I am very envious of fresh graduates. Fresh graduates have an advantage whether they are taking the exam for editors, civil servants, or going to state-owned enterprises and banks. Hey, when I graduated from graduate school, I was very hard-headed. I had to work in a brokerage firm to make a lot of money. After two years of work, I was exhausted physically and mentally. Finally, I came back to take the exam. However, it’s not so easy to take the exam after work compared to fresh graduates, because I am a non-teacher student and a social candidate, and I am definitely unwilling to go to towns, towns and counties as a 985 graduate student, so I was able to apply for very few positions at the time. ! The few positions that can be reported are also very competitive! Fortunately, I also seized the opportunity. Now I have successfully landed ashore as a teacher in a high school in Suzhou for two years. Let’s share the experience of teacher examination and editing: 1. About the teacher recruitment examination. The teacher recruitment examination is the basic way for you to become a teacher in primary and secondary schools. Of course, there are also some teacher recruitment exams that have begun to adopt the contract system and are not compiled. Everyone should read and consider carefully when applying for the exam. The teacher recruitment exam is more complicated, because the content and organization of the exam are different in each place. Therefore, everyone should collect as much information as possible on the teacher recruitment examinations in the region and province. Only in this way can you prepare for the exam more specifically. 2. What are the registration requirements for the teacher recruitment examination? ① Registered teacher recruitment must hold: have passed the teacher qualification examination of the corresponding subject and have carried out the teacher qualification certification. ② Other restrictions on the position, such as majors, academic qualifications, fresh or social candidates, normal students or non-teacher students. At present, as a whole, the recruitment of more positions for teachers is open to the graduates. Some areas also have certain restrictions on non-teacher students. The current conditions for special post teachers are still relatively loose. 3. What is the content of the teacher recruitment examination? (1) Written test The content of the written test may vary from place to place, and can be roughly divided into the following three types of examinations: the first type of examination subjects are two subjects: educational theory foundation and subject professional knowledge; the second type of examination subjects are subject professional knowledge and Public basic knowledge; public foundation is similar to the line test of public institutions. The third category of test subjects is occupational aptitude test and basic education knowledge. Among them, the third type of examination subjects are commonly found in the recruitment examination of public institutions (Type D). The occupational aptitude test is similar to the civil servant’s line test. The content of educational theory examination includes pedagogy, psychology, education laws and regulations, teacher professional ethics and so on. (2) Interview: structured interview, professional test, plot simulation, trial lecture, lecture, and defense. Different regions are also different. 4. How to obtain teacher recruitment examination information? This requires everyone to pay more attention to some websites and official accounts. For example, the official websites of personnel examinations in this province and city must be paid attention to. You can also pay attention to teachers’ recruitment official accounts such as teacher exams. They will be posted and summarized in time. Teacher recruitment information. Regarding the competition in the region, the school, and the position, you can refer to the recruitment data last year and the year before. It’s best not to choose a job that is particularly popular and has a small number of recruits, otherwise it is easy to become cannon fodder. After all, “There are people outside the mountains, there are mountains outside the mountains.” If the number of applicants for the job is large, there may be a great god in it. 5. Registration or self-study? My suggestion is to register for classes, maybe it is my own habit. The effect of my self-study is really bad. The efficiency gap between my own reading and the teacher told me is really terrible. For example, when I took the teacher qualification exam, I had no problem with subject one and subject two in self-study, and subject three, I studied by myself for half a month and didn’t understand anything. Finally, I registered an online class surprise 5 days before the exam. One-time pass. Therefore, I suggest that friends with poor self-control ability still apply for a class, and apply for a ground class if possible. If the funds are limited, they can apply for a more cost-effective online class. Let’s share it here first, in short, the young buddies of freshmen must make good use of their freshmen status! ! The heartfelt words of the old school sister.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Seeing this question, I suddenly think of my history of blood and tears. I think I started the exam as a freshman, and it took three years before I was admitted. Tell me about my lessons that year and some of my experience in preparing for the exam. One. Ask yourself, do you really want to decide to be a teacher? The examination and compilation is a long and arduous journey. There is a cruel reality that, as a freshman, it is difficult to successfully land ashore at one time. There are also one-time landings, but rarely. You must be fully mentally prepared. two. Has the teacher qualification certificate been tested? One advantage of fresh graduates is that some regions stipulate that the teacher qualification certificate has been successfully passed the written examination and interview. Although it has not yet been recognized, it is possible to register for the teacher if there is a certificate of qualification. three. The advantages of fresh graduates First of all, fresh graduates have just come out of school, and the whole state is still in the state of learning. Many of the previous students are married, have children and have jobs, and there are more trivial things to distract, so the preparation for the exam is relatively free of distractions. In addition, in many areas of the examination, many positions only recruit fresh students, and fresh students have relatively more examination opportunities. four. Freshmen must prepare for the exam in advance and talk about the pits I stepped on back then. I graduated from my senior year in 2017. I didn’t like the major I studied and it was not easy to find a job. I kept wandering and wondering what I should do in the future. My parents told me, why don’t you go to the teacher’s editor. So I was very obedient to test the teacher’s editor. But I didn’t make any preparations for the teacher’s exam. I don’t know what books the exam editors need to read. I just want to go to the exam when I flip through the books I read when I take the teacher’s qualification certificate. I don’t know how competitive the teacher’s editor is. I just think it’s so easy to take the teacher’s qualification certificate. , Once passed, it will not be difficult to test the teacher’s compilation. “The ignorant is fearless”, so the written test results are very poor and I didn’t even go into the interview. Therefore, I would like to advise you, if you want to decide to test the teacher’s compilation, you must prepare early and read the book to do the questions. Don’t hesitate. Instead of wasting your time on hesitation, it is better to work hard wholeheartedly. Looking back now, if I can prepare for the exam from the beginning of my senior year and learn about the policies and precautions of the exam teacher, instead of reading books half a month before the exam, will I be able to enter the interview at least? Or can I advance the time for my successful landing of the exam? Unfortunately, time cannot be repeated. Fives. How to prepare for the exam for fresh graduates. 1. Select the textbook for the exam. At present, the knowledge points in the textbooks published by various tutoring organizations are similar. When preparing for the exam, I have used the teacher/zhonggong/huatu test together, and some people around me use Shanxiang. I feel that there is no need to buy the textbook again. Just buy one copy. Up. 2. Whether to report to the class. This is determined according to your personal situation. My own words are very poor in self-control, so I choose to report to the class. The ground class has also been reported, and the online class has also been attended. If you do not want to go to the ground class for the written test, I recommend taking the online class of the teacher together. I feel that their knowledge of the online class is very detailed. I have been to other institutions in the ground class, and I don’t feel very good about it. (In order to avoid disputes, we will not name which institution it is.) 3. Be careful when reading the book for the first time! Don’t let go of any knowledge points, and you must memorize the written test! The plan for a day is in the morning. When I was preparing for the exam, I saw the examinee next to me get up at 5:30 in the morning to recite the test. Later this examinee really passed the exam, so hard work is still useful. 4. Be sure to do more questions! To be honest, it is impossible for any textbook to cover all the knowledge points, and it is easy to show some knowledge points that have not been seen in the exam. Therefore, you must increase your knowledge by doing questions. If you do more questions, you can basically meet some of the corners of the knowledge. 5. It is recommended to register for the interview or find a professional first-line teacher for guidance. If you can pass the written test through your own efforts, the interview really needs external force. Normal graduates are okay. If you are a non-teacher graduate, you don’t have any teaching experience, teaching attitudes/writing lesson plans/trial lectures, etc. In this regard, a professional is still needed to guide, it will really do more with less! The above is some experience, I hope I can help you brothers and sisters~ (Why do you want to say brothers and sisters, I may be really old…)

