever-changing needs, feel how smart these contemporary villains can be, and then feel the characteristics of your own body that can make you more collapsed! Things like a baby can perfectly subvert your three views. After raising up, you don’t say anything about your head, but you can be more peaceful and tolerant when looking at people and things. It will not make a big fuss, put some normal operations on the line, and will not put a two-year-old and The state of the two-month-old baby is confused, and the two-month-old baby must be treated with the Virgin’s heart that is responsive to the two-month baby. Anyway, if my son is sitting on the ground now, stretches out his hands and refuses to stand up, he is almost 100% sure that this little bastard is going to grab a woman from me again! Humph! I haven’t touched enough yet, do you want to dominate? Stand up for me! Why should I go!

8 months ago

Waiting for different commercial accounts to issue contradictory texts: 1. “Children want to hug? Many parents have done something wrong, and actively respond to their children’s needs, and their children will be better in the future.” 2. “Children want to hug? Many parents are doing it wrong, do a good job of delaying gratification, and their children will be better in the future. “I accompany my children to roll in the mall, and I also gave my children a chalk to draw an area on the ground. The rule is that I can only roll in the circle; I also stand. At the same place, quietly waiting for the child to get up by himself. Aiming at an isolated, static and one-sided scene that does not necessarily exist, the utterly unreasonable little story of the two nengs is to criticize the parents for others. Except for Harvey, who engraved the boat for the sword, no one else was like this.

8 months ago

After reading everyone’s answers, they are basically fighting wits and courage. I think the specific problem of this matter is analyzed in detail. There is a popular term now: bottom logic. What is the underlying logic of the subject matter? Why do you let the child hold? Because the subject didn’t specifically say, we can dismantle several possibilities: 1. Playing tricks, watching people eat dishes 2. Encountering difficulties, seeking comfort 3. Physiological factors, sleepy and tired 4. Thinking about life, the world of children , Don’t guess the first situation, it’s a shame to behave, and it’s up to people to get the dishes. Everyone shared a lot of shamelessness. It can be seen that the children nowadays are really good~~ But when you think about it in a positive way, the children are very smart. This kind of couple parents are generally anxious, “I am used to something wrong, and I can’t change it.” There is also a comment that I think is quite interesting. @俗不耐 “Snatch a woman with Laozi”, communicate with children and meet children in a ridiculous way Shame, everyone has a headache, me too, the fire can’t hold it down. It is recommended that you try to communicate with your children by playing games. Just like the subject said, if you don’t want to get up and hug, then let’s simply play a game of taking off and push the children up from the ground, like a plane taking off. It will be transferred from the negative emotions of “shaming”. After reading the answer, you must have a better game plan, try it. The best-selling version of the game power set (set of 3 volumes) Jingdong ¥ 71.00 to buy​Why use the game method? Because the child is only interested in games at a young age, you can make sense to her, please, your mother has been telling you for more than 30 years, have you listened to it? So we use the indifferent way to practice the so-called truth, small! Small! The pattern is smaller! Besides, the old saying goes well, “Don’t be familiar with children.” We are all adults. The reason why we can be the guardians of the little guy is that we have the means and the structure to care about the children, and we lose in the end. Only adults, don’t ask how I know! I learned the art of war for the second situation, when encountering difficulties, seeking comfort. If you forget every step in your childhood, please observe your children more. A 2-year-old child walks on the road and sees the scenery that is definitely different from yours. What he sees is thighs full of eyes, and what you see is the beauty in the distance. Someone who doesn’t have eyes stepped on or bumped her, or met a bear child with a sharp look and grimace; or the child’s divergent imagination made it feel like a broom hovering around her like a ghost. It is not easy for children to grow up, and parents should be their backers. Don’t ask for a hug at this time, when should you ask for it? Cultivate empathy and give everyone a sentence: Stand with your children and watch the scenery they see. The third situation and the fourth situation are put together. There is no need to talk about the physiological factors. If you should hug it, there is nothing to analyze. Who is tired and doesn’t want to rest? Parents are just mobile strollers, no objection! The fourth is that the child is immersed in his own world, the more magical one. I don’t know which of the tendons is wrong, but I want to be hugged. What should I do? There is no good way. Please go back to the first one at this time. In this case, give it a try, let time tell you the answer if it doesn’t work. Speaking of dim sum, I used to be the kind of indifferent parent. In the same scene, I will tell the child: If you are a man, what else to hold? Be strong. When the child encounters negative emotions, I let him reflect on his own, and think about it, is it right for him to do so. What kind of education does he get? In exchange, the child kept apologizing to me, and apologized if he did a little thing wrong. Seeing the child’s lower and lower self-esteem, I was a little panicked. I loved him, but made him more and more humble. Let him face it himself. Is this love or harm? Therefore, I am not afraid that everyone sprays my mother’s heart. In this case, my first reaction is to hug it! Because you are satisfied, you won’t be extravagant, the more you can’t get, the harder you will be, no matter what method you use! What do you think of sloppy and scheming may be that what we gave is not enough…

