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When riding the 318 alone in 2007, the car overturned soon after passing Erlang Mountain. On a rainy day, the slippery road almost fell into the river, and a long cut was made on the back of his right hand. That day, until Ban Dao’s death, the wound was already painful and unbearable. Check that the place where I was bandaged before has been soaked by rain. At that time, I was afraid of inflammation causing sepsis or something. And the nearest hospital is also dozens of kilometers away (in memory, it may not be correct.) It rains at night, and workers are afraid to drive out. So I made an amazing decision, disinfecting myself and stitching. (I have prepared a first aid kit before I set off, and I have learned a little about first aid.) Half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide was poured, and the sourness made me burst into tears and screamed pigs. Then, amidst the surprise of the class workers, he took the needle and thread and threaded the needle and thread in his hand. Every time a needle got into the flesh and blood, I couldn’t help but scold myself “Stupid X”. It took almost twenty sentences to get it done. After finishing this, the workers there lighted me a cigarette. One of the few cigarettes that I have lived so long. Those people thought I was a soldier. They said they only saw soldiers stitching themselves in the movie. The next day I thank the workers for driving me to the hospital in town. I was approved by the doctor, saying that the man sewed it like a dog. When I said I did it myself, the doctor was also taken aback, and said, “You are awesome.” I would never dare to do this under normal circumstances, and I couldn’t stand the pain. It may be that an emergency response was triggered during a special period. I think this problem depends on the circumstances. For example, you usually feel pain when you get an injection by a doctor. In other words, when you know, your child is about to be born. Every mother will endure the severe pain to complete this great and painful moment. And Qiu Shaoyun, who was burned on the Korean battlefield, was only burned by the fire because of his strong belief in his heart and remained silent until the last moment of his life.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Since it is a competition on the same stage, of course, the controlled variable method must be used.
Therefore, I suggest that the two groups of people who think that men are more tolerant and those who think that women are more tolerable are tied to a rail car that operates at a constant speed, and then their little toes are repeatedly hit at the foot of the bed at the same speed. , And see which group of people can’t hold on first.

8 months ago

I should belong to the most intolerable category of people. Boy, injured from childhood to serious injury. I remember very clearly: I was 5 years old, my little finger was completely plucked off by the second knuckle of a can, and I heard my parents say that I didn’t cry. I was 7 years old and was pierced by a nail in my palm. At that time, I was very puzzled. I couldn’t use chopsticks like this. I was 9 years old. I was cried by one of my classmates and fractured my right hand. I cried this time. I was very sad. The teacher said if Chang’e was flying to the moon. My classmates laughed at me, but the teacher said that Chang’e was flying to the moon. It really hurts that time. I was 10 years old, cutting a watermelon. My left hand was neatly cut with a cut about three to four centimeters away. I was sitting outside, watching my palms bleed like a leak. 11 years old, a mudslide, a stone hit my forehead like a target, my forehead is still protruding, I am afraid that Fu Lu Shou is here. 12 years old, riding a bicycle, his left ankle was cut with a broken pedal, and when he went to the bathhouse with his father, the slippers he was wearing were already sticky and slippery. Later, the doctor said that the tendon was broken just one centimeter away, and 7 stitches were stitched on the inside and outside. I didn’t take any anaesthetic during the whole process, so I just stared blankly. This is over, I think so. 13-year-old, was hit by a reverse car, and had a companion who was hit by a mudslide before. 13-year-old, passing by a construction site, his head was smashed by the falling bricks, stitches were stitched, and a piece of baldness was also given, saying that it was because he had no narcotics on his head. Before I was three years old, I had not been sick for a week. My mother once said that every piece of meat on my body is good. It is true that he is often injured and has scars all over his body. Why do I say that I am the most intolerable type of person, because I later discovered that I didn’t feel anything like being scratched by a knife, which is not a serious injury. Once I can’t bear the pain, I can’t feel it, but the egg pain is really painful, this is really absolute. There is also a pinch, which really hurts. A toothpick was inserted in the thumb of the right foot, and a fierce kick against the wall made me feel pain. The dividing line is really nothing wrong with the family’s ancestral grave. Bodhisattva and Buddha have all worshiped. Hahahaduo’s tragic physique did not improve until high school. When I was young, I started to forget many things. I remember that when I was very young, there were a lot of medicines at home. I often took them. Later, I was beaten by my parents and stopped taking them. I remember that I was about 7 years old. There was a tooth on my upper jaw. It is not a fiction. This tooth is still being kept in a small bottle by my dad, and it is not thrown on the roof. At that time, I couldn’t eat. I remember my parents bought a large piece of floss bread and dipped it with milk. It might be the best thing I remember as a child. Later, for a period of time, the lower part of the body was like paralyzed, and the memory was very deep. During that time, I was crawling with a cane and I had no playmates when I was young. Later, I took medicine and took it. Fortunately, I have lived without any parts until now, and they all say that they are easy to feed. When I was a child, the old man in the family called me a horse egg, just like a dog. Later, serious illnesses and disasters lessened. My mother often said that I can wrestle while walking at home. After twisting both feet several times, if you don’t pay attention to walking, a small stone cushion will be twisted, but it hurts fast, good fast, just walk for a while. But the cough remained, and the health was much better in the past two years. I coughed once a year for two months. It was not tuberculosis. I had to watch it several times. The syrup I drank can be chased by leopards across Africa. I didn’t have any problems with my nerves. It’s normal. I cut my palm not long ago. I found that my hand was full of blood after walking for five minutes. Like a murderer, I can’t feel the pain, but I’m a little scared. I felt that my muscles might have been broken. Later, after the doctor bandaged it, I felt a little pain. It was almost less than a week, and it was almost okay. Finally, let’s talk about the ancestors, ancestral graves, bodhisattvas, and Buddhas. It’s good, hahaha.

