Tang Hede took photos to cherish the memory of Leslie Cheung: April 1 was the 18th anniversary of Leslie Cheung’s death. Just after midnight, Tang Hede posted his brother’s old photos on social platforms in memory of his brother, with the text: “Miss you!” Brother, everyone missed you very much.

For me personally, compared to Leslie Cheung’s own life or his music works, it is his film works that have more memorable points. Of course, this is not to say that his life is not legendary enough-in fact, whether it is the pinnacle of an artist’s position or the love story in life, he is already a legend. This is not to say that his music is not outstanding enough-even aside from his grades, his sense of language and music is already surprising. However, Leslie Cheung participated in two top-ranked works in the Chinese film world that are very qualified to stay in the history, “Farewell My Concubine” and “Happy Together”. The great success of these two films, of course, has an important connection with Leslie Cheung’s acting skills. Cheng Dieyi and He Baorong are almost invisible to the traces of performance and design, as if this is Leslie Cheung himself. However, it is absolutely impossible to create the top level of the film’s overall artistic level with the work of actors alone. The success of the two films is the success of Leslie Cheung, and even more the success of the director. Leslie Cheung’s outstanding performance constitutes an important part of the film’s success. He is bestowed on the work and is also rewarded by the work. But on the other hand, it is very coincidental that the two characters He Baorong and Cheng Dieyi seem to be two sides of a coin, forming a certain correspondence with Leslie Cheung himself from the perspective of life and art. In “Happy Together”, Wong Kar-wai created the image of “waterfall” to symbolize He Baorong and Lai Yaohui’s longing for pure love. Lai Yiuhui and Ho Baorong came to Buenos Aires away from Hong Kong. The Portuguese and Cantonese spoken by the two of them violated the surrounding Portuguese, suggesting that the two “came to a place cut off from their daily lives”. This kind of escape from real life—-They have to cut off themselves and everything in the real world that are connected with them, in order to remove the obstacles of same-sex love, and realize the ultimate goal of this relationship in a distant foreign country-the soul Connect with each other and have each other’s perfection. As for Li Yaohui, He Baorong’s uncontrollable emotions and the embarrassment of material life made him realize the unavailability of this kind of love in his heart, and gradually came up with the idea of ​​detaching from love and returning to the real world—Back Hong Kong. In the first half of their relationship, Wong Kar-wai meticulously expressed Ho Baorong’s incompetence and even rogue in the reality of daily life. This constitutes Lai Yaohui’s consciousness of “pure love is not available” and “let go of love and return to daily life”. The birth of transformation—He pursues pure love with He Baorong, but pure love cannot conceal the trouble and disgust He Baorong gives him in reality. He realizes that love is not feasible in reality after all. In order to express Lai Yaohui’s state, Wong Kar-wai arranged Zhang Zhen’s appearance, allowing Lai Yaohui and Zhang Zhen to communicate in Mandarin to show the change of Lai Yaohui’s mentality. At the same time, Wong Kar-wai used a scene in which Lai Yaohui was photographed for Hong Kong tourists, letting Lai Yaohui speak Cantonese, and through the lens of Lai Yaohui’s lonely drinking, it showed Lai Yaohui’s desire to return to Hong Kong and self-pity for the shadows. However, on the other hand, He Baorong became the embodiment of Li Yaohui’s residual yearning for love. He appeared from time to time and disappeared, sometimes affectionate and sometimes slutty, always involved in Li Yaohui’s feelings, so that Li Yaohui could not let go of this love, and even stole Li Yaohui’s passport, making his symbolic meaning more clear-he became The de facto obstructors prevented Lai Yaohui from returning to Hong Kong. In this way, Wong Kar-wai hinted at the symbolic meaning of He Baorong to Lai Yaohui: He is the carrier of Lai Yaohui’s nostalgia for love, which prevents him from letting go of his feelings and returning to the real world. It was not until the encounter with Zhang Zhen that Li Yaohui finally strengthened his conviction, put aside He Baorong, and returned to Hong Kong. At this time, Wang Jiawei let Li Yaohui come to the Great Falls—the place he and Baorong He have been yearning for, the ultimate goal of their love, but everything is considered “unavailable in the past.” At the end, for the finishing touch, Wong Kar-wai once again arranged for Lai Yaohui and Zhang Zhen to meet in Taiwan—the two who once exiled themselves away from the life around them, and finally returned to their own real world. He Baorong has become a demonstration of indulging in love in vain of reality, and can only sink into the dance with Li Yaohui. With the help of this film, Wong Kar-wai expresses the inevitable conflict and unrealization of pure love and reality, and the love of Lai Yaohui, which is gradually disappeared by reality over time—all the spiritual beauty follows the time of objective reality. Change and no longer exist. He Baorong’s life seems to coincide with Leslie Cheung. It is difficult for us to determine whether Leslie Cheung has also experienced He Baorong’s inner entanglement and even self-exile from time to time. Fortunately, Leslie Cheung is luckier than He Baorong in this regard. In “Farewell My Concubine”, Chen Kaige used the entire epic narrative to connect a large picture scroll of Chinese history from the end of Qing Dynasty to the Cultural Revolution for half a century. Such an epic, laid the film’s grandeur and high vision. This is the first floor. Chen Kaige placed the characters in such a grand historical environment, allowing his individual destiny to be closely connected with historical events, and thus condensed and expressed the changes in contemporary Chinese history with the help of the changes in his personal life. This is the second layer. Going a step further, Chen Kaige actually secretly expressed his historical viewpoint and creative attitude. Comparing the personal encounters in various historical events from the end of the Qing Dynasty to the Cultural Revolution, we can see that in a series of historical changes, Cheng Dieyi’s life has always been tortured by various conditions, and his dedication to art, his The realization of the pure heart for love in the historical environment of any era is also gradually deteriorating — to perform on stage during the War of Resistance Against Japan, and still get the understanding and applause of the Japanese Aoki; and after the War of Resistance Against Japan, He was boycotted as a traitor, but he was still able to perform on stage and realize his artistic ambitions; but in the last era, he had completely lost the opportunity to appear on stage. In other words, in the process of gradually pushing the timeline into the contemporary era, the tragic life of his life as Cheng Dieyi has become greater and greater, and his dramatic life as an artist and as Yu Ji has gradually become It can’t be realized—the same-sex love between him and Duan Xiaolou is a concrete representation of the love between Yu Ji and Xiang Yu. And his drama pursuit as Yu Ji (love for Xiang Yu), together with his love and life tragedy as Cheng Dieyi, gradually deteriorated with the changes of the times. In the end, at the time of the last historical event, the huge persecution made Cheng Dieyi lose the opportunity to perform on stage, and Duan Xiaolou was also forced to abandon him. That is to say, this time, he was not only persecuted as Cheng Dieyi, but also as Yu Ji’s artistic life was destroyed-unable to sing, Xiang Yu left. This kind of strong contrast actually points out Chen Kaige’s own historical viewpoint: the historical process of contemporary China, which is generally varied and ideological, is in fact a process of gradual deterioration—gradually “modernization”. “The system and doctrine of “In fact, it is more and more severe damage to traditional art. Traditional rules and style have been gradually obliterated with the passage of time.” Moreover, in that last disaster, the art that had not been completely wiped out in the previous era was completely blocked. Therefore, the last major event and disaster are undoubtedly more serious and devastating than the previous ones. In fact, apart from this movie, Chen Zhongshi’s “White Deer Plain” is also such an expression mode: for farmers, from feudal monarchy to warlord, to