“You are almost unattractive to me” from the ex-boyfriend of Peking University. “Look at what you see me wearing now and what you wore last year.” “You have such a bad temper and will only let everyone leave you in the end.” The most important thing in falling in love is to be happy. If you encounter difficulties, you must learn to solve them by yourself. I can’t help you but still be affected by your negative energy. Am I not tired?” “I have spent enough money on you this year. There is no need to spend money on you anymore.” (Less than 1,000, one cushion + one lipstick) (His own salary is 4,500 a month, his deposit is more than 20,000, and the family pays more than 2,000 living expenses every month) ( Answer: I am a single-parent family. My father died unexpectedly three years ago. He has been relying on scholarships and competition prizes to share the expenses of the family and the love between him and his family.) “Return the money (for the gift I bought) to me, or else in my heart It’s always a lump.” “It might be a mistake for me to come to you to get back together.” “My mother’s money is my mother’s money. Even if she gives it to me, I can’t collect it. It’s my own business to fall in love, this time it’s AA” (Yes. My friend said) “I don’t think she can be motivated, she doesn’t keep exercising every day, and she doesn’t go to bed early and wake up early.” Even though I am not Qingbei, I graduated from 985. I also received a lot of scholarships and honors during my undergraduate course, the most glamorous. When he came to provoke me. The result is to step into a terrible trap. How can one stay bright all the time? I don’t even believe that someone will love the true and pure self anymore, I even really feel that everything he says is right. At first, he always complained that I didn’t care about him, and didn’t love him enough. Later, he was tossed and picked up like rubbish. I just hope that I can come out as soon as possible. The feelings of three years have always been a lie. Adding to 2021.3.2 saw that many sisters felt the same, and even had similar experiences, and hugged everyone distressedly. I used to think that only carelessness, lying, and gambling are considered bad qualities. Now I understand that selfishness is even more terrifying. It is really sad to see how many exquisite egoists have been cultivated in our country’s institutions of higher learning. ———Let’s talk about a few things that are beyond your eyes. 1. Selfish people can really be selfish beyond your imagination. In 19 years, he succeeded in his direct Ph.D. I was going to go abroad. In the summer vacation, because I was too anxious, he lived with me in my rented house in Nanjing. Every day I watched me go to the studio to study in the dark, hiding in the house alone. I didn’t take the initiative to pick me up, and I didn’t take the initiative to do housework. I went home tired every day, and I had to wash his clothes and clean up the room. In the end, he even accused me of not being able to give him a comfortable love environment like before. Being with me was very depressing, and then I was separated for four months. (And 3 days before my GRE test) 2. Girls don’t faint just because they are first love. The consequence of being contemptuous of yourself is that the other person will become addicted to stepping on you. At the end of 19, I still couldn’t accept being broken up by phone. I went to their school to find him. He gave me a list of my problems and asked me to change it. He said that I couldn’t change it and refused to get back together. I returned to Nanjing, and three days later, I said that I couldn’t let go, so I decided to get back together. At the beginning of the 20th year, I didn’t know if it was God’s will to get someone or something. I was blocked from going abroad because of the epidemic. After discussing with my mother, I decided to gap for one year. At this time, he was disqualified because of his seniority failure. He was holding on to me very urgently, just like I was his life-saving straw, let me teach him TOEFL GRE, and plan to go abroad with him. 3. The adversity you think is true, but in fact it is just another rewrite of the farmer and the snake. In June 20th, his direct bloggers had a turn for the better, and the mentor kept him. Can continue to stay in Peking University smoothly. And I was abandoned again without any suspense. Soon, he returned to his comfort zone and carried out his PhD blueprint with lofty ambitions, and I became a stumbling block on his way forward. In September, after I offered to invite me to Beijing to celebrate my birthday, I went back and asked me for money AA, accused me of being inconsiderate, and asked me to get back the money I bought for gifts, saying “I can find a better gift than you.” “, and then broke up again until now. (It’s the phone break up again, extremely indifferent, unwilling to get together and break up. I think that when I mention meeting and breaking up, it’s a lingering spirit, which has blocked all my social platforms.) 