The young aunt who does not live in the house is three years older than me. It feels that young aunts who are similar to my age are not very useful, but because the aunt who does not live in the house is hard to find, I use it first.

Before I came, I made it clear that I would not bring children and only do housework and cooking.

The aunty cooks well, and the housework is so-so, but the communication difficulties make people worry about it.

Give some chestnuts.

Auntie feeds the baby bananas. I think the scraping mud is too big. Let her scrape a little bit. She said that you might be bringing a baby for the first time. I have brought several of them. Other babies eat it like this. Give me an example, say that a few months old baby from another family steamed chestnuts and grabbed it.

One day in the second week I came to eat, the rice was not cooked, I said that the rice seemed to be undercooked. If someone comes to me, it is your heart’s effect. I’m a little unhappy, please take a look at her. Others say that being unfamiliar is also a problem with rice cookers. Later she went to taste the rice and said it was cooked. The meal that day was really blunt, and later she found out when she ate it herself.

Asking her not to buy cooked food, she said that she had stayed in another house and ate it cutely, and then bought it several times.

Yesterday my aunt cooked the porridge for the baby, red dates and millet porridge. Only millet without red dates was served. Then she peeled and removed the red dates and added them to the porridge. I think the cooked red dates are processed by hand and added directly to the porridge. , And the particles are a bit big, so if the baby is not used to it, I said it’s too sweet and don’t add it. After talking about it, the aunty added some more. Add it if you add it. She also said that the baby’s red dates from a few months ago were directly pitted, peeled and steamed. I said that my family had also eaten red date puree. The baby liked it very much, but it was too sweet. My aunt said that it was eaten directly at another house. I said that I had eaten it when I was a little month old. At that time, it was pureed and eaten. Auntie then said that I don’t like to accept new things. what?

I got angry, and I wondered where did she conclude that I do not like to accept new things? I asked her, and the aunt said that anyway, I just think you don’t like to accept new things? ? ? Later, I got excited and had a fight~ Why ask an aunt to be so angry!

Yesterday I told her that I had reconciled and reconciled, but today I think about it more and more angry, please help me to add up the total, do you want to change?


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Let’s change it. I called an aunt through my relatives to take the baby. A month and four days off, 3,000 yuan, we use our house for food, accommodation and washing. My husband and I treat her very well. We didn’t make her pay for the damage to my house. During the Chinese New Year, we wrapped her with a red envelope of 500 yuan, a box of dried fruit, and a box of chicken racks. When she got home, she sent me a WeChat message saying that she would have something in the new year and find someone else.

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9 months ago

What to change Judging from your description, the aunt you invited does not have enough respect for you. She came to your house to work. In nature, you are an employer and an employee. She should listen to your work arrangements. However, she refused to listen to your suggestions many times and even contradicted you, which shows that she does not have the quality of being a housekeeper. The specific reasons for the change are as follows: 1. Although she cooks well, but the housework is unqualified, she is not completely satisfied with the skills. 2. She does not have a complete sense of obedience to you, although it does not have to be completely obeyed, but at least it should Listen to the employer’s advice, not against the employer

9 months ago

Late after get off work, I found an aunt to pick up the child from school every day, make dinner and clean it up. The first aunt has a lively personality, thinking that the child likes to chat with people, so she stayed. I started to work as if I was afraid that I would not be able to see it when I went home at night. After wiping the floor, all the curtains were lifted up and placed on a high place. All the chairs were not in the same place. The floor was wet, and it was all watermarks. Then she got off work, and I wanted to return the chairs one by one and lower the curtains. I wash the floor mats in the bathroom almost every day, and they don’t dry, which leads to stepping on the wet floor mats after the shower. Tell her to let it go, I will use a washer and dryer to wash it myself, but she won’t listen. Later, when I saw that the laundry detergent hadn’t been used, I asked her what kind of foot pad to wash every day, saying it was the hand soap…

9 months ago

There was one week left in the holiday, and the child suddenly sent a message before the start of school and told me not to do it next semester. I was caught off guard and quickly looked for someone again. The second aunt is very gentle. Every day when I go home, I will report to me one by one the state of the child at night, and it is clear what ingredients need to be added to the refrigerator. If I say that I am too tired to speak today, she immediately keeps quiet. Before leaving, all the garbage in the trash can will be cleaned up and taken away. There seems to be no change in the room, but every corner is clean. So if the aunt is uncomfortable, you don’t really need to be patient, just change one. Not everyone is comfortable with housework. What they can do is to do it. If they can’t do it, then teach her by hand or not. Why bother to teach her and make senseless communication? This is the same as in all companies. The boss and the employees do not have the same philosophy, and the employees’ abilities are not up to the standard. They waste time every day doing ineffective management. It is better to ask HR to find new people.

