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Let’s talk about a point that few people mention dubbing or more specifically: 1. The fit of the dubbing; 2. The sense of unity between the voices. If you wear headphones to watch a drama, you will find that the dubbing of “Zhen Huan Biography”, whether it is the original voice of the actor or the dubbing of a professional voice actor, is very clear, and it feels like a recording studio, with a sense of unity. The unity of sound makes the audience believe that this is a story that takes place in time and space, and it is easier to be immersed in the plot. The emperor, Hua Fei, Mei Zhuang, etc. are the original sounds (post-recording studio supplement), Zhen Huan, Ling Rong, Huan Bi, etc. are voice actors, but there is no sense of contradiction. You are willing to believe that these voices are of a universe and a dimension. . Moreover, these dubbing are very suitable for the character of the character, and they really serve to shape the character and promote the plot. Let’s not mention that the great god Ji Guanlin uses a fake and real god-level dubbing, but that the dubbing of the queen mother is harder, more majestic, and more suitable for the queen mother’s identity than Liu Xuehua’s. Back to “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, I personally like Zhou Xun’s voice, and I am very supportive of Ruyi not dubbing the original sound. After all, Young Master Zhou’s voice is too special. Firstly, the dubbing is hard to find, and secondly, even if he finds a relatively suitable one, he loses its characteristics. However, I don’t know if “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” is not a recording studio used by the seiyuu and the original voice actors, or whether there is a problem with the live radio effect. All the actors who used the original voice made people feel slurred, lack of breath, and too many subtle lip sounds. If you watch the original soundtrack trailer of “The Legend of Zhen Huan”, the voice of the actor’s soundtrack gives people a feeling of weakness, which is a problem with the original sound of “Ruyi’s Legend”. (Fortunately, Zhen Huan Chuan finally unified the original voice actor and voice actor to re-record in the recording studio) Even Xin Zhilei, who often speaks with saliva, is totally unbearable. Every time Jia Fei spoke, I was anxious for her, feeling a lot of drooling. Many viewers felt that Jia Fei acted like a shrew, I think there are some reasons for the radio, after all, the words are not clear, how to be the most beautiful in the harem. The original sound is not clear, but on the other hand, the dubbing is too clear, so that people can tell at a glance that it is from the recording studio. Among them, the voices of the emperor and the queen dowager are the most uncomfortable. This discomfort, on the one hand, is the contradiction between the dubbing and the characters. Gao Xiyue’s dubbing is too modern (although the timbre is nice). The reason why Zhalong looks like a neurotic may also be dubbed “Ru Yi Ah” and “Li Yu Ah” The credit. On the other hand, it is the disharmony with the original sound. The two sounds that are not from the same dimension widen the sense of separation and can not immerse people in the plot at all. Instead, they are always disturbed by the abrupt sense of disharmony. I remember that before the broadcast of “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, there was a trailer dedicated to sound. The sound of clock hands, the sound of broken porcelain, and the sound of paper cutting are all very clear and crisp. It is said that it is due to the use of advanced sound picking machines. . In fact, I personally feel that there is no need to burn money like this, as long as there is a standard, recorded in a studio, and the final sound is harmonious and unobtrusive. I suggest that in the future “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” if, just say if, if there is a chance to produce a director’s cut version, at the same time to fill in the deleted plot, by the way, use a recording studio, dubbing uniformly, it sounds really good A lot more comfortable. Of course, the dubbing/original soundtrack of “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” also shines, especially the voice of Concubine Yu. When I first watched “Qing Yu Nian”, I didn’t realize that the stepmother Fan Xian was Princess Wuli Henan, whose accent and timbre were completely different. It is said that it is a specially used Mongolian accent. Every time the call of “Monopus eel” and “Monopus eel” makes people laugh, and it has contracted most of the jokes of the later plot.