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Not ashamed. At the age of 28, he left barely on his tail, and ran to Dali with only 20,000 deposits. Lived in Dali for nearly half a year, until there were no deposits. At the age of 29, I was doing a job of 3,500 yuan a month, taking six days off and living in an attic with only one window. Every day before going to bed, I feel that life is so boring, it is better to sleep and never wake up. It’s a pity that I woke up again when I heard the alarm sound the next day. When I was 30 years old, my labels were: fat, no boyfriend, no house, no savings, no car. Even work does not pay social security, and the salary is only enough to provide food and clothing. I have given up hope for myself, and I feel that life is nothing more than that. I can’t imagine my future life, there is a high probability that I will die alone. But I was a little unwilling. The turning point was when my 30th birthday was picked up by a Daji-minded young man and joined his start-up company, in an industry that pigs would blow away. How to describe the entrepreneurial story, there have been happy, but also unbearable. Probably all companies (including people) have original sins. Our company is the same. In the end, I couldn’t bear my sense of morality and resigned and left. Fortunately, this is an industry where pigs will be blown away. My previous work experience + work performance is known to the outside world. With a year of hard work in a start-up company, you can find a job without submitting a resume. Then, when I was 31, I changed positions again, from customer service to product manager. When I was 31 years old, I reset and started again. I said to myself: Don’t worry, there will always be bread. Although I was “stucked” by programmers at the beginning, although the boss would put forward new requirements from time to time, although countless times I felt that I was not suitable for this job…Although…but still persisted and entered a small family The company is in charge of the product department. The department is very small, plus I have only three people, and I still hang under the technical department. In any case, it can be regarded as a bright moment in my life. As I was doing it, suddenly an inexplicable sense of crisis hit me. At that time, I realized that the product manager’s job bonus and the C-end product bonus have disappeared. I, who have no advantages in education, profession, work experience, and age, may one day be eliminated. I told a netizen who had known me for several years. Netizens said: Our department lacks an establishment, which is suitable for you. In this way, I promoted the current company, an ERP vendor (not to mention the specifics), but no longer worked as a product manager. I just changed my position again, and the company is service marketing. This year is 2018 and I am 35 years old. I gave up the position of product supervisor with a monthly salary of 13k and a monthly salary of 16k, and chose a service marketing position with a monthly salary of 6.5k. The position is new, and the industry is also new. The cycle of making this choice is very long. I look forward to the offer but don’t want it to come so soon, but when it really came, I didn’t know how to choose it. One is a decent and high-paying management position in a small company, and the other is a low-paying but promising basic position in a listed company. In terms of professional potential, I prefer the latter, but from an economic perspective, I prefer the former. If I were 10 years younger then, I would probably choose the latter without hesitation. But after all, I am 35 years old. Who can guarantee that I can adapt to the rhythm of the company after I join the listed company? Who can guarantee that after I choose a low-paying position, I can come back in 3-5 years? I can’t guarantee it myself. But then I thought about it again, since there is no way to guarantee myself, can I guarantee that this small company can survive for 3-5 years? Can’t. Since neither is possible, the salary given is a pie in the face of the unknown. Taking a step back, if I dismiss the position of product supervisor, according to my work experience, I can still find a similar position in my next job; but if I give up the company as a listed company, will there be such an opportunity in the future? I really don’t know, after all, my age and academic qualifications are not dominant (in the second half of my first year of employment, the company policy changed, social recruitment and social recruitment have not considered junior college students, I graduated from a junior college; In the second year, social recruitment only considered 211/985. If I gave up at that time, I really didn’t have this opportunity). In the face of abandoning salary and