When the Nets are 18 points behind the Rockets, you can believe that even Harden is still so hesitant to shoot. Even Porter has turned Harden Irving Brown into a psychological problem, even if Wood’s inside is really better than it is exposed. Several major problems with the Nets, a breakthrough player with inside kills. The Nets are not good at defensive, and there are many benefits for opponents with good insides to match. Irving and Harden mentioned in the last game should not be determined but should be roles. It’s the role switching seamlessly at any time that Nash has officially received it. You have seen Owen’s few overall displays of the season. Now it feels that Harden is too inclined to pass and Irving is too inclined to end. People are lost, so there must be a seamless switch. This is done. In addition, the absolute position of most of Clarkston’s main players was determined. Before Ader officially entered the field, Clarkston was the only choice for the Nets to be tall and able to guard against small players outside. It was really after Allen left. big surprise. Griffin is a little more determined than before. His three-pointer made a hit in the open. Today is very determined and the result is very good, but Griffin must never play with Jordan, otherwise the problem will be very big. Watching a season is more like watching a collection of stories of a bunch of people. You can see what Wall and Owen seem to be talking about, but Wall’s life is not easy. Little Potter’s talent is visible to the naked eye. Wood is very powerful. The future is omnipotent on the inside. Even if it is called him today, the Rockets’ story collection is obviously not as exciting as the Nets. For example, Harden’s injury of unknown depth? Adu may always come back in one or two weeks from the timetable, the chemical reaction of the various players, you can feel that the game is better than the game, but you still worry about what this group of league public enemies will be in the playoffs. How? After all, we’ve seen too many sighs about success. Today’s comeback from 18 points behind to 12 points against the win is very important. The Nets must face up to the problem, and it’s time for Irving and Harden to have a compatibility. I don’t know who Adu is arguing with him behind the computer today. It’s almost time to come back in a week or two to let us see the finale.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

How can I say that I won. Harden is injured. Don’t become the first domino of the Nets. Tension of the hamstring muscles is actually excessive exercise. Being both a father and a mother in the Nets is really not easy. Fortunately, Irving is back, Ad and Durant should be back in April, and there is still a month and a half this season, the Nets are actually in the top three in the Eastern Conference, the current pressure is not great, Harden still has to rest, and Irving Griffin does not have Harden, so the health of these people is actually very important. After all, Harden is also 32. Irving has to take more responsibility. Today’s fourth quarter and Harris’s takeover of the game is also a manifestation of personal ability. I hope Harden can recover as soon as possible and stay away from injuries.

6 months ago

Watching the game, Harden did not leave the court after receiving a simple treatment on the sidelines. At the same time, according to news reports, his hamstrings were tight, which can be large or small. Paul George also had a hamstring tension against the Thunder on January 25, and returned to the Magic on January 30. Looking at the situation at Harden Stadium, there should be no problem, and a break or two will be fine. After the last game, he said that the 32-year-old Harden played for more than 40 minutes in this kind of irrelevant game. I really don’t know the significance of it. Whether you win or not, they are the top two in the Eastern Conference. It is actually quite good to spend less time and train your role players. I hope I can rest more this time. Griffin is so fierce.