6 months ago

This question class representative can be regarded as having enough experience, and he is also preparing for the exam. The classmates and friends around him are basically preparing for the exam. There are successes and failures, which can be considered as having such a certain experience. First, the step of understanding the test situation cannot be omitted. You can log on to the local personnel test official website or follow the relevant official account. The answer is from Sichuan. At that time, directly log on to the local personnel test official website to find the exam announcements of the previous two years. , And paid attention to public accounts such as the candidates’ homes and the teachers who took the test together to obtain information. Examination services need to know the approximate annual registration time, examination time, written examination subjects, written examination content, written examination and interview conversion ratio, academic qualifications and professional requirements for recruitment of different positions, and so on. After the examination announcement is made, you must be cautious in selecting posts. Teachers prepare seven points for their strength and three points for luck in the preparation of the exam. These three points of luck are basically concentrated in the selection of posts. It is best to analyze the application ratios of various local positions in the previous two years, and choose positions with moderate competition difficulty based on your own situation. Don’t blindly choose positions with excessive competition, which will reduce the chance of success. Second, whether to choose to register for a class or not depends on the actual situation of the individual, but the respondent suggested that you can choose an online online class for the written test, and you can choose a ground class for the interview. Choosing courses for written exams can greatly improve your learning efficiency and achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. You can buy an online course to follow along. The cheap and affordable teacher will point out the key points and test points for you, which can save yourself a lot of time. Especially for social candidates and non-teacher candidates, online learning is very necessary. The respondent bought an online class with the teacher during his preparation for the exam. It cost more than two hundred yuan, which saved a lot of time and energy in organizing knowledge points. The online course I bought was given as a gift of 14 textbooks, including several handouts and historical questions, error-prone questions, practice questions, mind maps, etc. The supporting handouts and videos will make learning easier and more convenient. The ground class is too expensive, I personally think it is not cost-effective, not recommended. During the interview, the answerer was to sign up for a ground class, not the kind of a large organization, or a local private training class. I personally think it is effective and cheaper than the major organizations. You can find it locally. . Secondly, I also bought a one-on-one online lecture with teachers. At that time, it cost about 1,000 yuan, and the effect was not bad. The total cost of preparing for the class and the written test plus the interview should be about 4,300, which is very cost-effective compared to passing the exam. Third, how to choose teaching materials. I just replied that my own teaching materials are the supporting materials for teachers, and the personal sense of use is still very good. There are also teaching materials from Zhong Gong, Hua Tu, Chalk, and Shan Xiang. After a comprehensive comparison, I think Zhong Gong’s is not bad, relatively systematic, and only has one. I personally think that one handout is enough and saves time. Fourth, how to prepare for the test. Answer the main talk about your own test preparation experience. You can refer to it to see if it is helpful to you. Because the preparation time for the main written test is quite short, 4.1 registration is successful, and 4.27 written test. I was preparing for the exam in more than 20 days, so I did not hesitate to choose to register for the class. During that time, I stayed in the library from 8 to 9 in the morning every day, and spent 5 days to finish the first textbook, and then I followed the course for the second time. It took about 8 days to follow the video class to finish the second time of textbooks, and then the third time to go through the textbooks and check for missing vacancies. The reason why I first read the book and then watch the video course is because of my personal habits. I am used to understand the knowledge content by myself before listening to the explanation. Everyone can choose the learning method that suits them according to their own learning habits. The one that suits you is the best. Ok. When I followed the course for the second time, I started to do the real test papers and mock test papers of previous years. Because the basic skills are not solid, and the score is not high, from the first 60 points, slowly struggling to get to more than 70 points, more than 80 points. Excluding the simulation questions of major institutions done on the mobile phone, I have written a total of 24 sets of real questions and comprehensive simulation questions, plus more on the mobile phone. The section exercises I have done are relatively few, mainly because I have brushed some pedagogy and psychology questions on the teacher together. I personally think that the real and comprehensive questions can best reflect my overall level and expose my own problems. When correcting errors, I can also contact knowledge points before and after, instead of watching which section is which section I see in class. It is not conducive to the integration of knowledge, and more real and simulated questions can quickly improve your ability to do questions. Fifth, how to prepare for the interview. The answerer is a low-scoring person. There are 2 people recruited for the position. The fourth place in the written test is the fourth place. The written test score is 7 points lower than the first place, and the second place is 4.5 points, so I can only rely on the interview. Counterattack. Qualification review will be conducted before the interview. Generally, it is necessary to prepare written examination admission ticket, ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, original and copy of teacher qualification certificate and other documents. Fresh graduates need to submit to the relevant college issued by the department in charge of employment and graduation. Evidence of department, educational level, professional name, graduation time, etc. After the qualification review, an interview notice will be given. The above will tell you the assessment form of the interview. Generally, there are three forms of lecture, lecture, and structured interview. The main test is about lectures, because the interview requires counterattack and the pressure is relatively high, so the interview is also registered for the class. Both the ground class and the online class are reported. From the conscience, there is still a great effect and a great improvement. I went to the second-hand bookstore and bought a full set of books, read the books and prepared lessons when I had nothing to do, went through the textbooks twice, and wrote the manuscripts for each lesson for practice. I practice in front of the mirror at home, and I can effectively adjust my facial expressions and body movements in front of the mirror, then record it, listen to it after the lesson, and correct my language and tone expression. According to the teacher’s standards, I practiced it over and over again, from the initial expressionless face, plain tone, and state of memorizing the manuscript, to the natural body movements in the later period. The language has ups and downs and can be unwritten. This process is very painful, requires constant error correction, and requires others to help you correct the error. I am very grateful to the teachers at the time for guiding me very carefully, teaching me writing and routines, helping me design my own speaking style, correcting my physical habits, and slowly improving my language expression. Sixth, physical examination and submission of entry materials. Just do the physical examination and submission of entry materials in accordance with the requirements. This is relatively simple.

