Whether it is grassroots or not depends mainly on who it is compared with. Liu Bei’s background includes clan family members of the Yuanfang Han Dynasty, grandson of the county magistrate, father lost in childhood, under the tutelage of Lu Zhi, and Gongsun Zan known as brothers and brothers. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 32: The first master’s surname is Liu, Yu Bei, and the word is Xuande, a native of Zhuo County, Zhuo County, and also after King Zhongshan Jing, the son of Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty, wins. Sheng Zizhen, who was named Lucheng Tinghou of Zhuo County in the sixth year of Yuanshou, was lost in the gold, because of his family. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 32: Ancestor Zuxiong, Fuhong, Shishizhou County. Heroic filial piety, official to the East County Fan Ling. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 32: The first master, Shaogu, worked with his mother to weave seats as a career. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 32: At the fifteenth year, his mother was a student, and he had an accident with the same clan Liu Deran and Gongsun Zan, the prefect of Jiujiang, the same county as Lu Zhi. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 32: And Zan Shen is friends with the former master. Zan is older, the first master is brother. 1) Yuanfang Han Family Clan: It is said that there is a face, and there are some privileges, but it is not very useful in practice. After all, by the end of the Western Han Dynasty, there were hundreds of thousands of Han family members (including women). By the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a high probability that hundreds of thousands of people (including women) would multiply. Han Scroll 12: I regard the emperor in his childhood and rule the country, but the clan is the descendant of Taizu Gao Emperor and his brothers Wu Qing and Chu Yuan. Since the Han and Yuan Dynasties, there are more than 100,000 people. Although they belong to the princes, they can’t compare. Correct, or fall into criminal punishment, the lesson is not to blame. Can’t pass it? May be equivalent to the offspring of Aisin Gioro? 2) The grandson of the county magistrate: In the Han system, small counties have county magistrates, and large counties have county magistrates. At that time, the chief official of a county has much greater power and status than the current county magistrate/secretary. Therefore, the East County Fan Ling should be at least equivalent to the current deputy secretary of the prefecture-level municipal party committee. If you put it now, it can be considered that Liu Bei has a grandfather with real power and deputy bureau level. It’s nice to say it, but it’s not really useful (Dad’s words are more useful). 3) Childhood bereavement: This has the greatest impact on Liu Bei. If Liu Hong does not die early, he will probably at least be an official in a prefecture, or even a county magistrate like Liu Xiong. However, his death caused Liu Bei’s mother and son to lose their support, and their families fell into trouble. Liu Bei’s most bitter days are during this period, after which he is actually not poor. 4) Learned from Lu Zhi: Lu Zhi was already a generation of Confucian scholars and had been a prefect. Later Han Scripts Volume 64: In Jianning, Zheng is a Ph.D, and it is the beginning of Yan. In the four years of Xiping, Jiujiang banned, selected planting talents in the four prefectures and used civil and military affairs, worshiped the prefect of Jiujiang, and served as a guest. Go to officials with illness. This educational background should be equivalent to a graduate from Qingbei. However, Liu Bei did not rule on the classics, nor did he mention filial piety, so even if he had a bachelor degree, he did not graduate. 4) As brother and brother with Gongsun Zan: Gongsun Zan served successively as the governor of Liaodong and Zhuoling before Liu Bei set up his army. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 8: Zan regards Xiaolian as his Lang, except for the long history of Liaodong. Tasting from dozens of rides, Zan Nai retreats into the empty pavilion, and asks him to ride: “If you don’t rush now, you will die.” Zan holds a spear with his own spear, with blades on both ends, and gallops. The thorns came out, and dozens of people were killed, and they were also spared from riding halfway. Xianbei punished Ai, but he dared not return to the cockpit. Moved to Zhuo Ling. The subject of Liaodong was an important frontier defense town in the Han Dynasty, equivalent to the current prefecture-level city. The governor’s history is the prefect and triumphal official with real power, which can be compared to the deputy mayor. Zhuo County is the first county of Zhuo County. This county magistrate should be at least analogous to the current deputy secretary of the prefecture-level city party committee. It can be said that Liu Bei has a good friend at the deputy bureau level, eldest brother. More importantly, this eldest brother is still in charge, and his background is enough for Liu Bei to be a local snake in Zhuo County. In general, Liu Bei’s background is now equivalent to that of Aixin Jueluo (this is still a conservative estimate). The clan is quite powerful in Zhuo County, and his grandfather has served as deputy secretary of the municipal party committee (deputy bureau level). Education background Graduated from Qingbei, bachelor degree. Another good buddy is the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee (deputy bureau level) of a prefecture-level city, and he happens to be in charge of his city. Compared with ordinary people, Liu Bei is indeed not a grassroots. But if you compare it with Yuan, Cao and other active Han clan relatives, Liu Bei’s background is extremely ordinary. Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu’s background is four generations and five gongs, which is equivalent to five consecutive Politburo Standing Committee members (Zhengguo level) in four generations, including their grandfather Yuan Tang, father Yuan Feng, and uncle Yuan Kui. Cao Cao’s father, Cao Song, was also an official to San Gong, equivalent to the son of a member of the Politburo Standing Committee (Zhengguo level). Liu Yan’s father went to the prefect of Changsha, equivalent to the son of the deputy secretary of the provincial and municipal party committee (deputy ministerial level). Sheng Hong’s “Jingzhou Ji” contains: Zheng Xiang is also Zheng Chengdi. There is the tomb of Liu Changsha in Gangnan, the father of Muyan in Yizhou. Liu Yu’s father Liu Shuguan went to Danyang prefect, and his grandfather Liu Jia was an official to Guangluxun. Equivalent to the son of the deputy secretary of the provincial and municipal party committee (deputy ministerial level) and the grandson of a member of the Politburo (deputy national level). Later Han Dynasty Volume 73: Grandfather Jia, Guangluxun. Xie Chengshu was quoted in the notes of the Later Han Dynasty: “Yu Fushu, Danyang prefect.” Liu Yu’s father Liu Yuguan went to Shanyang prefect, and his uncle Liu Chong was the official to the third official. It is equivalent to the son of the deputy provincial secretary of the municipal party committee (deputy ministerial level) and the nephew of the Politburo Standing Committee (zhengguo level). Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 49: Uncle Yao’s favor, he is the Taiwei of the Han Dynasty. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 49, quotation from “Continued Hanshu”: Yao Fuyu, a Fang, prefect of Shanyang. In front of them, Liu Bei is the grassroots.


