We have joined hands with the Chinese Folklore Society to create the Glory China Festival. Four series of skins will be launched around the four traditional festivals of Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, Tanabata and Mid-Autumn Festival. The first skin of the Glory China Festival series-Li Yuanfang·Feiyuan Tanchun will also be launched soon Up!

Kite disperses the haze in exchange for spring Li Yuanfang·Feiyuan Tanchun skin animation broke the news!

This time, we want to tell a story about using a kite to evoke the spring day. We would like to invite everyone to raise a “kite” in the canyon and fly the wish of starting the new year! What is the story of Summoners Kasuga, do you like this “new kite outfit” and its meaning?

Yuanfang of the canyon, what do you think?

Let’s take advantage of the east wind to release the paper kite and start spring with Yuanfang!

We will select 3 excellent answers based on readability and comprehensive evaluation and send out Li Yuanfang·Feiyuan Tanchun Skin Reward*1!

This skin is derived from a poem “Village Residence”, “The grass grows and the warbler flies in February, and the willows are drunk in the spring. The children come back from school early and are busy taking advantage of the east wind to release paper kites.” The story is full of vitality. “Le Chun Tu” is a perfect match with Li Yuanfang’s innocent skin with this vibrant poem. The innocence of Li Yuanfang is shown to the fullest, and the big eyes are very cute. The skin of King Glory is very good this time. Compared with the previous Burberry silver deer girl skin, the Chinese style is the best!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It turns out that Yuan Fang doesn’t have to have furry beast ears, but he can also use paper luan wings as a headdress; ears can be not only rings, but also butterflies that seem to be randomly dotted; weapons don’t have to be rings, but they do. Become a colorful kite that meets the skill set of flying objects; not only a small notebook with a shameful answer, but also a reel with a paper kite; you don’t have to wear the same thick trousers, but you can also wear a delicate skirt. (Bushi) Full of innocence and full of traditional festival symbols, the skin theme and heroic characteristics are just right fusion, which is called sincere design. If the outside model and the inside special effects are equally brilliant. Then it will be more than enough to enter the list of high-priced skins of conscience. Predict a wave: If the kite thrown by the big move can drift with the wind normally and naturally (rather than the high-speed rotation of ghosts and animals) or even the model of the big move is connected to Yuanfang (maybe I am thinking of peaches), then this wave will be Lore. As for the sales volume of unpopular hero skins, I don’t think you have to worry about it at all. There is only one prerequisite for becoming a hot product, and that is to look good. Besides, Yuan Fang is a god who swipes money to control the dragon and kills the dragon in the non-high-end WeChat area. Everyone knows it and there is no need to say more.

6 months ago

The poster was the first thing that looked good at first, and Yuan Fang on the poster became very cute. The clothes cleverly use the national style elements. The kite bird on the chest, the big ears turned into swallow wings, and the swallowtail on the back are all classic expressions of the national style elements. The shoes are modern sports shoes, which give the whole a modern look. The breath, this combination of ancient and modern collisions, makes people shine. I have been waiting until the special effects come out today, and I can say that I am very satisfied. In the production of special effects, every skill has been changed, and the kite bird and spring elements are used more. Subject to the actual in-game special effects, what I am most satisfied with is the change in the second skill special effects. Not only did spring grow on the path after the movement, but also paper kites and flowers and birds were flying. At last no one dared to say that my second skill, Yuanfang, is peeing! This time I invite you to go outing! I see who dares not come! And in detail, the sound of birds singing is added to the sound effects of the skin’s skills. If the growth of plants is the color of spring, the humming of birds must be the sound of spring. This time, the addition of the bird’s song in the skill sound effects makes the artistic conception even higher. The special effects of returning to the city are also extremely beautiful. I don’t know if it will look better with the special effects of Kun returning to the city of Shangzhuang Zhou. I will wait for it to come out tonight!

