US White House spokesperson Psaki said that he was dissatisfied with the report of the WHO expert group and requested a second-stage investigation. An investigation team composed of international experts would go to China to conduct investigations that are not restricted by actions and information.

The United States and 13 countries Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom stated in the report of the WHO Expert Group that the international expert research was seriously delayed and lacked completeness , Original data and samples.

As expected. In fact, before the report was released, the WHO disclosed the entire content of the report to the United States. The United States took a look at it: “Well! I paid (printed) so many membership fees, so I actually showed this conclusion to me!” I can’t see what I think. The U.S. is naturally unwilling to achieve the desired result. In fact, in relevant media reports, we can see that the U.S. intends to initiate and lead the second investigation. The New York Times reported that: as we all know, Chinese officials are very resistant to outside supervision and have tried several times to hinder WHO’s investigations. However, this report has not alleviated Western concerns about the role of Chinese officials. It also did not specify whether China will allow external experts to continue investigations. The implication is that China has repeatedly obstructed and interfered with the WHO investigation, so the results of this report are doubtful. And the results of the report did not meet the expectations of the U.S., so if China disagrees with “external (U.S.) experts continue to investigate”, the U.S. considers the report to be false. US Secretary of State Blincoln also said in an interview with CNN: “We are very worried about the method and process of obtaining this report, including Beijing apparently helping to write this report.” On this basis, the New York Times specifically emphasized the investigation. The identity of the Chinese scientists in the regiment hints at the unfairness of the report: The report was jointly written by a team of 17 scientists from around the world selected by the World Health Organization and 17 scientists from China, many of whom hold public positions or operate in the government. Serving in the organization of Beijing has a great influence on the report’s conclusions. The source of the data on which the report relies was naturally bombarded by the New York Times: Chinese scientists provided all the research data used in the report, and foreign scientists reviewed these data and interviewed Chinese researchers, doctors, and patients. It is not clear whether the expert team selected by WHO has sought access to other data or was allowed to collect more data. In other words, the United States does not want all the data reported to come from China. They save others by themselves, believing that China will only provide data that is beneficial to them, just like them. In fact, the United States may have already packaged a carefully prepared data and waited for the WHO to collect evidence, but it did not expect that the WHO would ignore or cooperate. Finally, the New York Times repeated its old tune, again pointing the source of the virus to China: but it is still unclear to what extent China will cooperate, and China’s cover-up and defensive behavior has contributed to China’s efforts to fight the epidemic to some extent. Be responsible for the argument. Local officials in Wuhan tried to cover up the epidemic at first; since then, Beijing expelled many Western journalists and put forward an unproven theory that the virus originated elsewhere-although the earliest known cases occurred in China, and experts agreed that it was almost possible It is certain that the virus first appeared in China. This is basically the conclusion of the report that the United States wants to see, or it also represents the conclusion of the second round of investigations led by the United States. I have to say that Americans are really efficient, and I have to show you the conclusions of the investigation. In addition, the word “unrestricted” is used very cleverly. Unrestricted survey means a wide range of data sources. Wouldn’t it be easy to find a few data that is not good for China? The members of the survey team selected by the United States are also particularly interesting: the United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, Slovenia. Just ask you which is not an ally or sphere of influence of the United States! You can just send out the written report and forget it. Just look at the lineup and you will know the result. Some people will not believe the evidence even if they slap their faces. Only when they hit the wall will they understand the invincibility of the truth. The investigation can be done. Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Cuba, and North Korea must be added to the original lineup. Otherwise, the Americans may take out a bottle of laundry detergent while everyone is not paying attention, saying that this is a virus cultivated in Wuhan, and other countries except that they agree. Will not make any assertive words at all. Finally, I hope the customs will prepare a few more mops. Come on, do the anal swab first. What if the Americans bring the virus in? The achievements of China’s fight against the epidemic cannot be destroyed in the hands of these people.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It is not that China cannot accept the US-led 13-nation investigation, but the premise is that the US should also accept the Chinese-led investigation of Fort Detrick by Russia, Germany, Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea, Venezuela, and Serbia. On the contrary, facing the world’s doubts about the new crown virus leaked from the Fort Detrick Biochemical Laboratory in the United States, the United States was unable to be as open and open to the international community as China. Instead, it suspiciously closed Fort Detrick. The experiment in Fort Detrick’s laboratory was silent, and it couldn’t help but be confusing. The Fort Detrick base in the United States is very suspect. In 2019, the base was suddenly closed for unknown reasons. Subsequently, the United States also held a biological warfare simulation exercise. The hypothetical situation of the exercise was very similar to the current epidemic trend of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. First of all, we in China have always maintained an open, transparent and open attitude towards the exchanges of the international community. We welcome all countries to visit our home. However, we oppose a small group of countries who come to our home with bad intentions. Second, the United States does not really distrust the results of the WHO investigation, but wants to use this opportunity to collect other intelligence in China. The United States knows that China will not agree to the unreasonable demands of the United States, so such demands can take the opportunity to discredit China. Third, the 13 countries gathered by the United States are mainly divided into three types: 1) Five-eye alliances such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom; 2) Allies such as Israel, Japan, and South Korea; 3) Heeding the words of the United States and has little influence in the world. Powerful small countries in Northern Europe and Eastern Europe, these countries are all NATO allies of the United States. The above-mentioned countries are acting in concert in following the United States’ anti-China policy, so the conclusions of the investigation of these 13 countries can be said to be self-evident.

