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The public examination interview can be said to be the death of drought due to drought and the death of flood due to waterlogging. Some people have good interview skills, and they must pass every face, and they will go ashore in succession; some people have average interview skills and will lose every face (why I cry). As for whether you need to apply for a class, it depends on your personal situation. If you have interview experience and the expression is okay, you can not apply for the class; if you have no experience, or the expression is average, if the previous interview failed, I still recommend to follow the class. of. The interview is different from the written test. The written test can be self-study, you can follow the class, and you can learn in various ways. It will be good if you can finally get the topic right. But the interview is different, you need to talk, you need to express, and you need to be strong. Psychological quality. As far as the interview is concerned, it is unavoidable that you need to practice and speak more. A person may not be able to find his own problems when speaking, and he may be lazy. When someone stares at you, he will inevitably have a sense of shame and embarrassment. “, can urge oneself to improve. My interview experience is quite rich. Some people who applied for a class were overturned by others, and some who did not apply for a class overturned others. After graduating from my bachelor’s degree, I took a provincial exam. The ranking in the written exam was relatively low. Of course, I thought that the chance of going ashore was small, so I was not willing to apply for the class (the classes were basically monopolized by a certain map and a certain public, and they were all tens of thousands. A class is too expensive), and then I found a class on the Internet and followed it and practiced, but when I practiced myself, I was a bit lazy. Everyone knew the state of their answering questions. Mantra, I don’t want to watch my own video at all. When practicing, I was purely lying to myself and pretending to answer well, but in fact, it appeared the original form when I arrived in the examination room. Under this kind of self-deception, I walked into the examination room and the interview process was extremely awkward. When I answered the second question, I had no idea at all in my mind and got stuck. The students who have prepared for the interview should understand what it means to be stuck. Basically, it is cold. And I am not only stuck, but stuck for a minute or so. I am getting more and more unable to think of what to answer, becoming more and more embarrassed, and more and more confused. I was in a cold sweat, and then I skipped directly to the second question. I didn’t have any impression of how to answer the third question. I didn’t register for the first interview, which made me feel very uncomfortable. After finishing graduate school, I took two civil service examinations after graduate school, one central bank examination, two interview scores were more than 89, and he succeeded in overturning others, and finally landed on a local municipal unit. As for the choice of shifts, you can apply for ordinary ones. Master the basic routines of the interview and practice more. Basically, there is no big problem. When answering interview questions, it is nothing more than content and form. Let’s talk about the content first. We usually accumulate more. Generally speaking, we use comprehensive analysis questions, and what we usually accumulate is nothing more than famous sentences and typical cases. It’s not difficult to accumulate things in this area. There are a lot of these in the official media. Learning strong guo and People’s Daily are all excellent learning tools. They include not only current affairs hotspots, but also related famous aphorisms, as well as some very popular cases. , It’s very good to use, but there is a problem. There is a lot of content inside. When you read it, try to read some commentary articles. These content is not only to accumulate examples, but also to understand the standardized expression of words and sentences. Of course, it looks more boring, after all. Very standardized. Externally, energy and fluency are very important. Let’s talk about the problem of spirit and spirit. Spirit and spirit are nothing more than self-confidence. How to show confidence in the examination room is nothing more than a loud voice and the courage to make eye contact with the examiner. The loud voice can make the examiner interested in listening, and eye contact can make the examiner interested. The examiner notices you and looks at you, which is the best way to hit the soul. The teacher also attached great importance to this during the public examination training together. Of course, there is a little trick. You can try it when you are preparing for the interview, which is to answer the questions. Nodding your head, don’t keep clicking, just click when you answer a few sentences, especially