Can’t beat. To put it bluntly, King Kong is just a bigger orangutan, who eats fish and meat, does not send waves, spells, or transforms. Attacks rely on fists to defend pure crispy skin. Godzilla is the king of monsters. He eats nuclear bombs as a snack, has a thick skin and a high defense, and breathes low through the center of the earth. The disparity in strength is equivalent to that of ordinary humans hitting the Terminator, and all of them are not good for straight hooks, leg wrestling, and ground lock skills. In order to find balance, an axe was added to King Kong in the movie. Judging from the mechanical Godzilla that the axe can’t defeat the brother, it may really have the ability to kill Godzilla after it is fully charged. However, using the opponent’s breath to fully charge and then chop the opponent is a bit similar to taking advantage of strength. It requires clever fighting skills and a good fighting mentality. It is too difficult for an apes. If it can’t be achieved, it means nothing. How can King Kong beat Godzilla? In those days, Homo sapiens killed all over the world. In addition to making weapons, it also relied on three things: it was ruthless, no explanation, loyalty, and many brothers. It meant that when we beat our opponent, we beat him in a group. group. That’s right, we won like this back then. Judging from the relics of the battle in the inner world, King Kong’s ancestors probably used this method to tear off Godzilla’s backboard to make an axe. Although King Kong is ruthless, there are no other people of the same kind now, and this old road is no longer possible. By now, if King Kong wants to get rid of the humiliation of three defeats and admit defeat, he has to cooperate with humans. There are no other people of the same kind and accomplices. Although the size is very different, after all, they are all primates, even if they do. When getting along is not a good time, the brothers humiliate themselves at the wall and guard against their insults. Brother’s atomic breath is too deadly? It doesn’t matter, you can go to Japan to find an organization called NERV to conduct Yashima operations. King Kong, remember to tell the girl after winning, just smile. You are good at communicating with human girls. EVA is arguing with her sister-in-law recently? It doesn’t matter, go to Wakanda in Africa to get some vigor and block shield. With it, Captain Orangutan…Ah yeah, King Kong and everyone have a 50-50 strength. Wakanda does not have so many vibrating shields? It doesn’t matter, there is one last resort. Put on this diamond ring, and you can change back to…


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

No matter how high the skill is, I’m afraid of kitchen knives. Can the King Kong mastering the mma beat the King Kong taking the axe? Godzilla has a long-range weapon, atomic breath, and MMA can’t hold it.
King Kong with an axe can’t guarantee to win Godzilla, let alone King Kong empty-handed.
As for the conjecture that the gorilla will be able to mma, there is a real alien fighting in the comics, you can refer to it. (The plot is terrible)

6 months ago

King Kong came to see Godzilla again. King Kong: Brother, I recently signed up for a class, this time I can beat you. Godzilla: Ah? King Kong: The MMA I studied is very good now. Godzilla: Oh. Godzilla: What is it? King Kong: Mixed martial arts, now I can boxing, I can hug and throw, and I can also use Jiu-Jitsu, brother, be careful in the future. Godzilla: What is Jiu-Jitsu? King Kong: Ground fighting skills, let’s put it this way, the ground is the sea, and I am a shark. I can hang you and give you hypoxia. Godzilla: Oh. Godzilla turned and retreated into the sea. Godzilla: Come on. King Kong: Brother, what are you doing? Godzilla: Are you not a shark? King Kong: No, brother, I am a metaphor! This is all technology on the ground, hey! Brother, why are you making waves! King Kong lay on the ground: Brother, why are you stronger again. Godzilla: Recently someone invited me to Fukushima for a milkshake. King Kong: I lost!

6 months ago

You may not know what is the concept of just using your fist to punch the mutant lizard. We generally only use two words to describe this ape: King Kong! I often say that when Godzilla was able to kill Gidola with a shot of red lotus, it was not a problem for my King Kong to kill his opponent with an ancestral axe. Ambush him, you can’t stay in this sea, don’t need to stay in this sea, he is dead. A backhand pokes his throat and makes a fortune muffled. He wants to stab me too? But don’t be afraid, his atomic breath can’t breathe out me. Naked choke throat Kimura lock, two heavy punches, very nb combination, if this combination is replaced with three consecutive kicks, my set will be a lore, but I can’t change it. Single shot with an axe, stupid ~ forced, directly crashed the building. Give him an RPG and fuck him. Hurry up, protagonist, protagonist, don’t you have any RPG? Protagonist, hurry up! The protagonist shouldn’t be daunting. Five, six, seven, eight, ninety pistol shots. I made a mistake, I should be playing RPG. Pour a cup of tea for the protagonist. The protagonist will pour you a cup of cappuccino. Pour a cappuccino for the protagonist! Start your bomb show, bomb him and bomb him. Pretty! Can you stop me with one foot? Can you kill me in seconds? ! You can beat King Kong with a kick today, me! when! field! Just eat this Jingdong building! ! !

6 months ago

King Kong training mma can’t beat Godzilla. The mechanical Godzilla can press Godzilla on the ground and rub it not because it has fighting skills, but because the mechanical Godzilla has a propulsion device on its body that enhances mobility, so that it can avoid Godzilla’s heavy blows and Seize the neutral to fight back against Godzilla. If King Kong only knows the MMA technique, he can’t improve his mobility to the point of a mechanical Godzilla, and he will also be slammed by Godzilla. King Kong needs an exoskeleton armor similar to Iron Man to defeat Godzilla.