6 months ago

Normally 2-3 months for exam preparation is almost the same. However, when I took a written exam for a month or so, the time was still very tight. It is recommended that you follow a gradual learning approach for better results. I will solve the problems of my friends one by one, I hope it will help you~Q1: How do fresh graduates prepare for teacher exams? 1. Check the admission announcements of previous years and be aware of it. Including the written interview content of the test editor, application conditions, test schedule, job information recruited in previous years, scores in previous years, etc. So the question is coming? How to find the recruitment announcements in previous years?)1) Directly through the major recruitment and examination platforms. I originally searched for our province’s personnel examination network/provincial education department official website/local government network, or the city’s human resources and social security network. Relevant recruitment announcements released are all in it. You can also directly search for the keyword “place + years + teacher recruitment” as a reference. Directly search the education department of the province where you live~ 2) Push the WeChat public account of major teachers. Wechat accounts such as Let’s Test Teachers regularly release recruitment information, which is more intuitive and convenient than searching for recruitment announcements. So if you plan to take the exam, you can pay more attention to some of the teachers’ exam WeChat official accounts. 2. Clarify exam preparation subjects and formulate a reasonable exam preparation plan. The subjects of each local examination are quite different. The written examinations recruited by teachers in different regions are commonly divided into three types (1) public basic knowledge + comprehensive education knowledge (2) subject professional knowledge + comprehensive education knowledge (3) only comprehensive education knowledge is tested One is like the second one I took the exam back then, teaching comprehensive and elementary school language knowledge. The subject of the question is a recent graduate partner. It is recommended that you register for a class to be more stable. We are fresh graduates who can apply for some new graduate orientation positions. At the beginning, I had limited time to prepare for the test. In order to improve efficiency, I applied for a teacher exam line. To work. My one-month test preparation plan for reference ~ basic stage (7-10 days). First download the exam syllabus, and then make a set of real test papers to test the water, and get familiar with the exam questions and content. Then, I passed the courses of teaching comprehensive and subject professional knowledge at 2x speed, and took notes along with the class, so that I knew it well. Special conquer stage (5-7 days). Basically, some common test points learned in class and short answer questions must be memorized. If I recite first, I just want to get the score first. During the day, take the time to use the 17 question bank to brush up the questions. After listening to the class at night, do exercises to consolidate, especially some difficult knowledge points, recite them at night and consolidate in the morning. Consolidation phase (5-7 days). Time is limited, so I only did the real test set once. Just according to the time point, if there are knowledge points that I really don’t understand, I will look through the textbook to clarify it. So my friends don’t need to buy much thick textbooks, just a thin book and it’s done. Brushing questions is more effective than reading directly. Sprint phase (3-5 days). Sort out the wrong questions. Just go through the multiple-choice questions you’ve written before. There are also some material questions, and then look at the wrong place. At the same time, according to the mind map of get in the class, stroke the content again, and then you are ready to go to the battlefield with a normal heart. Look here for 20 short answer questions for regular exams~ 1. Briefly describe the changes and performance of modern education 1) The state has strengthened its emphasis on and intervention in education, and public education has risen; 2) The universal implementation of elementary compulsory education; 3) The secularity of education 4) Pay attention to education legislation and govern education by law. Mantra: Public Eleven/Public World Law 2, Piaget’s Cognitive Development Stage Theory 1) Perceptual Movement Stage 2) Pre-operation Stage 3) Specific Operation Stage 4) Formal Operation Stage 3, Brief Description of Methods of Learning Pedagogy 1) Understand the knowledge characteristics of pedagogy; 2) study at a time; 3) be good at independent thinking; 4) stick to practice. 4. Briefly describe the characteristics of primitive education? 1) Two lives: education is for production and life; education is combined with production and labor. 2) Three nos: education has no independent form; education has no fixed educators, educators, content, places and systems; education has no class nature. Formula: Two lives and three nos. 5. Briefly describe the characteristics of Chinese and foreign ancient education? 1) Class nature: As long as it is a class society, education has a class nature. 2) Orthodoxy: Heaven, Shinto, and Humanity are one; the political thoughts and ethics of the ruling class are the only recognized thoughts (reflecting the political thoughts and ethical thoughts of the ruling class). ——Content 3) Despotism: The educational process is a process of being controlled and passively accepted in order to maintain the rule of the monarch. ——Management 4) Stereotype: The education method is simple and rude, and students learn by rote. -Method 5) Symbolism: Education symbolizes status (dominant). ——Status formula: the ruling class Xiangban Zhuan 6. Briefly describe the characteristics of modern education? 1) Lifelong: “Living to be old and learning to be old”; Paul Langerand’s “Introduction to Lifelong Education”; it is the most influential educational viewpoint in the world. 2) Universalization: Scope-everyone must receive education. 3) Democratization: Equality-the denial of the hierarchical, privileged, and authoritarian education. 4) Diversity: The denial of the unity and unity of education. 5) Modernization of educational technology: the application of science and technology in educational technology. Mantra: More people from all over the world. 7. Briefly describe the function of the teaching profession? 1) Teachers are the inheritors, disseminators and creators of human cultural knowledge, and the promoters of social civilization; 2) Teachers are the designers, organizers and leaders of school education and teaching activities; 3) Teachers are needed by society The creator of talents is a guide for the healthy growth and development of young people. 