The 3 policemen drove the official car to the roast duck restaurant to buy dinner after completing the mission

Linhe Public Security WeChat issued a briefing on the 23rd, stating that on February 21st, some people reported to Inner Mongolia Morning News reporters that “3 policemen from Tuanjie Road Police Station of Linhe District Public Security Bureau bought the bus for private use on February 14th (the third day of the first month). Roast Duck”. The Linhe District Public Security Bureau immediately organized the inspection department to investigate what the people reported. The situation is as follows:

At about 17:40 on February 14, 2021, 3 police officers from Tuanjie Road Police Station drove a police car (license plate: Meng L1708 Police) to deal with the police situation, then returned to the police station on the way to purchase a working dinner for the 7 police officers on duty (3 Only roast duck), during which two police officers stayed in the car and waited.

[The police drove the bus to buy roast ducks during the duty? Official response: Does it violate the regulations still needs to be investigated?] On February 21, Ma Yan (pseudonym) from Linhe District, Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia reported to the reporter of the Morning News that Linhe District, Bayannaoer City Three policemen from the Tuanjie Road Police Station of the Public Security Bureau used official vehicles to buy roast ducks for private use on February 14. He has reported the situation to the Inspection Office of the Public Security Bureau of Linhe District, Bayannaoer City.

   Ma Yan told reporters that on the afternoon of February 14, he saw a police car parked in front of a roast duck restaurant on Huanghe Road in Linhe District. This behavior caught his attention, so he watched and waited. He found that one policeman was waiting in the roast duck restaurant, and two policemen were sitting in the car looking at their mobile phones. After about half an hour, the policeman in the roast duck shop walked out of the shop with a few roast ducks in his hands, and then three policemen drove away in a police car.

  Ma Yan said that on the morning of February 15th, he had reported the situation to the Inspection Office of the Public Security Bureau of Linhe District, Bayannur City. The staff of the inspection office replied to him the next day.

   “The police in the inspection room told me that what I reported was true.” Ma Yan said.

   On February 22, a reporter from the Morning News Media called Captain Wu in charge of the matter in the Inspection Office of the Linhe District Public Security Bureau. Captain Wu told reporters that on the afternoon of February 14th, there were 7 policemen on duty at Tuanjie Road Police Station. Because the unit canteen masters were not working during the Spring Festival, the 3 policemen drove the official car to the roast duck restaurant to buy dinner after completing their tasks.

   “After receiving a report from a citizen, we quickly investigated the incident and responded to the citizen in time.” Captain Wu said.

   Captain Wu told reporters that as to whether the three policemen violated relevant regulations, certain details of the incident still need to be investigated, and the inspection office will investigate the matter as soon as possible.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

I don’t think it’s the masses or the police. I think the state that should be there is reasonable supervision by the masses and the police report the situation. In the end, the police were a family. After all, once in a while, whoever questions and speaks, it will be enough to finally resolve the doubt. But all kinds of networks nowadays do not mean that the police are bad, or that the masses are bad. What’s wrong with the police occasionally buying something, the police are also human! Without delaying the police, buy Chinese New Year food. After all, people don’t eat, what should I do? It makes sense. When the masses see things that are doubtful and question them, I don’t think there is any problem. After all, dare to question is a reasonable use of supervisory power. In the end, a good solution is not the best result. Why do you have to say who is not? The supervisory power is used reasonably, and the communiqué explains reasonably. The masses and the police have no problems. During the New Year, the police and the people take turns on duty. It’s not easy either. Everyone is more tolerant and less speculative, but when questioning should be questioned, when the communiqué is a communiqué, the police will definitely be more family friendly.

9 months ago

After leaving the police, the police bought meals for the police on duty on the way back, believing that the police used the bus for private use. If the police return to the police station and drive out to buy food by themselves, if they encounter a police situation, do they need to drive their own private car to leave the police? Does this count as a private car for public use? If you drove the private car back to the station and drove the police out of the police, would you say that it was delayed again? The whistleblower is correct, because he did not know that he was exercising his civil rights under the law. The police are also right, this is not called private use of the bus, and everything must be treated reasonably.

9 months ago

First of all, given that there are so many people out of context, there are a few things to add to the front-supervising the public authority is the right of every citizen. This is understandable. Secondly, people and vehicles are outside. “If there is a policeman, go back to the office without a policeman” is the normal state of the grassroots office. When the cafeteria is not open, it is the optimal solution at the time to solve the problem of eating on the way back to the office. Once again, I am very happy to see that the local police did not have a voucher to report and deal with it hastily without detailed investigation.