4. The shameless person has no moral concept, in his In the world, as long as it is self-interested, he will do it, and it is logically self-consistent. In the past few years, I have been contemptuous and repeatedly pua, and then I have learned from the pain and decided not to look back. It’s so stupid. But I never thought that people can really be so shameless, they are still undergraduates and direct Ph.Ds from Peking University, a member of the country’s most valued talent group. In the past few months, he saw that I stopped pestering him, lived my life well, and recovered to the former glory, so he came to contact me again. Happy New Year to me during the Spring Festival, saying “Let him pass the past” and a bunch of blessings. Then deliberately posted my own position on various social platforms that only I can see, and pulled me back from the blacklist, suggesting that I—”You can continue to lick me” many people will ask, He is so to you, why do you always agree to get back with him? Good question, I always thought I was smart, but I couldn’t match other people’s acting skills and shame. It’s also useless for me. I naively believe that we are true love. As a result, people really love themselves. Every time I asked for peace, I felt affectionate and said that I had no choice but to break up at the time. (Actually, I just can’t bear your benefits, I want to take it all up) I really don’t believe it anymore. The dog can’t change the shit. Use a most suitable image to describe my ex-boyfriend-“Yue Buqun” hypocrite’s kindness is to hide a knife in a smile and kill a donkey.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I have an ex who used to talk about marriage and marriage. He was together for 6 years, from 18 to 24 years old. His mate selection standards are basically in line with me. He is gentle, well-behaved, sensible, gentle, thin and thin. His 175 and 160 appearances are also very matching. Friends, parents and even the relatives and elders of his family all agree that I am the one he is going to marry into the house. Wife. We have quarreled less than 5 times in the past 6 years. Neither of us is that kind of disgusting and tantrum, so we get along very harmoniously and sweetly every day. He will show that he loves me very much, and only looks like me in his eyes. There are photos of me in the circle of friends, and I’m very sticky in private. I will act cute and act cute. And for him, I rejected all those who were ambiguous and had better conditions than him. I also managed to only see him. We are both lovers and friends, and we have nothing to talk about. Occasionally, there will be some peach blossoms around him, and some girls who take the initiative to tease him, but they are all strangled in the cradle by me. Friends around us all envy us for having such a good partner. I used to think that we were like this for a lifetime, until such a girl appeared next to him, who likes to swear, smoking, surrounded by a group of diligent friends of the opposite sex, and even this girl has a boyfriend who has been with him for several years. My boyfriend is playing games well. At that time, the king just started. This girl called my boyfriend to play games with her every day, even at 2.3 o’clock in the morning, I was already asleep, and my boyfriend was still playing games with her voice by my side. . At this time, my boyfriend and my king are still in CP, but we have not been together for a long time. To make me feel at ease, he even introduced the girl’s boyfriend to me, saying that they were just ordinary friends and treated her as a younger sister. He doesn’t like girls smoking and drinking, swearing and not leaving their mouths. He said that she has everything he doesn’t like. He said that she is incomparable to me. He will never like her. He is a brother in his eyes, even women. Not really. But there is still a faint feeling of anxiety in my heart. Even when I met this girl outside, I faintly felt the hostility in the girl’s eyes, and she even said to my ex in a voice chat: I really envy your girlfriend and have a good boyfriend like you. ~ They were in double row at the time, and I was listening by the side. Maybe a woman’s sixth sense is really accurate, right? Later, my marriage date with my boyfriend was approaching. He suddenly broke up with me after dinner and dinner, saying that he wanted to be separated for a while, and that he had told his parents in advance that we had broken up (I was notified) Even the king’s CP has applied for cancellation. I asked why he didn’t say. At the time, I thought he was afraid of the pressure before marriage, so I agreed without hesitation from the perspective of understanding him, and gave him time to calm down and rest. He will also take the initiative to contact me and ask me to give him time, he will marry me and marry me, let me wait for him. In less than a month, I looked at his King’s profile one day and found that he and this girl King had a CP, and the intimacy was as high as 5600+. The girls used the photos they went out to play together as their avatars and changed their CP names. All of a sudden, I was dumbfounded, and the sky fell. I didn’t ask him if he was with this girl. I didn’t want to go into it. Maybe it was a tacit understanding. He didn’t mention it, but he understood that I knew everything I voluntarily said sorry to me, and said that what I owed me would be unclear in this life. Soon after breaking up, he took the girl to travel to create romantic surprises for her, and even proposed marriage after six months of being together. Although he and I are very sweet and harmonious, we have not been on a trip in the past 6 years. Every time we want to arrange a trip, in the end he is busy, has no time, no money, and then can’t go. From the beginning to the end, he never proposed to me once, no romantic surprise, everything has been so plain for 6 years. Only then did I realize that I was living in the illusion that we were very happy for the past 6 years. No matter how good you are, he doesn’t love it either. No matter how bad she is, he doesn’t mind, because he loves her. You can break all the bottom lines, and you are willing to do all the things you didn’t want to do before. So what hurt me the most was not what he said, but his behavior made me fall into deep self-doubt for a long time, doubting that I am the worst in the world, even you I can’t match a girl with disdain in her mouth. I wonder what I did wrong in this relationship.