opportunity cost, he also comprehensively considered career development, exposure to the resource circle and the professional ranking of the company in the industry, and chose the basic position of the listed company. This also means that in my later work, the fault tolerance rate is very small, or even almost zero, and I don’t have time for me to make mistakes. How can I say that in my first year, I had just joined the company for less than 2 weeks, and a colleague in the department left. The resignation of a colleague in the department means that our department’s customers need to reshuffle. In small talks with colleagues, the colleagues said that the project manager of a client he is currently serving is very professional. He has served on that project for half a year, and the project management ability has been learned more than three years in the company. This matter planted a seed in my heart. I thought that if this customer is my responsibility, maybe I can also improve quickly in a short time. So I went to the leader and asked for help automatically, hoping to be responsible for this customer. The leader didn’t make a statement, and only asked why I wanted to be responsible for this customer. There was no sound for the next week. When I thought that this matter had turned into a jerk, the leader personally took me to the customer site and pointed me to the customer: this is the project manager responsible for the service at the back. When this customer handed over to me, he also handed over the unpaid contract payment task and the unfinished work of the customer contract to me. When I wrote these, I was experiencing the mentality of a handful of scholars dying for a confidant. What is the collection of money, the failure of other colleagues in the team, and the way to solve the problem, there are many problems in the headquarters. It seems that these are trivial matters in front of people who trust you. We held a formal meeting with the customer and stated the reason for the unwillingness to pay. We will solve the problem that belongs to our Party B. After the meeting is over, the minutes of the meeting will be sorted out and distributed by email to the project stakeholders of both parties. It is nothing if other colleagues in the team do not cooperate. Give full play to the advantages of women’s good communication and the mentality of not treating themselves as an onion. Understand the reasons why other colleagues do not cooperate. Should apologize or apologize for past conflicts, show weakness when showing weakness, and take responsibility It is clear that the problem of non-cooperation does not exist. In this way, in the 4th month after joining the company, I collected the final payment from this customer (the process of collecting the final payment is actually related to the experience of the Internet industry, and this incident made me realize that any experience will have a reason for its existence), The project also ended smoothly. In order to cooperate with Party A, after the end of the project, a separate project closing meeting was planned. At the same time as the project ends, it also represents the successful conclusion of my 2018. And some of my work performance on this project has also won the trust of customers, so that in 2019 and 2020, this customer has become my most important customer. In 2018, the first year of the restart, I did not come back. Don’t worry, there are still two years left before the three-year plan. Crossing the threshold of 2021, I am 38 years old this year. In the year of the 2020 epidemic, the annual income is the largest in my life. Also in this year, I bought a small apartment with a down payment loan. This was something I didn’t dare to think about when I was 30 years old. It’s not ashamed to do nothing at the age of 30. You see, I also came here when I was 30 years old. I don’t know what state you are in when you ask this question. Just share my past and let everyone know that there will be people who will do nothing at the age of 30. But what about this? Some people walk faster, but some people walk slower. As long as you don’t stop, you will always go where you should go.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Not ashamed, after all, most people do nothing in their lives. But if you have reached the age of 30, you have not completed self-recognition and reconciliation, or even started the process of self-recognition and reconciliation, and you have not started to truly contribute to your own small life, small family, small circle, and small happiness. Do your best, then it is indeed quite a failure. For most people, life is ordinary, but life is also very good. It all depends on how you view yourself and the world. Don’t think too much about big narratives, grab those small moments.

