I couldn’t help but type a question mark. “Even if Xiao Yan wants to make a fortune, he has to think that the rise of the Xiao Clan depends on the ancient clan one or two, right?” Xiao Yan was the only Dou Emperor at the time. When the Dou Emperor’s bloodline awakened, it was known that Xiao Xiao was directly promoted to the Eight Star Dou Sage. My father and two brothers are not bad, right? Also counted as three eight-star fighting saints. These are the four eight-star fighting sages. I remember saying later that under the blessing of Emperor Dou’s blood, the geniuses of the Xiao clan have gathered in large numbers. That’s it, the Xiao clan is not weaker than the ancient clan if Xiao Yan’s action is not counted (after all, these four eight-star fighting saints will also practice, the first generation of fighting emperor bloodline blessing, it is not impossible to break through the nine-star fighting saints) . Excuse me, is such a Xiao Clan not a rise? How much power does the ancient clan have to make the Xiao clan “rely on” him? As for why two people hold a wedding together. In fact, Medusa and Xiao Yan had a wedding before, but only the Xiao family attended (in other words, in a sense, Medusa is the main palace). This time Xiao Yan became the emperor of Dou, and held a wedding for Xun’er. It wouldn’t work without the color scales. It was too partial. And Gu Yuan will feel depressed. First of all it will, but it can’t stop it. Neither Xun’er nor Xiao Yan could be stopped. After all, my baby girl will marry and be a wife with someone else, but I don’t really think that Gu Yuan didn’t know about Medusa before, right? I knew it a long time ago. But I can’t stop my daughter from wanting to marry. As for the ancients, although the goddess must be unhappy to marry, but there is no way. Who makes the protagonist great? Those who are dissatisfied can stand up and challenge. Just like the ancient demon at that time. The ancient monster knew that even if he defeated Xiao Yan, he couldn’t get Xun’er’s likes, but that was an attitude. Now which fellow of the ancient clan can go out to single out Xiao Yan… Moreover, the family Tianjiao and the only Dou emperor in the world are married… How can this be regarded as a happy event. Finally, the most critical thing is that in the world in the novel, there is no mandatory requirement for monogamy…


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6 months ago

If you have to mention Doudi, then I won’t be sleepy. If you take a photo of it with a ruler, your whole clan will be wiped out in ashes, so what dare you to install b from the ancient eight tribes here? What are the ancient eight races? Didn’t it mean that the eight ethnic groups inherited Doudi’s legacy? Now a living fighting emperor is standing in front of you. It’s useless to talk about it. In love, the young couples are in harmony and kindness. Yu Li, Xiao Yan saves the world, your whole clan has to accept such a love. And you can’t beat it, and your wealth and life are all in the hands of others. It really made people fight the emperor in a hurry. You can’t keep up with Xiao Xun’er and elope to the world. Still talking about this here, first think of a way to preserve the status of the ancient eight races before talking about this!

6 months ago

1. Feelings are inexplicable and unreasonable. The book also says that the love between Gu Xun’er and Xiao Yan began with Xiao Yan’s Mogu + childhood sweetheart. It is already considered “reasonable and well-founded”. In reality, “I don’t know why a woman likes a man.” “There are more cases. 2. The rise of Xiao Yan did not rely on the ancients, right? It can barely be regarded as Xiao Yan taking advantage of the ancient clan. I am afraid it is only the seal of the ancient emperor of high-level martial arts? Strictly speaking, without that thing, it’s nothing to the protagonist. Potatoes will definitely have an adventure to make up this hole. Later, Xiao Yan broke through the emperor and awakened his family bloodline, let alone relying on the ancient clan. 3. Doing a wedding together insults Gu Xun’er and the ancients? Not to mention the Cailin Party among the book friends and the possible boxing masters. Calmly and objectively speaking, from the perspective of the “sentimental and righteous” Xiao Yan, Cailin is his first woman and even has a child, right? Cailin evolved into a nine-color sky-swallowing python at that time, with the identity of a dragon and a phoenix, plus a level of cultivation not weaker than that of Gu Xun’er. How could it shame the ancients? Not to mention Cailin, daughter Xiao Xiao directly became an eight-star Dousheng after activating Doudi’s bloodline, and her cultivation surpassed the entire ancient clan except for Gu Yuan and Heiqiwang (Heiqi King, too long forgotten…) . 4. Gu Yuan has no objection to Gu Xun’er’s marriage. He has always been the image of an “enlightened parent”. When Xiao Yan first came to the ancient clan, he was just a Dou Zun (looks like a five-star? Six-star?), Xiao The clan has long since fallen. In this case, Gu Yuan didn’t object, but asked not to do anything with Gu Xun’er before Dou Sheng. Gu Xun’er and Xiao Yan were consensual, and Gu Xun’er had no opinion on Cailin’s affairs. In addition to Xiao Yan’s achievement in Doudi, Gu Yuan, the “enlightened parent”, would not say anything.