6 months ago

“I belong to a high-quality match now. I can find a master student who is younger and more beautiful than you at any time at Peking University.” (The subway was built near his house, and the house price increased by 11 times. For him, it cost more than two million yuan. You can be a rich man) “You have seen me the most desolate look, I will never look up in front of you, I will think of my saddest days when I see you” “I’m glad I haven’t touched it all these years “You” “Don’t cry, the more you cry, the more annoying you will be. The way you cry is really disgusting.”…Too many, love at the beginning of the nineteenth year, and retired the day before the wedding because he knew that the subway was built near his house. , House prices have risen.

6 months ago

Sorry, I am a loving girl. This is what the ex-husband said to me before his derailment. This sentence contains a lot of information. First of all, I was very good with me before, so I suddenly said this sentence, then: First, the ex-husband used the word love, indicating that the girls were more active before and the ex-husband was slapped, but She hadn’t completely taken the bait yet, so the woman wanted to catch it and withdrew, so that her ex-husband felt that she was in love, or she was deeply in love. She knew a girl for only three months. She used the word love to insult her original partner. It was confirmed later that it was too much. The woman said she didn’t want to ruin his family, she resigned and left, so that her ex-husband could no longer be found, but it was practical. She couldn’t find her and could still help her pay the rent. The ex-husband chose to tell me, but I didn’t understand this. It should be because you have guilt and guilt for me. Speaking of true love will relieve your guilt. 2. The ex-husband used the word girl, indicating that it was the first time that Xiaosan told him that it was the first time that he had never been in a relationship, or that he was still a virgin. This was also proved afterwards, because the ex-husband and his friends said that he was reluctant to let go and did not want to apologize to her. The first love is a virgin. This makes me feel very sad, as if it was not the first time when I was with my ex-husband. I am not a virgin. My 18 years old is not 18 years old, and my junior’s 25 years old is 25 years old. How ridiculous. But the most ridiculous thing is that people who have love should not be together again after divorce? Then you are getting divorced, so what’s the matter of choosing to cheat in marriage? Of course, in the end, the two people who really love are still together. blessing.