8 months ago

Thanks invite. If you really do nothing, you are of course ashamed. The point is, what is the “thing”? The Internet also has a grand narrative. When we entered the Internet circle in our early twenties, our minds were full of glamorous “things”: Nasdaq ringed the bell; the whole interview in “Wired” magazine; DST’s Yuri Milner shot Holding my shoulder: boy, I voted for your company. In short, it is to change the world! Sorry, my alarm clock rang. Now that ten years have passed, there are indeed bell ringing around us, and there are also interviews with Fake news. But most people still beat workers. Not to mention the above things, even getting the house done, many people are still struggling. You must know that many of them felt that sports cars and townhouses were at their fingertips. It is usually true when waking up from a dream. Which restaurant is authentic and cheap is our mainstream topic now. But don’t you have no requirements for each other? “Bring him sugar-free Coke”; “We don’t drink at parties”; “I gave you the jogging machine, when will you come to pick it up?”; “Aunty still have to go back and have a look”; “Damn, you are not If you have a wife, forget about that girl, keep your heart safe.” People who are all 30 years old, can they still be sensible? For a 30-year-old person, it’s not a big house or a big title to see whether you can do nothing, but whether you can take good care of yourself. It’s better to take care of the people you care about. To do this, even if you are a lying dragon, everyone will have a happy meal together; if you can’t, there must be an old lady in the circle of friends who will come out and attack you personally: “rnm go for a run, eat nm, two Ten years later, your cirrhosis of the liver is dead, so I will pour shit on your grave. Believe it or not?” You have to do this to take care of yourself. If you can calm down and watch your shit rot on the sofa, you can really count as a friend? I know that “the ordinary is true” is popular these years. This trend and the “return of simplicity” after the collapse of the Japanese bubble economy is a logic. So everyone is drinking the reader chicken soup again. But “Ordinary is true” does not make you do nothing. It is also “the world is wrong” when your toe hits the corner of the cabinet. “You must understand me.” Nima saw too much of the abandoned house? Husbands should do something alive, and don’t ask you to calm the world. Many people are still single and don’t count on Qi family anymore, but self-cultivation can still be achieved, right? Knowing you 996, can the fried chicken be reduced by two whole pieces? “Don’t mess up your own life by the standards of others” is definitely right, but this does not mean that your own life can be without standards. You can disregard the “nothing” of others, but you have to be a little bit of your own “thing”. Instead of seeking comfort, it is better to live a calm and positive life. 30 years old is your own, and the following 31/32/33 and many, many years will be your own. How many things can be done, why bother to ask people.

8 months ago

Shame, very shame. You don’t have to be rich and expensive to be successful in your career. After all, 90% of people in this rich and noble life have no chance to live it in this lifetime. What I think is that nothing can be done is the kind of eating and waiting for death, aimlessly, not being able to bear any of the responsibilities that this age group should bear, it has nothing to do with gender. If you say that it was the first few years that you made a difference, whether you remember it later, or even if you don’t, it leads to nothing, and even owes a debt. I don’t think this is nothing. At the very least, you have had a good time, and you can understand how to go next. Although you may not be able to make a comeback, you also have your own direction or a way of continuing to survive. If I say that I am an adult, I can understand how to fight and fight for two or three years, but for 7.8 years, I still read chicken soup and can’t recognize myself. Isn’t this kind of person embarrassing enough? I am not adding anxiety to you. I hope you can understand that everyone has different responsibilities and obligations at different ages. You don’t require a primary school student to understand the ternary linear equation, but a high school student can. When most people are able to bear the responsibilities they should bear at the age of 30. You are 30 years old and can’t afford to feel ashamed that you are worse than others. This is an instinctive reaction. This in itself is very outrageous. After all, the dragon and the phoenix among people have to rely on other people for comparison. Everyone is a dragon and a phoenix, so it’s better than a golden dragon or a phoenix. Rather than just flattering you, giving you comfort and telling you that many people are like this, it is not ashamed. What does this mean? There is an old saying in our rural areas that people cannot be better than bad. It is not necessarily in line with the winners of life, at the very least, it has to be in line with high-quality or even ordinary people. After all, chicken soup, I’m better than many people, but it’s disgusting, and it doesn’t make sense to tell you to work hard + a 30-year-old who can’t achieve anything at the age of 30. In the end, I come to the conclusion that I am not ashamed. Finally, I will arrange for you a promising future. I gave you the whole thing in front, and you forgot about the time you used to make shit. At the age of 30, you are not required to succeed in your career, but you should never achieve nothing. More or less, 7.8 years ago, it should be a little bit accomplished. Chicken soup will only give you a special case to blow B to give you a sense of substitution. However, I don’t want my friends who are called little brothers, little brothers, and little sisters to be paralyzed.

