According to a Bloomberg report on the 30th, some employees of the American video-sharing platform YouTube believed that a song was racist towards Asians, but the company refused to delete it, which sparked a quarrel within the company. Bloomberg pointed out that this is the latest conflict in the growing American national debate on anti-Asian hatred.

YouTube employees recently posted on the company’s internal message board criticizing executives who decided not to take down the video of the rap song “Meet the flokers.” This song was launched by American hip-hop singer YG in 2014. The song is about a burglary, and the lyrics encourage the theft to target the community where the Chinese live.

In the past year, there has been a surge in violence against Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the United States. A shooting incident in three massage parlors in Atlanta on March 16 killed 8 people, including 6 Asian women. .

According to the report, the disagreement on “Meet The flokers” began when some YouTube employees asked the company’s trust and security team to delete the song from the video platform. But an executive from the department and another head of content policy rejected the request in an email sent to employees on March 22.

These executives wrote: “We found this video to be extremely offensive, and we understand that it is painful for many people to watch this video, including many people who are out of trust and safety considerations, especially considering the current targeting of the Asian community. Violent behavior.” However, although these lyrics may violate the company’s hate speech policy, they said that YouTube makes exceptions for video clips with educational, documentary, science, or art (EDSA) backgrounds.

They added in the email: “Although we had a detailed debate on this decision, we still made a difficult decision to keep the video in order to enforce our policy consistently and avoid creating a It may lead us to delete many other music precedents on YouTube.”

YouTube said that in the last quarter of 2020, they deleted more than 97,000 videos and more than 46 million comments, which violated the company’s policy on hate speech.

YouTube executives promised to coordinate with YouTube’s diversity and inclusion director to hold a special meeting to discuss this issue. After the meeting last Thursday, the employees left the virtual meeting unsatisfactorily. They mocked their boss on Memegen, Google’s internally generated page.

In particular, employees criticized an executive who issued a statement saying that his wife was Asian American. An employee wrote: “An Asian wife is not a certificate.” Another employee wrote on a cartoon picture: “‘I know an Asian,’ Is this a valid reason for allowing the video to remain on YouTube? “


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

“SpongeBob SquarePants” can be removed from the shelves, because it takes children and pollutes the mind. “Gone with the Wind” can be removed from the shelves because the film promotes racism and is suspected of black discrimination. “Friends” can be removed from the shelves, because none of the protagonists are black, which violates American racial diversity. “Paw Patrol” can be removed from the shelves because it describes the police being boycotted by the protesters and ignores the brutality of the American police. The film crew can fire the actor Hartley Sawyer of “The Flash” because of his racist remarks. In the last quarter of 2020, YOUTUBE deleted more than 97,000 videos and more than 46 million comments that violated the company. Policy on hate speech. But “Meet The flokers” openly promotes the robbery of Chinese Americans, and is called socially correct and does not violate the principle of racial discrimination…Videos that discriminate against Chinese Americans have become educational, documentary, scientific or artistic (EDSA) backgrounds The video clip… made a difficult decision to keep the video in order to consistently enforce YouTube’s policies and avoid setting a precedent that could lead to the deletion of many other music on YouTube. Haha, this is the United States. They don’t oppose discrimination, they just oppose being discriminated against themselves. They are not unavailable, they are just responding to the supremacy of WASP in their hearts.

8 months ago

This is why I believe that the “white left” of Europe and the United States cannot be united. Because their set is too hypocritical, too double-standard, and too unjustified. They care about “human rights”, “environmental protection”, and “freedom” thousands of miles away, but they don’t care about their own country and the American passport holders. Survival issues. The song “Robbery of Asians” is not a matter of one day, two days, one year or two on YouTube. The lyrics are not a joke, but a naked guide “How to Robbery of Asians”, which is already an “action guide”, but YouTube refused to remove it. The reason for this is “freedom of speech.” To put it simply, Americans have the freedom to incite hatred, attack, and rob Asians, but Asians do not have the freedom to defend their right to life. They can sympathize with blacks, fat people, LGBT, genderless people, cats and dogs, but they can’t sympathize with black-haired, dark-eyed, and yellow-skinned East Asians. Don’t East Asians count as humans? If black people are discriminated against, attacked, or murdered, mainstream U.S. public opinion will condemn them, and young Americans will protest, but Asians will be discriminated against, attacked, robbed, and slaughtered, but they will not be able to make any waves. Even American children are on TV. The program said that “kill all the Chinese” is not a “politically incorrect”. But they don’t care where China is. They can’t even distinguish the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thais. They are cultivated by the stupid anger and selfish culture instigated by imperialist politicians and capitalists. His brutality and greed will only burn those Asian “Americans” with black hair, dark eyes and yellow skin. It’s not that we don’t talk about internationalism or the great unity of the people of the world, but racism in white culture is deeply rooted and unclear, no matter what language you speak, no matter where you grew up, no matter what your national identity is, yours What is your nationality, no matter what country is written on your passport, you will find it difficult to integrate into them after all, and they will not really accept you. In this general environment, the destiny of our country, nation, and individual is one. First of all, you must have a real motherland, a motherland that treats you as a human being.