8. Briefly describe what educational abilities teachers should have? 1) The ability to conduct ideological education for students, the ability to analyze, understand, and use textbooks and outlines 2) The ability to organize student activities; 3) Classroom monitoring ability and educational tact to deal with emergencies; 4) Blackboard writing ability; 5) The ability to use modern teaching methods; 6) The ability to evaluate and feedback on teaching effects. 9. Briefly describe the characteristics of teacher labor? Teacher’s work is complex, creative, exemplary, continuous, extensive, long-term, indirect, and subjective. 10. Briefly describe what aspects of the creative performance of teachers’ labor? 1) In the aspect of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude; 2) in the application and selection of the principles and methods of education and teaching; 3) in the processing and processing of the content of the teaching materials by the teacher; 4) in the teacher’s educational wit. 11. Briefly describe the post-service education of teachers in our country? Refers to teachers who have obtained teacher qualifications or who have undertaken teacher tasks for some reason, but have not met the new job requirements, education and training that must be carried out due to work or further development needs, also known as teacher training; there are three types Forms: On-the-job study, off-the-job training and on-the-job training. 12. Briefly describe the restrictive effect of economy on education? 1) The development of productive forces restricts the scale and speed of the development of education. 2) The development level of productivity restricts the training specifications and educational structure of talents. 3) The development of productivity promotes the development and reform of teaching content, educational methods (means) and teaching organization forms. Formula: Planning (scale) speed (speed) training (training specifications) education (education structure) group (organization form) internal (content) method (method) 13. Briefly describe the impact of education on the economy? 1) Education is the basic way of labor reproduction (potential labor becomes actual labor). 2) Education is the most effective form of reproduction of scientific knowledge. 3) Education is an important base for creating and developing new science and technology. Formula: Chatting (labor) chanting (science) new technology 14. Briefly describe the restrictive effect of politics on education? 1) Nature restricts the nature of education 2) Restricts the purpose and purpose of education 3) Restricts the leadership of education 4) Restricts the rights and levels of the educated 5) Restricts the content, educational structure and education management system Mantra: zero (Leadership ) Selling (educated) palm (purpose) wood (purpose) to (nature) (content) solution (structure) body (management system) 15. What is the influence of education on politics? 1) Education completes the political socialization of the younger generation by spreading the political ideology of a certain society. 2) Education promotes the reform and improvement of the political system through the training of political management talents. 3) Education promotes the country’s democratic political construction by improving the cultural quality of the whole people. 4) Education is also an important force that forms public opinion and influences the political situation. Formula: People (talents), people (all people), private (ideology) desires (public opinion) 16. Briefly describe the basic trend of my country’s school system reform? 1) Strengthen preschool education and its connection with primary education 2) Extension of compulsory education 3) Integration of general education and vocational education 4) Popularization of higher education 5) Construction of lifelong education system 6) Academic education and non-academic education 7) The education system is conducive to international exchanges. 17. The environment plays an important role in the physical and mental development of children, but it does not play a decisive role. Why? Environment refers to an individual’s life and all external factors that affect the individual’s physical and mental development. The effect of the environment on the physical and mental development of an individual is reflected in the following three aspects: 1) It provides a variety of possibilities for the development of the individual 2) There are positive and negative influences on the development of the individual 3) The subjectiveness of people in accepting environmental influences and effects Therefore, the environment can only provide conditions and possibilities for human development, but cannot determine human development. 18. Practice activities play an important role in the physical and mental development. Why? 1) Practical activities are the fundamental activities in the process of children’s growth; 2) Children develop themselves, know themselves, and enrich themselves in the practice process of transforming the surrounding environment. 19. Briefly describe the meaning and significance of the purpose of education? The purpose of education can be divided into broad and narrow sense. 1) Broad sense: people’s expectations of the educated. 2) Narrow sense: the general requirement of what kind of talent the state trains the educated. 3) Status (meaning): The starting point and destination of education run through the entire process of educational activities. 20. Briefly describe what are the economic functions of education 1) Education is the basic way of labor reproduction; 2) Education is the most effective form of reproduction of scientific knowledge; 3) Education is an important means for technological innovation. Formula: Labor Skills Class Q2: How long does it take to prepare for the exam? The little friend arranges according to his own time, do not need to lengthen the battle line. I think it takes about 2-3 months. I usually listen to lectures and do test questions, but we must pay attention to the continuity of exam preparation and don’t break. If time is really limited, then we have to leave at least one month for a full sprint, such as registering for a sprint class, getting some key content first, and accumulating the others slowly. Q3: How long do you study at least every day? This is metaphysics. The subject is a fresh graduate. If you are preparing for the exam full-time, you can study for 2-3 hours in the morning, 2-3 hours in the afternoon, and 3-4 hours in the evening, so make sure that it is at least 7-8 hours every day. At the beginning, I was tired from listening to the lectures, so I wrote the questions, and when I was tired, I followed the lectures. If you are on-the-job preparation for the exam, you can only use the fragmented time. It usually takes 2-3 hours to accumulate and prepare for the exam. Make sure to make good use of it on weekends, such as doing paper sets or taking mock exams. The subject is a recent graduate. The identity advantage is obvious, and there are many opportunities for fresh graduates to take the exam. Faced with a large group of recent graduates, it is better for small partners to prepare as soon as possible. Opportunities are only for those who are prepared. Come on, guys! !

