The Xi’an Chengbei Agricultural Bureau community had a property before 2009. Because of management problems, it was approved by the general meeting of owners, and 6 owners were selected to establish an owner’s committee to manage it on their own. Later, the houses of two of them were sold and moved, and they were managed by a four-member owner committee, including Yang Junjie. The average age of the four was 70 years old, and they were all retirees.

“Our community does not charge property fees. 0.4 yuan per square meter is called’other’. It is a property fee. The standard is very low. The sanitation fee is 7 yuan per household per month and 84 yuan per year. These two expenses are one year. It can collect about 27,000 yuan. Then there is the parking fee, 100 yuan per month for each car, if it is paid annually, it can be discounted for one month, and only need to pay 1,100 yuan, which can receive 30,000 yuan. In this way, the entire community It can collect nearly 60,000 yuan a year,” said Yang Junjie. After deducting the wages of the workers, there will be a surplus of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan each year. The remaining money can then be used to serve the owners and repair or replace public facilities.

Yang Junjie said that there is an account book in the concierge, and all expenses, fund income and withdrawals will be publicized every time, so that the owner can be clear about the accounts.

The community renovated the water circuit heating and sewage pipes in the back building, and spent a lot of money on roof renovation and road construction. The money collected was not enough. The owner raised it. “Everyone is very cooperative when it comes to what needs to be done. Able to collect money.” Yang Junjie said, the secret of their management is giving and dedication, “We are all selfless, treating everyone as our own people will gain trust.”

Wang Tao, community director of Wei 29th Street, Zhangjiabao Street Office, Weiyang District, said that the Community Ownership Committee of the Municipal Agriculture Bureau has developed a unique management model during long-term management exploration. The entire community is fully mobilized and the owners regard everyone as everyone. In a small home, 65 households have opened up the barriers to truly realize mutual visits and attention between neighbors. The sanitation of the community and the environment are better. Everyone is like a property worker. Maintaining their own home by themselves is definitely better than others. Better, then, this experience will be promoted in the street office.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The selflessness of the heart is wide, and the owner-operated model has advantages and disadvantages. A model such as 4 retired elderly management communities is a test of the owner’s management ability and moral quality. Young people have no energy to work, and only retired elderly people are most suitable, but not all retirements. The elderly can be selfless and capable of management. Even if it is promoted, it can be encouraged. Some old communities are more suitable, while new communities are more difficult. Just like the generation gap between young and old, the pursuit is different. It can be used as a model for consideration of old communities, but the sentence is still the same: The key lies in the ethics and ability of the personnel responsible for management.

8 months ago

There are many historical issues in Xi’an, and everything has its pros and cons. This model is more suitable for old communities within the system. In addition to reducing the difficulty of organizing business owners in the same unit, the original unit and the government will also provide certain support. If you promote this model, not to mention the whole country, just leave this community in Xi’an, and you will not be able to promote it to the neighboring community. If nothing else, the old property security will not be able to drive away. Six thousand Xi’an owners can’t beat six security guards, let alone four veteran cadres.

8 months ago

I am from Xi’an and I have been to this community. The owner-management model is worth promoting, but the model of this community cannot be copied. In fact, the owner-management model is a revolution to the living environment of today’s property companies. The revolution is not a treat, but cruel and full of sacrifices. For most communities, self-management by the owners means the establishment of a new force with the property committee as the main body, and the downfall of the old force with the property company as the main body. This kind of power change will not be peaceful, but there will be struggles and conflicts, and even some people will bleed and some people will die. Many property owners do not understand a truth-community governance is not a unified reform, but the practice of different regions. Many owners think that since there is an excellent management model, it is ok for me to sit at home and wait, and wait for a strong organization to implement it in our community. In fact, the reality is that other communities have succeeded, at best, as if the original Soviet October Revolution had succeeded. And the Soviet Union could not help us transnationally and build communism. If we want to follow the Soviet Union’s path, we can only rely on ourselves to organize our own people and make similar or even more arduous sacrifices.

8 months ago

Very good, the model is very good, it cannot be replicated, or even sustained. First, the community itself has a small population, aging buildings, and few places that need to be updated and maintained, and there is not much additional cost. Second, the population quality of the community itself is relatively high, and there is no arrears of property fees. I really forgot that an uncle in his 70s came to ask you if you can give it, let alone tens of dollars. Third, the community itself is unique. The family home of the Bureau of Agriculture, the 70-year-old grandfather who can live in it, can still be elected to the top, visually predicting that the level will not be lower before retirement. As far as the prestige of these uncles is concerned, there is almost no objection, not to mention that what they said is still right. Fourth, the biggest problem is age. There can be autonomous communities, and the elected must be people who are not bad money and have rich time. The age of 70 is actually just right. The retirement salary is enough, and the time is rich. What can you do without giving you face, and what can you dare to do.