capitalism, and beyond, any leadership level consciousness The change in form is just a change in the way of oppression for them, and there is no essential difference-they still grow their own land and pay their own public food. However, by the end of the novel, everything has changed more fundamentally than before: Heiwa, the “most vitality in the land”, was shot down by his childhood playmate who joined the army, and it exists in any era. The White Deer in China is also “fading away”—compared to the past, only this last time, the fundamental human nature has been distorted, and the fresh vitality of this land that has been maintained throughout the long years has also been distorted. Obliterated. On top of this, the film has the highest fourth layer, which is also the place that best reflects Chen Kaige’s inspiration. In this movie, Cheng Dieyi’s life has been tortured by the surrounding environment and social morality under different eras-he fled in embarrassment when faced with the former Qing eunuch’s pleas for the performers; he confronted Duan Xiao Lou’s love has never been admitted, but the social entanglements and sophistication that came under the admiration of the Republic of China caused him confusion; wanting to sing during the Anti-Japanese Period was also misinterpreted as a traitor. It can be said that he has always been suppressed and distressed in the unpredictable society, and this unfavorable situation actually comes from himself—he is a man who only has art in his heart, and is ignorant and insensitive to the real world. people. In the last incident, his artistic path was finally completely wiped out, and the love that accompanies “Xiang Yu Yuji’s love” was also destroyed by his lover himself. At this time, he chose to be on the stage. Suddenly died. At this point, the suffering he endured as Cheng Dieyi turned into the suffering that Yu Ji suffered when Xiang Yu accompanied Xiang Yu in retreat, and his suicide turned into Yu Ji who accompanied Xiang Yu to commit suicide. It can be said that at the end of the film, through Cheng Dieyi’s suicide, Chen Kaige expressed two meanings: first, he was repeatedly persecuted by the times, and finally deprived of art. This shows that he is here as Cheng Dieyi. Unable to survive in the real world—He is a pure artist, who can only survive on the stage instead of real life; and, as he mutilates himself, he and the Yuji he plays, from the process of suffering and the final ending, They all reached a complete unity, and as a result, he truly became Yu Ji-all the previous sufferings have become the only way for him to finally unify the drama. Therefore, this time he squatted himself, making his tragedy as Cheng Dieyi and his art as a performer of Yu Ji reached the highest point at the same moment. From this point of view, everything before this movie and the torture of Cheng Dieyi under various times have become the most extreme process in which he becomes Yu Ji and climbs to the extreme of art. In fact, the fourth highest level of expression has been very intuitively manifested from the first scene of the film’s opening. Chen Kaige used the perspective of the characters to emphasize the space where the characters are located: the stadium, and twice gave a large panoramic view of the empty gymnasium. In this way, Chen Kaige intensified a sense of disharmony between the characters in costumes and the surrounding environment-they were ready to sing, but the Peking Opera stage they were familiar with actually no longer existed, and replaced by the gymnasium. This sense of disobedience is self-evident, and it has already pointed out the ultimate fate of the character: the obliteration of artistic life in the real world. From the plot level of this paragraph, Chen Kaige’s handling is also very delicate. First of all, Duan Xiaolou and Cheng Dieyi left and right, and facing the discussion of the gymnasium administrator, only Duan Xiaolou responded, while Cheng Dieyi never communicated. This shows the inner difference between the two: Compared to Duan Xiaolou, who is secular and coping with social relationships, Cheng Dieyi is a person who is innocent and obsessed with art. This kind of character contrast has actually provided a foundation for all the confusion and pain of Cheng Dieyi in this movie: because he is devoted to art, he is bound to be intolerable by the real world. In addition, in this conversation, the sentence “It’s all caused by the Gang of Four” was also pointed out, combined with Duan Xiaolou’s mechanical and bitter response when facing “It’s okay now”, which led to the ultimate destruction of Cheng Dieyi’s life. , It also eventually obliterated the existence of art and could no longer make up for the historical event, which led to Chen Kaige’s expression of self-historical view. On the other hand, in the interaction between Cheng Dieyi and Duan Xiaolou, he was obviously the one who remembered the time of their cooperation and the date of separation more firmly. This not only illustrates his loyalty as Cheng Dieyi to love and repels all external disturbances, and the accompanying “unsophisticated”, it also illustrates his deep emotional devotion to Xiang Yu as Yuji—as an artist’s drama Unity. In the last shot of the scene, the chasing light turns on and other lights disappear. In such a scene, the gymnasium full of sense of conflict with Peking Opera seems to have disappeared, and only two people standing under the chasing lights and surrounded by darkness. This picture actually constitutes a switch from the real world to the art world—the real stadium is hidden in the dark, and what replaces it is the “stage” of art. And so far, this opening scene is over. This last picture effectively strengthens the theme of the film: In the real world, Cheng Dieyi’s life and art are suppressed and obliterated, which is reflected in his sense of disobedience with the gymnasium; but His life is bound to bloom in the unreal world of art-the disappearance of the gymnasium and the emergence of the artistic “stage”. And this is precisely the response to Cheng Dieyi’s ending–he used suicide to completely leave the real world he was struggling to deal with, and achieved the highest artistic realm of Yu Ji in the form of suicide. I am completely involved in art. At the end of the film, Cheng Die is dressed in a gymnasium with “dark surroundings and only light in itself”, as if he had escaped from the real world and entered the pure art world. And in this world, he was finally able to realize his artistic pursuit and emotional sustenance, and to return to Yu Ji and Xiang Yu with Duan Xiaolou, realizing the artistic realm of love and drama that he yearned for in his life. And the ending that has been foreshadowed many times before is finally led out: As Yuji, Cheng Dieyi drew his sword and snarled himself, bid farewell to the real world that suppressed his artistic pursuit, and entered the art world. His life tragedy that love is not available, and the artistic realm of Yu Ji as a performer, have also reached the highest peak of synchronization by this. It can be said that the creator used great spirituality to come up with the most suitable, or even the only suitable ending method, and successfully caught the grand and tragic epic in the previous movie, giving the finishing touch to the dragon. When faced with the amendments to the ending during the review, Chen Kaige’s words represented the significance of the ending: “I can’t change it, because only if it ends in this way, it is Farewell My Concubine.” Cheng Dieyi is undoubtedly a portrayal of Leslie Cheung on the road of art. Cheng Dieyi’s artistic ideal has been suppressed in the real world, but he has always maintained the artist’s pure self. Such an image projected the profile of Leslie Cheung himself-not only a performance deeply integrated into the role, but also a figure singing “I” as a musician. These two roles overlap with Leslie Cheung’s life, and it is even difficult to tell whether this is an excellent acting skill or a representation of the self. But from a certain perspective, the end of Cheng Dieyi and He Baorong, the deep sadness they represent, is something that no one wants to see in Leslie Cheung himself. Everyone is more willing to see, and more willing to believe, that “this is Leslie Cheung’s own status” “real appearance”, may all be the young thief in “Across the World”. He leaned against the bridge, acquiesced to the painter’s sketch, waiting for the moment when the prey set off, his eyes were filled with uncontrollable excitement and anticipation. When he set out, as if remembering something, he suddenly turned his head and shouted to the painter, his smile fluttering wildly. “I’m Gang Yang! Read the newspaper tomorrow.”


