Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu is at a high level in the film and television industry. Jackie Chan is not a professional martial arts athlete, nor is he honoured by fighting competitions. He is the favorite of the world audiences welcomed by action movies. Some netizens deny Jackie Chan’s kung fu, thinking that he is embroidering his legs. This is a layman’s view. Jackie Chan has practiced the basics of martial arts in drama classes for ten years. This is the same as the practice of ordinary martial arts routine athletes, and even more difficult than routine athletes. This kind of start is the same as Jet Li, Zhao Wenzhuo, and Wu Jing, but their development stays at this stage, the realm of self-improvement. For real fighters, the second stage is unrestricted confrontation training with others, and the research is on opponents, which are real blows. In drama, there is a kind of kung fu called blanket kung fu; it generally refers to the basic kung fu that trains actors to master and use various skills (ie somersaults, or jindou). Because all kinds of somersaults and jumps cannot exceed the range of the stage blanket during the performance; the practice is done on the blanket to avoid injury, so it is called the blanket work. Taking Peking Opera as an example, it roughly includes: ① Basic skills, such as topping, lower waist, front bridge, back bridge, tiger jump, stomping, stomping, etc. ②Single somersault, also called short somersault, includes single short turn, single forward flutter, single lift, single manzi, single penis, single cloud lijiaguan, single fold waist and so on. ③Long somersault, also known as big somersault, is a combination of two or more somersaults and those who complete the run-up. ④ Table work, refers to somersaults off the table, over the table, put on the table, etc. ⑤Bouncing skill, this is a project that has been absorbed and evolved from acrobatics and sports in recent years, such as springboard forward, high platform springboard and so on. ⑥The soft blanket skills belong to the fall category, including back grabbing, hanging hair, front and back zombies, tiger jumping, etc. The blanket performance requirements are high, light, floating and accurate. These kung fu are not inferior to martial arts routines at all, but their movements are not too strong and demanding that they are elegant and beautiful. Moreover, Jackie Chan’s mental quality and wisdom are both very high. These are important references if you consider fighting. After Jackie Chan failed to imitate Bruce Lee in the early days, he found his own style, exaggerated expressions, humorous body movements and juggling movements, adventurous and difficult challenges, these ordinary athletes are no match for them.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Jackie Chan’s actual combat is often the most underestimated. Jackie Chan’s boxing skills are very strong, which can be clearly seen from the movies and the extravaganzas. The basic skills of the step are quite good, and the force and dodge are both practiced very well. Moreover, he himself has large bones, muscles, and physical fitness. Objectively speaking, Jackie Chan’s peak physical strength is more than enough to abuse senior fanciers. This is also recognized by Muay Thai champion Lu Huiguang. In addition, Jackie Chan can be regarded as one of the early people in Hong Kong who played ground jiu-jitsu in the tidbits of the police story. It is also obvious from the fast food truck that he has studied Jeet Kune Do and his legs are quite good. Of course, Jackie Chan is from a theater troupe after all. The completion of the action is definitely better than ordinary people. It is not practical and unknown. It is better than ordinary people or novice fighters. Jackie Chan is definitely no better than Jet Li and Wu Jing in martial arts routines. But his actual combat ability is actually quite good among actors. Those who want to win Jackie Chan after playing fitness for a few years can basically rest. It’s a pity that my eldest brother is an actor after all, so I don’t have time to further his studies in this area.

6 months ago

I practice mixed martial arts. I used to think that Jackie Chan is a martial artist who sings drama. I know that I watched his old movies recently and found that his body can make a lot of rarer movements, such as buffering after a fall, which are all relatively advanced. Only a soft wrestler can do it, but the average fan and fancier can’t do it at all. This shows that his basic physical ability is very strong. The second point is that his physique is very good. Look at his young muscles, strong core arms, back legs, thin pectoral muscles, and a typical “beatable” body. He has practiced Baimei Quan. At least with a certain degree of skill, the southern traditional boxing is relatively tough. They are actually very good after they have practiced. In addition, they were so chaotic in their era. Every day in the martial arts, apart from filming, shooting and killing, they are common. They really are a way to “fight” from the bottom. You say he can can not fight? Jet Li and the others are the leading male characters in their debut, and Donnie Yen is also popular in their debut. Basically, they don’t suffer as much as Jackie Chan. But after all, Jackie Chan is also praised by some people, but in the early days he was indeed at the bottom of the industry for a period of time. not simple

