At 13:37, March 31, Ai Hui issued a statement:
The 2018 high-level visits published on the official website of our agency, which triggered discussions on the Internet recently, cannot represent the official position of our agency. Our agency sincerely apologizes for the impact.

At present, the content of the webpage has been deleted. Our agency will prevent such inappropriate remarks from appearing in the future. I am really sorry. ​

I think it’s okay if I don’t have a stand… (I’ll make it clear that I’m not only not proficient, but I also don’t really like Japanese culture… One pick Lee) If Ai Hui, these four contestants are from Hong Kong/Taiwan , Then I don’t think they can make their debut without telling a single China. This is the position you must make when you come to mainland China to make money, because you are Chinese. But the four of them are Japanese, right? ? ? Just like you go to South Korea to participate in the audition, the program group must belong to the Chinese agency to certify that North Korea has the same relationship with them. Your attitude towards North Korea and South Korea is actually the attitude of foreigners towards Taiwan and China. People don’t care and don’t want to participate. I personally work in the UK. The last time the Ministry of Personnel sent an email about the entry of the new crown, which listed Hong Kong and Taiwan as countries, I was angry and sent an email back to him and told him that I could not say that. My colleagues later explained to me that they really didn’t know and didn’t think about these things. This is normal. I don’t know if I don’t understand or curious about the relationship between Scotland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. It’s just a joke for Scotland to become independent of all Chinese in the United Kingdom. Because it’s not a matter of your own country. If four Taiwanese come to participate in the game and have such remarks, it is our own business to retire or even scold them. But don’t just mix your own business with people from other countries. This will only push the foreigners who have a good opinion of China farther and farther. As a great country, we should use our own culture to attract them to let them know the charm of China and adhere to the one-China principle. It’s not that all foreigners just get out of me as long as they don’t recognize one China. If this is the case, will any foreigners dare to come in the future? To be honest, a certain fan who caused this quarrel should know it in his own mind, as well as foreign players.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

That’s enough. Actually, I don’t think what Ai Hui does will have any impact. Companies that have a clear interest exchange with Goose won’t push everyone down, and it depends on the owner. Fans are trapped in their own circle, driving away passers-by with high pressure, requiring only one voice. In this environment, it is easy to have the illusion of omnipotence. They feel that Ai Hui will be finished after being caught and reported, but in fact there is no one. Careful, the two big companies have a good exchange of interests. It is the goose that is really close to omnipotence. From beginning to end, it only depends on the willingness of the goose, and it has nothing to do with its fans. The goose only needs to refer to the willingness at the top. Enough, evaluate and assess whether the benefits of cooperation between the two parties are large enough, and there is no problem if the sweetness is large enough. For details, please refer to xz. At this time, it is more important for Ai Hui to talk with Goose well than to make an announcement.

8 months ago

You can look at the hot comments below the apology blog. High praises are not mentioning anything else, but only mentioning the creation camp and the retiring of the players. However, Ai Hui is a big company that holds countless well-known artists from both sides of the strait, as well as countless song ost, especially the copyright of anime songs. If it is true patriotism, it must be boycotted and a statement. Shouldn’t it be based on the company’s well-known works and celebrities, why only stare at the ambiguity of the creation camp? To put it bluntly, because the four Ai Hui were in high positions and blocked their way, the domestic show fans were looking for reasons to engage them. How do you Ai Hui, these show fans who use patriotism as a tool will not be satisfied.

8 months ago

Quite speechless, why isn’t this a mess? This is the naked rice circle tearing force. You snipe Ai back, why don’t you snatch other artists, why don’t you snatch the copyright of its songs. Listening to Ai Hui’s song is not patriotic! Artists who chase Aihui are not patriotic! Let’s pack a gun and go out together. What’s the point of sniping on those 4 creation camp players. Sima Zhao’s heart is alright. Finally, I said to some of the fans of the remaining students: Do you think Ai Hui’s fans will look at you if the four of Aihui leave? Who can see Aihui will see you? dream.

8 months ago

Let’s put it this way, the essence of this matter is basically a chaos in the fan circle. The interview of Aihui’s staff in 18 years was turned out, and then the marketing account took the lead on Weibo to create a blog for the fans of the family. The matter continued to ferment, and then the accusation was even under the official blog of the Communist Youth League. But before that, no one cared about it except fans. The 20 or so hot searched people can say that passers-by would not click in to see. Ai Hui fans received a request from the wind to close the wheat and lie flat, and did not participate until the matter was clear. On the line. When things were unclear at the beginning, I understood that everything is the motherland first, but we can indeed see that all the relevant wordings on Weibo before the official website of Ai Huiguan used Taiwan, and some people just used a text picture. He gave Ai Kickback the hat of visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, and then everywhere said Ai Hui insulted China. In fact, insulting to China is a very heavy term, and I don’t think it is appropriate to use it here. I ask myself to be patriotic. Although I am a fan, I am not angry that fans of other Chinese players want to ask for an explanation, but that I really think that the behavior of attacking opponents with patriotism is very low, really patriotic. It’s not a piece of brick that you want to move where you want to go. I don’t see what I usually do. Now it’s happier than anyone else. If it’s really patriotic, the criticizing copywriting shouldn’t be asking Ai Hui’s four sons to retire from the creation camp. And it should be said that Ai Hui rolled out of China and boycotted all Ai Hui artists? Otherwise, why do you have to take these little trainees out separately, after all, the players themselves don’t have any stance problems, and the foundations are all clean, isn’t it? This is obviously blocking the way of others and attracting such a wave of black, but to put it bluntly, if foreign players are really forced away by this means and then their own Chinese players make their debut, ask yourself how to win the light and win. Convincing? Speaking of insulting China, the company next door to your mentor clearly insulted China, what happened now? If you want to argue with that group of people, they just ignore it and say that you are a runaway dog. You are really well-known as a double standard. In fact, everyone has been tired for so long. This is either over or over. The only thing I worry about is that the level of quality education in our country needs to be improved. It is really funny and helpless to see so many brainless primary school students every day.