8 months ago

The child’s 2 years old, some people call it “terrible 2 years old”, because the child at that time seemed to just want to say “No!”. During this time, the character of the little guy began to form and began to develop his own personality. At that time, they already had: motor skills at this age, children should be able to: stand on tiptoe. Kick the ball. Start running. Climb up and down the furniture when there is no help. Holding the handrails up and down the stairs. Throw the ball with the hand raised over the shoulder. Bring a big toy or a few toys when you walk. You may have noticed that your child is no longer toddling and has transitioned to the typical adult walking gait, which is a smoother gait from heel to toe. In the next few months, the child will have better coordination, can run, and learn to walk backwards, turn, and stand on one leg with a little help. The child will naturally improve his motor skills by running, playing, sliding and climbing. It is good for your child to have time to go out and explore every day. This will allow him to improve his motor skills, have fun, and consume energy, but you need to supervise him. Hand and finger development. Children should be able to: doodle at will. Turn the container over and pour out the contents of the container. Build a tower of 4 or more bricks. By now, your child can coordinate the movements of the wrists, fingers and palms, so he can turn the doorknob or unscrew the bottle cap, and can also hold the crayons or pencils, even though the holding posture may seem a little awkward to you . However, this has allowed him to start drawing some lines and circles on paper. The child’s attention span now will be much longer than 18 months. Now he can turn the book and he can participate more when reading together. Painting, building blocks, or a collection of buildings will make him happy for a long time. Your toddler may show a preference for the left or right hand at this age, without forcing him to choose one of the hands. Maybe some kids got used to using one hand later, and some of them use both hands equally well, so let the flow go! Language skills children should be able to point to corresponding things or pictures when they say names. Know the names of parents, siblings, body parts and objects. Speak a sentence in 2~4 words. Follow simple instructions. Repeat words you overheard in the conversation. A 2-year-old child may combine longer sentences (for example, “Mom, I want cookies” instead of just “Cookie mom”), and he will also start to use pronouns like “I” instead of his own name. Not all children speak at the same speed, so don’t worry about your friends’ children speaking more than yours. Usually, boys start talking later than girls. Talking to your child, reading to your child, can help your child improve language skills, you can also let the child touch or name the objects in the book, or let him repeat words (you can use any picture book to train your child by yourself, just ask the child questions. ). With the development of language skills, children will like poetry, puns and jokes. Social/emotional skills children may: imitate others, especially adults and older children. Becomes excited when being with other children. Shows increasing independence. Play next to other children, not together. Show more and more resistance (do what you told him not to do). Be more aware that you are independent of others. At this stage, children think that the world is all about them, and concepts like sharing don’t make much sense. Your child may sit next to another toddler and play but ignore him unless it is for his toy, which is normal. At this age, saying to him “What would you think if he treated you the same way?” It is meaningless, so pay close attention to his interactions. At the same time, children like to imitate the people around them and may speak to their teddy bears or dolls just like their parents speak to them. This is another reason to be an example. Children with learning and thinking skills should be able to find things even if they are covered by two or three layers. Start sorting by shape and color. Complete sentences and poems in familiar books. Play simple play house games. Complete the two-part instruction (such as “Drink the milk, then give me the cup”). Your child’s mastery of language is improving. He is starting to solve problems in his mind and he also starts to understand the concept of time, for example, “After we finish brushing our teeth, I will read you a story.” He started to understand the concept of numbers. So you can teach him to count. His game will become more complicated and may create an exquisite scene for a special toy instead of playing from one toy to another. Screen time 2-year-old children can learn from high-quality educational programs, but they should not watch more than 1 hour per day. The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that you should not let your child watch the screen alone (including TV, tablet or laptop), you should watch it with him. Parenting advice when your child is 2 years old, no matter how much you want to lose your temper, be sure to stay calm. Take a deep breath and leave the room to calm down so that you can calmly deal with your child’s behavior. When the child is prone to crying-usually around nap time or meal time, do not arrange outings or various activities. Your child may need 1 to 3 hours of naps every day. Don’t let your child’s nap time be too close to the night bed time, otherwise it will be difficult for him to fall asleep at night. Some children will suddenly wake up screaming in the night. In order to prevent this kind of “night terrors”, it is necessary to ensure that the child has enough sleep and not excessive fatigue. It is normal for young children to cough, but if the cough lasts for more than a few weeks, it may be an infection, allergy or asthma. You should take your child to a doctor in time. Do not sit for more than 1 hour at a time (unless he is sleeping). Let the children get up and move around outside! Cut your child’s food into small pieces. Don’t give your child round candies, popcorn, hot dogs, or other foods that may cause your child to choke or vomit.