6 months ago

“One of the eight ancient families.” The Xiao clan is also in name, not to mention that Xiao Yan has achieved better than most of the ancient clan’s younger generation on his own, and this ancient clan’s name does not have much pressure. “Xiao Xun’er is still an emperor, so why doesn’t Xiao Yan not marry?” Are you funny? Two people’s free love is hindering Ning? “Even if Xiao Yan wants to make a fortune, he has to think about the rise of the Xiao Clan. It depends on the ancient clan one or two, right?” When Xiao Xuan was there, the ancient clan was also the third child, even though Xiao Yan borrowed Xun several times after coming to Zhongzhou. The strength of the child, but that is actually opposed by the ancient people. “Xiao Yan is going to marry Medusa, and the wedding will be held by two people together? The ancients are in such a downturn?” When was the wedding? Xiao Yan has become the only Emperor Dou, and Emperor Dou is going to marry a wife. Your ancient clan is completely a glorious lintel. “And Gu Yuan, watching his daughter suffer humiliation. Xiao Xun’er can’t figure it out, and he can’t figure it out? Isn’t this selling women for glory?!” I was still saying that the rise of the Xiao clan depends on the ancient clan for one or two. Turned into Gu Yuan selling women for glory again? I’m going to sing double reeds… Jiang Ziya will climb up from the ground to curse when he sees your fish hook.

6 months ago

First, in terms of background, Xiao Yan’s marriage to Xiao Xun’er, in the strict sense, is Xiao Xun’er climbing high. Don’t talk about how awesome the ancient eight races are, and don’t talk about how old the ancients are. To put it bluntly, the ancient eight tribes are the descendants of the tribes that have had several fighting emperors, but the living fighting emperor is standing in front of them, and the living modern emperor is in front of them. What are the ancient eight tribes? Second, in terms of combat power, the last Doudi Soul Tiandi almost destroyed the entire world. Can’t the person who can destroy the Soul Tiandi destroy the ancient eight races? A ruthless person who can kill you and your whole family is standing in front of you. Would you think he is a bully just because he is more reasonable? Third, the reason why you think Xiao Yan is not good enough is because you have seen how Xiao Yan slowly rises up. Just watched with your own eyes a person who counterattacked from the Sheep Baby to become the emperor. You won’t think this emperor is terrible, but the emperor is terrible. In his capacity, not to mention going to Gu Yuan’s daughter, just marrying Gu Yuan, Gu Yuan will also seriously consider it. Fourth, from the perspective of marriage, Xiao Xun’er was the third party to intervene. Although they liked it early, Medusa and Xiao Yan were married early. Fifth, Xiao Xun’er is married. What is the difference between Xiao Yixian and Yun Yun? Really mad at me,

6 months ago

Take a good look at Mr. Ba’s article, is it not good-looking? You have to read this and mention this kind of question that makes people look funny. Have you read the full text? From the title description to your answer to others, I don’t think you have read it before, or say Didn’t take it seriously at all. Do you think that Xun’er has to marry Xiao Yan, a rapist. There is a problem, and she likes two women to serve a husband together. Did you know that Xun’er still encourages the little doctor fairy to confess, and hope that the little doctor fairy and Xiao Yan are together? It wasn’t because Xiao Yan’s career was separated, but also Xun’er’s career, because Xun’er also had his own career and responsibilities, and Xun’er was taken away by the family. A large part of Xiao Yan’s struggle is to marry Xun’er. I also read your comments under other answers and gave a bunch of messy examples. I ask you, do you know what Doudi is? In order to be promoted to the Dou Emperor, the Soul Heaven Emperor not only filled in the eight clans but also the Soul Race. Do you know how difficult it was to become a Dou Emperor in the Xiao Yan era? If Xiao Yan were not the male lead cultivating Fen Jue, the Soul Heaven Emperor would be the only Fighting Emperor, and everyone would die. Now it’s not counting the improvement of the strength of those people after the blood awakening. Even if the Xiao family only has Xiao Yan fighting capacity, the others are waste, and the others are not even fighters. The Xiao family does not need to please anyone to manage the so-called contacts and exchange any interest. Xiao Yan is the best of Xiao Yan. With a strong appearance, everyone else sent it to please Xiao Yan. Saying that Xiao Yan is a rapist, he did force Medusa to have a sexual relationship (I want to say that the main character of the hero is not much better than Xiao Yan, at least Xiao Yan is not voluntary), but this is not Xiao Yan did a lot of things that Xiao Yan was willing to do, and after that Xiao Yan did a lot of things to make up for it. Medusa came to Xiao Yan when she was pregnant and said not to be responsible. As long as Xiao Yan produced a sixth-grade pill, Xiao Yan directly gave the best and highest level. Yes, including that Xiao Yan did a lot of things for Medusa later, and Medusa slowly recognized Xiao Yan. Medusa wanted Xiao Yan to die at first. The Queen was not the kind of woman who would only cry. In addition to the Medusa incident, you don’t know Xiao Yan is a person of high moral quality. He does not forget the development of his hometown, does not forget the people who have helped him in the past, respect the elders, respect his parents, and respect his strength. In the world of humanity, we don’t look down on people whose strength is inferior to oneself. They are both friends and relatives. They go through fire and water, and contribute their lives for world peace. They have cultivated physically for several years before returning. Such a good young man can do nothing to tell you. I’m really an old subway phone.