8 months ago

I have encountered a community where there is no property company, and the characteristics of the community are very similar to those of the community in the article. First, the number of households is not large. Second, the composition of the community is very specific (most of the retirees from the national unit are retired from leadership positions). Third, the property of the house is the previous welfare housing. Fourth, the director of the owner committee High prestige (Mr. Cui served as a cadre of the Housing Management Bureau, secretary to the district mayor, and later retired from the position of the deputy general manager of the real estate company) Fifth, the five members of the industry committee were just to serve the community but later had to hire a property company to manage it. The reasons are as follows: among the 5 committee members, one of them suffered a stroke and was hospitalized, one was taken abroad by his daughter, and the other traveled frequently. Finally, he was selected by the property company. Therefore, we can’t just look at a single case, which is not universal. It’s like someone who dropped out of school and started a business successfully, such as Bill Gates. But after all, it is a small probability event. How can it be possible to generalize small probability events? Encourage college students to drop out? Those who are encouraged to go to work and support their families quit their jobs? Is it just because there are models like Jack Ma, Liu Qiangdong, Ma Huateng? Normal social development and social harmony still have to be measured by high probability events. There is another analogy. Just like epidemic prevention seedlings, each seedling market must go through a general test. It is not only suitable for a specific population (for example, only tested for males aged 30-40) that can be vaccinated for all. This is irresponsible behavior. Therefore, this model is not generalizable at all. Although I also admit that the current domestic property companies have various problems, but is there really no reason for some owners? The property fee set ten years ago said that the price would increase a bit, but that would not work. But how much price has risen in ten years? How much has the staff salary increased? Every year, staff salaries have to increase in price. And what is the basis of the government’s pricing? The quality of the developer is not good enough, and in the end it is a conflict between the owner and the property. Professional people do professional things.

8 months ago

There is absolutely no possibility of promotion and no need for discussion. First, this is an acquaintance community, which is very different from the normal community in the country. Second, the old community basically has no public facilities and equipment, just some corridor light bulbs, so-called services, really. Maintain the most basic gatekeeper, there is no analogy, third, basically rely on love to generate electricity, against human nature, who thinks it can be discussed, let him try to generate love for love? Who goes to work and does not receive wages to stand up and say?

8 months ago

It does not have the conditions for promotion, or even the conditions for long-term maintenance. ①Xi’an Chengbei Agricultural Bureau Community. The family homes of public institutions are very different from the general community. ②”The parking fee is 100 yuan per month for each vehicle. If you pay annually, you can get a discount for one month. You only need to pay 1100 yuan, which can collect 30,000 yuan.” There are less than 30 vehicles in this community. It is estimated that there are two or three units in a building. ③ “The entire community can collect nearly 60,000 yuan a year”, “after deducting the wages of the workers, there will be a balance of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan each year.” How many workers can be hired for a monthly salary of 4K to 5K? What kind of services can be provided? The four retired elderly people are all retirees from public institutions for love power generation, and their incomes are still stable. If you switch to other social communities, where can you find similar people? Think about it, there were a total of 6 people before, and two of them quit after moving. Why didn’t they add staff? The source of residents is relatively uniform, the size of the community is small, and several participants have stable income and are willing to provide free services. They should also provide very basic “property management”, and there may be endorsements from the unit, forming such a case. . Promotion? Wishful thinking.

8 months ago

Let me talk about it. When I was a child, I lived in this kind of community, which is strictly a family home. In the past, in the age when the unit had bathhouses, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and even boiler rooms (heating and hot water), family hospitals like us were taken care of by the units. Generally, it is to find a retired old comrade, or rural relatives (mainly wives, husbands, etc., who have no establishment, and find a job) in the work unit to be responsible for the guard. In summer and winter, many people will chat in the doorman during get off work hours, because they are acquaintances, and they will say hello every time they go in and out. Since I am an acquaintance, I can help to see the children who come home early after school, and help to pick up friends who can’t find home. It’s no problem, it’s very harmonious, and the people and cars outside are basically unable to get in. They all know each other and are safe. Great. At that time, the family homes of the unit were far better than the commercial houses. The owners of the community were of high quality and were owned by their own units. They were well managed, not easy for outsiders to enter, and the supporting benefits were good (such as free heating, free hot water, free parking, etc.) until, until. . . . Someone sold the house to someone outside, everything changed. The free heating was first changed to a heating subsidy, and then it was directly handed over to the heating company. Free hot water, cancelled. As for parking, it turns out that it is not your own unit’s cars that are not allowed to enter, but what do you do if someone buys your house? There have been several incidents of outside residents being prevented from entering the security guards, except for the police unit. No way, in the end the unit also wanted to get rid of the burden. When the property is handed over to the society, not only the benefits are gone, but also property fees and garbage cleaning fees are paid every month. Because the community is small, the property company sent an old man to visit the house and work as a part-time security guard. Well, since then, my mother has started to pay attention to logistics, because the courier at the doorman is always lost, so the uncle doesn’t worry about it at all. Parking was also stopped randomly, and even those without parking spaces in the surrounding communities also parked in the community. As for the thief, he couldn’t control it anymore. Anyone could get in. The uncle watched TV in the guard during the day, played on his mobile phone, and fell asleep early at night. Of course, the elderly in the family members’ hospital later reflected that it was better, but after all, it was outsiders who made money, and there were so many talented people who didn’t care about it. Therefore, the community in Xi’an is not innovative at all, it is the management method of the old family home based on the mutual trust and tolerance of the neighbors. Because these few people can only provide basic sanitation and security properties, and the fees are low. For the owners, the requirement is that they are cheap and have basic property management. For these elderly people, it is just to make a contribution. Like those who work completely outside, they are still more dedicated to managing and operating this community, just to spare a little bit of heat. So not every old community can do this. Support, but not very valuable for promotion.