6 months ago

This is the first answer I know. I am a Scorpio male and ex Pisces female. 2019.9.11 together, 2020.6.22 parted. The reason for the breakup is not elaborated here. What is certain is that she is the favorite girl I have ever met so far. As a result, I couldn’t get out after breaking up. I haven’t completely gone out until today, and I have lost about 10 kilograms. By the way, the WeChat caller was blacked out after breaking up… Since the second half of 19 years, I would think about all the good things I had done with her before, sooner or later, every day. I really thought about it every day, and I couldn’t contact the other party. With the hope of reintegration, there are thousands of ways to try to recover. During the period, she was sent to her, blahblahblah, etc. through other software or emails that she missed her very much. But the reply from the other party was: “I don’t want you, don’t find me anymore.” At that time, I felt trembling in my heart… I still missed her very much, so I didn’t want to give up like this, so I decided to go to her company to find her for fear of disturbing her. Therefore, I used the horizontal screen of my mobile phone to call “Can you go downstairs for a walk, please just ask for a few minutes” to show her, and the other party said: “I have nothing to say to you, you go quickly, you are shameless and I want more Well.” I left the company with my broken heart… The last time, I felt that people have long been seamlessly connected? I still can’t get out stupidly. Thinking of this, I asked a friend to ask her if she has a new boyfriend a few days ago, and the other party responded by text message: “I already have a boyfriend, so let him stop looking for me.” Finally, hope is completely collapsed… In fact, now I think, Most of the people who can’t get out after breaking up are because I have controlled my emotions and thoughts. I never thought that someone would find a new love early in the morning and then forgot about you. I actually have to be sad and depressed for her for so long? Why bother? Absolutely idiot, so I am coming out now and I am confident that I will become better in the future…

6 months ago

Today, almost 10 years later, I can still remember that evening when the sunset turned yellow, I was in a row with my friend’s Internet cafe, and my phone suddenly vibrated. It was her. I was just laughing and joking with my friends. The moment the text message stung me: “Brother.” The word made me feel painful, and the phone fell to the ground. I didn’t know it, as if my whole person was taken time. same. Later, my friend described to me that I looked like I knew I was terminally ill. She is a recognized school flower in our high school, she is white and white, with a pair of jet-black ponytails shining brightly, and her academic performance is good, and she is also among the best in the key classes at the time. Every day, there are little boys on the window just to get a glimpse of the beauty. I, a repeater, switched from science to liberal arts, and I reluctantly entered this class because of my father’s relationship. When I first came in, I pretended to be cold, mainly because I had never dealt with students of this kind of elite class. I was afraid of being looked down upon, so I kept my face cold and didn’t give others a chance to laugh at me. Slowly, I became familiar with this class, and my super social skills were fully reflected. I know who is good at talking, who is studying hard, who likes to make short reports, and who is ambiguous with girls from other classes. She had an object at that time, I have seen it, black and thin, wearing black-rimmed glasses, and looking like a nerd. At that time, I got acquainted with my classmates, and I recognized several younger sisters. She is one of them. The timing of being together is inexplicable. She broke up with the nerd. As an older brother, I definitely wanted to comfort me. I also joked to find someone for her. Every time she talked about this, she bowed her head and her ears were red. Once the inter-class exercise was over, I When I met a friend in the class next door, I went back to the classroom together. On the playground, he complained while walking, saying that he wanted to find someone. His classmate casually pointed, the girl in front is not bad. I was stunned. Why is this pink coat so familiar? It turned out to be her! That’s right, it’s not so easy based on my brother-sister relationship? I already had a plan in my mind, and I started to fantasize about what he would ask me to eat when it was finished. He swallowed while thinking. I started my own plan. First, when I sent her off from school on the weekend, I “inadvertently” met that friend, and then “inadvertently” encountered various encounters at school. I took great pains to match her up. After several weeks of this, I saw that he did not move at all, so I went to the side and asked her, what do you think of my friend? pretty good. She said faintly, staring straight at me, looking straight at me. Until school was over at noon one day, I had just finished eating at home, and suddenly my phone rang, it was her. The moment I saw the information, I was dumbfounded. At that time, it was snowing heavily outside, but my whole body suddenly became hot, and a tingling sensation struck from the soles of my feet to my forehead. That text message has only four words: I like you. After the huge surprise, I fell into a dilemma. On the one hand, it is my good friend, on the other hand, it is the school flower. After a minute of fighting between heaven and man, it is reason, oh no, it is hormones that have the upper hand. I sold my friend decisively. I like you too, let’s be together. After spending a lot of money to invite my friend for 5 meals, she became my girlfriend. We have also become lovers from brothers and sisters, and she never called my brother again. It was really a glorious moment in my high school career. You ask me what kind of experience it is to fall in love with a schoolgirl, and I will only tell you: cool. Every day I face all kinds of ill-intentioned eyes. At that time, I was still shy. If I put it on now, I would like to walk proudly. No way, who makes her beautiful. Happy time is always short, we took the college entrance examination. Just two days before the college entrance examination, she told me that if we were admitted to the same university, we would get married. After the college entrance examination, I played like crazy for two weeks, and I saw this message when I was in a row with my friends that day. brother. brother. brother. I looked at the message over and over again, trying to see what’s hidden behind it, but unfortunately I couldn’t see anything. I was dumped. Later, we all came to Shanghai. Later, when she got engaged, I was ups and downs in love, and I no longer contacted each other tacitly. Occasionally, the circle of friends gave me a thumbs-up, and that’s it. The story is about to end here, but I can’t bear to end it. It’s not that I miss this relationship, and it’s not because I still miss her. It’s just that there are so many heart-pounding stories in life, and it’s not in vain to travel in this world.