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6 months ago

If you were born in grassroots, you are just ordinary people with no background. Of course Liu Bei is not counted. Even if Liu Bei’s family can’t eat and die from starvation, he is not a grassroots background. After all, they are also of Han descent, and their grandparents and fathers are all officials. Just like many leaders are farmers, this brand cannot be erased. Talking about birth is actually not very meaningful, because many births cannot be transformed into survival and development assistance, or can only play a role in certain stages. You see, after the loss of his father, Liu Bei’s family used to weave and sell mats to make ends meet, and 80% of the family’s background is not strong. Later, the people of the tribe provided relief and assistance, and their living standards continued to improve, but Liu Bei’s official career was far inferior to that of his grandfather and father. Cao Cao was less than twenty years old to give Xiaolian. Sun Jian is already a county official at the age of seventeen. Liu Bei was still white in his twenties. Gongsun Zan’s appointment as Zhuling also failed to improve Liu Bei’s career. Either Liu Bei can’t, or Liu Bei’s family can’t, or Liu Bei can’t rank in the family. Anyway, Liu Bei hadn’t even been a county official. It is said that Sun Zhong is a seller of melons. Sun Jian, his heir, was a county official at the age of seventeen. Sun Ben, a tribe member, also worked as a postal supervisor. When Sun Jian rises up, it is basically the support of his family. When Liu Bei launched his army, it was mainly sponsored by wealthy businessmen. In terms of financial resources and family appeal, Sun Jian is clearly superior to Liu Bei. Looking at Sun Jian’s record, you can’t read any happy dogma, music, and beautiful clothes. But Mrs. Wu dared not refuse Sun Jian and marry him, which shows that Sun Jian still has a background. Of course, these two are far behind Cao Cao. Cao Cao didn’t need the support of his father, and his wealth was able to allocate 2,000 people, as well as a partner like Weitz who sponsored 3,000 people. Looking at Cao Hong’s shots again, it becomes clearer what disparity is. It is often said that Liu Bei often fails and his clan has been exhausted, so there is no record. In my opinion, Liu Bei’s status in his clan is limited and his clan’s support is relatively limited, which makes sense.

