Conclusion: No. Because when Lei Jun entered the mobile phone market, this market was at a premium, while the car market had no cost advantage at all. In fact, Xiaomi was able to throw 1999 as soon as it shot. In addition to Lei Jun, they did achieve the ultimate in cost control (including the hunger marketing strategy that was impossible to avoid in the early stage). There is also an important problem: the mobile phone itself is before Xiaomi. In fact, the big manufacturers are crazy about “premium”. At that time, the most famous mobile phone brands were Apple, Samsung, and HTC. The others were basically out of service during the Xiaomi Mi 1, and the domestically produced Huawei OV in the same period was far from the reputation of today. This has resulted in a certain tacit understanding between the big manufacturers. Anyway, the market is so big, so long as we maintain a high price level together, everyone can make a fortune. Around 2011, I spent 3,000 yuan to buy a certain brand machine, it was so bad…it can’t be described, it’s like an IQ tax. So no matter how I evaluate Xiaomi now, I cannot deny that its birth has really played a great role in squeezing the “moisture” of the mobile phone industry. As for the cost of making cars, especially the cost of “new energy vehicles” recently, everyone basically has a bottom line in mind. It is difficult for manufacturers to make huge profits by selling cars. Traditional 4S shops basically rely on after-sales to make money. In this case, Xiaomi’s cost advantage in the field of mobile phones will not be reflected in the automotive industry, and even because it is a foundry model, there is a high probability that it will initially face the situation of selling one and losing one. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has more than 100 billion yuan to afford it. Although it is a joke, it can also be seen that there are certain expectations for possible risks. In contrast, as a brand with a long history of ancestral ancestors, Wuling Motors mentioned in the topic, whether from a mature industrial chain to make costs controllable, or market reputation, or even marketing in response to black swan events such as the epidemic, is what most auto companies learn The object of learning. Especially from the control of consumer psychology: Why can’t other brands think of a Wuling MINI car? Because they did not fully tap the demand of the consumer market, and Wuling did it. In this regard, Xiaomi still has a long way to go, and it is difficult for Wuling to have an impact at this stage. What’s more, I believe that Xiaomi itself has no plans to take the low-end market route and build the first car for young people in the urban-rural fringe. After all, it is impossible to achieve the goal of volume reduction and cost reduction before a “car brand” can form a sufficient scale. Therefore, Lei Jun is more likely to endorse his own image with the Xiaomi brand and launch a model with a price of more than 200,000 yuan. Early efforts were made to attract more “middle class and above” consumers who have higher purchasing power and are willing to try new things. To put it bluntly, Lei Jun himself is the biggest advantage that Xiaomi has in making cars, and Xiaomi’s brand is easier to win the biggest capital of the opportunity than other cross-banking partners. At present, the three small dragons of domestically produced cars, which is the ideal of Weilai Xiaopeng, are not on the lower end. Only by building a high-end brand image and sustaining long-term losses can they turn losses into profits this year. If they learn Wuling’s style of play, I’m afraid they won’t be able to support a few in Hefei or Shanghai. Therefore, the Xiaomi car must first be able to survive smoothly, and then consider dropping or increasing the price range, but this is all for the rest.


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6 months ago


Many people have misunderstood this matter, thinking that pure cost-effectiveness means cheapness. This is actually incorrect. In fact, all Mijia equipment is not cheap, really. An electric kettle is available in the market for 20 30 50, but Xiaomi sells it for 99 yuan, even 150 yuan. If you look at it horizontally, Xiaomi is quite strong in an electric kettle worth 100 yuan. At the press conference a few days ago, Xiaomi issued a 500 yuan wireless charging kit, which is really not cheap at all. There is a lot of thirty to fifty yuan on the market. But if you look at the 120 watt charger, the 6a data cable plus an 80 watt wireless fast charge only sells for 499. The price/performance ratio is still very high, and it is even ridiculously high. Don’t forget the 15w that the teacher said in the past two days. Belkin Apple wireless charger, but sold for about 1,000 yuan, the design is just like that. With this money, I might as well go to Pinduoduo to find a charger made by Baseus co-branded aircraft carrier, which is only 100 yuan. I found it, it is to ensure a basic quality first, and then talk about the price/performance ratio. Starting from Xiaomi 1, the processor of high-end mobile phones has been pulled to a low-end price. Instead of just making something casually, and then selling it at a lower price than its peers, it’s done. I estimate that the car made by Xiaomi must start in the mid-range, and the low-end will not be touched for a while. The price is 199,900. The product should correspond to Tesla’s low-end models. It is still Internet thinking and cost-effective. It does not compete with low-end models at all, so there is no contradiction with Wuling. There is one thing to say, in the low-end car is more cost-effective, Xiaomi does not necessarily have any advantages over Wuling.