8 months ago

I am 30 years old this year. In a sense, I can count on nothing. From the perspective of “getting married”, I haven’t bought my first home yet, and I am currently living with my parents; I don’t even have a partner yet, let alone getting married and having a baby. From the perspective of “establishing a career,” I am still in my infancy. , There is still a distance from a small distance, far from the point where it can be slowed down. Compared with the powerful peers around, the gap is even more obvious. I have neither married nor established a career, and my life is still wandering. Am I not going to achieve nothing? It’s a little strange that no one around me, except my parents, thinks that I can do nothing, and I have never thought that “nothing” has anything to do with me. Why is this so? Because I still have “curiosity” about the world. If a person’s life is driven by “decentness”, then in the environment of comparison, most people do nothing, but if he is driven by “curiosity”, he will not care about it. How many things. I feel that there is too much knowledge that I haven’t learned yet. I don’t know how far the stars are from me. I don’t know how lovely the creatures in the world are. I don’t know how complicated the human society is; there are too many. The environment, I have not experienced: I have not seen enough mountains, not enough sea, not feeling the mystery of nature in the jungle, not indulging in the ice and snow; there are too many beautiful people, I have not yet known: life only lives Less than half, in addition to relatives, classmates, and colleagues, there are many interesting people from all walks of life, from all walks of life, waiting for me to meet. … ashamed? This is not a question I want to consider now. The world is too interesting, I want to see more. As for what others think of me, who cares?

8 months ago

It is always a misunderstanding to “stand up” at the age of 30. Standing at the age of 30 is Confucius’ concluding remarks on himself, not a requirement for everyone. The son said: “I have five at ten and am determined to learn, at thirty, stand at forty without confusion, at fifty know the destiny of heaven, at sixty with ears, and at seventy, follow my heart’s desires and do not exceed the rules.” It is “I” at thirty. What he is talking about is also the process of self-reliance. At the age of fifteen, he began to learn the way of university. “If you want to do this, you will never tire of it.” (Zhu Zi’s Note). Cheng Zi said: “Stand, be able to stand on your own.” So don’t set a so-called time point for yourself, you must succeed at the age of 30. Sociology has also studied the human life course itself, and the “definition” of adulthood and old age in human society is also changing. 70 has been rare since ancient times, now 70 is not unusual. The social meaning of age is given by the consensus of the society, and is essentially a socialized education process for us. We can completely deconstruct it through our own cognitions and concepts. It is nothing more than that society has placed expectations on us at the age of 30, but the people who set expectations have nothing to do with us. We don’t need to put pressure on ourselves. We can find life at any age. Start again wherever you go. Napoleon Hill even wrote directly in “Thinking and Getting Rich” that “it is difficult for people to succeed before the age of 40” [1]. Looking at Wu Xiaobo’s 30 years of turmoil, it seems that during the 30 years of reform and opening up, gold was everywhere, and opportunities were everywhere, but looking back at the summary, only that group of people broke out of fame, and most of them lived ordinary lives. Of course , Living standards are getting better and better. The drastic changes in society and the peer pressure of peers are actually a concept. To put it bluntly, how other people live is also their business. Everyone has his own destiny, and everyone has his own life. Douban@三公子, who previously advocated “5 years before you go to work, determines the wealth of your life”, first, no matter if “5 years before you go to work” should be changed to “the first five years of work (the first five- year of your work)”. On the surface, she barely managed to save 1 million yuan of fortune with the provident fund, but she began to engage in the behavior of cutting leeks, so that she lost her job and her reputation. At the age of 30, she was sure and secure. Yes, it’s better than forging a bunch of enemies on the Internet. Specifically, I can see my own article: Rapeseed: Financial management, the third son, will it not hurt the conscience of the group loan network? Carnegie published under the social background of the economic downturn in the United States. “The Weakness of Human Nature”, he was 52 years old that year. He has been accumulating, and he said in the book that people only care about their own affairs, even if a certain place in a foreign country is experiencing famine and war, compared to your tomorrow Your work or exams are irrelevant. To put it bluntly, the so-called social pressure is only constructed by yourself. Who is so free to go around you every day just to see you do nothing and make fun of you? 30 years old? , What a beautiful age. You live in mainland China, which has just completed the nationwide poverty alleviation work, one of the most dynamic economies in the world; you use cheap, safe and stable electricity built for you by China’s major power groups; Drinking clean water; living in safe neighborhoods with cameras everywhere; enjoying various cost-effective daily necessities brought about by the prosperity of the manufacturing industry. Then, you can find the information and information you need on Zhihu and other platforms. Information, you should also have a background of compulsory education, and be able to change your destiny through continuing education, even if it is a little upward. The content of this paragraph of mine is already a very successful life state for many people on the planet. I have been to India, South Africa, Vietnam, Morocco, and Cambodia. I believe that many people want to change the environment in which we grew up. It’s not important to be embarrassed. I’m 30 years old and still don’t understand. The general framework of social operation is a bit of a pity. Find an industry that you are interested in, try and explore, for ten years, be diligent, frugal, don’t smoke, don’t gamble, don’t fantasize about getting rich overnight, beware Fraud. In this way, if you want to get a quality life, it is not out of reach. Remember to exercise and take a break. If you can live for 10 years, 30 years old you, in another dimension, you will be 20 years old. This dimension It is the “remaining life dimension”. For example, if you live to be 70 years old if you are depressed and unhappy every day, then you have 40 years left at the age of 30. But if you are actively exercising, optimistic and cheerful, you can expect to live to 80 years old. If, your remaining life is 50 years old. I don’t know the subject, I don’t know most of you who have read this answer, or that sentence, everyone has their own destiny, every day’s life itself , Is the content of your life.