8 months ago

Before my wife gave birth, a private obstetrics and gynecology hospital invited us to experience labor pain. At first, my wife was worried about whether I could bear it. But when I went up to the eighth grade, I still had no diarrhea. Then they saw that I didn’t respond much and let me go down, and a man came up again, and he drove up to 7. They finally seized the opportunity to promote their painless childbirth techniques, and I realized that I seemed to dismantle them. The table is up. The most painful experience in my life is circumcision and suture removal, crying heart-piercing, and egg pain. . . But these are short-term, just pass. . . Later, my wife gave birth to a child. She started to have labor pains from the evening of the day and did not give birth until early Wednesday morning. In the middle of 48 hours, it usually hurts for 20 minutes every few hours. This is like having a stomach trouble for three days, no matter how strong people are Had to hum. Men have been brainwashed, strong, patient, etc., so they endure the pain, which is not good. My grandfather has always been a tough guy to influence the show, and there was no warning when he left, and there was no reason for the final inspection. In rural areas, if you feel uncomfortable, you can take some painkillers and get past it with a bottle. I don’t know about the last kidney necrosis. This is what we feel guilty about, but it’s the uncomfortable and uncomfortable things that my milk keeps humming every day, but live longer than my grandfather. Therefore, it is not a good thing to endure hardship and endure the pain. Just say if you are uncomfortable, go for a checkup if you feel sick. Early detection and early treatment are the way to longevity.

8 months ago

Gap between male and female bones Male bones are generally thicker and stronger, with obvious protrusions at the muscle attachments, dense bones and heavier bones; female bones are weaker, with less obvious protrusions, lighter bones, and smoother surfaces. The quality is thinner than that of men. So women are more likely to feel pain in the same collision? Therefore, the higher body fat rate of women is to cushion the impact of the outside world? Summary: The physical advantage of men mainly lies in physical fitness, while the physical advantage of women mainly lies in the upper limit. However, a high endurance limit does not mean a higher endurance limit. Some studies claim that women are more sensitive to pain. As for the so-called pain when giving birth to a child is the most painful pain, this is unscientific. This is like dysmenorrhea, which varies from person to person. And during labor, the body secretes many hormones, some of which can promote the secondary development of the body, and some can reduce the pain during labor. Therefore, in the news, there are even cases of pregnant women secretly giving birth at night and then throwing the children in the trash can far away. Some do not want to be born in pain, but some can act normally after giving birth for a while. The reason may be that in primitive society, men are mainly responsible for hunting, so that they have evolved stronger physiques. Because of insufficient physical fitness, they are easy to die in the hands of prey, or starve to death because they can’t catch prey. For them, once the hunting fails, it almost means death, so they need more physical fitness and less sensitive to pain in order to hunt better. If you are like some sensitive women while hunting, you can’t move with a slight bump, and you can only wait and die.

8 months ago

I saw that some answers were not logically correct. Can you give birth as an example? Women have been giving birth since ancient times. As long as they want to give birth, they have to bear the pain of childbirth (or a very small number of them are not painful). But what can this show? To show that women are more capable of enduring pain? What about logic? If you change a man to give birth to a child, the pain of childbirth can be avoided? Some people say that many men cannot bear the pain of childbirth, and they can’t bear it if they are less than 10th grade. But this only shows that men are selective, women (as long as they want to have children) have no choice. Correlation ≠ causality. Although, I still haven’t answered which men and women can bear the pain more…The above is just to provide ideas.