8 months ago

In fact, as long as his four contestants retire, no one will pay attention to this company. It was originally a trivial matter. The interview of an employee was published on the official website, which really does not represent the attitude of the entire company. This company has no major problems with other descriptions of Taiwan and Hong Kong issues, right? I found a few articles that talked about Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. It seems that one article is not good after being picked up for so long? In fact, it’s because the people sent in this draft are all in the debut position, so they are in the way, otherwise, why let the four Japanese players retire?

8 months ago

Just after reading Ai Hui’s statement on Weibo, they said that the employee’s personal remarks do not represent the company’s position. They also made it clear that those remarks were improper remarks. They apologized and indicated that they would not repeat them. I think this attitude of admitting mistakes is pretty good and acceptable. The attitude of Nike next door is really bad. While making money from the Chinese, not only does it not apologize, it also contains crazy connotations in the advertising words. I think this kind of thing should really be resisted.

8 months ago

Where can the bad effects be restored? foreign? It would be better to keep this ambiguous statement. domestic? Now I will be scolded for anything. Unless Ai Hui has the determination of a strong man to break his wrist, he will directly engage in Poland, recognize the one-China principle and express a pro-China attitude. As the first large-scale pro-China Japanese company, it will be directly regarded as a pro-China model by the country. In Chuang 4, these children will go out of the circle directly, resources are not worrying, and CCTV can be listed. Goose has made a perfect start to open up overseas markets, and it has taken a big step towards opening up the international market. Ai Hui successfully opened the Chinese market. But why? As a Japanese company, why does Aihui fight against other markets only for the Chinese market? Why put the eggs on the four silly trainees to make such a big bet? Is this boy group worth the big bet for Ai Hui? Don’t you understand that the domestic boy group is going to be muddled after debut? Unless Tencent gives the guarantee and resources to build Tian Tuan, why should Ai Hui gamble? But why does Tencent give guarantees? Given the resources, does this group have the potential to become a sky group for Tencent to gamble? That’s it now. Actually, I really like these kids. One of the children was a rare pro-China faction. When even Taiwanese were scolding the Wuhan virus, he sent “Come on Wuhan”. But I also support them to retire. If they do not retire, no matter if they continue to play or they can form a team in the end, this kind of public opinion will always follow them. Moreover, it is estimated that those two years will be a waste of time, it is better to leave early. My attitude on this matter is very pessimistic. But I still look forward to a miracle.

8 months ago

To be honest, political issues can be touched without being touched. This incident originated from the tearing of the fan circle. Public opinion has been guiding the Ai Hui players to retreat, which is quite obvious. Entangled in the fandom, have you never thought about China’s influence in the international arena? Produce’s draft is liked by many young audiences internationally. Originally, our country was checked and balanced by the United States, and we finally managed to get back a round of handling the epidemic, which is obvious to all internationally. The draft also attracted the cooperation of foreign companies and foreigners because the epidemic was handled well and controlled properly. Originally, the Chinese had disputes in the United States and South Korea. Today, an international team is just a draft, but if it is done, it can attract the likes of foreign young people and change their stereotypes. Increase China’s influence and friendly image, let others like you, cooperate with you, and show love to you. Ai Hui is the first person to eat crabs, and everyone is waiting to see, although it is only a draft. But if it is done, the penetration of influence cannot be underestimated, and it can attract more cooperation from international companies. Now it is going to cause international problems. Ascent height. It would be the most terrible thing if Ai Huizhen retired. Foreigners will only fear China and dare not cooperate with you. I was going to be friends with you and play together, but I was beaten to the ground by you. He was also regarded as a heinous enemy. Who dares to come to you in the future. All were treated as enemies. The United States and South Korea are so happy. All win over.

8 months ago

In a word: look at the follow-up! Although there was a period of interruption in the Chinese business of Albex in China (then Albex closed its Chinese language department and then restarted it), how come there are many business cooperation in China? And since the incident on the official website was in 2018, why did it explode now? I don’t watch the creation camp (after all, I really don’t want to watch the internal entertainment variety show). Since some people mentioned the thing about Aibex’s artists in China, I want to tell you about it-some people say that Wang Xinling and Luo Zhixiang etc., but there are Either they are no longer in Ebex, and some are just acting as an artist, and they are still the old Chinese department centered on Taiwan Ebex! As for the current Chinese department, although I don’t know if it is centered on Beijing’s Aibex (the Taiwan Aibex has always been there anyway), but it is completely different from the original Chinese department, from the inside to the outside. A big change. Just one sentence: look at the follow-up! Now that you have deleted the content of the question on the official website and promised to prevent such inappropriate remarks, we will look at the follow-up to see if you can do it.

8 months ago

In business and politics, there is no good fruit for any party who wants to cross into another circle. I privately thought that this matter was over, and I could tell that Ai Hui was already standing in line, so how could he break the nest in one breath? Food needs to be eaten one bite at a time, cultural exchanges need to be spread gradually, and politics is not made by a group of elementary school students. Then I watched slowly, whether a group of Ai Hui four sons retired was really patriotic or for personal gain, and the cover of a certain Ding Liu’s second public was changed. I didn’t want to say anything any more, holding a sigh of breath and resisting not coming out to spray people. Fortunately, I have cultivated home in the past few years.

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