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Why did Zhen Huan fall in love with the emperor in the first place? Because the Four Great Masters were good at that time. When others bullied her, the boss immediately protected her with his upper body, and promoted her if she didn’t conform to the rules of the ancestors. The princess hugged her, gave her a folk wedding, Jiaoqiang, took her to the hot springs alone, and copied her poems. When it thundered, Concubine Hua also ran over to comfort her. Hearing her playing the piano, he came right away. The scheming maid wanted to seduce the four uncles, so the four uncles went back by themselves. Talk to her about life, from poems and songs to philosophy of life. Give her makeup, give her shoes, and choose cosmetics. You can enter the Imperial Study Room and watch the major events of the country. It is dangerous to send her to Penglaizhou. Huanhuan, Shiro. Although the back is full of glass slag mixed with arsenic, the front is really sweet (( (// ̀Д/ ́/) )) There is also a trace of the love of the emperor by the Queen of Hua. The emperor took Concubine Hua on horseback, at least tolerating Concubine Hua’s petty temperament, and gave her a unique piece of spice. Anything she used can be equal to the queen, and even more noble than the queen. The power to manage the harem is also given to her, reusing her family. Yisou got used to the bitter days, and she was very touched when the Fourth Great Master gave her a little sweetness. What’s more, they were really sweet when Chun Yuan was not here at first, and the Four Great Masters were really good to her. As a result… I have never figured out why Ruyi fell in love with Zhalong. Is he trying to hook up on her dowry, or is he trying to let the harem bully her? It is still a plaque of the picture wholesale, knowing that she was framed, so comforted her to send her a three-year tour of the cold palace. Other people’s words even believe in modal particles, and Ruyi’s words don’t even believe in punctuation. In front of Ruyi was bullied by a bunch of people, how his father and brother could not move. When there is a threat, he will tell them in minutes what makes the scum dragon go crazy. I couldn’t understand Yi Huan’s fancy to Zhalong. Ruyi at least and Zhalong are childhood sweethearts. It was love at first sight for Yi Huan, and I highly doubt that she was after Li Yu. Later, by mistake, in order to see the talented person in his heart, he closed his eyes and blew the slag dragon poems every day. Wanyin really fell in love at first sight, relying on fantasies to love her for half her life. See you, Hanbing Sagittarius Hanxiang, is it really OK to scumbag every day? It doesn’t matter at first, after all, slag dragons are rare. Later, she was still frustrated every day, and the perpetual motion machine had unlimited output. Didn’t she consider the safety of her people? The pea shooter Ye Lanyi was stunned when he wanted to, regardless of whether you were the emperor or the concubine Qi. The bachelor, the whole family is the only one, she is fearless. Shen Mei Zhuang is Zhen Huan’s good sister. But first she is a human, with her own thoughts, her own emotions, sorrows, sorrows and joys, and then she is Zhen Huan’s good sister. Hailan, the early little angel, and the noble queen, you have no heart. In order for Ruyi to force herself to face the person she fears most, miserable. In the next two brushes, she was Ruyi’s good best friend first, and her joy, anger, sorrow, and joy surrounded Ruyi, and then she might not have herself. Concubine Hua arrogantly wants to be a queen. People have capital. Her family is strong, she is favored, and the queen is weak. Both of them have no children, but she is still young when the queen is older. In the early days, almost no one in the palace could suppress her. In the early stage, Jia Fei had a great brain, a big boss, and as the lower limit date approached, her IQ would be weakened. No brain arrogant, no brain arrogant, and want to be a queen. The imperial concubine wore pajamas and ran to see the foreigner, and she could have another son. What kind of confusion is this. The big boss of the harem. Angela’s combination is not aligned. The queen barely has a pure body protection, and the bird has grace. Qi Mi has a good family background, and she barely fights against the Zhen Huan team. Qi Mi is killed first, and the queen and the bird take turns in battle. Later, the queen stabbed the queen before the bird died, otherwise the Zhen Huan team would not lose, but they would not win either. The pure yuan shield is stronger than everyone imagined. Wei Yanwan was just confused. I can learn everything quickly, and my physical fitness is about the same as that of Daqing Baturu. Take a stroll, harem Xinmi +1, gossip +1, available number +1, available purchase number +1, find out the other party’s loopholes +N. Zhalong has filters for her. Resolutely did not believe in a word that Ruyi said, and resolutely let Wei Yingwan go. See you in Hailanying, Li Yujiang and Bin, what a powerful combination. Frozen is based on the good people and bad people who were not decisive in her “Zhen Huan Biography”. Through their words, we probably know the environment in which they lived since they were young, and then bring them into what they did later, and it feels not against the peace. The characters in Ruyi’s Biography are too thin and lack logic. Finally, I have to be sensational, especially abrupt. “The Legend of Zhen Huan” also created many small characters, such as Cuizui, Haircut, Cuckoo, Ouchi Master Xiao Yunzi, Qing Palace Broadcasting Station Director Xiao Xiazi. Each has its own characteristics. There are many supporting roles in Ruyi’s Biography, but few people have impressions. Most of them are paper figures. But for small details and big scenes of costumes and props, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is not bad. Although the costumes and props are too fancy, the aesthetics of wealthy flowers are just like that. The small details are good and the big scenes are shocking. It’s a pity that the script is so bad that the veteran actor can’t be saved.

