I wrote a lot of material mechanics, theoretical mechanics, fluid mechanics, and structural mechanics in four years of university. I really feel that the knowledge system is very old and has no real value, just like playing.

Maybe the hostility was a bit too harsh at the time. Now think about it, I really like mechanics, so I will go on the road of mechanics without hesitation. Regarding the subject of major, no matter what major you choose, you will encounter things you like or dislike. Dislike naturally feels meaningless. So, if you like it, go ahead, if you don’t like it, hurry up. When most people ask others for their opinions, they actually have an answer in their hearts. Just keep going along what you want. What is mechanical is not mechanical, it is best to be happy. But for me, mechanics is indeed a very useful and interesting subject. Maybe someone has a different opinion? Just keep the dispute. I have combined my experience on different occasions to preach and even comment on mechanics. Now I feel more and more that my level is not enough to reach a level that can easily evaluate the discipline of mechanics. So we still have to keep working hard. Liu Lixi: Freshman majoring in mechanics, how should engineering mechanics develop in the future? ​Www.zhihu.com In addition, in my daily life, apart from schoolmates, sisters, brothers and sisters, or classmates who met to do projects, there are still very few students majoring in mechanics. But from Zhihu, it is obvious that there are more and more groups of people who feel mechanics. This is a good phenomenon, but it always feels weird. Maybe I do agree that mechanics does not require many people to enter the pit? (Even I sometimes say that I am optical rather than mechanics. Of course, when I and other people complained, they told me that many evaluations of mechanics are not mechanics at all, but other majors. The mechanics course began to think that I understood mechanics, and even started to evaluate mechanics? But I think that the direction that can withstand the evaluation of other majors is a direction to be successfully applied and has a certain value. Forget it, the right and the wrong are free, here. At one point, everyone should be more mindful when making decisions. By the way, I will post the self-summary of teacher Xie Yushu in my undergraduate department in the teacher of Zitang. The kind of enthusiasm that is overflowing in the text is what I am always longing for. In addition, teacher Zhong Wanxie The story also gave me a lot of spiritual support. At that time, I might be in a bad condition, so I was watching Mr. Zhong’s recording and broadcasting class. The unremitting efforts of the older generation of mechanics workers than mechanics dissemination have a great influence on me. I feel that the mathematics students in elementary and middle schools have been pitted (all forced to learn for further education), which is far less practical. Twelve years of education has learned a bunch of chickens and rabbits in the same cage, quadratic equation roots, conic section , Spatial three-dimensional geometry, inequalities, I really feel that the knowledge system is very old, there is no real value, it is the same as playing. You see, it is useless to follow this logic and mathematics (fog). So what’s wrong with your logic, because you What I learn now is the basics! The basics may not be easy to apply (but it is undeniable that the seemingly basic things such as mechanics can and can bring a lot of guidance to real life), but without the basics, you can’t get in touch with deeper things. Don’t agree. What do I say about mastering finite element in seven days? If you don’t have a foundation in mechanics, the finite element software is more like a drawing software in your hands. The mechanical coupling in the model is difficult to judge for people with no foundation in mechanics. If you talk about programming, I can Not too sleepy, there are still big shortcomings in the development of software in the field of mechanics! In fact, many engineering problems are not only to solve the problem, but it is best to propose a template solution or tool (engineering software) to solve the problem. Then The path of computer programming is not impossible in the direction of mechanics.


