Do you post-80s and 90s still remember the boy who delivered tofu on the Qiu Mingshan Highway? The Fujiwara Takumi, who delivered tofu for his father, drove his father’s old AE86 car on the Akuna Mountain to practice his skills. The so-called “Autumn Mountain Bike God” has ignited the blood of many young people. Some people say that the secret for him to become a car god is that his father put a glass of water on the car. He can prevent a drop from spilling. What do you think of this? If it is you, on the premise of ensuring driving safety, can you drive without spilling a drop of water? You can challenge and see.

In “Initial D”, in addition to dripping water, there is another driving stalk, that is Xia Shu, who faints every time he rides in the car, and he feels comfortable to fall asleep in the Takumi car. No motion sickness is the same as dripping and not sprinkling. It means driving the car extremely smoothly, especially when driving fast while still driving steadily. There are indeed some skills in daily driving that will allow you to take care of both speed and stability. Everyone can use it, such as the defensive driving that is often said on the Internet. The name is defensive, but it can be defensive as offensive. Defensive driving focuses on pre-measurement. When driving, don’t just stare at the vehicle ahead. This will be very passive. You can only follow the sudden brake of the vehicle ahead. We should keep our sights far away and see that there is a traffic jam in the far ahead, we know that we should slow down in advance, so that the brakes will become much smoother. Also, imagine other people on the road as lunatics who will break out at any time. You have to figure out what they will do next in advance. For example, there is a slow car in the next lane, and there is a car behind which is impatient and close to it. It can be predicted that the probability of this car changing lanes is very high. We can change lanes in advance to avoid them, or wait for the other party to pass first, so that we won’t get rid of the gun with the other party and cause sudden brakes and sudden lane changes. The more advanced is fast and steady turning, don’t laugh, the skills on the track can be used on the road. On running mountain roads, or on the upper and lower bridges circling in the city, take the route of the outside, inside and outside slightly without leaving the lane and the surroundings are safe. With this “line routing” method, the roll when turning becomes smaller. The speed control also imitates track driving, pressing the speed before the corner, and then accelerating at the center of the corner. Human driving is one aspect, and it also has a lot to do with the car. It is difficult for some cars to be drip-proof. For example, some turbo-cars were weak before intervention, and the power suddenly increased after the intervention of the turbine. This kind of fault dynamics can easily drive the car by surprise. In addition, the suspension of the car is too soft, and the side is so big that you want to reverse it when you turn quickly, and there is no way to talk about it. It is very interesting that some manufacturers really put “drip and not spilled” into the research and development goal. For example, Mazda’s GVC PLUS system, this technology is used in the 2021 new Mazda 6 Atez. The demonstration video released by the manufacturer either looks at how smooth the surface of the water in the cup is, or the co-pilot is rarely pulled by the ground force when turning. To understand this GVC PLUS technology, you must first understand its predecessor, GVC. To put it plainly, GVC relies on adjusting the engine torque to make the cornering attitude more stable. Before turning, GVC will reduce the engine torque, move the center of gravity to the front of the car, and increase the front wheel adhesion. The torque is restored in the corner, the center of gravity is moved back to the rear wheels, and the rear wheels have better adhesion. This can prepare for the acceleration when exiting the corner, because the center of gravity will move to the rear wheel when accelerating, which simulates the above turning motion of slow forward and fast exit to a certain extent. GVC PLUS also adds brake control on the basis of GVC torque control. After exiting the curve and returning to the positive steering wheel, the outer front wheel can be slightly braked, so that the car can better bite on the curved road surface. The previous GVC is equivalent to an experienced driver who will help you fine-tune the car so that you can corner quickly and steadily with the most suitable parameters. Go to GVC PLUS, this one is even better than the old driver, after all, the old driver cannot brake a single wheel. The following is a video of me going to a 4S shop and driving a brand new Mazda 6 Atez to challenge a turn without sprinkling water. Atez challenged turning and dripping without sprinkling Feng Xifan-porridge video. 1658 The whole process of playing was easier than expected. As long as you slowly turn into the corner, there will be no waves on the water. This is true even when turning at 80km/h. The turning process is just as the manufacturer said, there is no need for correction in the middle, which makes it easier for me to avoid dripping. Other vehicles need to be corrected when turning. The correction will bring more variables. Inaccurate control will cause the body to sway and spill water in the cup. I also drove the brand new Mazda 6 Atez back to the 4S shop via the expressway this time. The other driving settings of this car also help prevent dripping. For example, the power response is fast, and the accelerator is powerful with stepping on, so that the driver can freely retract and release the power. In addition, Atez’s steering ratio is very natural. Unlike some sports cars, the steering ratio is adjusted too aggressively. A slight shake of the hands will give the body an exaggerated movement. I remember that Mazda has a car-making concept, which is to make controlling the car become like controlling one’s own hands and feet. Controlling the hands and feet is natural, without thinking. There is no need to think, on the one hand, the power and steering are adjusted very naturally, on the other hand, GVC PLUS secretly helps behind. When controlling a car is as simple as controlling hands and feet, the difficulty of dripping water is much lower than others.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This is inseparable from the three aspects of [the performance of the car, the driving environment, and the technology of the driver]. 1. Car performance “AE86” and “RX-7” super cool Japanese performance cars appeared in the movie “Initial D”. We don’t require the configuration of the car to be high, but at least the engine should run smoothly and stably. When shifting gears in a manual transmission car, at least it should be able to ensure fast and smooth shifting. How can a humming classic car ensure a constant speed and stable driving? Second, the driving environment should be aware of Takumi’s autumn mountains. Although it is surrounded by twists and turns, at least it is a flat road. If it is a steep mountain road or a muddy or gravel road, it will inevitably cause natural bumps. Third, the driving skills must know that Takumi has not spilled any water at all, and he has also developed the skills year after year. Technically, practice makes perfect, there is no speculation. Even if you are not required to be a veteran driver, at least basic driving skills and driving mentality are required. Whether it is stepping on the accelerator or the brakes, you must understand to maintain a “balance”. “Flip the cup.”