6 months ago

As mentioned earlier, the reason why the Nets use Harden so hard (the league’s first average minutes per game, worse after the Nets than with the Rockets) is because they have poor defense, even if they play against underdogs. The score is not open, so that Harden has never had a chance to end early. Today, they faced off against one of the league’s most fishy teams at present, the old club of Deng, once again verified the Nets’ reputation as a five-fifth, in the second half with a fierce battle, they turned defeat into victory. In the end, Harden was injured and the result was passive fourth. The quarter clocked in, only the third time after the Nets did not play in the fourth quarter. Of course, regardless of the content and just looking at the record, this victory is of great significance. The Nets came to the first throne in the Eastern Conference for the first time this season. The record of 11 wins and 2 losses in March also tied the history of the Nets team. The best month on record. Harden played 27 minutes today, 17 points, 8 rebounds and 6 pie, but the three-pointer is still 0-for-3 from the field. Fortunately, he made 5 of 10 overall. The Rockets had nothing to do with Irving, allowing him to score 31 points, 12 pie, and 4 rebounds. Griffin played his best performance since he arrived at the Nets, scoring 11 points, 6 rebounds and 4 pie in 22 minutes, including a supplementary dunk in the city of dreams. The Nets fell behind by as much as 18 points, but after Harden was injured in the fourth quarter, the team finally concentrated on playing the standard. Before the last minute, they played a 19-2 spurt. Harry shot 7 of 12 three-pointers. Sis scored two three-pointers in the last minute to take away the game. In the Rockets, Porter performed well, scoring 20 points in 31 minutes and House scored 18 points in 30 minutes. The first quarter was completely dominated by the Rockets. The Nets didn’t start well. As soon as they came up, they gave their opponents 18-6. As a result, Nash was forced to use the first timeout without playing 4 minutes in the first quarter. However, the situation has not improved. The Nets basically can’t defend the Rockets. The Rockets’ use of 1 to 4 will make the Nets very painful and still can’t find the rhythm. It depends on the hard work of Owen Harden and the Nets 29 points in the first quarter. Of the 26 points, Double Star will do it. The Rockets hit 78.9 in the first quarter, and the three-pointer hit a shocking 77.8%. The first quarter ended the Rockets 42-29. After the second half of the second quarter, the Nets began to regain a bit of rhythm, slowly using the backcourt double star to erode the point difference, although the defense was still vulnerable, and finally caught up to 57-68 at the end of the midfield, leaving the strength of the first battle. . The Nets shooting 47.7% in the first half was actually not low, but the three-pointers were terrible (22.2%). After coming out of the second half, the Nets seemed to have learned from it, hit 9-2 to pull the point difference to single digits, and the defense began to slowly improve. After the Rockets called a timeout, the Nets led the next wave of 12-0 in Irving and pulled the point difference to 1 point. At this time, there were more than 3 minutes left in the third quarter. The Nets finally overtook the game for the first time in the last few seconds of the third quarter, but Olynick’s throw made the Rockets finally enter the fourth quarter 87-86. The announcement before the start of the fourth quarter that Harden could no longer fight was a heavy blow to the Nets. The Rockets pulled the point difference to 6 points in the half of the fourth quarter. But in just 3 minutes, the Rockets went from leading 6 points to 4 points behind. Clarkston first made a layup, and then successfully competed with opponents in defense to get a steal with a jump ball, then grabbed an offensive rebound and made a successful fill, followed by a block that turned into a Harris three-pointer, and then an assist. Griffin scored three points. After the Nets team was revitalized, the momentum of the game was completely transformed. Clarkston has undoubtedly become the most important inside player for the Nets. His physical fitness and reaction speed have become one of the few bright spots in the Nets defense. In the implementation of the maneuver tactics of full defense, the mobility problems of Jordan and Griffin were exposed. Adri’s presence can’t make up for this problem, and Clarkston has revealed the ability to defend from No. 1 to No. 5 mobile inside. Nash prefers to work on the final lineup compared to the starting lineup. Before he continued to start Jr. Jordan, but moving Allen to the final lineup was to realize the limitations of Jr. Jordan’s defense. Now, Clarkston is starting to find his place in the Nets’ final lineup. His performance in the fourth quarter tonight undoubtedly strengthened Nash’s confidence in him.

6 months ago

Harden sat in the back row on the sidelines with a towel on his legs, watching Irving lead the team to a 19:2 victory. Finally, when Harden is tired, someone can play for him and lead the team to win the game. In the Rockets, such moments are very, very rare. So Harden was forced to become an iron man. He had to do his best in the regular season. When he waited until the playoffs, he was double-teamed and lost. Fans who own the two giants and the Big Three teams can laugh at Harden and pull his hips again. The forum is full of jovial atmosphere. Now to the Nets, let’s take a look at Harden’s performance in the playoffs. Talking about Olynyk, if you think about this performance, Harden bought it, it’s very sad. But if you want to use Oladipo in exchange for it, you’ll be happy again. If it weren’t for Ade’s intention to join the Heat, it is estimated that Riley would not have come up with Olynik. Unexpectedly, now Ade went to the Nets and released Olynyk, a shrewd fortune teller, finally missed it once.