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6 months ago

Maybe then I am the one who hasn’t been pitted. I am glad that I am studying mechanics. At that time, the mechanics of materials and elasticity were a little better, and after studying fracture mechanics three times, I was finally impressed. Theoretical mechanics is general. Vibration mechanics and fluid mechanics are terrible. Plastic mechanics hasn’t read books yet. The answerer is thirty-two years old and has been working for seven years, doing test-related work. The in-service Ph.D. has not yet graduated. Because of work needs, I often turn to mechanics-related books, and they have helped me solve many project problems. I think mechanics is really useful. To cite a few simple examples, the shear stress and torsion shear stress of material mechanics helped me solve the test and failure analysis of springs. The amplitude-frequency characteristic curve of single degree of freedom helped me solve the problem of high-frequency resonance of the structure. The modal vibration helped me solve the problem of abnormal wear. I really don’t know why I didn’t learn more at that time, I learned a little deeper, I really want to go back and slap myself a few times. Now I have contacted many engineers and found that many problems can be completely avoided, but because of the weak foundation of mechanics, many mistakes have been made. I personally feel that mechanics is very useful, it is necessary to learn well, and learn as much as possible. After you study in depth, you can know whether you like it or not. Many times you say that you don’t like something, but you don’t know it deeply enough. How can you know whether you like it or not when you don’t know something. Even if you still don’t like it after in-depth study, it does not prevent you from improving your learning ability in the process. After your learning ability improves, you will encounter unfamiliar problems in the future, start learning immediately, and then solve the problem. (It feels a bit confusing. It’s not as logical as when I write an analysis report.) In my lifetime, if I have enough time, I will understand all the books on this shelf that I have not yet fully understood (in-depth understanding, can Derive most of them). Knowing that I am inherently dull, I am willing to read each book N times until I fully understand it.

6 months ago

Mechanics is a disciplinary system, and programming is a survival skill that modern people must master. What is the comparability? The discipline of mechanics is very old, but it has not stuck to the “classical” theory stagnating. Due to the endless emergence of new materials, the theory of mechanics has been constantly updated. Because the development of disciplines is progressive and must be stepped on the shoulders of giants, the premise of proposing new theories is to have a deep understanding of classical theories. The emergence of the new system mostly stems from rational thinking about the old system. It does not care about the old system at all, does not represent advanced nature, but just talks about innovation. To discuss whether mechanics is useful, I think most people are not qualified. Individuals can express their opinions on whether they like mechanics or not, but personal likes and dislikes cannot rise to a value judgment after all. Now, with people’s deeper and deeper understanding of the constitutive structure of materials, a major development trend of solid mechanics is to serve as the theoretical basis of materials science. And it may combine several branches of mathematics and statistical physics to form a new subject in the future. From this perspective, the simple and crude identification of “whether it works” is far from enough to measure its historical significance.

6 months ago

For most people, it is useless. Most of the people I mean here are those who want to use work after learning, such as the 15-day fast CAD. But mechanics is a basic subject. It’s really not good for you to think about doing engineering without learning clearly. Nowadays, many of them are empirical formulas such as concrete structures. There are many people who dare to be engineers with a construction manual. It is also these man-made high-rise buildings. Our current tofu dregs project is not related to the waste management of the construction unit, and there are also reasons for the construction of various unreasonable mechanical structure designs. Like you said, is math useful? It’s definitely useful, but you didn’t see the cutting-edge content. Mechanics is science and engineering. It is a tool that is used for research. Whether it is aeronautical satellite rockets or the mechanical rational structure design of surrounding buildings, and even mechanical rational design, the knowledge of mechanics is used. You can’t rely on computers. It is popular to say that programming is better than mechanics. It may seem like this now, but things in basic disciplines cannot be said to be useless. PS: If you think programming is more useful than mechanics, you should give up mechanics earlier. There are too many contents of mechanics. Theoretical mechanics, structural mechanics, material mechanics, elastic mechanics, analysis mechanics, vibration mechanics, fluid mechanics, fracture mechanics, and rock and soil mechanics are bald. PS: The best thing about mechanics is to cultivate your engineering thinking. The most important thing in engineering is this kind of thinking.

