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People’s Literature Publishing House’s translations are all called death eaters: the literal translation is the so-called death eater, but this does not conform to the principle of faithfulness in the translation, and death eater has a feeling of being forced to eat death for a living. , And the establishment of Death Eaters is a symbol of Voldemort’s victory over death. Death Eater sounds a bit more active, and the “disciples” approach is closer to a religious feeling. Believers, apprentices, and believers also mean followers. It’s much better for people with the same magical pen to have The Burrow: if it is translated literally, it’s called a crypt, and the cave is good, but the translator combines the settings in the book and the saying about the burrow, and translates it into the ancient spirit of the burrow. Gringotts bank: The literal translation is the fairy metal bank. The Gringotts is used to translate the long history of this building, and it has magical meaning. Finally, the pavilion is used to express the weird building, and it is also a double translation of sound and meaning. To add a few more: Dementor: If literally translated, it should be a neuropathy maker, or a depression maker. The translator can learn from their pain-feeding characteristics and possessing skills such as the kiss of death. Other people’s souls, translated as Floo Powder: This is a simple phonetic-meaning double translation. I haven’t found out what floo actually means, but the translator used the word Floo based on the pronunciation. , Explain the purpose of this item (Felix Felicis): This translation is also one of the best classics. The English meaning can be understood as-Double Happiness. It has another nickname called Liquid Luck, which is more straightforward. But when I was just reading a novel, I just saw this blessing agent, and I probably understood its purpose. Nimbus 2000: This is a more literal translation, but nimbus has the meaning of rain cloud/brilliant, but the translator I chose the light wheel as the Chinese translation, and the word wheel also means that the object is used as a means of transportation, so it’s quite clever.


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8 months ago

First of all, death eater is an inverted address with the preposition of the object. This inverted form is very common in English addressing, such as whistle blower (whistle blower), job seeker (job seeker), mother fʌker, so death eater translates into ” “Death Eater” is more in line with the English word order, and the translation does not appear blunt. Secondly, there are many “Death Eaters” in the whole book. The translation into “Death Eater” is more redundant. This longer translation is generally used for titles and appears to be more imposing, such as Doom Slayer (Duke of Destruction) , Daenerys Stormborn (Daenerys born by the storm), Pokémon trainer (Pokemon trainer) translators then optimized the “Death Eater” to “Death Eater” according to the principle of faithfulness and elegance, adding a layer to the word Religious meaning, alluding to the relationship between Death Eaters and Voldemort, wonderful. p.s. “Death Eater” is further optimized, and may be translated into “Ghoul” (escape p.p.s. I have no objection to translating Voldemort into “I drop the devil” (and then escape

8 months ago

No! Let me say that Voldemort’s translation should be changed. vol de mort means “theft of death” in French. If it is translated into “death thief”, it is really domineering. Now I can’t get up on the ground. Moreover, stealing death was for the little brother to eat, which proved that the reason why so many men were loyal to this boss was that he had no choice but to kill him. After the domineering, there is still a reversal. The fact is that Voldemort has manipulated his soul in order to steal his life in the face of death. The “dead thief” is quite ironic. 4.1 Answer the questions seriously. There are four syllables in Deatheater, and there is one more Death Eater. This rarely happens in English translation. Death Eater is much more concise and expresses both verbs and nouns very clearly. The word “nibbing” does not have the corresponding point in the original text, so there is no need to provide the amount of information. Although death is different in ancient Chinese, because of this, “die” refers to the flesh, and death is Spirit, if you want to eat, the word “death” does not need to exist. And “disciple” has more derogatory meaning than “zhe”. In contrast, the Death Eaters are even better. For Chinese readers, the name is shorter and easier to remember, which is more in line with our naming habits. The concise and memorable translations of Harry Potter’s proper nouns and spells are also the reason why they can be widely spread in China. Imagine these common characters: Hagrid-Hagrid McGonagall, Professor Hermione Hemione (it’s pretty good). I feel that there are tens of thousands of words in the book. Anyway, I can’t remember when I was a child. Living with the full names of Gildrohart and Ernie, as well as McLagens Lagerhorn and the like, I am still a fan, and passers-by are too persuaded to leave. Edited 23 hours ago