6 months ago

I remember this deeply! ! ! He is the kind of unemployed vagrant, and feels that he is impoverished and the time has not come. After being together for about three years, he still didn’t have any deposits. Finally, one day, he looked at me with complicated eyes and said: “You are not good for me at all”! ! ! Of course I have tens of millions of horses galloping in my heart. You have no money to blame me for not Vanves? You are a meow, why don’t you go to play steel balls with other rich women directly, so that you don’t need to care if others want to be prosperous. Anyway, you are prosperous. Why does it hurt so much to think of it today, because he said such a sentence at the time, and I didn’t even kick him. It’s really blind and stupid. After the Chinese New Year, I really ran away for life, huh, people say that I will be rich at 19, and I have official luck… It seems that because he believed such words back then, he has always been pretentious and inexplicably self-confident.

6 months ago

My first love, one of his actions has affected me for nearly ten years. Because he bought me a bottle of Master Kong Ice Tea when he broke up. I still feel uncomfortable when I see this. I used to tremble when I saw it more severely, and I would vomit when I took a sip. My first love and I broke up at around nine o’clock on April Fool’s Day in 2009. Why do you remember so clearly, because everything seemed to be a sign that day. It was only a freshman at that time, yes, it’s a puppy love. After talking for half a year, I chased him. In our liberal arts class, there are only 9 boys. He is the best looking one, but we are divided into classes when we get to high school. He is in the class next to me. Like all the high school students who fell in love at that time, holding a little hand and kissing a little mouth is what we express to the greatest degree of affection. Everything is fine, I like him, and he likes me too. Our eyes are full of what it looks like to get married together in the future. He also took me to see the house his parents had prepared for him in advance. Until April Fool’s Day 09. At that time, I was still in school. The night before, we laughed and laughed as usual. We went to the cafeteria to have supper with our self-study late at night. When we returned to the dormitory, we texted each other good night and love you. But the next day was different. Normally, I usually get up at 7:30, hurriedly wash and eat breakfast, and go straight to the classroom to study early. But that day I woke up naturally at six o’clock in the morning, and I couldn’t sleep anymore, let alone lie down. The ghost finds out his favorite clothes, washes, and then washes his head and slaps himself, instead of waiting for the other students in the dormitory to go to the classroom as usual, he arrived in the classroom at 6:30 alone, and then started again. Learn. (At that time I was a scumbag, recognized as a scumbag). I didn’t take the initiative to look for him all morning, even if he was in the classroom next door, even if he met him in the bathroom, even if he passed by his brother in front of his classroom and joked with me, I just smiled and ignored it, not as usual. Will talk to them. At noon that day was the only time we did not have lunch together except on weekends and holidays. At that time, I felt very wrong in my heart, but I never thought that there would be any problems between him and me. I didn’t eat dinner together, and I noticed something was wrong. There was no contact for a whole day. In the evening during the self-study class, we finally ran into each other in the corridor. He asked me: If, I mean, what if you don’t have me in the future? At that time, my heart sank, but on the surface I didn’t care and said: I can live as I should. He said: That’s good. By coincidence, the class bell rang. I listened to that class very carefully. After the next night, he waited for me at the door of the classroom. I ignored him and ran to the cafeteria (because I went to the cafeteria all night. The habit of eating supper in the cafeteria). He caught up to hold me halfway. I didn’t look at him. There were too many classmates coming and going. He asked me: Why are you walking so fast? I said: I’m hungry, and he didn’t eat too late. He didn’t speak. I asked: Do you have something to tell me? He was surprised: How did you know? I asked: Do you want to say that you broke up? He was even more surprised. In fact, I was also surprised. I felt that something was wrong all day long, but Kenneng had a sense of security and trust because I liked it too much. I never even thought that I would be separated from him. I don’t know why I suddenly said that sentence. I resisted the unrest in my heart: just right, I want to tell you that too. Then ran away. I ran to the cafeteria, found my small group, my best friend, and a few seniors who were close to each other, and then pretended to be okay and talked and laughed with them. Talking about my breakup, my brother (Big Brother Pop Shinobu, who was chasing my girlfriend at the time) suddenly stopped smiling and asked: Are you okay? I said it’s okay. At this time, he came over and asked me:. , I said: If you buy me a bottle of drink, I won’t care about it with you. You know what I like to drink (I like to drink green tea at that time, Master Kong’s one, because it is really good) He will come back in a while, holding ice black tea in his hand… while saying that the green tea shop is sold out. I said that’s good. As soon as he left, I gave the black tea to someone next to him. I got up and told my friends that I was hungry to buy food. When I got to the small shop, I bought a bottle of green tea myself. My mentality collapsed. He bought black tea deliberately. He kept holding it until I returned to the dormitory. The moment the dormitory door opened, I lost all my strength. I heard my heart-piercing cry in the whole building, my girlfriend. He even cursed at the man in bed. This is the whole process of breaking up with my first love. He didn’t say a word, or even the reason, but it affected me till now. Because after that bottle of ice black tea, I would vomit when drinking ice black tea, that is, I can vomit that kind of vomiting overnight after dinner. Obviously like to drink that Master Kong green tea, but never drank a bite.

