I have seen thrilling comebacks many times, and this highlights an outrageous one. I thought that The Shy was particularly attentive to the team Xun’s play style. It’s so close to the version of Rookie. It’s like returning to S8, thinking everything is so normal. IG will tell you in one minute, no, I still had a cerebral hemorrhage in the past. Nothing has changed. Come here, hurry up and present my quick-acting heart-relief pill. The above is the feeling after reading the first one, and then the text begins. The first IG started to try a new style of play. The Shy changed his style of play under the blessing of the title of Shi Yichou. This style of play is called “As long as I push the line and do not appear online, you can’t catch me”, The After pushing the line, Shy began to keep the Xun wild area resources, and support the wild area to form small-scale team battles at any time. Instead of just staying on the line to suppress the blood line and eat the plating, I have to say that this play is the same as the previous play. It’s very different. After keeping Xun’s wild area, Xun can quickly take down the canyon pioneer. Once the last two layers of plating are knocked off the top road and The Shy is liberated, Ueno can radiate to the lower half, or continue to cross the road, and RA’s gameplay is still the middle and lower fattening up and later taking over the team fight. After 24 minutes of rushing off the big dragon, it is very reasonable to use the big dragon buff to grind 3 2 towers, and after IG has won countless brainy team fights In the end, my jaw dropped from the big dragon group. Do you dare to lose the game within 3 minutes when you have a big advantage? This is usually a scene where IG’s opponents only appear. In fact, where is the problem? The division of lineups is a problem that is always said in the game. You assign positions to two and three, and the two people in Longkeng are sprayed by the dragon to drop double resistance, even if the opponent is four against five. so what? The second part of “Ultimate Sit-ups” actually didn’t change the lineup much, and the IG rhythm was still played out without much analysis. In the third hand, the two sides began to change. Since The Shy was fattened by Wei in the Rank, Xun implemented the main hitting style in this round, and after RA chose Jinx, it was determined that IG would play in the upper half. , RA hits the second half to see who raises the father first, and who gets threaded first. In the first wave, the confrontation between the two sides was at three and a half minutes. After the red and blue players finished brushing the red and blue, they got a double play in the bottom lane. The top lane IG wanted to military training Cube, but due to the anti-tower issue, they handed over 1 for 1. The pawn line is almost cleared, and it can be said that RA has no losses on the road. In the second wave 4 and a half minutes and 6 minutes, RA’s Ueno was captured. At this time, the rhythm of the scene was still in the third wave. The most important node changed at 8 and a half minutes. IG Ueno grabbed Cube because of The Shy’s blood. The amount of error in the estimation led to the survival of the Sword Demon. The Ueno Remnant Blood of Ueno was supposed to be the pioneer that IG had won in the upper half, and then let RA get it. The rhythm itself was that IG took down the Sword Demon’s head and escaped from the pursuit of the Tamm people, hurry up The supply state came out to compete for the vanguard, so once the vanguard did not get it, the enemy had a blood tower and the plating layer, but the enemy lost the upper tower three layers of plating. The result of this exchange is that the lower half of the RA originally took off. Now, the upper half of IG did not take off. As soon as this critical node passed, the rhythm of IG fell into the hands of RA. In the later stage, RA kept Jinx and demolished the tower. This rhythm is invincible in the later stage, and IG is difficult to pull back Rhythm, and thus lost the 3rd inning. The fourth round is a purely crushing round, this wave, this wave is for the upper body of the cup. The fifth sit-ups in the coffin, and finally lay down. After all, it was Quinn again, and it was the last regret to miss. This put Quinn of The Shy repeatedly rushing forward, and only Shangsuke can start a group. When watching The Shy step up to look for opportunities by himself many times, he thinks of Jack again, the person who rushed in front of Shy, After being opened, I