8 months ago

not good. First of all, Ma Ainong and Ma Aixin are excellent professional translators and come from a family of translators. Don’t just take your little cleverness to challenge people’s career, thank you. Secondly, not to mention anything else, it is extremely appropriate to just say the last word “disciples”. Looking through the dictionary, it has two very important meanings, one refers to people of the same faction and belief; second, people, and most of them are derogatory. Are the Death Eaters a faction? of course. Are they mostly bad guys? Too. Then there is a most appropriate word “apprentice”. What else can I use if I don’t use it? Oh, maybe use these five words in the title instead, it sounds cool. But, the purpose of the text is just to make you feel cool? Succinct and concise is the thing that sees skill. In addition, these five words have weakened the image of the evil group of Death Eaters, which is suspected of misinterpreting the original intent. In order to create a so-called cool, and lose some of the original intent of the work, this is not a good way to create. In other words, this is not creation at all. This is catered.

8 months ago

“Death eater” is the name of a group, similar to “left-behind children” and “empty-nest elderly”. It is simple and easy to speak, with distinctive features, so that it can become a proper term. “Death Eater” is much more concise to pronounce than “Death Eater”, of course, the words ending with the two flat tongue i are really not smooth. The word “tu” can have a derogatory meaning, which is more appropriate than the neutral “zhe”. After thinking about it for a while, I didn’t expect a better translation than “Death Eater”.

8 months ago

It feels like the lowest level ghoul in Diablo, so weak. It’s better to reverse death and gnawing (this is also the intention). Death Eaters can also express the feeling of being someone’s partisan. You can also consider whether it is children’s literature (you tell me this is children’s literature?) or the word “Eat”. It’s easier for children to recognize the word “Eat”. You spit it out. It’s not as good as spit Voldemort’s transliteration. Of course, Voldemort is a lot. Quite persuasive

8 months ago

Let’s look at another example. Mother fucker, this cannot be translated as a mother tormenter, but should be translated as a grass horse. The grass horse is closer to the original meaning and conforms to Chinese habits. The same is true for death eater. The actual expression is eat death er, which is about to be inverted for the convenience of adding er. When translating, you need to bring the verb back to the front. The translation into Death Eater fits the original meaning.

8 months ago

The two-syllable morphemization is the trend of Chinese vocabulary. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, look at the example. the first. The two Death Eaters just passed, another female Death Eater, followed by Malfoy’s mother, is she also a Death Eater? How can I tell who is a Death Eater and who is not? The world is full of Have all kinds of Death Eaters become a paradise for cunning Death Eaters, a hell for greedy Death Eaters, and a paradise for violent Death Eaters? second. The two death eater just passed, and there was another female death eater, followed by Malfoy’s mother. Is she also a death eater? How can I tell who is a death eater and who is not a death eater? This world is full of death eater, a paradise for cunning death eater, a hell of greedy death eater, a paradise for violent death eater Yet? What? Say the following aloud a hundred times, and the parents sign!

8 months ago

Not really. Although both “Death Eaters” and “Death Eaters” can express the desire of the entire group to conquer death, in fact, a more important identity feature of “Death Eaters” is that they are a group of people who follow Voldemort and believe in Voldemort. In fact, very few “Death Eaters” wanted to conquer death. The only person who really wanted to conquer death was Voldemort. By Voldemort’s side and the ancient emperor’s side, his companion was like a companion tiger. The word “disciple” has the meaning of “people of the same faction or belief in the same religion”, but also has a derogatory meaning. In comparison, “death eater” shows more of an individual image, while “Death Eater” not only expresses The author’s attitude towards “Death Eaters” is also more in line with the impression of Chinese “Christians” on Westerners. When I read the words “xx disciples”, I think of this image: Secondly, “Death Eaters” are more concise and vaguer than “death eater”. “Nibbling” is obviously not a very elegant way of eating. Vaguely using “eating” can simply express a conquest of death.

8 months ago

better? Don’t you think that the translation into “Death Eater” is far better than the translation into “Death Eater”?
Language, even if you don’t like language classes, reading more books and articles with beautiful words, reading some ancient poems, etc., is helpful to improve your judgment of beautiful words.

8 months ago

Gravedigger Death Singer Void Marauder Pride Stalker Future Guardian Apocalypse Beastwalker Doomsday Messenger Crimson Reaper Guardian of Time Widowmaker Voidwalker
Reaper of the Night
Divine Separator
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Canyon Maker

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