6 months ago

“Wu Hang, let me tell you, I think we can live together to be with you. If you make an appointment, you are not worthy.” This is what I argued with after discovering a bunch of records of chatting with others on the phone of my predecessor. When he said it. Since then, my attitude towards feelings has completely changed. Those who are good-looking, send a photo with thousands of likes and dozens of hundreds of private chats. Those ugly people don’t even dare to post a photo to the public platform. Some people are like the emperor, click on them at will. Some people are like slaves, with their heads down, afraid to look forward. The feudal political system has disappeared, but the relationship between people has not changed much. There is no loyalty or trust in the world. It is interests, interests, outright interests, and naked desires. Just be happy, make money long live, everyone else is a pastime, I want to play alone. This is the lower-level idea in my mind now. I study ethics and often pretend to criticize capitalism, criticizing irrational and arrogant people. In fact, those things have very little place in my heart. I just want to be happy. If capitalism makes me happy, then I don’t resist it. The mercy remaining in my heart, like the mercy remaining in other people’s hearts, is the light in the universe. I want it to disappear now, because I want the happiness of obscurity even more now. Light allows the ugliness to appear, but in the dark, people laugh at each other, who can see whom?

6 months ago

The most hurtful words should be the three words sorry. It doesn’t need to hurt people, it’s too long, just three simple words can hurt people’s body. He cheated on a female colleague of the new company. After we broke up, I was sad for a long time. He saw my Weibo and sent a private message to me and said, “Don’t think the whole world is sorry for you, no one is sorry for you.” A long time passed. After that, the woman greened him, and he sent me a private message “I’m sorry.” But I still believe in love, Hollywood goddess Audrey Hepburn, she has three relationships. The first two marriages ended because her husband cheated. As an ordinary woman, it may be difficult to have the courage to start a new relationship. But Hepburn, who had fallen down twice in the same place, met her soulmate Robert Waldes in his later years. Because of meeting Robert, Hepburn finally felt real happiness and stability in his later years. The ex who can live in your heart must be a person who makes you extremely painful, you can obviously forget, but you just say that you can’t forget the old days, don’t be sensational, no one will sympathize with you. In fact, you just can’t find things to do, and you’re just boring. It’s so unforgettable. Why don’t you want to make peace? The reason why you only miss it secretly in your heart is just because you don’t love that much, so weighing the pros and cons of the other party is not worthy of you. . I don’t know how long the ex can live in your heart, and how long you live is up to you. Another reason why the ex is unforgettable is that you are not good enough. When you really get better in all aspects, you will know that the ex is just so. If you only have time and no new friends, then please wait in time, people who love you will always come. I am home to love! Focus on saving love, repairing the relationship between the sexes, best at reversing the predecessor’s heart through chat guidance.