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

18 years passed in a flash, my brother should be a bright star again. Why do so many people still miss Leslie Cheung? Because it is no exaggeration to say that he was the guide of the early music and film circles in Hong Kong. He is not an ordinary entertainer, he is an artist. How to feel the value of an artist? The fascinating Cheng Dieyi in “Farewell My Concubine”, the bohemian Xu Zi in “A Fei Zheng Chuan”, the drunken Ouyang Feng in “Evil and the West”, Rick, ” “Happy Together” makes people love and hate Ho Baorong…There are also some classic music masterpieces: “The Wind Continues To Blow”, “Monica”, “Amour”, “The Greatest Hits of Leslie Cheung”… How to use Describe Leslie Cheung’s life in one sentence? US Time Magazine: Leslie Cheung is a born superstar. National first-class actor Sun Fengqin: Leslie Cheung is not limited to being a Hong Kong and Taiwan superstar, an entertainer, but a real artist. Ben Kingsley (British actor, Oscar winner): His performance in “Farewell My Concubine” made me see what a perfect performance is! Brigitte Lin: There are not many people like Leslie Cheung in the Hong Kong showbiz circle. Huang Baiming: He will help actors with unfamiliar acting skills match the scenes, tell jokes to make colleagues in a bad mood happy, arrange doctors for sick staff, and find work for Xiaolong, who is in distress. Wong Kar Wai: He knows how to take care of and caring for others. Huang Zhan: He will not show arrogant attitude to other artists of his generation or to the staff around him. Leslie Cheung is very talented, but he is still working hard and will never be lazy because of his talent. Chen Kaige: He is a very good actor, and he is also a very powerful actor. There would be no “Farewell My Concubine” without Leslie Cheung. Upside down sentient beings, blowing ashes is easy; the wind continues to blow, never far away. How big a sensation did Leslie Cheung die when he died? On April 1, 2003, a generation of superstar Leslie Cheung jumped off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong and died on the spot. 2003 was an eventful year. The SARS epidemic, the outbreak of the Iraq war… the most memorable thing was the fall of the superstar Leslie Cheung. What ordinary citizens do not forget in ten or twenty years is the important thing. Through Leslie Cheung’s cause of death-severe depression. It’s not just my brother alone. The man is dead, the living is like this! We might as well put our eyes on the contemporary depression group, pay attention to them, care about them, perhaps it will be more meaningful. However, we have seen that more than ten years have passed, and the current nearly 100 million people with depression in China are not doing well-“Because he could not bear the torture of depression, he jumped violently, cut his throat with a knife, and chose to personally End his own life.” On March 24, a boy from Zhengzhou University of Finance and Economics committed suicide with a knife in his apartment. As soon as the suicide case of a college student with depression was exposed, it quickly appeared on the hot search. It is reported that in the process of self-harm of the boy, the auntie and his classmates stepped forward to discourage him. But even if everyone tried hard to stop them, and was even injured by a knife, they still couldn’t match the boys’ strong and stubborn determination to die. Depression, still in front of everyone, took away this young life. I remember that before, Jinan University also had an incident where a female college student committed suicide due to depression and taking medicine. Before her death, she left a “suicide note” on Qzone, stating that “the suicide was only because of my father”. Every word, with blood and tears, complained of the tremendous psychological harm her family had caused to her. Depression lurks in the hearts of countless individuals in a way that we cannot detect. Every day, every moment, in every corner of society, depression creates another human tragedy. The latest data from the World Health Organization show that there are 350 million people suffering from depression worldwide. The latest data in 2019 show that there are about 95 million people with depression in my country, and today, there may be more. This means that 1 in 14 people is a depression patient. Our family members, friends or colleagues around us may all suffer from depression. But the whole society knows very little about depression, and is even full of misunderstandings. Regarding depression, I have summarized 6 truths for everyone. Truth 1: People with depression are not “motivated”, but are onset of illness. “When the feeling of depression comes, I can’t hide. People will involuntarily feel depressed, unable to fill in emptiness, endless despair, and exhausted. The exhaustion, and the closed perception, there is no desire, only hopelessness”-this is a depressed patient, describing his true feelings during the onset of depression. Ordinary people usually think of depression as an accidental emotional outburst, thinking that depression is nothing more than a “glass heart”, “weakness”, and “no illness groaning.” In fact, depression is a kind of episodic mental disorder, a brain disease, and a series of state changes including mood and body caused by hormone changes. Depression episodes usually lead to three symptoms that last for more than two weeks: Depression in the onset stage. Because of the decline in hormone levels, people can’t be happy anyhow, they are always melancholy, sad, even pessimistic and hopeless. If you have watched “A Dream of Red Mansions”, Lin Daiyu, who frowns and sighs all day and shed tears at every turn, is probably a typical depression. Slow thinking, I feel that my brain has become stupid, my thinking is stiff, sluggish and inactive, it is difficult to think about problems, and I often feel that my brain is empty. Motion inhibitory activities are significantly reduced, and the body becomes lazy. Body and language will slow down or decrease. In severe cases, you may not be able to eat and cannot take care of yourself in daily life. To put it simply, these symptoms that appear during a depression episode are just like a runny nose, cough, and fever when people catch a cold. They are symptoms of diseases that are difficult to control by themselves. It’s really not that they deliberately “play their temper” and “make temperament”. And this kind of “cold of the mind” may be the most appropriate description of a depression patient-“Depression is like a spoon slowly digging away the part related to “emotion” from my brain and leaving only “Numbness” Sometimes nothing happens. I just sit and lie down and stand, and then tears flow down my eyes.”

