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I have been studying medicine for nine years, and I still remember the summer when I graduated from the third year of high school. My parents and grandparents were all doctors. In addition to medicine, I had a black eye on other industries. I was not at ease and always wanted to try new things. After all, I was immune to the hospital environment since I was a child. My family did not interfere too much, and respected my wishes. At first, I was extremely eager to be admitted to the military academy. The reason was that I witnessed the National Day military parade in 2009 (it was also the first time I saw the military parade). That time I was really caught by the People’s Liberation Army. Fan-labor and capital have to go to the military academy! Give my youth and blood for the country and the people! After I filled my favorite school with pride, my strength was not good, and I finally missed it due to a 2 points difference. Without facing the first batch, I once considered civil engineering, thinking that in the future I could denounce Fang Qiu and be an excellent professional architect: But! After asking my relatives and friends in the industry, I found that I might also become Like this: I seem to have fallen from the sky to the underground. This is not over yet. After I scraped some posts on the Internet, I also found some small stories about fire in the backyard of the homes of civil engineers who went out all the year round to work with the project. I am……. ……Who can stand this? Later, I learned about other science and engineering majors, and most of them need to learn mathematics, physics and chemistry. However, I don’t want to go to university and continue to be tortured, and finally think about it. To go, I would inherit my father’s ancestors, and then study medicine. In fact, I didn’t like medicine, but I didn’t hate it. At the beginning, I went under the label of professional stability and guaranteed income from droughts and floods. After entering the medical school, especially after entering the clinical work, I gradually fell in love with this major. I gradually became able to understand the sense of accomplishment in the two generations of my grandparents. It used to be abstract and remote. I can understand. But I can’t feel it, but now I can see and touch it—this can be a patient’s “thank you”, it can also be their thumbs up, or it can be the ups and downs of the patient after the rescue is successful. Electric waveform. After a long time, I have feelings for this profession. Although I thought about changing my career more than once when I was physically and mentally exhausted after the all-night surgery operation, it was only a passing thought because of the professionalism. Reluctant to give up, but also because I was not willing to waste years of learning experience. A friend once asked me if I would like to graduate with a Ph.D. to apply for a medical job at Alibaba, with a salary of at least 500,000. I said that this salary is really high, at least much higher than my income in the ten years after working, but I don’t want to, let’s not say whether people will want me, as far as I am concerned, go ahead and become a doctor. It has become an inseparable feeling. If you ask me, why, I insist on these five, eight, eleven years? 1. Over the years, I like my profession, I like the feeling that others need me, and I like the sense of accomplishment after helping others ; 2. After ten years of study, I don’t want what I have learned to be abandoned, either intellectually or emotionally; 3. A doctor is a special profession, healers and saves people. Pei Yizhong wrote in “Speaking Medicine·Preface”: “Nothing Those who are close to the immortal and not close to the Buddha, Ning cultivates the field and weaves cloth for food, clothing and ears, and must not be used as a medicine to miss the world!” Although I am just an ordinary person, I have to practice with a sense of mission. Finally, I remembered that when a large-scale epidemic broke out in Wuhan at the beginning of 2020, the PLA medical team took the lead, and the support forces from local hospitals in other provinces also gathered in Wuhan. When I saw this report, I thought-the High School Times Military Academy, one The blood of the cavity must dedicate itself to the people of the country. Now that I have studied medicine, I can also use this method to contribute to the country’s fight against the epidemic like the People’s Liberation Army.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

When I planned training, it was a bitter. Go to the operating room at 7:20 every morning and start preparing for the first operation. Check the anesthesia machine monitors and other equipment, prepare anesthetics, prepare anesthesia consumables, check the information of today’s surgical patients, etc., sort out the high-risk patients that need to be reported, and then hand over. One day after surgery, it was basically at night. I rarely left the hospital for dinner. Most of the memories of those three years were the dazzling array of takeaways in the dining room of the operating room. It’s not me. I probably have eaten all the takeaways within 5 kilometers of the hospital. How did I persevere? I watched my teacher stick to it. The lives of first-line and second-line doctors in anesthesia are very different. The first-line doctor (that is, me) (that is, the resident doctor) is in the operating room. When will your surgery end, when will you get off work, and sometimes you will add an extra surgery. Your superior doctor said that it’s hard work, and you can only do it yourself. The second-line doctor will show up during the induction of anesthesia, and give the patient a steady anesthesia. After asking you to pay attention, you will go back to the office. If you have something to do, call him. Unless you are particularly critically ill patients, basically you will not call him (it appears that you are very poor or know nothing at all). We had a period of time when there were not many operations. The second-line doctors left after 4 o’clock without a problem, and left the rest of the operations to the night shift attendant, but if the first-line doctors did not change, you proceed. I thought at the time, it’s okay, I will stay for a few years, and after a few years I will be second-line, and it will be fine. I really persisted like this for three years. This year is my tenth year of studying medicine (University in 2011), and I finally passed the examination for the attending doctor this year. Now I am still a first-line sometimes, but sometimes I am a second-line if there is no shortage of people. It’s just that you can’t escape the night shift. I just thought, I stayed for another five years when I was in charge, and if I got promoted to the sub-high, I didn’t need to be on the night shift anymore. I only needed the standby shift. You see, this is not a matryoshka!