6 months ago

As a weapon master, furniture city lord, terrain controller, parkour king, and jumper terminator, it is not comprehensive to simply say that he can play more. In the movie, besides attacking opponents by taking advantage of all the favorable conditions, there is another point that he has a lot of blood and relies on beatings to fight back. This point has been fully revealed in “Junior Brother Going on a Horse”. How useful is this trick? Toriyama said tomorrow morning that there would be no “Dragon Ball” without Jackie Chan movies. Kakarot’s initial setting of inability to kill the little Goku is just like Jackie Chan in the Kung Fu boy period. ; Talk about specific skills. During the theatrical troupe, Jackie Chan mainly learned Southern Kungfu. After he became an adult, especially after the release of “Shaolin Temple”, he began to widely absorb Northern School routines. He also dabbles in a lot of Baijia Boxing and Western Boxing. According to him, there are nearly a thousand categories. This amount is simply terrible. After he practiced, he felt that there seemed to be no specific difference between the kung fu of different sects. In the movie, his fitness methods are also varied, including the exercises during the Kung Fu boy period, the buried stakes of his favorite Wing Chun, and modern fitness methods, and so on. Even at the age of sixty, he is so busy that he can still practice for more than three hours a day. The drunk eight immortal’s moves were invented by him himself. A series of tricks such as “Laughing Boxing Strange Trick” were created by him in order to break through the limitations of Shaw Kung Fu movies. Three-time Muay Thai King Lu Huiguang said Jackie Chan has the strongest physical fitness and the best kung fu among the three brothers. When the three brothers make movies, every time they meet the big villain, they can only end up with Jackie Chan. The Southeast Asian boxing champion Zhou Billy, who played the big villain in Jet Li’s movie, and other fighters, can only be regarded as good in Jackie Chan’s movie, not enough for Yuen Biao to fight himself of. The villain at this time is often the world’s lightweight fighter jet Binney. This was a topic that exploded in Hong Kong back then, and everyone expected the two to really fight each other. Dou Wentao asked Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee who had fought each other. Big brother smiled and said (He is a senior) Then I let him win. But Jackie Chan said that I will never compare to Bruce Lee, because he can say be like water, but I can’t say it. (People who study philosophy). After all, Jackie Chan is an old comrade who has been hot for forty years. You want to cross the nine generations of the family brothers and start with him. The country and Hollywood will rip and feed the eagles for you. the above

6 months ago

What I admire most is not how many Jackie Chan can play. When he was in school, he was most envious of his skill, climbing up and down as if walking on the ground, doing all kinds of actions that ordinary people can only admire. If you know half of it, it will definitely be popular with all kinds of girls! If you talk about how much you can talk about yourself all day, most people will think that you are violent or have a brain problem. Later, looking at some of the performances of the armed police friends around me, I think Jackie Chan can be compared. My friend and I think that he is more than enough to beat a few ordinary people. It is actually not easy to do this. Don’t think that a few ordinary people are so good to win. Jackie Chan can actually do a lot, but making movies, after all, I have to carry the banner of “Chinese Kungfu”, so in fact…In addition, my coach is the national Muay Thai team retiring. I asked him if Jackie Chan is like some people say that he is embroidered with fists and legs. He said that it must not be. Sometimes I look at the body muscles of a lot of current fighters. In fact, they have something in common with Jackie Chan. Of course, this is obscene. At least in my mind, Jackie Chan’s actual level is not low. If you don’t make movies and travel to the current professional team for a few years, the upper limit is quite high.