8 months ago

Children around two years old are the first rebellious period of their lives. I don’t know what happened to the child in the question, but I can tell you about a few things that Peanut did when he was about two years old. After playing outside for a long time, I asked him to go home, but he refused and tried to lie down and cry and threaten me. (This is really self-explanatory without a teacher.) Because we were already in the corner and we were sure that we would not disturb others, so I watched him cry. He felt boring, so he got up and went home with me. When I got home, I told his father about this, and he even covered my mouth and wouldn’t let me say it. I don’t know if every child will have this stage of walking on his own. Walks very well and will run away. But suddenly one day, as if the freshness had passed, he realized that he was still hugged and comfortable, so he tried his best to refuse to walk. Cry, make trouble. I didn’t want to report or make him cry, so I just pushed it in a stroller. Can be regarded as a solution. To be honest, parenting is a relatively personal matter, after all, there will be personality differences between children and children. But in general, many issues are interlinked. There may be some parents who distrust the advice of their elders and trust the parenting books, but there are not enough parenting books. There is no real understanding of happiness, so I just apply it to my child, but the child is not asking you for trouble according to the book. There will be some minor problems at this time. Just run in twice more. There is no need to criticize other people’s parenting methods too much. This kind of thing is easy to solve if it is not your turn to experience it. In fact, you may have to try many methods to find a way that suits your child.