6 months ago

In Nine Star Fighting Saint, Gu Yuan was bothered and dishonest. He was inferior to Xiao Xuan in terms of domineering, and inferior to Soul Heaven Emperor in terms of strategy, but Gu Yuan was far superior to the above two in his life.
Gave birth to a good daughter.
The three of them are the people most hopeful of attacking Dou Di. Xiao Xuan caught up with the whole family and failed. The Emperor Soul of Heaven planned for a thousand years, and finally succeeded, but he came out to give away food. In the end, who made Doudi and entered the great world alive?

6 months ago

Because Xiao Xun’er is a dog licking, she comes with the buff of Xiao Yan’s brother when she comes on stage. Her only role in the article is to be Xiao Yan’s dog licking and help him solve various problems. Marrying him is of course natural. Xun’er is lustful. When he was the most frustrated, the poorest and the most bitter, there was the support and love of the invincible mysterious beautiful girl. What did Tudou spend too much to write about the process of how they met and loved each other. Of it? Even if you fall in love at first sight, you have to describe it more romantically. Just warm your body and fall in love and then disappear. The rest of the love line in the Doupa Sky will hang on this, go to see Xiaoyixian, Yunyun, and there is still another Han Xueer, no character is better than Xun’er, and the relationship experience is more exciting than the two of them… I always feel that Tudou’s writing skills are evolving, and Wu Dong Qiankun has no worse impression than Xun’er, although It was the first time Aya Kiyoshi was forced to write there, too straight, too stupid, and a bit ridiculous…

6 months ago

Note that this is a fantasy novel with male frequency, without the monogamous thoughts in reality. In this world, it is not a problem for a strong man to marry several wives at the same time. As the only one who is strong against the emperor, marrying two wives is not too much, all of them will only be proud of it. Of course, Tudou might not have thought so much, but simply wrote that Xiao Xun’er is a childhood sweetheart, and Medusa has already given birth to him. If you don’t get married together, you can’t end it, so you can only get married together. The main line of this novel is Shuang, where the protagonist upgrades and fights monsters. As for these emotional problems, it is not the main problem. If this happens in reality, Xiao Xun’er and Medusa will definitely have their own psychological activities and their own performance, but the author in the novel will not consider these. This is not the main problem, let them do it honestly. For tool people, it is enough to accept all this with peace of mind and save trouble.

6 months ago

Let me focus on the subject of the “rapist” problem. First of all, the key to whether it is a “rapist” lies in 1. Whether the woman is willing or not 2. What does it mean if the result is coordinated? If the woman is involuntary, and the woman is coordinated between the two sides He still does not approve the behavior of the man and requires the law to give him justice. If the woman is willing to rape, but the two parties do not coordinate well afterwards, it is called attempted prostitution. It is called a one-night stand, obviously, Cailin belongs to the third kind. Regardless of the child problem, although Cailin wanted to kill Xiao Yan at the time, she coordinated with Xiao Yan afterwards and developed an interest relationship. She can only be dealt with as a one-night stand, not a rape.

6 months ago

You put the plot into the ancient times, Xiao Yan was already the most powerful person in the world at that time, equivalent to the ancient emperor, the ancient clan is even more powerful, can you still follow the emperor? The plot is not modern, and it is not required to be monogamous. Xun’er used to marry as a regular wife, sitting on the same level as Cailin, and not a concubine. Cailin was originally in the door, and the child was born, and his own conditions were not worse than Xun’er. How much, in ancient times, it means that the emperor has already married the queen and has children, and you let your daughter marry in and be a regular wife, sitting on an equal footing with the queen, and one of the two most noble women in the world. If Xun’er didn’t marry Xiao Yan, she would be the daughter of an important minister at best, and she would still be incomparable with the queen. What’s more, your daughter and the emperor also have feelings. If they are in a happy relationship, your daughter is also willing to sell her daughter.

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