8 months ago

When I was in school, I was supported by ignorance, playing and learning every day, and I don’t know what will happen in the future. After the internship, it is the responsibility to support me. If I contact the patient, I have to be responsible. I can’t run away halfway, which is tantamount to digging holes for other students and teachers for the patient. When I was in graduate school, I graduated and supported me. There are only two years left. I can’t just bite my teeth. Anyway, I can still be a master in this life. When I was planning training, the future department supported me, because my department had no ward, no emergency department, or night shift. Then I got out of it. It’s great to get off work out of the outpatient clinic 5 days a week and get off work. There is no disadvantage except for more physical work. If the future is a job where I often work night shifts, keep an eye on the emergency room, and be a resident doctor on standby 24 hours a day, I will definitely go to other places after getting my degree certificate, and I will not be able to persist both physically and mentally.

8 months ago

I have been studying medicine for eight years without a light in my mind. I have been studying medicine for eight years. I have been doing support subjects. Many textbooks have fallen into examinations. Dog experiments are also annoying. Although I have used mice and rabbits. Kezhen is irritated by internal medicine, killing ghosts and gods, undergraduate for five years, postgraduate entrance examination, mainstream soul, high transfer costs, continue to be admitted into the pit, no hope of entering the pit, but seeking a diploma for eight years, hard to force a bitter smile, the longest eleven years, five years plus six years, rare graduation rules Pei another pit, only hardships, really ask the king to learn medicine, persuade people Mo Tianzhen to learn medicine, ascetic monks 30 hard sacrifices

8 months ago

I have studied medicine for more than eight years. From five years of undergraduate, to three years of master’s degree, to three years of science and technology, I have studied medicine for a total of 11 years. There are pains and joys, hard work, and some limited rewards. The first author or first co-author published five papers. Although the impact factor is not too high, it is also some recognition of my scientific research results. The immersion cost of studying medicine and changing professions is too high. It is not worthwhile to change a major for five years undergraduate. Although it is harder and more tiring to be a clinician, many people are not willing to come out once they enter the clinic. After eleven years of clinical medicine, I can’t talk about ideals, I will have a certain degree of love. This road is really rugged and hard. Especially for the first-line doctors, whether it is income treatment or work intensity, they are not satisfactory. It is absolutely imperative to study medicine without a degree. Knowing some ten thousand years of attending, the card is stuck on the bachelor degree, and the doctor of medicine. The development of the medicine can still be seen, but it will not be easy whether it is scientific research or clinical practice. Although the road will not be smooth in the future, there will always be setbacks and obstacles, but whether it is medical knowledge learning or clinical diagnosis and treatment experience accumulation, it is all for a better me, better us, better health care, and citizens. Healthy and hard work. Believe in the future-perhaps the driving force that supports medical students and doctors to move forward!

8 months ago

Is inertia. The property of an object in a static state or a state of uniform linear motion is called inertia. Inertia is an inherent property of objects. When you learn medicine, you are commonly known as a thief ship. You only know medicine, so you don’t dare to change careers. The middle-aged IT crisis, the intrigue of the official apes, and other industries are not much better. The reality is bitter and tiring, and there is no money, and I want to give up. He looked up and saw the old director who was out of the clinic, his face was red, chatting and laughing. It seems to see a glimmer of hope. Well, just keep your inertia and keep walking down.

8 months ago

It’s been ten years, and what really supported me was 1. Money. Starting from my undergraduate degree, my family couldn’t afford 3K living expenses + one-bedroom rent for a month. This money is paid every month, including vacations and after graduate school is paid. 2. The house, the hometown and the school’s place each have their own house, so don’t worry about buying a house in the future. 3. A healthy body, decent talent, and a mentor of conscience. I think I’m lucky, and I’ve been reading it until now, and I’m very clear that if there are none of the above, it’s better to jump out of the medical school, it will really kill people, and the rate of return is doubtful.