6 months ago

In a fight, he could not beat Steven Seager. After all, Seager is a professional player. Jackie Chan has good basic qualities, but everything he practices is for play, and he doesn’t particularly emphasize the factors of strength. Moreover, Seager is a professional player. His height and weight also overwhelm Jackie Chan. As for Bruce Lee, if it is a short-term fight, Jackie Chan has no chance of winning, and his speed and strength are not as good as Bruce Lee, but in a regular long-term fight, Jackie Chan has a chance of winning. why? I think he has better physical fitness than Bruce Lee. The two are about the same height and body shape, but Bruce Lee has physical defects, high myopia, and flat feet. When he joined the US military, he could only become a reserve because of his physical defects. Moreover, the way he practiced is more extreme, which is very harmful to the body. At the age of seven, Jackie Chan worshipped Zhan Yuan as his teacher and studied Peking Opera. But in fact, they also practiced martial arts at the time. Because they depended on martial arts for food, Jackie Chan’s training intensity in his youth was unmatched by Bruce Lee. Although his living conditions were poor, he also practiced martial arts. He had a good body and suffered numerous injuries during the period, but he was still able to use force on the screen after he was over sixty years old. This shows his good physical fitness. On the screen, he also fought against various ring masters. Although he was beaten badly, he was not physically strong. Inferior. Jackie Chan will lose if he follows Bruce Lee’s rhythm, but if Bruce Lee is dragged into Jackie Chan’s stalker, the outcome is unknowable. As for the champion of martial arts routines in China, Jackie Chan has no chance of winning in martial arts, and he is definitely more likely to win in fights.

6 months ago

Dong Wei said that the more excellent an action actor is, the screen looks heavy/fast, but basically can’t hurt the other person (it always hurts people, whoever plays with you, and the medical expenses are all money Ah), especially Jackie Chan, a master of Peking opera who has been immersed in action film circles for decades. “Try not to hurt people” is basically their subconscious, which has been deeply hidden in his actions. Therefore, if Jackie Chan is facing a real practicing/professional Sanda athlete, I believe it will be unstoppable. Of course, if it is an ordinary person, it is more than enough.

6 months ago

Compared with professional, it should be very strong. After all, he will fight against the black and be invited by the club to be the red double stick. The actual combat ability is impossible. I don’t know if I can compare with Bruce Lee, after all, Bruce Lee is now a god. But it’s okay to beat a good baby like Jet Li. In actual combat, the psychological quality is very important. Jet Li has never heard of any actual combat experience. Jackie Chan has it, and Jackie Chan has a strong ability to fight and fight (how many times he escaped and fell out of his life) ), still a desperado, these are great advantages in actual combat

6 months ago

If you don’t blow it up, you can’t compare it to those who fight every day or experience the baptism of a ring, but if it’s not compared to every day, you can fight for your physical fitness. It’s actually such a simple thing. To use Bruce Lee’s movie lines to describe the one who has never fought in actual combat is: You are too slow to react. In the words of Zhou Billy: They are all powerful and explosive. What he didn’t say was in Lu Huiguang’s words: they wouldn’t really fight. I basically agree with these, because Zhou and Lu both fought in the ring and their level was very high at the time. But other actors who haven’t touched their gloves can comment there. This kind of person who loves and believes is a manifestation of lack of IQ. The layman judges the value of force by looking at who is training what, what is his professional background, and even confuses the action style of the movie with the actual combat, just laugh it off. All I can say is that you go to the boxing gym to practice for a few months and play a few actual battles. There are many opinions that you will definitely change. Take out the body to determine the level of strength, as if all the people who practiced later have been eaten. This is too low. Born is just to be able to see a person’s basic skills. Of course, talking about toxicity aside from dosage is a hooliganism. Many things have been practiced for a few months, and they have been immersed for a few years. There are still two concepts. This point even applies to Bruce Lee (personal opinion only). Therefore, it cannot be overstated. So don’t think that whoever has practiced must do whatever it takes. If you don’t believe that you practice boxing for a period of time, you may find that the fight may not be as neat as before. There are also some materials that are clearly detrimental to Jackie Chan. If you let Jackie Chan stand alone on the stage, or on the stage of performance, he can only perform some movie moves. Unlike Jet Li, who can show all kinds of shows, he can choose his fists, knives, guns and clubs. So Jackie Chan is weak in this regard. I believe he wouldn’t do this in a real fight, and he would be much quicker. So don’t use these materials to simply say that Jackie Chan Kung Fu is not good. Besides, how is Kung Fu defined? Why do you say that yours is Mrs. Gong’s house? However, “Kung Fu is a killer skill”, don’t talk about it, it is meaningless, and there is no standard to consider. The layman wouldn’t believe that he couldn’t even hit someone’s face and even crossed the other person’s eye. The same Kung Fu stars who have no experience in arena fighting, actually look at who has a high configuration, usually who can fight a little, rather than who has the fancy fist and kicks. Height, weight, muscles, strength, reaction, resistance, endurance…the comparison is almost a conclusion. Of course, whoever fights wildly is definitely cheaper. But it must be compared with the peak period, otherwise it is meaningless. For example, when Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan fought, Jackie Chan was almost 50. Needless to say, he would not leave a strong impression on Zidan. Therefore, it can only be compared with the same age group, otherwise Jackie Chan, before the age of 20, can basically defeat Jet Li + Donnie Yen together [smile]. It’s boring to deal with ordinary people. According to his own words, three or five people are not easy to get close. Jackie Chan has no shortage of fighting experience and courage, which is also faithfully reflected in his movies. To be honest, one-to-many, his handling is the most reasonable: first hold one person, and then use this person to block others, fight and transfer, and use all available guys around to assist in completing the attack. The intuitive technique is that he can box, fall, and occasionally kick or kick or sweep with his legs. These are very practical moves. Do you think those fancy fists can be used in fighting? It’s dangerous to kick high points. Compared with today’s high-level athletes, I am not optimistic about Jackie Chan in the arena, and I am also not optimistic about Bruce Lee and other action stars, let alone anyone. Everyone has their own advantages. I think Jackie Chan’s advantage is good physical fitness and running ability. In the words of Lu Huiguang, he can dodge skills. In addition, there is one thing that ordinary people really can’t deny that Brother Jackie Chan will fall to prevent himself from getting hurt. So on the whole, the ring can be more resistant to lie down for a while.