8 months ago

“When a child is least cute, it is when he needs love the most!” The teacher said when listening to an expert lecture before. Before correcting your child’s behavior, establish intimacy and trust first, and deliver the message of love. Not distance and hostility! Guess that the child in the main question is because of wrestling, being tired and hungry, testing the bottom line, having a need and not being satisfied, making a mood, acting like a baby and wanting to hug, or just lazy and not wanting to walk! The probable reasons I can guess are these. I also have a baby of the same style in my family, who are splashing and rolling directly on the ground! As an old mother, facing a group of onlookers on the side, she was embarrassed! There are babbles and talks beside her: Don’t get used to a person with such a small ill, such a big temper, such a violent temper, and when she grows up, she has to be subdued once, or she can’t control it later… .. The old mother hates iron and steel in her heart: Acting, continuing to act, this trick I used to suck when I was a kid! It’s almost done, go home after crying enough! A bunch of people are watching, you don’t want face! At that time, when I thought that the children couldn’t meet the needs of Sapo and crying, they were testing the adults’ bottom line. Once compromised this time, the next time you can do the same, repeat the show, see who can resist and see who can live up to the face! Believe that there are babies in the family, most of them go through similar scenes. Facing the look of onlookers, embarrassment and temper came up at the same time. Either sit on the sidelines as coldly as in the main question, with opposite emotions. Either scold it lightly, or do it directly. Finally, holding the hoarse howling baby and fled the crowd. Now it’s time to reflect! I never thought that she really had some kind of need that was not understood and made her emotions. It was purely a fake cry to test my bottom line to achieve her goal. Or simply seeking attention. The preconceived person thinks she is just fooling around. It was challenging my authority as a parent and stood on the opposite side without hesitation! 1. What are the needs of children, do we really understand? Sometimes we think that we are with our children 24 hours a day, and the children know what SI to pull by pouting their ass. Just like the reasons I guessed above: wrestling, tired, hungry, testing the bottom line, unsatisfied needs and making emotions, acting like a baby and wanting to hug, just lazy and don’t want to walk! Most of them are usually inferred based on the children’s behavior and environmental factors. In fact, children have real needs in their hearts, just like adults, they have various needs. And when solving these needs, you will encounter various problems. For example, language development is limited and cannot be expressed clearly in language. Most of the time when I couldn’t say it clearly, I didn’t say anything at all, and I could only cry in a hurry. For example, the behavioral development is limited, and you can’t do it by your own ability. I can’t keep up with you, my baby won’t go. For example, with limited cognitive development, I can’t figure out what I really want. I can’t say that I’m unhappy but I’m unhappy. Hungry, uncomfortable, thirsty, where it hurts, etc. I only know that it is uncomfortable, but I don’t know what it is because of it. In addition to the woman’s heart, there is also the baby of the ghost horse elf who can’t guess it. Come double-tap the screen and give a high-five to comfort yourself. 2. Understand the children’s needs and roll around on the ground, reaching out for the baby to hug. Ma Ma: Stand up quickly, or I won’t hug you! Baby: Wow~~~~~ I won’t get up, I have to hug you! It seems to be a very ineffective communication, and it doesn’t make any sense to continue. The final development is the conflict of rights between parents and children. Parents: You must listen to me this time. Child: Satisfy me this time. The process of active listening that I learned about in “PET Parental Energy Efficiency Training” feels pretty good. The listener tries to understand the emotion of the message sender or the meaning of the message, and converts his own understanding into his language and feedback to the message sender for verification (without his own information: evaluation, suggestion, inference, analysis or questioning)——” “PET Parental Energy Efficiency Training” gives an example of the subject question: the child kneels on the ground or sprinkles on the ground, and says to his mother: I want you to hold me up. After my mother heard it (understood as he couldn’t walk): Are you tired or hungry and can’t walk anymore? When the child heard it, he denied: No. Mom received: Do you feel uncomfortable and want to hug it? When the child heard it, he denied: No. Mom received: Didn’t buy you a toy just now, so you feel uncomfortable and want to comfort you? When the child heard it, he denied: No, I just want to give it a hug. I like my mother to hug me. Mother received: I see, you just want your mother to give you a hug. Of course, this is just my subjective example. We can actively communicate with the child to verify his needs and understand the child’s true needs. However, if you want to understand your baby’s information more accurately, it is important to spend a lot of time with him. 3. Solve the problem. Take your children to stroll around the mall. Children are not only interested in children’s playground areas or places with toys. I’m really not interested in other places, especially it is really boring to go shopping with my parents to buy clothes. With a child’s height, looking up, there are all kinds of legs, naked or wearing various colored pants. You can only find all kinds of gadgets to play by yourself (unless mom and dad are willing to play small games with their children). Like our children, in the corridors of the mall, they like to look at the signs on the ground with lights on. She treated these as charging stations, stood up to charge, and then rushed forward, and then looked for the next one. Of course, this process is to drag me to play the game, otherwise she will be bored playing alone for a while. So we really don’t have to scold the child too much, we have to think that the child is making trouble out of nowhere! Hug the child more, and will not spoil the child. When a child is least cute, it is when he needs love the most! Maybe the child is attracting your attention and wants you to look at him more. But we don’t want to arrogantly indulge our children, we want them to fall on their own, not to make trouble unreasonably. Children’s needs are not all reasonable, and they cannot be responsive to requests. Unreasonable demand should be rejected or rejected! “Positive Discipline” says that educating children should be “kind and firm.” It contains three respects: respect for children, respect for oneself, and respect for the environment. Forcibly dragging the child or forcibly asking him to stand up is obviously not “respecting the child.” Too much obedience to the child’s wishes, the child obediently picks it up as soon as he makes trouble, this is not respecting himself. Noisy in the mall affects others and there is no “respect for the environment”. You can try to squat down to hug the child, caress the child’s back, and ease the child’s emotions. Wait until the child is emotionally stable before communicating. “Mom knows that you feel that you are crying very sad because your mother didn’t hold you up. You want your mother to hold you up for comfort, right? Mom feels very sorry for you when she sees you crying. At the same time, she feels that you are very strong. You can stand up by yourself, come on!” Encourage the child to stand up and hug the child to meet his hug needs.