8 months ago

The gap between Huo Jianhua and Chen Jianbin. (There is also a gap between the screenwriters, but I just want to say this.) Chen Jianbin’s emotional expression is not only in his lines, but also in his eye expressions and small movements. It really makes people feel that “accompanied by the monarch is like a tiger”, and Yongzheng’s suspicious performance is really good. , There are connotations worthy of in-depth study. Huo Jianhua, let’s not say that every time he calls people, he adds “Ah”. The slapped scene that was slapped by the fans, I almost threw up, and was extremely embarrassed. Just scream frantically, the lines have no emotion, a louder tone makes you angry. I used to think that the image of Huo Jianhua as an “veteran cadre” and Hu Ge belong to the same type of senior actor who has acting skills and is not publicized. A fax back prototype. It seems to recall that the roles he played before were all poker-faced high-cold styles, and did not require much emotional expression… Zhen Huan said that I swiped it N times, and sometimes I would sleep listening to audio when I had insomnia at night, and often Look at the analysis of the plot of Zhen Huan’s biography on Zhihu. But Ruyi’s Legend, every time I want to reapply, I feel sick when I think of hearing Huo Jianhua’s “Ru Yi, Li Yu, ah ah ah ah”.

8 months ago

Zheng Xiaolong clearly stated that the last script used in “The Legend of Zhen Huan” was written by him and his wife Wang Xiaoping at home. It was tantamount to redesigning “The Story of Zhen Huan”. From the design framework of the novel Converted into a script for a TV series. Although “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” is also great, Wang Jun’s screenwriter (that is, Liu Lianzi himself) is too far from Zheng Xiaolong and Wang Xiaoping’s couple. Most of Wang Jun’s work is actually spent on the lens, light and shadow, set, group performance, details, etc.-so many scenes and pictures of Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace are perfect, comparable to movies, but the whole plot is similar to “Zhen Huan Biography” has no way to compare.

