Is there such a possibility? Controllable nuclear fusion cannot be realized at all. In fact, science and technology are the use of various elements, and the elements in the universe are basically available on the earth, and there are other places in the universe, and the elements that are not on the earth have the same life span. Very short and unstable elements. The current equipment can find elements hundreds of millions of light-years away, basically confirming that as long as the stable elements in the universe are on the earth, technology is to use the elements reasonably to achieve the desired effect. , But note that there are two parts: means and elements. Is it possible that the elements in our universe (that is, materials under normal conditions) simply cannot support controllable nuclear fusion? No matter how advanced the technology is, it won’t work for hundreds of millions of years. It can’t be realized, including the strong force materials mentioned by Liu, and I feel that the dark forest is not established. The earth has sent a message to the universe before. I believe that if there is a civilization that can master controllable nuclear fusion, then follow In terms of the scale of the universe, this civilization is also an astronomical figure. They may also send out more obvious signals like the universe before, or the interstellar ships in the universe should be flying all over the sky, and they can be discovered with an astronomical telescope. Clues, but in fact there is no. It is very likely that controllable nuclear fusion cannot be realized at all. Controlled nuclear fusion should be the only way to achieve interplanetary flight and completely solve the energy problem. I also hope that this can be achieved, but there is Maybe the elements of our universe cannot support controlled nuclear fusion.

I have also thought about this issue in depth. The question of the subject is very reasonable, but I have a slightly different view on the conclusion1. Controlled nuclear fusion is possible. Biology is the existence of inverse entropy. For any living being, energy has the supreme significance. In addition to maintaining one’s own integrity, energy can also support many other activities. In fact, the energy level that humans can control determines the boundaries of human capabilities. For example, in an era without a steam engine, it is impossible for subways to exist, and pumping water is not as fast as water seepage; in an era without airplanes, it is impossible for people to run to 1000KM/h, and the limit for four legs is only 100 kilometers per hour. . The decisive factor behind this is the energy level we can control. Nuclear fusion is the highest level of energy that mankind currently has access to. There are no theoretical obstacles. The problems faced are mainly engineering problems. Even if some necessary elements are lacking on the earth, humans can still produce elements by collision of particles. It’s just that the cost is a little higher to exchange energy for materials. As long as the sun is still working, humans still have the opportunity to accumulate enough energy to achieve this supreme goal. 2. Interstellar navigation with people as the main body is unlikely, and interstellar navigation with information as the main body may be able to perform manned interstellar navigation under conventional knowledge. I am not optimistic about it. You can understand the earth as a beaker and the sun as an alcohol lamp. Under the action of the alcohol lamp, a dynamic equilibrium biochemical reaction is maintained in the beaker, and human is only one of the products of the biochemical reaction. In this analogy, you will find that humans are actually integrated with the earth and life on the earth, and it is impossible for humans to survive long-term without the earth. Therefore, if you want to carry out interstellar travel, you must establish an ecosystem that mimics the earth to be able to support the long interstellar travel. It is extremely difficult to understand the relationship between the various roles in the ecosystem, and the ecosystem cannot be too small. The smaller the ecosystem, the easier it is to collapse due to accidental disturbances. You can imagine how big this interstellar spacecraft will be. Even if there is nuclear fusion, it is necessary to figure out where the fuel comes from. Therefore, the difficulty of interstellar navigation is far more difficult than nuclear fusion. Even with the bonus of nuclear fusion, the feasibility is minimal. Is there a workaround? In fact, there are people. The biggest burden of interstellar navigation is people. If people are removed, the spacecraft can be greatly simplified. For example, the huge ecological support system can be removed. So why do interstellar voyages have to bring people, and what are the indispensable qualities of people? In fact, the meaning of interstellar travel is to explore, perceive, and transform other planets, so as to spread human civilization, and these things do not necessarily need to be carried by humans. The probability of interstellar travel in the future is such a form that mankind has assembled all the technologies to create a group of robot astronauts with a nearly infinite lifespan. These robot astronauts carry all the knowledge and necessary tools of human beings and sail to each other in interstellar spacecraft. The purpose is to use the materials and energy of the destination to try to replicate the ecological environment of the earth. At the same time, a communication station was established to communicate with the mother planet of the earth, indicating the expansion of human territory. This kind of interstellar travel is called information-based interstellar travel. It only needs to inject information at the destination to detonate the myth of creation. I know that I succeeded, and I saw that I succeeded, in fact, the experience is very close-human beings are plants of the interstellar age from a certain perspective.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

