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After watching eight episodes of updates, I also reviewed some of your comments. I found that the main points of the bad reviews are as follows: 1. The main actors are not good enough, including but not limited to Li Changge with two dragon beards, Ashi Lefalcon with the impression of a young boy, and A Niang who is not amazing enough… First of all, I am myself. I don’t think there is any problem with the modeling of everyone in this. I am a fan of Long Gexing comics, but I also know that comics are comics and dramas are dramas. The comics drawn may not necessarily be photographed, and the photographs may not pass the trial. So from the beginning, I treated the TV series as an independent work. Including the animation illustrations used in the play, there are no original paintings, which shows the meaning of the play. Li Changge is indeed a man, and she only hates that she is not a man. From the time she saw A-niang’s body, she was destined to be a carefree, talented princess. The scene in which she saw A-niang’s corpse was very emotional. Unbelievable, distraught, panic and error-free… There is no exaggeration, but rather a complex emotion from the inside out. It is a performance closer to life. I saw a respondent who said that her mother-in-law was still waking up when she died. Isn’t this just human nature? No one can accept the sudden death of a loved one in an instant. At that time, it was all doubtful and unbelievable. 2. I haven’t seen the use of comics. Is it because the crew used special effects in Falling River in order to save money? Is it because the actors can’t perform it. Long song line is not the first to insert comics. Many excellent works have used this technique. For example, Wei Xia Yi Zhi Mei is very classic. Secondly, if you take a closer look at the river drop, the camera will give you a big picture. The actor hangs from a precarious rope injury. After being shot, he falls from a 100-meter-high cliff into the turbulent river. Let’s not talk about how dangerous it is for actors to act in real scenes. The crew must have their own considerations. Some people may say that Jackie Chan dares to do difficult and dangerous shootings. I have always liked and admired actors who dare to do dangerous shots, but this does not mean that all actors must be like this. Life safety comes first, whether it is an actor or other professions. What’s more, the special effects in the play did not affect the viewing of this play. Wouldn’t it be necessary to shoot a horse falling to death from a great height? 3. Not enough to fit the original work/too fit to the original work. I also feel a little dumbfounded at this point. The original fan said that the mother of the change did not recognize it, and the historical fan said that just like the original, he wrote a lot of history. I still insist that the TV series Long Song Xing is an independent work, and it has been marked as pure fiction before the film. The bad reviews in this regard are true and I feel a little helpless. Finally, I will talk about some of my own views on Changgexing. The plot of the first eight episodes is very compact, and the plot and context of the story are told clearly. Including the change of Xuanwu Gate, the princess had hatred in his heart, assassinated the second uncle, stole the Prince’s seal and fled Youzhou. Everyone’s role in it is also a big wit (except Le Yan and the little white rabbit is super cute), with a big pattern, sentiment and righteousness, and three views are righteous. One of the advantages of this show that attracts me the most is that it allows the audience to taste the meaning, rather than being straightforward, for fear that you don’t know what I’m going to do and the actor will have to explain it himself. For example, the fire at Pinxianglou, the dialogue between two old courtiers. Another example is the conversation between the second uncle and his subordinates when he wants to take over the old ministry of the King of Qin. It really makes me enjoy it! There is also the attitude expressed by Li Changge. When Ashele Falcon invited her to the grassland, she said that she hated the murderer of her parents, but before that she was a citizen of Datang! This sentence really pokes me too much. Isn’t it more than Xiaoqing Xiaoyi’s reading. There are still many places worth writing about, but unfortunately I’m too sleepy. Damn stayed up late to watch the show, and now my eyelids can’t hold it anymore. Let’s add it next time!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I’ve written a lot of mess, I don’t know what I’m writing, I want to delete it but I can’t bear the hard code. The length is too long and you don’t need to read it. Just remember one sentence is [Long song line! It’s really nice! 】For those who stayed up late yesterday and watched the fifth episode, carefully talk about the feelings I saw (why didn’t watch the 8th episode, because I can’t survive it) 1. At the beginning of the plot, the heroine flees and is chased by others. , I use a flashback method to return to the time when the incident hadn’t happened yet. Then the first and second episodes are almost all about the characters and relationships. The first big scene is the Cuju game. I have to say that the scene was really well filmed! At least I was very excited! The actor’s movements are fluent, and there is not so much slow motion. The thing that poke me the most in the second episode is the love line between Changge and her mother! I really can’t cry! In the third, fourth and fifth episodes, the heroine was destroyed, the ministers stood in line, and then the heroine went back to assassinate and was arrested, and then escaped (hahahahaha here I think of a classic sentence: she flees, he chases, she can hardly fly. ) Then the hostess left Chang’an and finished speaking, the whole story is compact and not procrastinated. I was watching the whole journey at 1x speed. 2. Characters I actually like group performances very much. Although Changgexing is not a traditional group performance, I still feel the charm of group performances! The characters inside are not black and white, there are no absolute good people and absolute bad people, everyone just stays true to their position and makes their own choices. Standing on the opposite side of the heroine incident was the murderer who killed her mother’s father (she thinks). Standing on the minister’s side, the heroine was a time bomb, because she wanted to kill her second uncle and was worried that her irrationality would harm her. Datang, so I wanted to kill her. Therefore, there is no absolute wrong or right, only their respective positions are different. I forgot the first few episodes. Most of them were talking about the drama of the court. There was no male and female lead. But I watched it with gusto, and I couldn’t bear to fast forward at all. Also, the characters in it are very brainy (forgive me for not knowing how to describe it) that is, no one’s brain is flooded, everyone’s behavior is very reasonable, and the supporting role is not forcibly reduced in order to highlight the protagonist. The heroine is not Silly, white and sweet, not a Virgin, courageous and strategic; the male lead IQ is online, mature, wise, and calm; I really like the characters of the two of them! 3. There are actually a lot of details, but they are too long. I can’t take the screenshots, then forget it. There are actually a lot of things I want to write but I don’t know where to start, anyway! The long song line is really good!