6 months ago

After Leslie Cheung passed away, Tony Leung was reluctant to delete his phone calls. One day, Tony Leung accidentally dialed Leslie Cheung’s phone, but he didn’t expect Leslie Cheung’s voice to come from the phone. Once Leslie Cheung was asked who the actor he most wanted to work with, Leslie Cheung answered without hesitation: “Tony Leung”, the opportunity for the two to become friends really came from the movie “Happy Together”. When filming “Happy Together” in 1997, Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung had a rivalry. The director Wong Kar Wai asked Tony Leung to take off his underwear. Tony Leung collapsed and shouted: “No! Panties are my bottom line!” Leslie Cheung comforted him: “Don’t worry! You are not my dish! “Happy Together” was filmed in Argentina. When Leslie Cheung first arrived in Argentina, because Because of this problem, Liang Chaowei discovered his condition in the middle of the night and sent him to the hospital, which did not make the condition worse. Because of this, the relationship between the two people became closer. They often get together to rub mahjong and drink tea. , Chat. In the 2001 Golden Image Awards ceremony, because he knew that Tony Leung drank too much and was afraid that he would fail to speak on stage, Leslie Cheung himself spoke on stage for 20 minutes, giving Tony Leung time to sober up, and learned that Tony Leung had defeated himself and won the best actor. At that time, Leslie Cheung was happier than his own award. On April 1, 2003, Leslie Cheung jumped from the hotel and left us forever. After Tony Leung learned about it, it took three days to recover and finally endured I couldn’t help crying. One day in the middle of the night, Tony Leung accidentally dialed Leslie Cheung’s phone. Unexpectedly, Leslie Cheung’s voice came from the phone: Hello, I’m Leslie, please leave a message if you have anything…heard a familiar voice Liang Chaowei suddenly thought it was really his brother who answered the call, but he stopped for a long time and realized that his brother was no longer alive. He was stunned, and tears fell like rain. In order to keep his brother’s gentleness. Voice, Mr. Tang Hede has been paying the phone bill for his lover’s number, so his brother’s call can always be reached, and the recording of the call has been kept to this day, and has not disappeared. Before hanging up the phone, Tony Leung said in a slightly crying voice A message: “Why, let’s start over. “Just as He Baorong in “Happy Together” said to Li Yaohui, “Why don’t we start from scratch.” This is He Baorong’s weapon and Li Yaohui’s spell. Every time He Baorong utters this sentence, Li Yaohui will definitely forgive him. I will definitely look back. However, in 2003, the story of Li Yaohui and Baorong Ho has already come to an end. Leslie Cheung is gone, and now only Tony Leung is left. “It’s better to start from the beginning”, but we can’t start from the beginning again! This is why Tony Leung would subconsciously say this when he heard Leslie Cheung’s call. In the circle, there was a saying: “Compared with his brother’s singing and acting skills, his appearance is nothing. Compared with his brother’s character, his singing and acting skills are nothing. “With such a scenery, why have such acting skills; with such acting skills, why have such gentleness. But he happens to have them. Leslie Cheung has always maintained kindness and simplicity in the entertainment industry for so many years. He is insightful and naive. No matter what pain he himself experienced, he would never impose the things brought about by such suffering on innocent people. He faced the darkness, and then took up the darkness.

6 months ago

To be honest, it’s okay for someone who has answered and followed the trend, but respect the deceased. Isn’t the national hero also at the top of the hot list? It’s not like you said that no one cares. After all, there is still no need for someone to really like his hostility. So big, I admire the martyr Wang Wei. I feel sorry for both of these two men’s untimely deaths. Even if the two of them can’t compare their contributions, shouldn’t it be normal to regret the passing of such a beautiful life?