6 months ago

Whether Jackie Chan can actually fight or not, I think we can apply the formula of one courage, two efforts and three efforts. First, from the aspect of courage, there is no need to mention this. A famous foreign saying is: “I am not Jackie Chan, I have 9 lives”. Courage is really big and energetic. It is estimated that he will be an endless fighter in the ring. . Anyway, give me more money. I didn’t dare to film this scene. I jumped three times, and once fell to the neck and almost became paralyzed, so I continued to jump. The non-human kind. Second, when it comes to strength, Jackie Chan’s physical fitness is nothing short of it. Jie Jian and Parkour are probably brought by Jackie Chan. Third, Kung Fu is definitely inferior to professional athletes, because after all, Jackie Chan’s profession is an actor. But the eldest brother belongs to a relatively special actor, the old saying is called martial arts. It is necessary to set aside time to practice every day. Jet Li, Wu Jing, Donnie Yen, Zhao Wenzhuo, etc., must have a fixed time every day to practice. It seems that Zhao Wenzhuo even released a video of himself practicing Tongbei boxing some time ago. You can search for it. You can’t make it without years of practice. Similarly, my eldest brother started learning boxing very early, and his pace is really good. Boxing hardcore fanciers are estimated to be more difficult to practice, a bit close to the professional side. Therefore, in actual fights, eldest brother, a person who has been on the sidelines for a lifetime, is courageous, has great physical fitness, and has good skills. How do you think he can fight? Not to mention that the Furniture City has a bonus buff.