6 months ago

Non-teacher major graduates should still be able to tell their own stories about the editors. 1. The prerequisite for the compilation of the teacher qualification certificate is that the teacher qualification certificate teacher recruitment is generally required to have a teacher qualification certificate. Last year, due to the epidemic situation, the recruitment of teachers in most areas can “first take the job, then get the certificate” but this year is obviously going The process is normal, so if you want to get the teacher establishment, you must first put the teacher qualification certificate in your pocket! 2. Pay attention to the recruitment announcements and precautions of various places. First choose the area you want to apply for. You can pay attention to the official website of the ideal area, check the announcement information in time or follow the official account of some training institutions. At present, they will all have an announcement question type function. It is more convenient and comprehensive. In addition, the age requirement for most teachers who apply for the exam is under 30. Some provinces require under 35 or under 40 to apply for the exam. The age of registration in our urban area is 30, while the age of registration in our district is At the age of 35, many teachers who missed the age of applying for the examination in the urban area turned their attention to our district. If they are graduate students or above, the age requirement for applying for the examination will be appropriately relaxed. The specific relaxation is also based on the requirements of various places. A full-time bachelor’s degree or above is required. For some positions, full-time college degree or above can also apply for some positions. Self-candidates can also apply for the examination. The specifics depend on the recruitment requirements of each region. Finally, the examination editor generally recognizes normal students, although some positions are professional The same, but non-teachers may also screen you out of similar majors. Some areas can also. It means that the majors of your university are similar to or the same as the professional requirements of the post. But from the data, the general majors are the same. There is a greater chance of being on the exam. 3. How to prepare for the exam and teaching recruitment (1) Pay attention to the recruitment information 1. Master the recruitment information. The time for recruiting teachers for each school may be the same. Always pay attention to the teacher recruitment announcements in various places, especially where you pay attention. Always pay attention. The timeliness information can be grasped in the following ways. (1) We can find it on the official website of the Ministry of Education of the province/autonomous region. (2) We can search through the official website of the municipal people’s government or the official website of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. (3) We can also obtain information about teacher recruitment through the recruiting network. 2. To understand the content of the exam, it is necessary to understand the content of the exam for the teacher recruitment as much as possible, especially the place that you like, and be aware of it, so that the review can be more accurate. The content of the teacher recruitment examination is mainly based on the content of the examination stipulated in the recruitment brochures issued by the education departments at all levels, and there are great differences in the briefs in different regions. At present, there are mainly two basic forms: one form of examination focuses on examining the candidates’ mastery of the basic knowledge of educational theory and subject professional knowledge, and some regions will also test the basic knowledge of educational theory separately. The basic knowledge of educational theory includes pedagogy, educational psychology, psychology, educational laws and regulations, teacher professional ethics, new curriculum reform, etc.; subject professional knowledge includes a total of 20 professional courses from kindergarten to middle school. Another form of examination focuses on examining candidates’ mastery of public basic knowledge and subject professional knowledge. Moreover, some of the public basic knowledge stipulated in the regional syllabus is the basic knowledge of educational theory (this requires special attention), and some regions use the same test paper as the public institution examination, which tests politics, law, literature and history, science and technology, and current affairs. Such as traditional comprehensive knowledge or professional ability test knowledge. (2) Teacher recruitment and exam preparation experience 1. We need to build our own confidence for candidates who are in the unfamiliar stage. We should not be afraid at the beginning. We must have the courage and confidence to keep many knowledge points in mind. When the teacher recruits written examination education for comprehensive review, candidates should make a strict review time plan and then repeatedly look at the knowledge points and review them in time. They can’t learn one day and forget the other day. When remembering knowledge points, they can regard the characters and opinions. Use homophonic memory or jingle to deepen the impression. The old saying is well said. The book reads a hundred times and sees its meaning. The understanding of book knowledge is crucial in the early stage. Pay attention to the real questions, collect the real questions from the regions tested over the years, read them before reviewing, and roughly understand the gaps in your own knowledge reserve, do it again after reviewing, and check your review results. At the same time, you must pay attention to sorting out the problems that are exposed every day. Take it out for review. 2. For candidates who are at the half-life stage when they are recruiting teachers for comprehensive preparation for written examination education, generally speaking, every time they see a question, they will have incomplete writing or know what knowledge points but they just didn’t do it right. Candidates at this stage must not be anxious, we only need to remember more to improve the situation, achieve efficient review, each review part, list the knowledge framework, sort out the content according to the knowledge framework, this time the fuzzy area Take out the knowledge points of the students to focus on the memory and comprehension, and use the real questions to test their review effects. 3. For candidates who are in the familiar stage, it is recommended that teachers should not discard their learning when recruiting written examination education comprehensive preparation. Candidates should use the knowledge framework to deepen their comprehensive understanding of pedagogy, and review the knowledge points on weekdays to analyze the real questions. Split the original knowledge into your own things, cultivate your own pioneering thinking, and pay attention to recording your own experience and experience in a timely manner. In addition, it should be noted that when preparing for the recruitment of teachers, we must be clear that when we take the exam, it is not just the knowledge points in the books. When we integrate our own experience and experience into the knowledge in the review, we will stand out from the crowd. The above is the relevant content of the teacher recruitment exam preparation experience to share with you. On the one hand, you must gather your own knowledge, on the other hand, you must face it with a peaceful mind, so that you can devote yourself to the exam and successfully land. not a problem!