will say how these people are always staring at my Jack. At this time, the scene where he is alone in the group is indeed a bit down. However, after the fight is over, we still have to return to reality. The 4th and 5th MVPs will be given to iboy. As the iboy who was hit by two 3ban 4ban ADCs, Kasumi’s deadly barb was used to kill the game. It seemed to see MLXG, who was jungled by 5ban, and still took the prince, Carry, for the whole time. This BO5 style of play is actually the two sets of styles at the end of the regular season. Otherwise, I will be unlimited military training and you will hit the road, and the pioneer will hit a tower and liberate the single line on the road. Otherwise, it will keep Jinxtam on the road and go on the road. Resist the pressure, wait for Jinx to have a two-piece suit in the mid and late stages, and then you can keep Jinx in the team. For the time being, I haven’t seen the new play styles of these two teams, and the play styles of IG and RA are relatively compatible with my previous fights. In their analysis. What is the outlook for the 2021 LPL Spring iG playoffs? ​I can look forward to the next team to come up with new lineups and play styles. After all, the 11.6 version has more possibilities. The 11.6 version has new hero enhancements and weakening of the old heroes. And I was about the playoff team. The analysis in the 11.6 version also probably talked about it. Which team do you like most in the LPL spring playoffs? IG said that it is a pity and a pity that the first place really puts the team in a better position, and there is no need to play the fifth place. It is a pity that it is a bit similar to the RNG in the 17 semi-finals. It is also reasonable to say that it is not a pity. This season, IG is exposed. There are always a lot of small problems and big problems that come out. These problems are connected in series, resulting in IG’s games throughout the season. It looks like the feeling of getting stuck occasionally when the gears are turning. Although this BO5 jungler has minor flaws, the overall performance is relatively good, and it’s a few levels better than Le Ye. That’s why the IG team’s ornamental play style is always easy to appear. Guaranteed game results, the game is a chain of things, you have problems one after another, then you are destined to not go far. Every season, I say that IG will go back and make adjustments. Now I am tired, maybe it is true. After that year, I can’t go back and can only look forward. The fans at the scene are really a bit over-enthusiastic. If your own team played a wonderful operation in the winning BO5, then it is normal for us to cheer for it. You operate one shot for the starter of the playoffs, and it is really easy to be blackmailed. , If you don’t understand it, you can look at the 5 of RNG against IG in the 2018 Summer Finals, or the 5 of SKT against ROX in the semifinals of the S game in 2016. Fans hope that IG is good. This is also understandable, but eSports is the winner Kou, when IG can make it to the final, let’s cheer for those passionate operations together. These 5 hands have to give the applause to RA. Congratulations to RA. Talking about the experience of watching the game, RA next played FPX, the entire BO5 and AD played extremely well, and the top road also showed its own progress. Let’s talk about the more serious shortcomings. Let’s focus on Le Master. After the regular season winning streak was ended, I found that his number of deaths continued to rise. At first, it was nothing to see the continuous deaths occasionally. But in many games I have to pay special attention to the position of Le Ye, especially after Udy’s line-up in the regular season, no one has been killed on the court. This is the number of deaths of Udy’s 2, The rise of 3, 4, 5, and 6, if you beat Udyr and die several times, I still don’t think it’s okay. You Lilia can also be driven often and I’ll be full of question marks. It’s not necessary to say something like a stance. It doesn’t exist. Before this BO5 started, the official stated that the number of deaths can reach the first in the league, which proves that my previous opinion is correct. It is recommended to watch the game of Guoguo to learn more about the position. It is only in the first round. This kind of detail can be ignored. If you want to hit 1 and wear 5 later, you don’t have to think about how far you have not changed. This is too embarrassing… So, let’s return to the level of “the future can be expected”.