6 months ago

Currently known martial arts that Jackie Chan has practiced are: Aikido (has been confirmed to be a black belt, there is a video at station b, but it is said that Aikido is not mainly based on punching, but mainly based on grappling? Don’t know) Karate (karate) The four major genres are Songtaokanyu, Itotoyu, Gangyuyu, and Taoyu. Jackie Chan himself said that he and Sammo Hung and Liang Xiaolong practiced the Gangyuyu together. In many early movies of Jackie Chan, he raised his hand as karate. Judo (in another answer, a respondent who has practiced mma said that Jackie Chan’s buffering action when he is overturned in the movie is unique to serious judo athletes, and ordinary people can’t do it. I I don’t understand judo, but I’ve just watched a little video. It seems that Jackie Chan also uses judo wrestling a lot in the movie. Boxing (I don’t know the specific level, but in some tidbits and training videos, I feel that Jackie Chan’s head can be dodged, and his reflexes are absolutely strong. In addition, another respondent said that when Jackie Chan hits the target, his punching pre-movement is a bit obvious. Just in terms of punching action, it may not be as good as Yen Zidan. It is estimated that Jackie Chan himself did not deliberately correct this problem. After all, Jackie Chan does not fight in the ring and stays. A little flaw, the opponent has more time to react when shooting a set of tricks) Baimeiquan (Jackie Chan is a baimeiquan routine used in major galas, the 2005 Spring Festival Gala should be self-improvement, and the 2014 Spring Festival Gala’s Jianxin Shuyun At the Asian cultural festival in 2019, the performances of Baimeiquan were all performed, but the TV station switched cameras too frequently, and did not capture Jackie Chan’s punching violently. The camera was far and near, but it made some unintelligible audiences think that Jackie Chan was beating. I I have searched the videos of Baimeiquan, they are all very small movements, the kinetic energy is short and strong, and the explosiveness is more important, so the perception in front of the camera is not as good as Jet Li and Wu Jing’s wide open and close Beiquan. , But it is definitely a martial art that can be used to fight) Muay Thai (Jackie Chan said in an interview that he learned from a Thai master during his life in Thailand, and Lu Huiguang might also teach him) Jeet Kune Do (this is another answerer By the way, it can be seen from the fast food truck that Jackie Chan specializes in Jeet Kune Do. I agree with it, because Jackie Chan likes to use the reverse frame when he is fighting, that is, the right hand is in the front and the left hand is in the back, and in Jeet Kune Do. The concept of “power forward” is very similar. ps: Jackie Chan should not be left-handed, he uses his right hand whether he holds cold or hot weapons) Can Jackie Chan fight? Yes, you must be able to play three or four empty-handed. Ordinary people have no skills. It is not a problem. It is not a problem to single out amateurs in the gym. If a group of people is armed on the street to fight Jackie Chan, the first thing this group considers is not How to win Jackie Chan, and you must first find a way to catch up with Jackie Chan. Regarding his skills, Jackie Chan’s parkour skills don’t need me to say much. Overcoming obstacles, climbing walls, and flickering around are all done easily. It’s also common for Jackie Chan to jump directly on the concrete floor from the second floor. Regarding the sprint speed, refer to the scene of “Police Story 2” disposing of bombs in a tunnel and then rushing out of the tunnel. I think Jackie Chan’s concept in the movie is very reasonable. Think about the movie carefully. Jackie Chan is able to negotiate and never hands. Can escape and never fight. If you want to fight, you must also fly a kite, fight guerrilla, and make one dozen more into one dozen by walking. Never empty-handed, make reasonable use of the surrounding environment, terrain, and tools. In the movie, Jackie Chan will not arrange too many opponents for himself, usually around four or five, rarely more than ten. Whenever there are too many opponents, Jackie Chan will not let himself win by force, or be beaten very hard. It’s miserable, or give up, refer to the scene where Jackie Chan came home from the supermarket and was besieged by the gangsters in “Red Fan District”, the KTV play at the beginning of “Double Dragon Club”, the mourning play in “The Simple Task of Police Story”, and the Chinatown Wu in “Rush Hour 3” The play in the museum and the fake factory play in the “Chinese Zodiac” all convey some ideas: fewer people can’t beat more people, and small people can’t beat big ones. Although I also like Jet Li and Donnie’s movies like Wu Jing. For example, Wu Jing’s “Wolf Tooth” is a fierce battle against a hundred on a rainy night, Jet Li’s “Deadly Cradle” octagonal cage hits fifteen, and Donnie Yen’s “Special Status” hot pot restaurant battle, Tony Jia’s “Tom Yum Kung”, from the perspective of watching movies, has more crowds, better visual effects, bigger scenes, more fierce fighting, and more enjoyable viewing, but compared to Jackie Chan’s design , Lacking a reasonable gender to compare Jackie Chan with a professional player, what is Jackie Chan’s identity? A filmmaker who knows martial arts, an actor/director/screenwriter/martial arts director, not a professional athlete like Tyson Zou Shiming, nor a martial artist like Bruce Lee. He must not be professional in the arena, and Jackie Chan’s training content is also professional. The training content of the players is completely different. One is to finally present a perfect movie effect, and the other is to be in the ring for the shortest time. To put it bluntly, Jackie Chan can’t beat the professional players, and the professional players can’t make such a good-looking movie.

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