8 months ago

I didn’t finish watching Ruyi’s Legend. I watched it halfway through. Zhen Huan’s biography did not go too far. Let me talk about the gap between the emperor I saw. Note that it is the gap between the emperor, not the actor. Let me first talk about my most disgusting plot Ruyi into the cold palace. The charge at that time was that of murdering the emperor’s heir, and the evidence was conclusive. But the emperor believes in Ruyi in his heart. He believes that Ruyi has been wronged. To maintain stability and fight Ruyi into Lenggong, he has found out the truth for three years. Ruyi has been out of Lenggong for a few days. , Too drunk. Look at the similar plot in Zhen Huan’s biography. Concubine Hua punishes Zhen Huan on her knees, leading to Zhen Huan’s miscarriage. She actually murdered the emperor’s heir, and she was still the child of Zhen Huan on the cusp of the emperor’s heart. The emperor was so angry that all the “sluts” blurted out, and then Concubine Hua cried. ok, cut the power of the Associate of the Sixth House, take the title, be reduced to the concubine (higher than Zhen Huan who was still smiling at the time), forbid the foot in Yikun Palace (just forbid the foot, or stay in the Yikun Palace), and kneel by himself every day (Spontaneously, no one is supervising, no one knows if you don’t kneel) This is over, it’s over, and the punishment is over at this point… Sister Mei’s false pregnancy competition is much more serious than this punishment. Of course, we all know that Concubine Hua was punished lightly, and it was also because of Nian Gengyao. But let us look at how Qianlong dealt with high-ranking concubines in order to appease the former dynasty. Knowing that the concubine Gao had murdered the imperial heir and put on blame for Ruyi, Qianlong did not say anything, did not demote, only he and Ruyi knew. But secretly, no medicine, no medical treatment, no meeting with noble concubines, no family members, no servants, life wasting for noble concubine Gao. Therefore, Yongzheng forgave the Concubine Hua, on the one hand, it was Nian Gengyao, on the other hand, he was really reluctant to bear the grievances of Concubine Hua. Still Ruyi enters the cold palace, I never understand one point, that is why the queen dowager and the emperor believe that Ruyi is wronged, but they have to go back into the cold palace, this is not logical! First of all, Ruyi’s back is to murder the emperor’s heir. Since she is the backer, then there is still the mastermind in this matter. That is the emperor’s heir. Even if the stability of the previous dynasty is the most important, isn’t the emperor’s heir important? You put Ruyi into the cold palace, and you let the real murderer get away with it. This shows that any emperor heir may be the next victim. Are you betting on the luck of your next son? Compared with Zhen Huan’s biography, the queen mother knew it was. The queen conspired to murder the emperor’s heir and warned directly that the royal family will always be the most important heir to the emperor’s heir. Go to Jisimen and reflect on everything. It is to tell the queen that I will protect you and your decency for such major events, but it does not mean that I am protecting your behavior. This time I will be hit, not as an example! In fact, after Zhen Huan returned to the palace, it was true that the Queen Mother could not stand the Queen’s murder of the fourth eldest brother, so she asked Zhen Huan to come back to contain the Queen. However, the Empress Dowager in Ruyi’s biography knew that the murderer was someone else. It was just because it was involved in the court affairs. It was determined if the investigation was not done. However, when the late emperor knew the truth, he passed without any involvement in the court affairs. Up. If this matter is afraid of implicating the political affairs, don’t say anything about it. You find a scapegoat. While you preserve the face of the queen, the noble concubine, you can also preserve Ruyi’s innocence. You can also beat the queen and noble concubine. You say you let Ruyi enter the cold palace. What is it like? Obviously you followed this routine afterwards. Similarly, in the biography of Zhen Huan, important concubines made big mistakes. Concubine Hua overdoed it several times, pushing her eyebrow sister into the water, giving Wen Yi horseshoe soup, stealing prescriptions for the epidemic, etc. Every single piece was a felony. The emperor knew well, but he still gave Concubine Hua a lot of decent. He didn’t break through, but there were a lot of verbal beatings, including the occasional cut of the power of the Associate Sixth House, which was a hidden warning. . It takes a while for Concubine Hua to understand, and it takes a while for the emperor to show her attitude. Just like Yongzheng himself said, you can’t condone this harem atmosphere! It can only be said from the point of view. Zhen Huan Chuan mainly talks about palace fighting. Yongzheng’s seemingly ruthless but affectionate, let people see the bright spots outside palace fighting. Ruyi’s biography mainly talks about love. Qianlong seems to be sentimental but ruthless, so that people can only see a selfish scumbag… and aside from the role ambitions, the screenwriter should also be backed up. I only see part of the content, such as The logic of Yi Chuan is so far-fetched… It is not professional, so I occasionally complain about it and analyze it. The writing is a bit messy…