8 months ago

This is not clear, but according to my own situation, for example, if someone is hit to the foot by something, boys should bear the pain more. After all, they are still people who want to save face. If there are no other people around, I am sure. Will yell, not worse than girls. The pain nerves of boys and girls should be the same, right? Since it is the same, how can it be better than pain tolerance? It is more due to personality. For example, some girls have very tough personality, so her pain tolerance ability is also very strong, so I think it is not suitable to distinguish between male and female students’ pain tolerance ability. It is more appropriate to distinguish between male and female students.

8 months ago

I think this question has nothing to do with “gender”, but with “character”. My mother had a comminuted fracture of the calf, and the level of surgery at the time was not high. As a result, the surgery was completed, and she had to wait for the length to be better before it was artificially broken and reconnected, and a steel plate was also applied. Without saying a word, my mother returned to wash clothes and cook for my sister who was going to take the entrance examination at the time. On the other hand, my dad, the girls are pretty and affectionate, and the kitchen knife cuts to the fingernails. As for me, I endured the pain of dysmenorrhea, toothache, accidentally falling and falling into a mouthful of blood and wounds all over my body. I hid in the corner of the room to endure, and when it was too painful, I hummed softly. But when my husband helped me squeeze the acne on my butt, I yelled.

8 months ago

If you want to quantify pain tolerance, you have to come up with quantifiable indicators. The question is, what indicators should be used for quantification? See the decibels of howl of pain? From sweating profusely to dehydrating 20% of the time? How long does it hurt to faint? How long does the pain faint and then wake up? Neuron density? The concentration of neurotransmitter produced during pain? What is the activity intensity of a specific area of the brain under MRI when a standard needle is pierced into a standard position with a standard force? The combination of the above multiple indicators? Anyway, it must not be someone who describes their own pain “small essays” that are more provocative, and whoever is more painful. Okay, even if you choose a test item, how much money can you give to recruit volunteers to suffer repeated crimes to form a set of quantitative indicators?

8 months ago

When I was in elementary school, a large piece of glass was inserted between the soles of my feet, which hurt my memory and I forgot how good it was. When I was skateboarding in junior high school, my left wrist was dislocated and deformed. My parents were not at home. They rode one-handed bicycles for ten kilometers to my uncle who was sculpting bones to make him break straight. It hurts, his face was blue and white, and his face was full of tears. The second time, it was with his left hand. The tiles were too slippery and dislocated when he held it with his hands. He intercepted a motorcycle on the road and ran to his uncle’s house, hurting and ashamed. The most painful time was when the bones were unloaded. The bones that had been misplaced were completely removed. Aoao was right. When I was seventeen years old, I had acute appendicitis in the field. I didn’t understand that I was just eating the wrong thing, and I spent three days abruptly. I continued to have pain in my right lower abdomen. I couldn’t eat food. I vomited up after eating hard. I drank mineral water for three days. I went to the hospital on the morning of the fourth day. I recuperated for half a month and lost 20 jin.

8 months ago

I think it has nothing to do with gender, at least weakly. Just talk about your own experience. My girlfriend and I knocked our heads together before, and I felt nothing. She was crying with pain. There are many similar situations, and there are basically no people around me who are more pain-resistant than me. In fact, I was afraid of pain when I was a child, so I can cry when I knock my legs. But when I was in junior high school, I often got paronychia from playing football. The nails stuck in the flesh were not cured. The nails didn’t work if they were pulled out. They relapsed several times before and after the high school. It was not cured until I found a well-known pedicure institution where Guo Degang was studying in high school. Great. In those few years, it hurt every day. When I touched my toe, it hurt so much. The pus was even commonplace. I had to bear the pain to brush the pus out of my nails at night. Later, the endurance came up slowly, frowned and endured. Later, when I went to practice Sanda, I found that it hurt when I started hitting things with my fists, but after about a week or two, I didn’t feel much. This is not the reason why the movement is right and the injury is less, because I found that in my life, I don’t feel any special pain when I bump into it…Although I still feel that I should be habitually hurting mentally. In short, I think pain tolerance depends mainly on your pain experience, not your gender. To put it simply, women who are also in the office and who suffer for a few days a month must be more pain-resistant than their male colleagues, but the uncles of migrant workers who bump into each other every day should be more pain-resistant than most women.

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