I haven’t seen Chuang, and Liluxiu also got it on various platforms. When I first saw it, I thought it was a lot of fun, but it would be weird to think about it later.

Since I don’t want to come, why not just retire? But later I felt that it might be a rigid requirement of the company, and I felt that it was still acceptable.

But why are many people voting for him behind? Is it rebellious? If you want to go, I won’t let you go? Now that Lei Lu Xiu is so hot, and a little conspiracy theory, did you set up such a person who wants to retire from the beginning, and think about it in a different way? (Leo Lu Xiu fans don’t scold me, I’m just guessing)

It’s actually quite simple. The answer is: enthusiasm for anti-routines and anti-rules. The Chinese idol group audition started by “Idol Trainees” has been established in the public eye with the quarterly broadcast of Tencent’s “Creation Camp” and iQiyi’s “Youth with You” in recent years. A relatively clear and unified image and cognition. On the one hand, this means the success of program branding. But on the other hand, this also shows that the operating mode and inner nature of the program have been mastered to a large extent by the public. As for the specific content, it includes but is not limited to the following aspects. 1. In terms of ranking and debut candidates, the outside public with the titles of “founder” and “producer” is just a tool and channel to prove the popularity of players, the popularity of passersby, and the driving force of consumption. The real voting results are only used as internal The data is provided to the program group and the brokerage company as a reference factor for the selection of the group list. It cannot directly determine the result of the group, but only for the balance of resource allocation between the original company of each player and the team’s brokerage company. It can be composed of members who have the ability to attract money and the interests of each company are balanced. 2. Most of the contestants will talk about their singing and dancing dreams and musical pursuits, but it may be their original intention, or more likely the company’s planning and the impact of the general environment. After they debut as a group, they often quickly Taking the route of actors and variety shows (even some of them were actors or variety celebrities before participating in the show), there are relatively few music activities, and even NINE PERCENT such as NINE PERCENT, which rarely gathers full staff for activities.” The void is in a group”. There are of course various reasons for this. China’s idol market lacks a mature music output platform, there is no idol-specific song show, and the outside world’s acceptance of idol music is not high enough, so the market for music works is often limited to plural purchases from fans, constrained by the fan economy Monetization model. In this way, for the company, the ratio of cost to output of music production is obviously far inferior to variety shows, film and television, and endorsements-anyway, fans pay, or directly pay, or provide traffic and ratings. To improve the bargaining power of idols, then naturally the sooner the money comes, the better, and the less investment the better. It cannot be said that the company is wrong, nor can it be said that idols are wrong. This is an inevitable choice determined by the laws of the market. However, as a passerby, the lack of music activities, the dryness of music works, and the personal resources of some teams (single resource) are greater than the group resources (combined activities), which makes the players “music dreams” and “stage desires” in the program VCR. “The taste has changed–it’s a bit like a design that pleases people, and it’s a bit like an unfulfilled goal. The core values ​​that the program team tried hard to promote, the most touching part, and the most genuine sustenance, ceased to exist. This is not a specific group or individual, but a description of an objective phenomenon. Even today, the emotions of core fans are still sincere. However, the existence of an objective phenomenon has an absolute impact on the audience’s engagement with people who are broader than fans. Although passers-by cannot contribute the multiple purchasing power of core fans, they contribute to the number of clicks on the show, to the topic of the show, and to the “passerby” of the players (the contact surface of film and variety shows is much wider than that of idol fans. This is very important in terms of the field. Passersby may not become fans, but they may become ANTI’s company judgment, but it is very important. Therefore, the objective phenomenon, as well as its impact on passersby and spectators, is gradually consuming the positive attention that these players receive. Passers-by have gradually mastered the above-mentioned various routines, and also understood the inherent game rules of the show. No matter for the players, the show, or even the value of the group quota, they have become no longer interested. Last year’s “Creation Camp” and this year’s “Youth Have You” were very popular, while this year’s “Creation Camp” used the combination of “starting to make players make a fool of themselves, and then taking CP DRAMA, mixing stage quality”. , Just broke the circle successfully. Liluxiu is an extremely anti-routine existence in the eyes of passers-by in the audience. There is no company, and they don’t want to participate. They are arrested to gather the number of people. They never talk about any musical dreams and stage aspirations, and are constantly interested in this job. Exhibiting fatigue. This sets him apart from most of the players, and is closer to the passers-by and the audience themselves, closer to their reality when facing work. The state he showed in the show is a rebellion against the rules of the audition program, which makes people feel a rare trace of truth in the show. And his closeness to the audience state also allows his own existence (compared to other players) to make the audience feel. I felt a rare trace of reality. On this basis, it also benefits Lu Xiu’s character advantages shown in the program. Although he has no motivation, he has a sense of responsibility to other players. Although I don’t have dreams in the entertainment industry, I have feelings about the dreams of other players. When he practiced “for others’ dreams” and said “I occupy this position, there will be others who are more worthy”, the audience can touch his excellent empathy and self-awareness. And even though he lost his face, he grinned at NENE Zheng Naixin’s “give me a smile” request, and showed the audience more realism than love, not only the handsome reality, It is even more irresistible to beauties, which is in full compliance with the reality of the person in the Weibo “added 1000 beauties”. This allowed him to add another layer on the basis of “making the audience feel the truth” and became “making the audience feel the truth of the beautiful side around him”. As a result, the contestant who reads Lilu Xiu and writes Wei Junhao, for the audience, undoubtedly becomes a similar existence to the first year “Idol Trainee”—freshness, realism, no rules and no routines. sense. It is only natural for him to get the attention and social discussion of high passers-by like “Idol Trainee” back then. However, we also have to see one fact: Lelouch’s current discussion and friendliness actually come to a large extent from the contrast he brings to others in the program. It is the sense of contrast between routines and rules that highlights his truth—real character and moral character. The sense of reality brings freshness and acceptance. However, once he really makes his debut as a group and starts performing activities in the showbiz, then this kind of contrast to the show will disappear, and his statement that he “does not want to form a group” will be questioned and seriously shaken as a marketing plan. When the sense of reality did not exist, Lelouch’s aura for the public disappeared, and after he was relegated to the same level as a common artist, what was left? It is a poor stage ability and a relatively introverted desire to express. This obviously cannot bring the public’s goodwill towards “artists”. This is quite similar to the experience of AKB48. At its peak, AKB48 took the veteran members who had persisted in the hard and pioneering period as the core, and exported the values ​​of “dream and persistence” to the outside world, and the reality of “not disbanding early” has definitely convinced ordinary people. The public, let them believe in their aura. When the dream comes true, the members are gradually replaced by newcomers, and the combination in the eyes of the public no longer has this higher level of halo filter than ordinary artists. So, what is AKB48 without the filter? It’s just a group of girl idol groups whose singing and dancing skills are below the standard. There is no special advantage in the idol Warring States era when the group blows out. Therefore, it is normal for the combination to return to the home culture circle of core purchasing power. Of course, based on Tencent’s consistent business judgment, the chance of Lee Road Xiu’s debut is not very high. It is impossible for Tencent to know the consequences of letting him form a group-passersby will be shaken or even backlash, lack of business capabilities, and only disadvantages for the group. Instead of making a debut, relying on the heat to do a good job of purchasing business is a better way out. For everyone, Tencent’s “black box operation” this time may be their only “multi-party win-win situation” in the history of the “Creation Camp” program. What I am afraid of is the “conscience discovery” of Tencent. When they need to operate, they are “fair” instead.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