8 months ago

Not ashamed. The ancients said that “lied at thirty” because the ancients had grown up in their teens or twenties, so by the age of thirty, they should be able to make a difference. It is not shameful for modern people to achieve nothing at the age of 30, because modern people matured later than ancient people. What is maturity? You can understand the laws of society, form your own worldview and values, have the skills and resources to settle down, and have your own life direction, then you are called a mature person. Why did ancient people mature early? Because the scope of life of ancient people was small, social relations were simple, and the skills, resources and knowledge needed for life were very simple. In ancient times, you learned about the people and things within ten miles of your family, learned how to farm the fields, strike iron and feed the animals, and know the loyalty, benevolence and righteousness, then you are a mature person. Your next goal in life is to marry a wife and have a baby, raise your baby and enjoy the blessings of your children and grandchildren. To learn these things, there is no problem in your early twenties. Then the next step is to repeat what you have done year after year. It’s unlikely that you want to do something else anyway. Although it’s a bit boring, but fortunately, people in ancient times died early. Modern people are different. Modern society is much more complicated, and people can live in various ways. Without sufficient experience and thinking, it is impossible to truly understand the society and find the values ​​that suit one’s outlook on life. Modern society also has a lot of knowledge and skills. If you want to really master a skill to reach the level of being able to settle down, you need to spend more time than learning to farm, how to fight iron, and to feed animals. Therefore, it is very difficult for modern people to achieve “Thirty Years Standing”. If you think you are “stand up” when you are thirty, the most likely possibility is that your vision is too limited. This is not a good thing, because you have at least fifty years to live. Subjectively speaking, this will make you lose the motivation, expectation and freshness of the remaining fifty years of life. Objectively speaking, because modern society is a fully competitive society, you think that you are “established” and “mature”. If it fails, its own development will also stagnate, and it is likely to lose its competitiveness in the next fifty years. Therefore, modern people should not make a “thirties” life plan, which is unscientific. What you have to plan is whether you will have the wisdom, skills, and resources by the age of fifty, and whether you can achieve something by the age of sixty. This is in line with the development curve and the law of life of modern people. It’s normal to do nothing at the age of thirty.

