From the beginning of the story, we knew that Nobita was married to Fat Hu’s sister, although Nobita shouted no when he knew it. But we know that no one knows about the relationship. Perhaps the reality is that Sister Fat Tiger and Nobita grew stronger afterwards, and they had true love. Why should his descendants be nosy?

Yun Chang, Yi De “Yes!” What is the prime minister’s order? “Go to Jingzhou quickly and help Zilong take Jingzhou.” “Leading!” “I saw Guan Yu, Zhang Fei went to the generals quickly, and took his headquarters out of the camp to Jingzhou!… Suddenly a lightning struck the sky. By coincidence, it happened to be on the path of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. The big hole cut by lightning. “Report, General, the road ahead is broken by lightning! Can’t move forward! “Is there such a thing?” Come with me and have a look. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei rode to the edge of the pit and saw a “ball” crawling out of the pit. They met each other in blue and white. Their heads were round, without fingers, and there were bells on their necks. The two generals saw this. , Was shocked, did not recover for a long time! “General, General” “Huh? what! What are you? Why haven’t you seen it? The “ball” who met the blue and white slowly got up, wiped the dust off his body, and said, “Lao Tzu has finally arrived.” “(Can’t speak Japanese, forgive me) At this time, Guan Yu waved his hand, stepped forward from left to right, put up the object, and only listened to the object shouting “Elegant butterfly, elegant butterfly” “What are you?” “Two generals, don’t panic, I am a Doraemon!” “Doraemon? What is a Doraemon? Guan Yu and Zhang Fei had 10,000 alpacas in his heart. “Left and right, bring this thing back to Daying, and quickly report to the Prime Minister, and quickly repair the road ahead! “”Yes! “In an instant, the three generals Zhang Guanzhao won Jingzhou and returned in a big victory! Just before the three generals arrived at the camp, they saw many things in the camp that they had never seen before, neatly arranged. “Haha, Hexisan General, Jingzhou where the lord goes! “It’s all due to the prime minister’s kit!” “Haha, come on, three generals, let me show you the strange generals I recruited for the Lord.” Zhuge Liang turned around and pulled the Doraemon in front of the three generals. Guan Yu and Zhang Feiyin had seen them before. They were not surprised, but Zhao Zilong looked at the Doraemon in shock and said, “What is this!” “This is a robot cat, his pocket can hold thousands of troops!” “Doraemon has seen three generals!” “Look at the various props in the big camp. They are all made by the generals. With the generals, we will be able to defeat the thief and revive the Han Dynasty!” “From then on, under the leadership of Doraemon, the Shu army was invincible and invincible, and soon unified the Central Plains and completely wiped out Wei Wu!


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8 months ago

First of all, there are changes between the early character and the later period of “Doraemon”. Pangmei was Panghu 2.0 in the early days. She often bullied and laughed at Nobita, cried when she scolded, and then she complained to Panghu and asked her brother to teach others. It wasn’t until the middle and late stages, which looked like 22-24 volumes. In short stories such as “Fat Girl’s Friend-Nobita” and “Manga Artist Fat Girl”, did Fat Girl’s comic family settings appear, and she has become sensitive, fragile, and concentrated. In comic creation, the plots related to her are basically related to comics, and no longer bully Nobita. So Daxiong hates Fat Girl because he is bullied by Fat Girl. In addition, he has a more annoying brother. If Fat Girl respects Daxiong very much, Daxiong is very happy. In the episode of “Beloved Wife Fat Girl” , In the end, Fat Girl and Nobita left talking and laughing together, leaving only Doraemon alone in the wind.

8 months ago

So I think this is actually a strategy that Shixiu and Doraemon dream of, in order to keep Doraemon by Nobita’s side. Just like the prophecy telling Nobita that he would hang himself in 30 minutes and be tortured by fire in 40 minutes, only by showing the great power of their future people can he frighten Nobita and allow Doraemon to stay in Nobita’s home to take care of Nobita. Otherwise, how can you convince Nobita that a blue civet cat that can only pop out of a drawer can help change Nobita’s life? Imagine if someone brought a cat out of the drawer of your house, and babbling in front of you that I am your grandson, this is my cat-shaped nanny robot, and he will stay in your house to take care of you from now on . Would you believe what he said?

8 months ago

Shixiu and Doraemon first told Nobita that they would marry Fat Girl in the future. The marriage was miserable, and then if Doraemon was allowed to take care of him, Nobita would not be so miserable, so the Nobita family happily accepted Doraemon from then on dream. Since then, the line between Nobita and Fat Girl has been disconnected. Then there is the episode of “Nobita’s Bride”. After 25 years of Nobita’s journey, he finds that he is married to Shizuka and has a lively son, which makes Nobita feel very happy. But there is one thing, Doraemon did not take the initiative to help Shizuka marry Nobita, Doraemon himself wondered how such a good girl Shizuka likes Nobita.

