Visual inspection will not. Because Tang Dynasty dramas have too much choice, no lack of mouth, the quality of the drama is high to a certain level, or it is particularly novel and interesting to make it out of the circle. It’s not that poor Baba, no serious drama can only be endless filming the Yang family general Bao Qingtian, the Song Dynasty who was very hungry. It is possible to be not picky eaters when this drama is thrown into the Song Dynasty. (Yes, just let the “Da Song Gong Ci” lie down with the gun…) Besides, this thing about Xuanwu Gate has been tumbling and filming countless times, and it really feels like nothing new. The drama “The Rule of Zhen Guan” is a bully. Let’s just talk about Changgehang’s best looks and emotional scenes. There are too many jewels in front. Rebami, shredded pork, handsome, and handsome. But the beauties of Tang opera can be arranged from Tiantongyuan to Gaobeidian. Don’t be too antiquity, Chen Hong in “Daming Palace Ci”, Shen Aojun in “The Love History of the Tang Dynasty”, and Yuan Li “The Conjecture of Famen Temple”. These three pushed Princess Datang to the apex of dignity and dignity. If you have a delicate spirit, Master Zhou is here. The taste is special, and you can also see “Zhen Guan Long Song”. Just a play of “Daming Palace Ci”. You like Xue Shao for the party, you like Zhang Yizhi for evildoers, Tai Zihong for melancholy, Li Dan for quiet, Wu Yousi for fun, amusement for small lovers, and screenwriter appearance for foreigners. Turkic prince. Wang Tao, who focuses on playing Li Dan, has mediocre features, even a bit like Bao Beier, but has an unusually quiet temperament. Yuan Li, who throws a face in the Famen Temple, does not make people feel unworthy of beauty. All in all, the most indispensable in Tang opera are all kinds of beauties. You talk about love. Some are serious and some are not serious. There is no need for Xue Shao’s death-defying long-term defense, nor the inconsistent drama between the prime minister (crossed out) and his sister-in-law. The two monks have raised the threshold to the sky. There is everything from thinking about human nature to ethical guidelines. “Famen Temple Conjecture” can also give you the idea that three lives and three generations will not be together for generations. The last Tang drama that went out of the circle (Gu Ou Romance) should be Datang Pesticide. It relies on two pairs of CP torture and good acting skills. There is really no Tang drama before this abuse method. It is a novel and interesting routine with good quality. (Although “Famen Temple” is abusive, the kind of open-minded and persistent abuse is totally two flavors.) Now in Long Gexing, the only thing that can be expected is how to write the relationship between the prince Yu Dang and the new emperor and the grassland. Other than that, there is really nothing special. To be bright, Reba can’t be bright on the run. If you want acting, the drama is dubbed, so what kind of acting will you talk about? For the script, the comic was not finished, and the screenwriter had to tear it up a while ago. It’s difficult for bg to get out of the circle for feelings. I just hope that the logic is reasonable, after the elimination, stop and stop the broadcast, watch it for a good time, and tear each other out a little bit less. After all, none of the 5 protagonists in this play is a fuel-efficient lamp. After two episodes, the Yan pressure draft is in the first round. It really tears out of the circle, and what does it have to do with the explosion?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Liu Yuning’s acting is a hot search. I thought it was how bad the speech was, and I watched the fan control flying around. I thought I was practicing ventriloquism because of his mouth-opening acting skills. Good guy, I know how to do it for anyone I want to praise in the future. First find a character with facial paralysis and coldness, so that you can perform without expression and will not reveal your acting skills. It can also make people play the role and find a vitality girl to match. In this way, it constitutes the most basic brainless and unhappy cp, and then fills in the scenes of the male and the darkly favored women, and advanced into the cold outside and the hot inside, the domineering little loyal dog and the kind kitten full of vitality, good guy, buff stack full. A bunch of people cp began to fly up. Ahhhhhhh! So sweet! Ahhhhhhh! So handsome. Can’t the cp fan become hot after being trapped? nonexistent.

