At breakfast. My dad suddenly opened his mouth and told me that there are 30 billion in our family. After hearing this, my pupils contracted, and my heart “cocked”. Why? why why! Why, I told me the news at breakfast instead of lunch or supper but breakfast. Why? Is it because? After breakfast, my dad is going out? As far as I know, it’s impossible for our family to have 30 billion, otherwise my dad wouldn’t buy me a meat bun every morning. He didn’t buy anything. He said he didn’t like to eat and waited for me to go. The stalls eat beef noodles, but they do, and I also have a bowl for me, who swallows every time I pass by the stalls. So, why does our family have 30 billion? Is there 30 billion, or is there about 30 billion? Could it be that Dad has to go out to make this 30 billion after breakfast? How to do it, rob the bank, it is impossible for the bank to have 30 billion in cash. Where does the 30 billion come from? Could it be? Want to kidnap Jackma, the richest man in our city? I read the news yesterday and said that Jackma’s net worth of 100 billion 30 billion is only 33.333333333333…% of his net worth to him. Correct! There is only this possibility, my father, how can he do such a desperate thing? No, I can’t make my dad take such a big risk for the 30 billion. I was calm, observing my words, looking at my father’s eyes, watching my dad finish the meal, and then sighed and gave me a meaningful look. I was out of the house. I was uneasy at home and restless until noon. I made up my mind. I found the customer service phone number on the website, saying that there is a 30 billion project. I want to talk to Jackma. Customer service confirmed with me twice, is it 30 billion? I said, do you believe it or not, as long as you can bear the responsibility, don’t wait for him to reply, slap! I hung up the phone. About ten minutes later, a call came. It was Jackma’s voice. I heard on TV. I said that security is done today. Someone is going to kidnap you Jackma and was shocked. Ask me, who? I won’t wait for him to ask, slap! I hung up the phone and I wandered anxiously on the street in order to prevent the situation from happening. Today, Jackma was going to attend the event. To be foolproof, I came to the scene. I was wearing black clothes and a hat for fear of bumping into my dad. The inner three floors, the outer three floors hold him like a hamburger. It’s very safe. Fortunately, the activity went on smoothly. Jackma left me safely. I felt relieved, but I was a little bit embarrassed. Your dad, your dad is only worth 300,300 billion. You can’t afford it. After thinking about it, I’m relieved. At this moment, suddenly the phone rings and I press to connect. It’s Jack Ma’s voice. I don’t know if you reminded me, it’s good or bad. Our people found out your account and transferred 3 million. If you or the people behind you have any holidays with me, that’s it, beep~~ I’m stunned, dumbfounded. Ji held the phone for a long time and couldn’t calm down. Suddenly, I heard the sound of opening the door. It was my dad. He came back. With an unhappy expression, I rushed over and lay on the ground and hugged his legs. Dad, my dad, why are you doing this? Stupid? For 30 billion, why bother? I cried and raised my face, and looked at my father with tears on my face. He looked at me the same way. I said, Dad, you know what we have 3 million to 3 million! I cried and laughed, and squeezed out my nose. My dad was surprised after hearing it, and then he swept me away and stepped on his horse. Do you want to play with you on April Fool’s Day, and do you come to tease Lao Tzu as a freshman?


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6 months ago

I Baidu it, this is a delusion of grandeur (delusion of grandeur) patients exaggerate their wealth, status, ability, rights and so on. It can be found in affective mental disorders, manic episodes, schizophrenia, and brain organic mental disorders, such as paralytic dementia. If any of your friends’ relatives has this tendency, please seek medical attention immediately, and don’t give up treatment. Trust a doctor, believe in professionalism, and strive to overcome the disease as soon as possible.