8 months ago

Frankly speaking, age and career have nothing to do with losing or not, at best, it’s just a matter of living well. There is no such thing as being ashamed. If you feel embarrassed, it is usually, usually, that it is not equal to the people around you, and it is uncomfortable with the mental gap caused by vanity. Although this situation is natural, it is better Use your mind to be practical. Every day, you should go all out to face everything. Don’t ask if your ability is okay. Pay attention to the process of practice and avoid directly paying attention to the results. Don’t abuse excuses that can make you lazy and negative. What should we do to keep our mindset? It is not a pragmatic state where you should sit back and enjoy what you have achieved. You will find that in the process of doing things and the more people and things around you in your life, it will bring you more courage, strength and happiness. Every time you solve the problem that should be solved, countless times you have finished dealing with it. In the face of difficulties and growth, you will continue to surpass yourself and feel after affirmation. The high sense of self-identity will let you put down the confusion and doubts in your heart, and firmly believe that you will create the beauty and meaning that belongs to you.

8 months ago

I thought I would be a tree hole for insomnia, but I never expected to be seen by so many people and I was flattered. Let me add it again: Why ride a shared electric car: First, because it is the evening rush hour, taxis and buses are excluded (IKEA is far from the subway station, and there are many subway people in the evening rush hour, and the subway is also excluded); secondly, because the distance is a little far away , Excluding bicycles, thinking that electric cars will be faster. Why not drive a private car: Because there is none. The main reason is that I can’t get the number… and I haven’t been so rigidly needed, so I didn’t try to buy it. Some friends mentioned the problem of finding a husband: I can only say that we are all ordinary families. He came to this city relatively late. The lottery is very scary. Okay, it’s normal not to buy a car. I don’t think it is very painful. On the contrary, I prefer to find a partner who is similar to me and grows up with each other. Different people have different opinions on this issue. Regarding the use of shared electric vehicles: I don’t know what other platforms are like. When returning a cloud electric vehicle, you can only operate it on the mobile phone. Click “Return Vehicle”. There is no lock on the vehicle, unlike shared bicycles that you can directly hold the vehicle. The lock is locked, so there is no way to forcibly return the car and leave. Some comments mentioned that there are other ways, but we are riding less, haha, I have indeed not ridden a few times, and we have not encountered such a situation before. Regarding the mentality: I admit that the mentality is not good. I have always been like this… Just like some comments said, this little thing is not a big deal at all, but I can use it better and associate it with all the troubles, plus the day I didn’t fall asleep at night, I brushed Zhihu, and instantly felt that I was so pitiful…Everyone should have such a time. Regarding comparison: I understand that my grievance may not be a big deal compared to many people, and it may not be a big deal in the long road of life, but everyone has their own worries. I didn’t blame others, I was just reflecting on myself, it should be a little bit of hard work and luck. By the way, I also remind everyone that you really can’t be greedy for ease and boil frogs in warm water. You must be prepared for danger, constantly improve yourself, and strengthen your own strength is the last word. The most important thing is, thank you in the comment area for sharing your experiences or admonishing or comforting my friends. For the first time after reading your comments, I feel that behind the mobile phone screen are real people and warm souls. One by one, the cute ones who work hard to live. Everyone will have troubles, but we will also live hopefully and strive to live every day, right? Come on duck~~