6 months ago

The students of the old eighth school came out to say a word of conscience. The celebrity who left on April 1st was Lin Huiyin. How many people don’t know that today is the death day of Chinese architect Lin Huiyin, great Chinese mathematician Chen Jiangong, and former Chinese women’s volleyball champion Chen Zhaodi! ! ! Because they didn’t sacrifice their lives for the motherland? Can’t it be memorialized with a lifetime contribution? Can only give life? This world is not black and white. It is not only when you reach the realm and status of a saint that you can be commemorated. Anyone who is valuable and useful to others can be remembered and loved by you and me. He has no value to you. You can not Like or even hate, but he is useful and valuable to others, provides comfort to others, and is useful to them. What do they miss for you? Why don’t you know Chen Jiangong? Don’t know Chen Zhaodi? Oh, because they are scientists and sports figures, don’t you know them because they don’t have high exposure to celebrities? You finally found an excuse and a reason for this, but this is indeed the reason. The singers are well known by the public because of the nature of their work. Thousands of scientists have not been exposed because they have to make contributions with peace of mind! Instead, they hate being exposed. There are so many martyrs every year, why don’t you remember? It is because Leslie Cheung passed away on this day, you can’t stand it, so you have to find Wang Wei to suppress it to prove that your morals are extremely high. Wang Wei’s hot search is many years after his death. Wang Wei passed away in 2001, do you know? You don’t know! I know! But between 2002 and 2010, how many people commemorated him online? Until Leslie Cheung’s fans commemorated him many times on a large scale, some people couldn’t bear it and asked: On Sohu, on People’s Weibo (the People’s Daily Online also commemorated Leslie Cheung, including cctv6 and cctv10), did you remember Wang Wei? Later, Wang Wei’s hot search began to come up every year? It’s a pity that no more people ask: Why don’t you remember Lin Huiyin and Chen Jiangong? I really hope that Lin Huiyin and Chen Jiangong will be mentioned more, they are also great! I have visited the tombs of the martyrs many times. I have the blood of Chinese people. My parents are party members. I love my country very much. I love every inch of land here. I also donated money for the Wenchuan earthquake. How many fans also donated money. But you won’t know it! Let me ask these people who talk about Wang Wei, do you really commemorate Wang Wei? Or is it just to use him as a tool man, use him as a pronoun for your patriotism and loyalty? Then this is really sad, because Wang Wei has not received enough respect, because he has been used as a tool! How are you better than those who have good taste in Leslie Cheung costumes? Is it pretend to be different in essence? They are equipped with taste, and you are equipped with moral connotations. How many times did you donate to charity? I’m afraid there are not many fans and Leslie Cheung? Lin Huiyin did not become a tool man, because some people felt that she was not worthy of being used as a tool. Only martyrs were qualified. Moreover, Lin Huiyin had been stigmatized for a long time and was called the ancestor of green tea, but I just like Lin Huiyin and the rumors about her Not credible at all. Leslie Cheung and Lin Huiyin are both people who are deeply misunderstood. They are both beautiful and excellent people, but they are considered to be superficial. They are only discussed about sexual orientation and a certain man will not marry her for life. Kind of leftover rumors. For some people, singing and movies are not considered art, but a lowly occupation, even selling bread. This society is not as tolerant as we imagined. Some people don’t see Kobe being mourned, so Zhong Nanshan must be suppressed. As everyone knows, people who like Kobe also respect Zhong Nanshan, and those who use Zhong Nanshan to suppress others may not care about Zhong Nanshan at all. Some people say all day, why don’t you remember the martyrs? In fact, he doesn’t remember how many Memorial Days every day, he doesn’t go to the grave. To be honest, I have visited the graves of martyrs more often than some people have visited the graves of their dead relatives. Some people are narrow-minded and cannot tolerate different values. Can’t bear the existence of other people’s preferences, can’t bear things beyond their understanding. As long as they don’t like it, it cannot and should not exist. In their eyes, the martyrs are tool men and are used as guns. To be honest, as a son and daughter of a dedicated and popular Communist Party, I am really more patriotic than many sitting people who talk about moral bondage, love the Party more, and love this country more. I have visited the graves of martyrs many times. I love everything beautiful. Things, including Leslie Cheung. I only hate Leslie Cheung for leaving too early, otherwise he will not be accused of so much viciousness now, because he is not successful enough, he has already taken steps towards art, with his ability and temperament, he could have done more extreme , Completely enter the ranks of better artists recognized by more people. At that time, you will not be abused by some narrow people who use martyrs as tools to attack Leslie Cheung and his fans. After all, no one would tie up the morality of some founding greats like Washington to suppress Van Gogh, Aristotle and Leonardo. Because the latter two are the peaks of art. Painters like Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci will not be scolded. What do you commemorate for foreigners? They did not sacrifice their lives to contribute to the Chinese. What do you like about him? They have been dead for so many years, how can you like them? As long as Leslie Cheung can be like Mei Lanfang, no one will dare to morally bind and suppress Leslie Cheung. After all, someone named Mei Lanfang, an artist who is not an actor! This also shows that the status of political and military affairs is higher than the art of opera, and the art of opera is higher than the art of film. Leslie Cheung is not an ordinary entertainment star nor an actor. For eight hundred years, even the protagonist of a certain classmate’s youth spoke for Mei Lanfang’s identity. Therefore, the reason why a great man is a great man is his equality. Women can hold up half of the sky, so the status of women has been improved. Mei Lanfang’s status has been improved. It has been improved and is no longer an actor. It is an artist, but now people still use “actress” to talk about things. Actress is an extremely slanderous term. Who is more noble than whom? May I ask those who insult other people’s preferences and cynicism, what great contribution have you made? This is that business idols, no matter how artistic they are, are inferior to people in the eyes of society. How many years have passed, still so. Leslie Cheung used to be in a mess because of his status as a business idol, but because of his status as a business idol, he switched to art and was extremely difficult to be shackled. He has not yet fully transformed into a pure artist, but the artistry of his works is indelible. No matter how much you hate a person, why bother with fans. Some people really can’t learn to respect, understand, or equal, so they can only become people who have no sense of value and existence in society, people who don’t love, and people who don’t understand others. Narrow-minded and full of complaints, these people only pick up bricks and smash themselves in the foot.

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In the eyes of some people, he is a sacred idol; in the eyes of others, he is a humble actor. In this era where there is no Leviathan but there are Leviathans everywhere, the damaged Vendome column needs to be constantly reconstructed by people with atrophy. These people essentially just need a deity to satisfy their needs-whether it is positive or negative, positive or negative. However, this restructuring activity itself has not given too much reflection. It is worth mentioning that although the answer area of this question is a memorial, the comment area of the topic is all ignorant mockery. It can only be said that this wave of rubbing flow is in the atmosphere.