6 months ago

At breakfast, my father told me one thing, “Our family has 30 billion yuan! RMB.” “Oh, dad, you give me a fried dough stick.” “Why are you not surprised?” “It’s a big thing, eat.” I’ll talk after the meal.” In this way, in the eyes of my father’s surprise, I drank the last bit of tofu brain. Looking at the empty bowl, I knew in my heart that I am afraid I won’t be able to eat such a pleasant breakfast in the future. “Let’s say, who is our family?” The old man blushed, “Actually, I only recently found out. After digesting for a long time, I can tell you this calmly. Your grandfather has passed away for many years, and you have never seen him. , But he left a legacy for you and me. After verification by a professional company, the value is about 30 billion.” I looked at the old man and was silent. With the face of the proletariat, the honesty of working in the front line of infrastructure for a lifetime, and the eyes that are not keen on money, how can such a father be so calm? “Actually, I should have told you last year, but your work is at a critical period, so I didn’t bother you. You see you are now the backbone of our family. What are your plans for this family property?” I thought for a while. “Well, let’s not adapt to the life of the rich. It’s better to live the original life. For the family property, we need to find a professional financial management team to ensure that we need money. Now first take some money and give your old couple a good health. The most important thing. What do you think?” The old man burst into tears, “Good boy, don’t forget your roots. Then I can rest assured, in fact, the family property is not 30 billion, but 300 trillion.”…The later things are simple. It’s said that I’m crazy.

6 months ago

“In fact, our family has 30 billion.” “I see, Dad, let’s eat.” The air pressure in the living room was very low. Dad hesitated and said this sentence. Mom threw the chopsticks on the table without saying a word. , Got up and left. Dad looked at me again and said, “In fact, we have 30 billion in our family.” “I see, Dad, let’s eat.” Dad sighed, and stopped talking about 30 billion, and finally picked up his chopsticks. , But I still didn’t eat. I kept saying that our family is 30 billion, and the three of us are tens of billions. I also sighed. Now that inflation in the underworld is so serious, I don’t know how long it will last for 30 billion yuan. It will soon be Qingming. The day of collecting money is approaching, but I am getting worried day by day. Grandma will soon be too old. Down, by then Dad will only be able to maintain our lives by doing those scary errands. I sold a pair of virgin boys and girls last year. I am afraid that even the paper horse outside the door will be sold this year…

6 months ago

Dad is old. The day before yesterday, he said that he had half of’s shares, and he put out a cardboard box with the word, saying that the stock was sealed inside. The day before yesterday, he said that his watch was a peerless treasure. It was discovered by him in a greased paper bag preserved in the sewers of Qingdao before Nazi Germany fled from China. Yesterday he said that he owns the same shares as Weilai Automobile, and he plans to sell half of and make his own car. Today, he said, our family actually has 30 billion, and the last thing in his life is to build a car. I want to take him to the hospital for examination. Does he have Alzheimer’s disease or other illnesses? I have been living in an apartment for so many years, commuting to and from get off work, the school district is reluctant to buy a house, reluctant to report to work after school, not willing to go out of the restaurant, let my son work all the time, buy a house with a loan, and buy a car with a loan. . If I’m really rich, I’m middle-aged, why haven’t I taken over? Why haven’t you lost the prince’s treatment? Do you have to wait until you are as old as a British prince? There must be something strange in this matter. See you at the hospital. slow! Today is April 1st! Growing up, still can’t escape the palm of father’s hand.

6 months ago

Because at 23:32 last night, the deliveryman fell asleep while riding the bike to deliver the meal, which caused me to wait until he fell asleep hungry. Suddenly I was awakened by a pang of hunger. I bounced from the bed and touched the phone to see at 5:28. The 18 missed calls were all the takeaway guy. Are you hungry? hungry. Parents shouldn’t wake up at this time, so let’s get something to eat. I opened the refrigerator to freeze and saw hand-held cakes, dumplings, wontons, and steamed buns. Grab the biscuits by hand, convenient and fast. Plug in the electric baking pan and preheat. Wash a few slices of lettuce, tear a bag of bacon, add two more eggs, tomato sauce and pepper. eat! I’m still a bit hungry after eating, let’s steam some more buns! Eat more! Still hungry! Cook a bowl of wontons again! Finished eating, full, supported. Have some wonton soup Shun Shun. Hiccup, my dad got up too, with a fat belly, he swayed over and said, “Yo! Damn it, get up so early today!” He glanced at the dining table and said, “Oh, it turned out to be starved to death. Ghost.” I didn’t bother to care about him, he ate a little bit, and he was a bit supportive. He moved to the next storage cabinet to find the medicine box at home, and was ready to touch a few tablets of Jianweixiaoshi to chew and chew to help digestion. did not find! ! ! “Dad, where are our stomach-invigorating and digestive tablets? I’m going to eat it, so I have to chew a few tablets!” I asked my dad thoughtfully, and then replied, “In fact, our family has 30 billion!” I was turning over the medicine. His hand stopped for an instant, and even his breathing stopped at that moment, and his brain kept echoing: “In fact, our family has 30 billion! Our family has 30 billion! There are 30 billion! 30 billion! billion! billion! billion!” Slowly Turning his head, he stared at my dad with wide eyes. My dad looked at my expression, and before I could speak, he said: “You look so boring, you have never seen the world!” After a pause, he said, “It’s stored in the refrigerator, take it yourself.” My brows are slightly frowned, and the refrigerator is refrigerated? ? ? No matter what, use Lingbo’s microsteps and run! 30 billion, here I am! ! ! My sports car, my mansion, my poetry and the distance!