when you are in eye contact with the examiner. Nodding your head will increase his sense of identity, and it can also improve your self-confidence (self-identity). As for fluency, you can only practice more, especially pay attention to segmentation, speaking short sentences, speaking slowly, don’t be impatient, think about what to say in the next sentence, and then hide from your classmates when you practice. Mantra, try to avoid it later. Speaking slowly is very important. Some students speak faster, but their brains may not keep up with their mouths. They don’t know how to say the next sentence when they are speaking, and eventually get stuck. Therefore, try to speak as fast as you can during the interview. Slow down and have time to organize your thoughts and know what to say in the next sentence. The interview is not easy, it is important to practice more.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The answerer has experienced 5 public examinations (1 interview exempted) and 4 interviews (2 provincial examination interviews, 2 interviews with institutions), both of which are the first in the group. The conclusion is simple and straightforward: useful. But this “use” is not necessarily a directly effective use, that is to say, useful ≠ landing. Because everyone reports to the class, so why can the second one apply, the first one will be counter-attacked. I missed my opponent by 1.5 points in the written test for the first time, and the pen surface was 55 open, which meant that I had to turn 0.75 in the interview. I especially want to win. Before the exam, I had the phrase “I’m sorry, I want to win this game!” I signed up for the interview class, practiced frantically every day, and moved through the simulation sessions of multiple interview classes in the later period. I want to take it so much! Tiangong is not beautiful. I got the No. 1 lottery on the first day, in the morning, in Exam Room No. 1, and Exam Room A. After the interview, I waited outside the examination room until almost noon, and came out to ask one by one. None of them had higher grades than me, but I was still very worried. The opponent came out-lower than me, but I only won by 0.3 points, I can only force a smile and say: it’s yours. After returning home, I suffered from insomnia for several days… If you give me another chance… If my written test is higher… If I get the middle lottery… If I’m not so nervous… No if, the end is set . This is the selective examination. But in the second year of the provincial exam, I entered, so I don’t need to report again. Because I already know all aspects of the public examination interview. Before the exam, he only practiced a few times before playing calmly, winning steadily. Regardless of whether you have landed ashore or not, the improvement in the test preparation process, the ability you acquire is your own, and it will shine in certain scenes of your work and certain moments of your life. Although useful, it is not a brainless report to throw money. Last year, there was an examinee who did well in the provincial exam, but he hesitated and couldn’t register for off-line get off work. All kinds of them were full. As a result, they applied for the 3w6 agreement class. Although the mentality of being close to the door can be understood, I still feel sorry for him for a long time. Here are a few strategies for your reference: If the written test is the first and the goal is clear, it is to keep the challenge. The advantage is big, it is recommended to report to the normal class offline. The main effort is spent on smooth output, confident display, and your opponent will have no chance if you don’t overturn the car. Of course, economic conditions permit, it doesn’t matter whether the contracted class or the contracted class is available. The advantage is weak, it is recommended to spend some money to find a local famous teacher class. Time permits, you can also find some online and offline teachers to comment and guide, or participate in the simulation link of multiple classes to learn from others. The same is true for weak disadvantages. Don’t be afraid that it’s too expensive to take a test once. These interviews will form muscle memory. If you don’t, you don’t need to report to the class next time. Just find someone to practice. If the written test is at a disadvantage, there is little hope of a comeback. One is that the sword goes slanting forward, and the effort is spent thinking about the angle of answering questions, trying to be new and unconventional, and trying to brighten the examiner, but at the same time there is a risk of sudden death. One is to prepare for the Buddhism exam. You can find online resources for self-study, and find family and friends to practice on your own. Of course, with so many online prostitution resources, you can first have a comprehensive understanding of the process, question types, precautions, etc. of civil servant interviews. 