8 months ago

I have done this before, and whether to hold or not to hold depends on the specific situation. Children want to be hugged, or it is in these situations: ① Seeking attention and wooing children crying, tantrums, and hugs are their means of seeking attention, so when they send out emotional needs, they still have to respond in time to make her Have a full sense of security. ②I’m really tired and can’t walk. Walking is a physical activity, especially for a baby, whose physical strength is not as good as that of an adult, so after a long time, he will feel tired. Sometimes the baby doesn’t want to walk, it may be really it. Tired and can’t walk anymore. ③Getting a sense of security Some children will feel unusually nervous, uneasy, and afraid when they are in a strange environment. Therefore, in this environment, they want to gain a sense of security through close contact with their parents. The pictures are from the Internet, invading and deleting ④If you want to see the world from a different perspective, you usually go shopping outside. There are many people, and the children are relatively small. There are thighs or lower limbs everywhere. The narrow vision can make people feel depressed. Children are more curious and want to see things around them from the perspective of their parents. This also reflects the children’s desire for exploration and curiosity from the side. ⑤It’s a relatively common situation to slap, roll, and make trouble unreasonably. In this situation, you have to stick to your principles gently and firmly, and can’t meet the baby’s unreasonable needs. ⑥Learning skills and losing sense of accomplishment. My daughter is now two years old. Do you know what is the characteristic of a two-year-old child? That is, when I don’t have the ability to take care of myself, I cry and let myself do everything. Once I have the ability to take care of myself, I will suddenly become “intermittently disabled”, crying and crying for parents to help. No matter what skills a baby learns, almost no one can escape this law. Of course, walking is no exception. I took my girl out to play, and discussed with her in advance whether to walk or push a cart, but in the last second, people said plausibly, “Mom, I will walk with you.” The next second, it was like amnesia. The same, crying and crying for you to hold. You said that a two-year-old baby of about 30 kilograms, I really can’t hold the old mother for 10 minutes, so I can’t stand it. Therefore, in this situation, I usually resolutely refrain from hugging. Even if I want to, I have no strength. But don’t want to hug, do you have to have some way to get out. Method 1: Show weakness. Why are you growing up so fast, baby? I feel heavier so much in a few days. Mom can’t hold it anymore. Your hands are so sore. Baby, go by yourself and save mom. This method sometimes works well for my daughter, sometimes it doesn’t work, but you can try it. This method of showing weakness will make the children feel powerful. Method 2: Set the goal baby. Now that you have grown up, it is so heavy that your mother can’t hold it for too long. In this way, your mother will hug you and walk to the flower bed in front. How about you come down and walk by yourself? If she doesn’t want to, she can set the distance a little farther, and discuss it with the child. Of course, when you hug, you should also be careful not to be too relaxed, and to show the feeling that it has been hard to persevere. Method 3: Assign a task to the children “Baby, look at the mother with so many things in her hand, there is really no way to hug you. Why don’t you help mother with one of these things? Then you let her hold a lighter thing, and she will feel that she has helped you, and feel very happy, and thus forget the idea of ​​holding it. I tried this method yesterday. My daughter still eats this set. She helped me carry the vegetables and reminded me with a proud face that I would like to thank her, haha. Method 4: Divert your attention and take your child out to play. Be good at helping your child discover the fun of walking. She will not feel tired so quickly and will be more willing to walk a little more. For example, “Baby, look, the flowers in front are so beautiful!” Look, there is a plane flying past. Wow, there is a group of ants here, come and see what they are doing. “Actually, it is normal for a child to want to be held, how comfortable it is to hold, but if you do not have principles, do not talk about methods, and blindly satisfy the child’s need to be held, then you can only be tired. Therefore, as parents, we must show our weakness in front of our children and give them more opportunities to exercise and try. Of course not to hug the child, but also let the child feel your love for her. And when the baby really needs us to hug, we should not be stingy with our hug.