6 months ago

The Nets set a record in the first quarter, the team with the most points conceded in the first quarter of the season. The second-to-last Rockets in the Western Conference scored 42 points in the first quarter. The Nets’ defense can’t be said to be bad, maybe it’s not good. At the last minute, the Rockets’ hand feel dropped sharply and scored only seven points in six minutes. It’s okay for Wave to take Harden away. It’s okay for Irving to carry it. Maybe this is the benefit of the Big Three. He hurts one and the other can withstand the pressure. Kyrie Irving played 39 minutes, 12 of 25 shots, three of them. He made 3 of 8 points and 4 of 4 free throws. He scored 31 points, 6 rebounds, 12 assists and 1 steal. The 12 assists in this game set a new personal season high. The previous record was 10 assists (against the Wizards on January 4, 2021). Harden played 27 minutes, scored 17 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists. We also wish to board. This is the first time the Nets have ranked first in the Eastern Conference since April 2003.

6 months ago

Whenever the Nets need someone to come forward, someone will always come forward and lead the team to victory. This is the league’s top team! This time the Nets faced two major difficulties. First, the Rockets played a wave and the Nets needed a reversal; second, when the Nets needed a reversal, the absolute core Harden was injured. How to do? The first person to stand up was Irving. In our expectation, the Big Three had injured two, and the Big Three was obliged to stand up and score points. Irving did a good job, 31+6+12, and only 2. This time a mistake, not only scored the points but also controlled the mistakes, and at the same time connected the whole team’s offense. This is the true nature of the giants. The second person who came out was Harris. We knew he was good, but we didn’t expect him to be so good. Especially when we need to chase points in the second half, we have 20 points and 7 three-pointers. Obviously he let us know how good the league’s top pitchers are! The third person to stand up is Griffin. It turns out that he is a person who can do things, and he is a person who can do many things efficiently. As Harden left the field, in fact, the Nets’ second-biggest player, although his playing time is only 22 minutes, he is very efficient. He should not take shots casually but wait patiently for better opportunities. His shooting efficiency is very high. , And the rebounds and assists are comprehensive, and there are many things that are not reflected in the statistics. He has done it, so the highest +23 plus-minus value in the game is worth his performance. The fourth person to stand up is Clarkston, although as a substitute inside, his playing time has surpassed Jordan. His activities, his athletic ability, his footsteps, and his bullet speed are all currently needed by the Nets. Moreover, he and Griffin as an inside substitute partner, currently seem to be a good match. Unknowingly, the Nets ranked first in the East. This was done without Durant. So, champion, is there any suspense?

6 months ago

How does Deng feel recently? A little tired, very tired, did you go to the nightclub after the game? No energy or physical strength at all to fight the old master today what kind of performance will you come up with? Look at your physical strength, after all, it’s more than 40 minutes of fierce battle. Although the previous paragraph is a personal fiction, this is the current situation of Brother Deng. Nash is almost even better than Thibodeau. Harden is his first dozen workers. Today Harden faces the old master. I have thought about countless possibilities. , 40 minutes of which I think is the most likely, but today Deng Ge only played 26 minutes, why so few? Is it a big win? No, the Rockets are still 11 points behind at halftime, and 1 point behind after the third quarter. The reason is that Deng had a hamstring injury due to the recent high-intensity “game time”. Fans don’t have to worry too much. , The hamstring injury can be large or small, and it will not affect the player’s future state. It may be back in 1-3 games, so let’s take a break. Talking about the game, there’s really nothing to say about this game. The Rockets won’t be normal. After all, they’re going to be bad. Although the Nets dug a hole in the first quarter and allowed their opponents to score 42 points, the overall strength gap is too big and I want to be upset too. Difficult. It is worth mentioning that in the first quarter, all the Nets players except for the dual core felt cold. As a result, Deng and Irving stood up. Deng scored 14 points in a single quarter and also sent 3 assists. Irving scored 5 of 9 and scored 12 points. 1 assist, 29 points for the team. This is the scary thing about the Nets. After Adu returns, they don’t even have to consider how much output the role players can provide in the playoffs. These three are basically the strongest players in the same position, and it’s not a matter of taking the offense. Next, it’s just a bit tired to fight like this. Entering the second quarter, Deng’s physical strength appeared obviously weak, but in order to chase points Nash did not let Denguo rest, as a result, led to a hamstring injury in the third quarter. In addition, let’s talk about Griffin, this kid played dead in the Pistons! Today, the audience was 4 of 5, 3 of 3, 2 of 3, 11 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 1 block. Both offensive and defensive ends were very good, and they also showed off dunks and pull rods. When Ade arrives, this lineup is really terrifying! Deng used the league’s first average playing time of 38.1 minutes per game for the Nets in exchange for No. 1 in the Eastern Conference. The Nets have topped the Eastern Conference for the first time since 2003. Since Deng joined, the Nets’ winning percentage has reached 78.9%. Beyond all the teams in the same period, Deng did everything he could. The Nets also proved their strength. I believe that Nash now has a deeper understanding of the team’s strength. I think it is appropriate under such circumstances. Let the players rest is the key. Durant, who returned from a serious injury this season, averaged 35.7 minutes (eighth in the league). I think if Nash hadn’t depended on the main force, Durant would not have the current situation, and he would not be able to recover until now. Nash, you can have a snack!