1. Comprehensive analysis questions are compulsory questions, of which the most troublesome is the famous aphorisms. Famous aphorisms are high-level generalizations and summaries of social phenomena and life creeds. They are circulated in books or verbally, and are often regarded as the most logical and famous quotes. Through the analysis of famous aphorisms, it can reflect the examinee’s outlook on life and comprehensive analysis ability. Answering famous aphorisms must be good at seeing the essence through the phenomenon, seeing the deep connotation through the literal meaning, combining with the social reality, and matching with one’s own profession. 2. On-site simulation questions On-site simulation combined with emergency and performance, to examine your emergency response ability and response speed, and whether you have a clear idea. In the live simulation, the examiner is generally more willing to listen, because the examiner likes to watch the performance, which is easy to produce joy in the boring process of listening and answering. So I hope everyone, especially the girls, seize the opportunity of live simulation and show their cuteness and charm! This is a good opportunity to pull points. How to answer the live simulation questions! Knock on the blackboard! The three key words: emotion, reason, and benefit. Key points: Combine identity and enter into love. Identity here refers to the identity of your impersonated object and your own identity. Please read the topic clearly. Identity determines your speaking attitude and And the tone, if it is the masses, kind and warm, big brothers and sisters, folks, you can get closer; if it is a colleague or friend, the tone is generally close and equal, and the address is directly “Little King”, and the tone is sincere and peaceful; if If it is a leader, the tone should be more humble and polite, advance and retreat, and remember not to address the leader directly, usually by “surname plus position”, such as “the chief of the king”. Go straight to the subject and ask for warmth, just as appropriate. “Have you eaten?” “How is your health?” The ugly wife will see her in-laws sooner or later, telling the other person who I am and why. (Especially for the situation of telling things to the leader, don’t talk too much nonsense) Analyze the pros and cons, and blend emotions: express understanding and gratitude to the masses; express affirmative praise to colleagues, positively praise side praises, for example, colleagues usually praise Very, leaders often praise you on important occasions! Reason: Analyze the necessity of what you are trying to convince, explain the necessity of the matter, and analyze the matter. Li: Tell the other party that by listening to my advice, you can get more benefits. If you don’t listen to me, you may suffer losses. Understanding the needs and providing help to the other party’s difficulties not only show sympathy and comfort, but also provide substantial help. Close to the situation, the beginning and the end indicate that the other party has been successfully persuaded by you, such as: “Okay, now that you agree, I will put the plan here. If you see any problems, please contact me in time.” Points to note: Smile during the simulation and pay attention to eye contact with the examiner; use spoken language in informal occasions and use standardized written language in formal occasions; ordinary people use modest language, and leadership needs to be solemn and serious; reasonable introduction at the beginning and reasonable assumptions at the end natural. 3. The question type of interpersonal relationship questions is very conventional. Let me just say one point. Although you have a masochistic mentality and actively reflect on your mistakes, there is no obvious mistake in the question. Don’t recite it in a mess. Some students answered really humblely to the ground! 4. What is the difficulty of the organization problem? First, most candidates have no practical experience and do not know what to do with these things in the system. Second, there are seven or eight types, everyone thinks the head is big. The goal of the organization question answering question is-the examiner feels: Yes, that’s how things are done! Because these surveys, activities, receptions, publicity, special rectification, etc., are not part of the daily work within the system. The highest level of answering organizational questions is-the examiner feels: This guy is not only doing things properly, but also very careful and thoughtful, caring and complete. The basic idea of ​​answering questions can be based on the element method or the time axis. The latter is more general, that is, the logical sequence before the event-during the event-after the event. 5. The emergency response questions are subdivided. There are multiple types of emergency response, such as disputes, accident obstacles, misunderstanding questions, sudden public opinions, public crises, and time conflicts. The logical structure of each type should be sorted out, and the answering principles should be grasped. Able to face danger without fear, not to be shocked when changing, and take good care of.