6 months ago

The written test is prepared for half a year, and four to six hours of study time are maintained every day. The interview is prepared for one month, and six to eight hours of study time are maintained every day. As soon as I understand the relevant test conditions, many students don’t Understand how the teacher establishment is assessed. I think that the national unified examination is the same as the teacher qualification certificate. In fact, this is not the case. Each province has its own regulations for the teacher establishment examination. Some are the province-wide unified examinations, and some cities or even districts will issue their own. Announcement, so if you want to test the teacher establishment of a certain place, you must first check the previous announcement information of this place, and pay attention to the registration time in the announcement, the materials required for registration, written examination time, interview time, written examination content, interview content, etc. Basically, in each region, the time for their teachers to prepare announcements is consistent every year, so you can prepare according to the previous announcement time. Don’t wait until this year’s announcement to prepare for the written test. It is completely too late. If you want to inquire about the past announcements, we can search directly on Baidu. The most authoritative ones should be the local education bureau or human resources website. If you can’t find it on Baidu, we can follow the WeChat applet teacher to apply for the exam. Or go directly to the teacher’s app to check the announcement and interpretation. We will also arrange announcements and explanations for each place to help students better understand the local exam situation. I was at a loss when I took the exam and passed this information. Gradually understand what kind of content I need to prepare and whether I am eligible to register. 2. Written exam preparation The written exam for teacher recruitment usually involves public basic knowledge, education, teaching knowledge and ability subject knowledge, etc. These three types contain a lot of content, and they like to test different things in different places, such as public basic knowledge, and some Localities only involve current affairs. In some places, all public foundation content will be assessed, and new curriculum reforms such as education and teaching knowledge and ability are tested in some places and not tested in some places. These are in the announcement, he will not specifically explain in detail, so we need to find the real questions in the past, or the classmates who have passed the exam to understand our local style of writing questions, and what he likes to produce. Is the topic all objective questions or objective questions plus subjective questions? Should I prepare composition and writing subject knowledge as difficult as the middle school entrance examination or the college entrance examination, will I pass the teaching design, etc., these things must be found by classmates or teachers who understand the local attendance Come to make inquiries, to prevent everyone from spending too much useless work, leading to waste of time. As I mentioned earlier, it takes about half a year to prepare for the written test, but during the half year, you must ensure four to six hours of study time every day , Especially for fresh graduates, you must be very busy doing internships, graduation thesis, etc. in the last year. If you can prepare in advance, it is best to do it in advance. 3. Interviews more than 90% of the teachers recruited. The regional interview assessment will involve trial lectures and lectures. The test preparation staff of the same school period and subject will draw the same text, and then prepare for about 30 to 45 minutes. Go to the examination room for 10 to 15 minutes of assessment, so when we prepare for the interview, it is actually very simple, because first we need to familiarize ourselves with the textbooks of our subjects. I said that the interview preparation for one month means that you are fully prepared for the exam. Before this time, you can consciously familiarize yourself with the textbook. At least you will not be particularly unfamiliar with the text. During this month, you should continue to write trial lectures or textbooks, and then In the process of practicing, it’s best to find an experienced teacher for guidance. If you can find a local teacher who is editing, I think it’s very good. If you don’t have one, you can choose some training institution, which is really impossible. You can ask your family to take a look, or you can record the practice process yourself, and then look back repeatedly to find your own problems. One interview is your theoretical knowledge level, and the second one is your psychological endurance. There is no need for everyone to be nervous.

6 months ago

It was the last semester of my senior year when I took the teacher preparation test for the first time as a freshman. I applied for the teacher preparation test in my hometown because it was the first time I took the test. I had no experience and did not prepare seriously. The classmates were laughing and playing, and of course the results of the exam were down anyway, so the young students of the new year must have a correct attitude and earnestly prepare for the exam if they prepare for the exam. Before preparing for the exam, there is a question that you must figure out. Only when this question is figured out can you better prepare for the public recruitment of teachers. This question is “Do you know the situation of the area you are going to take the exam, and the annual recruitment time? ?”. Looking at the general trend of examination and compilation, first of all, the requirements for academic qualifications are quite clear. My area requires primary schools and teachers to have a bachelor’s degree or above, while high school requirements are 985, 211 and other college graduates. Graduate students, I think your regional requirements will not be lower than this, so your stepping stone should be above this level. You must be clear about this, so you must carefully understand your local test conditions, and don’t blindly. Work hard, have a direction, and be clear about the hard requirements of your place. Second, whether your major can apply for the subject position corresponding to your teacher qualification certificate. By the way, if you are in the second level of the Putonghua certificate, I suggest you try your best to get the first level, because the subject of Chinese is more suitable for Mandarin Chinese. The requirement is the second class. These are all clear. In the future, you are thinking about what you need to know. Of course, it is time. Normally, teacher recruitment will be concentrated from April to August. You should pay attention to it in real time to avoid delaying the exam. As for how to pay attention at this time, you can follow some official accounts, or go to the local official website to check, it should not be difficult to find. If you are clear about the recruitment requirements for the teacher system, you can prepare for the teacher system. Regarding the whole process of preparing for the exam prepared by the teacher, I divided it into three stages. The first stage will take about 1 month. The main task is to familiarize yourself with the teaching materials and listen to online lessons. (I chose to register after the first test failure. “Teachers and recruit classes together”, follow their online class teachers). After all, it seems that some content is obscure and difficult to understand by myself. During this time, I listen to a lot of lessons and take notes. This is the key point, take notes! This note must also be precise, focused, and coordinated with the questioning (like the questioning app, I take the teacher test together, and I can’t remember the others. You can search in the app by yourself. You should be able to find a lot. .). The second stage is mainly about back! ! ! ! Back! ! ! Nothing is more important than the back. Recite it two or three times, with some real questions, so that you will have a solid foundation and you will have confidence. When doing real questions, you should also be careful not to do all the real questions. You don’t have extra time. You have to concentrate on looking at your area. The real question, which requires you to be able to better grasp the key points and sub-key points, and reduce unnecessary waste of time. The wrong questions in the real questions should also be collected, sorted and reviewed in time. When sorting out the wrong questions, you should pay attention to the types. Don’t make a pot of porridge. This way you will be confused and not conducive to the exam. After all, you have reached the sprint stage, and you should not be confused. Don’t be procrastinated throughout the exam preparation process. At the same time, you must pay attention to the details. Small knowledge points should take time to look at them in the final period of time. It is not required to remember all of them, but it must be possible to make an impression when they appear. My whole exam preparation process is like this. In fact, in the final analysis, I still have to pay attention to my own efforts. Finally, it is important to emphasize. I think we still have to adjust our mentality. The possession of a good mentality will allow us to do everything with half the effort. Don’t panic, don’t rush, don’t be frustrated when faced with problems, look at the world in the long term, and be not short-sighted. , Learn really. In fact, everyone who achieves major events takes a stable mind and a long-term perspective as the most important game capital and life card. They can be both offensive and defensive, move against the situation, and succeed in silence. For us, only if we have a calm mind and a long-term vision, then all the difficulties we have to face in the exam will be easily solved. The losers are always looking for external reasons, always complaining. Most of the successful ones are working quietly. It is up to you to choose which one you are, and I hope you can become that hard worker. Those who go ashore must learn to swim first. After all, self-help is much safer than calling for help. Come on, I wish you ashore!