6 months ago

I would like to call this skin the first lady of the king’s glory! Na na na, if it’s Tianmei, it’s okay. It’s here, it’s here, the king’s two-dimensional skin is finally here! I don’t know how you feel when you see this skin. Anyway, I’m very excited (when I wrote this answer, I didn’t have this question yet because I was too excited to contain the thousands of thoughts in my heart.) Although in fact, this paragraph Skin is the joint name of King Glory and Weifang, China. But in my heart, this is the joint name of Chinese culture and the two-dimensional Chinese culture is the core. The two-dimensional is a game on the carrier that does this. It is called ______ how successful it is, everyone sees see. ☞The core of Chinese culture☜In recent years, from music to games, they have been advocating and promoting [Chinese style]. But what exactly is [Chinese style]? In music, is it Chinese style to use a 4,536,251 chord and a Gong Shang Jiao Zheng Yu? In the game, post an auspicious cloud and say a few poems. What kind of limitation is Chinese style? That’s right, they are Chinese style but Chinese style is not them or it is not just them. Looking at Tianmei’s past works, Dunhuang culture is Chinese style, and opera culture is Chinese style. This skin gives us a new inspiration. It is a unique item of Chinese culture. It is also Chinese style. I am excited because of this. The choice of Chinese style has been increased several times than before, and the field of vision has suddenly expanded. Can a kite be made? Can a diabolo be made? Can shadow puppets be done? Can a face person make it? Looking at a higher-end place, can Luban Suomu Liu Niuma do it? More high-end, can the skin of the four major invention series be made? A little more broadening of the unique technology of Chinese culture, is it Chinese style? non! Things! quality! Text! Change! Left! Produce! Can it be considered Chinese style? Yes, it must be great! There are so many things that can be moved into the game. There is no need to stick to the Xiangyun map. Of course, unless you want to perfunctory ☞The second element as the carrier☜ If you use a substance to describe the second element culture, I will use water. Anything can be stuffed in, everything can be rejuvenated, and it can be accepted by everyone. If you make a very traditional skin, there may be no sales without word of mouth, but if you make a Chinese-style two-dimensional skin, you will definitely have both word of mouth and sales. Although the two-dimensional group is relatively niche compared with the feminist fan circle, it is not a small minority compared to the consumption power. The fan circle is forced to hit the album chart for a few yuan, but the two-dimensional circle is rushing to buy a thousand. Yuan-level figures are still happy. Harvesting the second element is the right choice as the second element. I am very willing to be harvested. I have long wanted to play with the second element skin! Recently, I haven’t played the king very much, I have been playing __, playing __ is not directed at others, it is directed at only __ can make a two-dimensional world. Besides, this skin is not just just bad money. It does a very good job. I am sure, this is definitely the most unlike Yuanfang skin. Whether it is 288 or beach skin, I just see those big ears. This time, no, no more, no more ears, no more noses (Doghead, as long as the follow-up modeling and special effects are not too bad, I believe the sales will not be bad! Follow this model to continue, more I heard that this is a series of skins, I hope the following models can also have this quality. The upper left is this kite. The lower left is the Dragon Boat Festival. The upper right is the Qixi Festival and the lower right is the Mid-Autumn Festival. In terms of heroes, the Mid-Autumn Festival must be Shen Mengxi, and the Qixi Festival may be Wang Zhaojun? The bottom left should be budding. Finally, I wish you all the wallets. Thank you for reading.

6 months ago

I think, this skin is epic at best, and it can’t be higher. The result is a legendary promo. It’s cute, but it doesn’t seem worth the price. Anyway, hehehe I always want to buy modeling The teacher has worked hard. The big trick to do something good is not to throw a kite out. One skill, four black swallows are set on the enemy, A, the swallow becomes white. The second skill is probably a green galaxy. I didn’t get it, I’m sorry, have pity on me, the kid won’t have any coupons, and there’s another legend (the storm is crying)

6 months ago

Good-looking, cute and cute.
Compared with Yuanfang’s previous skin, Tanchun’s skin that will be launched personally feels more biased towards the Q version.
But as a legendary skin, it feels slightly inferior.
Perhaps compared to the previous legendary skin, Yuanfang’s Tanchun skin does not have so many special effects, and it lacks the amazing sense of the previous legendary skin.
So the skin is good-looking, but it’s not worth it as a legendary skin.

6 months ago

The planning is huge-the skins are getting more and more, some heroes even have six or seven skins, but in a single game, you can only choose one of the skins to use. . My suggestion: adjust so that you can change the skin in the game. In that case, it can increase everyone’s enthusiasm for building skin, and it is also a motivation to show off (show off) when Beier has a face. For example, it is set to change the skin every time you use the ultimate move (can be switched on and off by yourself), think about it, Luna Moonlight has unlimited connections, and the clothes are also changed in splendid colors, haha. . For the noble V10s, the meaning of improving the existence of low-level skins! It can also increase everyone’s enthusiasm for Krypton Gold, isn’t it?

6 months ago

Just buy one word, other than BB, I actually want to start when I see the cover of the video. Take the screenshot to show you the cute and loving Yuanfang! Is it super cute? “They are so cute, of course they are also boys”! “Boy, want a pink kite”! Can you get these lines up! The point is that I think this video is very well done, and there is no overwhelming attention! Swallow/magpie? From the moment I flew into my eyes, I followed the perspective of making kites, “joining hands with the Chinese Folklore Society to create a glorious Chinese festival.” The goal of folklore propaganda is to reach the end. I like the sneakers, the little skirt, the big head…and the hair can be fluffy…the modeling is out! Although it is a legend (price), I think it can blow up! 2 The skills are particularly blown up, and I feel that “cannot be selected”. It is strongly recommended to feel it on your own. Really, I haven’t felt this satisfaction for a long time. That is to say, blablabla praise a lot and add a sentence. But, for example, it is a bit like Wan Ying It feels a bit like waiting for a small flaw with the background. It’s been a long time since you are satisfied and you have to force yourself to be objective, and this is still a series of skins, a good start! maintain!

