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In fact, Wang Wei and the US reconnaissance plane collided in non-territorial waters and caused the accident. As a result, the plane driven by Wang Wei crashed and the US reconnaissance plane was severely damaged. As for the diplomatic relations between China and the United States at that time, although there were entanglements, they did not deteriorate. China’s economy is deeply dependent on the United States. At that time, the United States could be said to be the only superpower, and its national strength was in full swing. And China is entering the deep water zone of reform, a very critical period. At that time, without the permission of the United States, it would be very difficult for China to enter the WTO and open to the outside world. This was caused by the gap in national strength. Therefore, between China and the United States, it has not yet reached the point where it is completely torn apart. In fact, the United States does not want a hot war with China. Instead, it adopts a diplomatic strategy of engagement, surveillance, and containment. The meaning of contact is to maintain diplomatic and economic and trade relations with China, but will not give up monitoring and containment of China. This is also the United States’ China policy, which has never changed. The US military reconnaissance plane is close to China’s territorial waters to detect China, which is a concrete manifestation of surveillance of China. Of course, this is not an exception, it is a long-term behavior of the US military. As far as the US military is concerned, it considers it reasonable, because it is flying in international waters and is not considered aggression. As for our air force, naturally we will not allow the US military to monitor our mainland. Therefore, we sent air force fighter jets to accompany the aircraft to harass the surveillance of the US reconnaissance aircraft. Of course, our military is also qualified to fly in international waters. However, this time there was a traffic accident. A collision between a U.S. reconnaissance plane and a PLA fighter plane resulted in the destruction of the PLA fighter plane and serious damage to the U.S. military reconnaissance plane. The U.S. reconnaissance plane is very close to Hainan Island. In the case of severe damage, it is natural to find a nearby airport to land, otherwise it will face the plane crash. As for the diplomatic turmoil, it was not the responsibility of the American pilots, but the American government. Therefore, after the two pilots reported via radio (although we did not respond), they landed at Lingshui Airport without authorization. As for our country, because of the Gulf War, the US military’s information war against Iraq took only a few dozen days and defeated the small Soviet Union Iraq, which greatly shocked our country. In terms of our military’s conventional weapons, it was probably not as good as Iraq at that time. This led our army to engage in the information warfare revolution. While the information revolution of the People’s Liberation Army is underway, I am very envious of the advanced reconnaissance aircraft of the United States. Of course, I also want to find out the core of the US military’s information warfare technology, even if it cannot be used by me , But only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle. Therefore, the People’s Liberation Army will not miss any opportunity to learn about the US military. In addition to reconnaissance aircraft, the electronic warfare of the US military also exerted tremendous pressure on my country’s national defense at that time. Then, the US reconnaissance plane landed in Lingshui Airport completely. Our army did not respond. It was also said that the US army invaded and Wang Wei’s sacrifice. In this way, our country has the initiative in diplomacy and seized the US reconnaissance plane and related personnel. Good reason. In the end, the U.S. reconnaissance plane was detained at Lingshui Airport for more than ten days, and the personnel on board the U.S. reconnaissance plane were also detained in Hainan as “captives.” In fact, after the accident, American diplomacy was extremely passive, because from an international moral point of view, the United States was totally irresponsible. What’s more, China has also killed its pilots and planes, and allowed the perpetrators to land to avoid danger. China can be said to have done its best. As for the technology used by the US surveillance aircraft to be stolen at Lingshui Airport, that is completely nonsense without any evidence. We can never admit it. Moreover, you Americans have to compensate and apologize, and you have to dismantle the reconnaissance plane as required by our country, and rent a third-party plane (Ukraine) before it can be transported away. Otherwise, the pilots and staff of the American perpetrators would not leave.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Don’t use the spiritual victory method. Some people even say that “I’m flying to China with a U.S. plane.” This happened when I was in middle school. I had experienced and read the public opinion and various materials at that time: various theories and scenes were restored. , But absolutely no one has ever mentioned the phrase “carrying a US plane to China”. I have also seen two versions of US military memories. The content is roughly the same, that is, the aircraft is damaged and it is estimated that it will not be able to return. Lingshui Airport is From the nearest airport, they flew to Lingshui Airport in China after obtaining the consent of their superiors. Before landing, they destroyed the equipment on the plane as much as possible and dealt with confidential documents as much as possible. Everyone must be self-improvement, don’t be arrogant, it is meaningless, know the shame and then be brave