9 months ago

It reminds me of an event in the past. At a certain noon, because the police missed the meal, they didn’t return to the unit and bought fast food outside. Three people spent 45 yuan. I paid the bill. While waiting for packing, a man walked up to me straightforwardly and asked, “You swayed driving the bus for private affairs?” I also drew a serious one, two, three, four: “1. We are also human beings. We must eat and drink; 2. Our police missed the meal, so we must now solve the problem of eating; 3. If you don’t eat, you will have no energy, which will affect the effect of defending the people and maintaining order; 4. I spend my own money. “The man is dumb. I was speechless for a moment, and suddenly turned into Rufeng: “What is your attitude!?” Me: “My attitude is okay. You feel free to complain to me if there is a problem.” It happened that the fast food was packaged and taken directly. Get in the car and leave, throwing a dashing back to the other party to avoid making mistakes.

9 months ago

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, the chef in the dining hall was not working, so the police officer came back and bought a roast duck for the colleagues in the institute to solve the problem of eating and improving the food. What happened to the beggars for three days. In a society where murderers are demanded to be treated with gentleness, can’t we leave a trace of tolerance to the frontline police and auxiliary police who are on duty during the New Year holidays? Do they have to eat the nutritious instant noodles softly to deal with risks and perform their duties to complete the work? Or the best way to deal with “three police officers on the street at the same time when they meet the police at the same time, go back to eat if there is no police” is not used, you have to go back to the office to change to casual clothes, change to a free car and take the walkie-talkie out to buy, etc. When there are police officers, rush back to the station to change clothes and cars and call the police team to start? Who counts the wasted time and the delayed fighter?

9 months ago

I still said that, no matter what the whistleblower’s motive is, no matter how uncomfortable you are, no matter how much evidence or language you throw to refute the whistleblower, as long as the whistleblower is in compliance with the legal process , Channels to report, there is no chaos, no fabrics, no problem solving framework given by the state, then the reporter should be righteous, should not be blamed, protected by the state, and should be Encouraged by the whole society. Conversely, as long as the police also act within the framework of discipline, they are also upright and protected, and should not give way for one-sided public opinion. If someone feels that the rules are unreasonable, they can discuss and improve the rules in accordance with the process system. In any case, as long as the rules exist for one day, those who follow the rules must be respected and protected.

9 months ago

The police’s duties are calculated on the basis of working days. During the whole working day, they will be rotated in a group without changing shifts in the middle. It is a high probability that you will miss a meal when you are busy. Then eat or not? Some people say that you can drive back and change to your own car before going out to eat. According to this logic, my fart is also a private matter. Is it necessary for me to take off my police pants and put on my own pants, so as to prevent my fart from contaminating the police pants, causing the loss of the police pants and causing unnecessary taxpayers’ money? waste.

9 months ago

A few years ago, an assistant policeman wore a police uniform to buy fruit, but was reported and then fired. It was midsummer, and an auxiliary policeman on duty bought some fruit and put it in the car to quench his thirst. I am afraid it was not a treat. If a policeman only needs to wear a uniform or drive a police car to do things that are not directly related to duty, then I think all policemen should be fired. After all, we all bought water to drink when we were on duty. I also bought the one for six yuan. Science tells us that people can live for three days without drinking water, and they can endure drinking after get off work. I had this awareness early on. When driving a police car, I always stand or squat by the hood and eat ashes with instant noodles in my hands. Just shoot, I look down on you if you don’t post it online.

9 months ago

No one is wrong, just a misunderstanding. Buying a work meal on the way back from the task is of course part of the job. Since there are three people in the car, it certainly won’t be necessary for them to come out and buy roast duck together. However, the people who saw it mistakenly thought that they were able to understand that they were driving out to buy roast duck, and it was enough to explain clearly.

9 months ago

What is progress? This is called progress!
Supervision by public opinion is not to catch the eyeballs of film bloggers with some messy headlines, but to use formal supervision channels.

The people’s police accept the supervision of the masses, conduct serious investigations and restore the facts.

The police involved love their posts, work hard, unite and love.

This is a model of a sunny society and civilized law enforcement. I think the more such things, the better.

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