8 months ago

History fan: What the hell is this drama, wantonly smear history, and resolutely resist it. Answer: This drama was originally not a formal historical drama. Before the feature film was released, “Long Song Xing” was specially marked on it: the drama is purely fictional! And the names of some characters have been changed to avoid controversy! Comic fan: What is the casting, and what kind of comics are in the show, ruining my comics! Answer: The Fuhuadao crew really put their heart into it. They released a special edition on the official blog of “Long Song Xing”. There is a scene of Di Lieba while watching the script, and there is a comic below for comparison. I understand that comic fans cannot accept the mood of casting, but all the actors are doing their best to stay close to the roles. As for the illustrations in the play, the original comics were not used. On the one hand, I think it’s because the comic fans are boycotting the casting during the official announcement. In order to take care of the mood of the comic fans, the drama is separated, and on the other hand, the drama is separated. I have also made changes, and some places do need to be re-adjusted, but the paintings are also drawn very carefully. Fans of trouble: Important plots are covered with illustrations in one stroke, and the cast and crew are not dedicated to their work. Answer: Normal people think that this is an innovative point. Many domestic film and television dramas have appeared in this way. “Long Song Xing” has made a big splash, and the investment of this drama is very large. It is definitely not for the sake of this. Cost-saving, there are a large number of battlefield battles in the back, there is no actor laziness. Mentioned the key points in the pursuit of Li Changge in the East Palace and the replacement of falling water with illustrations, also to avoid historical controversy! Overall, the 8 episodes of “Long Song Xing” have been aired with a tight plot. The actors have grasped many details and look forward to the next plot.

8 months ago

Hey, everyone seems to be scolding, I kind of like this show, I haven’t read the comics, I just chased the show, (not a fan of the leading role, passersby, not chasing stars) I stayed up late to see four o’clock in the morning, not fast In, there is no double speed, I really think it’s pretty good-looking. There is also a combination of comics and dramas. I may not understand it very well. Although I feel that there are some problems, I think it’s good to appear during the drama. In some places, I feel that the cooperation is very good and it is quite igniting. ( I don’t consider the original work, because I haven’t read it at all.) The rhythm of the drama is also super good. I haven’t seen a domestic drama whose plot and rhythm make me not fast forward for a long time. I still can’t help but want to say that this drama is really fascinating. The acting skills of the male and female protagonists are superb, especially the eye-catching drama, and the supporting actors are also very good! There is also a soundtrack, and the audiovisual effects are also great!