There is not much correlation between the first half of the sentence. Our research on controllable nuclear fusion technology is to benefit the development of human beings on this small ball. This kind of development is set in the outer space, basically it is limited to the development of terrestrial planets, and the observation of the outer planets is enlarged. The development of terrestrial planets, to put it bluntly, is actually just Mars. After all, the environment of Mercury and Venus, pull it down. Let’s talk a little farther, that is, it can provide humans with a small self-circulation system for cross-stellar travel, plus a propulsion system. But still, even if the controllable nuclear fusion technology, we have fully explored it, even if it is the nearest Centaur Samsung, it is counted in “decades” (“only” more than four light years). As far as existing observations are concerned, the three-star Centaur planet is not too interesting. Even with similar hibernation techniques, time is not enough. And with our fragile rationality and ethical issues that span time, it is enough to destroy ourselves. In short, it is impossible to achieve the super-luminal speed of matter and signal, so interstellar travel is nothing more. The expansion at this level is not an engineering level problem, but a batch of super Einsteins need to appear. And this… the wall of sighs of human genes stands there, not moving.

8 months ago

The possibility of controllable nuclear fusion is so large that major countries are willing to invest huge sums of money, and it is unlikely that all countries will have their heads rusty. Before the launch of the ITER device, the global scientific and engineering communities have undergone rigorous verification, and the current problems are all within the originally expected range. It can be said: Controllable nuclear fusion is an engineering problem, and its success depends on determination and demand. But when it comes to space navigation, the difficulty is a bit desperate. Some people compare astronauts and primitive people facing the Pacific Ocean. In fact, this is completely different. Primitive people, even primitive people who can’t make canoes, know that fish can easily swim across the ocean and birds can fly across it. In fact, the Polynesians relied on canoes to conquer the vast Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago, and sprinkled their blood on the islands. But space navigation is completely different. Now there are astronauts who have lived in orbit for two years, and a dozen people were sent to the moon a few decades ago, but these advancements are far from the Polynesian colonization of the first desert island. Meaningful. Because when the Polynesians walked into the canoe, they cut off the connection with the place of departure, and they conquered the deserted island completely on their own. In contrast, even those who land on the moon live entirely on the place of departure. Once the connection is cut off, the astronauts will lose their way of life. Even with controllable nuclear fusion, aerospace is not so optimistic, what if it reaches 0.1C? The Milky Way spans 100,000 light years. Another problem has been avoided: if someone hits the earth with a 0.1C spacecraft, whether intentionally or not, the earth will immediately turn into a hell of fire, and the biosphere will disappear within a few hours. And the future politics can guarantee that this will not happen? I am afraid that the only way is to restrict countries from developing high-speed spacecraft, which is more stringent than the current restrictions on nuclear weapons. Even if the world is in harmony and everyone is sunny, cosmic navigation is still full of difficulties. How to maintain order in the long voyage that requires several generations or even dozens of generations? Fewer people will definitely not work. Even if you don’t consider the issue of inbreeding, you must have a sufficient population to maintain a society. Otherwise, the society will gradually degenerate and eventually form a primitive tribe. There are too many people, and management becomes a big problem. In a closed environment, poisonous vegetables are inevitable, and then they will become religious and stupid, and the result will not be much better than primitive tribes. In short, cosmic voyages feel like despair, and they can’t even adapt to the physiological structure of the human body. It feels that even the physical rules are against us. If there is a will to formulate these rules, he obviously does not want space navigation.

8 months ago

I have studied controllable nuclear fusion for a long time. The first nuclear fusion has been realized, but it is uncontrollable, that is, the hydrogen bomb. The energy of a ton of hydrogen bomb is equivalent to 6 million tons of TNT, so it can be propelled by explosive flight. Secondly, the neutron radiation problem caused by fusion you mentioned can actually be solved by using heavy elements such as hydrogen and boron fusion. The energy is clean protons, without strong penetrating and destructive properties. I also want to share with you the news from the Chinese Academy of Sciences that our laser fusion technology has made a major breakthrough, and the energy obtained by laser fusion has increased 280 times. The energy obtained by the US NIF has just reached the input level. Maybe our laser fusion will break through, because the last time the Americans hoped that the gain value of NIF was only 30, this time we will increase it to 280 times. Too cool.