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The 18th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung’s Death: After you left, the word “Fenghua Peerless” has been lonely for a long time. It’s not costly to turn all beings upside down. In the eighteenth year of Leslie Cheung’s departure, the wind continues to blow.Introduction​ In the eighteenth year of leaving, the wind continued to blow-Introduction There is a bird in the world that has no feet. It can only fly and fly. When it gets tired, it sleeps in the wind. This bird can only get off the ground once in a lifetime. , That time was when he died. Leslie Cheung’s “The True Story of Ah Fei”, the white horse crossed the gap, and the years passed by, and another year was good. This year, Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing, who had been with each other for a long time, broke up in a very tragic way. This year, Gillian and her husband left. Marriage, major events in the entertainment industry happen every year, and only the eternal face in memory will never grow old. In 2021, the eighteenth year of Leslie Cheung’s death, it was said that fans in the entertainment circle did not have long affection, but this incident was not very true to his brother. After Leslie Cheung’s death in 2003, more and more “post-Rong fans” “I started to like him. Every year, the topic “Continue to love Leslie Cheung on the xx anniversary” will be popular on April 1st. Speaking of brother Leslie Cheung, what is the first word that comes to mind in everyone’s mind? Is it “Cheng Dieyi” or “Peerless Grace”? Is it “Farewell My Concubine” or “A Fei True Story”? This person is the memory of an era. With singing and light and shadow, he has become the glory of an era. Even if it has long since passed away, it is still unforgettable. [Heavy under the feet, but the heart is born in the sun] My brother Leslie Cheung was very popular in the entertainment industry during his lifetime. There are countless actors who have been helped by Leslie Cheung. Everyone thinks that the gentle and powerful brother, but his early experience is not so smooth, if he must use it To describe his past in one sentence, it would probably mean that he weighs a thousand catties under his feet, but his heart is shining towards the sun. Leslie Cheung was born in 1956, his original name was Zhang Fazong. Leslie’s mother Pan Yuyao gave birth to ten children for his father Zhang Huohai. Leslie Cheung was the youngest in the family. As the saying goes, the elder son and grandson are the lifeblood of the old lady, but Leslie Cheung, as the youngest child, did not enjoy the pampering of his parents to Yaoer. Leslie Cheung’s parents’ marriage is unhappy. His father, Zhang Huohai, is a famous tailor in Hong Kong. Many Hollywood movie stars come to him to customize their clothes. Therefore, the material conditions of the Zhang family are very acceptable. At times, the heart of lust is born.” Zhang Huohai, who is not short of money, naturally has a lot of intestines. Zhang Huohai often goes to the Peninsula Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui to meet beautiful women, but rarely has time to accompany his children and children. Leslie Cheung did not know his father when he was six years old, and his mother Pan Yuyao, a woman who loved her husband deeply, put all her thoughts at ease On Zhang Huohai, inquiring about her husband’s whereabouts, naturally neglected to take care of the children. Leslie Cheung said in an interview after becoming famous: “From birth to the death of his father, the family spends no more than five days together.” In addition to Leslie Cheung’s mother Pan Yuyao, Zhang Huohai also has two other rooms. Auntie, father wanders through the flowers, mother is neither hot nor cold, you can imagine how Leslie Cheung came here during his childhood. However, Leslie Cheung, who grew up in such a family atmosphere, has achieved a “heart is shining in the sun.” People who know his brother did not say that he is bad, because of the lack of young family affection, in fact, he is eager for love from his family. [The sudden turn of destiny is the inexhaustible sadness] When Leslie Cheung was 13 years old, he went to boarding school alone to study. His parents did not express sadness about his departure. He waved his hand happily, saying goodbye to the past and saying goodbye to all unhappy. With the passage of time, Leslie Cheung never got used to the pace of life at the boarding school. This was probably the only easy time in Leslie Cheung’s 46 years of life. There was no sadness, no busyness, no slander, no chasing, just comfortable. Hair, quiet life, love and expectation. After graduating from boarding school, Leslie Cheung was admitted to the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. At first he wanted to inherit his father’s business, so he chose the textile major. The turn of destiny came very suddenly. Before Leslie Cheung graduated, Zhang Huohai’s tailoring career suffered from the impact of the finished garment industry. Because of the unsuccessful career, Zhang Huohai spent the whole day drinking to dissipate his sorrows, and finally suffered a stroke and was helpless. Under the circumstances, Leslie Cheung had to terminate his studies and return to Hong Kong. But it was also because the family’s clothing workshop could not continue to develop, Leslie Cheung did not become a tailor naturally, but took another path he had never thought of. Leslie Cheung, who has been away from home for a long time, finds it difficult to reintegrate into the family. His incompatibility with the family makes him choose to make a living on his own. Before joining the film and television industry, he has done everything, selling clothes and doing part-time jobs. He was born with a noble temperament. “He knows the hardships of small people in the market. In 1977, the 20-year-old Leslie Cheung officially entered the industry, starting his infinitely brilliant and short life in the showbiz. [There are countless stars in the world, only one person is outstanding] Leslie Cheung is a very amazing person. He takes everything seriously and tries his best to do his best. Nowadays, in the entertainment industry, it is rare to see both singing and acting. , There are established artists. The Hong Kong music scene in the early 1980s was the era of “Tan Zhang contending for hegemony”. Although there were many outstanding singers in the same period, such as Xu Guanjie and Xu Xiaofeng… but their brilliance was hidden under these sharp-edged twin stars. Leslie Cheung came to China Star from Polaroid in 1982. In 1983, he released a record called “The Wind Continues Blowing”. The “wind” with the same name as the record kept blowing. In 1984, the song “Monica” from Leslie Cheung’s album “Leslie” established Leslie Cheung’s status as a superstar in the singing world. In 1999, this song was selected as one of Hong Kong and Taiwan’s “Top Ten Golden Songs of the Century”. The so-called “Tan Zhang dispute” refers to the battle between the principal Alan Tam and his brother Leslie Cheung’s fans. The two singers don’t really value these, but their fans are crazy. In that era when the Internet was not very developed, The battle between the two fans continued directly into their lives and caused a lot of impact. It was also because of this incident that Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung announced in the same year that they would no longer participate in the awards of any activities in the music scene. People who are not interested in music like Leslie Cheung mostly because of his film