8 months ago

Basic medicine major, from 10 years of undergraduate to now exactly 11 years. When choosing a major during the college entrance examination, everyone was very blind and didn’t understand the major, so they applied for the major in a muddle-headed manner. First of all, it is interest. Interest dictates that there is a strong thirst for knowledge, and I don’t feel painful when I study, so I can stick to it. Of course, I later discovered that I was interested in many things, such as psychology, stock trading, nutrition, and so on. Besides, there is a character, a little bit competitive, I really don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Now that I am older, my mentality is much more peaceful. There is also the expectation of my parents and family. They have never urged me to find a job and make money. In the process of learning, there is a self-driven force, and there is also a part of luck. The postgraduate and postgraduate entrance examinations are relatively smooth, and there is no such thing as application failure in the middle, so it is easier to stick to it.

8 months ago

In a word, all beings are suffering. When I was in high school, I was more interested in life sciences, especially biology and chemistry. My ambition was to be a biologist and study the mysteries of life. It is best to develop elixir and other benefits. Humanity. Later, the college entrance examination scores were relatively high. My dad said that your mathematics biology was wasted. Let’s go to study medicine. Isn’t the researcher also studying biology, there is still money to make, and the craft will not starve to death. I was right, that’s how I came to the eight-year clinical medicine program of Shanghai Jiaotong University. In fact, one of the motivations that has supported me for so many years is that I have to finish the eight years, or else I can’t get a doctorate, it would be shameful to get an undergraduate diploma. Our school system does not yet have a master’s degree certificate. It’s the most cost-effective after eight years of reading, and it’s okay if I persist. When we first went to college, we played with everyone, showing off our hardship and tiredness in studying medicine every day, staying up all night to prepare for exams. Students from other majors will come to comment, you are so hard, and distressed. Then eight years passed. My Ph.D. read it out and was in Gui Pei. The classmates have been working for several years, but the work is not hard? I looked at them at 996 and discussed the house and car stock fund. I have to go home and think about scientific research after I finish my clinical tasks. I also want to think about the house and car. Everyone is actually very busy. They are all struggling for a better life and are forcing themselves to change. Better. But sometimes I can get home from get off work at five o’clock and watch my classmates work overtime in the company’s Moments. I still have a sense of superiority in the system. . So what supported me to study medicine for so long? At first it was because of interest, then it became a high sunk cost, and finally it was the habit and indifference of getting into the profession. Medical knowledge is updated from time to time, and doctors always live to learn. If there are no accidents, I think I will continue to study medicine for a lifetime.

8 months ago

When applying for the college entrance examination, there were the following considerations: 1. Science, 2. Do not study mathematics, 3. Do not study physics, 4. Technology, it seems that only medicine is more suitable, so I like it very much, or because of my ambition. Not really. Another episode is that that year was the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake. Watching the news, I wanted to do something. No, medicine. So current events may also affect me. My path to studying medicine is not so smooth. The beginning of the college entrance examination was very good. When I filled out my volunteers, my mind was flooded. Then I got a general undergraduate entrance exam for 5 years. I failed the graduate entrance exam (only 350, now I think I’m really stupid). I didn’t know what I did after working for 3 years. What, I went back to the school and went back to school. I have now graduated with a master’s degree, but I have returned to work in the original place. After going through this, the thing that touched me most is that I have a handy technique in my hand. I really don’t have to worry about being out of food. So many years of work and study experience also left me a lot of emotions. Everyone should know about the epidemic, without borders, and it is what I yearn for and need to learn. So I should continue to work in this area. Although it’s over thirty, let’s take another post.