8 months ago

First come to the advertising space, “Long Song Xing” [Tencent Video] will be broadcast exclusively on the Internet from March 31st. This drama has hanged me for too long. The materials before me are almost flowing backwards, since I knew Dili Hot Ba wants to star in, buy comics, and when the drama is finalized, it can be said that he has touched all the things that can understand Li Changge, and he has a book “How to Raise the Pigeon Heroine Li Changge”. Today I finally got to the show. Although for the costume drama, this is fast to produce high-quality, but for me and other audiences who follow the drama, I can’t wait for the show to be broadcast while filming! The show only officially started at 22:30 in the evening, but now is different, we are somehow the one who owns the eight-episode preview + the new preview of Fengqi Chang’an + the Tang scroll poster! We have to stand up! After all the materials are finished, my favorite is this set of men’s wear, Li Changge, Spring of Clay Sculpture Powder! Spring limited boyfriend Li Changge! How can a white and tender little boy with a handsome little face be so cute! There is no filter in the screenshot. What I like very much is the fan’s second creation. The Chang’an School and the Prairie School, which are linked by Li Changge, coincide with the direction of the whole show. Each character is three-dimensional and vivid. The reason why this drama is so exciting, I think it is not only Li Changge’s revenge for the fugitive princess, but also the prosperous group portrait of the prosperous period of the Tang Dynasty. From what Li Changge sees and hears, he draws a vivid picture of the life of the people of the Tang Dynasty . Because of this expectation, I, a person who usually doesn’t watch football and is not very interested in sports, will be full of expectations for the Cuju competition in the preview. Long song line, it will work!

8 months ago

“Long Song Xing” this TV series comprehensive lens switch push-pull lift omni-directional visual effects, through light and sensitivity to produce a reaction, the power of light forms the central picture, scene interpretation editing, explaining the time, place, environment and historical background of the story, the video The actors appearing in the show accurately express the character’s personality characteristics by emotional expression, portray the subjective vision of the character image, interspersed with animation and soundtrack to enhance the artistic appeal of the TV works, and deepen the realm of thought and narrative rhythm as a whole… 8 episodes were chased overnight. The plot is very compact and exciting, but I feel so sorry for Li Changge, my eyes are swollen from crying. A good TV series, after watching it, is not a very imaginary thing, but gives people the power to survive. “Long Song Xing” is a conscience drama worth watching!

8 months ago

First of all, let’s take a look at the production team of “Long Song Xing”. Director: Zhu Ruibin. The Hong Kong director, with his beautiful lens language full of dramatic tension, unique and delicate shooting techniques, precise plot control ability, and excellent production level, has won praise from industry insiders and the recognition of major TV stations such as CCTV. Representative works: “The Jedi Wolf”, “Shanghai Love”, etc., have achieved good results. Producer: Yan Bei. Representative works “Delicious Romance” and “Because of Love”. The production team of “Long Song Xing” is already guaranteed. Second, let’s take a look at Changge’s service. (Mainly taking the long song style as an example) Fu Huadao is so hard not to like it. Third, the most important thing is the plot. ①Character character: The first episode actually fully demonstrated the character of each character. Changge is firm and proud, Ashley Falcon is calm and brave, Hao Du is cold and tough, and Li Leyan is smart and free. Everyone’s personality is very prominent, very distinct. ②Plot: No sloppy, very tight rhythm. The acting is also all online. (Take Changge’s crying scene in the play as an example) a. The first crying scene is that Changge was slapped by her favorite mother and she cried. This kind of crying is an aggrieved cry with a girl’s mind. The second crying scene is when the little princess who was loved by A-niang, after seeing her own A-niang was killed, she broke out completely, and the dear relatives passed away. The cry was too heartbreaking. At that moment, everything she had was gone. Collapsed. Our little princess has no home anymore. The third crying scene is to understand the truth and cry with resentment towards the enemy. She missed A-niang and wanted to avenge her family. Our little princess is no longer a little princess after the death of a loved one. It is Li Changge and only Li Changge. b. Changge and Le Yan were good sisters, but Changge couldn’t let go of her family hatred and could only break with Le Yan. When Le Yan took out the peace talisman, Chang Ge had already guessed her thoughts, but she couldn’t show it, so she was hard-hearted and soft-hearted. When Chang Ge turned around, she shed tears. At this time, I just want to hug our cute long song. Fourth, about the music in the play. Three songs have been released so far. ① Theme song: “The Direction of Light”-Zhang Bichen. This song is majestic and sings the surging fate and the treacherous momentum. ② Ending song: “Cocoon”-Zhou Shen. The ending song has a clear and melodious feeling, slowly singing the love and hatred of Li’s long song and Ashley Falcon. ③Emotional theme song: “If Ruo Returns”-Sa Dingding. Every time I saw the grief of the plot, Mr. Sa’s singing sounded. I don’t know whether it is the singing or the plot that makes people cry. It’s so crying. In short, “Long Song Xing” is a conscience drama. Long song line, it will work!