6 months ago

Whether a person is grass-rooted depends on how he rises up and where the resources for the first step come from, not on the ancestry and connections of distant relatives. Liu Bei’s background was the leading eldest brother of street gangsters, and he wooed some big businessmen from other places, and got the first pot of gold in business (collecting protection fees?). The second pot of gold was to gain recognition by military merits, and to get funding from General He Jin, to increase the ranks and expand the ranks. From this point of view, Liu Bei’s first two rounds of resources were based on his own efforts (cruel-hearted), not from relatives, but from the real grass roots. . The first master is good to make friends with heroes, and young people fight for them. The great Zhongshan merchants Zhang Shiping, Su Shuang, etc. had a lot of money, and they traded horses in Zhuo County. The first reason is to use the disciples. At the end of the emperor, the Yellow Turban was raised, and the prefectures and counties raised volunteers. The first master led his subordinate lieutenant Zou Jing to discuss the Yellow Turban thieves, except An Xiwei. After a while, the general He Jin sent Du Wei Wu Qiu Yi to Danyang to recruit troops, the ancestor went with him, and when he met the thieves at Xiapi, he fought hard and was successful, except for Xia Micheng. Go back to official. Later, he was Gao Tangwei and moved to Ling. Someone mentioned Gongsun Zan, but it must be noted that Liu Bei first hooked up the general He Jin, organized the team, and got the title of high-ranking official, and then contacted Gongsun Zan. From this perspective, Liu Bei already has a certain status at this time, and Gongsun Zan is a developing cooperation, not a background.

6 months ago

Liu Sheng (165-113) Liu Bei (161-223) means that the shortest distance between Liu Sheng and Liu Bei is 274 years. 2021-274=1747. Qianlong ascended the throne in 1736, and 1747 happened to be the twelfth year of Qianlong. He Shen was born in 1750. I checked the high-ranking celebrities who lived around 1747, probably Zhang Tingyu. This means that in today’s 2021, when you introduced yourself, you said that you were after Zhang Tingyu, a fellow of Wenyuange University and Minister of Military Aircraft. Look at who doesn’t treat you as a lunatic. That’s how Liu Bei introduced himself. It took three hundred years for Aisin Jueluo to abdicate in 1911. It has been 110 years. Do you think Liu Beixiao’s local tyrant ancestors 300 years ago are still useful? Bei’s grandfather Liu Xiong, the official to the county magistrate of Fanxian, Dongjun (East Jun belonged to the Yanzhou Municipal Government, governing Puyang). And Liu Bei’s father Liu Hong died early. Grandpa Liu Bei was a county magistrate, and Liu Bei also enjoyed the treatment of his son-in-law when he was a child. The older he grew up, the poorer he became. In the end, weaving seats and selling shoes are ordinary people. Not to be the poorest person, but that’s it.