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6 months ago

Q: How does it feel to play five games against TheShy today? How did the team stabilize its mentality and how did it adjust? Cube: How do you feel? It just feels normal, but it doesn’t feel much. In fact, I continue to play if I win, and I will be on holiday if I lose. I’m very happy to win or lose, so it’s fine. Q: In the first game today, with the advantage of iG, the big dragon was taken down and the opponent was eliminated. How do you communicate now? iBoy: How do you communicate? Seeing the opportunity to grab the dragon, the opposite party sent a wave of annihilation, and the opposite party was anxious. Q: How was the discussion between Lucian and the Alligators in the swing team in the fifth game? FoFo: Give it to anyone who wants to play Lucian. Q: Comment on the players’ performance today, right? Coach: The performance today was okay, but there were actually a lot of mistakes. I hope we can go back and look at the game today. Q: The next round will be against FPX. What are your expectations? Hang: I just look forward to winning, and hope we can win. Q: How do you feel about defeating iG today and how do you feel? Leyan: How do you feel about defeating iG? There is no change. If you play by yourself, it’s pretty normal.

6 months ago

Do you know what is the most outrageous… The most outrageous thing is that RA’s state is already bad enough. But IG still can’t win. It’s fine if you can’t really beat it, but both the first and fifth innings were overturned. RA is enough to give chances. The entire BO5 performance of Leyan can even be called disaster level. RA’s decision-making is not good, and there is nothing particularly worthy of the operation. But IG still gives opportunities again and again. In the first round, the RA lost Le Yan, the remaining four were full of blood, and the cube’s Ornn was big. In that case, the half-blooded IG chose All in the dragon, was destroyed by the group + robbed the dragon, and lost in one wave. Drop the game. Senna has no blues and can’t raise the blood volume of the team, so why should All in Dragon? Who makes the decision? The advantage in the early stage of the fifth game is quite big. Theshy’s Quinn really didn’t understand. If you don’t stare at the crocodile entering the field during the team battle, what’s wrong with the brainless E? Bottom Delevingne has suppressed Xia, and Xia can be mixed up during the team battle. Not disappointed. It’s just… ridiculous, right? Oh, by the way, this kind of game is really bad if you blame the coaching staff… This season the coaching staff frequently digs out Syndra + Calista to ruin the game, but this BO5 BP is already quite good, the entire BO5 BP is almost always an advantage. This is really the player’s own decision-making, operation is too disgusting. The coach cannot be allowed to improve. Another thing-there are always some IG fans who say they miss Coach Kim, I want to remind. After coach Kim took out IG to win the championship in S8, S9’s kim came to DWG. DWG’s lineup at the time was just a ghost from the S10 championship lineup, but DWG’s S9 is really unsatisfactory, and it is worth entering as the third seed. After the world game, it was won by G2 neatly 3:1 and the quarterfinals ended. Then, Kim of S10 came to T1. After a whole year of permutation and combination, he did not choose a lineup that was most suitable for T1. In the end, he was won by GEN 3:0 in the qualifying rounds, and he didn’t even enter the World Championship. And coach Kim of S11 came to…BLG. BLG’s lineup, do you really think it’s bad? Is the double C of zeka and aiming really so uncompetitive? You know, before viper came to the LPL, the HLE where he was in, was the bottom of the LCK, and the data of viper was not particularly eye-catching, far less than the level of teddy in the aircraft team that year. To put it bluntly, EDG’s coaching staff will give full play to the players’ strength, but BLG has not done so. Therefore, Coach Kim is really not as good as it looks.

6 months ago

I watched this game abruptly with traffic. IG continued to play the playoffs. Before, IG was known as a miracle group. Today, if there is nothing else, let’s not talk about it. Team battles and standing are not as good as high scores. Why can a passerby rank get a crocodile on the face of ADC at will, and ad can walk a to the face of the crocodile, and when he is dead, he still pinches and flashes why Syndra can be a very thin sword demon with all his teammates Single second? Why did Udyr of Residual Blood dared to chase after a Xia? Why can Quinn be a crocodile in a crowd? Why dare to open a Xia with big tricks alone? Today, I don’t care how others scold this coach, choose Syndra hardly, don’t want Conte, no matter what Gale Senna, send Quinn madly or comment on today’s five people who don’t want to win today’s team battle, this decision. No matter it is any team, he is not qualified to break through and is not worthy to win IG. I sincerely suggest that, reorganize it, continue to focus on the upper middle and can not win last year. In the case of players with first-class strength, it was a round trip this summer, season The playoffs should be difficult, right?