8 months ago

The casting and the script caused the lack of background in Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, which was surpassed by Yu Zheng’s Raiders of the Yanxi Palace. I even think this is the biggest mockery of director Wang Jun. Did everyone forget that Yu Ma is a Thunder Opera professional? Next, I am sorry Zhou Xun. In an interview with Zhou Xun (it seems), it was said that after an actress reaches a certain age, the acting path becomes very narrow. This is not a problem of the actors, but a problem of the market. Qing Yishui’er’s idol dramas and heroine dramas are very popular. If you want to act, it seems that in addition to the heroine, you can be the heroine’s mother. Let alone this, let me talk about Zhou Xun’s role as Ruyi, whether it violates the peace. If it was Zhou Xun 10 years ago, even Zhou Xun in the “Red Sorghum” period, playing the role of Ruyi would not violate the peace. When playing Jiu’er, Zhou Xun was 43-44 years old. Zheng Xiaolong said that the modification of the makeup helped Zhou Xun lose 10 years old, and the lighting team helped Zhou Xun lose another 10 years old, and only then did she have the girlish feeling of Shimizu Furong. Comparing Jiu’er with the prequel Zhen Huan, during the period of these two photos, the image of a girl who is ignorant of her age will be very impressive. But Zhou Xun’s state at the time of shooting makes it difficult for me to agree that she is Qingying. As for why Zhou Xun was in such a bad state at the time, in addition to playing hyaluronic acid, the other culprit should be the makeup team. Qingying doesn’t have the innocence of a girl, but she is also old-fashioned. My point of view is that simple and rude. Other characters, such as Jin Yuyan. Xin Zhilei playing Jin Yuyan, I don’t think it is a problem. She looks very charming and fits the role setting. However, she and the Concubine Gao in “The Story of Yanxi Palace” both gave me a feeling of imitating the Concubine Hua or trying to surpass the Concubine Hua by too much force. Concubine Gao’s nightclub is so smokey that I won’t complain about it anymore, and the tone of voice makes me feel very strange. The lofty imperial concubine, a cruel character, can only be expressed in a high tone? Please make up for Hua Fei’s fierce .avi and Jin Yuyan’s fierceness is too superficial and very public. If compared with the biography of Zhen Huan, Jin Yuyan’s role is very similar to Cao Qinmo in the early stage, with the same black-bellied shrewdness, but a mediocre and glamorous. It’s just that when she comes out, her eyes and her expressions seem to tell the world: I’m a bad guy. Looking back on the characters of Zhen Huan’s biography, you will find that the image of each character is very three-dimensional. Mention Meizhuang, Jingfei, Duanfei, you can use many words to image them and describe their stories. How did they change from this look to the final look. Ruyi’s biography is more difficult, the emperor’s temperament is erratic,

8 months ago

Ruyi’s biography is too thin. From the first episode to the last episode, I didn’t see that he had feelings for anyone, so much so that Ruyi loves and hates it until the end, I feel like Ruyi thinks too much unilaterally. play. The queen didn’t want to say anything, except for Zhou Xun’s acting skills, there was no other memory point. Hailan, stood Ruyi unconditionally from start to finish. Ruyi is more important to her than her son. Probably only she knows that Ruyi is the heroine of the whole play. It’s the same from beginning to end, without any growth. A very thin character with no other characteristics. Queen Fucha, the golden mean. She is definitely not a good person, but she is not a bad person either. Play sexism in the presence of one’s own daughter. From character to behavior, there is no shining point in every aspect. Gao Guifei, mentally retarded. From the beginning to the end, there is not a single episode of her IQ online, capable of acting as the landlord’s stupid son. Concubine Jia, planning from the beginning to the end, seems to be clever, but in fact she is extremely stupid. I can’t see the emperor doting on her, and I don’t need to be arrogant and domineering. After being imprisoned and released for a second, I started to arrogantly again, and started planning for my son again. You say you are stupid. In order to make the characters three-dimensional, they also inserted a prince, their love line is really embarrassing from the sky, and they played the sentimental rain in the palace with great fanfare. Ling Fei, the thinnest character portrayed in the whole play. He was born poor and humble, but he didn’t delay people from buying up the world and buying land, and the money was the same as it was changed. The whole drama can only see her bad, she was still so impetuous before she died, she did all the bad things that everyone could do, she had no love for her lover, and no affection for her relatives. Nothing she does in the whole drama is not to make things worse. Even if you eat, you feel that she is going out to harm others if she eats enough. Yunjiao, after hearing a few words from Concubine Ling, he gave up on his good future. He didn’t want any queens and concubines, so he must kill the fifth prince to avenge his mother. She usually lurks beside her enemy and shows her deep love for her, so she will pretend that her IQ should be very high, but is she so unsure of right from wrong, so easy to be deceived, don’t go to investigate what your mother made wrong? The eldest princess. I think the fullest character in the whole show. She was the emperor’s eldest daughter and the only child, and her status was infinitely noble. In her eyes, anyone except the emperor, including the subsequent successors, was just a foot-washing maid in her eyes. It was only due to the etiquette to call the mother concubine. However, all these tricks were ruined by the marriage, and the person who caused all this was Ruyi, at least in her opinion, after returning, her mother was gone, and the position was replaced by Ruyi. So she hates Ruyi for granted. If she treats Ruyi as well as Hailan, then she is sick. In addition to verbal attacks, she has never actually harmed Ruyi in actual actions. Even if she and Ling Fei join forces, they look down on Ling Fei because of her character. In the end, Ruyi had short hair. She watched the live version. She didn’t hate Ruyi much, but was full of distress towards the emperor. In contrast, Ling Fei laughed out loud, and the characters became plump at once. So the role of the princess is really three-dimensional. All her problems stem from her pride. With a length as long as Yi Chuan, none of the main characters are well written, but only a few strokes of the princess, the foot-washing handmaid, are very three-dimensional.