8 months ago

1. The ecology of the community within the system and the community outside the system is completely different. The community within the system has a characteristic, that is, some residents have titles and qualifications that are recognized to be convincing to the public, and have leadership experience. Take the community where I lived when I was a child. Because the background was a cross between the army and the railway, some retired elders were senior military officers (major generals), and some retired elders were retired from senior college management posts. Although everyone calls x teacher, x secretary, x political commissar, x dean, x director in daily life. But once organized, the leadership authority of these people is the most adequate. The second is that the communities within the system have a clear relationship between superiority and inferiority and superior and subordinate, and everyone is in the same discourse system, has the same working background, and is familiar with each other, so the grassroots autonomy is much easier to carry out. Once organized, there is no need to determine who is the leader, who is the top leader, who is the second leader, what should be done, how to do it, and who should do it. Before retirement, the person with the highest administrative level and willingness is the top leader. Others lay hands. There is no problem in organizing various functional departments according to their current and pre-retirement positions. The biggest difference between the system and the system is the organizational discipline. People in the system know what an organization is, how to organize, what is formalization, and what organizational processes are because of the working environment. The third is that the residents of the community within the system are very familiar with the system and can perform extreme operations without breaking the taboo. Fourth, and most importantly, the relationship between the various units in the system is there, the faces are given to each other, and the holes are buried in each other. Someone from the city government dare to offend several college compound, government compound, and military compound for a small amount of money that a property company opened for their relatives? Unrealistic. If we expand this question, the high-rise and super-high-rise elevator rooms of units within the system will not become slums. The high-rise elevator rooms outside the system will end up with no renewal and no one takes orders, but those within the system will not. It is much easier to reach an agreement within the community than outside the system. Promotion is good promotion, that is, it can only be pushed to the living quarters of high-level units within the system.

8 months ago

For small communities, property management is indeed a hassle. The community where my family is located has very few households, less than 100 households, so when our property committee finds a property company, it is very difficult. We have held several meetings and recommended several candidate companies, but they all failed: find a nearby community If you are afraid of favoritism, find a property company alone. Even if the owner is willing to increase the property fee, the property fee will not be collected much, and the big property company is not willing to come. In the end, after several setbacks, I found a small property company that manages several communities at the same time. Speaking of returning to the mode of this community, it is feasible in a short time, but it is not a long-term solution. 1. Community affairs are complicated and require people with enough time and energy to manage them. This kind of owner is not so easy to find. The property committee of our community is in charge of a full-time wife with a child who has grown up, and she doesn’t usually have much work. How long can the four 70-year-olds in the problem area manage? I moved out of 2 people before, and I haven’t seen any new people who can add in. 2. Everyone in the community is now familiar with things, and if a few high-prestige elderly people shout, the money can be collected. Such things as “giving and dedication” can be praised but not depended on. Since then, some owners have changed, and how many “nail households” who are reluctant to pay? Someone rented out the house, but the owner did not show up? Mobilize the masses to fight the masses? 3. Public resources in this community are relatively abundant, and conflicts of interest are small. For example, the parking space, 65 households in the community, a total of 30 vehicles (a car parking fee of 1,100 a year, can charge 30,000 yuan). What if there are too many cars in the future, one or even two cars per house, and there are not enough parking spaces? To whom or not to? Who manages the in and out of vehicles every day? What if someone wants to install a charging pile? However, the retirement age is going to be delayed. Let the old people in the community do this kind of “property management” work, and the government subsidizes a little salary. It is also an idea of ​​employment.

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