and television dramas. My brother has filmed too many film and television works. Simply talk about a few works that impressed me most. The first thing to bear is the “Farewell My Concubine”, which has amazing people and is still ranked number one in a forum so far. “The small building still looks like it was, and the world has no way.” This sentence is a saying that many audiences like this movie. Sentences with emotion every year. When Leslie Cheung met Cheng Dieyi, he was truly a well-deserved “peer and gentleman”. How vivid did he act Cheng Dieyi? “Laughing forever, and crying forever sorrow, this scene is not yours, this look is none other than you”, so far, many people feel that Leslie Cheung’s final death is because of being immersed in the role of Cheng Dieyi and can’t let go of it for a long time. Every year, many people miss my brother. I forgot which year I wrote an article, and there was a reply from God, “When Leslie Cheung sang “When Love is a Past”, the word “Elegant” will never be heard from now on. “It’s a lifetime! One year, one month, one day, one hour is not a lifetime!” Every time I see the poster picture of this line, I still feel sentimental. In addition to “Farewell My Concubine”, Leslie Cheung’s most stunning appearance is that he played the Twelfth Young Master Chen in “Rouge Button”. He is very handsome in a robe and looks like a character who has come out of a painting. The scumbag is hard to hate. The moment he came down the stairs, it was really exciting. The line mentioned at the beginning of the article is a classic line in “The True Story of A Fei”. The loneliness in “The True Story of A Fei” is fatalistic loneliness. It is rare for all the actors in this movie. A Xu (Legisson Leslie) has been searching for the missing part of his life all his life. Perhaps as he said, he is a footless bird and can only land once in his life, so every woman is just a visitor to him. He can’t be someone’s home. Such delicately portrayed tragic characters make people empathize, and after watching the movie, they will feel disappointed. There is a movie that I love, but I can’t talk about it in detail. Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung’s “Happy Together” follow-up with the same subject matter only talks about shooting techniques, and almost no drama can catch up. Wong Kar-wai’s mastery of light and shadow is too great. “The King of Spear”, “The True Colors of Heroes”, “Across the World”, “Alien Space”, “Happy Events in Flower Fields”… Leslie Cheung has too many classic works, there are countless stars in the world, and this is the only one who is outstanding. [Forever and forever, this love lasts forever] With the increasing tolerance of the times, the introduction of Leslie Cheung on the Internet, in the column of the relationship person, finally gave him the greatest respect, in fact I have forgotten In the specific year, the title of Tang Hede in this column has finally changed from a close friend to a lover. Many people have told the story about Leslie Cheung and Tang Hede. When choosing this subtitle, they still hesitated. These days, “The Order of Mountains and Rivers” is on the air. “In fact, it is quite suitable, but after thinking about it, I still choose to use “Forever and forever, this love lasts forever” to better express their feelings. “Forever, there is no end to this love.” This sentence is the inscription on the elegiac couplet given by Mr. Tang to his brother. The sentence is a pity, a regret, and a promise. One sentence is heavy. We met when we were young, and have been separated for many years due to irresistible reasons. Leslie Cheung, 26, and Tang Hede, 24, met again at the Regent Hotel in Hong Kong. How did they change from a good friend to a good friend to a lover? In this process, we It is unknown, but their deep affection has moved many people. “Those so-called gentle evidences that have been snooped are actually less than one in ten thousand. There are more romantic secrets in no one’s corners.” Hong Kong paparazzi followed Leslie Cheung. Leslie Cheung grabbed Tang Hede’s hand and never looked back. This photo has attracted countless people. People moved. “We used to talk about the hidden love in a crowd of friends to the most enjoyment, but I only look at him, and what thousands of people cheer about, I don’t care.” In 1996, Leslie Cheung left the music scene for the 6th year, in the audience of thousands of fans. During the call, he made his comeback on stage at the Hung Hom Stadium in Hong Kong. Leslie Cheung was nearly 40 years old that year. This man really “has been away for half his life and is still a teenager when he returns.” Leslie Cheung’s bright eyebrows have not disappeared because of his immersion in the entertainment industry for many years. Leslie Cheung, who is back again, is even more reckless. At the end of the concert, he sang a song “The Moon Represents My Heart”, claiming to be given to support for many years. His close friends and relatives. [The tree is still like this, how can people be worthy] The relationship between Leslie Cheung and Mr. Tang has been attacked by the Hong Kong media at the time. As a public figure, Leslie Cheung has always been under pressure. The love he cherishes is not blessed by others, and the maternal love he expects is always It’s just like leaving. In 2002, Leslie Cheung suffered from depression. Tang Hede tried many ways to keep his brother, but unfortunately, the angel could not be kept in the world. The angel went back to heaven. On April 1, 2003, Leslie Cheung jumped off the 24th floor of the Hong Kong Mandarin Hotel. He was 46 years old. , From then on, the word “Fenghua Peerless” has been lonely for a long time. There is a sentence in Leslie Cheung’s suicide note, “I haven’t done anything bad in my life, why did this happen?” This is also a question of many people. In the sensual and mixed entertainment circle, like Leslie Cheung, he is sincere to his friends and is willing to give the younger generation a hand. There are too few artists. Brigitte Lin once said that it is difficult for a good person like Leslie Cheung to find a second one in the entertainment industry. Jacky Cheung once said that my brother takes great care of his younger generations and peers, and I regard him as an idol and mentor. Wang Leehom once said that his elder brother is his enlightenment teacher. He just arrived in Hong Kong and couldn’t adapt to life there. His brother said to him that you are from the United States and you don’t know anyone, and you don’t have family members here. After you come to Hong Kong, I will be your family. Maggie Cheung, Chung Chuhong, Wang Zuxian, Anita Yuan, Anita Mui, Eason Chan, Louis Koo… these are all people who have talked with their brother. No one can guess, such a good person, life will end in this way. Maybe it’s really like a tree, so how can people stand it! No matter who it is, no one can escape the years, nor can he escape the fateful ending. [Conclusion: Reverse all living beings, it’s not costly] Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui collaborated on the scene of the song “Fanghua Peerless”. There are still people who will watch it. Without him, this scene is really “beautiful.” “Fee”, who can not love them like this? As an artist, Leslie Cheung is undoubtedly successful. After eighteen years, some people still remember it, and some people still remember it. Once a friend in Hong Kong said that not only our generation is called Leslie Cheung, his grandfather is also called Leslie Cheung. Time has passed. In the eighteenth year, I wish my brother, heaven is well!