First explain why he created it. He went as a Chinese teacher + assistant + friend of amu and yuu, and he also lived in the agent’s room at the beginning. Then when he went to the island, many people thought he was a player, and the goose really couldn’t find anyone, so Larry Lu Xiu went to make up the number. Lelouch refused 2 times (the first time was Chuang found his boss, and his boss asked him again, he refused, there is no company persecution), and then the third time was to say to Lelouch, “Try another life “A little bit”, Lei Luxiu became excited and became a player. After trying for a month, I really didn’t like it, and then I lost myself and wanted to get off the island. Several Chuanglao came here this year. In fact, Liluxiu’s good friend Andy was also a temporary one, and he had no interest. Make the road better. Then why don’t you retire, it’s very simple and no money. There are two versions of the liquidated damages on the Internet: 1000w and 200w (or 2000w and 100w, I can’t remember). No matter how much it is, it is not affordable for Lelouch. He is 5 yuan per Snickers. People who are too expensive, and the conditions at home are really bad. Let’s talk about why you voted for Lee Road Repair. In the beginning, it was mainly because of bamboo shoots + watching the excitement. After all, there was not much time to control the fate of others. He wanted to stop letting him off work. And Sun Si didn’t want him to make his debut, but wanted him to work hard and let him get 12. Therefore, it’s easy to invest, fundraise, and everything. It’s very Buddha, and the atmosphere of the meal circle is very good. Most fans of other people’s fans have the desire to let their younger brother debut, but Mrs. Li’s desire to not let Mrs. Li make his debut, so there is no competition with other fans. Chaohua’s daily life is “hahahaha”, Lilu Xiu Chaohua is basically a break room for creation. Everyone is tired of playing and voting, and if they are abused, they come to haha, so if you have more votes, you can vote for Teacher Li. Then, Mr. Li was picked out of more than 20 accounts. None of the accounts had bad comments. Others called him ugly. He only said that he was wrong. Others said he was gay. He only said that he was just beautiful and not gay. Never said a bad thing, and there was no disgusting word. He is a purchasing agent, and the little sister said he is very good, and there are gifts. His boss broke his mobile phone and took the initiative to compensate him, but he also refused, and saved his own money to buy the mobile phone for a long time. Including his “house collapse”, other people’s house collapse was the main reason for fishing, and the “house collapse” of Lilu Xiu was caused by him being fished. His quality really kills some idols in seconds. So at this time, everyone has a part of their true feelings. Later, when Goose saw Teacher Li’s traffic, he showed him the camera. Through Mr. Li’s speech, he will find that Mr. Li is really transparent. Many bamboo shoots really love Teacher Li. I now vote for Mr. Li because Mr. Li is entangled and I am also entangled. Teacher Li’s feelings about creation (singing and dancing, popularity) are the same as I am about papers. I don’t want to write, but I fantasize about life after publishing a lot of SCI. I feel tired of writing papers, but I feel I should write, but I feel good. Tired, that’s it, and I am struggling, Mr. Li has been pushed out by the goose, regardless of whether he makes a debut, Mr. Li is easy to be used. Let’s wait for the follow-up situation.