6 months ago

I don’t know where some people have the courage. “Undoubtedly, the mechanics learned in universities are really not very useful in practical work.” That’s “undesirable”, but a little understanding of aerospace, aviation, and navigation is not enough. Isn’t it practical enough to say this? There are a lot of mechanical problems in these fields that need to be solved urgently. Mechanics majors in my country generally refer to classical mechanics by default, and the branches are as follows (the screenshots of fluid mechanics are not complete). Theoretical mechanics and material mechanics are just the tip of the iceberg. If you don’t know how to solve the problems of theory, strength and material strength, you feel that you have mastered all of university mechanics. Mechanics students must master the basics of tensor analysis (at least in the Cartesian coordinate system), the basics of functional variational and partial differential equations in addition to the popularization of science and engineering skills such as advanced mathematics. The actual situation is that more than 90% of the students majoring in mechanics have not mastered it. As a result, most of the basic knowledge of the following branches of mechanics are not understood. Graduate students rely on the mechanics test to support the data, and then use the finite element to calculate the points. s things. Finite element is a numerical solution method. Finite element software is a black box. It is not possible to use finite element software to understand partial differential equations. In order to understand partial differential equations, 99% of people (even in 985) need to go through programming solutions (at least one of finite element, finite volume, finite difference, Fourier transform, etc.). In order to master the basics of tensor analysis, 99% of people need to experience hands-on derivation. For example, starting from the basic physical theorems such as the energy theorem and the momentum theorem, the basic equations of continuum mechanics are deduced. This process also stabilizes the foundation of continuum mechanics by the way. These processes themselves greatly improve skills (programming skills) and thinking. Even if you don’t major in mechanics in the future, it will be of great help to other jobs (being a code farmer), and it is of practical value.

6 months ago

In the same way, the current mechanics major is facing difficulties. It needs to be sorted out slowly to understand, because this is indeed a more complicated issue. Take a closer look at our main courses, Material Mechanics and Theoretical Mechanics, which are actually the “two new sciences” in Galileo’s “Dialogue between Two New Sciences”. Although it looks like old science now, it means that this tradition of mechanics is not as old as philosophy and mathematics that have been around for thousands of years, but compared to quantum theory and computers, it looks old. The charm of the subject is worrying. There is a significant gap between average income and the financial industry and the computer industry. Of course, no industry can compare with the darlings of these two capitals. The civil engineering and automobile industries have their own professional supply of human resources, while the general machinery industry mainly has a demand for experienced skilled workers. Compared with majors such as vehicles, mechanics has no advantage in professional knowledge; and general factories do not have an urgent need for mechanics theory. There are problems with income and employment. It is difficult for a discipline to attract creative students, and it cannot guarantee a commensurate income, so obviously there is a problem with this major. When people question whether humanities, art, and philosophy have practical significance, people’s spiritual life has collapsed. So when people question whether mechanics has practical significance, what crashes it? I think the inherent problems of mechanics are not difficult to think of. The first is about the finite element method. If all problems can be solved by a fixed set of algorithms, and computer calculations are the most efficient, then the finite element method provides seemingly reliable mechanical solutions, but in fact it is already too efficient. People sometimes just need a colorful stress map instead of an accurate analysis result. The gray-box-like mechanics software seems to reduce people’s work, but it makes it difficult to distinguish between valuable work and random fabricated results. Its harshness can be listed as the “Alchemy of the New Era” in parallel with the deep neural network. Mechanics buried itself with the help of a computer, leaving the finite element method as a tombstone. If people feel uneasy, they will come to sweep the tomb. If something really happens, they will be buried together. However, the real crisis is the foundation of mechanics, reality. In the process of talking about practical meaning, people turn the practical meaning into the result of their own behavioral pursuit, and the means become the end. The most applied mechanics are considered to be of no practical significance. What people pay most attention to is no longer the most important, but the most interesting, and the reality in people’s eyes is distorted. Studying the mechanics of the real world is not even as important as writing a piece of code. People even equate the pursuit of truth with any kind of enjoyment. This fundamental question determines why people question the practical significance of mechanics, which has become the cornerstone of modern society. The crisis of modernity has spread to natural science itself, shaking modern technology. When I say the same, I really feel the same as the subject, and I live in the same modern society. At the same time, I am also disturbed by this feeling. In my opinion, “mechanics” may be dead, just as we killed “God”, “Nature”, and “Man” before.