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Dear Monica: We are all pornographic men and women, slutty, cheating, silence is golden. I can’t remember that love was so far and so close. The heat has stopped, people with subtle emotions are called Weiwen. Those who are frustrated are singing the ghost of a beautiful girl and are unwilling to just do it. Passing by the dragonflies, can you give me more kisses and dare not look at your side? Happy together, the world of others is a space of different degrees. Form a rouge button When the hero is no longer true, I still want to cross the four seas and starry night in the fairy tale, there is no midnight singing, A Fei Zheng Chuan does not have to distinguish between the evil and the poison When the wind rises again, when love is a thing of the past, can we still live together? 2021 wind continues to blow By L.LU

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Life is impermanent, only love is eternal. Miss you miss you miss you. In recent years, a lot of familiar artists have passed away. You, a socialist, should have been reminiscing with them. Be good over there. We are also very good here. Your lover is very nice and has a double chin (no, no, it’s a big one). Your friends are very nice and will gather for a meal from time to time. Your fans are also very good, and there are more this year. I remember you. A poem conveyed from Weibo is very touching: I believe, enthusiastically believe: He is waiting for me somewhere in that world-still as young as that night, and still loving me like that night. (From the Russian writer Puning “Cold Autumn”) ​​​

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Oh, it’s been 18 years in a blink of an eye, and time flies so fast. If he is still here, he should be a lovely old man now. But one more thing, I really can’t think of what he would look like when he gets old hahahahaha. Maybe it’s an old naughty boy, he will play even better after he loses his baggage. It seems that when I was watching “The Bed Is the Tomb of Youth”, there is a story in it: a young Japanese girl saw the brilliant cherry blossoms full of trees, thinking that the flowers would wither and her face would be old, she couldn’t help but feel sad. Jumped off the waterfall. As for whether this story is true or not, it doesn’t matter which book I read it from, the important thing is the story itself. Then talk about things after getting old. There are people you can’t imagine what they will look like when they are old, such as Akutagawa Ryunosuke, such as Huo Qubing, such as Leslie Cheung. If possible, I hope they live a long life. For example, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, he can write more works to see. For example, Huo Qubing, I really want to know what will happen if he lives longer. For example, Leslie Cheung can act in many movies, sing many songs, and hold many concerts. I haven’t been to see his concert live. None of these ideas can be realized. What a pity. “Where is the way to die? The body is the same as the mountain.” It was a cruel thing. When I read Tao Yuanming’s “Mr. Wu Liu Biography” and his poems, there was a little joking in it, as if I had already read it. Actually not. I just feel that there are a lot of sad things in this world, and I can’t drink alcohol often, so I comforted myself to look away. If you make do with it, you can still get away from it. Digress. When I first started to understand my brother, I listened to his “Silence is Golden”, and after listening to it, I turned it off after a while. I really couldn’t listen to it. I really can’t listen. When I thought I shouldn’t like him anymore, I just fell in love with watching movies, and I happened to see “The True Colors of Heroes” and I happened to hear “Love in the Past”. Oh hoo. Can’t hide, can’t hide. One more thing, I think the old man in “The True Colors of Heroes 2” is more handsome, and is much less immature than in the first part. Next is the extremely handsome “Across the World”. Naturally, I listened to a lot of his songs, and then I went to listen to “Silence is Golden”, and suddenly I felt better. One more thing, I think “The Wind Continues Blowing” that spans the 97 concert is the best version, and the guitar at the beginning is very chic. I think it would be perfect if he sang “The Wind Continues” in this suit, haha, after watching a lot of his movies and listening to a lot of his songs. Then there is no more. At most it is listening to songs and watching movies. Originally I wanted to go to a fan meeting and something like that, but then I thought about it, forget it, I’m an old man, it’s enough to watch movies and listen to songs. There is an article in Hemingway’s “Flowing Feast” called “The Lost Generation”, in which there is a sentence I have always wanted to post in a certain answer but I have never had a chance. Now I post it in this answer about my brother: “I I remember that all generations have been confused by some things. It has always been so, and it will always be like this.” The most absolute thing is not this passage, but Hemingway’s handling of the ending. I thought that as soon as the golden sentence came out, the author would sublimate it to the greatest extent at the end, with a lingering sound that inspired people to think deeply. As a result, Hemingway put it aside, completely treating it as non-existent. (If you want to know the details, I suggest you read the original work.) If you use a metaphor, it’s like the end of each episode of EVA. I like this style very much, sometimes it makes people confused. “I never heard her talk about it,” my wife said. “I’m a wife. It was her companion who was talking to me.”

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This topic is very interesting. On this day of the year, whether on Weibo or Zhihu, it will become a hot topic. Leslie Cheung has become a hot topic on this day, and some people are happy and think it should be so. Some people may feel angry and feel that they are not just a star or simply deny it from the traditional Chinese values. Aren’t they just an actor. We should commemorate the hero Wang Wei. Wang Wei as a hero who defended his family and the country is certainly worth remembering, but this and Leslie Cheung’s memorial is not a contradiction and opposition. The value of defending the home and the country is certainly worthy of recognition. As an actor and singer, Leslie Cheung has brought many outstanding performances and songs, and his own personality and aesthetics have also inspired and even changed many people, and it should be worthy of recognition. of. Our values ​​should be diverse, not fragmented and single, either one or the other. We admire impassioned heroes who sacrificed their lives in national disasters, and we also appreciate people who provide us with music and movies that we can listen to quietly in the lazy afternoon. One protects our safety, and the other provides mental appetite, and there is no difference between superior and inferior. Or from another perspective, I have seen a movie called Death Poetry Society before, and there is a line in it that I agree with. “Yes, medicine, law, commerce, engineering, these are lofty pursuits, enough to support a person’s life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are the meaning of our lives.” The feat of protecting our family and defending the country encourages us. Human heart, but its ultimate goal is to protect us from living in a peaceful country to enjoy the poetry, music, and movies we like, and to live the life we ​​like. Logically speaking, these two values ​​are unified. I find that many people, including myself, always like to criticize others from a moral perspective. Even if they are just hearsay, they don’t know much about this person or this matter, but they always enjoy this kind of me. It is the pleasure of standing on the righteous and noble side. In fact, this often makes us miss a lot of ways to understand the truth of things, miss a lot of beautiful people and things, they should enter our lives and enrich our lives. Obviously, some people think that commemorating Wang Wei on this day is noble and just, and commemorating Leslie Cheung is pretentious and groaning. Under this kind of cognition, a kind of psychological superiority is produced. In my opinion, it is just a sense of superiority, a kind of prejudice brought by cognition, and prejudice just can’t solve the problem, it will only blind your eyes. I watched and listened to a lot of things about Leslie Cheung, his movies, his music, his concerts, his interviews, articles and stories about him, etc. He was impressed by his talent, seriousness in his career, his righteousness to his friends, his sincerity in art, and his magnanimity. Regardless of his work, his loneliness and self-persistence are beyond the reach of most people. What qualifications are there to sum up him with just one sentence of “actress” here. The extinction of the body is inevitable, but the spirit and works can be passed on. 2021, the wind continues to blow

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