6 months ago

It is necessary to drive like flying water without leaking. Then it is not only necessary to have good driving skills, but also to be equipped with a reliable car. The AE86 can be regarded as Toyota’s high-gloss model, of course, this is in the context of the technology at the time. At the same time, there are the Lancer EVO, GTR, Honda Civic EG-6 as mentioned in the comics…Of course, there is also the Mazda series that was in the sky-Takahashi Ryosuke’s Mazda Savanna RX-7 (FC), Takahashi Kaijie’s Mazda rx-7FD3S (FD). Mazda, which has entered the century-old club, has a history that cannot be ignored. From the rotor model RX-2, which was launched on the market half a century ago on its 50th anniversary, to the RX-3, which successfully prevented Nissan Skyline’s 50 consecutive victories, to the most successful dual-rotor twin-turbocharged sports car RX in Mazda’s history. -7, it only takes 6.4 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers and become the best RX-8 of the rotor. All have left an indelible brilliance in the entire brand lifeline. In 1991, Mazda won the title at Le Mans for the first time, officially establishing Mazda’s position in sports cars. In the Chinese market, whether it is the old generation of Ma 6, Ruiyi, Ma 3, or the new generation of Angkesaila, Atez, and CX series, they all give people an impression of being different from other Japanese brands. When the Camry Accord Teana was still a business model, Mazda introduced the concept of a coupe. The high reputation of the CX series today is also the feedback of Mazda’s careful work over the years. As an old friend, CX-4 is as pleasing as ever after experiencing the so-called strongest upgrade in history. As a coupe SUV built from scratch, there are many differences in styling, handling, and passability from the SUVs derived from hatchbacks and the pseudo-coupe SUVs that slid their backs for luxury models. Adhering to Hiroshima Porsche’s consistent handling and high-quality appearance, the standard GVC technology is full of sincerity. When they have a skilled and prudent driving technique, like Renzhong Lu Bu, Mazhong Chitu generally chooses a model that can be controlled as a “horse and man in one”. Then maybe the level of not sprinkling water is just around the corner.

6 months ago

It’s hard to do it with only driving skills,
It also has a lot to do with whether the car can drive at a constant speed.
Some cars are difficult to drive at a constant speed no matter how they operate.
If we do not observe the emergency braking of the vehicle behind us while driving, it will cause the rear-end collision of the vehicle behind.
Endanger yourself, and endanger the driving safety of others.
Even old drivers need to be carefully observed.

6 months ago

Drivers such as improper activation or emergency braking will cause discomfort to passengers and affect driving safety. Putting a glass of water in the car is to test the driver’s driving skills.
Please remember, what road did Fujiwara Takumi drive on? Almost no one has no cars in one passage. . Go back to the real world, the road to work is blocked again, there are not so many open spaces for you to show your skills/cover your face/

6 months ago

When changing lanes, be sure to carefully observe the traffic flow in the next lane through the mirror.
It is necessary to judge not only the distance, but also the speed of the following vehicle.
So no matter how you open it, you can do it without sprinkling water
The key to not spilling water is to drive the car steadily, try to drive as slowly as possible, don’t suddenly slam on the accelerator or brake.
Stable and stable, this water shouldn’t be spilled too much,

6 months ago

But it can be smoothly geared so that it can be opened more stably. This is the basis for not sprinkling water.
Generally speaking, it is common for vehicles with manual transmission to stall at the start.
Therefore, if you drive a car with a manual transmission, you still need to practice more in this area. Practice makes perfect.
This doesn’t actually require any driving skills. You only need to do one thing and it can be done easily, which is to tighten the lid of the cup a little bit. Isn’t it very simple?

6 months ago

I don’t really need any driving skills to avoid sprinkling water, because now highways and highways have speed limits. As long as you don’t exceed the speed, you can basically drive without sprinkling water.
Just like Tai Chi, you can generally run smoothly by following the direction and strength of the car. If you suddenly make a sharp bend or make an emergency brake, you can also overcome the rigidity with softness. It is necessary to achieve this kind of technology.

6 months ago

I always thought that these happened in TV dramas or movies. The kind of “car gods” who were not afraid of traffic police catching them once became our yearning. There should be a god of this kind of technology in reality, but I haven’t encountered it yet.
When braking, look at the rearview mirror habitually.
For some old drivers or drivers with more advanced driving skills, they are very accustomed to using the rearview mirror of the vehicle when driving. This is the key point of driving without sprinkling water.

6 months ago

Learn to brake.
Take an example. When there is an emergency in front of the vehicle, the driver will not slam the brakes to death, but will choose the method of applying the brakes to stop the vehicle slowly. This is the key to not sprinkling water. Retract your foot from the accelerator in advance and don’t slam the brakes.
First-step on the foot a little deeper, let the meter speed down quickly.
Before the vehicle stops, the car will be released slightly, and the car will not “rush” forward.

6 months ago

When driving, most people can observe the rearview mirror from time to time.
However, when parking and braking, some car owners forget to check the rearview mirror. As a result, the car rear-ends, let alone driving steadily.
Only by having a good head and being good at observation can I try my best not to spill a drop of water while driving.
When driving, look farther away. For example, if you see a red light ahead, slow down in advance and don’t wait until you are close to the brakes.

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