6 months ago

Basic disciplines such as mechanics and mathematics in universities give you the foundation for taking off, but whether it can take off depends on whether it can be combined with programming to solve practical problems. I am a master of machinery, and now I do C++ industrial software. Industrial software requires a lot of mathematical knowledge. Mechanics is the same as mathematics. Most of them are just questions. These basic subjects need to understand numerical calculations to solve practical problems, such as determinant calculations, eigenvalue calculations, large-scale sparse stiffness matrix storage access, and so on. Programming is a tool that solves the problem of 0 to 1, but whether it can be from 1 to 100 still requires basic mathematics. These are cross-disciplines, and cross-disciplines are also easier to produce results. The disadvantage is that the growth cycle is extremely long. For example, in fluid mechanics, if you don’t have much programming skills and PDE mathematical foundation, you can only use mature commercial software to solve your model. Such a problem is that the research depth is not enough. For those who know more well, doing fluid mechanics is to study turbulence. They are all solved by modeling and programming by themselves. Fluid mechanics involves a large number of PDEs, and the solution is extremely time-consuming, and they are all solved on supercomputers. Researching basic disciplines is so difficult. Not only do you need a solid foundation, but also the support of computing power. The lack of computing power may be that the same idea has been verified and published by others, and your model has not yet solved the result. If your mechanics is very good, the various algorithms of matrix PDE in mathematics are relatively proficient, and you have a certain degree of research on computational geometry, then you can definitely do the development of CAE software algorithms.

6 months ago

I think the subject is too hostile. It is true that the computer major is the darling of capital nowadays, and the employment salary is double that of mechanics. However, it is a great prejudice to think that mechanics is useless. I am a student of computational mechanics, and my major is CAE development, so I also know a bit about programming. I will express my views from two aspects. Let me first talk about the views of popular professions such as computer software engineering. The current social artificial intelligence big data is the current hot spot, so it has spawned a large amount of demand in this industry. Therefore, more and more college entrance examination students choose computer software majors, and colleges and universities have also expanded their enrollment in this major. But after all, this is market behavior. Now that demand exceeds supply, the salary will naturally rise. However, according to the current trend, oversupply is inevitable. When computer majors are all over the street, who will spend more money to recruit one? Professionals all over the street. Capital is profit-seeking, and the market will gradually become saturated. At this time, people who can still get a high salary are only a few really awesome computer programming majors, but this situation has every major. Some students who study mechanics also go to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and they can still earn an annual salary of more than 300,000 yuan, not 996. The future development needs of computer majors are still greater than that of many majors. This is determined by the development direction of social science and technology. However, according to the current trend, programming is likely to become a basic ability for college students, just like English. , English majors can get high salaries and only a few great people. In fact, programming courses were offered in many other majors before and now, but the undergraduate school and students do not pay attention to it. I think of learning slowly when I need to use it. After all, getting started is not difficult, at least easier than learning mechanics. I only started programming at the master’s level. I also deeply feel the importance of current programming ability. Information technology courses may be included in the future. The subjects of the college entrance examination are not necessarily. So my point is that computer programming must be an important ability, no matter what industry you are in, because I know that its application range is very wide now and in the future. It’s just that it is the darling of capital due to social needs at the moment, and it does not mean that it will be the same in the future. It is inevitable that the relatively high salary in all majors will be pulled back to the average line in the future. Let’s talk about mechanics. There are many people around me who diss their majors, and many people have planned to change their careers early. Because studying mechanics does not have a computer to earn more, this is a fact, after all, who can’t make ends meet with money. But is mechanics really useless? This question is what I most want to refute the subject of the subject. In fact, the scope of application of mechanics is actually not narrow. What kind of airplanes, automobiles, high-speed railways and rockets don’t require mechanics, and why does the subject feel pitted by mechanics? On the one hand, many industries do not seem to place special emphasis on recruiting students in mechanics, and the employment scope is not as broad as that of computers. On the other hand, the salary of mechanics with an equivalent degree in mechanics is far less than that of computer majors. This is because the focus of enterprise development is not on mechanics, but it cannot lack mechanics. What do you think is the most basic design consideration for a model of airplane, car, or rocket? It is definitely a parameter related to mechanics. If we are now in the first or second industrial revolution stage, the subject will never doubt that mechanics is a pit, but the current development needs are not in mechanics, but traditional industries will not be abandoned because of the advent of the fourth information technology revolution. , There will be people who can get a high salary by relying on mechanics, and they must be the best in mechanics. When the next technological revolution comes, the computer profession may also be the same. However, it is also a good choice to use the capital dividend at the moment. To tell you the truth, I am still learning more computer-related knowledge, but it is not necessarily for the purpose of changing careers, but after all, who can say about the future. Yes, this ability is definitely not useless. There is also a point of view about finite element software. The difference between knowing how to operate and knowing software is actually the knowledge of mechanics. In terms of personal internship experience, the applicability of finite element software is far from the point where a person who does not understand mechanics can be used for actual engineering simulation. Because the first thing that comes out of the finite element results is to use the basic formulas in material mechanics and structural mechanics to check the magnitude and error. Otherwise, who can guarantee that the results given by the software are correct, and who is responsible if something goes wrong? In addition, many complex models and replication problems cannot be directly calculated by software, and need to be simplified. At this time, knowledge of mechanics is needed. Not to mention that most of the problems encountered by the software cannot be solved. The general approach in engineering is to directly experiment if possible, or use mechanical engineering calculations or empirical formulas to obtain a rough parameter, and then increase the safety factor. All these require mechanics. Therefore, finite element software is only a tool, not a substitute for knowledge.