8 months ago

Don’t be embarrassed, Asians are safe in the United States. China’s security concerns for Asians are all for “political propaganda,” which is to provoke with ulterior motives. What subways killed Chinese people and slapped Asian activities are all fake, with heavy eye karma. Of course, if there are really Chinese being robbed, beaten and killed, all Chinese must express their deep condolences (but they must not criticize the United States for this reason, otherwise, just like the above, they are all political propaganda and instigation with ulterior motives). If you don’t mourn, or even publish such things as “It’s not a Chinese, it doesn’t matter to me”, “The fragrance of the air,” “Shooting every day,” then you are a cold-blooded and mercilessly clothed animal, an exquisite egoist, or even a brutal and cruel fascist.

8 months ago

Someone once requested that all steak-eating videos be removed from the shelves. Quite simply, cows are also animals, and cows also have emotions. Therefore, in order to protect animals, it is very important for people who love cattle to take off the videos of steak eating. Of course, I was rejected. Why do we humans care about how cows feel? Isn’t the cow just eaten by us? You can understand why the steak is not off the shelf. You can understand why this song is not removed from the shelves. Actually this is one thing. White society doesn’t care about the feelings of Asians at all. Because you never call pain, and you will not resist. You didn’t let whites form an instinctive reaction: Asians cannot be messed with. So if one day, cows and animal protectionists will take flamethrowers and roast people along the street. Not once, but again and again? Maybe the steak grilling video will really be off the shelves. Therefore, Asians are the same as Africans, buying for 0 yuan and using force to fight for their status. Will their status be much better? Will do. It’s a pity that they confided! The Chinese are the most intimidating. I have my own small business and small family in my head. It is not being driven to a dead end, and will never fight back. Put hope on Bruce Lee. There is no Bruce Lee in Korea, but they have lived much better in the United States than the Chinese. Some people criticized me for promoting hate speech. In fact, I’m just talking about an eternal truth. The crying baby has milk to eat. The tough guy is not angry. The Anza society is a circle society constructed by descent religion. They have no reason to accept you for no reason. Unless you win! Putting one’s own destiny on the mercy of others is either stupid or bad. It’s really because of the Asian Americans, especially Chinese Americans, in the United States. That makes Americans very surprised! Are people in your hometown so dragged? Want to rub us on the ground? Are you not the same kind of people? I want to try, how awesome are you Chinese!

8 months ago

Are you kidding? Zheng Zhi is right to discriminate against Asians in the lighthouse country! After all, other presidents can call out “China” on Twitter when they can’t find an excuse! If you discriminate against black people on the street, people can put a gun on your head to force you to be equal, and take your wallet by the way to help you in poverty. If you discriminate against black people on the Internet, people will be able to pull up banners and shout slogans downstairs in your company the next day. There may be a few white left in there. The next day, they can still go to court to sue you and let the federal sentence you 27 million in compensation. However, their home country still diligently grows cocoa and raises camels for the lighthouse country. You discriminate against Julio from Latin, and then you can pop out seven or eight Spanish-speaking brothers, shouting amigo to stuff your trash can into your ass. If the skin is whiter, people may not discriminate, and they will feel that they “have the charm of a Latin lover.” My home country is even more obedient to this kind of bananas to grow bananas, I should dig iron ore, and I have to buy American products when I make money. Don’t talk about discrimination against Asians. What can you do if you beat an Asian man with a nosebleed on the subway? Beacon Country didn’t say anything, but the Asian popped out and shouted, “It’s okay, it’s just a general law and order case. We Asians are fine. It’s equal, and it’s forgivable for blacks to beat Asians. I can understand and understand. Do you think I’m kneeling here voluntarily?” The United States was just pointed at the nose by some Asian power at the door of my house. Educated. It’s normal to rush to find a target and sigh. He can’t hit the person who actually pointed at him and cursed him now. It happened that there was a person in the family who looked a lot like them. Guess who they will fight? When the Yugoslavian embassy was bombed, we also angrily smashed New Oriental, which teaches English. When the US military invaded Afghanistan, the local English teacher died in abuse. It’s really thirty years in Hedong and Hexi for thirty years. I remembered the line in the teahouse again. “I can’t beat a foreigner, I can’t beat you yet?”