8 months ago

The Tang Dynasty is a dynasty that I like very much. Women have been emperors, women have thought of being emperors and princes. The culture is radiant from all countries… However, in the current plot, the screenwriter and director seem to be insulting my IQ. Might as well simply change it to overhead. The screenwriter wanted to construct a grand narrative opening, but in the first episode, Wu Lei, who appeared on the street, looked around and began to say: The prosperity here is only temporary. ? I don’t understand this pretender, brother, who are you? Li Tang, who has just taken the world, isn’t the limelight weak? Immediately after entering the scenes of Chang Ge and Le Yan, Li Shimin’s subordinates killed individuals and had to wait until the county owner appeared and saw him before cutting off the knife. In this regard, I have no doubts at all when I read the wise and wise long song of art of war. Then came the very important “Chinese-foreign exchange” Cuju contest. In order to increase the highlight moment of the long song, the director forced her teammates to ignore the perfunctory corset, and pave the way for the sense of ritual through shots such as knocking the gong and blowing the horn. As a spectator, I am confused about the parties, purpose, and urgency of this game. The strangest thing is that for such a Cuju competition, which may have a diplomatic and prestigious role, the main seat is the current prince and the other is a distinguished prince, but the audience seems to be a group of ordinary people, and there is even a child who can enter. , Just to highlight the hero. Tool people are so rude. Well, the Cuju contest is to reflect the talent and accomplishments of Changge in the art of war. However, with such wisdom, strategy and talent, she was completely unaware of the tense political atmosphere between her father and second uncle, and that her mother did not. The sorrow that she uttered, even forcibly overturned the cakes her mother gave, and a young girl walked away in anger, thus creating the regret and hatred of Changge after her mother’s death. Changge’s clever strategy and ignorance of the world are too contradictory to the illogical and inconceivable. Besides, Li Jiancheng, as a loser in the struggle for the throne, he is just a political loser, but there is no need to deliberately shape such a gloomy prince, how to say he can help Li Yuan manage the rear prince. And then to Li Shimin, since he and Li Jiancheng are in the same situation, expressing kindness to the eldest brother’s daughter, Changge, can be understood as “doing harm to the children.” However, no matter how kind, he would not be able to point out such a deep level of war strategy. Let’s not talk about the past, just say that when the current situation is not yet a foregone conclusion, still doing this, surely it is not “raising tigers for trouble”? Moreover, Changge is obviously closer to Li Shimin, but estranged from his relatives. This has no foreshadowing. It is theoretically impossible. Li Shimin fights the world on the front line all the year round, but Li Jiancheng is managed by the rear, which leads to the embarrassing situation that the Prince’s power is not as good as his younger brother. Then Li Jiancheng should spend more time with Changge. I watched the first episode with a lot of doubts on my face. In the second episode, Li Shimin ran to the East Palace to “cut the grass and remove the roots”. He came out of Changge’s mother’s room with blood on his hands and was seen by Changge, excuse me? Li Shimin wants to seize the throne, and the hindrance is Li Jiancheng. Xuanwumen shot Li Jiancheng with an arrow, so why kill the female relatives? Not only did it not increase the bargaining chip, but it also increased the taint of bloodthirsty and inhumanity. It is far inferior to house arrest and preferential treatment to the female relatives of the East Palace, both in control and earning a name of benevolence and virtue after being “famous as a teacher.” The black is too low and deliberate. The friends who commented on the original reminded me that maybe Li Shimin did not kill Changge’s mother. Before he entered the room, he committed suicide, which made me feel a little more at ease. However, I still can’t explain why Li Shimin arranged to take refuge in his own Changhe, to kill the people (including women) in the East Palace. When Changge returned to the East Palace, there was blood in the gate and garden. If this is foreshadowing, then explain that it’s a misunderstanding. , It’s very ha ha da. Seizing power is like a child’s play. Chang Ge wanted to worship his mother, but he used a cake of 20 taels of silver to bribe the soldiers of the King of Qin, and the soldiers of the King of Qin were attracted in this way, and then GG. The army was so unbearable, but what I didn’t expect is that a more surprising plot happened again. In the play, Li Shimin slaughtered the East Palace and killed Li Jiancheng. The basic thing was absolutely impossible. The next step was to force Li Yuanli to end as the prince. He hesitated and began to consider Li Yuan’s ideas. I? The politicians who held military power and dared to launch a coup came to the door to engage in these inexplicable entanglement and hesitation, as if they were teasing me. ………Wu Lei’s role is pretending to be forced throughout, like a prophet, this setting is also very strange. It’s really better to change it into an overhead story.