6 months ago

A game of great joy and sadness. Harden was finally put off, the Nets chased points and reversed the victory, the team’s record finally topped the Eastern Conference for the first time. Harden’s injury is distressing, but from the benefit, it is not entirely a bad thing for the Nets. In recent times, although Harden led the team alone, although the record is shining, the team and Nash have committed serious Harden dependence. The Nets’ tactical system fell into the Rockets’ single-core model, and as a result, Harden was exhausted and his teammates were not energetic. This is not the tactical system that the Nets with many superstars should adopt. The Nets should be multi-core driven, alternate tactical systems, and maintain a high degree of fault tolerance, so that they can not be easily targeted by opponents to prevent death. In the late game after Harden left the field today, the Nets showed a refreshing offensive style. The whole team holds the ball with Irving and Griffin as the axis. The game opens and closes. The offensive and defensive transitions are rapid. There are many open opportunities to be opened. Take Harris as an example. His three-pointer is the best yardstick for judging the Nets’ offensive space. In the recent series of games, Harris has struggled with his three-pointers. In many cases, he couldn’t find a chance to shoot. He had to be forced to intersperse inside, and his efficiency was extremely poor. At the end of today’s game, when Griffin was supporting the axis, the big open opportunity was so good that Harris was embarrassed not to make it. Therefore, I hope Harden will take the opportunity of injury and retreat to reserve his physical fitness and prepare for the playoffs. I also hope that the Nets will take the opportunity to practice other tactical systems. Today, without Harden’s possession of the ball, Griffin played to the Nets and the team expected him as the core of the tactics. In the final stage of the game, several beautiful coping arrangements were pleasing to the eye, and the demeanor of the top stars was fully demonstrated. When Irving came back from this leave, he began to surrender to the Harden super single-core system. But today’s desperate reversal battle, we again see that unruly style, unrestrained self Owen. Only this kind of Irving can make his opponent lose sight of this, and he can’t double-team Harden presumptuously. Only in this way can we ensure the normal operation of the double-back drive mode and ensure that the Nets have a higher offensive fault tolerance rate. Today’s Nets game was too distressing to watch at the beginning of the game, all because of the damn defense, the bunch of small men, and the infinite change of defense that was beaten to death. After being hammered by the Rockets at the start, seeing the incompetence of the Nets’ defensive system, it is easy for the opponent to shoot easily. Once the Nets’ own firepower is slightly insufficient, they will be beaten by their opponents. When this scene appears against a strong team, how much offensive efficiency does the Nets need to fill the hole? If today is facing the Nuggets that defeated the 76ers yesterday, it will be difficult to get back to heaven by chance. Therefore, the Nets need to pay close attention to establishing a stable defensive system. Even in the current emergency stage, we should only do a good job of confrontation-to-man defense, especially if the inside line would rather lose position than change defense, and don’t give the opponent a big chance of dislocation. Today, the Nets was defeated in the middle of the game, and it was not stable until Clarkston came up to defend the team. Zhao Si was able to stare Wood to death, but due to the implementation of the team’s unlimited defense change discipline, he was forced to switch to the outside to face ordinary players many times, and Wood easily misplaced the short Brown, which wasted Zhao Si’s defensive resources. This phenomenon was barely resolved by Griffin’s replacement until the closing stage and Griffin’s double center were on the court. The Nets are shot to death by the opponent every time they face the space-based No. 5. Nash has an effective defensive plan that can’t be delayed any longer. The Nets were lucky to win today, more likely because the Rockets don’t want to win. In the final anxious stage of the game, most of the Rockets players looked relaxed. After all, the Rockets are competing with the Timberwolves for a downward dive speed, competing for the bottom of the league. In the end, it feels like Bradley is going to the Nets. When facing the Nets in the game, he seems to face his future teammates and feel a little embarrassed to start.