8 months ago

In this way, some Asian Americans are still defending and defending the United States… There is a discussion on the Internet: What do you think of the fact that hate crimes against Asian Americans in the United States have increased significantly by 1900% in a year? Are most of these crimes confined to the Bay Area? Will the mainstream media turn a blind eye to their plight? What do you make of the fact that hate crimes in the US against Asian Americans apparently have increased by 1900% in the span of a year? Are the majority of these crimes confined to the Bay Area? Is mainstream media going to ignore their plight? Take a look at how some Asians justify, there are mixed reports: Asians who don’t think hate crimes against Asians exist, but defend the United States: 1. Anonymous, no background information about this netizen was found , Grew up in the South. To be honest, I have never felt that I have been racially discriminated against. I have only been called the slogan of racial discrimination once in my life, nothing more. From small to large, I really get along well with all races. Sometimes they do ask ignorant questions, but that’s because people don’t know much about the world (for example, asking if I am from Japan, are you from Korea, etc.). In general, I have never experienced racism in my life, and I like to live in the United States. 2. Hanson Hsu kitchen knife enthusiast, food lover Kitchen Knife Enthusiast, Food Lover’s so-called hate crimes against Asians are based on self-interest, not racial motives, so these should not be counted as hate crimes. For example, in my area, robbery and other crimes of theft have proliferated. These are motivated by self-interest, not hatred of race, so when they are labeled as hate crimes, I don’t think it makes any sense. It’s just that the victim is Asian, this is not a hate crime. If the victim is of another race, criminals will do the same. To be honest, the most reliable way is to protect yourself. Stay healthy and buy a gun. 3. Damon Neutzling, Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Maryland Global Campus Graduated 2000, BA in Computer Science, University of Maryland Global Campus Graduated 2000 First of all, stop talking about the term “Asian American”. It has no effect other than splitting our country, and when people use this word to describe me, I feel very rude. I am Asian American, but I want to emphasize that I am American. Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of my Japanese ancestry, but I am an American first. In addition to creating a “victim” mentality, this divisive language has nothing in people’s minds. Secondly, bad guys attack weaknesses. If you appear as a victim, you will make yourself a target. If someone attacks you or makes fun of you, please fight back! If you don’t fight back, you will make yourself a target. If you don’t fight back, you will give others the courage to attack us. There will always be people attacking others because they are different, regardless of race or culture. Unfortunately, this is human nature. I have seen blacks attack each other because their skin is lighter than each other, and I have seen whites attack each other because of which side of the Mason Dickson line they are from. I can assure you that our culture is not any different. Third, and most importantly, in this country, attacks on Asian Americans have not increased. In fact, it has fallen. Read some history, the situation in this country is a thousand times better than in the past (check the Federal Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the “yellow danger” of the McCarthy era, or the Japanese in World War II). Don’t believe all the news reports and politicians’ hype, they have an agenda. In short, our ancestors came to this country and worked hard to create a better life for themselves and their children. Compared to other races, few of us go to prison, we have the lowest proportion of the poor, and the highest proportion of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Believe me, there is no difference between “white privilege” and “Asian privilege”. Don’t let liberals and newspapers turn us into the next “down-thrown minority”. Keep your head up and be proud so that you can avoid being attacked. Tell the truth, Asians who are dissatisfied with the status quo: 4. Jackey Ng lives in New York City Lives in New York City New York City and the United States have always had racism against Asians. I am from New York City, born and raised here. Even when I grew up in the late 90s. Most of the racism/discrimination I suffered came from black children in Brooklyn, New York. On the first day of junior high school, I was thrown into a bag of garbage by a black child for no reason. During the 3 years in that school, I was called Chink, Ching Chong, Bruce Lee and other racist things every week. I was accused of eating dogs and cats. Even if the school lunch lady gave me a chicken leg like them, they would say mine was a dog leg or a cat leg. When I use the vending machine, they will take money from me. They would rush over, push me away after I finished shopping, and then let me choose change or snack so they could take one from me. When walking down the corridor, I would be beaten to the back of the head or kicked to the knee. Basically, racism against Asians has always existed, it has never left, and people have never changed their views of us. It just seems that racism is dying, but it’s just because people don’t want to be criticized on the Internet, so they become offline racists. Now they just use the new crown as an excuse to racially discriminate against Asians in public and take action against us again. Even before the new crown, random people called me “Chink”, or called me “Go back to Asia” and so on. For example, in the summer of 2019, I was walking on the way to the gym. Passing by Dunkin Donuts in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a black man standing outside Dunkin Donuts walked up to me and called me “Chinky ass nigga” for no reason. 