6 months ago

I like his fans more than Lelouch. 1. Crowdfunding slogan: As many as you like. There is no feeling of deliberately urging money and moral kidnapping in the fan circle. 2. If you pay too much money, you will still say, return it to you and buy something for yourself. Everyone tells you that you are much more important than Lyrics. Is this kind of star chasing uncomfortable? 3. A fan of Mika made a lot of money (Sister rich lady, don’t care about the kind of money), and then the bamboo shoots started to swipe Mika to king! ! One, three, five packs are given to Mika’s family, two, forty-six and six… There is only Resby for other families, and there is no sense of struggle, let alone tearing. Isn’t this happy? 4. Lelouch, you can say that he can’t sing or dance. What do you say about his strength, fans will only say one thing, you are right, hahahaha. Ordinary little idols, passers-by can’t say anything casually, that is a great sin, and it must be sent by the opponent. 5. All kinds of bamboo shoots, this is the only time to decide the fate of others! Lelouch’s gesture indicates that he wants fifth place! Sisters charge! I don’t care about Lelouch’s feelings myself, I still care about your brother’s feelings? This atmosphere does not require you to pay any price, just vote and shoot with everyone, regardless of the fan circle, is it unhappy? I saw many bamboo shoots commenting on it. I have to say that your comments are also very interesting. I’m not a fan of bamboo shoots, ha

6 months ago

Because you can experience the happiness of ancient kings without spending money or spending a small amount of money. Peerless beauties from the Far East are unwilling to enter the palace, and after being sent in, they don’t like to laugh. They want to leave the palace with all their heart. All members of Zhou Youwang just laughed for the beauty. As long as I vote, I can force this beauty to stay. Regardless of whether the beauty is willing or not, the emperor does not need to seek the opinion of the beauty. The beauty frowned and said it was wrong, I said I no, I just want to spoil you. The twisted melon is hugely sweet, bursting sweet, and deep-fried.