6 months ago

The U.S. is dissatisfied with the report and wants to conduct a second investigation. These are not the main points. Just go and make trouble. Since the Lord has scolded you, he will not be stingy in the future; the subject is actually a list of 13 countries, which contains information. The amount is large; the United States and 13 countries Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom; 1. These 13 countries are willing to follow the pace of the United States (such as Australia Canada, Britain), or domestic politics that are completely controlled by the United States (such as Japan and South Korea). In the future, in terms of diplomacy, we can almost equate them with the possibility of becoming an enemy at any time to consider foreign policy; 2. Old Europe is not on the list ( Especially France, Germany and Italy), it seems that Europe and the United States have deepened the suspicion, and the United States no longer regards them as hard-core allies; 3. Wuchang China, Britain and the United States, China and Russia, now France (and Europe it represents) starts Swing and wait and see is an object that can be won, especially having trade with China and energy cooperation with Russia. This is the basis for actively gaining more friends; 4. Look at what kind of brothers the U.S. is currently pulling in trouble, half of them are international In countries with a very low sense of existence, the appeal of the leader of the rivers and lakes is also sunset, and things are getting worse. I didn’t expect that when I was young, I could see that China was able to fight back and forth against the leaders of the arena in various fields.

6 months ago

I’ve seen this episode. That’s how I asked to go to Iraq to investigate weapons of mass destruction. Sa agreed, but he was checked. No evidence was found saying that the other party did not cooperate. Finally, he took out the laundry detergent as evidence. Sa was hanged. Based on the principle of reciprocity, China can also request experts to be sent to these 13 countries to conduct “surveys that are not restricted by actions and information.” If one does not agree, who can tell if the virus is spread by these countries? These countries must also prove their innocence (I donate a bottle of detergent).

6 months ago

You will know if there are too many lines on the post. Don’t be reasonable when you are on the line. When others say that you can’t refute them, what you have to do is not to refute others rationally, but to transfer quickly. When laning, you spread rumors, but you broke your legs to turn over the information and refute the rumors. If you refute the rumors, he just said that your information is fake and it’s over. Your information is really solid, so you can repeat your rumors from another angle, or simply repeat your original rumors. No matter how you argue, he has an attitude of “I don’t listen, I don’t listen, the king is reciting the scriptures”. After such a round, you just don’t say so, and the comments are piled up in the end. Some people who don’t know think you are unreasonable. So it’s the same in the United States. You just provide evidence that is objective no matter how objectively it is. Anyway, his attitude is that dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water. And the media report is: China denies… China rejects… China denies… China rejects… I don’t know, I thought it was China who was cheating. When there are too many bad people, good people will be forced to prove their innocence, and the purpose is nothing more than to force good people to take out the jelly in their stomachs.

6 months ago

Dracula of Fort Detrick: “This investigation is not transparent and the evidence chain is not complete enough to respond to the laboratory leak theory, and the attitude does not count as cooperation”? Then you closed Fort Detrick early. That meant that it was completely opaque, completely wiped out evidence, completely uncooperative, and left an empty base. Investigators had nothing to adjust if they wanted to investigate. As for Tan Desai also said that it is difficult to obtain the original data, the statement is different from the traceability report. It is estimated that he has either received the money in his account or walked on the zebra crossing and was caught in the middle of two large parallel trucks and warned him.