6 months ago

It is a grassroots-an extremely remarkable grassroots, a grassroots who refuses to accept his fate and fight for his ideals for life. Few readers have noticed that Liu Bei was 46 years old when he came to Zhuge Liang’s thatched cottage. Don’t talk about ancient times, what a terrible age it is now. If a man has 21 flowers, then he is half buried in loess at the age of forty-six. At this time, Liu Bei could only be called Liu Laogen. Forty-six-year-old Liu Bei, carrying a thermos cup-oh no, he is carrying the dream of “restoring the Han Dynasty”. He has been traveling the world for more than 20 years. Twenty years ago, the young Liu Bei was also very energetic. As the red N-generation of the roots of Miaohong, “After Zhongshan Jing Wang Liu Sheng, the great-grandson of Emperor Han Jing”, he also drank wine with the 18th princes and called them brothers and sisters. . Vigorously lively and unrestrained, riding horses galloping to see the prosperity of the world. But now that he has been running around for most of his life, except for the white hair on the temples and the meat between the crotch, Liu Bei has not even a piece of land. Speaking of achievements, repeated defeats have become synonymous with him. The richness of defeats is well-known in the circle of friends of the Three Kingdoms: in the first year of Jian’an, Huaiyin was defeated by Yuan Shu, the army was defeated; Jian’an three years, lost in Xuzhou Yu Lubu, his wife was captured, and fled alone; in Jian’an five years, he was defeated by Cao Cao, and his buddy Guan Yu was captured; in Jian’an six years, he was defeated by Cao Cao, and had no choice but to run away again and stayed at Liubiao, Jingzhou. ;……You can slap the “uncle emperor” casually, which is quite proud to be posted to a circle of friends. The result of the defeat was to travel around and be sent under the fence. Runbo is forty-six years old in a blink of an eye for most of his life. But Liu Bei didn’t admit defeat, and he still didn’t give up the hot idea of ​​reviving the Han room. Speaking of Liu Bei at this time, a magnanimous person would say that Mr. Xuande was worried about the world for the country and the people. He is really a salted fish with dreams! I can’t help but sarcastically when I run into a bitter and mean one, the one who weaves the mat and sells straw sandals, looks like a dog! Even in the Jingzhou tavern that he often goes to, the guys inside can’t help dissatisfying his ideals: Look, this is the Liu Laogen who only orders a plate of fennel beans every time he drinks, and claims to know the four ways to revitalize the Han Dynasty! There are also people who admire him, such as Cao Cao from Anhui, who used to drink and brag with him. When he was drunk and his brain was hot, he even leaned back and said: People under the world, where can I count, only you and me The two brothers are considered heroes. and then? Then there is no more. The Anhui native had already achieved what he had said, and occupied most of the world, while Liu Bei himself was still eating this meal. When princes from all walks of life mentioned Liu Bei, most of them said, Well, Uncle Liu Huang is well-known and is a good old man. While introducing him as a guest to make a sign, secretly laughed at him: in such a troubled world, good people still want to fight the world? Liu Bei is unmoved, deception is not his strong point. Although he has never studied the eight honors and eight shames, he adheres to his own moral standards and strives to achieve the great rejuvenation of his old Liu family. Kong Rong, who likes to let Lizi, was surrounded by bandits in Beihai. Without a word, he took his brother to rescue. The honest Xuzhou governor Tao Qian offended Cao Cao and was attacked. No one wanted to stand up. He went. Helping the place; even Lu Bu, who is incapable of being down and out of nowhere, is kind enough to take him in. For this reason, he suffered countless losses, was stabbed in the back several times, and lost the occupied territory. But no matter how frustrated, Liu Bei refused to be included. If you are poor, you will be poor, and you will never completely sell your own signboard to other people to work. In a twinkling of an eye, twenty years have passed. He is nearly fifty years old. He has white hair, wrinkles crawling to the corners of his eyes, and nothing but fat on his waist. Forty-six years old, and only Liu Biao’s visitor. Logically speaking, he should be very mournful, and there should be a wave of negative energy radiating from all over his body. For ordinary people, it should have stopped long ago. For a lot of age, it would be good for Han Yan to play Sun Qiutian Wenshe, and also need bicycles, and rejuvenate the Han Dynasty. After all, there is nothing difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to give up. But Liu Bei didn’t do it. Not only did he not lose, but he also refused to give up principles or ideals. The heart of a hero will never die. Liu Bei lacked talent and strategy, he knew it himself. To start a business, he has to find a powerful assistant, he also knows. He tried every means to make up for this shortcoming. Someone told him that Xu Shu was a great talent, so he ran to invite him, respectfully and kindly ask for advice; Xu Shu just stayed for a few days without expectation, Xu Shu was calculated and left again. Someone told him that there is a young man nicknamed Wolong who can help you settle the world, but the young man is only 27 years old and he studies every day and has no practical experience. For example, you have failed for most of your entrepreneurial life. Now someone tells you that there is a young man who just graduated in his twenties, who can help you start a business so that you will have three parts with Jack Ma and Liu Qiangdong in ten years. You must feel like Tian Fang Ye Tan, right? Liu Bei believes. He went to visit in person, and went three times if he didn’t see him once or twice. The goalkeeper throws three philosophical series: Who are you? where are you from? What are you doing? Liu Bei: Han Zuo General Yicheng Tinghou led the Yuzhou Mu Huangshu Liu Bei, and came to see him. Boy: I can’t remember many names. (I can’t remember such a long username when I’m young) If it’s Zhang Fei, I guess Zhangba Shemao lifted it up: You can’t remember to try it again? If it was Guan Yu, he probably rolled his eyes, raised a two-meter-eight head, and walked away. Liu Bei is different. He only added one sentence: You only said that Liu Bei was visiting. I always thought that this sentence was a stroke of magic. A few simple words, neither humble nor overbearing, humble attitude, and full of confidence. “Yes, I’m the one and only Liu Bei, that Liu Bei that everyone knows when you talk about it.” It’s hard to be a hero when he faces the wall for ten years. Zhuge Liang is Wolong. Everyone says he has great abilities. Tell him, I am Liu Bei, who is worthy of his talents and let him make great achievements in history. The most famous encounter between monarchs and ministers in Chinese history took place. After keeping the clouds open and seeing the moon, Liu Bei finally found the person he needed, and it was his time: in the thirteenth year of Jian’an, Sun Liu coalition army defeated Cao Cao in Chibi and took over the five counties of Jingzhou. In the seventeenth year of Jian’an, Liu Bei entered Xichuan and led Yizhou to animal husbandry. In the twenty-three years of Jian’an, consolidate the site to capture Hanzhong. In 221 AD, Liu Bei proclaimed himself emperor in Chengdu. This year, he is already sixty years old. In just over ten years, he went from almost nothing to a third in the world. Turned over completely. In “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” Liu Bei was written as a pustule that would only cry in case of trouble. It seems that Jiangshan was cried out by him. It is also said that Zhuge Liang’s credit for Liu Bei’s claim to be the emperor. The question is, why do smart people like Zhuge Liang choose Liu Bei instead of Liu Biao and Yuan Shaozhi? Few people think that in that troubled world, a forty-six-year-old man who still adheres to his original aspirations and principles but does not give up, shines with a blingbling personality. Calm and calm, neither humble nor overbearing, never discouraged after repeated failures, and persevering. The heart is just like water, it cannot be bought, and it will never compromise, knowing that it cannot be done, and doing it for decades. This hero is also the weapon. This is nothing short of a model Communist Party member, and it cannot be called a pustule in any way. Still, Chen Shou in “Three Kingdoms” commented on Liu Bei as pertinent: the authority is not as good as Cao Cao, but “Hongyi is generous, knows people and treats people, and is a hero. … tortured and never bend”, and eventually became an emperor. If sixty-year-old Liu Bei had passed by Longzhong again, thinking of a child who could not remember his name, he would have said to himself: Do you remember Liu Bei back then?