5. Kim Jill High School Education, expected to graduate in 2024; Lives in San Francisco Studies at High School Education Expected 2024; Lives in San Francisco I am from Southeast Asia. A friend of my mother was beaten to death at my door a few months ago, and another friend of my mother was beaten and had to go to the hospital. None of them are on mainstream news. Why do minorities attack minorities? I think this is because of hatred and the normalization of Asian racism. When I was young, I was always bullied because of the food I ate and my eyes. When I was young, I thought it should be. My food was weird and my eyes were ugly because they weren’t that big. As I grow older, I begin to realize that my food is great, my eyes are beautiful, and they must think so too. I don’t think this is a war between whites and blacks, blacks and Asians, whites and Asians, whites and Mexicans, etc. I think this is a struggle between racists and everyone. I have always noticed that people use Asian hate crimes to promote black racism, which I think is very destructive. I am only 15 years old and I have received more racist comments than I could think of. This is abnormal. As human beings, we need to work together. 6. Trinh Nguyen attended Mount Diablo High School Studied at Mount Diablo High School. I can’t represent everyone, but I personally have been harassed by some black people because of the new crown. They are so mean and rude. Of course not everyone is like this. Many people are still good, but some people are just evil. This is very sad, not just black people, because there is an old Latino man who also provokes me. Under these circumstances, I fought back. They were afraid of me instead. I want them to know that not because I am a small Asian girl, I am vulnerable and will accept their harassment and abuse. I don’t want them to think that we Asians are weak and will not fight back because we will fight back! The speeches of other ethnic groups in the United States are indifferent because they have nothing to do with them: 7. Sean Steinberg, former constitutional teacher of the United States of America, 2013-2015; studied at the University of Oregon; lived in Fresno, California, Former Teacher- Constitutional Law at The United States of America 2013–2015; Studied at University of Oregon; Lived in Fresno, CA false statistics. This is data from New York City, and New York City has generally seen a rapid increase in crime rates in the past year. In addition, Asians are often victims of the New York City government’s anti-landlord policies, because Asians in New York City save a long time to buy houses or rent to earn income. The tenants are dissatisfied, believing that violent reasons for income inequality have contributed to this. So the statistics you gave do not involve the Bay Area, but because there are many Asian residents in the Bay Area. 8. Paul Byerly lives in Eastern Washington State Lives in Eastern Washington State. I think you haven’t actually read the article you linked. The 1900% figure is for New York City. It is based on the number of attacks, from 1 in 2019 to 20 in the first half of 2020. Yes, this is bad, but providing confusing and false information does not help. Since actors Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu exposed this issue, I have seen stories from some mainstream media in the past 24 hours. 9. Timothy Sabo, Bachelor of Business and Computer Science from San Leo University, graduated in 1991; lives in Pennsylvania B.A. in Business & Computer Science, St Leo University Graduated 1991; Lives in Pennsylvania 2008–present What do I think? Why don’t you ask Donald Trump, a racially inciting monster, who coined the term “Chinese flu” to describe the new crown. Trump spread his hatred of all people he disliked for four years, including any people of color and any religion except Satan. 10. Anne Whitacre, a large-scale project architect for many large companies; Bachelor of Arts from Washington University, graduated in 1975; lives in the San Francisco Bay Area Architectural specifier for large projects at Multiple Large Firms; BA from University of Washington Graduated 1975; Lives in San Local media in the Francisco Bay Area report this story every day, and I saw CNN also mentioned it. I saw it was also covered on Fox, NBC National News, CBS National News, ABC National News, and BBC. Biden issued a statement. “Ignored” may not be the correct word. 11. Aleks Shindig History Teacher; Lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA History Teacher; Lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, the former president and all his subordinates have demonized Asians into a plague in the past year Rat, instead of dealing with the epidemic seriously, his followers also got this information. For more information, please visit the official account. Foreign netizens’ perspectives, welcome to follow!