6 months ago

Give a little bit of science to unfamiliar friends. The plot of the first and second episodes is like this. This long song is the daughter of Li Jiancheng, the prince of the Tang Dynasty. Everyone knows that Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin are hostile. Then this long song wanted to find Li Shimin to learn martial arts or something. I don’t seem to understand anything. Let’s not talk about these flaws, let’s set the plot. Then, in the first episode, what XX tribe is coming to Chang’an. Changge’s mother advised her not to go out to play. If she was found out, she would be sent to marry her, which was not cost-effective. This long song must go out. After going out, it was just a wave of coolness and met the male lead. This is also the setting of the plot, so forget it. and then? The heroine was scolded by her parents when she came back. The hostess said that I did something wrong. What’s wrong with me as a woman, men and women should be equal. . Then her mother slapped her. It’s fine for normal people to clarify things here. . As a result, her mother didn’t say anything, but instead asked her to swear that no matter what happens in the future, she will not hold resentment in her heart. . how to say. This can be regarded as an old problem in contemporary TV series and novels. Forcibly creating contradictions without being clear. .

6 months ago

I have watched a lot of TV series recently. I belong to the kind that I can’t stand it if it’s not good. Novels and TV series are often discarded at the beginning. Recently Sito has been chasing after him, and I think it’s pretty good. Although Shanhe Ling is also chasing, but I still don’t feel as good as Sito, so I have watched more than 20 episodes. Then came the nearest Twelve Pools, the special effects were so bad, I saw that I fell asleep and decided to give up. Then it was Changgexing, I watched it with my husband. I have watched five episodes so far and I feel very good. It’s not that some people on the original Fan Douban have resisted the original, saying that the original has touched Li Shiming, Fang Xuanling and Du Ruhui, etc., to beautify the invaders, because I haven’t read the original, I won’t comment on it, but I think after the adaptation of the TV series, I didn’t touch Li Shi. Ming and the other ministers just felt that everyone had their own standpoint and had their own compelling circumstances, and that everyone was not an absolute bad person. Li Shiming has always been for the people and the country, and Du Ruhui is the same, but their positions and opinions are different. In 2019 or so, Reba felt very tired and haggard at any occasion, and may have worked a lot. In the past year or so, her The condition is very good, it looks much better. I think that when Reba was filming this drama, I guess the state was still relatively poor. It does make people feel that Zhao Lusi, who is a few years younger than her, looks better. But just get used to it after watching one episode. Then the martial arts instructor of this play is very good, and the play is very beautiful.

6 months ago

Passers-by said that the film has a good tempo. In fact, a film allows you to follow along without distracting, and even be attracted by the plot, that’s pretty much it. (The standard is very low, but there are many movies that you will find if you watch them a few times.) Some movies will make you feel that the rhythm and progress are messy. I just think Wu Lei’s dubbing doesn’t match this face. Wu Lei still looks too tender. The popularity of this configuration will not be bad, as long as the subsequent plot does not burst into the street, there is no problem. Recently, Shanhe Ling and Si Teng can explode, and this should not be bad.