6 months ago

Too much wake up in the morning and put on makeup. He said, “What’s the use of applying makeup, isn’t the face that big?” Trying on a short skirt, he said, “Your legs are so thick, why do you wear such a short skirt?” Wearing a suspender skirt, prepare to go out. He said, “You don’t look good on your back, it’s really ugly to wear this”. I was angry with him. I hid in the bathroom and cried. He said, “I know crying all the time. It’s nothing at all. The more you cry, the more annoying I am.” He tried to hold hands, but he broke away: “Don’t you think holding hands is naive, like something that junior and high school students do” “I said I don’t like holding hands, it feels too greasy, it’s like eating a piece of fat Do you understand the greasy meat” I understand your mother, I think you are like an orphan, does your mother teach you how to talk? If you don’t love you don’t love it, why bother to make so many excuses, why not simply break up the weak and disgusting maggot: “I gave you a nickname that only I can call, little bitch.” After I refused, he I stopped shouting at the moment, but I still called me like this when I found an opportunity. At the beginning, I definitely refused every time. After a long time, he didn’t bother to pay attention to him when he called me like that. Later, he really only called me like that. Did I get my brain out at that time, why didn’t I break up? This kind of thing with a father and no mother was born in the belly of a bitch and went to the supermarket together. I bought a 420mm aunt’s towel for night use. He said, “Why do you buy such a big one, you force it to be bigger than others? “I bought such a big one to use it up and put it in your mouth, idiot! Suddenly asked me once: “Are you in the right place?” This kind of words also lost his way of asking. If the old lady did not cherish too much for the first time and didn’t want to break up easily, she would have kicked your stupid stuff after a ppp finished. When I found that I forgot to lock the door, I said, “Fortunately, no one came in.” He said, “If a man comes in, drive him away. If a woman comes in, pull her together.” Your mother was also pulled together by your dad. , I was pregnant with you, stupid stuff. When I was typing and chatting with my girlfriend at night, he said, “Why are you bothering others at night? Maybe they are in ppp.” You think it’s a person who looks like you, except for sex. There’s nothing else. It’s so dirty. Not long after we were together, he made a video. My roommate happened to be next to me. I introduced: “This is my roommate.” He: “Look, all of them are better than You are beautiful” In front of my roommate, I was so angry that I immediately hung up the video, and when I went back, I said to break up. The scumbag: “I want to help you make a good relationship with your roommate.” I was so persuaded, hehe, and there are many things he took for granted. There are many things he wanted to go for a walk after dinner. He didn’t want to go and I was a little angry: “You are not going to rely on me for anything.” He: “Just These few things do not depend on you, you will zoom in to everything, because you have an impression of these few things.” Someone who is arrogant and silly, said during the breakup: “You can’t find anything like that after breaking up.” I’m so handsome, I can’t find anything as big as my ji ba.” Oh, no one told you to look like a donkey, right? You look stupid, short, and I don’t know where you are so confident. ? ? Second man don’t use this to tell things, okay, every time I say this to take care of your poor self-esteem, you who are done in two or three minutes, what face do you have to say that? There are too many, I don’t want to recall. Anyway, I’m happy now, fairies, I always have to experience selfish scum to experience the cruelty of feelings, and I can cherish the people in the future more to my sisters. My advice is, don’t find a boyfriend in the trash. Don’t just start with someone just because you want to fall in love. That’s how I’ve been entangled with the scum for more than a year. You have to wait. The destined person will definitely come. of

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