8 months ago

Fully controllable nuclear fusion is not required to achieve interstellar navigation. Have you heard of the Daedalus Project? Build a spacecraft of more than 50,000 tons and use the pulses provided by the explosion of a small hydrogen bomb to provide reverse thrust, which can carry a load of 500 tons up to 12% of the speed of light. A nearby star system can be reached within a few decades. The following is a brief introduction to this plan. These technologies are not unimaginable zenith black technology for the current humans. If humans really intend to voyage between the stars, without considering commercial profit, they will go all out to build the Daedalus spacecraft within a hundred years. It’s totally possible. As for manned, the expansion of civilization in the interstellar space does not require physical travel. Let the spacecraft carry intelligent robots to land on the target planet, mining construction, is a predictable technology. If conditions are right, you can also bring frozen human fertilized eggs to the target planet and hatch humans, and robots can educate humans. These technologies are not magical things such as super-light speeds and curvature engines. They are supported by existing scientific theories, and there is no insurmountable gap in engineering. Even if human beings cannot approach or surpass the speed of light, it will take hundreds of years to travel to nearby star systems, and it will only take a million years to bloom everywhere in the Milky Way, which is nothing in the time scale of the universe. Of course, if you want to say whether you can sail across galaxies with time significance, such as going to the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, then I can only say that you can enjoy yourself. Because the required technology is too far away, humans currently have no ability to judge whether this exceeds the limits of technology.

8 months ago

If controllable nuclear fusion can’t be achieved at all, why can’t it be achieved at all? If controllable nuclear fusion cannot be achieved at all, why do all major countries have to invest heavily in experiments, research, and development? Controllable nuclear fusion is not impossible to achieve, but for the time being there is no way to operate stably for a long time. In 2009, the world’s first fully superconducting non-circular cross-section Tokamak nuclear fusion experimental device (EAST) independently developed by the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was a great success in the first round of physical discharge experiments, and subsequently achieved a series of gratifying The phased results indicate that my country is at the forefront of nuclear fusion research in the world. In February 2016, China’s EAST physics experiment achieved a major breakthrough, achieving the longest plasma discharge with a global electron temperature exceeding 50 million degrees Celsius. In 2017, my country achieved a 101.2 second steady-state long pulse high confinement mode plasma operation, creating an important milestone world record. One year later, in 2018, after a large number of experiments and fine adjustments by Chinese scientists, EAST created the best plasma density level, and finally reached an ultra-high temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius (heating power of 10 MW). ), this milestone temperature record will also be an important step towards infinite clean energy for mankind. In the foreseeable future, if there is no sudden disaster, human beings will be able to navigate the interstellar space in the solar system, but there is still no way to navigate the interstellar space in the Milky Way and the larger universe. Because the earth is a macroscopic existence for humans, the solar system is a macroscopic existence for the earth, and the Milky Way and the solar system are a macroscopic existence. At present, there is no technology or evidence to prove that human beings can cross the three levels to make interstellar navigation on the scale of the Milky Way. The diameter of the Milky Way is 100,000 light-years, and the distance from the sun to the center of the Milky Way is about 26,000 light-years.
Even interstellar navigation in the solar system is a collection of the financial, material and intellectual resources of the entire human society! It is also the result of the progress of human civilization over millions of years!

8 months ago

In fact, controllable nuclear fusion has already been successful. Don’t underestimate our success. It only lasts for a few seconds. It seems insignificant, but it is already controllable nuclear fusion. The problem now is to continue the commercial application of mature technologies, which can be expected at the current rate of progress, and it will not take long. As for the issue of interstellar navigation, as long as there are no other unknown factors, the feasibility of interstellar navigation has been confirmed. The current record of the farthest flight of the man-made aircraft is 21.8 billion kilometers (approximately 0.0023043 light-years), which has already left the solar system, and this aircraft (the U.S. Voyager 1 probe) is still in contact with the earth. This can be done with our current technology and investment scale, so this is simply a matter of quantity, and it will be achieved in time. And don’t stick to the existing voyage missions of several months and several years. The real interstellar civilization, like the wandering earth, will take thousands or more solar years as a unit to carry out interstellar travel that spans dozens of hundreds of generations. , It is also completely possible~

8 months ago

In fact, many pessimistic answers are rooted in human physiology and psychology. In fact, as long as we think about it, we are just bugs with elementary wisdom, and we have a long and great evolutionary journey. We cannot be content to be bugs. In the near future, humans will evolve into robots that can run at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour and can learn all the knowledge in the world in a few seconds. There will be no need for mating and foraging, and no need for joy, anger, sorrow or joy. You may ask now, what is the meaning of people’s existence? However, now you don’t ask, what is the meaning of being a worker bee? By that time, ten thousand years will not take a moment, and it will be difficult for individuals to die, breaking through the bondage of protein and ribonucleic acid, and interstellar travel will naturally come true.