6 months ago

I can’t beat Godzilla and said King Kong is a gorilla. The gorilla is stretched to stand up and can only walk with its legs. King Kong’s walking gait is exactly the same as that of humans. King Kong is not a gorilla. In order to bring the King Kong to life, the ILM team began to collect data, including the movement patterns, habits and looks of different primates. “We got a lot of videos of different primates,” Benza said. But after a preliminary meeting with the director, the director pointed out that the studio should present a different image of King Kong. Vogt-Roberts doesn’t want the new King Kong to be a gorilla, or some other simple magnified form of the real apes. The structure of King Kong, how can there be such a structure in primates? Coincidentally, the horrible erect ape is like this. It can basically be understood as a person with too strong upper body but a little shrunken lower body. It is similar to the 1933 version of King Kong. The design idea is also close to the 1933 version. At the same time, he hopes to resonate with the audience. This King Kong had to be “more human-like” in behavior. This move drew firm opposition from Cooper, who firmly believed that King Kong had to be more like a gorilla. On December 22, 1931, the American Museum of Nature exhibited a specimen of a male gorilla. Cooper told O’Brien that this was what they wanted. So after countless revisions, the final version of King Kong retains the overall appearance of a gorilla, but adds some anthropological structures, such as walking upright, so King Kong comes out and punches without any problems. The kick is a bit hard, mainly The legs are short, but it’s not a good idea to think that King Kong’s lower limbs are weak. This thing can support tens of thousands of tons of weight and jump 1,000 feet with a single kick. There must be no problem with the things in MMA, of course. It’s another matter to be able to fight

6 months ago

You don’t need any weapons, even if you have MMA skills and the size of O’Neill, have you ever done a Komodo dragon that can’t breathe atomically? The evolutionary development of the Komodo dragon began with the genus Komodo that originated in Asia about 40 million years ago and migrated to Australia (mainland), where it evolved into island giants (the largest island giant was recently extinct) The ancient monitor lizard), which benefits from the lack of competitive placental carnivores. About 15 million years ago, the collision between Australia and Southeast Asia brought these larger lizard species back to what is now the Indonesian archipelago, expanding their range to the east of East Timor. It is reported that the Komodo dragon is different from the Australian ancestors 4 million years ago. However, recent fossil evidence from Queensland indicates that Komodo dragons actually evolved in Australia and then spread to Indonesia. The significant drop in sea level during the last ice age revealed the extensive extension of the Komodo dragon colonizing the continental shelf. As the sea level rose, they were isolated within the island. Extinct Pliocene species similar in size to modern Komodo dragons, such as varanus sivalensis, have also been found in Eurasia, indicating that they perform well even in competing environments that include mammalian carnivores until the climate Changes and extinction events that marked the beginning of the Pleistocene

6 months ago

King Kong’s fight against Godzilla suffers from three points: 1. There is no offensive ability in the long-range, so you can only hide your breath. 2. The defense of Godzilla’s skin cannot be broken in close combat, and the ability to resist the attack is insufficient. 3. Height and weight are worse than Godzilla. So even if his MMA skills are good, it is useless if he can’t hit the damage. Godzilla can break the defense of King Kong with his claws in close combat, and King Kong will only cause skin trauma with the charged axe. Besides, this axe often gets stuck.

6 months ago

First of all, for King Kong, most of human standing skills are basically useless. King Kong’s legs are very short and basically all kicks are not used. Looking at the boxing method, the straight uppercut method is tailored to the human skeleton. Any boxing technique is built by twisting the waist and turning the hips as the source of power, and the skeleton of King Kong is not suitable for this kind of fighting. He is more suitable for punching from the top down, so the boxing method is basically useless. Looking at wrestling again, Godzilla was born with a god-heavy upper body and lighter body, and his legs are much thicker than his arms, so wrestling is not very useful here. Finally, looking at Jiu-Jitsu, Kimura and Shigu are unlikely to be useful, because Godzilla’s arms are thin and short, and the heel hook is also difficult to use, because Godzilla’s figure is difficult to enter the ground. However, there is one trick that is really a super killer-naked twist. King Kong’s arms are much stronger than Godzilla, and they are much more flexible than Godzilla. Once formed, Godzilla will die before he can use his atomic breath. Upset

6 months ago

Certainly not, what King Kong needs is weapon skills. But its ancestral weapon is a one-handed axe, which is more difficult to handle. Generally, the characters who use this kind of weapon will lead the lunch after a few minutes. I Baidu it: “The famous axe in martial arts novels”. Only found “Six or Six Great Axes”, “Sixty Axe and Ghost Shield”, and “Shuangyang Style”. From Liu Canyang’s “Star Soul” and “Blood Axe” the protagonist “Star Soul Bell”. Although both the book and the author are a bit unpopular. But this is the protagonist, but it is very suitable for King Kong. The “Six Types of Magic Axe and Ghost Shield” reminded one thing that a weapon like a one-handed axe would be better to eat with a shield. If King Kong practiced some tough internal forces such as “Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung” to increase its strength and top-level axe skills, it should be good for brother. Sla is quite threatening. Unfortunately, its ancestral weapon is not a sword, which greatly limits its use. Otherwise, Godzilla is dangerous. In fact, King Kong can still consider practicing swords from the palace. Anyway, if he can’t find a girlfriend, the brother will definitely lose.

6 months ago

You hit the most basic MMA, I block it with my hand, you kick it, I block it with my leg, the technique is good, I use the hardest part to resist, or exercise my body to the maximum density that humans can achieve. Well, you will hurt or even get hurt. But what if the other party uses steel pipes? What if the opponent uses a big knife? What if the opponent is wearing armor? What if the opponent is a robot? What is the use of MMA technology? MMA is nothing more than a fighting technique between humans and humans of the same race. The two sides have some differences in basic parameters, but there is no essential difference. What is the use of ordering MMA between different races? Still look at your own DNA.

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