6 months ago

Let’s not talk about the game, just talk about today’s commentary. These commentary are real. Now these commentaries almost write xx on your face. Nine of the 10 sentences are saying that a certain team does not matter what the operation is. Can you blow a wave without blowing it, and can you always say that the team wins, the team loses, or the other team doesn’t exist? One team calls the player ID, and the other team calls the hero name. It really couldn’t be more obvious. Can you be fair and just, uphold a neutral attitude, and use your basic professional qualities to explain it? Isn’t there a good explanation right now? The LPL commentary is not picking up. Hey, there are more and more non-watching games, and there are more and more garbage commentaries. Then, it’s really relieved.

6 months ago

In the first game, RA saw that three people died for Xiaolong, and IG got Dalong. Thinking that RA is still young. RA is gone. As a result, I quit the live broadcast, strolled around, and came back to watch the live broadcast and found that IG had lost. Lost, lost, this, how did you lose? Sure enough, I am too young. The second game looked like the first game. RA lost the army for the sake of Xiaolong, and IG took the opportunity to take down the dragon. It’s just that IG learned the experience of the first game and didn’t repeat the same mistakes again. Looking at the 2 rounds, Leyan was in a bad state and had a grumpy temper. Basically, the death rate is a bit high, and the cube is really uncomfortable to play the shy. RA Ueno also has problems with this cooperation. Go to sleep behind me. But I am curious. From the first and second rounds, IG’s overall strength is obviously better than RA. The previous state is also good, but why did you lose?

6 months ago

—Since the 2019 Spring Split, IG has not won a Bo5 playoff game. —The team needs to be rebuilt. In 2018, IG created a miracle, and 2019 was not bad, but since then it has been going downhill. IG is not a team that is good at operations, and it can’t win the game just by laning. —Playing an advantage on the line can win the game, but IG’s laning is not so strong now. Theshy and Rookie do not have the suppressing power they used to. They will probably retire after the end of this year. —I hope that IG fans will not be so harsh on Rookie, maybe he is not Carry before, but he at least brought the first S championship to LPL, and he was also honored. He should be the second best in history. Of the mid laner. But for IG, sinking the boat is a foregone conclusion, rebuild it sooner. —IG’s paper strength is not bad. Xun and Wink are both at the mid-to-upstream level in the LPL. Why can they play so badly? —Game1: IG, hahaha Game2: This is IG! Game3: IG haha ​​Game4: back! Game5: Happy April Fools’ Day~—A round of playoff games has become IG’s traditional performance. They have not won the playoffs in two years. — Now IG is the only team that I can think of being overturned after getting a huge advantage. —IG could have won the Bo5 3-1, but they lost their game. —It’s really painful to be a fan of IG, can this be turned? -IG is anxious and out of mind, why is Rush the dragon? Why do you want to force the skilled Kasumi? Obviously, just by controlling Longkeng’s vision to force them to fight in groups? —IG just likes to create some “surprises” for the audience. —Sorry, IG, I can’t follow it anymore, I loved it. —As a fan of the world championship team, we must know how to resist pressure. —Yes, a championship team that hasn’t won the playoffs in two years. —I feel sorry for the fans of IG, how did you get through it? Are your souls even alive?—Do you remember being a fan of KT? Now IG fans should feel the same. —IBoy will get the script this year? —Although IG’s performance is not satisfactory, RA is indeed a strong team. —As long as RA maintains the regular season state, they can get a good result. Cube has been growing, but the state of Leyan and FoFo is not stable. They have to cheer for the next game. —Today Cube and iBoy impressed me the most. It is not easy for Cube to perform so well under pressure on the road. iBoy also has the taste of top ADC. —Today’s game was a mess. It is difficult to judge the strength of the two teams. I still think FPX can easily beat RA. —I’m dear, iBoy did 7K damage in a team fight? —Yes, at the same time, IG gave out the economic advantage of 7K. -Lucas flashes in the middle of the wave. If there are no mistakes in the move, iBoy may be beaten directly. (Rail E seems to be empty?)-Doublelift said that Xia should be the AD with the strongest self-protection ability in the game. I now understand what he meant. Oh my god, it’s disgusting. —IBoy’s belief in meeting his old club EDG prompted him to carry the game. —I might be shocked if other teams played such a result, but seeing that it was IG, there would be no fuss. —This kind of turnaround can be done by IG. (Similarly, if you listen to it now, it’s a huge difference)—This kind of level, the previous EDG can easily do it, don’t be too “flattering” IG. -Even if you give IG a Leyan, IG can’t win. —Just IG doing IG things. —Since Bo5 lost to TL, IG has been going downhill. —Imagine Bo5 losing to a North American team. What a blow. —AFS joined the group chat. —No more IG = no more exciting games = RIP LPL—I feel like IG will never win the playoffs anymore.