8 months ago

The greatest thing about Homo sapiens lies in taking risks. Because they dare to take risks, intellectuals dare to go out of Africa, step across the globe, and become the hegemon of the earth. In the same way, controllable nuclear fusion and space flight are both unknown domains. They cannot be normalized for a long time, and they will never be normal. It does not matter if they fail. This is nothing but two of the countless failures of mankind to explore the unknown world. Even if we fail, we will get a lot of extra rewards in these explorations. Edison invented the light bulb. Wasn’t it also the accidental success of countless failures? Exploration may not always be successful. In short, the probability of success in exploring the unknown world is far less than the probability of failure. Human beings have long been psychologically prepared.

8 months ago

It is estimated that the current road to controllable nuclear fusion will eventually be stuck on the first wall. As for cosmic navigation, the upper limit of speed is the speed of light, which means that it is impossible to travel across star systems in the current theory. The first wall problem of controllable nuclear fusion is that no material can withstand neutron radiation for a long time, so no matter how much money is invested, there is no solution. Future solutions are likely to wait for humans to break the genetic mystery and develop biochemical materials. The first wall itself can continue to grow, and the outer layer material will lose energy under the damage of radiation, hydrogen embrittlement and helium embrittlement, and the inner layer will lose energy. Continuously grow out to supplement the loss in time, so that it can meet the long-term operation requirements in general. As for interstellar voyages, it is estimated that science fiction will always be science fiction.

8 months ago

If the human learning process can be pasted and copied like a computer, it shouldn’t be a problem to achieve this. “Oh my God! The civilization on this planet is not Class 3C, but Class 5B!!” Seeing the inspection report sent by the Blue 84210 from a thousand light-years away, the senator exclaimed.The image of the skyscraper cluster in the human city appears in the space above the flagship.”They have begun to use nuclear energy, and have used chemical propulsion into space, and have even boarded the satellites of their planet.” “What are their basic characteristics?” the fleet commander asked.”What do you want to know?” the duty officer on Blue 84210 asked. “For example, what is the level of memory inheritance of life bodies on this planet?” “They have no memory inheritance, all memories are acquired.” “So, what is the way their individuals exchange information with each other?””Extremely Primitive and very rare. They have a very thin organ in their body, which can produce sound waves when vibrating in the planet’s oxygen-nitrogen-based atmosphere, and at the same time modulate the information to be transmitted into the sound waves, and the receiver A membrane organ is also used to receive information from sound waves. “”What is the rate of information transmission in this way?” “About 1 to 10 bits per second.””What?!” Everyone who heard this on the flagship Laugh out loud. “It’s really 1 to 10 bits per second. We didn’t believe it at first, but we verified it repeatedly.” “Captain, are you an idiot?!” The fleet commander was furious, “You want to tell us that there is no memory inheritance. , Species that use sound waves to communicate information with each other, and communicate at an incredible rate of 1 to 10 bits per second, can create a 5B-class civilization?! And this civilization is cultivated without any external advanced civilization It evolves on its own under the circumstances?!””But, sir, it is true.””But in this state, it is impossible for this species to accumulate and transfer knowledge between generations, which is necessary for the evolution of civilization! “”They have a certain kind of individuals, and there are a certain number of them distributed in every corner of the population. This kind of individuals act as a medium for knowledge transfer between two generations of life forms.” “Sounds like a myth.” “No,” the senator said: “In the Primordial Era of the Galactic Civilization, this concept did exist, but even then it was extremely rare. Except for our professional researchers on the evolutionary history of galaxy civilization, few people knew it.” “You mean that in two generations Individuals who transfer knowledge between living bodies?” “They are called teachers.” “Teachers?” “A vocabulary from the ancient civilization that has long since disappeared. The focal length of the holographic image sent back is elongated, showing that the blue earth is slowly rotating in space. The key to Liu Cixin of “Country Teacher” is that human beings have spent half a lifetime learning the knowledge passed down from the previous generation, and there is not much time for scientific research. Therefore, it is really only a matter of time to achieve controllable nuclear fusion, and with the current human body, interstellar navigation is also impossible. Unless you change your physical body, otherwise the voyage for hundreds of years and thousands of years is really for humans. Suffering, even if hibernation technology is developed.

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