9 months ago

This is a communication problem between the boss and the employee. First of all, you must be clear about your status. You are the payer and the boss. And she is an employee. What employees do and how they do, as long as they do not violate ethical principles, they must work in accordance with the boss’s requirements. So you can explain to Auntie, Auntie, I didn’t come to hear you tell me to be a human being. You can understand my request and do what I say. If you don’t understand, or you have to refute me and say do it yourself That’s right, then she can be her own boss and do it herself. She doesn’t make your money, naturally she doesn’t need to listen to your arrangements. But if she earns the employer’s money, she must do it according to the employer’s requirements. If you can’t, you don’t have to earn the money. Just find someone who doesn’t teach you how to be a human being and can understand the employer’s requirements.

9 months ago

It is recommended to change to another aunt. From the point of view of the problem, the aunt does not pay enough attention to the health of the baby, and can not answer the employer’s questions scientifically and well. They are all answered in their own opinion or pissed off. We should respect, tolerate and adapt each other when the aunt comes to the house, but for those who cannot communicate or even have special ideas, it is recommended to replace them. Don’t think it is troublesome to change an aunt. This kind of chicken ribs, you spend the time to tolerate and train her, it is better to find another one.

9 months ago

If you have a rift with the babysitter who came to the door, you must expel her and don’t let her enter the house again. Think of the Hangzhou arson nanny case, of course it may be an extreme example. But if the nanny gets resentful, it’s too easy to do a little spoiling in your house. I gave birth to my baby before, and asked someone to come and repair it after giving birth. Later, the other party was lazy and always didn’t bring the machine to make a ghost. I directly complained about the refund. Later, this person said that he would change it in the future. . I said no. Because there has been a rift, it would be dangerous to invite me back to my own house. What if she would randomly repair my pelvic floor muscles while she was operating the machine?

9 months ago

Change it. It’s not a matter of quarrels, but she really can’t take care of children, nor can she meet your requirements. You’re afraid that you won’t be able to hire people who don’t live in a home, they won’t exist, and the salary will be higher, and most people are willing to do it. My aunt did not live at home for 4,000 yuan (a third-tier small city) before, but later changed her house and only added 1,000, which means 5,000 yuan, which means don’t think that if you don’t live at home, the salary is relatively low, so many aunts are definitely not willing as long as the children can take good care of them. Your request, character is okay, and it’s normal to pay more. My aunt takes the children strictly according to my requirements. If I can’t eat anything, she won’t give it. Whether I say she agrees to take the children out or not. If I can’t go to play, she will follow my request; if you are not allowed to watch TV at home, she will not watch it (I did not watch it, I can find it from the TV broadcast record)

9 months ago

Change, must return.

Reconciliation is what you think is reconciliation, and you don’t know whether the nanny thinks reconciliation. I have been a babysitter at home for more than ten years. According to my experience, once there is a conflict, I must pay it back. The profession of nanny is too close to family and personal privacy. Only a thousand days can be a thief, not a thousand days to guard against a thief. Don’t use your family and privacy to bet the conscience of a nanny

9 months ago

Hahaha, the same as my aunt before. Probably I am young, and she will reply me whatever she tells her aunt. When I first came to the house, I said I would buy a new mop. I specified that I would buy two pairs of rubber gloves worth dozens of dollars for housework. Other brands would not work. I had to buy expensive rags. They were all bought back according to her request. Then when the clothes were put in the washing machine, the bra cushion leaked out. After telling her, she said she had never seen it. I took the black and white pajamas together and changed their colors (there are two washing machines in the house, pay pajamas underwear and jacket pants respectively), I said to pay attention next time, she said that you don’t put them together? In the future, you will open it up by yourself. Several times in the morning, I entered the bathroom with a large size as soon as I came over, and finally blocked the bathroom outside. I took a shower at night and found that the water was yellow, only to realize that the sewer was blocked. Euphemistically asked Auntie, was it the same before? She answered yes! The cooking instructed Auntie to blanch the water first, but finally a pot of froth was boiled…no need to ask, just blanch it. During the work, various hints that other homes did not come to work during the epidemic period were still paying…In short, I can’t afford to provoke me, and after two months, I can’t bear to change it.

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