8 months ago

I didn’t expect this random answer to be popular, maybe it is the ID I have used for many years. In order to avoid misleading the majority of patriotic young people, I amended the content supplemented in the form of comments to the main text. In view of the fact that some friends have doubts about the words “U.S. troops are terrified” and “detained” in the article, I have made some explanations and clarifications. As a post-80s who used the screen name Guihang 81192 for 18 years, I was in the third year of high school when the incident happened. At that time, the information was underdeveloped and the third year of high school was heavy. The main way to obtain national and international information is the school newspaper column, and the newspapers, magazines and periodicals that you buy yourself. Twenty years have passed, and now I can’t do it if I have to ask me to show me the original information. But I can use my personality to guarantee that words such as “Zhao Yu has repeatedly locked EP-3 and requested to fire” and “holding” are definitely not made out of thin air, but the original words of the media shortly after the incident happened that year. It was the US’s explanation to us that the EP-3 forcibly broke into China’s airspace and landed at Lingshui Airport without China’s permission. First of all, it is certain that after Wang Wei collided and parachuted, Zhao Yu locked the U.S. plane and asked his superiors to fire. This detail is available in various reports today. Then, due to lack of fuel, Zhao Yu descended to confirm the location of Wang Wei’s crash and prepared to return. Before returning, he locked the U.S. plane again to confirm whether to fire or not, and returned by himself without approval. The dramatic thing is that the US plane actually followed Zhao Yu and flew to Lingshui Airport and landed “without China’s permission.” After landing, 24 members of the US crew destroyed the equipment on the EP-3 and were detained by the Chinese. They were locked by Zhao Yu many times, and then Zhao Yu flew to China. They misunderstood Zhao Yu’s meaning in a daze and thought they were going to “catch them back”, so they obediently followed Zhao Yu and landed in Lingshui. I think the scene and statement described by the media back then are very logical. Moreover, the EP-3 only shredded the vertical tail of the J-8 with its left wing. According to its damage, as a propeller aircraft with four engines, since it has the ability to fly to Lingshui Airport, it can return home. Zhao Yu gained first-class merit after engaging in it, which also corroborated this situation. Because 1. The United States was very arrogant at the beginning of the incident. Instead of apologizing at all, it accused our pilots of being too aggressive, and demanded the immediate release of 24 crew members. If we hadn’t had these 24 executioners in hand, they would even disdain to negotiate with us. Later, under the ingenious operation of Yang Jiechi, the then ambassador to the United States, the pressure of the crew members’ families barely eased. Therefore, Zhao Yu “caught” the returned US plane, especially the crew members, which played a decisive role in the subsequent diplomatic negotiations and the characterization of the incident. 2. EP-3 was later unloaded by us, and it took several months for the US to rent a Russian transport plane to pull it back. Even if the US military personnel destroyed part of the equipment during this period, you said that our professional and technical personnel did not take the opportunity to observe and learn. It is estimated that ghosts will not believe it. Everyone knows how difficult it is for PLA to obtain first-class work without sacrificing. Zhao Yu’s first-class work cannot be groundless. Yesterday someone put a photo of Yang Jiechi’s big Anchorage’s speech to the United States in front of Wang Wei’s cloak, and the labor and management cried again [Bad] In addition, many young friends didn’t understand why they didn’t open fire. In fact, more than this incident, there were three more aggrieved hatreds in the 1990s, and we have all tolerated them. Only with our accession to the WTO in 2001 and the GDP curve that rose from the ground, can we have our strong motherland now. There is a reincarnation in the world. Just a few months after the 81192 incident, the 9/11 incident occurred. Since then, China’s national fortune has ushered in a period of rapid development. The following is the original answer: At that time, a memoir of the U.S. military stated that after Wang Wei crashed, Zhao Yu, an official (should be the lead plane) plane, was very angry. He locked the U.S. plane several times and requested to fire. The U.S. plane was also frightened. However, the above has not been approved to fire, and Zhao Yu has been following the U.S. plane. The U.S. plane understood that Zhao Yu wanted to “capture them”, so Zhao Yu was “carried” to fly to China and did not dare to return. After Zhao Yu returned to the base, the US plane was unable to return due to damage and had to make an emergency landing at Lingshui Airport nearby. Afterwards, Zhao Yu obtained first-class merit and was drawn to the visa blacklist by the United States for life. By the way, Wang Wei’s son is called Prince, and now he is also a member of the Navy.

8 months ago

The plane broke down an engine, its belly was cut by its own propeller, the cabin lost pressure, and the radome was knocked off by Wang Wei’s plane.
In this case, the aircraft can barely maintain control, which is very good. Compared with the forced landing at Lingshui Airport, flying back to the US military base is more risky.
As for the matter after the forced landing, it is not for the crew to decide.
My rabbit has copied a lot of things, my rabbit is mighty!