8 months ago

My son is exactly two years old, but since he was ten months old, I began to develop his autonomy and thinking skills. As long as it’s a little bit more difficult, I will embarrass him. For example, a baby bottle was broken and it would be blocked. I bought a new baby bottle. The two look exactly the same. I will feed him with the old baby bottle first. He can’t suck it. come out. I cried anxiously, and I just watched and laughed. He lost his temper, cried, and made trouble, so he could only get out of bed and drag his father to find a way. Then I showed him how to twist the pacifier and how to pour milk into a new bottle. After two times, the little guy learned to be smart. Before, he always called: “Daddy soaks the cow.” Now he got out of bed and supervised his father soaking the cow. He climbed onto the table and handed it to me with a pacifier. Sometimes he used old bottles, he found out earlier than me. I have prepared two different remote controls, two of them look alike, a red button and a green start button. Take out the TV that cannot be turned on, and tuck the open one under the sofa, under the pillow, or in the drawer. And taught him how to press the red button to turn on the TV. At first, he would always use the useless one. I cried if I couldn’t open it. I pressed the useless remote control and waved to him. After facing each other for a while, he took me to find a useful remote control. Wandering around the house, crawling all over the floor, in his life, I was like a lingering trouble. The little guy doesn’t want to leave in the mall, and his mother will never find me when he is there, because he knows I will embarrass him. It would be interesting if his mother was not there. He would squat by the railing alone, holding the corner of the railing and crying. He peeped at me when I was crying, and rolled all over the floor if it didn’t work, or came over to hold my hand to pretend to be pitiful if it was useless. Everyone knows that I wrote an article in the past that introduced me and my child’s mother. The child is damn good-looking, I don’t look good, and his uncle is also very handsome. Now that he is born, the longer he grows, the more he looks like his mother. To be precise, he looks like his uncle, which is the kind of aunt who wants to hug him. Children are good-looking, it is very lethal to act like a baby and pretend to be pitiful, and adults will accommodate and spoil them. He pretended to be pitiful, he fumbled for it himself, and it was really unsatisfactory on his grandfather and grandfather. But because I don’t look good, my family didn’t treat me very much since I was a child. I am afraid that the little guy will be spoiled, so I need to stimulate his struggle. The little guy is very smart. Every time he goes out, he only plays with girls. Because he is good-looking, girls older than him like to take him for a stroll, but I will deliberately take him to mix with the little boys. After mixing for a long time, I found a problem. During that time, my son didn’t know how to fight. He was especially gentle. When others hit him, he would only cry. The little boy is together, and fights are inevitable. Once he was beaten all over by another little boy who was a month older than him. He kept crying and watching me, hoping that I would help him, but unfortunately, I would not be like this. dry. I was still smiling, and in the end he was bullied. He came over and was very angry, holding my hand and wanting to go back together. I took him back on the road and said to him: “You can play with other children’s cars, but you can’t grab it. That’s a matter of skill. Do you want to go back and grab it back?” At that time, he was not yet two years old. There are not as many words as they are now, but he seems to understand, he refuses and is afraid. A few days later, I took him there for the second time, watching from the sidelines, but didn’t dare to get close. It’s very persuasive, but my son is a bit like me. He really wants what he wants. As soon as the kid walked away, he would ran over to take the kid’s balance car. When he came back, there was a fire in Tianleigou, and the two of them pushed up again. This time he was smart, and he ran next to me when he knew he couldn’t beat him. Slowly took him many times in a month or two, and he would try to sit every time. Because he grew faster, his weight and height were a little bigger than the kid, and the kid came and pushed him slowly. Will take the initiative to push. After pushing it, I found that it worked, and I started to make progress. Later, they began to counterattack, and the counterattack had an effect, and then they would fight. When eating at home, my family will not take the initiative to feed it first, let him do it himself on the table, and he can do it with his own hands. Slowly, he found that everyone used tableware, and he also used spoons. I would praise him at this time. In the environment of my family, if you can accomplish something by yourself, you will always win praise. It’s okay to ask someone to do what you can do, it’s okay to be spoiled, or to be coquettish, but you don’t want to do it, you get something for nothing, absolutely not. A person’s internal drive is very important, and this needs to be stimulated from an early age. Don’t think that children don’t need to fight. In fact, I don’t like any kind of chicken-baby training, but the cultivation of proactive and material connection, observation, thinking, and learning is everywhere. At home, he will not just feel that he is just a child, but a person who needs to give and has rewards. This is my way of education.