8 months ago

“The Legend of Zhen Huan” uses ordinary logic to advance the whole play, while “Ruyi’s Legend” is actually a kind of “abnormal logic” that is quite common in online novels. This logic is suitable for writing cool texts, but not suitable for use. Make sense. “Ruyi’s Biography” is yet another work that tries to make sense. The word “abnormal logic” came up by myself. I will briefly explain the difference between it and normal logic. “Zhen Huan Biography” is the usual logic. The sweetness of the emperor’s love affair (that is, the refreshing point that the audience can feel) is this: the heroine falls in love with the emperor, and the emperor also falls in love with her, so when someone bullies her , The emperor immediately gave her a position, and later she received many valuable gifts from the emperor, was summoned by the emperor all day, and was envied by the entire harem. This is the usual logic: after substituting the protagonist, the audience’s pleasure comes from the protagonist’s “harvest”, such as love, status, specific material gains and spiritual gains. Everything is reasonable, and the progression of the story is consistent with our usual behavior. “Ruyi’s Biography” uses abnormal logic. Specifically, in Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Royal Concubine’s romance, the cool thing that the audience can feel is this: the heroine married the emperor, but the emperor favors other women while neglecting the heroine and throwing her into the cold palace. , And at the same time indulging the concubine to bully the heroine… Anyway, the heroine is miserable, right? But as the plot unfolds, the audience will understand, oh, it turns out that the emperor loves the heroine the most. The other women he favors are all to suppress the heroine’s enemies. He neglects the heroine and sends the heroine into the cold palace to indulge the concubine. It’s all to paralyze the enemy and protect the heroine. You think he doesn’t love the heroine, but in fact everything he does is for her. This is the refreshing point in the story of perverse logic. Don’t feel very stupid. In fact, this kind of routine is quite common in the online novels of the past few years. The kind of “male protagonist abuses the female protagonist, but later discovered that everything he did was to protect her. He actually The setting of “more pain in my heart” is actually quite popular. (I haven’t read much online articles in recent years, I don’t know if it is still popular now). The coolness of the reverse logic novel comes from two aspects, one is “reversal” and the other is “audience’s self-pity.” Many people have unsatisfactory love in reality. Many people are rejected by their admirers and cannot be recognized by the other party. They can only watch each other walking with others. Many people are even left out, betrayed, betrayed or even abused by their loved ones in their love and marriage. And “reverse logic” is most popular with this group of people, and there are not a lot of them. It uses a subtle form to tell readers a possible logic: now the person you love is not treating you badly, maybe because of some last resort, and his heart actually loves you deeply. Do you feel a little silly? But some people will eat this kind of setting, even I sometimes find this kind of hypothesis very moving, so I can understand why many novels use this kind of setting. But this kind of abnormal logic is only suitable for writing cool texts, not for teaching universal principles. Because in reality, how can there be so many last resorts, how can so many people act with this unreasonable reverse logic? The behavior pattern of normal people is that they are good to you if they love you, and that they are not good to you if they don’t love you. The so-called “TA abuses me to protect me” has very little probability in reality. I think the author of “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” tried to use the abnormal logic of the Internet’s cool text to explain the truth of “marriage”, which was a dead end from the very beginning. I feel that the story of Qianlong and the follow-up will either be turned into a complete Shuangwen Shuang drama, stop trying to talk about the demise of marriage, and just keep running on a routine with perverse logic, proving that “Although the following life will be rough, But in fact, she is Qianlong’s favorite person”, that is to say, she tried her best to turn the readers into the audience.