6 months ago

Thanks for the big invitation from the official, I am A Diao, a sand sculpture! “When the paper kite is set in the east wind”, it comes from the ancient poem “Village Residence”: The grass grows ying ying flies in February, and the willows are drunk in the spring smoke. The children came back early from school, busy taking advantage of the east wind to release paper kites. Glory China Festival, in addition to Yuanfang’s, there are three other hero China Festival skins, it is worth looking forward to! New Year’s Day is the holiday skin for Ching Ming Festival, but here is a small Tips. In the anime “Li Shi”, the image of Ching Ming Festival is black hair, the image of Han Shi Festival is white hair, and Han Shi Festival is the day before Qing Ming Festival. Now our own holiday culture in Chinese culture is getting weaker and weaker. On the contrary, Christmas, White Day and Christmas Eve in the West are more and more praised by people. Whether it is the anime “Li Shi” or the current Glory China Festival, they are spreading our own traditional culture, so that more young people can understand the culture of our country. Li Yuanfang·Flying Kite Exploring Spring Skin Story Background This is the story of a young man using a kite to drive away the haze and call back to spring. In the cement forest, the miracle of the growth of all things is blocked by the walls, and the boundaries of spring, summer, autumn and winter are blurred by the constant temperature indoors. People walking with their heads forgot the tradition of “when the paper kites are put in the east wind”, so spring also forgot the city… …Fortunately, there are still young people who use old hard bamboo to make new yellow swallows. The tail of the kite cuts out the spring of the city. The east wind recalls the beauty in people’s memory. Whether it is the image of a silver hair or the ears that become the wings of a paper kite, the perfect integration of traditional Chinese cultural elements and the setting of the background to dispel the haze are also the finishing touch! Looking forward to Dragon Boat Festival, Tanabata, Mid-Autumn Festival skins coming online!

6 months ago

Take a look! This Yan! It’s so cute! It’s the silver-haired boy in my heart! The style of painting can be said to be really two-dimensional! Silver hair + light gray eyes, especially like anime heroes! It’s really nice! Originally, it was said that the joint name Li Yuanfang I did not have much heart fluctuations. After all, I did not like the previous galaxy appointments…. Besides, I heard that it was Chinese style before. I was still a little panicked, afraid of colorful flowers. The kite element, so I am really happy to see mv! Ah right! As an mv magnifier, I must share with you some of the points I found! I didn’t see it! He seems to be wearing a pleated skirt! (No) The ears have also changed from the fox ears to the element of the paper kite. Finally, there are no such big animal ears (crying). In fact, there is this one that is quite thoughtful. It is inexplicably funny, a kind of silly son The sense of sight of flying a kite! The kite is behind! He doesn’t watch either! He knows how it feels to run forward! Hee hee hee, couldn’t help but laugh out loud! Who will look at this little thing? In fact, from the moral point of view, it is quite good. After all, the theme is around traditional festivals and national intangible cultural heritage. This is also a kind of Chinese cultural propaganda… After thinking about it, there are so many national intangible cultural heritage… good guys , I am afraid that my skin will not lack themes in the future… In general, who would reject such a cute little boy?

6 months ago

The special effects are out! National style full of special effects. The theme skin for the Ching Ming Festival is really unexpected. I thought it would be combined with the element of rain during the Ching Ming Festival. The result was to fly a kite in the east wind. Sure enough, the Chinese culture is broad and profound, and only with sufficient cultural heritage can there be liberalization of secondary creation. This time Yuanfang’s skin is very good in the use of national wind elements. In terms of modeling, the lovely Zhengtai shape, the original big ears are replaced by swallow wings, and the previous tail scarf is replaced by swallowtail elements. The overall modeling is the image of a young boy in the style of the country, and the model in the game has always had a small kite in his hand, which fits the name of the skin Fei Yuan Tan Chun. Looking at the special effects again, a skill becomes a kite dart, which becomes more eye-catching. The landing marks of the second skill include kites and green space special effects. The wind and kites appearing in the third skill are accompanied by the flying of the birds, making this whole set of skin full of spring and echoing nature. It seems to convey to people the yearning for nature and the emphasis on traditional culture and skills. The poster shows the joy of the beautiful youth of the country style, and the special effects show the call of the sincere street skin to traditional culture and nature. I think it is a very successful creation of the country style!

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