8 months ago

It can be seen that Doraemon himself does not believe that Shizuka can like Nobita, and he is unwilling to do things that force Shizuka to marry Nobita. If you read the comics carefully, you will know that every time Nobita wants to use props to please Shizuka or to deal with Shizuka’s rivals, Doraemon is mostly unwilling to borrow props. Even if he reluctantly borrows it in the end, most of them end up with Nobita’s failure and miserable punishment. . For example, every time Nobita wants to use props to make a wooden fir, the result is the same every time. People who are familiar with the plot of “Doraemon” know the following things. The 10-year-old Nobita used Time TV to see the 24-year-old Shizuka lost her way in the snow-capped mountains, and Nobita used time to become a 24-year-old. , And then prepare to stage a plot of heroes saving the United States, saving Shizuka from distress, and then Shizuka is determined to agree with her after she is excited.

8 months ago

In the end, it was because of Doraemon’s arrival and provided many props that Shizuka saw Nobita’s miserable situation, so she voluntarily asked to marry Nobita to take care of him. This is obviously inconsistent with Nobita’s original intention. Nobita’s idea is to become the hero in Shizuka’s mind. But in the end, it became Shizuka’s drag. Although the ultimate goal was achieved, it made Nobita very uncomfortable. Let the good girl Shizuka accompany her to suffer and suffer, which is something the kind-hearted Nobita does not want to see. He would rather let Shizuka hate herself and find a husband who can give him happiness, rather than let her go with her to beg for food.

8 months ago

There are still 14 years between the ages of 10 and 24. You can only work hard. Now it is not only for your Nobita, but also for your favorite woman. The hero is still a drag. It depends on you. No one can help you. From failing the college entrance examination, starting his own company to the company being bankrupt due to a fire, he became a failed man who was heavily indebted. He became a man who could pass high school, entered university after a year of tutoring, and eventually became a civil servant of the Ministry of Environment, although not special. It succeeded, but at least he didn’t let his wife and children live a hard life. In the end, Nobita fulfilled his wish and became Shizuka’s hero. Also because there is no self-starting company, there will be no fires, no bankruptcy, no harm to children and grandchildren because of debts, so Se Xiu’s New Year’s money should rise a lot, at least more than 50 yuan!

8 months ago

As for why Doraemon chose to accompany Nobita, it is actually very simple, because Nobita is worthy of him. Doraemon, which almost became the finale, returns to the future story. In order for Doraemon to leave with peace of mind, Nobita was beaten out by Fat Tiger without saying a word, and finally let Fat Tiger be defeated and run away. In the story of Doraemon’s vacation, in order to make Doraemon take care of her every day, Doraemon can take care of her vacation, despite the bad luck all the way (Nobita’s luck generally jumps between lucky E and EX), but I insisted not to press the button that summoned Doraemon, and even voluntarily stepped on the button in the end. Even though Daxiong was covered by the fairy of Doraemon, he never felt that he was superior. He would still be scared when he saw Fat Tiger, and he would still be nervous when he saw the teacher. His essence has not changed, and he has not used Doraemon to gain fame. Status and wealth, how to live and how to live. Doraemon is really just a partner for Nobita. Including Daxiong’s parents also treat Doraemon as a family member. In one episode, Daxiong’s mother called Daxiong’s father and asked how many people in our family, Daxiong’s father said four, you and I, Daxiong Doraemon. Every year, New Year’s money is given to Doraemon. Xun Doraemon is the same as Xun’s own children. In short, the Nobita family are very pure people.

8 months ago

On the eve of Nobita’s wedding, Shizuka’s father told Shizuka that Nobita’s child would be happy for the happiness of others and sad for the misfortunes of others. This is a person’s most precious quality. Shizuka chose Nobita, in large part because Shizuka is essentially such a person. In a certain episode, the mirror used Doraemon’s props to experience the feeling of a witch, but as a result, she was busy helping others go home by herself, missed the access time and was locked out of the house. Nowadays, many readers think that Nobita is a waste of firewood, like those characters who are cool and fashionable, and are willing to evaluate each other from the heart rather than ability like Shizuka.

8 months ago

In the first chapter of “Doraemon”, Shixiu and Doraemon casually told Nobita a cruel fact that his future wife is a fat girl. In “Nobita’s Bride” a year later, Nobita took the time machine to find his bride, but he got his wish and met Shizuka. After that, the setting of Nobita’s marriage seems to have not changed anymore, and the figure of Fat Girl gradually fades out of Nobita’s future life. “Nobita and Shizuka’s marriage” has become an indestructible event.

8 months ago

The words of Nakase-soo himself left us with a clue:…you will balance and coordinate in other aspects…just like you are going to Osaka, you can choose various transportation and routes. But no matter which one you choose, as long as the direction is right, you will reach Osaka. This passage seems reasonable, but it lacks specific details. But now that clues can be found, the “Duo Scholars” can give full play to their imagination to give satisfactory answers.

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