6 months ago

The grassroots look at the definition. Just talk about the background without mentioning the conditions. Of course, the background is also a condition, but the background of Liu Bei’s failure is actually not a lot of gold. Moreover, in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, it was like the warlords of the Republic of China separatist. Your relatives of the royal clan in the early Qing Dynasty did not have DNA and household registration books, and their usefulness was very limited. You can say that you are not grassroots, but infinitely close. On the other hand, if you don’t look at the background on the conditions, weaving seats sell big ears, let alone, inspirational films. Of course, the stories of Liu Bei and Lu Zhi Gongsun Zan when he was a child, it is hard to say whether they can prove that the conditions of their family are actually better for a few days. So in general, if you have to choose one of the two, I will vote for the grassroots.

6 months ago

It should be a well-off level. Although Liu Bei had royal blood, he basically had no privileges. He died when he was three years old. His father and his family depended on the support of widowed mothers. The standard poor family is a good low-income household, but Liu Bei has a good uncle who sponsored him to go to school. The teacher is the famous Jiujiang prefect Lu Zhi Liu Bei did not like to read during school, and even had the money to scream with Gongsun Zan. Liu Bei’s style and when he returned from school, he made friends everywhere, and he started a security team. So Liu Bei’s family is definitely not too poor, but it depends on who is better than Liu Bei’s family, which is better than ordinary people. The rich and powerful Cao Jiayi of the Yuan family should find a seam in the ground to get in.

6 months ago

The descendants of the royal family are not bad. They are equivalent to the descendants of Prince Gong in the late Qing Dynasty. Generally, the royal family will not sit and watch these royal families starve to death. The reputation of the royal family will be too great, so although it is depressed, there must be food and clothing. Guaranteed. In the extreme situation where the emperor has no heirs, it is even possible to accidentally smash the throne on the head. Although most of them are just puppets, they are absolutely indispensable for a lifetime. Most people do not have the opportunity to wait for the pie in the sky. When they are down, they are no different from ordinary people. Once they are in power, their appeal as a royal family will be leveraged. And if he didn’t have the aura of the Han clan family, then the great Confucian Lu Zhi could not accept him as a disciple. At that time, he was very distinguished. Being a teacher for a day and a father for life is not a verbal talk. At that time, it was really a seller. On the bottom of the straw sandals, how could a great scholar look at you? Just like today, there will be no academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who will accept a shoe shiner on the street as a graduate student for no reason. If Lu Zhi did not accept him as a disciple, he would not be in the same school as Gongsun Zan, so the earliest help of Gongsun Zan would not exist. If Gongsun Zan did not help Liu Bei, Liu Bei would not be able to rescue Xuzhou. He became a prince of one party. He could only go through a normal official career step by step, and then resist Yuan Shao with Gongsun Zan. After winning, all the benefits belonged to Gongsun Zan. If he lost, he died together with Gongsun Zan.