6 months ago

Because the bamboo shoots are so interesting. It’s fun to be friends with a group of interesting people! I posted a sentence on Weibo, “Although Fa Li teacher is so handsome for a month, but I still haven’t paid attention to Li teacher”, and several bamboo shoots commented “not important”. The famous Russian scholar Ji… Rav… Ivanov (Wei Junhao I’m sorry, your name is too long to remember) once said: “That’s not important.” The per capita comedian of Sunsi is hahahahahahahahaha, it’s true to be with them. very happy. My biggest conscience now is to change it to “Teacher Li Luxiu is handsome” when I post “Teacher Li is handsome”. It is said that this is the data. When you have no conscience, you will not sign in when you visit Chaohua. It is not important to make bamboo shoots. You don’t need to be urged to play the rankings, you don’t need to be urged to criticize, and you don’t need to be urged to fight black. No need to add a group to recognize family members. There is no need to print and invest to raise funds to buy magazines to prove the number of fans. You don’t need the money you spend on idols to prove you like him. There is no need to distinguish between the definitions of “only powder”, “pipi black” and “double duty”. There is no need to give a big fan, Sister Zhan, nodding and bowing to give way, but she is the only one looking forward. There is no need to speak cautiously for fear that they will provoke the so-called “joint investment friend’s house” and “the opponent”, offend people and then be scolded. And I won’t be scolded by fans for just one sentence and then chased by 888… I was just turned into a fish product because of the recent Aihui TD incident, and Riki fans chased and scolded 888…because of me. After reading the fourth issue late at night, I posted a Weibo with emotion, “Blind guess Liu Yuzando Zhou Keyu Mika Yin Haoyu Lin Mo Oscar will make a debut, they are great.” So he was turned into aquatic products. I still don’t understand the definitions of those appraisals in the fan circle. I was inexplicably pressed as a fan. I think the creation camp just wanted to see a handsome guy, seductive, and saw a good supporter, and I was happy. It happened that the rice circle set was messy and smoky. It was extremely complicated and really annoying. With Teacher Li, we can only raise one yuan per person, and we will withdraw if we get more. The sister of Mika fan voted 2w for Mr. Li, which caused Mr. Li’s per capita vote to soar to 4.9. Sisters, as long as 5 yuan, you are a rich bamboo. There will be a group of beautiful sisters around you, “Wow, wealthy bamboo, Ceng Ceng, Ceng Ceng.” For 5 yuan, you can be surrounded by beautiful sisters, Ceng Ceng ha ha, let alone worry about what black fans do not exist. Teacher Li was smashed upside down and there were no black spots. I asked myself that I couldn’t stand it. Some female celebrities dare not admit that they have undergone plastic surgery because of what I have said, and they will definitely be scolded and jealous of their predecessors. He debuted in the morning, was picked up at noon, retreated in the afternoon, and spent the rest of his life in an apology. And even if Mr. Li was scolded for no reason, he just replied that what you said was wrong… My respect is that kind of ordinary person in life, but although he is ordinary, he is better than me in every point and is worth learning. What I want more is this kind of role model. At most, only the sour chicken, who is jealous of Teacher Li’s ranking, said that our bamboo shoots are not moral. But I don’t even pay attention to Teacher Li. Why do I care about your brother’s feelings? (Tan Shou. Your brother is not as capable as Mr. Li to make me like it. Is it my fault (Tan Shou. Recently due to the speed limit at the end of the month, Mr. Lian Li) I didn’t even look at the pen-hold shot. I watched Weibo and said that although Mrs. Li wanted to go, he was the first to go to practice non-stop at the latest. I have great expectations for pen-hold shooting!… After watching the pen-hold shooting, I can see Mrs. Li only at this time. It’s a fighting nation. It’s so hard to drag people. Haha, it’s worthy of being born to love Dou Lilu Xiu (laughing to death.