8 months ago

When my home Wenbao was more than one year old and eight months old, I took her to the supermarket once. She stood in front of the children’s toy shelf and frowned for a long time. Then she sat on the ground with a little face and stretched out her hands and started to hug . I could see through the mind of the villain in a second, Wen Bao was fond of a certain toy and was fighting an adult. So I pointed to a row of toys and asked her which one she liked. As soon as the voice fell, Wen Bao’s originally painful face disappeared in an instant, and his small face was brilliant like a flower, and he stood up. Pointing to one of the toys, I said: “Mom, this.” I looked into Wen Bao’s eyes and said, “If you like it, hold it!” Then, Wen Bao hugged the toy in his arms and shouted a series of words in his mouth. “Ouye, Ouye”, jumped three feet high. After coming out of the supermarket, Wen Bao asked why he sat on the floor in the supermarket just now and wanted to hug him? Wen Bao blinked his small eyes and said in a low voice, “I want a toy.” Similar to Wenbao’s operation, most children around two years old can, and most of them have performed it on adults. Those who have not yet raised a baby certainly cannot understand why a child sits on the ground and cries or lays on the ground and does not walk. Parents can be indifferent, or their face can be calm as a pool of clean water. You have to wait until you have raised a baby before you can experience it. When the time comes to look back at such problems, I believe it will be another insight.

8 months ago

Let’s talk about posture first. My daughter is seven years old this year. In her opinion, kneeling is a very comfortable position. Kneeling and never sitting, playing with toys, and even doing homework, are kneeling on the ground. Knee is the most dirty place in her whole body. At a young age, I don’t know what gold is under my knees. Besides, the parents let the child stand up first, or else hold the child. I think this is right for the parents. In many cases, if parents are softened, they become slaves to their children. If you allow your child to win mentally all the time, then there will always be a bit of setbacks in the future… Besides, it is not that the parent does not agree to the child’s request, but the child must first agree to a condition from the parent in exchange for the parent’s consent. This is very important for cultivating children’s awareness of social equality. Generally, if the elderly of the next generation bring them, they will not do this. Most of them will unconditionally agree to their children’s requirements to show their love for their children. But this is not actually an equal love. When children grow up, they are accustomed to this love, even unable to detect it, and even resist it. Just like the story of a rich man and a beggar, rich men give beggars money every day, and beggars are used to it. One day the rich man forgot to give it, and the beggar slapped the rich man and asked, Where is my money? Giving children equal love may even be cruel in a short time, but believe me, children not only need to be loved, but also learn to love others, because loving others is also a happy thing.

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