6 months ago

I am the original party, I have a say! It will explode! When I first heard that I was going to make the TV series “Long Song Xing”, my heart was 10,000 rejected! This is the Weibo I posted when I heard that I was going to make a TV series! Pay attention to the time I post! I was really very, very, very dissatisfied with the actors at the time! Our long song is the kind of courageous and strategic, literary and military, and the heroine does not let the eyebrows, and always looks calm and handsome. Who can act? Reba is beautiful, but I always feel that it has no internal taste! Looking at the male lead again, my heart is refreshing, okay! Why do you invite such a little fresh meat! Ashina Falcon is a man with horses on the grassland. It should be rougher and wilder! Wu Lei, the delicate skin and tender meat, are you weaned? Then I saw that when attending a certain event, these two people stood together and didn’t feel CP at all! Looks like siblings! I’ve been spitting out crazy! I didn’t expect the face slap to come too fast! Just like a tornado, my face hurts, Wang Jingze, you are an eternal god, really fragrant! Haha, I’m a fickle woman. I heard that it started, and I hurried to watch it. When I watched the first episode, I was full of disdain and question marks. What is it? It’s almost time for the male and female players to play football for a whole episode. I advise you to change the name directly to “World Cup: Tang Division Cup” and open the second episode. I’ll rub it, Wu Lei is actually okay! There is a feeling of “the child has grown up”? Because Hayabusa is not too old, he suddenly felt that he did not have to look for an actor with a sense of vicissitudes, and then continued to look back, it would not be too contradictory! Playing scenes and eye scenes are all in place, making me feel “this is a man, not a boy anymore”, and the style of a few tribes really suits him! I even think he can use this show to bridge the gap with other 20 or so young child stars. Those people still can only play the role of the male and female protagonist when they were young, and Wu Lei can already carry the domineering and rough male protagonist! Then Reba, super invincible beauty! How can there be any black drafts on the Internet that are so ugly? The animation of the palace costume running killed me in one fell swoop! The marketing number is really bad and specifically cuts people’s ugly pictures! Although the shape of the two dragon’s whiskers didn’t look good at first, it turned out that this thing looks good in the second dimension, but it must not come to the third dimension, but it is gradually pleasing to the eye later. This is still Reba’s face holding it up, and it may be personally different. It would be uglier than this! Although there may be some shortcomings in acting skills, it can be seen that the role has been polished carefully, which is different from the “vase” in my impression! The two people feel more and more cp feeling when they look at it! Lie to you, I am a puppy! The emotional line is also slowly advancing, neither very abrupt, nor as subtle as the comics, can make me anxious to death! The second female Zhao Lusi is really beautiful! I really like her looks! The acting skills are also very good among the small flowers! I really hope that she will stop acting, or she will stop acting the kind of sand sculpture idol drama sweet drama comedy! The role played this time is very good, and it can be regarded as a small breakthrough. It fits her too well, and it makes people feel protective! The most pleasant surprise should be Liu Yuning! Because he is not a professional actor, I didn’t expect much from him, and it turns out that his acting skills are really good! I heard that the dubbing is still the original sound, and it is not inferior to the professional voice actors. I really love it! The most important thing is that there is no magic change in this play! The general trend is consistent with the comics, some changes are also within an acceptable range, the plot is richer, and the character relationship network will be larger and more! This drama is serious about its career! Everyone’s different personalities are very distinct and three-dimensional, not stereotyped character models! To give a simple example, the images of the three ministers under the prince are completely different. Master Du is cruel, Master Fang is funny and humorous, Master Wei is bold and bold, but they all have something in common. They are loyal to the prince, and act and do everything. Yu’s personal thoughts on maintaining the country and community. The characters including the prince Li Shimin himself are also very full, not to mention the heroes and other people! There is also the kind of evenly matched love between the male and female lords, mainly engaged in career, and sometimes engaged in objects by the way, unlike some brainless idol dramas that fall in love under the guise of a plot drama! And the settings of the Big Bad Wolf + Little White Rabbit like the second male and the second female are so good, friends! Although the routine is old, I still get stuck! listen to me! If you think the first episode is unsightly and a bit boring, please hold on! It will look good at the back! If you see the tenth episode, you still find it ugly and rotten, please come back and step on me! In short, I say “Long Song Xing” is really good! Anyway, I got my approval. As a result, the more I watched, the more I got to the top. I urgently added a month of Papa Ma membership. I watched 8 episodes. It’s really good!

6 months ago

A big explosion is impossible, but the heat should be very high. I agree with what everyone said, they are siblings in the same frame. Reba’s appearance is too bright and beautiful, and the younger sister is too hungry. The younger brother of Sanshi is right, but the youthful feeling is still there, so they are a bit unsuitable. The one chosen by the long song line before, if not changed, will look better with Reba, so wait to see the follow-up plot. But I laughed when I saw the transition of Chang Gexing’s animation on Weibo yesterday. It was a bit abrupt.