6 months ago

Because Lelouch has two great advantages: first, it’s fun and second, it’s cheap and interesting. I don’t need to question it too much. The friends around me see the creation camp, but they basically know Lelouch because It’s funny that he doesn’t want to go to work and is forced to go to work. Lelouch himself shouldn’t be the kind of person who is very good at troubles and complaints. His interest comes entirely from the temperature difference with the sunny, energetic, and ambitious trainees around him. It can be said that the more negative and insensitive he is, the more people find him interesting. I see that teacher Li’s pen-hold shot is really happy, as if I have seen myself in a street dance class hurriedly and with a good face and I don’t want to give up. Then there is his second advantage, cheap. It is completely effortless to give support to Teacher Li. Every day I remember to use the free support opportunity. If I don’t remember, it’s okay. Anyway, Li Luxiu doesn’t want to make a debut. Whenever you shoot and put advertisements, put them as you want, but don’t want to put them down. It’s a kind of semi-brainwashing support method like “Brother is only us” and “You don’t vote, how can my brother realize his dream”, which is a kind of semi-brainwashing support method, which can be said to be easy and comfortable, without any psychological burden or money. Stress, don’t you just look at this creation camp and just be happy. With the addition of these two points, Lelouch’s passerby is very impressive, and the creation revenue rating is not low, and I believe that most people who notice Lelouch will be willing to support him even if they are not fans, at least I and My friends are like this. Strictly speaking, Mr. Li does not have any fans. A person who has no ambitions for the stage and fame will not grasp the audience’s heart, nor will the audience have any desire to “God, I will be your fan”, but This does not affect his interest in getting a little support from the audience. However, Mr. Li’s ranking reveals a truth: any fan group can’t afford to eat melons…

6 months ago

Because the rice circle culture has accumulated too much unhappiness, let alone Weibo posts, Zhihu can’t run away, laugh. Originally, it was a spontaneous thing about enclosures, and you have to pay for it, or you just don’t love enough. Why would you dare to double dan? cp? Heavily sinful ~ what, are you a fan of teammates? Kill it right away~ What do you dare to say that our big fans are annoying? Then you are definitely not a passerby, because passersby must be too lazy to talk. Who remembers the joy of just watching a variety show and spending a few bucks with a smile? It’s either with this company or with that company. It’s either urging to invest money or doing data. Are you tired? Lelouch is a kind of projection, a kind of projection that everyone wants to stay away from hostility and relax with idols.

6 months ago

I am a wicked passerby, a bald person who was eight years old, and I was watching Chuang for the mentor, and I never thought I would fall into it. At the beginning of the stage, I saw that Teacher Li was a lonely man, a noodle, and he couldn’t understand singing but felt very sad (I learned that the song was also very sad). At this time, I didn’t feel much about him. I felt that he was here to gather the number of people. Later on Douban Fan. When I was posting, I found these three words, who was extremely sensitive to workers. I clicked it at the speed of light to join in the fun. Good fellow, I was really dragged by the goose to make up the number of words. I still want to leave. I will write an experiment report in the evening at the University of Eight. You want to leave. ? ! Just stay with me, Baga! Then began to support Teacher Li every day. I found the nickname Sunsi on Weibo. I was curious about Mr. Li’s super words. I ran in and took a look. The style was refreshing, without red lips and white teeth like vampire fans, no small essays to praise my brother’s prosperous beauty, no crazy persuasion. Fans Krypton Kim’s post. Only found that Mr. Li’s “no desire, no demand” and “Run!” emoticons (?) Teacher Li and a certain goose’s fanart (?) The bamboo shoots made a huge sum of money to show off (?) All sorts of smoking Qin Shi Huangao Terman’s boyfriend’s siheyuan lottery post(?) So happily stayed here. The bamboo shoots are people. When I was in a daze, I didn’t know what I was doing. When I got back to my senses, I found that the album had many beautiful photos of Teacher Duoli (it’s the teacher Li who washed his hair! ), I knew that I was sincerely starting to fan a person, and my mentality changed from “the joy of forcing a good for prostitution” to “I hope that every one of my support can bring traffic to Teacher Li and let him out of the island to realize his own “Dream”, the teacher Li who flashed by in the video, I can read it back and forth several times, and when I am happy, I will pay a huge sum of money to Teacher Li to celebrate. I can’t make myself happy with the bitter smile after going off the island (?) Teacher Li is really good at attracting fans. Teacher Li gradually appeared on the school’s confession wall, and he posted a message in the space saying that the students who hadn’t communicated for a long time were actually bamboo shoots. , I will talk about Mr. Li for a long time, and gradually change from a passerby shoot to a career shoot. I will swipe the “war song” in Li’s thumping room and collect small lightnings. I will survive the difficult ten minutes to save my heartbeat in order to meet Li on the live broadcast (but I accidentally missed the time orz, next time there will be Just kick me with bamboo shoots.), I will add a lot of friends to exchange tickets for Mr. Li, and replace his fat house happy water with Mr. Li. When he sees Mr. Li’s heart, he will make a goose call (? ) Ah ah ah accidentally wrote a lot. Finally, I will always like Lelouch. No matter what he wants to do in the future, I will always support him and follow his more than 20 social accounts!