6 months ago

Harden is still injured. Obviously, he is tired. If Harris was the last time today, then the Rockets would still not be able to score hard at the last moment. Wall is not there. Wow, the Nets may not really pass the Rockets today. Threshold, you hurt a general, Irving is just normal, and he has played for a long time, and then facing a bad team without a key core, if you play like this, the substitute can shoot in addition to Griffin. A few baskets, and then Irving and Griffin to organize and give some pie food to the flying Kraskton, then in the playoffs, the defensive strength is up, and you are a rookie like Kraskton in the inside. So the strength of singles hard steel, Griffin also dare not fight more with injuries, you face Wood and Tate are not touched, how to play the inside defense and your overall offense depends on the Big Three (tired) One died, there are two left, Durant is still resting, and can’t send it at all when he comes back), no way. So it’s not as simple as if you have good guys, a few All-Stars, offensive inside combinations, plus experience, and all outside firepower is ready, you can make a comeback against the wind, that is, today the Rockets don’t even have a regular point guard and scoring points (Augustine Old and average, including Bradley), and then I was confused by a few Potter, Tate and Wood. Fortunately, Owen calmed down, Harris and Kraskton’s pie. Strong foundation, this is really the playoffs, don’t let the Lakers inside, you just look at Antetokounmpo and Embiid, your inside is probably not good. So fortunately, there is such a new Craskton that provides height, the defense and bounce of the inside line, which limits Wood and Porter, otherwise the flanks are not defensive, and the small inside line Jordan can’t jump, it basically belongs to The state of the collapsed defense, anyway, the Nets can really rely on superstars to connect the teams and turn the offense to the extreme (after all, Ad and Griffin are not decorations), but you are always so tiring, and the playoffs can be tied. The regular season is two different things.

6 months ago

The Nets ranked first in the East, and Harden Moon was the best stable. Counting this, 12 wins and 1 loss in 13 games this month. Averaged 28 points, 9.8 rebounds and 11.5 assists per game. No. 1 in the league, it can still be done without Durant, and it’s okay to say that the Nets super team. Zhao Si had a strong sense of presence in the fourth quarter, and Zhao Si Griffin played together really well. Hope Deng is okay and take a good rest! Griffin’s final mind is really clear, always looking for Harris, it is really easy to use. After all, he came from a leading organization. At that time, everyone felt that Griffin’s pass was worth the contract without talking about defense and three-pointers. As a result, defense, three-pointers, enthusiasm, big and small are online, and it’s really fragrant. Griffin’s efficiency today is amazing, especially in the next two quarters. If you should cast it yourself, you can pass it, and you’re all in. Griffin’s recent games have been very high, and the Nets have earned blood. From now on, Harden brought Adelaide to a pick-and-roll to slow down, and Owen brought Griffin and Zhao Si to run up and fight, which was especially good. The Rockets used three quarters to prove their strength in World War I, and another one to prove their determination to rebuild. At 42:29 in the first quarter, I thought that the Nets spent it. As a result, when the audience was over, the Rockets were one step closer to the top pick and the Oscars. Originally, the Rockets team came to play Harden aggressively and asked Harden to settle accounts. But when Brother Deng came off the field, the Rockets didn’t have a target to strike, and all the players would not be able to. When the Rockets found out that Harden was not on the scene, Irving had found a way to break the zone defense, so they switched to man-to-man. However, due to the containment ability of the European text, the Rockets were not clear when they switched defenses. House and Wood At the same time, he defended Irving but did not double-team, allowing Irving to easily give Griffin the ball and raise his hand to make a hit. This ball is of little practical significance, because this is purely a defensive problem of the Rockets, but everyone can pay attention to the weak side Brown’s position. If Griffin does not have a good chance to shoot this ball, then Brown will give Joha a screen. There will be another three-pointer cell phone meeting.

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