8 months ago

You have to see how many points differ from the first one. It is still very useful. The provincial test score is 200. The position I reported is the first 156, and I am the second 155.5. In fact, it is basically not bad. The position requires one person, a structured model. Signed up for a class of 10,000 yuan, but retired 8,000, closed for 7 days, and was under a lot of pressure. On the first night there were girls crying, because they couldn’t tell, there was nothing to say, and it was very rewarding slowly. , From the beginning, I didn’t know what to say to the final pattern, plus my own characteristics, it turned out smoothly. You can also expand your personal connections, exercise your language skills, and lay the foundation for the next examination of this type, such as selection. However, in our interview class, there was a girl with 158 written examination positions, which was seven or eight points away from the second. However, when the interview was met with 91 points, she was overturned, which is a pity. If you have no interview experience, it is recommended to apply for a class. Everything is possible. I wish you success.

8 months ago

Like my office colleagues in the provincial exam this year, the written test is second, the interview is the second, and the total score is third. (The third interview in the written test was 0.83 points higher than him), the third place in the written test, and the counterattack was successful. I told me that the first place in the written test was “cry” in the examination room, and I was very upset. I also asked my colleague if the third place in the written test was looking for a relationship. My colleague replied, “My written test is lower than you, so I didn’t find it. Relationship, the interview score is almost 3 points higher than yours.” Let me talk about me, and I can pass the exam with such a poor psychological quality, so surely you can too! As a person who has experienced three branches and one support, I have successfully landed ashore, and have experienced 2 provincial exams, 2 entrances and 1 landing. I want to say: The path I have traveled, especially the things that are important to my life, you have experienced, you Never forget it in a lifetime. Then again, you ask, is it useful to report to a class? (Let me first talk about the interview preparation process of this colleague of mine, and then talk about whether it is useful, you will know) Is there any use for class registration? If you have never had any experience in the interview for the first time, it will definitely be useful! It is useless for you to learn knowledge, but at least it can let you know what the entire civil servant interview process looks like! For example, “Knock a few times at the door, what to do after entering, how to put paper, how to sit upright, how to show WeChat and self-confidence are all things that can be learned.” In fact, from my experience, these are all things that are consistent with common sense. No points will be deducted! Let me first show you the interview results in Shandong this year: the poor results are still very large, if the ratio is 4:6, the counterattack rate is nearly half, so your written test score is lower than the first, of course not much lower. Yes (I guess it’s the top score of 1-2 points), so what I want to say to you is: Civil service examinations are selection examinations, especially interviews. What factors are involved, everyone and everyone is different. The same, your written test ability is not as good as him, but I think you raised this question, indicating that your interview ability should not be wrong, so as long as you review it carefully, I believe you will be able to “turn over + counterattack” and land successfully. (Because I have seen all those who go ashore, and the number one in the written test is rare. Of course, the written test scores are ridiculously high, that can’t be helped, but most people’s written test scores are almost the same). I said these few words, do you have confidence? If you have it, you will be admitted! Civil service examinations are not only divided into written examinations + interviews, but are actually an examination: “practice + mental quality ability, emergency response ability, and comprehensive analysis ability” are all manifestations, as long as the people who go ashore feel like this. If you are preparing for an interview for the first time: to know how to cleverly overcome the tension of the interview is the first priority. 1. Dare to speak (My most successful experience is that the speed of speech must be steady, the words must be clear, not to be muddled, not to repeat what I have said, the purpose is to be capable, and the feeling to the examiner is that this young man is the person I want ). In the process of preparing for the test, you must develop the habit of opening more mouths. On the one hand, you must form your own system of expressions, have your own unique insights + sum up experience (form your own words, be proficient, and be able to speak out with your mouth, just for nothing Don’t get stuck when you can talk); on the other hand, you have to force yourself, yes, it is to force yourself to confide your views to them, especially when your views are not unified, you can try to debate and use words to prove your own. Opinions, exercise your own language skills and the courage to speak in front of others. 2. Good at psychological adjustment. In the actual interview, it is inevitable that you are a little nervous at the beginning, but you must not be confused. You must calm down and take a deep breath to adjust your state. Don’t give up on yourself, believe in yourself, and when you enter the state, the tension will naturally disappear. What I learned + my own summary method (simple and practical, because it is not a normal practice in the examination room, there is not so much time for consideration, trust me): That is the “subjective analysis method.” This is the most common and common method of reanalysis. Directly be able to find out subjects related to the subject as the entry point for analysis. It is applicable to more than 90% of social phenomenon topics and must be mastered. Let me talk about a question that I used to practice interviews (this question has been answered countless times). For example: “The government wants to rectify small merchants and hawkers, causing dissatisfaction among the citizens.” There are three main subjects, namely the government, small merchants and hawkers, and citizens, which can be extracted and analyzed. Further in-depth analysis of the problem of stemming phenomenon. I have given my own point of view above, and we should talk about its possible impact or the cause of its appearance around my point of view during analysis. Impact is a good event that brings positive meaning, and a bad event can bring harm; the cause is the cause of the event. Finally, when I was studying for an interview in a public exam live class, a teacher said to you on the “public exam road”: if you want to have something you have never had before, you must do it. Things done

8 months ago

It depends on who it is.
If you often take exams and have your own set of understandings and methods for interviews, there is no need to go.
If you are taking the civil service examination for the first time and interviewing Xiaobai, I suggest you sign up for a class and try it.
Civil service examinations have always competed with oneself, and when one is better, it is good everywhere.
Finally, comrades who don’t need money can sign up for a package but get a refund, which is very good.

8 months ago

It’s definitely useful. The first place in the written test is not stable, unless the score difference is very large. At the beginning, I recruited 2 and 1 in the provincial exam, and was overtaken by my colleague in the interview. He was first comprehensive and I was second in comprehensive work. (Fortunately, the four people behind are not particularly powerful. Didn’t turn me over). My brother recruited 2 rows of 6, and the interview turned out to be second. We are taking the test in Heilongjiang Province, with a 7:3 ratio. With such a low percentage of interview scores, turnarounds often occur. Therefore, there is still great hope for recruiting 1 and 2 in a row. It is worth registering for a class.