6 months ago

We have a saying: It is much easier to teach students of this major (ship major) to write programs than to teach the Bernoulli equation for computer majors. Think about it, why does programming serve? There are a lot of warehouse management systems and student information management systems in the textbook. It is not unusual for people who can do a lot of it. The rare ones are the blade lift calculation program, flight control software, structural mechanics analysis software, pipeline flow analysis software, whatever. Any entry requires mechanics.

6 months ago

[I really feel that the knowledge system is very old] The old knowledge system does not mean that it is not worth learning. Whether a knowledge system takes time to learn does not depend on whether it was established in 1800 or 2000, but whether the knowledge system has been Replaced by a new knowledge system that is more accurate and closer to the objective truth. For example, the system of the periodic table of elements is definitely better than the eastern gold, wood, water, fire, earth, and the western four-element theory. Therefore, the five-element theory and the four-element theory have no learning value except in the cultural field, but the mechanics system currently does not have a new set of new ones. Theory can be replaced. [There is no real value] is wrong, the correct statement is that there is no real value. It is not that there is absolutely no realizable value, but engineering mechanics enrolls undergraduates when enrolling students in colleges and universities, not continuous undergraduates, masters, and doctors. Therefore, by default, most students will go to the society after graduating from the senior year, while most colleges and universities are engineering mechanics. Undergraduates who have reached the level of knowledge mastery that can graduate smoothly are simply not enough to truly use this knowledge to realize value in the workplace. This is indeed a pitfall. If you graduate from a bachelor’s degree, if someone goes to a big factory with an annual salary of several hundred thousand, you can lower the standard even if you have a non-two book. You can take a little less and find a brick post. Graduates in engineering mechanics either can’t find a job or find a job. Also be dismissed, the time cost and return invested are completely unequal. The subject of the topic is civil engineering, so these are the basic courses, which are prepared for you to learn the follow-up courses. If you don’t learn these follow-up courses, you can’t learn it. If your knowledge level still stays at the “slope surface, the ball is not moving. “Force” With this level of rigid point force analysis, you have no way to understand if you design a beam and more complex designs, you can’t even understand the use of steel bars in concrete beams. I have been saying before that engineering mechanics did not talk about civil engineering, because only engineering mechanics consider these as their ability to eat. For civil engineering, mechanics is the prerequisite. Mechanics is knowledge, and programming is skill. Computer professional programming is equivalent to civil or mechanical drawing, and civil mechanics is equivalent to the computer principle and data structure of computers. Even large code farmers may not really use this knowledge in their work. . In terms of the relevance of university knowledge and corresponding positions, engineering is considered to be highly relevant, but it is impossible to use university knowledge 100% in work even in engineering. For example, Huawei is very strong in technology. Huawei is an engineer for base station installation and does not need much knowledge of signal and system in actual work, but you can’t say that communication engineering should not be taught in signal and system. Although this course also hangs a lot of people.