8 months ago

I was afraid that they didn’t have a sense of cp. Later, after watching the show, I found that my worry was unnecessary. They had a sense of cp, and Reba’s eye scenes were improved. The eyes in front were ignorant (I don’t have VIP in the back) , Wu Lei also looks like a mature man with a strong aura. Many people say that Reba looks ugly, but I don’t think it’s stunning, but it’s not ugly. I think it’s Dilraba that is stunning, and Li Changge is the one who has the world in mind. Everyone should pay more attention to it. What kind of person is in Changge, her personality, her growth, and her vision. How can so many people say that the two mustaches of Changge are ugly? I think it’s pretty good. Because Reba originally had facial features in comics, when Gu Jian first saw Fu Hua, I thought that a newcomer had a life like this…I never thought that real humans can grow so big eyes and noses…comics The facial features are exactly the same as the beard of the comics, I really think it is absolutely absolutely perfect. Especially when the focus of the whole picture is on her face, there is a feeling of watching anime. Mom, the fairy in the painting is down!

8 months ago

I stayed up until three or four o’clock last night and watched the first five episodes. If it weren’t for getting up early today, I really couldn’t help but watch all the first eight episodes. Haha. The overall rhythm is very fast, the plot is tight and not procrastinating. Set to assassinate the second uncle in the fifth episode, the male protagonist discovered that the female protagonist is a super handsome female growth song! Riding horses and jumping over the officers and soldiers lying on the ground, including the temporary kicking kick in the back, is simply a first-class young man! Later, crying in front of my mother’s coffin makes people feel distressed. Long songs are wise and courageous, and they don’t know how to break through, but also know how to trick. The eyes in many places are super killing me, Ashley Falcon is so handsome! The tall and tall Hawkmaster Secret Service analyzed the situation very well. He helped Long Song many times and found that Long Song is especially cute among girls. Hahaha The soundtrack is really superb! The atmosphere is particularly enhanced. Teacher Sa Dingding’s scalp is tingling after listening to the song. The scene in the play is very beautiful. The composition is very skillful. Many airspaces are very beautiful.

8 months ago

“Long Song Xing” is scheduled to start broadcasting, starring Di Lieba, Wu Lei, and Zhao Lusi, and the explosion is scheduled! At 10 o’clock in the morning on March 31, the TV series “Long Song Xing” officially released the news of the scheduled files. The play will be aired at 10:30 this evening, and it will be scheduled and aired for one day. This speed cannot be ignored. “Long Song Xing” was launched in March 2020 and finished in July of the same year. It was adapted from Xia Da’s comics of the same name. Because of the high reputation of the original comics, the show has been highly anticipated since its launch. It is reported that during the filming of the show, there were incidents of fans tearing up and criticizing the modeling, which also made the show’s popularity “to a higher level.” After the finale, there have been many news of the set-up, catching the wind and catching the shadows, which sapped the appetite of the audience. Now it is finally set and started, which is also gratifying. But the editor noticed that the broadcast time is 10:30 in the evening, which is different from the usual 8 o’clock. Friends who follow the drama should pay attention. The higher the expectation, the greater the pressure, whether it is for the director, the screenwriter or the actor, so the official also needs to improve from the story, the service and the way. From the official trailer, it can be seen that the service of the show is very exquisite. Li Changge played by Di Lieba is very exotic. There are dozens of sets of styles in only a variety of trailers; Zhao Lusi’s The shape has the flavor of the Tang Dynasty and the feeling of graceful beauty; Wu Lei’s armor shape is cooler, and the scene with the vast white snow suddenly has the grandeur of history and the desolation of war. According to the official introduction, the TV series Long Song Xing” was jointly produced by Huace Film and Television and Penguin Film and Television, directed by Zhu Ruibin, starring Di Lieba and Wu Lei, and modern brothers Liu Yuning, Zhao Lusi, Fang Yilun and other historical costume historical legendary dramas. . The production company is very famous, and the director is also a famous director. His works include Sweet Honey Embers as Frost”, Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi”, etc., have their own set of costume dramas, not to mention the cast, not to mention the flow and strength, I want to take a look at this lineup. In terms of the plot, the background of the play is set in the nine years of Tang Wude. The inner court has changed. Li Changge, the daughter of the original prince played by Di Lieba, escaped by chance and went to Youzhou for help. The quasi steppe tribe Tekin Ashina Falcon. Under the historical background, various things happened between the two, experienced the conflicts of family and country grievances and personal feuds, and wrote their own stories in the historical background. The overall story is very grand, ups and downs, and highly visible. Smart TV users can download the TV version of Tencent Video in Dangbei Market and watch it on the big screen~

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