6 months ago

I am a passerby, I have never been a pure passerby who never pays much attention to the rice circle, does not watch the draft, rarely watches variety shows, and does not chase stars. I first met Liluxiu in a video on Douyin. I saw this translation teacher who was temporarily caught by Goose as a strong man. According to Goose’s past routines, I initially thought this was just a marketing hype by Goose. Later, it was discovered that he was really the same thing. The kind of frustration he had in the video, from the inside out, was full of them. Standing with other players, he always felt out of place. Because of this kind of breath, it successfully aroused my rebellious psychology. The more he wanted to leave, the less I wanted to let him go! Ever since, I shamelessly asked how others voted for him. This is the first time in my life that I voted for an idol who is a singing and dancing pick, and I only voted for him! Everyone has 11 votes every day, and I only vote for him every time! I haven’t watched the show of “Creation Camp” so far. I search for his videos on the Internet every weekend. That is the source of my happiness! It’s been a long time since I saw such a person with a smile!

6 months ago

A dollar can’t buy it and lose money and it can’t be fooled. For a dollar, you can experience the rapid fall of King Zhou You, the experience of the capitalist, who doesn’t want to, hahahahahaha. The goose-line fully automatic drafting is inherently rebellious, not to mention that the players in this session feel okay. However, they have retired from the horse race, and they recently used zz to stand jv players… The public opinion of various companies has been a big storm, and they are all fighting. The operation of the company feels that the players are almost becoming the least important among them. I’m tired of watching the emperor’s scripts when the people eat melons. Wei Junhao (Li Luxiu) is really so happy. Goose wanted to set up his own strength for 4 years, but the posture in the circle is still weird. It’s okay.

6 months ago

Because Mr. Li is worth it! ! Hahahahaha In fact, the fact that the road builders of Lei Road are so big is his face and the status quo of contemporary workers who do not want to work, on the other hand, the bamboo shoots are really cute! ! The reason I admire Lelouch is that even if he doesn’t like to do this kind of thing, he still trains hard so as not to delay other members of the group. Even if he is sitting, he still moves smoothly. Recently, he has been active in business. Sun Si is really the cutest fan I have ever seen. Don’t rush to play money, because the other brother of the battle is not popular, he decided to play money for only one dollar per person, and the extra one will be anxious to you. Haha. If you play too much, you will return with a bunch of bamboo shoots to persuade you to live a good life. You are much more important than Teacher Li, too bamboo shoots. Mika’s rich woman fan sister gave a lot of money to Teacher Li, so the “Prometheus son-in-law” stalk came out, and the bamboo shoots left messages about Mika King! Everyone is weird, but cute and loveable~ Others don’t tear up Liluxiu’s family at all, because bamboo shoots don’t take any tricks. It is said that Liluxiu can’t sing or dance. Bamboo shoots reply, yes I am curious too. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The weird lottery system, super talk is such a cute activity. Teacher Li gave his c-bit debut to the villa, the sports car and even the Mikahahahahahaha. The super-talking atmosphere is the kind that you don’t want to come out after you enter. Interpreting the various hints of Mr. Li’s photos, today he wants to make his c-place debut, tomorrow he will be fifth, and the day after tomorrow he will be second, hahahahahaha. Lovely stalker “I don’t even care about Liluxiu’s feelings, do I still care about you and your feelings?” I succeeded in enshrining God, and I laughed yue every time I saw it. Teacher Li collapsed in the house without any casualties, and even Miss Liao actually set Lilu Xiu to do not disturb hahahahahaha. Risby~ Teacher Lee rushed to the card slot! !

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