6 months ago

These few games can be clearly seen, in the battle against RA, IG put the focus of the game on the top road. IG jungler XUN comes up frequently, looking for opportunities. The canyon pioneer is also prioritized on the road, hoping that theshy can play a stronger suppressing force. However, RA jungler Leyan obviously also realized this, and he caught it many times, seeking flaws, or squatting back to resolve the crisis. However, relying on the personal strength and cooperation of IG Ueno, this strategy RA could not cope for a while. RA’s jungler was suppressed and did not give full play to the corresponding advantages. IG often relied on this strategy to obtain small advantages. Although Le Ye is like that, but the game’s strength is not black, lpl’s first-line top jungler level, has a strong suppressing power in the jungle, and is the engine of RA team battles. Being able to shut down the engine of RA, so that Leyan has no effect, it can be said to have a great advantage in the early stage of IG. If nothing happens, take advantage of the top road to snowball, then radiate mid-down, steadily advance, and win the game. But, however, theshy did not play absolute dominance on the road. Among them, Gnar was single-killed by the crocodile many times and almost lost the rhythm. The key factor that determines the victory of both sides lies in the mid laner. Although I like rookie very much. I also want to say that you can always believe Song Yijin’s words. But this time rookie did not stand up. Facing the outstanding mid laner fofo rising this season. Rookie didn’t play well enough, even a little bad. Did not play the strength of the past, play the expected effect. This is also the key to IG’s loss. Bangshang’s strategy has gained an advantage in the early stage. However, IG did not give the mid laner more resources, and was unable to exert its strength in the middle and late stages. Instead, RA found an opportunity and successfully broke through. Of course, losing the game is not the responsibility of a single person. This is a game of five people. The front is the cause, the team fight is the result. IG’s team battle handling was too rough. It was turned over twice, and the team that could play the miracle team changed from IG to RA. And these games did not enter the chaos that IG likes. On the contrary, it tends to develop. Only the fifth group adds up to more than 30 heads, and the rest are scattered, which means that the layout of RA has not been disrupted. And this, this may be one of the factors that IG loses. ps: Adorable new opinions, if there is something wrong, welcome to discuss.

6 months ago

The specific game still needs to be reviewed and the whole is still magical. ig was turned over twice. I believe that there will be details. The old man can analyze why it was turned over, whether it is the line of troops or the field of vision, and the final decision is wrong. But let’s first talk about Leyan Leyan is actually a very perverted player. Dead song jungler is in the early three-pointer. After brushing the six groups of wild monsters, there is a bottle of medicine and a punishment. This is better than many professional players Olaf brushing the first wave of wild. It’s almost as long as the coaches and managers know that this kind of person who doesn’t contact to play professionally means that he is committing a crime. So the reason why this person is crazy in LDL is also very simple because other LDL players are not that strong. On the one hand, the opponent’s strength is not very strong. Horror On the other hand, teammates can also use him as the core others to cooperate with him to play. In this way, the 1st position in the wild area is basically this kind of play. This kind of play is basically stressful. When I came to ig, I was confused. What should I do with my dad? I can’t live in the dead zone and I have to start a group. Many times, I see that he is very confused and the type of work has changed, so I must be confused. Going around and around, now all kinds of things have appeared in the middle, which has brought this person not only the rhythm, but also an unparalleled cheeky. This is very important. The rhythm of the whole net has given the club a month’s salary and face. The face is gone, and the money is gone. It seems that there is nothing to lose. Looking at the mid-laner gaming chair next to me, the same sickness is no longer pretending. After the showdown, I will no longer just be mad and be over. In addition to the support of RA, the team now has no psychological shadows. The Kenan gaming chair was sifted into the mid laner. The background board of the 10000 economy was turned back. The whole team is reverse unity and negative. Several such people gather together. It’s very real. Anyway, it’s not that I’ve never done it. Others have a funny collection. Foye’s combination is a team that can be on social news before. It’s just that someone must dare to speak, dare to back the pot, and have the backbone. Many teams are not strong enough because of the strength of the players. It’s all okay. The result is boring. It’s okay to win. If you lose, you want to throw the pot. If you think about it, the team is suffocated. In the past, vg had this problem to a large extent. Today, did Leyan give it away, or give it a lot, but it’s too much, but it’s really impossible if you can win a boring gourd that doesn’t give it away.