6 months ago

First of all, I would like to ask: 1. Are you a graduate of a teacher-training major? 2. Have you got the teacher qualification certificate. 3. What is your foundation and learning ability. Let’s talk about this issue based on my personal review experience. I am not a teacher major. I passed the teacher qualification exam in my junior year. I was preparing for teacher recruitment in my senior year. Then I got 160 points for the teacher recruitment written test. I didn’t pass the interview. The second time I recruited a teacher with 160 points, there were more than 80 interviews. I didn’t have the right to speak in the interview. , You can also talk about the written test. The specific preparations are as follows: 1. Find out the latest exam outline (see the local exam announcement), and see what to be tested, the scope of the exam, the type of questions, and the approximate time of the exam each year. 2. Make a set of the latest real questions in the exam area (the teachers in which province you want to test should do the real questions in which place), and test your own level (because of the teacher qualification certificate, many knowledge points are overlapped. This step is mainly Find out your own level), and then check the answers to correct the errors. This step is to be careful. Look at the answers to the questions that you get right, and which ones you can actually do. You can recall the relevant knowledge points by looking at the answers. ​3. Buying review materials, I took the test from Guangxi. Before, I used the materials of Zhong Gong (I tried public chalk, I feel that chalk is better than Zhong Gong, but I don’t know how to recruit teachers for exams). There are too many institutions, you can ask Let’s take a look at the predecessors to decide which store they want to buy. I had a good foundation before, so I didn’t have training such as applying for online classes, depending on my personal choice. (The following are the textbooks of various institutions that I randomly selected. You can click in and look at the catalog on the details page to see what the main tests are, and then compare and see the differences between the textbooks. It is best to look at everyone’s comments and questions in the comment area. , And finally find the most suitable textbook for your own province and individual. Because each province may have subtle differences in the exams, don’t buy the wrong thing and waste money. This stuff is not worth a few money to sell waste products)

6 months ago

The non-teacher examination and compilation came ashore. This year, I finally ranked first in both written and comprehensive examinations. After successfully landing, I just graduated with arrogance and look down on civil servants and teachers. I missed the best exam time this year. Because of the epidemic, I made my determination to be included in the compilation. From February to the end of July, I spent half a year preparing for the exam. I changed the exam time several times, and my mentality was strained. Fortunately, I persisted in the end. Up. Be careful along the way 1. The exam editor should be taken as soon as possible. Now the policy is more and more biased towards fresh graduates and normal students. Non-teacher students have less and less choice. Either they are biased or the competition is fierce. After graduation, the exam is really true. It’s hard to concentrate on learning and the pressure is huge. Don’t buy social security for those who just graduated and want to take the exam. The qualifications of fresh graduates are too expensive, and many positions are reserved for fresh graduates. 2. Fully prepare, the test compilation process is arduous, and test perseverance. Of course, babies who are already at work but have not made up their minds to take the test are advised not to resign. Preparation for the test is stressful. 3. Selection of textbooks. A large part of the reason for not taking the first two exams stems from The selection of teaching materials and learning methods. Before the exam this year, I learned about the comparison of various versions of books. In the end, I chose Shanxiang for the teaching materials. I have to say that the books are superb, and the knowledge points can be said to be the most comprehensive on the market.