8 months ago

It’s not as detailed as the other answers. Anyway, the lines show a gap. There are few repetitive lines in the biography of Zhen Huan, such as the basic manpower sentence in Yi’s biography: This palace is XX by the emperor. . Even if Zhen Huan’s dedication has her own dedication, she won’t talk about it every day in Ruyi’s biography, the queen: my son, my son, my son, Ruyi, and the wall of the day all day long. Jiafei: prince, prince, prince, our mother, Hailan: sister Sister and sister (you can’t take your sister this trash, you can be the queen yourself) Mei Bi: My poor child, who harmed my child’s love: The emperor’s heart is my heart, my concubine: (I am a young The snail I want to climb step by step) He Jing: I am a concubine, a concubine, a concubine: Yongzhang, Yongzhang, Yongzhang, and Yingying: Bahrain, Mongolia, 49. Yonghuang: I am the eldest son, the eldest son, the eldest son Emperor: such Yi, the queen, Xiyue, Li Yu, every day, how about estrus? Have you ever seen Zhen Huan putting civet cats on her lips day by day, her lines are poor, Ruyi’s dress is also ugly, the book is the most beautiful and the youngest, the costumes in the play are the ugliest, and everyone is beautiful in color. He has a dark color every day, and he doesn’t dress himself up as an emperor, let alone an emperor. He will check everything that happens, but nothing has been found out. The truth is told from the dying population. I don’t know what’s true when I come out. The key is that every concubine has to stab others in the chest before he dies. Only when he is forced to death, he will feel at ease and know how to cherish it when he is dead. (Whatever you do, you will know that you are mine when you lose it. Favorite?) Empress Fucha has been miserable enough to carry the pot every day, can’t he make his ending a little better? Since the imperial doctor Qi has treated so many people to death, can’t he change to the imperial doctor to see the disease? The queen mother is already a queen mother, and he still thinks about putting his eyeliner into the emperor’s palace every day. What is he looking at twice, really ruining passers-by, and finally, Li Qin is really beautiful in it.

8 months ago

“The Legend of Zhen Huan” is based on Liu Lianzi’s original work, which was modified by the director Zheng Xiaolong and his wife Wang Xiaoping for several months. “Ruyi’s Biography” was written by Liu Lianzi herself, so there are so many lines, I can hardly imagine “Zhen Huan’s Biography” was written by her. It can also be seen how much Zheng Xiaolong and Wang Xiaoping have adapted the script. In the TV series “The Legend of Zhen Huan”, Shiro’s name was Huan Huan in his dream when he had a high fever; when Huan Huan was able to enshrine the concubine Xi, he held her hand and said affectionately “I will never forget”; after discovering Zhen Huan’s personal love After forgiving her, she said to her with a sore nose, “Go and see your children, they all miss you.” For her, tens of thousands of times, Shiro saw his heart clearly. In the novel “Zhen Huan Biography”, Shiro is the child and his fourth uncle. After Zhen Huan returned to the palace, he still used her as a stand-in. He was able to send her to marry her cruelly, just to keep her own country, and the most ruthless emperor’s family. The “Zhen Huan Biography” adapted by Zheng Xiaolong and Wang Xiaoping is the best one I have watched in so many adaptations. The director and screenwriter have solid cultural skills. I’ve seen “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” once, and Fu Huadao is so ugly. Rong Pei’s lines are too arrogant, his wife is arrogant, an old mother is fatter than Wei Yingluo and Wei’s sister. The actors are all good actors. Especially Brother Xun, if it weren’t for Brother Xun, he really didn’t have that great perseverance after reading Ruyi’s Legend. Liu Lianzi wrote Qianlong too harshly, how could he be so scumbag? How could he not love Queen Fucha? It’s completely contrary to history! At that time, the filming was postponed for a long time because of the slander of Emperor Jiaqing’s birth mother. The male protagonist in Liu Lianzi’s works is really hard to compliment. To talk about the essential gap between “Zhen Huan’s Biography” and “Ruyi’s Biography”, I think it is the gap between screenwriters.