8 months ago

It’s self-comfort. When Wangmei Zhizhi was in high school, he wanted to be a psychologist and consulted an old professor. He said that if you want to eat this meal, you should first study clinical medicine, then study a master’s degree in psychiatry, and finally go abroad to study for a PhD in psychology, and return to China to be a counselor. The most authentic and the most stable work. At that time, my parents said it was hard to study medicine, so my dad asked me to be a kindergarten teacher. I just want to suffer. After learning some skills, it is not easy to be unemployed. Moreover, suffering is a future thing, and it has nothing to do with me at the time. So I filled a lot of clinical medicine in my volunteers. My undergraduate grades were not good, because a lot of knowledge learning in Shanghai lags behind other provinces, and I don’t know all of calculus, so it’s very hard to learn. I was very happy only when I was studying anatomy, because everyone had never studied it, and I think that among all the courses, only this course invested the most in educational resources, because cadavers are expensive, and only medical students have the opportunity to get in touch with human autopsy. , Is a unique knowledge. So in the operation class, I tried to get more hands-on. I felt that the atmosphere of our group was mobilized by me and I rushed to operate. Even though I scored more than 80 points in the anatomy exam, I took advantage of the lack of classes and took advantage of the mentality of taking advantage of the anatomy class again in the second academic year, and took the operation class with the students of oral cavity. They all thought I was a teaching assistant. People come to ask me, and it is considered to have exercised my abilities. In the end, I got more than 70 points in the exam without reviewing. I am also very happy, indicating that I am indeed qualified in anatomy. During that time, I was walking on the road and saw other pedestrians. From time to time, I wondered how these anatomical structures supported his movement and how the various systems cooperated. Later, when learning human body painting, fitness, and dancing, anatomy can also be used, and I can understand it faster than others. This wave of learning is not bad, right? I changed my campus from my third year to my fifth year. After some comparisons, I finally decided to study psychiatry in the future. But my grades are good and I can’t get a postgraduate, so I have to take the exam, but what I fear most is the exam, so I just want to go straight to the training without the postgraduate entrance exam. That’s pretty much the same. But the attending psychiatrist I knew told me that I had to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and I didn’t understand what I said. Anyway, I’m good at graduate school. Although I can’t accept it emotionally, I still approve it intellectually. So how do I do this disgusting thing (for exams)? I knew that my self-esteem was still very strong. Whenever I met people, I said that I was going to take a postgraduate exam in psychiatry. Six months in advance, I found a tutor and got acquainted with the outpatient clinic, saying that I would take her postgraduate exam. This time I finally managed to put myself in a difficult situation, so I had to prepare for the exam even if I didn’t want to prepare for the exam. When preparing for the exam, I think of ways to be lazy. For example, when someone else goes to study in the study room or library, I just lie on the bed and watch the postgraduate entrance examination video, or put the video in the earphones, and ride around the city to relax. I also begged to learn God, and waited for him to give me a comprehensive explanation of western medicine, because face-to-face teaching would definitely help me concentrate, and it was what I asked to teach me, which further became my review force. I don’t have a feeling for politics, so I just look at Jin Canrong’s funny political jokes to cultivate feelings for the party. If I can’t keep going, I will comfort myself. As long as I continue to put in the time, I can learn as much as I can, and I will not regret it. It is not my destiny to fail the test. Fortunately, it was finally online and passed the retest. I study a master’s degree, graduate school and regular training together. The most painful thing is the rotation of the emergency department. Day and night are turned upside down. Thankfully I can lie down for two hours at night. In the emergency department, I comforted myself and I was relieved, and I survived for 3 months. Of course, I still learned a lot. After that, the mentality of more severely ill patients will be better. It’s much easier when it comes to the psychiatric rotation stage! As soon as I returned to the psychiatric department, the tranquility and serenity of the psychiatric ward healed me. Our tutors are not supervised, and the psychiatric clinic is also very interesting. It is interesting, challenging and worthwhile. As long as you invest in the clinic, your patient will become your motivation to go to work every day. When you don’t want to go to work, think about my patient after taking the medicine. Doesn’t know if there is any change? Will today be better than yesterday? Did you fall asleep after changing the dressing? Not so repellent to go to work. Occasionally I went to dance classes, piano lessons, and drums lessons when I was tired, and my adjustment eased up, and I was more energetic. When I felt that my salary was low (800 to 1000 a month) and the salary was hard, I invited my surgical students out to play, and saw that they were living 7 nights and 10 nights with the same salary as mine. My sense of happiness was suddenly Just replied. Thanks to my surgical friend for the sacrifices made for my mental health. To sum up, if you have been studying medicine for 8 years this year, you have to have a good vision in your heart as a goal to stick to it. Usually, you use Wangmei’s thirst quenching technique. When you are uncomfortable, use the spirit of Ah Q, and you won’t be sad. People live for a lifetime to make sense. If you are looking for a profession, doctors are still very indifferent. The profession of doctors provides meaning, because just as having a child can alleviate people’s anxiety about death, being a doctor brings continuation of life and an improvement in the quality of life to others. It can also alleviate the doctor’s anxiety about death. I believe that the probability of doctors wasting their lives will be lower than in other industries, and the treatment will not be too low in the future.

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