8 months ago

Some words have always wanted to tell Gao Hua: Whether you hate China or admit that you are Chinese can not change the objective fact that the Chinese are at the bottom of the American discrimination chain. Whether you rob Asians or slap Asians, the root cause It has nothing to do with where you are from. Black, black and green can bully you so much, just because you are weak. Your logic is packaged in a magnificent manner, and even you have deceived yourself, but at best it is a feudal ideology dressed in a modern coat. Leading you in the proletarian vanguard in East Asia where you are inclusive of you, your set of things has yet to be deceived. It is allowed to exist, but in the United States, which has undergone bourgeois nationalist transformation, playing this set of things is equivalent to the meat on the cutting board telling the cook: Come and chop me. Whether I was hated by an xfh, or said that I could not see others well, I said this over and over again and again, because before I became a Marxist, I was an anti-oppressive nationalist, and a nation can only get rid of imperialism first. Only by oppression is qualified to talk about Marxism. I hope you, as a part of the Chinese, can live to the day when I regard Marxist as my first attribute.

8 months ago

Whether it is WASP, black Americans, Latino Americans, or Asian Americans, they have always been masters of double standards. Up to now, Chinese Americans have not yet figured it out. The more they preach that the United States is anti-China, the worse their living environment in the United States will be. You aroused the hostility of Americans towards China today. Apart from Chinese products, the place where they can release their hostility is that there are Asian Americans, especially in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Want me to say it deserves it.