8 months ago

As a person in the past, I can say very responsibly that there are not a few successful careers at the age of 30. Most people, at the age of 30, are still anxious and still on their way to struggle. I know that someone may have said, why I saw so many people, it seems that they are very successful, so many young people, either buy a house or drive a luxury car, is it an illusion? I can only tell you that it is because you brush the vibrato and know that there are too many brushes. As everyone knows, everyone on Douyin is handsome and beautiful, and not only is good-looking, but also rich. Per capita Daniel Wu drives a luxury car. Knowing that the average per capita is 985 and 211, just under the moon, making one million a year. In terms of BAT per capita, Didi, Huawei, and Xiaomi are all garbage companies. If you don’t take their ten-month year-end awards, you are embarrassed to say it. But in reality, the number of people earning one million in the middle of the year is really rare, and they are basically the best of the best, the elite of the elite. Not to mention making one million a year, if you make one hundred thousand a year, you will outperform 90% of the people in the country. This is the real situation. You may be wondering, no, whoever is around me, whoever I know, people really have a house and a car, and they are very good. Of course there is this, but this is the survivor bias. Let me ask you a question. Do you think there are so many people driving Mercedes-Benz and BMW on the street? I think most people feel this way, but what about the real situation? Even in developed cities like Beijing and Shanghai, there are only a few BBAs, but why do you feel so much? That’s because ordinary cars are automatically filtered by you, and your brain has never cared about those ordinary cars. Naturally, it gives you the feeling that the streets are full of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. However, if you spend half a day on a road wherever you want to count, the proportion of luxury cars is definitely very small. So the analogy is the same. Even if you have good friends around you, and you know some young and promising bigwigs, you will only care about these cases. Those ordinary people will not make a sound on the Internet, even if they do not. People will pay attention. Do you feel better mentally? This is not to comfort you, this is reality. To be honest, being a little anxious is a good thing. Anxiety will stimulate your own progress, but excessive anxiety will make you lose confidence and motivation to struggle. I know that most of the 30-year-olds have a family, and there may be children and the elderly to raise. The pressure is unprecedented. To put it bluntly, it means that I don’t earn enough money. This is stressful enough in itself. If you are still comparing with the good ones, you will naturally feel that your life is a failure, and your life is unsatisfactory. As a result, many people, some of them were confused all day long, and simply gave up, and others just thought about how to make money all day long, the best way to make money quickly. If you have this mentality, the results may often be counterproductive. Because you are thinking about making quick money, you are likely to fall into gambling, stock trading, currency speculation, etc. After all, this is an imaginable channel for quick money, and the result may get deeper and deeper, and what’s more, you will fall into various In the killing of pigs, the scammers can take advantage of it. It’s okay to work hard to make money, and it’s okay to concentrate on making money, but you have to know two things. One is that making money is not everything, and the other is that there is no shortcut to making quick money in this world. Many people are focused on making money and forget that the purpose of making money is for a better life, but in fact, if you think about it carefully, you can live a good life now. I have a lot of rich friends around me, I admire them very much, but I also have some friends who don’t have much money but are still alive and happy, these friends I especially like to socialize with them, they have stable jobs , Have their own entertainment hobbies, have a passion for life, this kind of enthusiasm for life and an optimistic attitude will infect oneself. Regardless of how much you earn or the enthusiasm of life, everyone can have it. So, it’s okay to get nothing at the age of 30. This is the norm. All you have to do is to work hard to make money, but you have to be hopeful, have expectations for the future, and be passionate about the present. 30 years old is just an age symbol, it cannot deprive me of the possibility of the future.