8 months ago

Subject: Hello, I am the civil servant who is second in the written test for uninvited. I need someone alone. In the end, the counterattack succeeded with a slight advantage of 0.7 points overall. After going to work, a colleague from the same batch of recruits counterattacked with an advantage of 0.1 points, which is even more exciting. We both signed up for the interview class. It should be said that with the exception of the champion who is leading the second place by a large margin, who is confident and self-taught, almost everyone I know has applied for the class. Let’s talk about the advantages of class registration: 1. Quickly familiarize yourself with the question types, question answering framework, general answer ideas, etc. 2. Create a real exercise environment, which is more helpful to exercise your expression and psychological quality when answering questions in public places, especially However, the interview format for some positions is a non-leader group discussion. If this type of interview does not undergo multiple actual combat training, it is easy to hit the street directly. 3. Directly meet opponents or colleagues. The public examination giants in the same area can always find out more information about interviews through classmates, class sales, etc. If you are lucky enough to pass the interview, you can exchange information with you during the physical examination and political review stages and keep watch. As for the disadvantages of class registration: 1. The fees are too high and the cost is huge, and now it is very difficult for many agreed classes to refund fees. Some even sell classes directly recommend students to be written test classes or career-edited study classes, etc. There are so many tricks just not Refund. Like me, although I was admitted, I still spent all my family savings. 2. The quality of interview lectures is uneven, and it is difficult to form one’s own ideas, which makes it difficult to answer the interview questions. In fact, it is best for the first place to have nothing to do with nothing. Seeking stability is better than seeking change. But for the second and third place, if you want to counterattack, you must be brilliant. However, the level of the teachers in the interview class is difficult to control, the teaching content styles are different, and the answering ideas are too single, etc., which may not be suitable for some students with ideas. The above are my personal feelings. In summary, if the subject of the question is not confident about his interview ability, it is better to register for the class (not sell the class)

8 months ago

First of all, whether the class registration is useful has nothing to do with how many people you recruit for the interview. The decisive factor should be your own test-taking situation, such as your usual interview experience, personality, expression ability and content accumulation, etc. If you need to check the gaps and make up for the shortcomings near the interview, it is recommended to consider targeted full-real simulation training (a set of 3 -5 people), lest I have no experience and waste time on detours. After all, it is not easy to get to this ranking in the written test.

8 months ago

Of course it is useful. You have to remember that although you are second in the written test, you have a greater chance of making a comeback than the third. You are on the same starting line as the first. How to prepare for the interview and how to work hard determines who is the final one. winner! Class registration is not only a systematic training, but also the fastest and most convenient way. If you want to achieve success faster, remedial classes should be the most effective method at present. Come on! The future can be expected! Pay attention to more details of the interview!

8 months ago

Give a chestnut! Reporting to classes is like an army exercise, the purpose is to simulate the actual combat environment as much as possible and enhance combat effectiveness. To explain it from a mathematical point of view is to increase your probability of victory, but no one says that if you participate in the exercise, you will win! But you are not even willing to do things that increase your probability of success, and you have to hesitate, a little negative! Isn’t life just about facing challenges with the most positive attitude? Has Li Yunlong’s “Bright Sword” been seen in vain? What’s more, how do you know that the first one must be better than you. How do you know that the first thing is not that everyone has the opportunity to go ashore, why can’t it be you. Be positive and give yourself a chance! Protocol class, isn’t it fragrant!

8 months ago

Have you ever used it? If you have a strong interview ability, you have experienced big occasions, and you don’t have stage fright, then I suggest you don’t report it. That’s it for naked faces, not a big problem. In fact, it can better counter the routine and give a refreshing feeling. If the interview ability is mediocre, I will feel uneasy, but I am afraid that the money will not be worth the loss. Then you can apply for the kind of guaranteed class, but you can get a refund, or you can keep practicing in the future. Don’t lose money. If the interview ability is average and you don’t want to spend money. Then I suggest you find a classmate or colleague to practice together. Let them be mock examiners, practice a few more times, and be familiar with the process. And the logic of answering questions. That’s what I did at the time. What should I do if I have no money for class registration? The students spontaneously organized a mock interview group. Simulate a structured and leaderless group interview. Facts proved to be quite effective, and I successfully landed ashore. Therefore, whether to report or not depends mainly on the interview ability and the second on the capital status. If you don’t want to spend money, just find a friend to practice, not much difference.

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