6 months ago

One round, another round. This is the first round of the ig playoffs? But if you lose by 3 to 1, I don’t have to suffer this torture. Look at your fifth game. The first half of the fifth game will be like this. The economy will be more than 7,000. Who can think that the two waves will directly tie the economy in a few minutes. Theshy can you? Can’t stop pretending, can’t you stop pretending, can’t you stop pretending? ! I lost this game today. It can be said that ts is definitely the first big pot. Two waves of direct advantages are given to you. No disadvantages are given. Advantages are given. You are still you. ts. You still like e. I don’t want to purify and go up to the crocodile. I don’t deserve to win. Le Yan has tried his best. The advantage round is turned over or two ig. You are the real dish. Those who said that one through six were sober before the game. The current ig is six and four. They can’t beat the RA. In this state, the spring game is over, the summer game is still Want to change? That’s it. What am I expecting? The broilers were not in good shape before. Today I see that the state of the game has recovered. The walking position and the ambush are all done well. The broilers really did their best… You guys recognize the fact that we are a third-rate team in today’s game. Even though the game was vomiting blood. It is still possible to put Delevingne Quinn on the Lu Xian show. There may be many Incheon people who are still alive in S8. But now this ig is at the middle and lower level in LPL and can’t go back anymore. Congratulations to Ra cube. I have been a fan of theshy. Today, I also stabilized the team battle and played well. The game will not disappoint the humble and hard-working player fofo. Needless to say, he was blg’s thigh last year. This season, he changed the team status and it has been very good. Iboy played output and The harvesting ability is much better than wink

6 months ago

Just want to say, when ig played the last bo5 of the s9 bubbling match, the music words were full. Even if he pulled his hips again, he helped ig enter the World Championships. Later, King Ning recovered and reached the semifinals. But Le Yan was in danger, and the bo5 in the bubbling finals was not from King Ning. What about ig about Leyan? Sometimes I really want to say, shouldn’t ig fans be grateful for a wave of talks? What’s more, today in bo5, the first four of Leyan have not been in the state, and when the fifth one gave away a head, there was a very clear voice shouting at the scene, Le Ye played well. Naturally, it was a mockery. When I was watching the game, I felt that the ig live fans… really worrisome. Don’t say this sentence, only I can hear it. At that time, I was very angry when I heard it. Fans just yell one minute before the start of the game. You can make a mockery when you die? Leyan can’t explode after hearing it? It is recommended that the other fans yell when watching ig games in the future, and yell when shy is dead. The world will catch and fight well. Don’t say this is shouted by ra fans. After listening to this sentence, I thought, “Master Le, let’s do something about it, everyone else is starting a group on your face.” Another wave of libraries. I just read the answer and saw these few sentences. I found it very funny. I copied it. The year I copied the answer of Jiuyou E-sports was a temporary substitute but I had to use the fmvp qualification to ask everyone to play with me. My friend Jie never heard the second half of Rookie, your robbery is not as powerful as my Brother Bao. I’m sorry Brother Bao, but I am worthy of IGSXL’s refusal to drive me in front of the car. No, it’s called Le Ye for you! Why do you think the current IG can get my forgiveness?

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