6 months ago

No, Wuling has five moats. One is a low-cost supply chain. With the same product and the same standard, Wuling can do it cheaper than others. Even with Mini EV’s drawings and BOM, the cost of other companies will increase by 5000 every minute. The other is channels. In third- and fourth-tier cities and counties, Wuling is undoubtedly the king of channels. Where you can buy Oppo and Vivo, you can buy Wuling, not necessarily Xiaomi phones. The other three… There are only two of the five people.

6 months ago

At present, it is very interesting to announce the production of cars at this node. Recently, the stock price of New Energy Sansha has been very hip due to the US debt + previous excessive hype. In addition, due to chip supply and other reasons, some manufacturers have difficulty in delivery. In fact, it happened to be a turning point. . Under such an opportunity, Xiaomi’s biggest challenge may be to find an elite team of excellent automobile manufacturers, but they must have accumulated a lot of excellent software and hardware engineers, so they only need to supplement the missing talents. Therefore, taking advantage of the press conference, it is also the opportunity to make an official announcement, and also to announce to external talents, come! In addition, Xiaomi itself has very strong advantages in the fields of hardware, Internet, and human-computer interaction. Compared with the new energy three silly, the advantages are greater. In addition, I don’t think Xiaomi will position its competitor as Wuling. Don’t think that Wuling is the best player in the entire new energy market, and to a certain extent, it will damage the brand image that has just been upgraded. It’s time to change the car, young Linlin’s first car (bought by herself). Come on, Mr. Lei! I have been knowing for a few years, and I am very concerned about Xiaomi’s various series of actions. I also own 4 Mixes. I currently own Mi 11. Welcome to read my other answer: How to evaluate the new logo of Xiaomi at the 2021 spring conference? What are the effects on Xiaomi’s brand building? What kind of person is Lei Jun? How to treat Xiaomi’s values? Mi MIX 2 and iPhone X, which is better? How to understand the 5% comprehensive net profit margin of Xiaomi hardware proposed at the 2018 Xiaomi 6X new product launch conference, and it will never exceed 5%? How to treat the sudden exposure of the Xiaomi folding screen mobile phone?

6 months ago

probably not. Because the brand of Wuling is not _>` cool enough, younger people look down on it, but young people still have a bit of demand for cost performance, and they also want a bit of novelty. Xiaomi is fighting for this group of people. Xiaomi’s advantage should be in intelligent assisted driving, which is expected to be a bit brighter. There is also the interaction between houses, cars and people, because the Xiaomi Eco-Chain can connect cars, household goods, and mobile phone bracelets. From this point of view, there are still many things that can be done. For example, when you tell Xiao Ai speakers to drive to a certain place at home, the car is ready to warm up and adjust the seat. After the car starts, the home automatically enters the anti-theft mode, the robot starts sweeping and mopping, and it can also be connected to the big screen at any time. When I was about to go home, the car automatically contacted the equipment at home to cook and turn on the air-conditioning to release hot water. These departments say that Wuling is not comparable, and Tesla and BYD have to weigh it.

6 months ago

Wuling can’t do it. I bought a Wuling V in 2016. In August 2017, it rolled over once, and it was slight! The car went to 4S for maintenance. It didn’t work for a month. I didn’t do anything where I left it. When I went, three The sky was finished for me, the paint was poorly done, and the deformed side was messed up and it was given to me. I don’t plan to buy such a service-conscious car company. Moreover, driving Wuling has a particularly high probability of being inspected by the traffic police. While wasting time, it is more likely to be fined. I hate Wuling.