6 months ago

If the grass is not grass roots, do you have to compare it? For ordinary people, Liu Bei’s ability to visit Lu Zhi’s school is not a grassroots. In the uprising with several people in the late Han Dynasty, Liu Bei was more than grassroots, afraid that he would eat the grass to survive. Plan out the frontier Dong Zhuo Ma Teng and his ilk, and take a look at the Central Plains. After Cao Gong Taiwei was twenty years old, he dared to kill Uncle Jian Shuo. How many old men did Er Yuan Jishi still need to say? Liu Biao was also named the “Eight Gu”, Zhang Miao could still hook Cao Cao on the left and take Yuan Shao on the right. Looking at the people in Yingchuan, the people in Langya, the relatives and relatives of the emperor and the relatives are like nothing. All of them lost their fathers, one servant counted in the hundreds, and one could only weave seats and sell shoes. The hero’s note said: (Cao) Chunzi Zihe. He lost his father at the age of fourteen and lived apart from his brothers of the same birth. Inherited from his father’s career, rich in wealth, child servants counted in the hundreds, purely disciplined and supervised, without losing the sense of reason, the township thinks it can. Daer cried when he saw Cao Chun wow, and sighed: The difference between a person and a person is simply bigger than the difference between being a writer and Ding Zhen. What are the names of Han clan family members? What did you bring? There is another Yizong who worships Zhonglang next door. Liu Bei has no foreign hair, so he still has to sell big ear straw sandals to survive? Look at the one in the west. Will the court treat Ma Teng with courtesy after he is Ma Fubo? No need to sell money for official positions? In other words, Liu Bei was born mediocre, mixed with flashy Han Chinese names. A seller of straw sandals, Youzhou slid to Xuzhou, and then to Yizhou, Jingzhou. He was chased to the lower left corner in the upper right corner of the map, and he was able to achieve the king’s career. Is it because he has no ability to cry?

6 months ago

The history is very clear. Liu Bei’s grandfather, Liu Xiong, raised a filial and honest official to the county magistrate. At the end of the Han Dynasty, Xiaolian had become a formality and basically became a tool for the big families to help each other. Liu Xiong had to use Xiaolian to explain that the Liu family had a certain influence in the local area. The power of county magistrates in the Han Dynasty is greater than it is now, but the land under management is similar to that of the present, the population is far less than that of modern times, and the subordinates are also less than it is now. It can be considered that Liu Bei’s origin is roughly as follows: Han Dynasty Yuanzong, family There is still a certain degree of influence in the local area. Grandpa once served as a county magistrate. Liu Bei’s family background is not bad, even if his father died young, he can still support his school expenses, and after receiving the help of the same clan, he can even afford some light and extravagant expenses. Liu Bei’s mother needed to weave and sell seats to subsidize the family. This does not mean that Liu’s family was poor. Landlords who were able to get out of production before modern times needed considerable support from the industry. Comparing the situation in the Republic of China, it is estimated that Liu Bei’s family background is at the level of about 1% before the end of Han Dynasty. As for whether this is considered grass-roots or not, it’s just a matter of saying that the public is justified and the mother is justified. I think it can be roughly compared to Han Xue. If you agree with Han Xue’s grass roots, then Liu Bei can be regarded as grass roots. If Han Xue doesn’t count, then Liu Bei shouldn’t count either.

6 months ago

The ancestors have passed away. For example, they may be the descendants of a big family with a surname in the Republic of China. They can check genealogy, but after Zhongluo, it will be a gimmick. When I was young, I learned from Lu Zhi. It was similar to having a Tsinghua diploma and Some Tsinghua old classmates feel this way. However, he himself later started to weave seats, probably because after graduating from Tsinghua University, he didn’t find a job street stall… So you say he is not considered grassroots, in a broad sense, he must be considered. But compared to pure weeds, he may look more like a grandma…Of course, there is a thousand-year-old ginseng buried in the soil, maybe only some people could see it at that time…

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