6 months ago

The original intention of the birth of mechanics was to directly serve and engineering. The source of modern mechanics is the School of Applied Mathematics in Copenhagen, which uses mathematical tools to solve difficult engineering problems. At that time, most of the problems in engineering faced the stiffness and strength stability of some structures. problem. Therefore, related material mechanics, elastic mechanics, and plastic mechanics have begun to develop vigorously, just to give engineering guidance, how to be safe, so we can see that most of the three are given strength theory, stability judgment theory, and some are Some of the deduced ones are empirical formulas. At the beginning of the 20th century, the aviation industry developed vigorously, and aircraft flying in the atmosphere had many problems. From this, fluid mechanics, especially aerodynamics, developed vigorously to solve these problems. Throughout modern times, our country vigorously develops the discipline of mechanics. This is a historical inevitability. At the beginning of the new China, everything is wasteful and new. Our most important thing is to vigorously develop national defense science and technology. There are also some major projects, because they are directly related to materials. Stability, stiffness, and stability, so most of the problems involved here need to be solved by people who understand the theory of mechanics. This is why mechanics like Qian Xuesen and Guo Yonghuai have become the mainstay of the development of national science and technology. In our current, information age, information technology is vigorously empowering traditional engineering. People’s engineering hot issues are no longer the original problem of how to improve the strength, rigidity, and stability of my things, but eagerly wanting to make my things become. Smart and interconnected. So from an engineering point of view, the existing mechanics theory has fulfilled its mission in the face of modern engineering, and the theories made by those who are for the complete and in-depth development of the mechanics theory have completely exceeded the needs of engineering, and more are just A dazzling technique. Looking closely at today, although there is a development strategy for deep, deep sea and deep space, it is necessary to solve the problem of material strength and stiffness stability in these new environments, but the main purpose of the project is to integrate intelligent information technology, and it will continue to be quite substantial. time. The mechanics of traditional face-to-substances have to shine in areas that are far away from us. Our world is inseparable from those entities. Those who guide the mechanics of entities may continue to give full play to their strengths and solve new problems in fifty years or a hundred years. That is a matter of engineering problems in the future. Recently, I have been in the confusion of entering a higher school. I have seen many mechanics schools. Most of the solid mechanics established by the strong schools of mechanics are intersected with materials and biology. It is true that these new materials will have strength, stiffness and stability problems, but various We don’t know the practicality of new materials. We also don’t know when the new materials are widely used in engineering. We can only see the difficulty of these new materials landing, and the society’s impact on biochemical materials. Professional and vigorously persuade to leave. The reason for these is that the development of disciplines and actual engineering are not on the same channel at all. They are farther and farther away from engineering. The current development direction and urgent needs of engineering are different from their development direction. Up to now, I think there is no problem with the discipline of mechanics. The problem is people, those who are obsessive and mechanics must be based on Niu’s second law. The origin of mechanics is applied mathematics, not Niu’s second law. From this perspective, generalized mechanics can still play a vital role now. Can you say that machine learning and deep learning are not popular now? Are they not important to the development of industry, but these are derived from applications In the subjects of mathematics, their research objects are no longer entities, but data. The past of mechanics was so brilliant that people who are currently studying mechanics and studying mechanics feel lonely. In school, students majoring in mechanics cannot get the respect brought by mechanics in front of people majoring in computer and communication. So many teachers take the glorious history of mechanics in the past to comfort everyone.

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