6 months ago

A few years ago, Xiaomi built a drone, and the promotional video was shot in the Northwest, which is very beautiful, claiming to break the huge profits of DJI. At that time, all the rice noodles were enthusiastic, and they thought they had found a black-hearted manufacturer that Xiaomi could beat. As a result, guess what, Xiaomi conducted a live test flight on a high-rise building in the downtown area at night. As a result, the noodle bomber fell in front of the rice noodles, and the live broadcast was interrupted in a hurry. When Lei Jun was assembling the UAV live broadcast, hehe, the UAV fired its oars directly. The safety is like this. Xiaomi drones are still on sale. After the rice noodles were bought, too many problems occurred, and then they disappeared. Some rice noodles told me what Feimi, and what they said is pretty high now. Please, have you seen Xiaomi pushing this thing with great fanfare? Still heard that it has a market share? Is there still rice noodles that dare to clamor to break the huge profits of DJI? Do you dare to buy it yourself or recommend others to buy Xiaomi drones? No, they all shut up. Poor rice noodles usually eat frugally and can’t afford DJI to count on Xiaomi. In the end, how many people lost their planes. . Let’s go back to this question, so to speak. Xiaomi can’t do it in any field where it needs to develop its own technology. Lei Jun claims to have invested heavily in research and development to create an ecological chain. The typical Xiaomi tablet is the Xiaomi tablet. It was cool a while ago, if it wasn’t for Huawei to fall. . What can Xiaomi do? Similarly, there are also Xiaomi laptops. Go to see the most cost-effective and digitally good rice noodles. It seems that they are not recommended. How can Xiaomi He De if you go to Wuling Motors? Is it because Xiaomi has been blowing black technology for ten years, and finally came out with a fast charging technology ability? Or are there too many products from Xiaomi that don’t even have an independent design. Like Zotye, like a pixel-level copy? Remember, the car is of poor quality, and it will kill you every minute of it on the road. The artistic journey of blowing a piece of austenitic steel, Xiaomi is good at blowing other people’s black technology, Xiaomi is good at plagiarizing the appearance of other people’s products, Xiaomi is good at smearing domestic friends such as 360, Meizu, Huawei, and boasting that they are The new domestic product millet is good. The millet five that cut corners is said to be Sony’s good at Japanese millet, but the technology research and development millet is not good at it. If you ask Xiaomi if it can surpass Wuling Motors, it is better to ask Xiaomi why it dared to take a test flight on the top of a downtown city at night, and the defective UAV that flew up and flew out on a large scale to hit DJI. Even Xiaomi, an unmanned aerial vehicle with a mature industry chain, cannot be built and is irresponsible. Again, Xiaomi car and rice noodles will try first. After all, Xiaomi drones and Mi Fans have blocked the guns for the majority of drone enthusiasts in China.

6 months ago

What Xiaomi wants is that you collect the money so that you can confiscate the money and then write him the answer, and maintain his popularity. From his Mi 11u, it still uses usb2.0, the mixα concept machine, and the mixfold is made like this. So Xiaomi does not intend to take it seriously. Whether it is a mobile phone or a car, they are all doing the same thing as “picking peaches.” Taking Liuzhou, Guangxi as an example, Wuling has dominated the electric car market for urban mobility. In terms of vehicle models, charging piles, and after-sales service, Xiaomi is already very mature to be an electric car. Can it enter the Liuzhou market? Like the most popular Redmi phone, can his so-called “cost-effective products” enter the Liuzhou market? After all, the most difficult to use mobile phone is to throw it away, a waste of money. Electric cars are not easy to use, but something will happen

6 months ago

It seems that most people still don’t understand the automotive industry. What the people need, Wuling will make it. It’s not just shouting. Wuling’s strong supply chain and industrial technology accumulation. The clues can be seen from the Hongguang mini ev. Hit the price of a new energy vehicle to the level of the old man’s pleasure. Not everyone can do it. Based on the progress of Xiaomi’s new project, and the degree of involution in the automotive industry. The selling price of Xiaomi car samples should be the price range of Weilai Auto, and the configuration will not be too different, and then add the technical assignment of Xiaomi software. Do not rule out direct OEM. Impact on Wuling? Very small. The price-performance position of Wuling Motors is much stronger than that of Xiaomi mobile phones.

6 months ago

The phrase “young people’s first car” slogan is no longer useful. After all, the young people’s first new energy car has been dominated by Wuling Hongguang Mini. ​Betting on ten dollars, Xiaomi’s car will not be built by itself, but will be built directly with Wuling Hongguang’s MINIEV’s next-generation solution and put on a brand. Launched a 19,999 two-door, two-seater low-endurance version, plus a 24,999 high-endurance version, plus a 29,999 four-seater top-mounted version, advertising is the first electric car for young people, plus 24 months of installments For payment, the monthly payment is made 888 yuan per month, so that it can be sold at a price of no more than 30,000 yuan.

6 months ago

It is a senior assembler. Xiaomi 1 Xiaomi car is to add some decorative or functional things. The three essential parts will not impact. Without core technology, there are more intelligent things at most. 2. Cars are safety requirements. Extremely high things are not something you wanted to make long ago. What Xiaomi does, everyone knows — just look at Huawei === do not build cars, but cooperate with car companies= to put it plainly is to increase the added value of the car, as for the inherent things of the car, don’t you go back to research and development? , There is no need to research and develop, this thing needs the background, so Xiaomi’s car-making idea is essentially the same as that of Huawei. After all, the safety of the car is the most important. 3 There is also the shock to everyone of Evergrande Motors. A finished car has not been put on the market and has a market value of hundreds of billions — capital is jealous — Xiaomi announced The utilitarian nature of capital is the most direct cause of car building. Let’s wait and see

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