6 months ago

Damn it! 30000000000? ! No need to be chased by snails, no need to stay in the car for a month, no need to lack arms or legs! My real dad was sitting across from me when he suddenly noticed that he was wearing a Rolex watch on his wrist! Wearing big pants, his eyes are blurred at the moment, he is slowly sipping Coca-Cola in the cup like a tasting red wine. I can’t imagine that this person who usually wears underwear for three years without throwing it away is a super rich man! I yelled excitedly, “Dad, you are real dad!” My dad was taken aback, but soon calmed down. This is the kind of stability that a rich man should have. In the past, it was necessary to buy a candied haws. It seems that the weighing father deliberately deceived me. I understand his good intentions. This is frustration education! He asked me, “You don’t doubt what I said?” “Of course you don’t doubt it, look at this Rolex, look at your temperament, I actually found it long ago!” “I found it early?” He was suspicious. “Yeah, I saw it when you ate two catties of beef for a meal. If our family is very poor, how can you be willing to eat? And you are so lazy to cook, no matter how messy and dirty the house is, you must be from a big family. “Uh, you guys are good at discovering! Tell dad, how do you want to spend?” How to spend? This reminds me of “The Richest Man in Xihong City”, but I do not have the pressure to spend it in a hurry. I have to plan carefully. Anyway, I don’t have to work. Buying a big house and buying a luxury car is the most basic thing, and then I want to travel the world. what! A wave in the wave! The waves will do! Hahahaha!

6 months ago

Often answer Zhihu questions like this. But I didn’t see a dime. . . I have an idea: when you know that there may be a better choice, the current life becomes unbearable. What makes us endure such a life? We know this is just an impossible dream, so why do we even dream about it? In the current real universe, what can we do to realize some dreams? Do I have to be financially free before I can do something? But in fact, most people have little hope of financial freedom in their entire lives. In addition to changing jobs and traveling, we can also get real even short-term happiness from other places.

6 months ago

“Son, we actually have 30 billion in our family.” When I was eating in the morning, my dad suddenly told me that at that moment, I admitted that my heart was moved. You can maintain a superior life, and from then on, you will become the boss of life. It’s just that reason tells me that this possibility is infinitely close to 0 from the perspective of common sense and probability. But anyway, my heart is upset, my heart is upset, and my hands are slow, and the last piece of sausage for breakfast was picked up by my dad. “Really, aren’t we the richest man?” In order to cover up my gaffe, I can only follow the topic. “It’s definitely not the richest man. The richest man is hundreds of billions of yuan. We only have a mere 30 billion.” My dad said casually while eating grilled sausages. I just know that 30 billion is only a mere trivial matter. Other people’s families are better than their own, and a large number will indeed make people lose their sense of reality. “Then give me tens of millions of flowers first.” “Okay.” “Alipay arrives, three, ten, ten thousand, yuan.”? This routine is wrong. Why did you give it to me? Wouldn’t it be fooling me with the recorded voice? I’m just as if the Krypton Gold Draw Card hasn’t been shipped, and I found out some bits and pieces. I bet that the last ten consecutive draws resulted in an SSR, but I don’t know if it’s crooked. I didn’t dare to look at the Krypton Gold Boy and opened it tremblingly. After Alipay, the assets of 30013267 yuan clearly appeared on the interface. I’m dizzy, it’s true, my life ended early, and all my delusions were dismissed like a child’s play in front of 30 billion, and I suddenly felt a bit of trouble. “Then, why do you just say now, what the hell does our family do, how can there be 30 billion?” My dad was very satisfied with my anxious look. He calmly took a sip of soy milk, and said not impatiently. “When your grandfather said this to me, I was also very shocked. In fact, we are not human beings in this universe”! “The atmosphere suddenly became mysterious. “These properties are all your ancestors who were chased by snails, pressed the button that destroys the world or teleported to a different space, ran streaking with masks, and kowtowed with people. The ancestors were in one The money earned in the universe called Zhihu has been laundered into this world through legal means, so that every generation of us will risk death, and the next generation will be able to enjoy the money. “Then, dad, do you want to do those terrible things?” No, we already have a lot of money. “The old man smiled kindly. “This is the destiny of our family. If we don’t do these things, the information connection of the universe will be disconnected, and then our entire family will disappear. “But I still don’t understand why you are hiding it from me until now.” “Because my subject is, “Your father suddenly told you during breakfast that your family has 30 billion, what would you do?” ’