8 months ago

There are too many things instilled in us from the outside world, and we often forget what we want. I am confused and anxious, so I will ask “Is it shameful to do nothing at the age of 30?” Let me talk about my own business first. I recently resigned and returned to my hometown from Guangzhou. Meeting with friends and relatives will inevitably bring up my future plans. Before I opened my mouth, all kinds of persuasion came to me: “Girls’ families are the most important thing. You can find a target by taking a career test. Whose daughter’s career is successful, but everyone will say that her family is unhappy.” “That. No one is his son. He didn’t want to enter the system a few years ago. After working, he still thinks that the system is good. He passed the exam at the end of last year.” “Why don’t you take a postgraduate exam? How good a graduate student is to be a university teacher, my neighbor Daughter…” Then the pressure fell from the sky, and anxiety grew spontaneously, as if I had fallen behind my peers by many steps, and I had to catch up immediately, find a target for the postgraduate entrance examination, and become the “daughter of whom”. My life is Consummation, I will be happy ever since. But this is not the case. Life is like a big library. Of course you want it to be as big as possible, with more choices, but no matter how big it is, your time is only enough for you to finish reading one bookshelf, so we have to do it every time we finish reading a book. Make a choice of “what to read next”. The voices of others are actually like reading a book you haven’t read, and they think it’s good to give you Amway. We just need to make a choice of “whether you want to eat this Amway” instead of starting to doubt the book we originally wanted to read. Isn’t it as exciting as the bookshelf over there? Do you see the keywords around me? “Career editor, system, stability”, the people who advised me often dangled by the bookshelf over there. They heard other people discuss that these books are good, but maybe they have not read them themselves. Change a bookshelf to go shopping, the key words I heard may be “high salary, year-end bonus, entrepreneurship”. The library is so big and there are so many good books. Which one do you want to read? Do you want to listen to others? Back to the question, in the description of “nothing at 30”, who did you compare yourself to? The Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Chorus has a song called “Guide to Self-Help in the Spring Festival” (I recommend everyone to listen to it~), the successful person inside, “a watch full of arms, 60 acres of rice at home, A round of money just came in, the company next year I’m going to move to Shanghai, 13 Land Rover in front of my door…” Although the description is exaggerated, it is to some extent the epitome of “other people’s children” and a successful person in the general sense. Compared with the type of people represented by the lyrics, most people are “nothing at the age of 30.” There is no end to comparing this matter. If we always compare our shortcomings with what others have done, we can only gain inferiority, anxiety, and feel ashamed of ourselves. In comparison with others, we can easily forget our goals and our original intentions. You see that your classmates have won a lot of year-end awards, and feel that your company is rubbish, but you forgot the choice you made when you were faced with high-paying overtime and regular commuting offers; you see A friend bought a house and felt that he was still renting a house, but it was a waste, but he forgot the money he saved by choosing to rent a house to improve the quality of life; you heard that the cousin who was a civil servant sent out a lot of things again, looking at the moon cakes issued by the company on the desktop I look disgusted, but I can’t remember my goal when I first joined this company…In this weakly connected society, we generally don’t see classmates working overtime or being complained by wives; we don’t see the pressure of friends’ mortgages. Big, give up the shoes that I want to buy; I don’t see the problems of my cousin’s daily work, I just think he is relaxed and stable. So control your own thoughts of constant comparison, accept the things you can’t change, and with your original intentions, work towards the direction where you can work hard. (For example, I’m working hard on codewords. I hope you can double-click on the screen to give me a thumbs up~(*^▽^*)~) After abandoning the outside voice, look at yourself again, in the big book of life In the library, you can only choose one bookshelf, which one do you want to read more? This is your original intention and dream. There is no difference between superior and inferior, and we cannot measure everyone with a set of value system. There is a segment in the movie “Little Women” that moved me. Joe’s sister wanted to marry someone she liked. When Joe expressed disapproval, her sister said, “My dream is different from yours, but it’s not the same. It means it’s not important. You can want to be an independent woman, or you can want to be a good wife and a good mother. Just like you can want to be promoted and raise money to make a lot of money, you can also want to spend more time with your family. Enjoy every moment of life. If your dream is family happiness, peace and joy, why do you care if others say that you are “ashamed to do nothing”? You can refute him, “I am very happy, and success or failure is a matter of your ass.” “If you stare at the thousands of other unfinished books, and worry that you can’t finish reading them all, then who are you not anxious about?

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