8 months ago

Ha, to be honest, I have always felt that “Asian” abroad is very embarrassing, or to say that “Chinese” is even more embarrassing. why? Because the first solution that comes to mind is to run, not to meet up. You are in the country, and the police are in charge and everyone is watching. I can understand you doing this. You are in the United States, in Australia, and others have hit your nose. If you still do this, you can only explain one word: counsel! If you are so persuaded, don’t dare to publicly instigate to “fan Asian faces” and “rob Chinese American stores”. You have to show them and tell them, don’t think that you are cruel, Asians are cruel, and still “fuck to death.” “you guys. My own personal example. I went to the gun club to experience it when I was traveling in California. It was probably because the club owner looked disdainful and mumbled: “Chinese again?!” I thought to myself, I despise us. A Chinese with plenty of military virtues? Okay, let you see. I ordered an AK-47, an Enfield No.5, and a Glock19. At that time there were two or three people playing in the club, and I was the only one outside. After I took the magazine (only one, the AK is still a single shot, no way, California limited guns), I told the boss, you give me another magazine, I practice hand skills, I will not take it in. Then, in front of the boss, I practiced one-handed magazine change three or four times (mainly to show off to my wife, she always said that I’m talking, after all, in China, I also practiced the 56 semi-automatic type during military training. Target shooting). Then I checked the condition of Enfield’s gun and Glock’s gun. Fortunately, I watched a lot of videos and my movements were fairly fluent. Lao Na admitted that he was forced to become a fashionista, but an old black man next to him immediately said: “Yoo, this man knows guns”. Of course, just show off the loading of the magazine as wool, and I want to show Enfield’s “Crazy Minute” in front of the people in the museum (the bolting of the rifle produces a semi-automatic effect). The 7.7 ammunition is still very expensive, but in order to show my wife and others, I still bought 20 rounds (it cost about 30 or 40 dollars. You know Maozi’s 7.62 ammunition, 60 rounds only cost more than 40 dollars. ). Then in the first round, I hit six or seven rounds in a row, and then did not connect, the shoulder hurts, the recoil of the full-power rifle is still very large, although the recoil of the 7.7 ammunition is better than the 7.92 and 7.62. . Then in the second round, the last round was missed, and 9 rounds were fired in a row. The little brother who was sweeping ammunition was shocked and said to me: “man, that`s the first time I see someone shotting rifle like this. “(Similar to the shooting posture of the buddy below, it is to pull the trigger with the middle finger, pull the bolt with the wrist as the center, toward the general direction of the target, and shoot all ten shots in one breath in the shortest time). To be honest, my shooting level must be incomparable to those big guys who have been playing guns in North America all the year round. However, as a Chinese tourist who set foot on North America for the first time, I have to tell Lao Mei, it’s not you. Playing with guns. Look at the gun a few more times. Everyone can sneak around. Don’t think that the Chinese can grow vegetables or do shopping. When you need to pick up a gun for business, you can pick it up immediately. Later, when I went to Anchorage, I plunged into the gun shop again. Do you know how much the following AK is? 400 dollars! Also give 2 magazines. On the shelf that was not photographed, a single AR-15 cost 500-600 dollars. I told the little brother in the store, if I have a green card and a wall cabinet, I will want all the guns on your shelf (how much does the iPhone cost? Iphone 6 or 7 at that time, it costs more than 1,000 dollars) , With the money, is it not good to buy a few guns for self-defense?). Later, I sent my wife away and let her go shopping on her own. When I talked to my little brother, there were few people in his shop anyway. I told him that Chinese people like me more like guns, and all of us will shoot after graduating from high school (I’m scaring him, haha, in fact, half of them are shooting targets in university military training). If the Chinese were allowed to buy guns, the amount produced by the United States in a year would not be enough to sell. Stunned what he said. (Asian people have always promoted that they are harmless to humans and animals. This is wrong. Human beings are bullied by others, Ma Shan is being ridden by others. You must publicize your martial arts more, you can fight as much as you can, and you can’t lose in terms of momentum.) Then back to the question, Why do Americans think Asians are good bullies and Chinese Americans are good bullies? He slaps you, you just shoot his head with your gun, okay? Why can’t it work? I think it’s OK, because I can’t judge the level of violence you want to commit to me (provided that you have a legal license to hold a gun, and you have a license to hold a gun in a legal public place), my first reaction is definitely to shoot. (It may be a bit exaggerated, but people beat up and burned your shop. Those Asians were crying and waiting for the police to solve it. The first time they didn’t take out an AK or AR15 from the shop and hit them with a magazine, they were themselves. Problem). To deal with the Anglo people, violence can only be controlled by violence, because in their culture, since the Viking era, they only believed in power and weapons, and no other truths. Lao Mo, why NB, because the words are not speculative, they just shoot out. The old black guys are not fierce, tell you, in front of the gun, they are all embarrassed. Say a thousand words and ten thousand, arm yourself, show off your muscles from time to time, organize an Asian target shooting competition, publicize it, look at them and dare to “fan” you? Don’t you dare to “rob” you? So, in the final analysis, it is counseling, this is a disease, which must be cured. (No, you really have to hold a gun in the United States. It must be legal. Also, don’t fight the police. The gun in your hand is not enough for the police to stuff their teeth). Easter egg: Belgian FN1949 is semi-automatic, and it costs 2000+ knives. I told my little brother, your broken gun is so expensive. People say that this is an old antique. AK is so bad. Who wants to collect it? The old gun of emotion is not for shooting, but for touching.

8 months ago

Of course I hope you will continue to work hard. Your strength does not stop there. Back-end programmers, can you delete the library and directly delete that person’s account and all backups? Front-end programmers, can you hide the video secretly, or add a banner to condemn YouTube’s decision? By the way, you said that YouTube white executives said, “Because I have abused the yellow race, so I don’t discriminate against the yellow race”, which makes you very angry, why not record the screen and upload it to Zhihu or Douyin for the people of the whole country to watch and watch? This is not my fabrication. A few years ago, an employee on Twitter deleted the Trump account, which caused the Trump account to disappear for a long time. After Facebook refused to delete Trump’s threat to shoot black people last year, some people sent Facebook videos to the media. So you can make persistent efforts. Can you achieve the above three points? At least don’t even dare to release the name of the executive who published “Because I have fucked the yellow race, so I don’t discriminate against the yellow race.” At least give him and his “wife” the name, address and phone number, so that our people can watch it?

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