6 months ago

My family’s conditions are average. I entered junior high school and entered the puberty stage. In addition to physical changes, there are more mental changes. It is not limited to the rapid increase in hormones, but in the same state is comparison and unreasonable self-esteem. I realized a serious problem: Many people’s dads are richer than my dad. There are 8 people in the dormitory, and 4 families do business. One of the houses also opened a whole building of KTV. During the summer vacation a few months ago, I was still worrying about a few dollars of internet fees, but now, I was listening to their tens of millions of family funds investment, so my head was dizzy and the world turned around. I know that Ma Huateng has tens of billions, and I also know that Buffett is more rich, but it may be too far away to be senseless. But this group of roommates are really lying on the bed above and below me! I fell into doubt and doubted the authenticity of their language, but this conjecture was quickly broken by the facts. Why are they so rich? It shouldn’t be! I remembered the story I heard a long time ago, and I don’t remember if it was Bill Gates. In order to educate his son to establish a correct outlook on money and values, a rich man deliberately concealed his strong family background from the time the child was born. Moving to a remote mountain village, the couple acted as ordinary people and led a simple and simple life. Although his son is a rich second generation, he has never enjoyed the advantages of his family, and never knew that he was actually rich. When he grows up, he doesn’t have the dudes of the rich, gentle, modest, and practical. It was only then that his father told him the truth, that his family was rich in the enemy’s country. I don’t remember the follow-up of the story. But it has given me hope, I began to fantasize, maybe, I am really the son of a rich man! Dad always said, “There is no money at home! The money is on your tuition, and your mother always buys a bunch of expensive things. You don’t know that the shirt your father wears is a few years ago!” I heard this before. It’s quite uncomfortable, I believe it. Thinking about it now, well, it seems to have profound meaning. The corners of my mouth rose slightly until it was distorted. At this moment, my smile looked like when a forty or fifty-year-old bachelor in the village was thrown to the ground by a peerless beauty. Okay, I understand your good intentions. Let me keep a low profile! Treat yourself as the son of an ordinary family! After that, I kept my saliva while listening to my roommates bragging, and guessed how much wealth is hidden in the family. Not Bill Gates’ hundreds of billions, but tens of billions should be there, right? 30 billion? Time flies quickly. Now I graduated from university for more than a year, and I am still a humble worker. I go to work nine to five in the morning. After get off work, I will answer with Zhihu codewords, hoping to become as strong as possible to meet the parents’ standards, and let them tell the truth. At the same time, I was amazed by their patience: You can really hide it!

6 months ago

“In fact, our family has 30 billion.” During breakfast, my father suddenly said this. The children did not stop their mobile phones because of this sentence. Mother was busy putting the final pancakes on the plate. “Ahem, I said, our family actually has 30 billion.” Dad repeated again loudly, and the children gave an impatient hum, and didn’t look away from looking at the phone. “Awesome~ Come on, kid’s dad, eat more pancakes. The rice at home is almost gone. Buy a bag when you come back tonight. Kids, don’t look at the phone. Give me all the pancakes. Don’t leave it. “Oh, I’m serious, there are really 30 billion.” The youngest son put down his cell phone and said, “It’s not unbelievable, it’s too sudden, Dad, if it is true, our family won’t have a car. Dad, are you? I was scammed. I saw a lot of scam articles on Xu Hu…” “Dad, were you chased by a snail? Or did you come back after a few tens of thousands of years? Or press What’s the weird button?” The eldest son also asked. “No, really, you believe me.” “You want us to believe, then tell me how the money comes from?” After all, everyone stopped the dishes and looked at the subject. Subject, do you explain?

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