6 months ago

Thanks invite. To put it simply, the United States means, “China ate two bowls of noodles and only gave one bowl of money. Therefore, China must have a caesarean section for powder examination.” Now that I had an autopsy and found that there was indeed only one bowl of noodles, what should I do? Of course the United States can’t Let this be the case. The United States has now said that for the “clear” that was previously cut, he must be asked to cut a few more cuts in person, and he must be cut “unrestricted”, several times, until it reaches two bowls. If there is really only one bowl, then let the younger brother and the servant country be the referees and insist that “we all see two bowls”. As for the evidence, you can take out another bowl to plant it by yourself, just like Powell took out a bottle of washing powder from his pocket as evidence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. This is not a gang, what is a gang?

6 months ago

Damn, in order to issue such a joint statement, how many calls were made and how many times were rejected. Even countries like Estonia, Slovenia, Latvia, and Lithuania that are outside the fringes of the world’s political stage have to make up the count. In the past, Americans in these small countries looked down upon it, but now they have to use it as a trump card to embolden themselves. If I were the person in charge of external contacts in the United States for drafting the report, my heart would collapse. My former allies, Western powers, and even India rejected my request, dozens of phone calls were rejected, and in the end there was really no way to get a small country that hadn’t been seen in international politics for a few years. The dignity of the Great America and the vigor and strength of the previous echoes have really disappeared. Anyone with a little bit of IQ knows that it is impossible for a virus to originate in a laboratory. You can use MAGA in your country to shout and shout. You can use it internationally as an excuse to suppress others. Either you treat others as a fool, or you are a fool yourself. Which possibility do you think the people of the world think is more likely? Rejecting the pot and denying the work of the World Health Organization are all means of lying and fraud. When a person uses deception, lying, fraud and other means to obtain a certain benefit, it seems that the empty glove white wolf gains benefits, but in fact it loses his personality and credibility. The problem is your credibility, the “equality, freedom, and noble America” ​​you portray to foreigners, but you maintain the cultural basis of hegemony, and you portray your country as a pure land, attracting foreign immigrants. How can you attract immigrants to work as low-level labor without the cultural foundation, how can the upper-class white people make money without the overdraft of the credit cards of the low-level people, how can your dollar hegemony game be maintained if the white people do not make money? Where does the dollar collapse your military expenditures? There is no such way for Yin to eat Maoliang.

6 months ago

New Zealand is missing from the five eyes. France and Germany are absent. Norway and Denmark are old anti-China. In particular, Denmark must rely on Midi to resist the influence of the European powers in the south. The pineapple sea three countries, the hardcore anti-Russia, and the small countries with bigger booger jump around. Israel, Midi’s father, Iran’s rival. Japan and South Korea, non-sovereign vassal states of garrison, two Haslovenias held in chains, small eastern European booger countries, I don’t know which one is wrong, after all, Ukrainian actors did not come out bb this time. Mi Di’s influence is dying, these few, except for Japan, South Korea and Five Eyes next to the rabbit, the total population is less than 30 million, less than half of Iran’s population.

6 months ago

Wherever the United States intervenes, there will be chaos. On May 29 last year, former US President Trump announced that the United States would terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization. That is to say “withdraw from the group”, the membership fee has long been paid. It is said that the annual WHO membership fee in the United States is 400 million U.S. dollars, and it owes at least 800 million U.S. dollars. Brinken announced in February this year that it would pay 200 million U.S. dollars in a month. As for whether the U.S. has paid it or not, it is temporarily unavailable. The current WHO China New Crown Traceability Report has caused dissatisfaction in the United States. Note that the United States is dissatisfied with the WHO report. And put forward new testing requirements. Here are a few questions: First, does the United States have the right to speak at the WHO for this traceability report? The United States is still not a member of the WHO, has it performed the relevant procedures? The overall feeling is that the WHO also softens when it encounters “beauty”. Second, does the United States have the right to require the WHO to act in accordance with the wishes of the United States? Third, as a member of the WHO, we asked to investigate the traceability of the new crown in the United States. Why did we not respond? And as a country that has doubts about its official status and still owes fees in history, can it be arrogant? Most of the countries organized by the United States are NATO countries, and they are all accomplices of the United States in jointly containing China, so blatantly “set up a separate center” in the United Nations? What a mess!

6 months ago

The United States and 13 countries: Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, Slovenia, the United Kingdom… It has been very effective. Recently, China has been a little tougher and the U.S. imperialist camp has fallen. It’s gone, the world is cold, so it seems that Australia, Canada, Britain, Iran, Japan and South Korea are the real loyalty. The strong wind knows the grass, the sturdy show loyalty, the little brother who can accompany you to rule the world and accompany you to rise from the east is a good brother. If you don’t accompany you in the sunset, you are not with you. Who are you when you rise from the east, the light of the right way shines on the earth~

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