8 months ago

What is certain is that the Sino-US collision was an “unexpected incident” that year. Wang Wei’s J-8B crashed, and the US reconnaissance plane was also seriously damaged. It is inevitable that flying turbulence is difficult to control. This is just one of them. Although there are rules for encounters between the Chinese and American armed forces by sea and air, the incident happened suddenly. The U.S. military crews really can’t imagine what the consequences would be if they don’t obey the “command.” Following the Chinese military plane to Lingshui Airport for “violation handling” is their only option, and the crime of “traffic hit and escape” is a plus. The U.S. military also has the tradition of “weak and life-saving”, so it drove the plane to Lingshui Airport. As for China’s access to technical information on the EP3 aircraft, this is completely unexpected. Although the U.S. military has publicly stated that it will handle its secrets, it is very limited. During the flight, they are basically in a “horrified undecided” state, and it is lucky to be able to destroy the password. In fact, the Chinese are not interested in passwords, mainly because of the configuration skills of EP3’s various investigation systems. These structural things cannot be destroyed. This is the key. The Chinese have been studying reconnaissance aircraft for many years. Many problems may not be clear, but people who understand “break it at one point” need not say much… The time when the Sino-US plane collided was just when Bush Jr. After the incident, the “confrontation” between China and the United States was even more turbulent. At that time, the super-scale rescue was actually a kind of “preparation.” The “hot heart” has gradually become discouraged, and after 9/11, it has changed its course and peace with China…Don’t think that if a military plane collides, you can shoot down the “causing” aircraft. There are also international applications for emergency asylum. However, there was no “communication” between Lingshui Airport and the EP3 that caused the incident at that time, so there was the consequence of “illegal entry”. If EP3 chose to contact the civilian airport in Haikou at that time, Haikou Airport had no way not to respond. This is really difficult to handle! Few countries in this world dare to seize and “disintegrate” U.S. military aircraft…

8 months ago

After the collision, one died and one injured. The US pilot was injured and chose the most suitable place for emergency landing. After making an emergency landing at the airport, the US pilot destroyed the main classified equipment. Fifteen minutes later, my airport personnel arrived and detained the American pilot in the airport restaurant. After that, experts conducted research on the wreckage of the aircraft and got a lot of inspiration. The US pilot and the wreckage were transported back to the US via Hong Kong? Can’t remember, anyway this thing is quite embarrassing. Back then, with economic construction as the center, swordsmen and soldiers entered the warehouse, and horses were released in Nanshan, military construction was in a secondary position, and the vigilance dropped a little.

8 months ago

Personally, I think it was intercepted, saying that it was a forced landing just because I didn’t want the situation to escalate. First of all, the American aircraft is basically P3. A huge and mature propeller aircraft, flying slowly, not easy to stall. At the same time, the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft is basically intact and the power is still there. It is not difficult to fly to Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. F15 flew back to the base without a wing, not to mention EP3. Wang Wei’s plane was hit, indicating that the planes of both sides were very close. Perhaps they were carrying out the mission of emergency landing EP3, and they did not get what they shouldn’t get by not arranging EP3. A Chinese plane has crashed. If the EP3 fails to land as required, it may be shot down. In the end, both sides lost an airplane, and in the end it might just be a mess of mutual talk, and they didn’t want to die. In fact, rather than wanting to obtain American electronic technology, I am more inclined to see things that Americans should not see, so they must be intercepted.

8 months ago

Analyzing from the satellite photos at the time, the U.S. plane did not intend to stop at Lingshui Airport, but was taken directly to the airport by an indescribable force and placed directly on the tarmac, without allowing the U.S. plane to land on its own. Otherwise, if an airplane of that size landed on the runway and taxied for such a long distance, it would be spotted immediately, and the people on the tower were not blind. However, the report at the time said that the U.S. plane was not immediately found on the apron. It was discovered and reported to the airport only after the meeting, and then the airport was sent to check it.

8 months ago

The airport is 5km away from my house. The sound of the plane taking off can be heard every day. There was no wall at this airport before, so we can still go there to play. I am after 00 and I didn’t understand when the accident happened. But thinking about it now, what a shame! The enemy not only harms your family, but also walks across your house swaggeringly. Why does he dare to swagger in the South China Sea? Why would he dare to hit the plane at our door? Still not strong enough! One day, we will be able to drive a plane to the gate of California and crash into it! For Martyr Wang Wei, there is only-the Chinese nation has never lacked a backbone, never lacked in the past, not lacking now, and absolutely not lacking in the future!

8 months ago

The root cause of the accident was that the U.S. reconnaissance aircraft invaded China’s exclusive economic zone and violated China’s rights and interests. The direct cause was some accidental elements. The Chinese fighter planes were monitored, verified, and driven away because they were flying too close. Sudden turbulence in the airflow caused instability and a collision, which led to an accident. The argument that the US reconnaissance plane deliberately crashed into the Chinese fighter plane is not logically valid. Even if the plane has a small malfunction during high-altitude flight, there is a possibility that the plane will crash. The Americans cannot take this risk. After an emergency landing, looking at the damaged photos of the US reconnaissance plane after the incident, we knew that the emergency landing must be due to a malfunction. Regardless of territorial waters and airspace on the border of the motherland, soldiers guarding the frontier often have guns and cannons in their hands but cannot fire casually. They often have to face the enemy’s insidious methods and various accidental dangers with flesh and blood. , Pay tribute to the people’s army defending the country!

8 months ago

I can’t bear to look back. There is no right or wrong in the war. It was the best choice to fight directly at that time. The name stayed in history. Finally put the person back, at least one year of continuous television confession can be put back. Of course, if I were a pilot on the scene, I would not dare to fight directly. What if there is a war, but if I fight, I will stay in history. Should I fight on the spot? Whether or not to fight down requires extremely high political wisdom and courage. At that time, the country’s technological level was not high. For you, do you dare to fight down?

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