6 months ago

I don’t know if it will explode, but it’s pretty good-looking hahaha. Zhao Lusi Chi Chi Chi Chi is very cute. If she changes to another girl, Chi Chi just wants to kick her away, but Zhao Lu Si’s voice is also very cute, and she always pulls her clothes to hug her. Reba is also good, her bones are really suitable for this kind of cold-faced hero, and her eyes make people feel distressed. These two really knocked hard. The moment Reba counted one, two to three and Zhao Lusi hugged him, the aunt with tears in her eyes laughed. Who doesn’t like to see beauties, and they are still two beauties who can knock CP. Wu Lei was very surprised. I thought he was still a kid, but in the long song line, his eye movements were very steady and he was so handsome. The three old men are also very cute, hahahahahahahahahahahaha, the big bang was originally a good time and place. Although this drama has a lot of bugs, it is unexpectedly pretty.

6 months ago

I just watched 10 episodes, and my brain hurts a little. First of all, I want to say that this is a show that can be watched. Although there are many faults, the flaws are not concealed. Although you can’t tell what is good about him in one, two and three, just watching one episode after another will allow you to blend into the story smoothly and wonder what happened next. So I can say for the time being, this is a good TV series. My favorite is the part between Li Shiming and Wei Zheng. The scene of Wei Zheng being jealous really infected me. At the same time, I also admire what Li Shiming did. Damn, I saw some people have been scouring Erfeng’s ugliness, who is not ugly, Erfeng is not ugly! Moreover, Li Shiming is not the world beauty pageant champion. Isn’t it necessary to find someone who looks like Panan to praise Li Shiming’s magnificent image? It’s annoying to watch. It feels that the so-called fans can see a flower for you no matter what you watch, it is really unnecessary. Black can’t become white, and white can’t become black. There are also some people who watch dramas just talk about the conference. If they don’t talk about it, their mouths will be itchy, beeping beeping, fucking, very annoying. Ps, there is really no need to come to do reading comprehension for me, don’t persuade each other. I also said that it is so far (to the tenth episode) that it is viewable. It is only a personal point of view (emphasis on it). I think this description is accurate enough, and it really doesn’t make any sense to refute me. If you really disagree with me, don’t say anything, and can’t eat, I suggest you open a post to narrate your views in detail, wouldn’t it be better~

6 months ago

I am here as a fan. I hope that first of all, this drama has nothing to do with comics. At most, it has a general plot and character settings. When I watch a new drama, the Cp feeling of the hero and the hero is really not enough. , I also complained when the announcement was made, but after watching the eight episodes last night, I got a little bit. The heroine’s image is said to be tragic, not good-looking, men and women have everything, but I think it’s OK. Everyone is okay. I have my own opinions on appearance, so I won’t say more about it. What is commendable is the plot. Indeed, the quality of the show is good. Later, the characters added are also distinctive. Ruth is a person I love, exquisite and gentle. The soft crying bag and the brave princess and the cold and reticent Hao are just too good. The emotional lines of Chang Ge and A Zhun, Le Yan and Hao are simply my motivation for chasing the drama. Of course, other characters are also very good, Li Shimin, Fang Xuan Ling, Wei Zheng, Shu Yu, etc. are very plump. This drama is really good, my word is poor. There is an answer next door: how about the first eight episodes of the long song, most of the answers are impartial (of course there are also awkward fans) And awkwardly), I agree very much, you can check it out and try to chase after

6 months ago

I just finished watching 8 episodes and I almost stunned Ruth and Gao Leng’s guards. The rhythm of the play itself is very fast. It’s not the kind of acting that can guess the next step just by watching the beginning. Yes, but Wu Lei and Reba’s CP feeling is not very strong. Fortunately, in the 8 episodes I watched, the love of the male and female protagonists is not the main line. I think Reba’s acting skills are very good, but the appearance is indeed a bit old. The feeling of watching a drama is the feeling of sitting on the bed holding a mobile phone and smirking in a TV series. I believe that every girl has a dream of a chivalrous woman when she was a child. Cover her face manually like Li Changge. I am already a 22-year-old aunt. Good-looking, I guess it will explode

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