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For the first two episodes of Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, I just put aside the conversation. The difference in standards is unbelievable. From the plot to the editing to the setting of the scene, it is really bad and useless. The success of Zhen Huan’s biography is largely due to drastic changes made by the screenwriter Ms. Wang Xiaoping. The useless side plots and main characters have been deleted, making the whole series capable and compact. In other words, Zhen Huan’s original work has a trivial and unsophisticated plot, too many characters, and the author’s lack of writing power. In the later period, especially the copies of Hu Yunrong and Murong Shishao, they began to be cumbersome (no wonder Ms. Wang Xiaoping directly combined these two characters). Deleted completely). And this shortcoming is completely brought into Ruyi’s Legend, no matter the original work or the script. To give a simple example, in Ruyi’s Legend, from episodes 3-10, the House of Internal Affairs has repeatedly expressed that the treatment of the concubine Xian concubine who is favored and not favored is very different, but it is reasonable to do so. The plot setting of, one time is enough, no need to appear repeatedly, the second time you only need to take a stroke. And the repeated appearances of this plot, my understanding is to show A Ruo’s perverse temperament, love to complain, and foreshadowing A Ruo’s later betrayal. However, it is really too cumbersome. The screenwriter seems to be afraid that we will not see that A Ruo will turn back in the end. The character of this character is expressed excessively and fully without any blank, and even has a negative impact on the perception of the plot, which is not worth the loss. . Furthermore, Concubine Hui’s harshness to Hailan, in addition to the part where Hailan was tortured, plus a plot of Hailan being rushed to the side hall by Concubine Hui when entering Xianfu Palace is enough. There is no need to be forced to tie prayer flags and from time to time. Some abuse (for example, Hailan was accused by Hui and Jia at the 15th minute of the seventh episode). I understand that the screenwriter wants to embody the arrogance and meanness of Concubine Hui Hui and the humbleness of Hailan, but it really doesn’t have to be repeated. Such a setting is essentially a kind of meaningless water injection. In addition to delaying the rhythm of the plot and diluting the tension of contradictions, I am afraid that the other purpose is to increase the number of episodes and sell more money. Ruyi’s original work, I personally think that the characters are more compact than Zhen Huan’s original work. There are not so many overhead concubines appearing. The main concubine bosses are based on history, and they are considered relaxed and relaxed. I especially like Jin Yuyan. The part is considered to be a successful character created by the author (I want to praise Xin Zhilei, she did perform the very low-key and gorgeous Jia Fei of the city in my heart). However, the writing of the original is based on the perspective of Concubine Xian to understand the intrigue of the entire harem. The TV series need to be changed to fill in the blanks to prevent the audience from forgetting a certain character like the original. Therefore, in the play, there will be a section where Jia Fei started to make suggestions with the queen in the early stage. Personally, I would be a little disappointed with this setting, because when I was reading the original book, I was really surprised when I saw that Jia Fei was actually a big boss in the early and mid-term, but the play brought this character to the audience in advance. How to put it, maybe the radish and the greens have their own loves, but I really want to see Ruyi’s expression in the drama when she realized that Jin Yuyan was the villain, that kind of surprise outside the drama, maybe it will be more or less like this The settings are diluted. Summarizing the plots and screens of the first two episodes, I was so heartbroken that I scored a star (I’ve seen a dog with a dog, but I haven’t seen a dog with a dog). In the beginning of the third episode, there is room for an extra star. Why is there only two stars? Because the main creative staff is not careful and careless, the whole picture of the show is rough in capitals, and the lotus leaves with the same Sanmao special effects are not mentioned. Let’s talk about the scene layout, the position of the props is too random and exquisite. The feeling is empty. And the water injection of the plot is even more excessive. The content of the first 10 episodes can be finished in 5 episodes, and it just doubled. I really don’t understand how much confidence the main creative team has in themselves and feel that the audience can be attracted by such a protracted plot.

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