6 months ago

I graduated in 19 and was admitted to the teacher’s program in April of the same year. First of all, I prepared for the exam in a real sense for more than 2 months, but I had already read the book “Educational Psychology” in the first half of my senior year. , When did you finish reading it? Junior summer vacation + senior internship period (but also did not learn the essence). There is also “Comprehensive Public Fundamentals” I read 1-2 parts during my senior year internship. During my senior year internship, I participated in many interviews and tried every opportunity, but I was eliminated if I was not good enough. This also paved the way for subsequent interviews. Not much to say, let’s talk about how I prepared for the exam. I didn’t register for the class. I did all my own review. After the internship in my senior year, it was the winter vacation. After I got home, I knew that my goal was to participate in the public recruitment of the senior year. So I started to review during the winter vacation. I felt that I was not motivated to review at home, so I chose to go to the library close to our home to review. The time I originally set was 9.00-12.00 in the morning and 1.30-6.00 in the afternoon. As a result, I couldn’t get up from a snooze in the morning, and I often only got up after 10 o’clock. It happened that the teacher at our training institution asked me to make up lessons for my children, and the time I could go there could be in the morning, so I readily agreed. Classes from 9.00-11.00 in the morning are a good solution to my procrastination habit. About 10 days ago, I went to class for 10 days the year before, so I went to make up lessons for the children in the morning, and the place was away from the library. It’s very close, so I went to the library to review for an hour after I finished the remedial class in the morning, reviewed the public examination subjects myself in the afternoon, and went home in the evening to prepare the content for the class tomorrow. I feel that this kind of life is very fulfilling. I probably went through all two books in the first half month. I was a science student. I really don’t like practical memorization. I like to draw mind maps to sort out thinking and logic. I draw mind maps for both books, which are still very useful. But doing so is not enough. After all, the exam questions are indispensable, so I still can’t do without brushing the questions. I like to write the questions of this chapter right away after studying a certain chapter that day. I use the mobile phone to brush the questions, which is very convenient. The APP is Things test help. Then in the process of doing the questions, I will deepen my memory, and I will add the knowledge points that are not in the book. This is how I studied the chapters of the previous year, and I think it is particularly useful for myself, especially educational psychology. I think the comprehensive foundation is a nightmare for me. I will say later on that, it was a loss in my exam. Well, it took about 1 month to review and sort out all the previous knowledge points, including the topics of the chapters. When all the knowledge has been read, the next step is to review the real questions and do a set of questions. Be sure to do the questions carefully (paper-based ones are recommended). At least one set of education + synthesis is guaranteed every day, and every time you do the synthesis by yourself Both are only 50 points, and education is about 60 points. When it is good, there are still about 80 points. Sometimes I feel frustrated, but with these test questions, it seems that there is no way to change. Because I don’t want to be in the township, I only think about the city/city area, so I have to read hard and seize the time to review. By the way, there are also college entrance examination questions + professional knowledge to review, and some areas also need to be tested. On March 16th, I took a public recruitment exam in our city. Why do I remember the date so clearly? Because of my birthday! The night before the exam, I opened a big bed room with 4 classmates, and we reviewed together and held the Buddha’s feet temporarily. Because there were 3 people in this position at that time, 243 people applied for the exam, so I didn’t report much hope. The exam is done: comprehensive (education), professional knowledge (university questions + college entrance examination questions), I am very good at doing professional knowledge, why there are multiple choice questions, I am really too difficult, in the last 20 minutes I didn’t do half of it, and I did it in a random way, but it was finished. After the exam, it is recommended to take a break for 1-2 days and adjust your mentality when you go back. Prepare for the next exam, because you may not hope for this exam, but that’s okay, keep going. The weather is unpredictable, and the month is full of negative emotions. In April, I went to another district to take the exam. Finally, the results of the urban area came out first, and the results came down, 1:3 (recruit 3 people, enter 9 people) I entered the noodles at a ratio of 100%. I was still having lunch. My roommate immediately told me that you entered the noodles and ranked 4th. I was really happy and excited at the time. I only scored 60 points in the overall test, but my major turned out to be the best. I felt like I was lucky. I also cherish this opportunity to enter. At the same time, a few days passed. The results of the other district have also come out, and I have also entered, (1:3), recruit 1 person, and I am third. Both places have come in, and the interview time will be determined at the last time, and this place will be interviewed first. Tell me about how I prepared for the interview. I had already returned to school at the time, although there was one class every week in my senior year. But you can go or not. Preparing for interviews, mainly lectures and lectures. I felt like a thick-skinned face. I went to a teacher in our school who often studied teaching and teaching methods and asked him to guide me on the text. Although I was criticized every time, I was helpless. what. Then I gave lectures. I mainly practiced more by myself. I found a classroom with no one by myself. In elementary school, I designed and tried out all the frequently tested topics in grades 1-6 (of course I only designed 10 minutes of content) , And then mainly 3-6 grades. There is also a structured interview. I downloaded a common test from Baidu Library. After downloading, I learned how to answer. In the end, there are routines. It is probably a general explanation of my own views, and then start from several aspects, and finally come This is the end of the summary, so you won’t be nervous by practicing in front of the mirror. Okay, I feel that my answer is off-topic, but it is really useful. The topic of my interview is a topic that I have talked about many times. Finally, the interview is the first. With the written test results, I successfully counterattacked from the fourth to the second. Good luck, hahahaha. There may be some inconsistencies in the sentence! I did not check! Finally, review well, come on, and good luck!

6 months ago

Personal experience cannot represent the general situation. It may be luck. It is also this year’s freshman, preparing for teacher recruitment, eight days of written examination review and five days of interview. (Don’t beat me if you go ashore in half a year. It’s really lucky enough.) Personal situation: Three non-teacher majors are completely unmatched, absolutely barefoot and not afraid to wear shoes, but the academic ability is still relatively strong, in the learning group I often do questions and discuss daily topics (the teacher in the family environment also loves this subject). I only graduated from university on July 2nd. In May, I applied for the name test because I met the conditions. Written test: On July 4, I signed up for a class for six days and six nights, and then took two days for the No. 12 exam. After arriving at the hotel on the 4th, I study for about 10 hours a day (I really don’t know why the luck is so good, we only test the subject, which does not test the basic public foundation of education). I studied for six days and six nights. The knowledge review is almost complete. The teaching method teacher drew the focus on memorizing, and then brushed four sets of simulated sprint papers in two days and then made a set of real test papers, and then memorized the teaching method. During the exam, the teaching materials and teaching methods were crushed by the teacher and just memorized! The previous subject knowledge is particularly difficult, and it collapses after the exam, but it should be uncomfortable for others. I still think the scores of teaching materials and methods are quite stable. Interview, the interview training began after another day after the written test, and the written test results have not yet come out (later I found out that it was a week after the written test), which is simply a big deal for my freshman without teacher training. I was shameless. There were a dozen people in the class. After the written test, I found that some people were gone the next day. There were many opportunities to practice. I first talked about how to speak on stage, how to give lectures, and then pointed out the problem. The chalk writing was bad enough for me. basis. Show the shameless special system as soon as you come to the stage, and the teacher will change it when the teacher is also very serious. Exactly four days of training, I finally feel a little bit (we are lucky in the interview, if we don’t have a structured test, otherwise I will definitely be cold) After the training, there is still one day away from the interview. Ask an in-service teacher to help me take a look at the trial guidance (contacts) Sometimes I help a lot. For the second exam, I got up early enough, but the interview in the afternoon was delayed (in the morning everyone stayed for four hours in the room without air-conditioning). Well, everyone lost the nature and started chatting. Suddenly eat After finishing the meal (for us to take care of the meal), I started the test in 10 minutes. I haven’t finished digesting it. In the morning, I heard that they were all serving teachers and substitute teachers. I thought I was basically hopeless. The afternoon class was the last lecture. Yes (it is too difficult to have a chance if the professional is not right) The result is very good, and the whole article has a miscarriage, and the performance is at least 90% or higher. Later, I will look at the in-service teacher’s results (announced on the spot). It is indeed higher than me, but it is estimated that the examiner beats The conservative score is not much difference. I was less than one point ahead of the comprehensive ranking of the written interview to keep the last position. I was really happy at the time. Just a few days ago, I also hope that the host will have good luck and go ashore.

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